Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Gematria: Can You Mix Supreme Mathematics & The Supreme Alphabet?

   Should the Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet be combined? Some within our culture have learned that they should not be combined. Others were taught that they should be combined.
   When I was learning this culture from my Educator [Enlightener] I was not given Supreme Mathematics or the Supreme Alphabet on a sheet of paper with basic definitions next to them. I learned both the Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet in realtime because I walked with my Educator. For example, I learned that "M" or Master is the 13th letter based upon the knowledge (1) and understanding (3) I gained through experience. I didn't have to be taught to memorize or remember that M is the 13th letter, I learned its context. Although others may have had a different experience, this is what and how I was taught and it was rare that I would come into contact with another Five Percenter, including Elders within our Nation, who  taught that our Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet should not be combined. As I learned each of the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet I eventually wrote them down on paper, including their combined correspondences. 

Mathematics is the Operating System of the Universe

   I've taught and have written extensively on the subject of the cultural curriculum of the Five Percent and how it is an integrated system. This means that our Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 degrees are different segments that are combined to work as one unified system. They were not meant to be segregated and here is why. 
   Mathematics is the Operating System of the Universe. Language is a way of communicating the processes [computations, quantification and calculations] of that Operating System. In order to communicate you must first conceptualize those processes and forge them into words. Those words are constructed from letters, and those letters come from an Alphabet; the ordered system of those letters, their place value and basic sounds.
   The Alphabet is an ordered system of 26 letters or sounds. As a sequence, each of those 26 letters have a "numerical value" and correspondence to the Arabic Numerals [1 to 9 and 0]. It does not matter if a person wants to acknowledge that the letter "C" is the third letter or not. Their lack of acknowledgement does not change its sequence in the Alphabet, its numerical value or its correspondence to the Arabic Numerals. If someone were given a sheet of paper with a single letter [symbol/glyph] on it, whether they know it or not, that letter has a numerical value and place within the context of the ordered system [Alphabet] it came from. Decoding and constructing any language requires understanding this. In order to understand Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Sumerian Cuneiform a person must understand the sequential order, "numerical value" and place in the ordered system [Alphabet] its symbols came from. Without that information a person would not be able to understand Hieroglyphs or Cuneiform. The same is true for children in America who are learning English. As an Early Childhood Educator I teach preschoolers their letters, the letter's "numerical value", their sound and sequence in our Alphabet. This information enables them to construct words in order to effectively communicate. I would be undermining my students educational process if I taught them that there is no corresponding relationship between the letters and numbers. In fact, those children who don't grasp this relationship struggle with ELA [English Language Arts] and have difficulty reading, writing, comprehending and communicating. Left unchecked, this sets a trajectory that negatively affects other subjects which require reading, writing, comprehension and communication. This often leads to why some students are labeled with a learning disability or take remedial classes. As an Educator I have also experienced the behavioral issues that come along with students being frustrated because they have difficulty reading, writing, comprehending and communicating. And to paraphrase what my God Brother Jahshamel shared, "The educational challenges some people have had throughout their life do not magically disappear when they start learning the culture of the Five Percent." That is also important to understand.


   Gematria is a word that comes from the Aramaic and Greek language, popularized by Jewish Kabbalah, and is related to the English Geometry. Gematria is an alphanumeric code where each letter has a numeric value. For example, A =1, B =2, C =3 and etc. in the English language. Words and Names that are constructed with these letters also have a value. For example, the name Allah would have a numeric value of "7" because A = 1, L =12, L = 12, A = 1, H = 8 = 34 = "7". The concept of Gematria originates among black classical civilization; the origin of Plato's writings and his study of the subject in Khemet/Kemet [Egypt]. The same way that Arabic Numerals [1 to 9 and 0] correspond to letters in the Alphabet, our Supreme Mathematics correspond to the Supreme Alphabet. In our language of the Five Percent when we say, "Understanding [3] is to Cee [C, 3rd letter] things for what they are, not what they appear to be" we are showing that Mathematical and Alphabetical correspondence. When we say, "We make knowledge born [19] yet a person must save themselves [S, the 19th letter, is Self or Savior]" we are showing that Mathematical and Alphabetical correspondence. Those are a just a couple of the numerous examples within our culture that show and prove how these segments, numbers and letters, are combined to work as one unified system. This is not simply about mixing numbers and letters, it is deeper than that. Did Allah, the founder of the Five Percenters, know what the word Gematria was? Did he study Jewish Kabbalah or even read the writings of Plato on the subject? It is possible. It is also possible that he never did. Regardless if he did or didn't, he developed a successful alphanumeric value system known as the Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet that is unique to the Five Percent Nation.  

   Again, Mathematics is the Operating System of the Universe and we deal with equations every day. In Mathematics an equation is a mathematical statement that combines numbers and letters. The letters (a, b, x, y or etc.) in a equation represent an unknown quantity and that unknown quantity is a number that is yet to be solved. For example, if the equation were x + 6 = 10, "x" is a number that you don't know the value of. When you solve for "x" your answer would be x = 4Now what the does this have to do with our Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet? Our life is full of equations where unknown qualities, not just quantities, must be solved. In these life equations those unknown qualities [numbers] are also letters (a, b, x, y or etc.) that we are striving to find the value of. The Supreme Alphabet is like an answer key for those life equations because every letter has its value. While some are striving to solve for "m", we know that its value in our life equation is master, which is knowledge and understanding [m = 13]. While others are striving to figure out justice, we know that "j" is knowledge cipher [j = 10]. Every letter in our Supreme Alphabet represents a 'quality' the same way that letters in Algebraic equations represent a 'quantity'. This is Living Mathematics!
   As Living Mathematics, this is about our cognitive ability; our capacity to effectively read, write, comprehend and communicate correspondences. It is about our ability to make reasonable connections and draw logical conclusions in life equations. As a Five Percenter, those reasonable connections and logical conclusions hinge upon understanding how our Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Degrees work as a unified system. A unified system that improves our quality of life, the quality of life of our families and the quality of life of our communities. 


Wednesday, January 01, 2020

9 Ways To Born A Determined Idea

   Reflecting upon how positive and progressive 2019 has been for me and looking towards 2020, I wanted to take a moment to share some of my thoughts with all of you in regards to being successful in our undertakings. As a Nation we do not advocate Gregorian New Year Resolutions and strive to be resolute in all that we say and do. In part, this is what “word is bond, bond is life and I will give my life before my word shall fail” means in our 11th degree in the one-to-fourteen. This degree is not simply something to recite. It is a declaration of being resolute and it highlights the integrity, fortitude and consistency to follow through with our word. In fact, when our word is truly bond we will not be broke, or broken.

   I have accomplished much in 2019; from being my city’s prestigious 2019 Civil Rights Achievement Award Recipient, helping coordinate a Walk To Freedom Public Art Mural Project to releasing my seventeenth book Once Upon A Time In Amerikka and being featured in the soon to be released six-part international docuseries "Enslaved" that is Executive Produced and Hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. As one of our cultural ambassadors I take great pride in knowing that positive contributions such as this continue to expand the global footprint of our Nation. This means nothing if I am unable to show others how to also be successful in our undertakings. There are certain things that I have done, and continue to do without fail, that have allowed me to take my ideals from knowledge to born, from inception to conception. So in this article I would like to share these thoughts as 9 Ways To Born A Determined Idea:

1. Although it is your personal idea, our idea should be something that improves (progresses) you with the intent/consideration of making you a better resource to others and this world we share. Life is interdependent, we all play a role in how the world turns and there is a constant process of giving and receiving. This intent/consideration ensures that our idea is in tune with the universal order and is something that is sustainable -because we are actively providing a service (and/or products) that others, and the world, needs. If all we are thinking about is what we can get (keep), and not what we are able to consistently give, what we get (keep) will eventually run out. If you don't believe this, try it with your breath. Keep it to yourself and see how long it takes for your oxygen to run out... In short, we are not the 10%.

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Almighty Nation of Original People Changes Name To Universal Nation of Original People


   On December 14th, 2019, Born Mastermind, the self-declared Founder and Chief Emperor of the Almighty Nation of Original People [see above] announced that he will no longer move forward with using the unauthorized name and national flag of Allah's Five Percent Nation for his tribal government initiative. This is an initiative that Mastermind unilaterally promoted as a guest on Lord Jamar's Podcast and Saa Neter TV before sharing it with the general body of Allah's Five Percent Nation members at our Universal Parliament to get our input. 

   In a lengthy social media post, which included the new name and flag of his tribal government [see above], Mastermind stated that his small group of supporters have "chosen to design a separate name and flag at the strong suggestion of both those that support, and those that do not." His post went of to state that he had no ill intentions, ulterior motives or hidden agendas with his initiative and "I do not, will not, and  have not ever tried to speak for the 5% as a whole." While I would agree that I did not see his initiative as ill intended or evil, I do not agree that he did not or ever tried to speak for our Nation as a whole. Privately meeting with a handful of supporters to form a tribal government and then publicly declaring the unauthorized use of the name and flag of Allah's Five Percent Nation IS speaking for others. By "others" I mean the general body of Nation members who did not know about Mastermind's initiative, his public appearances and the unauthorized use of our name and flag until after it was promoted. For Mastermind to say that he did not or ever tried to speak for our Nation as a whole is disingenuous; he has been the only identifiable spokesperson of this initiative. According to his active website, Mastermind is the Founder and Chief Emperor of the Almighty Nation of Original People. He then desired to change that name and decided to use the unauthorized name and flag of Allah's Five Percent Nation; which was deemed unacceptable by our general body once this was discovered. It was due to the cultural criticism and social pressure from members of Allah's Five Percent Nation that he then decided to use the separate name and flag of a third entity that he now calls The Universal Nation of Original People. 
   Mastermind concluded his social media post by inviting Five Percent Nation members and any original people who were seeking to exercise their rights to a nationality to join his group.

Robert Walker and Natural Tahuti

   In my last article Should Allah's Five Percent Form a Tribal Government? I shared my assessment of Mastermind's tribal government initiative as not well thought out, grandiose and culturally inconsistent. I still stand by that fair assessment and view his decision to form a separate nation as wise and in the best interest of being successful in his undertakings. I give him credit for finally arriving at that understanding, which is something we can all relate to in some capacity, and learn from. 
   When our Nation formally began in 1964, and over the years, there have always been people among us who grew dissatisfied with our teachings and/or national structure. People such as Robert Walker, Natural Tahuti and others come to mind and they were all given the same sound advice that Born Mastermind was given: go start your own nation. 
     If you would like to learn more, join or donate to his tribal government initiative you can do so at his website Nation Business Builders.


Thursday, November 21, 2019

Should Allah's Five Percent Form a Tribal Government?

   On October 18th, 2019 the Yanadameen Godcast, a Youtube podcast hosted by Hip Hop Artists Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian and Rah Digga of the Flipmode Squad, was joined by Actor, Hip Hop Artist and Community Advocate Born Mastermind Allah to discuss nation building and steps needed to form a tribal government. This episode highlighted an initiative spearheaded by Born Mastermind to nationalize Allah's Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths into a tribal government. You can view this episode in its entirety HERE
     While this was the first time that many Five Percenters became aware of this initiative I was aware of this for some time before it was publicly shared. The first time I heard about this determined idea was in 2018 during a panel discussion about community building and the political process at our Annual Show and Prove. That panel was coordinated by our late great brother Cee Aaquil Allah, moderated by the elder God Minister Justice and featured King Civilized, Born Mastermind and myself. While King Civilized and myself elaborated on our insight and journey in the political arena and community outreach, Born Mastermind spoke about creating a plebiscite and forming a tribal government. The second time that I heard about this initiative was early 2019 when I built with Born Mastermind in Mecca [Harlem] during the Official Street Naming ceremony. We exchanged math and soon thereafter discussed his initiative more extensively and my projects, programs and initiatives. We also discussed potential collaborations. Following that conversation he also sent me information to do further research and decide if I was willing and able to be involved in this initiative. It was following that initial conversation, unanswered questions I posed, research I did and the cultural inconsistencies I saw that I decided not to be involved. So I ceased to follow-up on the private meeting texts and donation initiative Born Mastermind began to organize around his idea.
    In regards to the cultural inconsistencies I saw, there were things that were not in line with our teachings. In a November 15th, 1967 interview at the Otisville Reformatory School for Boys, Allah, the founder of our Nation of the Five Percent, shared, "I'm not against the United States. The Earth got to be build on. And it's your duty to teach the uncivilized we don't care whether he's black or white," and "... you got to educate these children in a way to show them why they must keep this country themselves, black and white, must unite together... now many of my people are against me." This, among many other statements by Allah, made it clear that he and his Five Percent were not Pro-Black or Anti-White nor were we against American citizenship. Allah, who was a military veteran at this time, did not refer to his Nation as a tribe nor did he promote the idea of being a sovereign body operating apart from the local, state or federal government. 

Who is the Founder of the Five Percent?

     Since our formal inception, we did not need nor seek to be nationalized as a tribal government. Allah’s Five Percent is already a Nation, with a National Flag, a common culture, chronology and land [territories]. When it comes to nationalization, for one to claim federally recognized tribal enrollment status you must prove your ancestry as a descendant of Indigenous People here in North America and/or use other tribal constitution criterion to prove your nationality as outlined by that particular tribe. This means you must show genealogical proof and/or other enrollment criteria that you descend from First Nations People such as the Seneca, Hopi, Olmec, Mayan or any of the other 550+ federally recognized tribes. If you are saying that you were here before these 550+ federally recognized tribes then you must be able to show and prove that. That requires more than books and artifacts in a museum as proof. Although we recognize that we are descendants of First World People, the Original People and fathers and mothers of civilization, and can cite archaeology, paleontology and other facts as evidence to support that, many of us who descended from those First World People have difficulty proving our ancestry genealogically and genetically.
     Forming a tribal government was not Allah’s impetus, program or goal. Allah was practically invested in community outreach and youth advocacy to help his Five Percenters become productive members of this society. Our unique culture was and is a way to facilitate that process. It is through our culture that people learn to think global and live as local citizens. At the same time Allah was not advocating assimilation or being a part of “the dead world.” He advocated the acquisition of power through showing that our Nation is equal to all nations through the science of education. 
   I understand Born Mastermind’s desire for organization, collective work and responsibility. Many of us understand this and are already working individually and collectively within our respective areas as Allah’s Five Percent. Many Five Percenters felt violated, expressed outrage and publicly shared their contempt upon hearing that Born Mastermind along with a small group of people came together as a plebiscite to draw up a constitution, form a government structure and vote to nationalize Allah’s Five Percent and our Flag without our consent. Although Born Mastermind shared his perspectives on nationalization during a 2018 panel discussion I took part in at our Annual Show and Prove, he did not formally bring this initiative before our Universal Parliament for input nor did he share it with many of the elders of our Nation. Many Five Percenters felt blindsided seeing and hearing his tribal government initiative for the first time on a Hip Hop podcast. That shrewd, non-participatory approach often makes any initiative, regardless how well meaning, doomed from the start.
     Living in Western New York I have had the privilege of knowing, working with and being with many members of the sovereign Six Nations; the Cayuga, Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga and Tuscarora. When I was a child I invested a lot of time on the Tuscarora Reservation because my Ole Dad was friends with the Chief. When I first began to see these ideas about sovereignty, particularly among Moorish Science Temple members, I immediately recognized that most of those folks were basing that upon what they read online or saw in YouTube videos. I could tell that they had rarely if ever been around First Nations People, on their territories and had no clue what sovereignty and self governance practically looks like. Even though I've seen some well intended people seeking sovereignty, most of these folks were males interested in forming a tribal government for less than noble reasons. Most of them wanted to assume a different legal identity to allude past debts like child support/arrears, taxes or to hide criminal background records they couldn't get expunged. Whether well intended or not, I also realized that most of these sovereignty seekers didn't consider the real responsibility that comes along with it. Self governance, forging a court system, institution building, credentialing professionals, obtaining housing and etc. hit different when financial institutions, hospitals, county buildings, utility companies, wireless service providers, insurance agencies and automotive dealers don’t provide services in your sovereign jurisdiction. It doesn't mean that the idea of sovereignty is impossible, it means that folks must really be willing to make serious sacrifices in order to truly live that out. Most folks aren't even built for that and this is the reason they promote the dual citizenship game; to have one foot in and one foot out. Some do it to acquire benefits from a society as one of its citizens, but then claim sovereignty when they're expected to do something for that society in return. In other words, I can buy property and open a business people patronize yet not pay any taxes to the society that contributes to the fire, police and other services that protect my property, patrons and supports my business. Does that seem fair to you? 
     I do not consider Born Mastermind’s nationalization initiative, nor his intentions, evil. I do consider them not well thought out, grandiose and culturally inconsistent. I think that he truly thinks that his initiative is in the best interest of Allah’s Five Percent, and like with other controversial decisions he has made concerning our Nation in the past, he is doing things his way regardless to who tells him otherwise or what the consequences are. If the name and flag of the tribal government he was nationalizing was unique, it wouldn’t be problematic. Unfortunately, he is using our Nation's name and flag for his tribal government initiative. When you use the name and flag of any Nation that already exists, that is a serious problem. 
     The bottom line is this: I am not in support of creating a tribal government because Allah’s Five Percent is already an autonomous Nation. That is our body politic. We are culturally self-governed and come together locally, regionally and nationally for Parliaments to build upon how our local and general body is operating in accordance to our culture. If changes need to be made in the best interest of our ciphers then we build upon that and collectively make a decision in the best interest of the body. We have no individual leader and encourage collective leadership with everyone possessing an equal degree of input in our affairs. Our ciphers are a consensus method designed to get everyone’s equal input, not a plebiscite where the few can decide what is best for the many. When the few vote to make decisions for the many that process produces dissatisfaction, dissension and division... Regardless what our profession is, we are Allah’s Five Percent credentialed within various industries. We own property and thus have jurisdictions, as Allah’s Five Percent. We are not in need of autonomous Federal recognition or jurisdiction nor do we need permission to operate as we already do. What we do need is for some of us to realize that we already have everything that we need, and simply build upon that.


Saturday, November 09, 2019

Hey RZA, We Have Questions About Wu-Tang: An American Saga?

   Since its September 4th, 2019 Hulu release, Wu-Tang: An American Saga series has received mixed reviews from mainstream audiences, critics and citizens of the Five Percent Nation. With an 80% Rotten Tomatoes Rating, Daniel Fiendberg of The Hollywood Reporter writes, "the Wu built a brand based on the street-level drama of their primarily Staten Island upbringing, but filtered through lenses as eclectic as martial arts movies, comic books and 5 Percenter doctrine. The Wu narrative is gritty and grounded, while at the same time verging on urban legend or tall tale." He also goes on to state that, "it captures some of the group's kaleidoscopic perspective and nascent brilliance, but leaves too many of its best ideas half-developed."
   As a Five Percenter, it is no secret that our culture has been very influential in the growth, development and creative expression of the Wu-Tang Clan and its associated group members. In fact, RZA explicitly depicts some of our cultural elements in this series which most mainstream audiences are being exposed to for the first time. While some of those cultural elements were accurately depicted, other elements were not accurately depicted. Because of this, Five Percenters have shared mixed perspectives about how we were and are portrayed in this series. On October 18th I sent RZA an email concerning these perspectives which he has yet to respond to. In part, that email read:

"With the success of your series, and more mainstream exposure of various cultural elements of the Five Percent, I would like to interview you about that process. My readership would be interested in knowing what challenges come along with striving to articulate those cultural elements in a screenplay and presenting them in mainstream media on film? What was the process used to familiarize the actors with the culture of the Five Percent? What creative control do you have in our imagery, use of symbols and objects that express our culture in the series? What was your vision in regards to our depiction and how closely have you manifested that determined idea? These are just a few questions, and others, that many of us have regarding our cultural expression in this series. To my knowledge there is no interview, or interviewer who has allowed you to expound upon these important insights and I would be thankful to have an opportunity to responsibly make this happen!" 

   While some Five Percenters have been quoted on social media as saying, "Bullshit" and "That's why I'm not watching that series.... It's all watered down....", others have stated, "Wow peoples it's TV ya'll. I [am] thankful he [RZA] made Knowledge Born of our existence to the mainstream. I like it!" and "It's not a documentary. lol It's a TV series based on true events. Near Correct." I can understand and appreciate both perspectives. Since its release I have received three times as many inquiries about KOS [Knowledge Of Self] than I normally do. This has enabled me to respond to more questions regarding our culture and direct people to active Five Percenters in the inquirer's region. Creating consistent quality content from a Five Percenter perspective has enabled me to build this type of global platform that people can reference. While there were certain Five Percenter customs that were correctly depicted in this series such as the Just-Ice character questioning Rakeem [RZA] backstage about Today's Mathematics and Rakeem's breakdown of "justice" when questioned by the Gods on the block, there were other instances in this series that depicted us so inaccurate that any Five Percenter would question how much creative control RZA actually had in this series. For example, the emblem that Five Percenter actors wore was not our Universal Flag. As one Five Percenter put it, "reminds me of the Kellogg's Raisin Bran Logo." In the series our 120 Degrees/Lessons were presented as some type of book or manual that one could buy, not the book of life research binder that a student compiles as they responsibly acquire their Degrees/Lessons from their Educator/Enlightener. Although this Wu-Tang: An American Saga series is inspired by actual persons and events, the Five Percenter characterizations, dialogue and incidents that are fictionalized for the purpose of dramatization is still disinformation that can misled people about who we are as a Nation.  

   The release of the Wu-Tang: An American Saga series has definitely caused more people to inquire about the culture of the Five Percent. This same interest has occurred throughout the chronology of Hip Hop depending upon what Five Percenters or Five Percenter influenced Rap Artists were popular. This did not and does not automatically make a person qualified to learn anything. It is only through building actual relationships is that determined. Regardless of a person's interest, the release of a dramatic series or treading topics on social media, we as the Five Percent have been here and will continue to be here living out our culture. If a person is truly willing to seek, they will find us.


Sunday, October 06, 2019

Sands In The Hourglass

     There are a lot of ideas circulating calling themselves science. In reality they are merely conjecture, because they don't have enough substantial evidence to prove their veracity to principle elements, ideas and concepts to have us considered them true knowledge. 

Among these ideas or theories is the idea that [Supreme] Mathematics is our culture devoid of the history, legacy and acts of Allah and Justice. This is similar to saying that speaking English is English culture, when it is literally just the mouthpiece to express elements and phenomena within what is known as English culture. Language comes from the Latin, "lingua" meaning "tongue." Language is only one of culture's many elements: tradition, chronology or its history, education, science, beliefs and religion, art, literature, social conditions and ideology being some of its other elements.

What we call [Supreme] Mathematics is a spoken language which the Father Allah derived based upon his encounter with the Supreme Wisdom of Alphonzo, as taught to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad by Master Fard of the God tribes of the East. The language of Mathematics describes the concepts, nomenclature and ideology which falls under elements of the culture of Islam [I Self Lord And Master] That is, as a science, not to be confused with culture itself.

For within the culture of Islam there is beliefs, folklore, philosophy and religion and its diversity. With the religion of Islam, like various other religions, there are prejudices towards the beliefs of other religions. Within the science, as with the science of everything in life, one can ill-afford to let personal biases to stand in the way of the search which is the true basic premise of science--which is TO KNOW, and find the truth of things. We scientists welcome the study and analysis of everything, including the terms we use. Mathematics was derived by our Father observing the Supreme Wisdom book, concerning the Science of God or 360° of perfected Knowledge, which by the way was the masterstroke of knowing several languages.

Nomenclature is NAME, DESIGNATION: the act or process or an instance of naming; a system or set of terms or symbols especially in a particular science, discipline, or art like the nomenclature of inorganic chemistry or an international system of standardized New Latin names used in biology for kinds and groups of kinds of animals and plants. Naming describes and identifies meaning by isolating the principle reason of what a thing or quality exists for. Our language of speaking Mathematics should not be confused with a culture or curriculum of just using Supreme Mathematics solely. Most of us use terms belonging exclusively to Supreme Alphabets and the Twelve Jewels in our analysis of people, places, things and events to define their significance. When a person speaks, one's diction reflects the culture or discipline he or she comes from, it is not their culture solely. The words and terms it contains defines elements within their culture of the people who speak it and transformations that have occurred throughout their chronology. We use our language somewhat as a diagnostic tool; just as our founder [Allah] did when he studied Supreme Wisdom when he was in the Nation of Islam. The Father's choosing of One Hundred and Twenty Lessons [120°] as a primary part of our cultural curriculum is a result of that diagnostic decision-making which determined our destiny and legacy. When a person speaks Mathematics, they speak about ideas and imagery that exist within our cultural references of things which are principal to our specific culture. Its emphasis is on a science and philosophy which deals with the nature of our origin in this world, which is in essence is God; as told from an Eastern perspective.

As I said, Mathematics is a diagnostic tool which allows you articulate your findings within the linguistic aspects. The real culture is within the legacy of the original people which speak it. Without Supreme Alphabets, we would have no roles to fulfill, outside of the ones you read about in the lessons. Those who call this "the culture" do not subscribe to studying. This does not truly make sense since many of the words they use to describe reality does not exist in the Mathematical lexicon but exists as definitions only within 120° itself.

I remember, when I was young in this science many told me to "not to cast my 'pearls-among-swine' because they will only mix it in with their own disgusting mental foods," and now that I am psychically all-grown-up...I see this to be true. In this Western world of social media, like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and etc, you do not have to conform or be socially accepted into esoteric or higher learning societies. You just have to hang around long enough to get the gist of things. You can forego the discipline it takes to conform to their peer group pressure, put together a social media page of stale ideas and build an audience of followers who idolize you with likes and love icons. What this does is adds more splinters to the splinters and weaken our ability to stand as a people, which is just what the enemy wanted. Love is a many splendored thing... but love of a people and it's destiny, is very hard to find.

Edited by Saladin