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Unmasking White Domestic Terrorism

Unmasking White Domestic Terrorism

Colorado Springs, Colorado -On Friday November 27th, Christian Extremist and Domestic Terrorist Robert Lewis Dear, described by neighbors as a chronic complainer and "angry" "aloof" man "you had to watch out for", was given a choice to surrender to law enforcement after shooting up a Planned Parenthood clinic and murdering three people. Nine others were also hospitalized from his savage attack; five officers and four civilians. Although the mainstream media claims Dear's motive was unclear, a law enforcement official did confirm that Dear mentioned "no more baby parts" and expressed anti-abortion and anarchist [anti-government] views in interviews with authorities. Among some of his past criminal charges, Dear was charged with two counts of animal cruelty, being a peeping Tom and domestic assault against his wife. One of Dear's neighbors, Zigmond Post, also confirmed that Dear once brought him anti-Obama pamphlets. 

While black/brown people are being murdered in cold blood by law enforcement for everything from simply wearing a hoodie, having our hands up, walking down the street, not being able to breathe, listening to music, playing at a playground and not using a turn signal, then demonized in the mainstream media as guilty until proven innocent, monsters like Robert Lewis Dear are normally innocent until proven guilty. In fact, after Dylann Roof murdered nine people in a church, law enforcement bought him Burger King after safely taking him into custody. This is a choice and consideration that Laquan McDonald and countless other black/brown people were never given, even when there was no evidence of a crime being committed. What this translates into is this: a double standard with two sets of judgment rules. One set of rules for black/brown people and another set of rules for black/brown people.

What do President Woodrow Wilson's Official White House screening of Birth of a Nation on March 21st, 1915 which celebrates the domestic terrorism of the KKK [Klu Klux Klan], the domestic terrorism that burned down Black Wall Street and murdered approximately 1,000 black people in 16 hours during the Tulsa Race Riot, the generations of lynchings of black/brown people, Without Sanctuary, at the hands of domestic terrorist mobs, the countless school shootings carried out by domestic terrorists and the coddling claim that domestic terrorist Dylann Roof is "suspected of perpetrating" the murder of nine Charleston, SC church members, including State Senator Clementa C. Pinckley, all have in common? The mainstream media's refusal to unmask and categorize its Micheal Myers demographic as White Domestic Terrorists. And in case you didn't notice, this continues to be the consistent American non-narrative since its Native American genocidal inception.

In a Huffington Post article When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims writer Nick Wing elaborates, "News reports often headline claims from police or other officials that appear unsympathetic or dismissive of black victims. Other times, the headlines seem to suggest that black victims are to blame for their own deaths, engaging in what critics sometimes allege is a form of character assassination. When contrasted with media portrayal of white suspects and accused murderers, the differences are more striking. News outlets often choose to run headlines that exhibit an air of disbelief at an alleged white killer's supposed actions. Sometimes, they appear to go out of their way to boost the suspect's character, carrying quotes from relatives or acquaintances that often paint even alleged murderers in a positive light."

To add fuel to the fire, many Pro-Dear Extremists have been coming out praising him for his heinous act: 

Personally speaking, I do not agree with many of the stances of Planned Parenthood, especially its Margaret Sanger eugenics origins and Negro [birth control] Project. At the same time I've partnered with this organization on various occasions to help provide some positive abstinence education programs/services for teens within my city who live in a county where the teenage pregnancy and STD rates are among the highest in New York State. NO these programs/services weren't promoting abortion to young black females or sterilization to young black males, they were geared towards educating our youth about making healthy, responsible choices. You may not agree with abortion and that's understandable. At the same time it should also be understandable that our youth need access to programs/services to teach them how to make healthy, responsible choices with their bodies, with others bodies and how they use social media especially concerning the dangers of sext messaging

As a black man, I live in a society where anything I say or do will be used against me inside of a court of law, outside of a court of law and in the court of public opinion via the mainstream media, if I'm allowed to live. If you are a person of color, you are in the same position. People like James Holmes, Michael Dunn, Robert Lewis Dear and others can commit horrifying acts yet are not judged by the same standard and are often allowed to live to see their first court appearance. They are the monstrous face of the psychopathic and sociopathic backdrop the dominant society does not want to take responsibility for. I've said it before and I'll say it again in regards to controlling the narrative: we must create, protect and perpetuate our own media platforms to make sure we lay this responsibility in their lap. We can't wait on a benevolent mainstream media to unmask these murderers, we must do it ourselves. We can't wait to see if they're going to call it what it is, we must call it what it is: White Domestic Terrorism. The world needs to know that there's much truth to the American Horror Film genre and characters like Jason Voorhees, Norman Bates, Damien Thorn [The Omen], Jack Torrence [The Shining] and Michael Myers aren't just made up from someone's sick imagination. There are real people we've lived amongst, for generations, who've committed horrific terrorist acts of violence that make these character's films look Rated G. They're not Muslims, nor are they black/brown people. They're American males, often self described Christians, who are White Domestic Terrorists.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Nation is All Wise
Does Everything Right & Exact
Part 1

In order for this to be possible, that is, a nation to be all wise and doing everything right and exact, it must have a group of people who observe our endeavors and experiences in life—study them for what they really mean—the significance and implications; and make decisions based upon such things.  This means you must look backwards to move forward.  Today, most live for today and disrespect most which has passed; this is not wisdom—it is folly; but what a fool believes and sees, no wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be.  If you are meeting a man who is coming back from a winding road that you are about to travel on, it only makes sense to inquire about the experience before embarking.   Some people have to put their face in manure to know that it is poop.  We are not those types, for we have learned the truth of this place, its intentions, its’ deceptions, its’ hoodwinks and Tricknowledge—but most of us do not distinctly think of America as a Western culture and how it was set up—sometimes diametrically opposed to Eastern and Central Asian culture.

There is nothing intrinsically evil about having a difference in opinion, perception or world view than others; but it becomes a crime when you try to force that view on others, whether they want it or not.  This is the main obstacle here.  Because as Black people, we were brought here against our will, forced to work for another people for no wages for 308 years—then released without repatriation or state assistance to make it on our own.  There have been two civil rights movements in this country, one in the first year of Emancipation or 1863, and one in 1963, one hundred years later, and though we marched and protested, we still did not get the freedom that we marched for.

Most significant is what happened in the Segregation Era (Whites and Colored only), within the United States; wherein “Separate But Equal,” was the slogan and the two wouldn’t dare mingle.  There was the “Citizen Council” or “KKK” (Klu Klux Klan) and the general attitude of Whites was not to concern themselves with Black things, or things that were not in their direct interests.  During this time, there was Negro League Baseball and Black Wall Street. During this time, there were advances made by Booker T. Washington and Tuskegee Institute, Marcus Garvey and the UNIA or Universal Negro Improvement Association, the Nation of Islam had another perspective than the one currently shown, and the Black Power Movements were just “a telephone call away.”  The significant thing was Black owned businesses, Black owned Hotels, and although Black Entertainers performed in White establishments, they had to lodge in Black areas among the locals or stay in Black hotels.  We had our own, we frequented our own, and we looked out for our own interests—mainly because we had no choice.  Not all of us were on board with this, due to the self-hatred and self esteem created during that vacuum called “enslavement.”  There were many people put under slavery during the course of history or our chronology, but none devastated so by the lost of their language—as the Blackman experienced in America.  We did what we had to do and were being rather successful at it, but for many—our eyes were on seemingly greener pastures.

Integration, was an illusion created during the Civil Rights Struggle, wherein forced busing and housing was imposed on the White population by so-called “conscientious Whites,” but this did nothing to destroy the attitude created by slavery: “That Blacks were three-fifths of a man and were to be considered along with livestock and other such property.”  And of course, this privilege was only for those who could afford it; creating the “looks like we made it/I’m special” attitude among some Blacks.  Needless to say, Westerners are very resistant to change, and have problems with accepting anything other than stereotypical views of others.

What I am saying here is that today we are still living in a segregated society that appears to be equal:  This is a multi-cultural society, yet it is amalgamated in its cultural perspective—it is one dominant culture with all other cultures being sub-cultures.  The interests of those other cultures are to be considered by the dominant culture or majority, whereas all other peoples are its minorities.  In a capitalistic society, any people who are not generating income and therefore not self-sufficient, shall be the least concerned or regarded—that’s just actual facts.  You cannot expect your interest to be protected by another people who do not think like you—and more centrally, if you are not about the business of recapturing your culture, you are accepting the European and pseudo-European way as the standard of high civilization.  If this is not, then you need to explore these other perspectives mentioned here and decide for yourself which makes more sense: Just don’t do the research using a pseudo-Western brainwashed mentality.  Learn to look at things from both sides of the equation.

What has happened since the 60s has had a great affect on how the 90s and thereafter has become.  You have to look backwards in order to spring forward; you do this every six months when you set your watch, so why not construct your moving forward by knowing where you’ve been?  Let me start out by saying that the greatest pimp of women ARE women.  A pimp’s game is a woman’s game in reverse.  Everybody plays games, it’s just that a good game is one where everyone mutually benefits and a bad one is where one makes himself rich at the expense of others.  In the 60s, Black woman were not down with the Feminist Movement; that was for disgruntled White women who were not content with their role in Western society, Black women had their own agenda that could not be satisfied by White women pushing their agenda because we are distinctly different thinking people; besides Blacks were battling out of the White Segregation Era: How could they have a Black woman’s  interest at heart?  Since segregation, we have learned American ways, either unwittingly through indoctrination or as a matter of survival in a foreign land.  Foreign land?  Yes, foreign land, because it doesn’t regard us equally.  This is a culture and land in which the benefactors of its product are those who founded it and those who came here to exploit it; if you really study it—we are the ones who exploited by it.

Amongst the disgruntled White women of the Feminist and Sexual Revolution movements, were undercover lesbians, in key places, who were in key positions pressing their agenda. I say, “undercover,” because during those days most of alternative lifestyles were kept in the “closet.”  Roles in society were often referred to as arbitrary and viewed as genderless.  The nuclear family was considered as “man-made,” and one of their aims was the destruction of this type of family structure to make room for alternative lifestyle families.  So it is no surprise that 1990, 30 years later (one generation), we have single parent households, the emergence of adoptions by alternative couples, etc.  It is part of the outgrowth of the Feminist and Sexual Revolution, and as I said earlier, Black women during that time, did not consider White Feminism their fight, and certainly their were policies aimed directly at the Black family; especially in low-income areas, by Planned Parenthood and other organizational outgrowths of the Sexual Revolution spearheaded by White people in America.

The proper way to view this phenomena is that well-to-do White women did not like the way they were culturally being handled.  They voiced their concerns and started their movements.  The motivation had nothing to do with Black women and their struggles, it was for their own self interests. However, as time went on and they tried to solicit for Black support, the movement became resentful of the non-participation of Black women and unleashed an agenda directly at Black women and their families as a result of it.  Do your own research and you shall see. America is becoming more and more like its European model.  Their views on sex, gender, race are slowly but surely mimicking the lifestyle of Europe—much of which has been in France, Greece, Rome, Germany, England and Nordic society for thousands of years.  It falls under the Equal Rights umbrella, but here is the real people it caters to, and here are the real reasons and the real social class. How that effects others is of secondary interest, if of any interest at all.  Our people get confused, because they think being in America is the same as having the rights of an American while we're still fighting for Human Rights, Civil Rights and Equality.  The Equal Rights agenda today has little to do with the Human and Civil Rights agenda.  Those Human and Civil Rights in this country are non-White issues, fought by non-Whites or minorities.  We can no more look for the American society to fight for our interests, as we can look for one group of people to look after and protect the rights of another different group.  They are adapting the European model, and we are not Europeans.  Their culture is not our culture. Though we must observe it because we live here, it does not reflect the way we think, nor our core interests.  We must develop ourselves around our own model—and leave their ways to their own devices.

To be continued in Part 2...

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: November 18, 2015                                     
Media Contact: Saladin Allah


To whom it may concern:

My name is Saladin Allah, a Five Percenter Journalist, Author and Youth Advocate writing in response to the recent vandalism at The French-American International School in San Francisco. As this latest example of American “Francophobia” has been wrongly attributed to the Five Percenters and our implied association with ISIS, I wanted to take a moment to clarify who we are. As one of our many thought leaders, I have been referenced as a Five Percenter subject matter expert and program consultant for the History Channel series Gangland to clarify our supposed association with the Hidden Valley Kings in North Carolina, and I was globally cited to clarify if Jay Z was an active member of the Five Percenters and elaborate on the meaning of the Five Percenter Medallion [Emblem] he has publically worn. I’ve written over 250 articles, published 14 books and have successfully worked as a youth advocate and community organizer for the last twenty years creating various projects, programs and initiatives geared towards the positive growth and development of families and communities.

One of the commonly held misconceptions is that the Five Percenters are Muslim [religious], which we are not. Our group, which consists of people of color and white members, are culturally based and more concerned with self-development, youth advocacy and community outreach than we are vandalizing, desecrating or ridiculing others for their beliefs or political ideologies. No mature, upstanding member of the Five Percenters that subscribes to our principles and values would do this. In fact, we are anti-crime and it’s a matter of historical record that following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, it was the Five Percenters who walked the streets of Harlem with Mayor Lindsey of New York in order to help stop the violence, looting and restore peace. Our symbol, the Universal Flag, represents the sun, moon and star: our universal family. Family consists of man, woman and child and a unified human family is the vital building block of any nation of people.

Thank you for your consideration and giving me the opportunity to clarify this. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at:

Saladin Allah
Region 6 Local Representative of the Five Percenters [AKA: Nation of Gods and Earths]

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Francophobia: The France Attacks and American Amnesia

The France Attacks and American Amnesia

On Friday November 13th in France over 120 people died from attacks carried out at six separate sites. The largest number of death tolls occurred at a concert hall during the set of American rock band the Eagles of Death Metal. Like the Kenyan school shooting this past April where 147 people lost their lives, the September Borno State Bombings in Nigeria that killed over 145 people, the over 500 people who died in South India from heat waves last May and approximately 1,000 citizens, about 3 people per day mostly people of color, who have already been killed by law enforcement this year in Americaall of us should be aware of how precious all human life is. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes people simply view the lost of one life differently then the lost of another life, the deaths of one group of people more important than the deaths of another group of people.

Following the #FranceAttacks I saw many people immediately show their support and solidarity with the French people by sending out prayers and changing their Facebook Profile pictures to the France Flag via a social media option/initiative spearheaded by Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg and the encouragement of an American outcry for Americans to stand with France. Youtube even changed its logo to the French Flag and announced "We stand with Paris" on their home page. Some people just followed that script. For others it wasn't because an American battery was put in their back; they simply spoke out and showed their solidarity like they do wherever tragedy occurs on the planet. Whether these people were the former or later, it still shows that people have some sense of global consciousness simply because we're aware. We also need to be aware that things aren't always what they appear to be, especially when you look at the historical way America has interacted with France. Now that many of you are thinking globally and considering France and America, let me share a few things with you to give you.

Do you remember France opposed the invasion of Iraq and Congress changed their cafeteria menus to stop calling french fries "French" fries, started calling them "Freedom" fries? Then the American government started encouraging Americans to call them freedom fries too? Yeah, I know it's petty. It also shows how soon some of us forget such petty things. Does that sound like an ally? See, through the lens of colonialism, your allies or enemies is based upon your geopolitical agenda and socioeconomic interests. In other words, the ends justify the means. Some people are genuinely concerned about the tragedy that happened in France, other places around the world and the tragedies that happen in America. Some people just see tragedy as an opportunity. 

Speaking of allies and enemies, let me break something else down to you about the dysfunctional relationship between America and France most people don't talk about.

France was the first country to accept women into freemasonry. You know, "Freemasonry", the sausage party secret society many of America's Founding Fathers, signers of the Declaration of Independence, Presidents, Congressmen, Mayors, Senators, Councilmen, Soldiers, Businessmen, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, School Principals, Union Leaders, Judges, Newspaper Editors, Lawyers and other 'men' in positions of power belong to in this society?

Maria Deraismes: The First Female Freemason
From the 1700s to this day, the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), other mainstream Lodges and Prince Hall Lodges in North America still don't let women join. Any lodge, particularly French and Continental Lodges, who admit women are considered bogus by mainstream North American, Grand and Prince Hall Lodges who only have seperate associated [auxillary] bodies women can join. If you, male or female, have been initiated into a French Lodge or attend them you're generally marked as clandestine [bogus] and shunned by other freemasons. Keep in mind that these are the same marked/shunned French freemasons who are afiliated with the Grand Orient Temple who created and gifted an original Statue of Liberty to America that was initially rejected because she was black.

Now what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Well the same way you have influential people socially engineering events that were/are Freemasons here in America, you have the same influential people socially engineering events that were/are Freemasons in France. They historically haven't, and generally don't, rock with eachother. Behind the veil of so-called alliances there are fundamental masonic differences between America and France as it relates to their geopolitical agendas and socioeconomic interests. Some of the historical pettiness, jeering and criticism Americans have about France being weak and bogus is really based upon how American Freemasons have generally looked at and still look at the French for allowing women into the lodge. Because of that, and regardless what you see on the surface, America and France have irreconcilable masonic differences that historical tragedies, and tragedies like we just witnessed, have not been able to mend. What looks like solidarity today will be separation with a side of sarcasm, tomorrow.

This is at the root of some of America's "Francophobia": the historical stereotypes and hostility towards the French government, culture and people of France. And no, I didn't make that word up. Research it.


In closing, I think it's important to speak out against tragedies wherever and whenever they happen to human beings. All of us should. Yet we shouldn't allow ourselves to be used as a patriotic tool, especially in the midst of tragedies, to blindly support the political agendas of some people who obviously don't feel the same way about all human lives based upon their domestic and foreign policy record. Acknowledging and mourning the loss of human life, especially in great numbers such as the Native American and Armenian Genocide, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the Holocaust, is likewise important. Yet we also must know whom we are mourning with. Like in the film American Gangster when Bumpy Johnson died, sometimes people show up at a family's funeral, speak empty condolences and even sit around and eat up the family's food at the repast [repass] knowing they didn't really like the person who died, or their family. In fact, they probably had a bunch of sh*t to say about them the day before that family's tragedy. This is how some Americans responded to the death of not only the French who lost their lives but also Kenyans, Nigerians, South Indians and even other American citizens who are people of color. I just want those of you who are riding the American solidarity with France wave to clearly understand that after the water subside, America will return to biting France's back out just like sports analysts and everyday talking heads do LeBron James. And I hope to see your solidarity against that petty hypocrisy, too. 


Thursday, November 12, 2015

News You Can Use

News You Can Use

For those of you who aren't connected with me via my Facebook Page I often share thoughts/posts there that I may not write a bi-monthly article about. However, there were a few posts I made recently in regards to current events that I wanted to take a moment to share here. Also, even though I have the maximum number of friends, you are still able to follow my posts. 

The Public Execution of Karia Lee

So Karia Lee, mother of Tyshawn Lee the slain 9-year old in Chicago, is being dogged for buying a vehicle with some of the money raised for her family from a gofundme account.

First let me say that I wouldn't have done that. If those donations were intended for funeral expenses, but the funeral was already paid for, Karia should have made that known first and then asked how those donations should be handled [desolved] before she used them as she willed. Given that considerat...e approach, and because of the circumstances, I think people would have given her the O.K. to use it. Listening to her in the press it was clear to me that she wasn't prepared for how to handle being in the public eye or how to deal with donations. Most people don't and many journalists seek to exploit that for headline news stories.

What some of us need to consider and not lose sight of is this: whether people of color are being criticized or praised in the media, we're not being judged by a journalistic jury of our peers. Historically, that peerless jury doesn't generally judge their own using the same standard of scrutiny. With that being said, what do you think Karia's white counterparts bought with the hundreds of thousands of dollars people raised for them with gofundme accounts when they tragically lost a family member? 100% funeral expenses? Lets not be naive. If we're going to audit folks, lets critique itemization statements from everyone equally. I bet you'll find some people pushing more than a used car...

Support The Troops, With Proof

On behalf of Veteran's Day I would like to take a moment to recognize all of those men and women who have sacrificed their lives as enlisted members of this country's armed forces. I also will that one day this country genuinely reciprocates that recognition across the board, beyond the celebration of a day. How? By supporting legislation and initiatives for fair Veteran and Veteran Family services/benefits that many have come home to fight for, some have even died for, right here on U.S. soil. Veteran...s are a marginalized group within this society and they deserve more than a thank-you, a salute or a free Starbucks coffee. As civilians, I encourage you to learn more about the challenges they face and how you can be of any assistance via NABVETS, NOVA, other Veteran advocate organizations, your local VA Hospital and even just talking to your family members who are Veterans.

Fruition and Futility

HER: That's the old testament, we don't need to learn that.
ME: Well our oldest testament is the planet Earth. It's been here for millions of years and we still learn from it today. There's obvious value in that. There's also value in learning about an old testament of some people, places and things on planet Earth, the oldest testament.
HER: True. You always got an answer huh Saladin? Lol
ME: Lol Naw, I just think you can learn something from studying the old testament.
Well why didn't you just say that.
ME: I did, in a way that you can't refute.
HER: Lol Whatever.

The above dialogue is from a conversation I had with so-called "conscious sister" who has recently learned about some of the contradictory and outright demonic ideas some religious leaders teach using the bible. Because of this she doesn't touch 'the good book' with a ten foot pole. I could understand her frustration and had similar feelings many years ago myself. But, there is still value that can be learned from it. Even if that means learning the proper interpretation in order to expose the charlatan's teachings used to mislead the masses.

Periscope Dope

Over the last month I've been using a new App called #Periscope that allows you to share live video and interact with your audience in real time. It's been an excellent addition to my ability to share my world as a journalist, author, youth advocate and creative artist. I've periscoped live from my STYA Program, shared some of my recent music projects, elaborated on a few of my books and addressed various topics that come to mind. If you're not on there I encourage you to download the App and add me at: @AtlantisBuild. It's dope!

Speaking of mediums of communication, I was recently featured in a short 30 minute interview with StrongerMind Media with author of The Secret Nature Within You, Christian Fisher. StrongerMind Media is a medium that focuses on resilience, turning stress into strength and adapting to adversity in a variety of life situations. In this interview I elaborated on self-actualization, youth advocacy, community outreach and how to achieve our goals. I'm thankful for having that opportunity to add-on and you can check it out by clicking on the below video.

Sunday, November 08, 2015


By S. Quanaah

This weekend, November 7th, I chose to publish my fourteenth book "Thoughtforms." The purpose of this book is to share a conceptual-based cultural framework of Knowledge of Self [KOS].
One of the definitions of a thoughtform is derived from the Tibetan tradition called "Tulpa" which means to build [construct] with the Mind. As a writer, I am a scribe constructing and communicating a view of the world through words. To some, this profession is a form of mysticism: magical formations forged through powerful concentration. I wouldn't consider myself a mystic. Well.., maybe a natural mystic, yet writing does require a great degree of discipline and focus on a consistent basis. This book is another contribution of my contemplative life, written to inspire, empower and educate those who are considering and/or on the path of growth and development.
Thoughtforms encompasses ideas about society, psychological/social behavior, power dynamics, social structure and the science of everything in life from the cultural perspective of a Five Percenter. It's now available globally via Amazon, Amazon Kindle and my website Quanaah Publishing.