Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Form Blazing Sword!!!" -VOLTRON

Learning HOW TO Learn

Peace Ya’ll! Getting Knowledge of Self often varies from Enlightener to Enlightener. BEFORE TAKING ON A STUDENT, Enlighteners use various techniques to cee if these Prospective Students have the right attitude to learn. Some Enlighteners require that these Prospective Students Traditionally fast for three days before they take them under their study. Some Enlighteners just require them to memorize/study the first Ten Degree’s (1-10's/Student Enrollment) and test them before they're taken on as a Student. Other’s require them to learn/study Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet, and choose a name (Attribute) from them that they're tested on. Still, other Enlighteners may give a Student a name (Attribute). Although Enlighteners implement their own Curriculum (Self Style), in these various processes it’s important to realize that the underlining significance; 120 Lessons, and perpetual goal remains the same; Growth and Development. Within obtaining this perpetual goal, adhering to our underlining significance establishes general consistencies that all Enlighteners adhere to regardless of their Curriculum (Self Style). These consistencies are General Requirements or Core Courses that represent the 8 Points of our Universal Flag. Each "Point" (or Psycho-coordinate) represents a 45 Degree Angle. And all 8 Angles combine to form a 360 Degree Circle (Cipher). A Cipher has "no beginning nor an ending" and this is communicated in our 9th Degree in the 1-10’s because 360 = 36 ="9". Starting at the pinnacle of our Universal Flag and moving counterclockwise, these 8 Points are as follows:
1. Supreme Mathematics
Supreme Alphabet
1-10 (Student Enrollment)
4. 1-14 (Some Students receive their "1-36's" at this Point then they get their 1-14's. I received my 1-14's at this Point because Chronologically speaking, the 1-14's comes before the 1-36's. The 1-14's gives Historical context to the 1-36's.)
5. 1-36
6. 1-40
7. Actual Facts
Solar Facts
The Twelve Jewels

Although Enlighteners have their own (Self Style) of teaching, ALL ENLIGHTENERS follow the same protocol of taking a Student through the 8 Points of the Universal Flag. There is no way around, under or above this! Because of our strict adherence and discipline in following this protocol, The NGE has been quite successful in deterring/screening many people who’ve tried to come amongst us who aren’t really about learning/living out the Principles of this Culture. It’s a natural safe guard mechanism against people with clandestine motives. No matter how diverse Gods may be, we all adhere to the fact that we must Know 120 Lessons. We may speak them with subtle differences and understand them differently yet we all agree on the fact that we must Know them! In the NGE Paradigm you can’t be a God/Earth if you don’t Know your Lessons. When you meet a God/Earth and introduce yourself, after letting them know where you’re from you communicate (and often must show & prove!) where you got Knowledge, how long ago and what Lessons you actually have! This is a Standard Procedure that all Gods/Earths often go through regardless of what Social Status or Sphere of Endeavor they may be involved in. This is a way of identifying eachother and authenticating our Citizenship. Because the process of gaining Knowledge is an intimate process between a Teacher & Student, this relationship always established a Lineage. This means that "When, Where and How a person gets Knowledge can always be traced and verified beyond a shadow of a doubt. And since this Culture is formally only a couple generations deep, you will always be able to find someone who can attest to your Lineage. This does not mean "you all good!". This only establishes the fact that you were given Knowledge by a certain God (or Earth when it comes to some females who get 120 Lessons). The question of "Why" you got Knowledge is something that doesn’t always reflect one’s Lineage. When we build (communicate), the "Why" (Determined Idea) is established. So simply because a person gets 120 Lessons from a certain Lineage, this doesn’t mean that they’re Right & Exact! This is a reality that they must live out on their own. A Lineage establishes a Cultural Link (Family Crest) that a person is called upon to not only uphold b.u.t. also extend! In other words, just because your Enlightener was "swift" (Wise) doesn’t mean that you are. You can’t live off another person’s Wisdom, and we are all called upon to add our Contribution to Civilization. To simply stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and "Nostalgically" talk about the past is a disservice to Ourselves, our Lineage and the entire Human Family!
Sometimes people haven’t learned how to learn so they approach Enlightener’s with the wrong attitude. First and foremost, the only option a Student has is to turn around and walk out the door. When I got 120 I had no misconceptions about that. I didn’t approach my Enlightener as if I could take it or leave it, I needed what he knew. People who approach this with a "I can take it or leave it" attitude aren’t looking at this as a Cultural Worldview. To them it’s just any other Belief System or Philosophy that a person adopts or can put down when they feel like it. It’s funny when I come across people who "used to" know their Lessons, "used to" build, "tried" to study and "want to" start learning again. The reality is "They never were" in the first place and 120 is for everybody b.u.t. everybody is not for 120! That’s why it’s very, very important to ensure that a person is seriously sincere about learning. I hear Gods all the time, prouder than a muthafucka’ talking about "THEIR" Students and it never occurs to them that the low retention rate of 5% stays Mathematically true, regardless of how many Students they think the’re teaching! If you are in fact going out on some "Missionary" trip trying to build with everyone you come across (as if they really give a fuck about what you got to say) and trying to locate Students, you’re basically loosing 95% of your time "searching for that, that does not exist" (10/1-40). The same way YOU (as well as I) found our Enlightener and had the proper attitude to learn is the same way that the other 5% of the population will eventually approach you, regardless of where you may be at on the Planet Earth. Sure you don’t situate yourself somewhere and make yourself into an Island (27/1-40), you make yourself accessible and perform your Duty as a Civilized Person (17-20/1-40) by simply living your life and expressing Civilization through whatever Sphere of Endeavor you’re into. If being a Gregarious Social Butterfly and Advocating this Culture on the Corner is your thing then by all means, do you! I am not trying to discourage anyone. Just realize that you won’t change the fact that only 5% of the people around you will show any real interest in this Way of Life. And even then, only 5% of that 5% who are interested will have the right attitude and capacity to take on the full dimension of this Cultural Worldview, if they choose to. Most people only receive General Civilization through you, that is, they learn basic Social Norms of how to Act at Home and Abroad. Nothing more, nothing less! Training Units are much more specific and most people (95%) never choose to learn Training Units and take it further than just knowing how to Act at Home and Abroad. The idea of 5% out of 100 infers that it’s about QUALITY not quantity. By keeping this in perspective, you’ll come to grips with the reality that everybody in your family is not gonna get Knowledge of Self, most of the females you come across won’t learn to be a Queen and become your Companion, and your own children may not choose to fully adhere to the Culture beyond the name & diet you rear them with. This is real, and most people just won’t choose to be about this! Because you are of the 5%, this means that you were born to be. You were only considered blind, deaf and dumb because you were suffering from a Mental Death and RECOVERED from it, b.u.t. you were never actually 85% or 10%, you were always of the 5%! This is what is meant by the phrase "Lost-Found". The fact that you’ve now manifested Knowledge of Self shows & proves the 23 Scientists Prediction in the year 1. When I say Scientists I’m referring to the 23 Pairs of Microscopic Intelligence (or "Scientists", Latin Word "Scire" means ‘to know’) that use a Genetic Code (DNA) as a hidden scribe, scripting each person’s Geno/Phenotypical Koran in advance. Each year on the Planet Earth corresponds to every "cellular" mile that composes us, and this is what equals the psycho-socioeconomic circumstances that determines our Home Circumference (1/1-40). The year 1 represents our point of "Origin in this World", the moment when our Consciousness was "Incarnated". And being that we individually rule over these "23 Pairs of Microscopic Intelligence" (Scientists/Genetic Codes; DNA), this makes us the 24th Scientist. When we assemble like Voltron we collectively become the long awaited 25th! -smile-

To conclude today’s Article I just wanted to remind those of you who have 120 Lessons that "many will come and only a few will be chosen, and those who are chosen CHOOSE THEMSELVES." There is literally nothing you can do about this so just live out this Culture to the best of your ability. Those who really want to learn will seek you out and it’s as simple as that! True Progressiveness isn’t about how many Students you have or how many Students you taught, because this mentality undermines the organic nature of being of the 5%. No matter how much you promote and advocate this path only 5% will choose it for themselves. I want to remind those of you who do not have, have tried to get, forgot, lost or just aren’t interested in 120 Lessons not to beat yourself up about it. Most people feel just like you do. If you’re sincere about just generally being a better person, then I encourage you to learn as much as you can and just be a Civilized Person. Strive for Optimum Health by eating the best mental/physical foods. Discover your place in this World by becoming Knowledgeable about your capabilities and don’t be easily led in the wrong direction along your path. Do what you can to contribute to the overall betterment of the Human Family (and the Planet Earth) because we all play a vital role in this, ALL OF US!


Monday, August 06, 2007

Culture (4) Band Puzzle Ring

Divine's Union!

Peace Ya’ll!! Here in Region 6 on July 27th, 2007 one of my God Brother’s "Divine Allah" had a Divine Union and it was one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience! I can’t thank him and his Queen enough for allowing me to share that moment in time with them. I’ll tell you, I’d been quite cynical about the idea of a Divine Union even though I’ve designed my own Rite that details every aspect of how I cee it! This cynicism has been because of the lack of proper attitude/character in the Wiz’s I’ve ceen who don’t and often do embrace this Culture, not for me, b.u.t. for themselves. From the way Divine and his Queen had their Divine Union organized, the selection of music, the 7 Jewel (food) they served and the overall ambiance, everything was Love, Peace and Happiness! It wasn’t Militant, grossly Nationalistic, AND NO, the colors were not Black & Gold for all you fanatics out there! -smile- Ultimately, it really inspired me and I wanted to share some of this inspiration with you.

The first thing I noticed was how humble they were about the whole event. The best way to describe the scene was Extravagantly Modest! An Elder Sistah with locks -who was a Lieutenant (living in Chicago for 12 years) in the NOI during the First Resurrection- was the Divine Union Planner and she had the spot laid out real nice! She sat at my table too so I had the chance to build with her about her early Koran in the NOI, the NGE and the Science of Everything else in Life she built with me about! This was a Jewel within itself! The entire vibe was Peace and carried the impression of this, "We appreciate the support that all of our Family & Friends have given us throughout the years. This day of coming together to share our Divine Unity is a gift to all of you!" Like typical/traditional Weddings you may have ceen, there was no Grandstanding or Ego’s involved! There was no negativity, people gossiping and talking about what someone else was wearing! His Queen wasn’t parading around showing off her ring or dress like some Wiz that ain’t used to nothing either! You could tell by her attitude/posture that she saw herself as the Queen regardless of whom or what. This was not in an arrogant way, it was a humble sense of self confidence that only comes with understanding who & what you are. The kind of understanding that needs no validation! No validation of a ring, wedding dress or wedding day! And it’s rare that you cee this in a Woman, especially on a day like this! I’ve been to Weddings before where it’s written all over a Wiz’s face that "Girl I got him!" and "It’s my day!". This was not even about that and you could tell that it wasn’t even about "The Day"! This was neither a defining moment nor a goal to them. This was simply a modest celebration of a Divine Unity that had been birthed on this Planet years, months and days before the date of this writing! Their seeds also had their place, right in the middle of the Flag, freely expressing themselves and enjoying their Divine Union too. Oftentimes when there’s young children involved, the Bride/Groom just dress them up to look cute and make them ring bearers/flower girls so they can take nice pictures. Other than this, they’re "roped and bound in" somewhere so they won’t mess some shit up! Not here though, their seeds freely expressed the joy of the moment. No one was grabbing, yelling at them or telling them to sit down somewhere! That was Peace to cee too! You can tell it was a Family Affair and wasn’t no show! Word is Bond, I could hardly sleep that night! Their Divine Union was a very, very beautiful experience and it gave me a whole new appreciation for what it means to be Divinely Unified! It was truly an example of what it means to be "Married in the Mind"!