Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Knowledge of Self: The 5th Element of Hip Hop

This unauthorized, independent White Lion Studios, Knowledge of Self Series and the Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters documentary is a thought-provoking exploration into the 5th Element of Hip-Hop; Knowledge of Self. Through never before seen interviews by some of Hip-Hop's biggest icons, poignant narration and entertaining animation, Knowledge of Self embarks upon an uncharted journey to reveal one the greatest stories never told!

   Where did phrases and names like, "God", "word is bond", "cipher", "Peace", "Queen",
"FlyGod" and etc. come from? What do some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop such as Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, Rakim, Busta Rhymes, Nelly and others all have in common? Knowledge of Self seeks to answer these and many other questions by exposing a narrative of Hip-Hop that has been historically hidden in plain sight.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2020

The Political Science of Five Percenter Parliaments


     According to Dasun Allah in his Five Percent Media article Universal Parliament Takes to The World Wide Web, "The Universal Parliament has been an institution of the 5% Nation since April of 1967 after the return of Allah the Father from his imprisonment in the Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. It built on the tradition of house parliaments, and local and borough wide gatherings of Gods and Earths, bringing them to a unified whole. The purpose of Universal Parliament is for the nation to get to know their righteous family through reports on individual and collective works within the various communities and to tend to affairs of national interest." 
   Contrary to what some may assume or have experienced at our Five Percent Nation Universal, international, regional and/or local Parliaments, they are not get-togethers or vent sessions. Our Parliament also didn't derive from the 1956 doo-wop group that was founded by a fifteen-year-old George Clinton and named after Parliament cigarettes. Parliament comes from the Old French "parlement" which means to speak. By definition, a Parliament is the legislative body of a government. The role of that body is to make and amend laws and hold the government accountable for its policies, actions and spending. In the context of the Five Percent, our Universal Parliament in Mecca [Harlem] was established for our nation's citizens to function as an informal legislative body and government. The Old French etymology for Parliament meaning to "speak" means "to build" [communicate/add-on] in the language of the Five Percent. Thus as Five Percenters we come together monthly at our Universal Parliament to build, introduce and amend policies, actions and spending related to our national headquarters in Mecca [Harlem, NY]. 
     In the United States, the policies, actions and spending implemented in this nation's capital [DC] may or may not affect regional and/or local legislative bodies in different states and cities. Likewise in our nation's capital [Mecca], policies, actions and spending implemented there may or may not affect international, regional and/or local legislative bodies of Five Percenters in other countries, states and cities. Our Parliamentary Procedure, whether nationally in Mecca or among our international, regional and/or local legislative bodies of Five Percenters, is based upon our nation's principles and customs, namely the concept of social equality. Coming together for one common cause and being equal in everything insures that any present member of our nation, regardless of their age, gender or physical ability, has the right to build upon policies, actions and spending at our Parliament. If a decision needs to be made regarding a certain policy, action or spending, all input is gathered by the present members and a decision is made based upon majority rule [vote]. If a decision cannot be made, the issue is tabled until the next scheduled Parliament. Although our Parliamentary Procedure does not follow the entire Robert's Rules of Order [RONR], we do acknowledge these basic RONR guiding principles:

  • Everyone has the right to participate in the discussion if they wish, before anyone may speak a second time. 
  • Everyone has the right to know what is going on at all times. Only urgent matters may interrupt a speaker.
  • Only one thing (motion) can be discussed at a time.

Political Science: a social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, associated constitutions and political behavior. 

   In 2013 I ran for public office as a 4th District Legislative candidate. I didn't run as a Democrat or a Republican. I used what is called an Independent Nominating Petition and created my own Political Party; the Niagara Youth Party. I was also the endorsed candidate of the Green Party and Working Families Party via my Opportunity To Ballot [OTB] Petitions. Although I was not elected, in the General Election I received 20% of the votes in comparison to the Republican candidate who received 25% of the votes and the Democratic incumbent who received 55% of the votes. In that General Election my name was on the ballot for the Niagara Youth Party, the Green Party and the Working Families Party. Based upon the registered voters in the 4th District, over 95% of the votes I received were from registered Republicans and Democrats. This is unheard of and never happened in my city before because most people vote for their party line. The votes I received proved that regardless of party affiliation, people will actually vote for a person. That is both threatening and viewed as an opportunity for political parties who see this. So of course this voter turnout shocked the county/city Republican and Democratic Committees and to this day I get asked by both parties if I am willing to run for public office again. If you have been watching the 2020 Presidential Race, this is a similar position Kanye West is in regarding his presidential bid via his filed Independent Nominating Petitions for his Birthday Party. The votes he receives will be from people who are voting against their party line. If he receives a national turnout that is similar to the turnout I received locally, he will get the same response from political parties who are seeking to draft him. Why am I sharing even this? Because in my experience navigating political landscapes in addition to community outreach, I have learned and still learn a lot about Legislation and how Legislative bodies function; the cornerstone of a Parliament. It does not make me an expert yet it does enable me to make a unique contribute to our nation. This education affords me, and other brothers and sisters in these political spaces, a vantage point of view that many Five Percenters do not have. There are likewise Five Percenters who navigate other spaces which affords them a vantage point of view that I and others do not have. This is what collectively makes us all-eye-seeing, of course when there is social equality and we share those perspectives. It is through those shared perspectives that we access the knowledge [1] that shapes our power [5] dynamics.

Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters Animation Series
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     In conclusion, we are as strong and efficient as our ability to organize. While we can always improve upon what we are doing, I am proud to see those Five Percenters who are selflessly stepping up at our national headquarters, internationally, regionally and locally to help push our nation forward. Parliaments are a key component to this and with COVID-19 it has been challenging for us to gather together. The introduction of Virtual Parliaments have been a great way to help address this issue and maintain our cultural continuity. While immature, gossipmongering "interlopers" still exist on the fringes of our nation, they are becoming less visible and influential in leading people in the wrong direction. The launch of digital publications such as the Five Percenter Newspaper and Five Percent Media, young Five Percenters such as The 5% Percent Connection using social media platforms to globally engage learners and Five Percenters such as Darkim who are now using YouTube LIVE to expound upon our teachings are all positive examples of our collective effort to push our nation forward. This is successfully happening in spite of this current global pandemic and the interlopers on the fringe. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Five Percent Pioneering and Flashes In The Pan

Flash in the PanSomething which disappoints by failing to deliver anything of value, despite a showy beginning.

     People who often remark how positive and productive I am usually have no clue WHAT I am working through. Despite the various projects that I have recently shared such as unveiling my Atlantis School Renovation Project on cable news, the Story Time Animation series I produced for distance learners or the premiere of Samuel L Jackson's Enslaved docuseries that I appear in, behind all of this it has been challenging. Over the last year we have lost some giants within our Five Percent Nation due to COVID-19 and other health related issues. This has been tough for many of us. Although some do, I typically don't share public memorials explaining the relationships that I've had with people who have passed, the last time we spoke to each other or etc. I honor them by walking with the best part that they shared with me and I preserve it for myself. 

     With the departure of some of our universal family members, they left a huge cultural void for others to fill. Not for us to take up space but filling that void by doing as much or more than what those universal family members were willing and able to do for us. It is a daunting task, for many. Some of these universal family members were pioneers and to fill a pioneer's shoes you will likewise need to be a pioneer; not someone who is simply walking on the road that they paved. In my experience within this Nation there are many who simply repeat what others have said before them. They do not actually add-on to their legacy and they do not understand the level of vision, effort, discipline, consistency and resilience that comes along with being a pioneer. Especially in this Social Media Era, people often seek attention yet do not grasp the potential ridicule, sabotage, open/closed enemies and change that comes along with the uncharted journey of being a pioneer. In regards to WF Muhammad's journey as a pioneer to find/teach his relatives, we learn to quote "I came to North America by myself" yet often don't realize the vulnerability that comes along with that self-reliant decision. We often don't realize the vulnerability that came along with The Honorable Elijah Muhammad co-founding the Nation of Islam as a pioneer or the vulnerability that came along with Allah leaving that religion and mosque politics to stand on his own and pioneer a youthcentric culture. Again, this is a daunting task for many and I am not confident that many will step up to fill the voids of our universal family members who have passed. We remember those in perfection by striving to be a perfect conduit of their consciousness through our actual contributions. In other words, we must do as much or more than what those universal family members were willing and able to do. Without contributing anything significant to our Nation, why are we even here? Some of us have identified as Five Percenerst for ten, twenty, thirty or more years and all we can tell others is what someone else said or did in the 1960s, 70s or 80s. While knowing past chronology is important, it is also important to understand that we are standing in the midst of current chronology and our actions, or lack thereof, dictates the future chronology. 

     Human activity, movement and the physical environment affects how cultures develop. One of our pioneers of cultural development, UM-Allah, was one of the first Five Percenters to attend and graduate from college with a Masters degree. Through his journey into this uncharted collegiate territory, UM-Allah helped develop our culture in societal spaces where it did not previously exist. Earning his Masters degree from California Polytechnic State University, he expanded the possibilities and progress of our nation. This enabled other Five Percenters to see a growth and development opportunity that did not previously exist. UM-Allah's contributions added a unique cultural mark on the map of human geography and within our nation's chronology. Breaking that social barrier, he paved the way for people like myself to learn this culture from a God in a collegiate academic setting, who also learned from a God who was taught in a collegiate academic setting. UM-Allah is just one example of our universal family members who have recently returned to the essence and left a cultural void for us to fill. 

     Building requires more than Facebook posts and "doing it for the 'Gram [Instagram]." I sense that many of us, including some Five Percenters, have gotten lost in a longing for clout chasing and social media visibility. The problem with this is they unknowingly dive into a content driven stream of 'staying relevant'. In other words, if we are THAT important than we must prove that importance by constantly engaging our network with content demonstrating that value. For example, imagine folks who have been branded conspiracy theorists who are online 3-4 times a week putting out information exposing some government plot, cabal network and etc. In order to maintain that online persona THEY NEED TO CONSISTENTLY come up with content EVERY WEEK without fail. For many, it becomes ambulance chasing; constantly looking for something to post, share and say to keep up the online persona they created. The same applies to those among the Five Percent who try to brand themselves online as youth advocates and community builders. Up until that point in their life most have been on a totally different trajectory. This is not to say that it is impossible for people to change that trajectory, it is to say that it is difficult if you are not really about youth advocacy and community building. That is one of the reasons Allah left the adults at the mosque and focused on teaching youth. This is also one of the reasons Fredrick Douglass said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." In my two decades of experience as a youth advocate and community builder I have learned that people who are not really about this life fizzle out after a couple of barbecues, a school supply drive or other events they dress up for and take pictures at. A few short years later it will be hard to find any consistent evidence that they were ever serious about youth advocacy and community building. In most instances people don't even last a year and within weeks to months you will see them still doing things like promoting strip clubs, selling/using drugs, swinging, neglecting their own children, trolling people online, running around with open cases and other dysfunctional behavior. None of which represents righteousness or the duty of a civilized person.

   In conclusion, our elder Dumar Wade was adamant about teaching us to be positive/productive members of society; from the Rotor Rooter Man to the Architect. He was also adamant about us not being a gang, promoting gang activity or cosigning a gang lifestyle. He often remarked that, "We [Five Percenters] are here to STOP crime!" This mindset is the hallmark of youth advocacy and community building because it combats juvenile delinquency, social decay, lawlessness and community deterioration. Dumar, like other elders, simply echo[ed] the same sentiments of our founder Allah, The Father who also taught youth to be positive/productive members of society. This is our national trajectory. If this is not the direction we are leading our family and community members in then we are clearly leading them in the wrong direction.



Thursday, October 08, 2020

Actress Bethany Brown Endorses Atlantis School


Actress Bethany Brown recently endorsed the Atlantis School Renovation Project and encouraged people worldwide to support this initiative.

Bethany Brown (born August 3rd) is a well-known actress best known for her work on Charmed, The Flash, Lego Jurassic World, The 100, Rogue, Supernatural and other projects.


The Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters is a private institution established in Niagara Falls, NY. Its Mission is to teach and train youth in the growth, development and control of their powers through important projects, programs and initiatives. We are currently undergoing a renovation project for a recently acquired property that will allow us to centralize our projects, programs and initiatives for at-risk communities. You can support our project at this link: Atlantis School Renovation Project



Saturday, September 26, 2020

Animation Series: Love, Hell or Right

 In this Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters Episode we discuss "Love, Hell or Right."

"Love transcends emotions; it is the highest degree of Understanding between two people. Hell is the tempering fire of experience all relationships go through; in order to remove its impurities and unveil the substance of our bond. Then and only then will we reveal what's Right!" -Love, Hell or Right (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle) 





Friday, September 11, 2020

Saladin Allah to Appear in Samuel L. Jackson EPIX® Network Docuseries “Enslaved”

Official EPIX® Press Release

New York, NY – Premium network EPIX® announced today [August 4, 2020] that six-part docuseries Enslaved will premiere September 14, 2020 at 10 P.M. ET/PT.  Led by icon and activist Samuel L. Jackson, Enslaved sheds new light on 400 years of human trafficking from Africa to the New World. Based on a DNA test identifying his ancestral tribe, the series traces Jackson’s personal journey from the U.S. to Gabon for his induction into the Benga tribe, with rare and unprecedented access to secret ceremonies and local customs. Following its launch on EPIX, Enslaved will also premiere on CBC in Canada on Sunday, October 18 at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT) and the BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation]. The series is being distributed internationally by Fremantle.

Enslaved Trailer

Using new diving technology – such as advanced 3D mapping and ground-penetrating radar – to locate and examine sunken slave ships on three continents, the series reveals an entirely new perspective on the history of the transatlantic slave trade. The series also tracks the efforts of Diving With a Purpose (DWP), a collaborating organization with The National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS), as they search for and locate six slave ships that sank drowning the enslaved humans aboard. Featuring the most dives ever made on sunken slave ships, Enslaved also chronicles the first positive identification of a “Freedom Ship,” an American schooner that ferried African American runaways to Canada.

Each episode follows three separate story lines: the quest for a sunken slave ship, a personal journey by Samuel L. Jackson and a historical investigation led by investigative journalists Simcha Jacobovici and Afua Hirsch.

Enslaved also celebrates stories of resistance, accomplishment and hope; the cultures left behind and the culture that we live in presently… a culture that, in many ways, was born in the bowels of those sunken slave ships.



Monday, September 07, 2020

Political Analyst Angela Rye Endorses Atlantis School


Political Commentator and Analyst Angela Rye recently endorsed the Atlantis School Renovation Project and encouraged people worldwide to support this initiative.

Angela Rye (born October 26, 1979) is an American Attorney and the Principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm in Washington, DC. She is a liberal political commentator on CNN and an NPR political analyst. She served as the executive director and general counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus for the 112th Congress.

The Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters is a private institution established in Niagara Falls, NY. Its Mission is to teach and train youth in the growth, development and control of their powers through important projects, programs and initiatives. We are currently undergoing a renovation project for a recently acquired property that will allow us to centralize our projects, programs and initiatives for at-risk communities. You can support our project at this link: Atlantis School Renovation Project