Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Dynamics 101

Study their Family Dynamics” was the response I received from my Ole Earth at the na├»ve age of 12 -when informing me about what I needed to think about when looking for a girlfriend. As some of you are already aware, she was a Psychologist with a Minor Degree in Sociology, so this type of language wasn’t unfamiliar to my home environment. Phrases like ‘Self Mutilation’, ‘Paranoid Schizophrenic’, and medical conditions like ‘Microcephalic’, ‘Anorexia Nervosa’, etc. were all things I had a basic knowledge of in my pre-teens. When it came to girls, one of the most significant things my Ole Earth taught me, that took me many years to actually begin to understand, was the phrase, “Study their Family Dynamics”. Because I was young, this of course was a very heavy concept to consider. My hormones were already kicking in and all I really cared about is if a girl was pretty or not. Interestingly enough, People my age today, and older, still choose Companions using that Philosophy: All I care about is if he/she looks good! Anyway, slowly over time, and through many trials, errors, and accomplishments, I finally began to get what she meant! Let me break it down…

Family Dynamics
It’s obvious what our physical Family is comprised of: Father, Mother, maybe Siblings, Grandparents, and other kin. The word “Dynamic” is another name for ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence.’ A “Dynamic” is a ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ that motivates or moves something. In this case we’re talking about the various elements within a Family that has had the ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ to motivate or move someone who’s a Member of that Family. When we look at this ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ that motivates/moves People, we are referring to the Principles and Values they learned, or lack thereof, as a child growing up. Family introduces and exposes us to our first Lessons about Relationships. By learning about a person’s upbringing, and the Relationships they had/have with their Family, we learn about some of the most significant influences that helped shape and mold this person into who they are or are not today. When we enter into any kind of Relationship with People be it platonic, business, or significant, we are having a Relationship with their Family’s ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’. Even if this person has chosen to socially cut themselves off from their Family, we are still in a Relationship with their Family’s ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ because their Family Members are still present within their DNA (genotype/phenotype) –which is something they will never escape, even though they may like to. This leads me to my point…

When we study the Dynamics or ‘Power, Forces, Energy, and Influences’ going on within a person’s Family Relationships, we get a better idea of what their inclinations/potential may be if they established a Family Relationship with us. We first learn about the rightness/wrongness of Family and Relationships through the one we were born into. So our willingness/ability to work things out with the Family we were ‘given’ is a good indication of our potential willingness/ability to work things out with the Family we ‘made’ or want to ‘get… This is very important to recognize because our Family is our First ‘Training Unit’ (14/1-14) when it comes to Relationships. This is where we first learn about fairness, cheating, forgiveness, anger, disappointment, sadness, embarrassment, joy, and everything else imaginable when it comes to establishing, building, maintaining, and severing Relationships. How we handled/handle these challenges, with Family Members, who we will be connected to for the rest of our lives, informs others about our skills/tolerance to handle these challenges with others, who we are not obligated to be connected to for the rest of our lives. In other words, if I don’t have the skills to handle my own brother’s attitude, how am I qualified to handle a dude with the same attitude that isn’t my brother, and has no ‘Family’ obligations/ties to me? If I lack the tolerance (endure/sustain) to deal with my own Mother’s behavior, how will I be able to tolerate a female Companion who may demonstrate the same behavior, and has no ‘Family’ obligations/ties to me? If it’s easy to walk away from meeting the challenges/demands our own Family presents us with, then it will be easier to walk away from People who aren’t Family, when they present us with the same challenges/demands...

Studying a person’s Family Dynamics means to examine how a person handled/handles their Family Relationships and what ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ (Principles and Values) is at play in those Relationships. If you’re a male, examine how a female interacts with her Siblings (if she has any) and Parents, especially her Father. Is her Father nothing more than her ATM Machine? Does she talk to him like he is her peer? Does she make sure she introduces a guy she’s interested in to her Father? Does she even know her Father and when she does mention him, does she refer to him as ‘her sperm donor’? The ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ (Principles and Values) that define this Father/Daughter interaction, sets the potential stage for Principles and Values that are likely to express themselves in the male/female Relationships in her life. If a female doesn’t have the skills/tolerance to deal with her own ‘Father’, what makes you think she’ll have the skills/tolerance to deal with you as her Man -who she can easily walk away from? Her Father was the first Man in her life, whether he was there or not, and how she primarily thinks/feels about him being there or not, is very important for you to know. Why? You may one day become this Man; a Father, to the children she has for you, and her thoughts/feelings about you being there or not, has the potential of being passed on, entertained, and embraced by your children. The same Scenario goes for females who’re studying the Family Dynamics of a potential male Companion. How does he talk and interact with his Mother? Does she control his life, and if so, how does he handle it? Does he curse her out when he doesn’t get something he wants? Is his Mother still cleaning up the messes he makes? Does he speaking kindly and respectfully of/to his Mother? Again, the ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ (Principles and Values) that define this Mother/Son interaction sets the potential stage for Principles and Values that are likely to express themselves in the female/male Relationships in his life.

Keep in Mind that this isn’t a death sentence on anyone who has Dysfunctional Family Relationships because we all do in some form or fashion. The question is, “What are we striving to do about resolving our thoughts, feelings, and dealings with these Dysfunctions?” This is an appeal to those of us who tend to overlook the importance of studying Family Dynamics; ours and those of a potential Companion. This is an appeal to those of us who believe we can develop the skills/tolerance (endurance) to handle these issues by simply trying to disconnect ourselves from People who we will be connected to for the rest of our life; Family. This does not mean that we have to sit around and agree with or accept everything our Family does, b.u.t. it does mean that we have to come to some resolution and develop some type of stratagem to handle the reality that we’ll be connected to them for the rest of our lives, and the extended Family (children) that will be born into our Family. If a person doesn’t have the willingness/ability to agree to disagree with their own Family, it’s not likely they’re going to have the willingness/ability to agree to disagree with someone else, an outsider, when presented with the same Perspective/Scenario. So instead of developing a resolution or stratagem, many of us simply cut People off, oftentimes for very petty issues, and it often takes serious or even tragic situations to make us realize this pettiness and bring us back together, even if it’s just temporarily... It’s this lack of resolution or stratagem that People bring with them into a potential Relationship; it’s called baggage. We all have baggage, b.u.t. everyone doesn’t carry it the same way, nor does everyone have the same intention and ability to do something about it.

In conclusion, I want to encourage all of us to keep in Mind that in all Relationships there is always a ‘Dynamic’ at play, and Family is the most fundamental ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ because we are born into it. This Dynamic, Family, is the first ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ that was instrumental in shaping our Principles, Values, and ultimately our Worldview. Even those things that we don’t do, think, feel, or value any longer still represent a ‘Power, Force, Energy, and Influence’ in our life; they are at the root of our considerations of making change (i.e. “I’ll never eat salisbury steak again because…”, “I always choose a guy/girl that looks like that because…”). Our Family is our first Training Unit, whether we were being taught to lie or tell the truth. This is the hand we were dealt, and how we play this hand will tell a lot about our proclivities in playing with others -and how we even perceive the hand they were dealt in life -whether it’s worst, the same, or better than ours. We first learn about the rightness and wrongness of Family and Relationships through the one we were born into. How we work things out with the Family we were ‘given’, is a good indication of our potential to work things out with the Family we ‘made’ or the Family we ‘want’ to make. If you want to judge a Man’s degree of forgiveness, watch his willingness/ability to forgive his own Siblings/Parents. If you want to cee a Woman’s ability to sacrifice, watch how and what she sacrifices for her child(ren), and how she thinks/feels about it. If you want to assess if a male has a basic level of respect for females, watch how he talks about, addresses, and treats the females in his Family. Likewise, if you want to assess if a female has a basic level of respect for males, watch how she talks about, addresses, and treats the males in her Family. If the way he/she chooses to talk about, address, and treat their own Family isn’t good, I wouldn’t have high hopes for them having the skills/tolerance (endurance) to build and maintain a good Family with me. Why? Because it’s questionable where they will actually get the skills/tolerance (endurance) from; they obviously didn’t develop them at home. Even though my Ole Earth said, “Study their Family Dynamics”, I will go a step further in saying, “Study ‘our’ Family Dynamics”. WE ALL BRING something to the table; some things we’d love to be remembered for, and some things we’d probably like to forget. Being aware, honest, and resolute about what WE ALL BRING will mean all the difference in World when it comes to the quality of our Relationships and the integrity of our Family Units.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Oil & Water...

The Clash of Cultures
by Lord Life Justice

Many People are being controlled by "the current of air they are in" (8/1-40). This is mentioned because while most who subscribe to the culture of I-God practice that "knowledge is the foundation" (as repeatedly remarked in The NGE's Anthem "The Enlightener" as our creed), most of the world (more than 85%) operate from their taught behavior, drives, habits, proclivities, sentimentalities, conditioning, and/or impulses. This custom of going with your emotions and feelings is symbolic to the "water" mentioned in the previous and following degrees. The 9/1-40 states that the powers that be in Western Society (10%) teach that a Mystery God brings all this to conceal the true and living God (son of man), and to make slaves out of the eighty five percent (majority of the people you see and hear everyday), by keeping them worshiping something he cannot see... This is believed by the Eighty-Five Percent.” That current can also be looked at as the current events or a particular era. These things are all relative. When we look at the current events at our physical degree, it represents one of the many layers we have been through in the course of this physical existence, however-- it will seem very different to someone, let's say, at knowledge-build. This current represents what was happening at the time he/she began making moves towards being independent (adulthood). This current is very crucial to them because it represents their resources or what things were available to draw from at the time: Sort of like an Era: If you come from that era, you know the feel-- if you don't, you must strive to get a feel for it. Either way, For those who live out I-God, it is crucial for you to dig current events, so you can make sense of the factors that are traumatically effecting and affecting the youth making career and life-threatening decisions...

People are being controlled by the current of air is another way of still being brainwashed and living according to values you were taught, instead of the ones you've checked out for yourSelf (as Scientists we experiment to find what is true and use that knowledge as the foundation for our actions). The 8/1-40 goes as far as to say that, "This water is never drawn above six miles from the earth's surface by the Sun and the Moon." If Lunar (or Moon) functions in human beings are those instinctual, involuntary, subliminal, emotional, and motor functions (which are controlled by the cerebellum) and the Solar (or Sun) functions are those voluntary or willed, contemplative functions-- then a statement like "This water is never drawn above six miles," can only mean that as long as you are doing things by your feelings or subjecting your decision making processes on sentiments, you will be simply a human (man of the soil) or beast-like but never God-like. It goes further to say, "The reason it rains back onto our planet is because this water cannot get out of the Earth's atmosphere with its' high speed of rotating around the Sun makes it impossible." Following that train of thought, you can never reach your fullest aspirations and potential being a slave to your emotions. Factual proof of this is the 9/1-40, when it says “to make slaves” and the 13/1-40 which says that, "the devil teaches that because he desires to make slaves out of all he can." Also compare 2/1-14: “Savage means a person who has lost the knowledge of himself and (who) is living a beast-life” to the 17/1-40: The meaning of Civilization includes “not being ‘a savage’ in the pursuit of happiness (in search to feel good)”. God is a civilized, rational Being who bases his foundation on knowledge -according to the Culture of I-God.

That part of “not being ‘a savage’ in the pursuit of happiness” is crucial because pursuing happiness is the same as becoming enslaved by it. Things like happiness, joy, enjoyment, contentment, etc., are both individual and something that you allow yourself to associate pleasure to. Meaning, the things that makes one person happy may not make another happy, and if it does, it is because you associate those feelings to whatever is occurring or being given at the time. No one can make you happy, you bring those sentiments to the situation. You associate happiness and joy to those things, when in reality, all those feelings come from within outward. But in the Western concepts of life, happiness is something that you pursue and until you obtain it, you are never really happy... This is ludicrous! That is the same as saying, "I am holding my happiness hostage until I get what I want, and until I get what I want, I will never be happy." Once again, we have a clash in Cultures, in the form of customs, because in the Western world following the "Art of Woo", the Man is charged with attempting to "make" "his Woman" happy... Picture that: I can see the Westernized Black Man in a court jester's suit (instead of a king's robe and regalia), juggling "balls" (symbolizing his various attempts) "trying" to make and keep her happy (when you try/you're on trial concerning your degree of success). That's so ridiculous! "No one makes anyone happy"; those are the sentiments the recipient associates to the events. If he/she doesn't see it that way, then they won't evoke the same feelings as it would with another person. This has to do with what one is accustomed to and not necessarily what the other is guilty of. We allow ourselves to enjoy and be happy concerning things and it is our responsibility to be cheerful and of good spirits regardless-- one can be happy in life without anything to be happy about (a.k.a. “looking on the bright side”, the cup being “half full” as opposed to “half empty”, or “everyday above ground is a good day”, etc). After all, “an attitude is all you need to rise and walk away” and you should get accustomed to providing our own help (Self Help) and happiness, because we are the ones who need it. Next, I am saying, as a mate—“I am not anyone's entertainment center.” I am not here to be your daily amusement! I am no clown and I ain't no Joke. True, we should respect each other's request, but only when that request is appropriate for all involved. Like a true King, God knowledge-s his equality (emotions), to determine if these things are appropriate or right and exact for the given situation. We are not slaves to each other, we come together based upon mutual agreements (which are expressed within 'One Twenty', Supreme Mathematics/ Alphabets, and Twelve Jewels). WE SHOULD NOT BE PURSUING HAPPINESS; WE SHOULD FIND HAPPINESS IN THE RIGHT THINGS TO PURSUE. This is what knowledgeable people do, not the ones who have “lost the knowledge of themselves and are living a beast life” (2/1-14). But as expressed earlier, many spend a lot of time TRYING TO RATIONALIZE CUSTOMS AND BEHAVIOR OUTSIDE of the culture of I-GOD, while trying to use MATHEMATICS INSIDE of the culture of I-GOD -- but this is a hybrid-- indicative of grafted thinking and ungodly.

What is not fully being appreciated here is that Western Culture is the ‘wrong foods’ our Lessons speaks about when it mentions "eating the wrong foods" (10/1-36). It is the "wrong foods" on a couple of different levels: First of all, some of the things most of us do are not thought about first. Those things are called habits. Habits are things you are used to doing: I.e. coffee in the morning; that donut in the morning; that sex every morning (wondering how come you're late so often); that cigarette in the morning; that joint in the morning; that "duugie" in the morning; that crack in the morning (notice the progression from bad to worst). They fulfill a want or desire of yours, as opposed to a need. For those who don't know, NEEDS ARE WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES DICTATE SHOULD HAPPEN, DESIRES ARE WHAT YOU FEEL SHOULD HAPPEN, WANTS SHOULD BE WHAT YOU WILL TO HAPPEN TO BRING ABOUT THE APPROPRIATE RESULTS, BUT ARE OFTEN WASTED ON WHAT YOU FEEL BECAUSE WHAT YOU FEEL MAY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT'S NEEDED. The choice is yours ["You can get with this or you can get with that" --Black Sheep]. The decision was made a long time ago. Some behavior patterns date back to your early formative years, when your critical thinking was not up to par (as “a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect” [8/1-40]). Or maybe with your "homiez" (who live in the West and have Western habits and ideas), or if you're some-what progressive, the Gods and Earths (some of which entertain a combo of I God culture and “Western Culture”: which is the Devil's Civilization). But if you are really hip, you surround your person with righteous Gods and Earths who love you and represent, not only your ideology, but entertain various other ideas (than the ones you keep); not to mention doing various other things that spark your different interests: as opposed to company which keep the same thoughts as you and therefore representing a stale pool of ideas and offering very little room for expansion. The in-crowd is the kind of company which keeps it stimulating, vibrant, and moving like a True and Living should have it.

But let's face it, back on earth where we live, you haven't really thought these things out... You might even have habits because everybody else has them. This "Everybody Else Has Them" is not representative of a group of foreigners from various other countries with many different ideologies, they are likely from America and part of the majority of people (part of the 85%) who are “slaves from mental death and power” (14/1-40) in the same Devil's Civilization you were incarnated (made manifest thru Allah) into, and striving to move away from. The reason this is bad is that you shouldn't flow with sentiments or likes and dislike (your feelings) because the nature of Equality also touches into realms of Wisdom Culture: which is by it's nature ‘unknown’ (X) alpha-beth-ly (24). This means that MOST OF THE TIME, ONE DOES NOT KNOW WHETHER THEIR FEELINGS ARE BASED ON KNOWLEDGE WHICH WOULD MAKE IT THE RIGHT THING, OR IMPULSES AND DRIVES WHICH MAKES IT MORE ANIMALISTIC AND MORE AS A BEAST WAY OF LIFE (2/1-14). Because you are a Scientist... you are supposed to draw things up and do the knowledge on how these things manifest; what types of results, and then choose wisely, but these things got by you... They came in “a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect” (8/1-40), and you took it “on face value” (9/1-40). Wow, what an error (glad the Universal Mind has brought this to our attention, so Allah could share this with you)! While touching this area, let me say that you need people around you who have your best interest at heart, not just someone who agrees with everything you say. If they are civilized People (from your intimate universal family members) they warn you, it is because they love you and therefore don't want you to go down the wrong path (19/1-40). They are familiar with those complexities, and are not trying to run your life like you may think they are (I know because it's hard enough running mine). They want good things to happen for you. Having the same kind of thinkers around you may FEEL supportive, but it doesn't help to make you aware of all possible dangers or alternatives; nor does this type of comradery bring new ideas into your life; it will more than likely will stunt your growth-- like cigarettes, which causes cancer; which all meats do as well...

Before going any further, there are some upon reading this may feel that we are self righteous and believe ourselves "holier than thou". As well, there may be others who get the impression from what I advocate, that we had been raised in an environment where everything was temperate or religiously inspired and/ or disciplined, therefore we had no problems or difficulties adjusting to the things we state. On the contrary, my person has been on both sides. We had and have done some or most of the things mentioned in this build. It's just that while going through things, in my conscious realm, my person is always looking for the best way to do things, so I'm always examining the angles to see what's best and I own up to my parts I play in the scenario. Long before I knew that “earthquakes are caused by the sun of man experimenting with high explosives” (8/1-40), I knew the universal mind (Allah) always equips these vehicles (physical composition) with options in every given scenario and that IT IS OUR CHOICES WHICH DETERMINE OUR FATE AND NO ONE ELSE. I ALWAYS KNEW I HAD THE CHOICE IN EVERY SITUATION, NO ONE PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD TO DO IT, AND EVEN IF THEY DID, I COULD CHOOSE TO DIE FOR MY CAUSE. Fortunately, for my person, I made some good choices and got what goes along with that type of choice. In other words, life is predetermined by the roads you choose, and the way my person is built, I'm always looking for the choice I can't loose with. I subscribe to CARPE DIEM: Seize(-ing) the Day. Take advantage of the opportunity to do better and you'll become better. Put more care into eating, living, and loving, and there will be more care in you. Like all Scientists, ‘Some-times your lab coat gets caught on fire’. So you must put out the fire and take notes concerning the outcome. However, as Scientists, you must be truthful and objective in your findings, ESPECIALLY when grappling with inner demons. Remember: It's all about refinement for a better You in order to be victorious! IN FIGHTS, YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY GET BRUISED AND SOME TIMES YOU MAY EVEN GET KNOCKED DOWN. IN THE STRUGGLES IN LIFE, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE BRUISES OR EVEN GETTING KNOCKED DOWN-- IT IS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU GET UP. Understanding knowledge in the knowledge to understand your emotions or equality says, “Then What Happened?” I was in the mix and it was “thick as thieves" before I perceived what I needed, therefore I never forgot where I came from-- that's why I share the understanding because that's the best part. Give me a Wise Man/Woman spitting truth and I'll show you a Man/Woman who's been through a lot of things he hasn't spoke on. Just the CREAM OF FACTS is necessary.

I AM STILL CONNECTED TO MY PARTNERS IN GRIME-- I KNOW “ALLAH IN HIS OWN GOOD TIME” (39/1-40). I DON'T COME TO TELL ANYONE WHAT TO DO, I JUST DROP JEWEL, WORDS TO THE WISE, AND WARN SO THAT WHEN MY FAMILY TAKES A LOOK AT THE OUTCOME, HE/ SHE CAN HAVE THE TOOLS FOR THE RECOVERY OF LOST ITEMS. As far as being “holier than thou”, I am somewhat of a tolerant and patient Man (perhaps sometimes too patient), yet I stress these things for others to have the same knowledge and understanding, so that they can master themselves and conquer those four devils-- or raise their objections about what I speak. THIS WAY, AT THE VERY LEAST, I WILL KNOW WHAT I'M WORKING WITH --OR WHETHER I HAVE A PARTNER OR NOT-- AND THEREFORE I CAN DESIST IN LOSING TIME SEARCHING FOR SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EXIST (10/1-40). It is very important to understand EVERYBODY IS NOT BUILT LIKE YOU, NOR DO THEY WANT THE SAME THINGS YOU WANT IN LIFE. About 95% of the people you will meet in life will not, and of that 5%, there will be a few that have not recovered from that MENTAL DEATH that we all must recover from: IN FACT, WE ALL HAVE FOUR DEVILS TO CONQUER WITHIN OURSELVES (10/1-14) and to do so is a major accomplishment for your awareness (knowledge) and understanding. This brings mastery to some and failure to others (who are not receptive to truth).

CULTURE and CIVILIZATION is very important to understand. AGRICULTURE is the care and consideration used in the raising and growth of crops. HORTICULTURE is the industry and science of plant cultivation, including the process of preparing soil for the planting of seeds. CULTURE is the science of the raising and growth of people. Our Lessons state: “Civilize means to teach knowledge and wisdom of the human family of the planet earth” (2/1-14) and Civilization means “one having knowledge wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and ‘IS NOT A SAVAGE IN THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS’” (17/1-40). Now if these are not just words for you, then you are about the process of learning more about how to carry out such things and getting better at it upon every growing day. In the Film, ‘The Usual Suspects’ there was a line that went: “THE GREATEST TRICK THE DEVIL EVER PULLED WAS CONVINCING THE WORLD HE DIDN’T EXIST.” Many of us may still quote Lessons but do not believe that the Colored Man is Yacob's Grafted Devil and some of you may even mate with them)... CIVILIZATION is the process of bringing civility to people by the way and means of the behavior of some of the people involved -as well as providing aspects of a Society through which people may grow (such as blogging or a blog like this, libraries, schools, etc). THE DEVIL'S CIVILIZATION brought us here and IT WAS HIS CULTURE THAT RAISED US UNTIL WE LEARNED KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, which requires that we do the knowledge on the former process that occurred, which includes practicing the science of unlearning the foolishness taught to us in youth! What I am not striving to say is everything in the Western world is all evil or wrong. "Hell..." some of them “study from thirty-five to fifty years to try to learn and do like the original man” (9/1-14 also see 10/1-14) to cultivate civilized ways within their people... What I am saying is that they were not totally successful, which means that our duty as Civilized People is to be about the process of analyzing and distinguishing what is and what isn't civilized behavior -while only adding on to our cipher (ourselves) that which is "Right and Exact" from what we find.

We lost our LANGUAGE and our Culture through slavery; while being taught to fear and revere what Whites did (symbolized as the "fear" of the "little boy" [8/1-36]). This was achieved through a system of Punishment/Reward. When you train an animal to respond to your command, that animal doesn't grasp your LANGUAGE --he does so because he is rewarded if he does what the master wants and punished when he does not. When Yacob and his made Devil (made from the 30% dissatisfied) were driven into the caves of West Asia (Europe), they lost their Culture from having everything stripped from him “accept his LANGUAGE” (4/1-14). The 10% studied our Culture after Musa raised his people from walking around on "all-fours" within the caves. Among the ones who "did not keep and obey" (10/1-14) was one called John Hawkins, relative of Queen Elizabeth and a well known Slave Trader. THE SLAVE TRADE SYSTEM WAS DESIGNED TO TAKE EVERYTHING FROM US INCLUDING OUR LANGUAGE; which left us Culture-less. When this happened, the Punishment/ Reward system was applied to us. We learned their LANGUAGE as a matter of survival from cruel and unusual punishment. Gradually, we began to adapt to and adopt the only Culture we saw around us, learning the White Man's ways of evaluating and doing things ("Because the Devil taught him to eat the wrong foods" 10/1-36). For example, Black Men did not create the concept that "Slimmies" are the model and archetype of what beauty is to his own Women, the Western White Man did. If you do your research, you will find that an anorexic, androgynous looking female model by the name of "Twiggy" (she came from Britain) was introduced to the fashion world in the 1960's. She became a Super Model and revolutionized the look of beauty in the Western world. Prior to that, Europe followed suit with the rest of the World, showing beauty as a curvaceous female with a good bit of flesh to her bones. Even today, if you look at most Women from Yoruba land in Nigeria, Kenya, Togo, Chad, and Sudan you can tell that THEIR SYMBOL OF BEAUTY IS A WOMAN WHO'S FIGURE HAS CURVES AND A GOOD AMOUNT OF MUSCLE AND TISSUE PRESENT, NOT A WOMAN WHO IS SKINNY AND LOOKS LIKE SHE IS SUFFERING FROM ANOREXIA. This is the symbol for Black Beauty for any Blacks outside the sphere of direct Western influence. It is only Western Blacks and particularly American Blacks, that have adopted this "foreign" concept of beauty. Black Peoples in America on ideas concerning men and women's roles in relationships? WESTERN! Difficulties with Women's Equality in Black families and relationships? Western Concepts of Feminism and Gender-Bender Sexual Ambiguous Politics!

Male chauvinism in American society originates from White Westernized Men; it is part of their misogynistic complex, concepts of superiority, and White Male dominance. White Male chauvinism is used within the business world upon Black and White Women, and towards Black Men! We do not make the rules in this American society for the most part, the White chauvinist majority does. It is implied in everything the society does. Some Black Males may take advantage of these rules because we are males, but the Black Man, for the most part, is not in charge of this philosophy anymore than Black Women are in charge of the Feminist Movement. So Black Women looking at themselves as the culprit for juicing men for sex, or Black Men lusting after females as sex-objects, is a misguided philosophy; “they were made other than him/herSELF” (12/1-36). So is the notion of Black Male chauvinism and superiority. In order to entertain such a lop-sided philosophy, you have to be in the position; YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE POSITION OF MONEY AND POWER, you would have to be in the position of PAYING THE COST TO BE THE BOSS. These are TRENDS set by the "Movers and Shakers" of Western society. These are Fads and Gimmicks made to "lead people in the wrong direction" (14/1-40). YOU LIVE IN AMERICA, YOU WATCH WESTERN TELEVISION SHOWS, AND WHILE YOU'RE WATCHING YOUR FAVORITE SITCOMS, YOU ARE INDIRECTLY PICKING UP CURRENT WESTERN IDEAS AND VALUES CONCERNING LIFE; PHILOSOPHICAL, ECONOMICAL AND POLITICAL. American Blacks don't act like other Blacks around the world, their actions reflect misguided Western values that they think they came up with themselves (13/1-40)! THAT'S HOW BLIND WE HAVE BECOME TO OUR ORIGINAL VALUES (24/1-36)! We'd like to think we put much thought into it, but the truth of the matter is, most of us just followed suit. We did what they saw the Average American do -but of course we have to throw some of our Black style on it! We only go back and start thinking about it when we see that we are not getting the proper results. Then we start seeking for solutions. Prior to this moment of clarity: BLIND IMITATION. I KNOW A LOT OF US DO NOT LIKE TO LOOK AT OURSELVES as being that BRAINWASHED victims of Western society, but we have been and some of us still are! “THE LOST FOUND WERE ONCE DEAD MENTALLY, BUT MANY OF US RECOVERED FROM IT” (13/1-40) *Not all of us have.

Most people would like to think that we deliberately do what we do, but the truth is A LOT OF OUR BEHAVIOR IS INDOCTRINATION. I remember asking an older teenager than myself at the time, "Why do you smoke cigarettes and drink beer?" He told me, "Because I like it!" Now I don't know about you, but the first time my person smoked a cigar, I got an incredible headache that I almost passed out from. When my persons smoked my first cigarette, I coughed like crazy! My persons first taste of beer was horrible! Enjoying beer is an acquired taste that you obtain through repetition. And why do we do it, even though initially we dislike it? Most of us do it because our peers have done it and it is, for some, the symbol of being grown and doing things that (Western) adults do. The word INDOCTRINATE MEANS TO TRAIN TO ACCEPT A SYSTEM OF THOUGHT UNCRITICALLY OR WITHOUT EXACT AND CAREFUL EVALUATION AND JUDGMENT. That older teenager just said what he said to "look like he knew what he was doing", you know, like he was in complete control and all that jazz! In other places, like so-called Third World Countries, the particulars of the routine may be different. Until we analyze these acts on their own merit, consider their true relevance to us, as opposed to going with the flow, we are “Blindly” imitating behavior due to being indoctrinated or raised-up in the Devil's Civilization! The "Deaf and Dumb” part only remains relevant when you can't get to the bottom of why you do what you do -yet you won't hear these wise words because you are too busy defending your foolish behavior (24/1-36)! For those who want further experiences with these sort of stories, testimonies and phenomena read: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY by Malcolm X (a compilation of speeches given by Malik (PBBUH) when he was still the National Spokesman for the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan imitated Malcolm's delivery, but he was far from the Lion and Prince of the people that Malcolm was for all of Black People; “The earth belongs to the Original Man” (1/1-14). As well, one should read THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X. to see the mind-set of a sincere Black Prince.

The truth of the matter is, these behavior patterns, rituals, impulses and urges are something that we "co-sign" without questioning whether they are truly the right path to go on, that is, until we run into conflict trying to live them out and things don't look like the novel you were writing... Life has a way of smacking you up like nobody else can, yet only the wisest will “try to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them” (9/1-40). The rest unfortunately will take things on face value until life proves to them how superficial that point of view is itself. Each generation goes through a certain amount of irreverence for what the generation before them has accomplished, and each generation after attempts to put their on spin on NGE teachings as well. Some of this is to be expected, however, there are certain elements within our midst who go about making their ideas born without referring to what was already here previously. An exception being the First 9 Born, but with some of First Born, and many of the first ones taught back in the early years of this Nation, some of them were/are reluctant to accept newer contributions made by those who came after them. NEITHER ONE OF THESE IDEOLOGIES IS GOOD, BECAUSE A NATION OPERATING WITHOUT ITS LEGACY (important things handed down from the elders and ancestors), OR PAST KORANS (chronological or documented chronicles), IS LIKE A TREE WITHOUT ROOTS. In relay races there comes a time when the baton must be passed. Any great Coach will caution Team members: "Make absolutely sure that the baton is securely passed onto your relay member before you let it go". This same thing applies to handing the torch down to the next generation... Well here is a warning to the new torch bearers: Some of these add-ons are a corruption to the system that brought you where you are today. An example is: There is no substitute for having an Enlightener; that is-- a person who walks with you and talks with you concerning your transformation from N*gger to God/ Earth, and answering questions on a one-on-one basis-- concerning your trials and tribulations. There is no substitution, period! The internet learning is fine for supplemental learning -we read these things and we had Knowledge for 35 years now, but not for establishing proper, primary relationships in our Culture. Internet teaching, like text messaging, presents a false image to the reader, leading up to false impressions one may get after building this way (a.k.a. now you think that you know a person). With good writings skills, any person can appear to be like someone else or anyone they want to be; if you learn the swag of a True and Living God or Earth you can “appear” to be one. With text messaging, tweeting and the Internet, all you know about the person is what they choose to tell you about themselves! You have no body language to give you clues, appearances to suggest more information or nothing! It is such a superficial outlook for getting to know someone. The more you make this your primary source of knowing someone, the less social skills you will develop, and the more anti-social you will become. It sort of reminds me of the "Nerd" who wanted to learn to dance, so he goes out and buys "Cha-Cha" dance charts and thinks he'll be the life of the party. Or worst yet, he wants to learn about sex, dating, and intercourse and goes out and buys Sex Education books... My Man... if you want to know what this is really about, you need real guidance from a live person or persons who are living this out with some serious commitment to it. There is no substitution for learning Lessons through social interaction with members of The NGE. Otherwise, how can you live out the build degree in the knowledge to know your culture and be about building a society? If you want a book to read to experience the possible dangers of this type of thing check out, ‘Lord of The Flies’.

Another current cultural issue that is of future concern is the new attitudes of the youth who are striving to get this Knowledge. Some of them have gotten Knowledge of Self from our tried and true "street soldiers and army nurses" who have been on post for years out there educating and civilizing, yet when these unenlightened, immature ones come on board, they want to take our Teachings for themselves solely. They have no intent to sacrifice time and effort to bring someone else around; they want this knowledge for personal gain. First of all, you don't get what this is all about. These Brothers/Sisters sacrificed years of their lives to be there, so that you would not be victimized out here or "fed to some wild beasts" (28/1-40). I AM BECAUSE WE ARE. IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE SACRIFICE OF OTHERS (like your Old Earth and Physical Father), WHERE WOULD YOU BE RIGHT NOW? What you put in this is what you get out, and what you get out, you should put back in. When you do that, this is when you truly begin to see what this Knowledge can achieve. It is the contributions of countless Gods/Earths that went into building this Nation, not my person. We all contribute because we all are one. The True I, which is Allah, is not just me but WE. Where is your sense of Nationhood? How do you think you can ever have true Knowledge of Self without being a part of the entire network that makes this up? And if you found a way to weasel past us and get some Lessons to go with your limited insight, do you think we need a group of ego-centered persons like you in this Nation? A Nation cannot grow without sincere, conscientious, dedicated People who are willing to do what it takes in order to elevate our status around the world. If we are going to be seen by the world (and Hip-Hop music has given us great exposure), let us be seen in the proper light -not just caricatures and stereotypes! Allah is All and all you will ever need to complete you, but if you don't plan to be associated with us, or do any work within Allah's community, you will never see the light. How can you call yourself "civilized" apart from our teachings without being a part of I-God civilization? How ignorant! The truth of the matter is this: We don't need the likes of those who will not keep and obey the laws of Islam! We need builders who will be about the tasks of raising children and building a family so that we can grow. We need those willing to go out and spend time with our People to get to know who are the best knowers, build with them, and add on to get the job done -like we've always done in the past. We continue to do what we do because of the love we have for our People, nothing less! We do what we do for love, peace, and happiness for us as a People (40/1-40). So if you don't plan to do this when you get it, if you don't have that kind of love, don't look to get Knowledge from me! It takes too much time to thoroughly teach someone how to be (right for this) as a God or Earth, and we don't have time to waste on ego-centered Bastards and Bitches! The whole thing is stupid: wanting something when you are not willing to give in return! But I must admit, it is not entirely all your fault, it reflects how far we have “strayed away from civilization” as a People (7/1-14).

When the Lessons teach that "because the devil planted fear in him when he was a little boy" (8/1-36), it reflects our years during slavery as a People, up to the so-called Emancipation Proclamation. Another name for this fear is APPREHENSION. APPREHENSIONS ARE FEELINGS ASSOCIATED WITH ANTICIPATING THE FUTURE: THIS CAN ALSO BE DESCRIBED AS A FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, WHICH BRINGS ABOUT ANXIETY, INSECURITY, RELUCTANCE, TERROR AND/OR DREAD -which are all the feelings one gets when someone else is in control of their life. The future is uncertain and you don't know where you are going because you are not in charge of your life. In slavery, one does not own anything, no property -not even himself or herself; his/her marriage, or their children. Their lives are totally in the hands of the master -like Welfare and Section 8! After slavery (the Emancipation Proclamation/Juneteenth), we began to have more say in how we were doing things, but the damage was already done. DREAD had already made it's way into the minds of the People! They had already become accustom to the White Man's wrath, sense of anger, and injustice. So all White People had to do is flinch and most Blacks would jump or start scratching where there really wasn't an itch. In other words, some of us began behaving like "Spooked-out" Negroes: "Why does he fear the Devil, now that he is a big man?" (9/1-36) "Because the Devil taught him to eat the wrong Foods." (10/1-36): This goes back to the conversation we had concerning the White Man's LANGUAGE that we learned to speak in place of our own; which includes STRESSORS AND TRIGGERS WHICH GIVES RISES TO AND SET OFF, SPARK, OR PROVOKE ANGER, FEAR AND/OR FEELINGS OF ANXIETY. A steady diet could be "fed" to a Black Man by a White Person, merely conversations starting off with the word "Boy"... In the circus, they put a small link fence chain on a baby elephant's leg by means of a shackle and a wooden post. When he goes too far, it reminds him to stop. As an infant, the elephant cannot break the chain. The older the elephant gets, they increase the size of the shackle but not the strength of the chain, yet the elephant believes he cannot go any further than the chain will allow... Here's another one, which incorporates two Lessons: When one group of natives hunt monkeys, they nail a gourd to a tree with a hole in it just big enough for a monkey's unclenched hand to reach inside. Inside the gourd they place a small shiny object because monkeys are very fond of small shiny objects. Once they know the monkey sees the object and reaches in to get it, they rush up on the monkey, but the monkey becomes stuck because an clenched fist cannot pass through the hole, so he becomes "clubbed" to death rather than let go of the small shiny object... (“Because the Devil planted fear” [the gourd and small shiny object is a trap] (8/1-36), also “He likes the Devil because the Devil gives him nothing” (6/1-36).

I was "Christianized" (indoctrinated) long before being approach by a Wise Scientist who told me "the whole truth". For a while, after agreeing with my Enlightener, I still had feelings that I was going to die and burn in hell for Blasphemy I was committing by saying I was God. I still have nightmares about it to this day! LOL) THIS DEGREE REPRESENTS THE APPREHENSIONS ONE FEELS WHEN ATTEMPTING TO CHANGE OUR WAYS. Many people find ways to twist things around so they don't have to change. Change is not our enemy; change is our ability to rise above any situation we may find ourselves in. Change ensures us that we can escape any fetters or self imposed prison we make for ourselves by not letting go of the past. Change is the insurance of our infinite potential but our Western philosophy gives us statements like, "You're trying to CHANGE ME," or "If I do those things I might lose myself" (or your identification to something); "Because the Devil taught him how to eat the wrong foods (10/1-36)", "He like the Devil because the Devil gives him nothing (6/1-36)" also, "Each Muslim was required to bring in four devils.. (10/1-14)".

USUALLY THE FIRST MOVE PEOPLE MAKE WHEN FACING THE POSSIBILITY THAT THEY MAY HAVE TO CHANGE OR WHEN CONFRONTING CONTRADICTIONS IN THEIR PHILOSOPHY IS DENIAL: "Not me, I did nothing to deserve this" or "I can't believe this is happening to me, I didn't do anything wrong". ("Earthquakes is caused by the son of man experimenting with high explosives-- in fact, all that above is caused by the son of man" 8/1-40). This is generated by the human part of you. It is an emotional response to YOUR HIGHER POWERS SUMMONING YOUR ABILITY TO RISE ABOVE YOUR CONDITIONS IN LIFE (8/1-40). It is a FEAR that initially comes up in everyone and depending on the wrong foods you ate, you may regurgitate up all kinds of concoctions -even changing the world itself before you change your program (and rise above six miles from the earth's surface)! It is really a Now or End situation, meaning: there is no gain without sacrifice. The lower aspects of your Being realizes that in order for you to gain a higher power, some aspect of your lower power will have to be sacrificed. Imagine how the Biblical Isaac would have felt, if he knew his father Abraham was going to offer him up to Allah!

A lot of us get caught up in all kinds of currents... Elementars are ideas which are born in your Mind, which have attracting power on your planet (physical composition), stirring up the waters of your sentiments and feelings on a daily basis. They may not have their own physical composition, but they will fight for dear life not to lose their influence over yours. After all, thoughts have a symbiotic (the living together of organisms; especially when advantageous) relationship with human beings, and if you yield to the suggestion, your body does its bidding. Hopefully the Scientist part of you will kick in and force your persons to do what you have to do; which is what each situation demands to be done. This is how you build character! All I can say is WE HAVE GOT TO MOVE AWAY FROM THESE WESTERN VALUES CONCERNING FAMILY, LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, SELF WORTH, ETC. IT IS KILLING US AND CONFLICTING WITH US TRULY KNOWING OUR TRUE SELF. WE HAVE TO DO SO PURELY FROM A KNOWLEDGE OF SELF RE-EVALUATION OF OURSELVES.

The basis of any good relationship is care and trust. With Western Culture and its sub-themes of ‘Rugged Individualism’ ("I'm going to get mine/you secure your own"); Within it's ‘Sexual Ambiguities’ (obscure and inexplicable) or uncertainties and the so-called ‘Battle of the Sexes’, etc., it's hard enough to ask strategic questions to the person you are interested in much less truly feel secure with the answers you get. It is no surprise that there is a rise in transient relationships: getting together by loose arrangements or just plain old "booty-calls." Truly, these things de-value you and the quality of the person you sojourn with -which makes it an enigma (puzzle). How you can get these same people, who are cutting up in their late teens to early thirties, to be overly concerned with more secure relationships before they reach forty? Again, we can understand why Colored People follow this. We can understand why blind, deaf, dumb, uncivilized people (85%) continue on this path, but this represents a serious clash of values for any righteous, civilized person or a said person of that ability. We will not leave you thinking that it never happened to us because it did. That was something we had to rise above and teach ourselves through by being honest with our persons and looking truthfully at what we've done.

The origin of this behavior came to us by the process of removing our LANGUAGE and our Culture. Our ways are adaptations/adoptions due to the Culture-less vacuum created by our capture, subjugation, and consequential humiliation by the hands of Colonists practicing free enterprise on us during the birth of this Nation called America. During this process, we were forced into bondage, and placed within their society as its' servant class with no knowledge of our homeland nor rights as a citizen to this country. Evenly we began to identify with it and eventually began to look for the "up-sides" within it (“He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing” (6/1-36). While the first group of our People knew of their homeland, they were never grouped together with their kinsmen/kinswomen. All so-called slaves in a given area had to come from different tribes and different places, as to divert a possible uprising. Speaking their LANGUAGE was forbidden and gathering together in groups of more than two People was considered conspiracy against Whites: a punishable offense. For the most part, Blacks in this country during this period were considered servant/property of Whites and therefore considered inferior to whites. Those Blacks who were freemen -carrying papers to distinguish them from slaves-, and never enjoyed freedoms equal to Whites. Racial marriages between Blacks and Whites were frowned upon, although forced sexual relationships appeared frequently, and if there were any children born from this union they were immediately considered Black regardless to skin tone and subjugated. Children were considered like cattle and domesticated animals, separated from their Parents for the Slave Owners profit -like one would sell Pit Bull puppies! The children of these servants did not have the fond memories of their Parents homeland. They had only remnants of Western LANGUAGE and Culture which they learned by imitation and hellish memories of rape, torture and inferior treatment. By following this process from 1555 to 1865 (310 years), eventually, the Blacks under this system got accustomed to it and began to create their lives around these confines; like Black Males today go in and out of prison because they find it very difficult to get used to being on the outside (“this water is never drawn above six miles from the earth surface by the sun and the moon. The reason why it rains [falls] back on our planet is because this water cannot get out of the earth's atmosphere [gravitation] with its high speed of rotating makes it impossible” (8/1-40). A.K.A. caught up in currents instead of becoming the Son of Man. These Blacks under slavery became other than themselves with no chance of recapturing a Culture/Nationality of their own until Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, etc., and Master Fard came and taught The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (40/1-40) -whose Teachings were made known to The Father. During this time before the coming of these People and the Civilization they brought, whether we were destined to be Five or Ten Percent, we all lived like we were the Eighty-Five Percent: “Uncivilized People, poison animal eaters, slaves from a mental death and power. People who do not know who the True and Living God is, or our origin in this world” (14/1-40).

I build on this point because young People today don't truly know how they got here for the most part, how the knowledge got to our People, or a proper understanding to their relationship with the True and Living God, who is Allah manifested in the form of the Black Man. We also live under a misunderstanding that we were Eighty-Five Percent and that we became Five Percent. NO, you never were. You were that HAWK OR FALCON WHOSE EGG GOT MIXED IN WITH THE CHICKEN’S EGSS WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG. I KNOW SO BECAUSE IF YOU ARE A SAID PERSON, YOU NEVER REALLY DID EVERYTHING EXACTLY LIKE THEY DID. YOU WERE A FREE THINKER CAPABLE OF INDEPENDENT THOUGHT FROM THE CROWD YOU GOT IN WITH. Our Ancestors learned the White Man's ways in order to survive! You are alive because you were rescued by the Grace of Allah. It is not your place to forgive the White Man for these acts he did to your people; it is your history and your legacy, and if you look away from it, you might forget what happened -making it possible to happen again. It is not Louis Farrakhan's place to allow Whites into the Temple. He does not hold The Title of ‘The Messenger’ and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made it plain in The Theology of Time) that there were to be no more Leaders; only rule by group agreement. The Temple is for study and the purpose is to recapture our Culture and build our free Nation. White People cannot help us do this because they were not designed for that purpose. Our situations provided the experience necessary for our understanding and forged us to make the proper considerations necessary for our future as a People. Because they are descendants of us, some believe they have the right, but they went away from the teachings to become who they are. They did so because they, like Yacob, were born from dissatisfied People. This is why he could “Father the Devil” while being an Original Black Man (4/1-14). Since the Original Black Man is God (1/1-10) and White People were born from dissatisfaction and those ideas, this is how God made Devil (38/1-40); similar to Hitler raising up Nazi Germany, Yacob gathered the dissatisfied (22,23,24/1-40). Those born from the dissatisfaction of our People, with our ways of government, cannot give us the ingredient on how to recapture it. It’s as simple as that. I recognize they are Allah's children also, but they show no love for their Fathers/Mothers. Turn on the TV: Their Culture despises our Culture and kindred Cultures! Those who don't see this misunderstand the phrase, "We are not Pro-Black, nor Anti-White but Pro-Righteousness and Anti-Devilishment". Otherwise, come with a rebuttal for the above Lessons and every Lesson from the 24th to the 34th in the one to forty! We are the Fathers/Mothers of Civilization and therefore all Nations are our children. When the Father taught the White Man, he used the Lessons, Mathematics, and Alphabet. The Lessons address Whites concerning what and how the Devil is made, what the White Man has done to us as a People, and asks “Can You Reform Him Devil?” (34/1-40) When it tells you that “all the Prophets have tried”, that includes Jesus (5/1-14) and Muhammad (9,10/1-14). When it says, “he was unable”... I don't know how you can misunderstand that -unless you are tripping or taking on that project to prove the lessons wrong... To teach the White Man is to make him aware of what and who he is, as well as what he must do to be accepted as a “poor righteous teacher” (16/1-40). His responsibility is to teach his own how to be more civilized and not to stand in the way of the righteous. He has to argue against injustices and push for all to be treated equal within Western society. He must advocate Freedom as the right for everyone within this society and each Person's right to decide their own destiny. He was sworn to secrecy by Hiram Abiff and Muhammad because White People would never accept this from the Black Man. Any Black Man who has tried to build with Colored (White) People know how difficult it is to get them to see who we really are, and how difficult it is for them to take responsibility for what they have done and “continue daily” to do (13/1-40). His work is amongst his own. They cannot teach us our Lessons because they will never be the Original Man “unless he is grafted back to the Original” (34/1-40). If the White Man wanted to try to learn and do like the Original Man in the past, he had to keep it a secret (9/1-14); work in silence attempting to correct the deeds and thinking of his own People. This way he would be attempting to bring civilization to his People but the Lesson states he would never be loved regardless to how long he studies. HIS EMBLEM of the SUN, MOON and STARS IS DIFFERENT THAN OURS, FOR A REASON! He has a different mission than ours! As said earlier, his work is amongst his own. If he wants to work on something, let him work with the Women and Men of his Culture who are dissatisfied with their roles and feel like they are trapped in the wrong body, because the lee-way his people's Culture is giving our youth is confusing the hell out of them. If he wants to teach, let him go amongst his own and behave like MC Search from Third Bass, dispelling the myths and lies told about our People. We can respect his efforts, but that sword cannot be removed because of the nature and track record of them as a People. Trust in it and you may be “fooled” again (25/1-36)! For those youngsters who say they know their Lessons, Allah has been most merciful. If you want to show more leniency, remember these points. So that is the Truth and this is Pro-Righteousness!

Lord Life Justice

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Professionalism and Public Images of Civilization

‘Consideration’ is our ability to think about how our words/actions effect ourselves and others before we speak or act upon something. It’s a process of making sure we do the Knowledge (Aware) before the Wisdom (Discernment), because we Understand (See) the effects of our words/actions. To Civilized People, this is a Righteous obligation, not an option or elective...

With the popularity of Reality Shows and ‘rewarding bad behavior’ approach towards the crass, uncivilized, and unprofessional attitudes displayed in mainstream HipHop, basic ‘Consideration’ has become a lost art amongst People. I can understand those who have an allegiance to these American Cultural Trends that are going with this flow, b.u.t. this mentality/behavior is totally unacceptable for Gods/Earths or any person, whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or etc.., who professes to live in accordance to a standard of Civilization, Righteousness, or Godliness.

Recently I had a conversation about the importance of being aware of what we say/do as a Representative/Contact Person within our Culture. Part of this conversation involved me sharing some of my experience as a Public Figure who's been doing Community Work for many years now. As an add-on to that conversation, I just wanted to share with you a few points of interest.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that whenever we take a stance of responsibility within our Families and Communities, we are expressing a position of Leadership. This is Leadership because we are actively involving ourselves in the solution process of addressing current/future problems. Leadership doesn’t just mean you’re THE Head, Leadership means you’re a part of the ‘ship’ to ‘lead’ People in the right direction. Anytime we take responsibility for Leadership, we must be ‘Considerate’; able to think about how our words/actions effect ourselves and others before we speak or act upon something. To claim responsibility and then minimize or dismiss the importance of maintaining a Professional, Mature, and Respectable Public Image to those within our Family and Community is not showing a sense of ‘Consideration’. The People whom we are claiming to assist are already looking towards us for guidance and support in addressing their needs, and to have an Attitude like “it doesn’t matter what People think”, “What I do is my business”, “I’m not a Leader”, or anything else that displays no ‘Consideration’ for our constituents is detrimental to building positive/consistent Relationships with them. For example: It’s like working with the youth during the day and then not caring if they cee you selling crack on the block at night… It’s like talking about how much of a God/Earth I am on FB one minute and then five minutes later posting about how the b*tches/n*ggas had it poppin at the strip club last night… Again, ‘Consideration’ is our ability to think about how our words/actions effect ourselves/others before we speak or act upon something. It’s impossible to demonstrate and maintain effect Leadership without a level of ‘Consideration’.

Secondly, in order to even be ‘Considerate’, we must be able to listen. That’s right, LISTEN. Most People don’t know how to listen and that’s one of the main reasons why we don’t learn anything –from others or through our life experiences. Non-listeners either cut People off so they can say whatever they want to say, or simply wait for People to take a breath so they can jump in and say whatever they want to say. Add unbridled emotions to this otherwise poor display of communication and it’s a sure shot recipe for disaster. Rarely do you cee effective communication taking place between People where one person speaks while the other is listening, and then they exchange roles until they both have an understanding about the information being exchanged. It’s a skill! A discipline even, and not everyone is interested in really hearing what others have to say. If you listen closely you’ll notice that they really just like hearing the sound of their own voice bouncing off of you.

The Third point I want to make is in regards to Professionalism and Public Image. There is no substitute for Professionalism, none. How many times have you gotten terrible, unprofessional service at a Store/Restaurant and have vowed never to go back again? Hey, the food or goods may have been great quality b.u.t. because of the lack of service you received, maybe even on more than one occasion, you decided to not patronize this establishment anymore. Well, teaching Civilization is the same way. As Civilized People, we must always anticipate People’s needs and exceed their expectations! This is the greatest service you can provide for someone, so it’s important that we’re Professional; or People will decide to never come back, AND tell many other People about how negative their experience was! Because of our standards of being those who have “knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement, and are not savages in the pursuit of happiness” (17/1-40), our job is 25/8 (not 24/7). We are not only on the Stage of Humanity, we set the Stage, and as The Fathers and Mothers of Civilization, People should always be able to look at us as models of Integrity and Wisdom. Even on our sick day we should be great! This means that our outward Public Image should coincide with the Principles and Values we inwardly subscribe to. What People cee on the outside should be synonymous with what’s ticking on the inside. How we’re living at Home should be a reflection of what we’re doing Abroad. Everyone who claims to be God/Earth is an Ambassador of our Culture. If you’re a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or etc.., you are an Ambassador of your Religion/Metaphysical System. What is the purpose of claiming something, that’s supposed to help you become a better person, if you don’t care how it effects (looks, feels, instructs, etc...) others? To me, this sounds like someone who wants the milk and no responsibility for milking the cow. It looks like a person who wants fulltime pay and benefits without being responsible for doing the work… Not only is it selfish, immature, and Egotistical, b.u.t. it’s also completely inconsiderate to expect that People be receptive to any and everything we want to say/do (our Public Image), and then dismiss their thoughts/feelings about it by proclaiming, “I don’t care what People think/say about what I do”. Not only has this person closed themselves off from receiving any comments or constructive criticism that will be effective in helping them grow, b.u.t. they’ve put a great big sign on their back that reads, “please kick me!” Being aware of our Image and how we represent ourselves to the Public is only an advantage to us, and the lack of awareness or outright inconsideration of our Public Image will always be a disadvantage and eventually our demise.

In closing, I want to encourage all of us who claim to uphold the meaning of Civilization and duty of a Civilized Person to continue taking the higher road and being a beacon of light/life amongst our People and the Human Family as a whole. What we’re saying/doing should matter first to the person in the mirror, and then this ‘Consideration’ must extend to our Family and Communities. By claiming Righteousness, we have taken upon the responsibility of adding our contributions to make this World a better place than when we got here. This is a Professional endeavor and demands the work of People who are unwilling to cut corners, take shorts, and do a half-ass job. That is unacceptable! This means that we must provide exceptional service to our People by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations of what being the True and Living God/Earth, a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or etc... is!