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What Is A Poor Righteous Teacher?

   Artist: Poor Righteous Teachers Album: Pure Poverty [1991] 

   In all of my years of being a Five Percenter, one of the most misinterpreted phrases I have seen is "Poor Righteous Teacher." I say seen, and not heard, because it is not a topic that you hear highly debated like 'power vs. power refinement' or 'the correct universal flag.' You literally see a person's perspective of a Poor Righteous Teacher based upon their quality of life.

   When most people consider the word "poor" they think about not having any money, being broke and the inability to afford designer clothes. Those who think a little deeper considers poor as "poverty" and the various psychological, socioeconomic and political elements that contribute to that state. In our modern dictionary, poor is defined as "lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society." Historically the word poor carried another meaning and over time it began to take on the meaning we see reflected in our modern dictionary. Let me explain.

   Back in 16th Century Europe a price revolution occurred. These series of adjustments caused inflation and shifted the landscape of Europe and its citizens perspectives concerning monetary standards. Some Economists theorize that this price revolution was caused by a large influx of gold, silver, spices and other commodities into Europe. That is partly true. What they usually fail to mention is the pre-influx of 'black gold' into the European economy -- i.e., black people via the transatlantic slave trade. This black gold set the premise for the triangular trade and the foundation for a future American economy. This time period is following the Black Plague; a pandemic that depopulated a large part of Europe. That pandemic, like today's coronavirus, caused food prices and other commodities to inflate due to their scarcity and demand. Why is this important to understand? Because this gives you a sense of the socioeconomic backdrop in 16th Century Europe. Poor meant something different to people during that time. Just like black folks during the Great Depression in America looked at poor differently than young black folks do today. 

   During the socioeconomic changes within 16th Century Europe, folks didn't simply define poor as not having sufficient money. Poor, to them, was defined within the context of frugality; a word derived from the Latin "frugalis" (e.g., thrifty, economical, moderate, sensible). That perspective of poverty, as being frugal, was a quality of life theme consistent within Old World social life. In modern society we may view their circumstances as simply poor, yet their station in life was viewed in class terms of modesty vs. extravagance. As the Old World became the citizenry source of a developing New World, this concept of frugality was carried over into an American socioeconomic landscape. In time, the concept of frugality began to fade following the Traditionalist Generation and the word "frugal" fell out of common use. 

The above history is important to lay out because it provides context for the phrase Poor Righteous Teacher for the Five Percent here in the wilderness of North America. The reason that I mentioned black folks perspective of poverty during the Great Depression, how the concept of frugality faded and the word frugal fell out of common use is because it was at this time that the Supreme Wisdom book was created among black folks here in America. More specifically in the black-bottom neighborhood section of Detroit Michigan. It is within this book of lessons where we get our introduction to the phrase "Poor Righteous Teacher." 

Who are the Five Percent on this poor part of the planet Earth?

"They are the poor righteous teachers who don't believe in the teachings of the 10%. Who are all wise and know who the true and living God is..."

   When learning this 16th lesson there are many Five Percenters who interpret "poor righteous teachers" to mean that we must make a vow of poverty in order to be righteous and teach others. Thus the accumulation of wealth, entrepreneurship or business ownership is often equated with being a rich slave maker. These economic endeavors are often viewed as believing in the teachings of the 10% or blood suckers of the poor. In the early days of the Five Percent Nation even the pursuit of higher education was considered believing in the teachings of the 10%, AKA "the white man's education", by some Five Percenters. It took one of our pioneers, UM-Allah, to attend and graduate from college with a Masters degree to show the real value of higher education. These attitudes about poverty and wealth building is one of the main reasons our nation of the Five Percent has lacked a clear cohesive economic development plan. The irony is, the accumulation of wealth, property and business ownership by "poor" black people in America from the time of Reconstruction up until the 1950s is still unrivaled by the rich black folks we see today. Their concept of "poor" was not about lacking, it was about being frugal and coming together for one common cause. How else did our formerly enslaved ancestors and their children acquire acres of land, build communities and establish thriving towns in the South? Frugality. This same perspective of frugality applies to being righteous teachers. 

Business Partners: (L/R) Wise Intelligent, Dr. Sam Williams, Master P, James Lindsay
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   Poor Righteous Teacher means that our target demographic are the disenfranchised. Why? Because as Matthew 19: 24 states, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." It is not often that a rich person willingly gives up extravagance in order to live a modest Godly life. Thus we focus on those who need it most, without excluding others. Poor Righteous Teacher also means a righteous teacher to the frugal or righteous teachers of frugality. This does not mean that in order to be righteous and teach we need to make a vow of poverty or walk around like a model for Ye's post-apocalyptic looking clothing line. Being a Poor Righteous Teacher also does not mean to be a chronically unemployed block hugger. As civilized people we need to work, in order to effectively do our duty. We cannot claim knowledge as our foundation when we are literally unstable... We cannot be swift and changeable with our wisdom and a couch surfing transient at the same time. Some Five Percenters behave like there is an inherent righteous humility in brokeness. In their mind "money is the root of all evil" so they shun wealth because getting money is evil. Plus anybody with money must be doing something evil. This long suffering mindset that some Five Percenters have is the same thing that they may ridicule church folk about when they claim that heaven is after they die. The reality is, we are collectively disenfranchised, regardless what we call ourselves. And as a collective, black consumerism produces over a trillion dollars annually and is an unleveraged 'black gold' buying power on par with some countries. We are not poor-poor. We lack frugality.

   For many of our people, and some of us as Five Percenters, our relationship to money and definition of poverty must change. As we move into an expanding age of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, cooperative economics is a vital part of our survival and our ability to thrive in this growing global market. As teachers of righteousness, we play a key role in providing the sustainable perspectives and ethical outlook to push our people forward socioeconomically. We help set the trajectory of civilization and we cannot do this if we are naked and out of doors without bread, clothing or a home. We, and our future generations, demand better than that.

Peace,                                                                                                                                                    Saladin

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Animation Series: Supreme Alphabet

In this Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters Animation episode we discuss the Supreme Alphabet, the power of words and the importance of proper pronunciation!

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7.5 Ounces of Brain Power!


   "What is the strongest muscle in your body?" I would ask my preschoolers. The answers I would receive would be everything from arms, legs to balled up fists. All of my students left my class knowing that it was our brain and all of the exercises we did were designed to strengthen that muscle. Whether we were doing yoga, painting, learning letters or playing with blocks in one of our centers, it was all about brain development and as an early childhood educator I was helping construct their brain architecture. I speak about this in the past tense because now I primarily work with sixth graders and I Substitute in other elementary grade levels. Regardless of their grade level, I always emphasize the power of their brains.

   When we get knowledge of self, one of the degrees we learn as Five Percenters is a 32nd degree which asks, "What is the mental and physical power of a real devil?" In summary, we learn that a devil's mental power is nothing in comparison to that of the original man and that they are also physically weaker. We also learn more specifically that there is a 1.5 ounce variance between the weight of the original man's brain and the weight of the devil's brain -- i.e., the original man has 7.5 ounces of brain and the devil only has 6 ounces of brain. Typically when you hear us [Five Percenters] build on that degree we simply equate the 7.5 and 6 to a supreme mathematical correspondence. In other words you may hear something along the lines of, "7.5 is God's [7] Power [5]. 6 is Equality [6] or limitation because the devil's power is limited." While this perspective has some value, it does not tell us anything about the actual brain weight or where the figures 7.5 ounces and 6 ounces even come from. I have also heard misogynists state that "7.5 represents the mental power of man and 6 represents the limited mental power of women." These chauvinists are usually the same folks who ignorantly boast that it is not even important to know what those figures actually mean because "Allah, The Father told us to draw it up." That anti-academic excuse is usually their response to anything math or science related in our degrees. Willfully this article on brain weight and mental/physical power will encourage those who are learning degrees to be more studious.

7.5 ounces of brain vs. 6 ounces of brain

   The average human brain of a normally hydrated person is about 3 lbs. 3 lbs is equal to 1400 grams which is 49 ounces. 85% of the brain is water weight. This means that 41.65 ounces of the brain's weight is water. When you subtract the 85% water weight [i.e., 41.65 ounces] from 49 ounces you get 7.3 or approx. 7.5 ounces of brain.  Let me show you the math again:

BRAIN = 3 lbs, 1400 grams, 49 ounces

85% of BRAIN is water which equals 41.65 ounces

49 ounces - 41.65 ounces of water = 7.3 approximately 7.5 ounces

   As shared above, 7.5 ounces is in reference to total average brain weight of a normally hydrated person. Well what about abnormal brain weight such as 6 ounces? Any difference in average brain weight, whether heavier or lighter, is based upon different factors including genetics, age, sex, body length, BMI, diet, ailments and other variables. Microcephaly, a rare genetic condition that causes small brain development, was first identified among the Pashtun people of Northern Pakistan. These Aryan descendants, often referred to as "white" Afghans, showed incidences of microcephaly 1 in 10,000 newborns while the worldwide average ranged from 1 in 30,000 to 1 and 250,000 newborns. Microcephaly has also been linked to the deadly mosquito-borne and sexually transmitted Zika virus outbreak that occurred in the mid to late 2000s in Polynesia, Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and other countries of densely populated melanated people.  



   Aside from a genetic mutation, one common cause of abnormal brain weight is dehydration. Dehydration does more than give you a headache and dry mouth. According to some studies on how dehydration effects the brain, just a 1% reduction in body mass of a 150 lb person equates to a 3 lb loss of fluid in the body which includes the brain. This loss of fluid impairs our executive brain function, body temperature regulation, motor skills, sensory perception and causes brain tissue to shrink over time. What this indicates is that chronic dehydration leads to brain atrophy or shrinkage in brain volume over time. What some scientists have also discovered is that people that evolved in colder climates, where there is scarce vegetation and alkaline food sources, they were more prone to dehydration and its accompanied impairments. Regardless of the outside temperature, humans lose body moisture every day through breathing, urination, perspiration and other body functions. Without perspiration and lack of thirst as visible indicators, people in cold climates often think that they don't need water and cannot get dehydrated. Couple this with an acidic diet consisting of more than 75% meat which lacks fiber and requires more water to process, people are at a higher risk of dehydration. Interesting enough in the late 19th Century into the early 20th Century these cold climate descendants published pseudoscience rationalizing the complete opposite -- i.e., that melanated people from nutrient rich tropical places had significantly smaller brains, a lower I.Q. and were closer to apes on the scale of human evolution. People like Earnest Hooton even went as far as establishing a whole filed of comparative anatomy -- i.e., thus helping establish Harvard as the center of Physical Anthropology and creating the classification model that put white people as the upright model of civilized man and melanated people as low-brow primitives. Hooton's racist work also set the foundation for the American Association of Physical Anthropology and the National Research Council to organize a committee to focus on the anatomy of the "Negro." That committee yielded African baby comparisons with young apes and published findings in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology to prove, not suggest or imply, that Negroes were closer to primitives than the white race. Devilish huh? Does all of this explain where the 6 ounces of brain weight and power comes from? Not entirely. Yet is does give you a sense of the different factors that actually causes abnormal brain weight and its accompanied deficiencies. Deficiencies that can cause a person to be more prone to weakness and potential wickedness.

   The study of the brain is one of the most fascinating subjects we can undertake, especially as  "scientists of life" [Five Percenters]. We are literally learning about our conduit of consciousness and repository of the mind! One of the many things that you learn about the brain is how cell phone technology and social media has literally changed our brain chemistry. When we receive social media notifications such as "likes", "loves", comments, shares and etc. our brain sends a chemical messenger called dopamine along a reward pathway that positively stimulates us. Dopamine is the feel-good neurotransmitter that also gives us a sense of pleasure and satisfaction when our senses are stimulated by eating food we like, hearing music we like, during intimacy, smelling a good fragrance or seeing a beautiful sight. Think about that! In regards to brain chemistry, the pleasure and satisfaction a person gets from a Facebook "like" is the same feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that they get from doing something in real life. Now you understand why many people are satisfied simply saying what they are going to do and never put forth the actual effort to do it. They are literally satisfied with the pleasure of a "like", "love", comment, prayer hands or other emojis they receive. They've been rewarded! Software Developers know this and designed social media platforms with this in mind. I wrote about this more extensively in my article Is Social Media The Digital "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out"?

   In conclusion, how can we even claim supreme intelligence if we see no value in studying the muscle responsible for the executive function of that intelligence? How can we even actualize our mental and physical power if we aren't serious about studying the command center of that mental and physical power? As Five Percenters we sell ourselves short, and the people who we are supposedly teaching, by not putting forth the effort to study actual math and science. I understand that some of us have been in remedial classes growing up, we may have learning disabilities, we just never did well academically or etc. Yet because of this sense of lacking and inferiority complex some of us have developed some very negative attitudes towards scholarship. So instead of seeking help we make up obvious excuses to try and hide our insecurities or academic trauma. I am not a know-it-all and never really challenged myself in school. I did enough to get by. As I got older, especially when I gained knowledge of self I became more studious. This means that I keep dictionaries, other reference materials and an active library card so when I come across something that I don't understand I can take time to research it before I move forward in my studies. I also make sure that I am always connected to experts in various fields who can support me. Yes it is a tedious process and takes patience yet that is what comes along with being studious. Putting in that effort benefits everyone around us. Conversely, our lack of effort will continue to be a detriment to everyone around us, especially our children.

Peace,                                                                                                                                                    Saladin

Friday, January 15, 2021

How Do We Make Racist Children?

*This article appears on the Five Percent Media website*

“Ignorance.” That is the short answer to the question, “How Do We Make Racist Children?” With all of the intelligence, expertise, lip service, and resources addressing this issue in America you would think that we would have figured this out by now. But no, we continue to grow children who become the kinds of adults that we saw desecrating the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6th. These are the same kinds of adults we saw in Wilmington Delaware in 1898, one hundred and twenty-two years ago, who violently overthrew a duly-elected government. For me, this behavior is not surprising. I could literally write about historical instances of violence perpetrated by Americans against their own citizens EVERY DAY for the next three years and still not exhaust that content. That is only 1,095 days. For 1,095 days I could exclusively write about lynchings and never have to discuss another topic. This is America and make no mistake about it, violence has been a staple of this society from its inception. Some people have been on the historical receiving end of that violence, while others have been its historical perpetrators.

Following the storming of the U.S. Capitol building by Pro-Trump supporters, we have heard both Democrats and Republicans proclaim, “This is not who we are” -which is one of the most disingenuous statements one could make, especially at a time like this. It is a boldfaced lie that denies the obvious existence of historical dissatisfaction, division and devilishment we have witnessed in this country. IT IS who you/we are… and until we can accept that uncomfortable reality we will not be able to perform the institutional autopsies needed to determine the cause of this cannibalism.


As an early childhood educator, I am always thinking about ways to foster the kind of growth and development that enables our youth to become caring critical thinking adults. From my experience and research, children are not born racist, sexist or etc. Babies are born into a societal womb that reinforces institutions, social norms and an economy that nourishes racist, sexist, ageist and other ideas just like blood vessels in a womb support the growth and development of a fetus. These ideas help set a child’s cognitive trajectory and contributes to shaping their worldview. We were all socialized like this, regardless how we ultimately grow up to define ourselves. A critical part of our growth and development journey is constantly performing a self diagnostic to check the bullsh*t ideas we have knowingly/unknowingly adopted along the way. Another important part of that journey is helping support others to do the same. Treating these racist, sexist or etc. ideas like they are harmless only creates a larger problem later on. For generations these problems of race, sex and etc. have been outright denied, ignored, minimized and treated as minor by the dominant society. This is the same dismissive way the garden snake was treated in Genesis until it grows into a fire-breathing dragon once you get to Revelations. Like Revelations, January 6th was a day of reckoning for America to face its uncomfortable truths.

So what can we do about this as adults? First and foremost it is important that we model the type of attitude, behavior and citizenry we would like to see and celebrate in our children. Because our youth are growing up in a society that promotes ideas that may not coincide with a worldview of freedom, justice and equality, we must be invested in helping them successfully navigate around, beneath, above and through racist, sexist and etc. ideas. Part of that means helping them develop their “spatial awareness”; one of the critical cognitive skills children start to learn in early childhood.

Spatial awareness is our position relative to the objects around us. In early childhood, children start understanding the concepts of location, direction and distance which enables them to physically navigate their environment. They also begin to understand where they are; their point of origin and how they are oriented. For example, recognizing that a toy is across the room on a couch or the direction of a window in a room. When a child has challenges with spatial awareness they have difficulty navigating their environment, reaching destinations and understanding their position in relation to the people, places and things around them. When a child or even an adult does not understand their point of origin they will lack a sense of orientation. Without a sense of orientation, it is impossible to determine direction. This disorientation makes a person more prone to being lost and easily led in the wrong direction. Make sense?

What makes racism, sexism, ageism and etc. so insidious is these ideas distort a person’s spatial awareness and sense of orientation. These ideas pervert reality and warp a person’s ability to understand their socioeconomic position in relation to the people, places and things in society and their capacity to reach their goals. Consider how something like segregated drinking fountains twisted a person’s spatial awareness. Where an object only steps away had to be rationalized as being more distant than the Moon. What about women who have earned a certain position based upon quantifiable data but are consistently passed up for a promotion by unqualified men. There is no way to rationalize how those positions in society and distance to other people, places and things are what they are. In both of these examples, accessibility and the landscape that they see IS NOT what it truly is… While black and brown people are often told all they need to do is work hard to successfully get from point A to point B in life, it is more like the game Frogger. Some will argue that we all have challenges reaching our goals and that is true. What is also true is there have been and still are institutions, government policies and socioeconomic obstructions that have impeded the progress of specific segments of our American population. In other words, some frogs are facing an entirely different obstacle course that other frogs have never seen and will never see in their lifetime. Understanding and navigating a society that distorts our spatial awareness is difficult for adults. So just imagine how difficult it is for our children. The growing mental health crisis and expanding education on trauma-informed care in this country is a clear example of this.

To some people, this warped reality of racism, sexism, ageism and etc. puts them in an inferior position of disenfranchisement. This makes it difficult to navigate this environment, reach destinations and understand their position in relation to the people, places and things around them. To other people, this warped reality of racism, sexism, ageism and etc. puts them in a superior position of privilege. Thus they are able to navigate this environment, reach destinations and understand their position in relation to the people, places and things around them with relative ease. We are all socialized this way the moment we take our very first breath.

   When children are taught to be culturally competent, when we respectfully expose them to different worldviews, it encourages them to become caring critical thinking adults. They learn that everyone has something to offer of significance to this world and your skin color, gender, age or etc. does not make you superior or inferior to others. Teaching children the obvious ugliness of America, as well as its beauty, is also a vital part of this educational process. IT IS who they/we are. For some of us, America has been more of a nightmare than a dream. America has only existed for 244 years yet my ancestors were legally enslaved and segregated against for 189 of those years. This means that 78% of the time black people have been in America we were legally denied the right to participate in American society and have equal access to its resources, institutions and economy. In regards to spatial awareness, many of my people literally lost their lives… and still lose their lives… for “not knowing their place.” We will continue to make racist children, who become racist adults, by lying to them about this American landscape. They need to know what they are inheriting; good and bad. They need to be spatially aware and know their true position relative to the people, places and things around them. There is a short answer for that also. In my culture, we say that understanding is seeing things for what they are, not what they appear to be.

Peace,                                                                                                                                                    Saladin

Friday, January 08, 2021

9 Ways To MASTER 2021!!


   First and foremost I want to acknowledge those whom we lost this year, especially those due to COVID-19 and other health related issues. This has been and continues to be tough for many of us. It is my will that we honor them by walking with the best part that they shared with us. By allowing their knowledge and wisdom to live through us, others can understand who they were and are! Reflecting upon what 2020 has been for me and looking towards 2021, I just wanted to take a moment to share some of my thoughts with all of you regarding being successful in our undertakings. Whether we make New Year Resolutions or not, striving to be resolute in all that we say and do is important, regardless when we choose to make that decision. In part, this is what “word is bond, bond is life and I will give my life before my word shall fail” means to those of us who are Five Percenters. This phrase is not simply something to recite. It is a declaration of being resolute and it highlights the integrity, fortitude and consistency to follow through with our word. In fact, when our word is truly bond we will not be broke, or broken...

   Despite the challenges of this year, there was much that I accomplished; from helping coordinate the second phase of our city's Heritage Art Mural Project, working on my Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters Renovation Project, my animation series now globally available on Roku via the first Five Percenter based streaming platform Seven On Demand and appearing in both the IMAX documentary Into America's Wild Narrated by Morgan Freeman and Hosted by Ariel Tweto and John Herrington and the award winning docuseries Enslaved Executive Produced and Starring Samuel L. Jackson. As one of our cultural ambassadors I take great pride in knowing that positive contributions such as this continue to expand the global footprint of our Nation. This means nothing if I am unable to show others how to also be successful in our undertakings. There are certain things that I have done, and continue to do without fail, that have allowed me to take my ideals from knowledge to born, from inception to conception. So in this article I would like to share these thoughts as 9 Ways To MASTER 2021:

1. Although it is your personal idea, our idea should be something that improves (progresses) you with the intent/consideration of making you a better resource to others and this world we share. Life is interdependent, we all play a role in how the world turns and there is a constant process of giving and receiving. This intent/consideration ensures that our idea is in tune with the universal order and is something that is sustainable -because we are actively providing a service (and/or products) that others, and the world, needs. If all we are thinking about is what we can get (keep), and not what we are able to consistently give, what we get (keep) will eventually run out. If you don't believe this, try it with your breath. Keep it to yourself and see how long it takes for your oxygen to run out... In short, we are not the 10%.

2. Make sure your idea is real and obtainable. It is less likely that we are going to change EVERYTHING at once so it is important to work on what we can change, one goal at a time. Also, take things one day at a time. It took a while to create habits/routines and it is going to take time to change them. The smaller goals we accomplish serve as stepping stones; helping us build confidence and gain the tools and experience that are necessary to forge our larger goals. And with any goal, one of the first and most important steps we need to take, and habits we need to create, is to “get our day underway with a positive, productive attitude.” That attitude sets the stage for our altitude. This is one reason for asking ourselves, and other members of Nation, “What is Today's Mathematics?” and “What is Today’s Degree?” It orientates you with higher order thinking and enables you to get your day underway with a positive, productive attitude. The average person is not thinking about principles like knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You are, and that psychologically sets you apart.

3. Make your goals specific. Instead of saying something murky like, “I’m going to read more” say something more specific like, “I am going to read one book every month.” This is called Specificity. Specificity helps you better focus on your goals and encourages you to be more responsible and committed to those goals. If you were to say, “I want to be healthier in 2020” there is no sense of ambition or plan of action to take that idea from knowledge to born. Now if you said, “I am going to only eat baked chicken once a week and go to the gym three times a week for 1 ½ hours after work” that has a sense of ambition and provides part of a plan of action to achieve your goal of being healthier in 2021. If it is not clear, our path will not be cleared. When we learn about being ‘right and exact’, Specificity is what ‘exact’ means.

4. Set a projected time/date for your goals. Setting a time/date creates a sense of urgency, responsibility and accountability to meet your goals. If you don’t meet your time/date then set another one. Without setting a time/date then we are saying that our goals are not really a priority (important). Why? Because under these circumstances they can happen any time and any day; that is not resolute. If you don't have a time/date, you are creating the possibility that there will never be a time/date. Keep in mind that “one day” or “someday” are not days on a calendar. This is especially important for those of you who still have not knowledged 120. Apply yourself and make a serious commitment to getting your degrees on cap. Set a reasonable time/date when you want to be complete and don’t procrastinate. We need you, especially our youth!

5. Write down your ideas. I have known people who had challenges with organizing their day, appropriating their time and focusing on achieving their goals. One of the solutions I shared with them was writing down their goals on index cards or signs and posting them in visible places around their home. Not necessarily for everyone to see, it is for you to see! This helped reinforce and remind them of their goals so they would not allow themselves to get lost in the hustle & bustle of each day. Committing your ideas to paper is the understanding or knowledge and wisdom. How? Because it is outside evidence that allows you to physically see what you thought [knowledge] and spoke [wisdom] about. Understanding is often referred to as the child or the best part. This is one reason that Creatives often refer to their projects, such as their paintings, literature or music as ‘their baby.’

6. Only share your ideas with those who have shown themselves to be supportive of you fulfilling them. If they are not there to help you, they are only going to hinder you. If they are not an asset, they are a liability. If they are not in your life to build, they will destroy. This also includes the nice folks with the pleasant attitudes. Just because they have a happy disposition it does not mean that they can automatically help. Again, our idea is likened to a baby and a baby must be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated. That baby must build its immunity to repel the bacteria and virus that could compromise its health, growth and development. It is unwise to let any and everybody touch your baby. It is equally unwise to expose your idea to any and everybody.

7. Look into networking with people/organizations that will help you fulfill your physical and mental health goals. That is why our social equality is important and the reason some keep us apart from their own social equality. Our network is a prime indicator of our net worth. Take care of yourself and connect with those who are invested I doing the same. There are no ideas when we don't have your health!

8. Speaking of health; strive to maintain a positive outlook! Some days it will be easy to maintain a level of positivity and other days you need the social equality with others who share the same goals and are just as resolute about achieving goals. This means invest the time to build with others and be present to learn as much as you can about the positive principles/values they are sharing with you. As a Nation, this is a part of our custom and the foundational network to help support our positive outlook on life, which we all need.

9. Your idea is not the end all be all. Some people live to have a wedding while others strive to be married in the mind, have a family and etc.. While the wedding is a place, being married in the mind is a state. So although your ideas may help you arrive at a place, the ultimate goal should be to achieve a state of existence. And this state of existence should set the stage to help you achieve even higher and greater goals! It is all about constant growth and elevation, not stagnation. Life is constantly changing and evolving and so should the living.


"Be a shark, not a peacock" as one of my homegirls would say. When a peacock walks into a room with its feathers fanned out everyone can see it. It is not necessary to be showy and strive to get attention. You also attract predators that way. Sharks move in silence and by the time you see their dorsal fin it is too late. In many cases staying below the radar and not revealing what you're doing until it's actually done is a sure way to be successful in your undertaking. Be a fine mist which the naked eye can hardly detect. When we talk a lot we are also subject to the expectations of others which are usually unrealistic. If you tell people you are writing a book and you know that you don't even have a manuscript yet, people may assume you are going to be publishing a three hundred page book next week and expect it. Now when you obviously don't deliver, people begin to look at you like the boy/girl who cried wolf. Always remember that light travels 186,000 miles per second and sound only travels 1,200 feet per second. People will see what you are doing before they can hear what you are saying so your reputation precedes you. So talk less in 2021 and let your work speak for you.

*Just say “NO.” Sometimes we put too much on our plate because we don't know how to tell people “NO” and we feel guilty about it when we do. Here's the thing: if you literally don't have the time, you don't have to agree to do it. Let time be the reason that you are literally not able to commit to something. It is unreasonable for someone to expect you to create more than twenty-four hours in a day. Just. Say. NO.

   In closing, I want to will every one of you and our families a positive and progressive 2021! I also will that while reflecting on our past year that we consider those negative things we have held fast to that has undermined our ability to be successful in our undertakings. We’ve all had challenges within ourselves, and with others, and I will that the next steps of our journey add more beauty to our families, community and environment.


Friday, January 01, 2021

Animation Series: I Love My Hair!


In this Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters Story Time episode we share the book "I Love My Hair!" featuring youth entrepreneur Kiddie Kosmetics. This book is Written by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley and Illustrated by E.B. Lewis. To promote literacy and literature, Story Time is a Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center program and Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters produced series that highlights children's books that are inspiring, empowering and educational. 

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