Friday, February 16, 2007

"One of my Patron Saints; Melvin Van Peebles!!"

Myspace Mystery Gods & Cyberactive Earths

The Movie, Book and Album Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song is a very significant point of reference for this Article. Melvin Van Peebles basically used Guerilla FilmakingTactics to Write, Direct, Produce, Lead Act in, Edit, Market & Promote his own movie at a time when America least expected anybody (especially an Original Man) to be able to do this, particularly with no Film Making Background. Through the Medium of Film, Melvin Van Peebles (Mario Van Peebles Ole' Dad!) Fathered a whole new Civilization of Black and Independent Film Making. It’s funny because my Parents made this Knowledge Born to me and my siblings when most of us were still too young to understand. More than anything it was about the indelible impression this film left upon me when I saw Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song for the first time! If you haven’t done the Knowledge to it please get it and add it to your audiovisual Book of Life. What makes this Film significant to today’s Article is the fact that Melvin Van Peebles approached the medium of Film as a Scientist. A Scientist who maximized the opportunity to use this medium to express insights, provide opportunities for people and generate income in a way that was not mixed, diluted or tampered with in any form. This was a feat that many Original People have still been unable to duplicate to this day. In today’s Information Age we have been afforded greater opportunities to do this yet what I have found is many people using these mediums (particularly the Internet) to lead themselves (and other’s) in the wrong direction and not the right direction. Unfortunately, many of these people are so-called Representatives of the NGE b.u.t. I call them "Myspace Mystery Gods and Cyberactive Earths". In today’s Article I want to expose these perpetrators, provide people with the insight to sidestep their bullshit, and inspire other’s to maximize their ability to utilize the Internet to the best of their ability.

For the last year I’ve been ceeing this influx of Decepticons roving the net like wolves in sheep’s clothing! Although they’ve always been there, now they’ve been afforded a grandstanding opportunity to perpetrate they bullshit; Myspace! There are many “Myspace Mystery” Gods/Earths Profiles that I came across of people who I’ve met and/or personally know, and quite frankly, they be on some flaky or outright devilish shit!! Those of you who ignorantly think that a niggah is swift, righteous or representing this Culture because they got a nice layout, 1,120 friends, a song with Supreme Mathematics in it and pictures of people (especially children!) posed with telegraphed Peace Signs, don’t be misled. First of all, common sense should tell you that if a niggah is logged on they profile damn near every time you come across it then they can’t be really doing shit with they life! This is a true and “living” reality and to be pulled into (logged on) the internet all the time it undermines the very nature of what Living Mathematics is all about! They grafting some cyberspace shit from they original life that is usually barren. Second of all, you cannot know a person until you have actually spent a considerable amount of time with them. From a “Myspace Mystery” Gods/Earths perspective, shiiiiiiittttttt everybody’s building, adding on in their communities, maintaining positive relationships, taking care of they children and etc.. . This is not the case for many of these bullshitter’s. Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I have come across real Gods/Earths yet they are few and far between. The reason being, is because they are actively involved in “the real world”, doing something! They don’t have time and they are not gregarious about sitting around playing games on Myspace. Yeah I do understand the how it’s socialization yet how many of these people are actually networking like that; and adding on with eachother to produce interstate/international programs/business that generate insight, opportunity and income? I ain’t talking about Conferences, Family Day’s or other Functions where we all get together, shoot the shit, talk about how great we are and then go back home to our “real” daily lives (that’s usually in the person of Mike, Brad, Sharon, Ebony or whatever we “really” call ourselves!). If used positively and sincerely, Myspace can be a productive outlet for preserving and perpetuating our Cultural Values. Unfortunately, too many people are satisfied about safely being who they want you to think they are behind a computer screen, and no one is gonna put on they Myspace that they smoke (got a nicotine addiction), beat they woman, neglect they children, love getting money shots, manipulate men to get they bills paid, milk welfare, snort coke, are a habitual liars or engage(d) in homosexual activities with they partner! Even though these are all activities that they truthfully engage in! Make no mistake about it, just like with any Nation, we got the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Yet on Myspace, it appears to be aaaaalllll goooood!

On Myspace there is no real accountability and when it comes down to it, there is very little that can be communicated using this limited medium. In a nutshell, this Culture ain’t contained in no blog, message board, email, IM and Myspace. Why? Because none of these formats allow for the “Organic” transmission of this Way of Life, no matter how savvy you think it can be! So for all you “Myspace Mystery” Gods/Earths yeah I appreciate ya’ll reading my Articles, b.u.t. my determined idea in writing any of this and using “The Best Part” of this medium is so that when you log off your computer you’ll have some practical information to test out/apply to life. This is not done with the intent of chatting about it on the streets of a Cyber City!! Personally, I ain’t wasting no time searching the Internet -and damn sure not a “Myspace Mystery” Gods/Earths Chat Community- for some shit that don’t exist! Then you may really learn to appreciate why A.S.I.A. is “The Best of Modern Cynicism from a God-Centered Cultural Perspective” and not feel so convicted when the Truth is spoken!!

The origin of my concern about this is that the Internet -and Myspace in particular- has allowed many of our Cultural Values to be bastardized while producing a radioactive sub-culture of Five Pretender, Jive Percenter Gods and Earths. Like we already didn’t have enough of these muthafuckas’! On Myspace you can come across females with Righteous Names “proudly” wearing 1/4 and arrogantly talking about “they got Knowledge”, and dudes with no Educator and NOI Supreme Wisdom Lessons he downloaded from the Internet talking about he’s “God so and so”. You cee females/males that carry Righteous Names who engage(d) in homosexual/orgy activities and other people lying on they profile that they don’t smoke or drink when you know they do, personally! All that kind of shit that has nothing to do with who we are or what we teach yet on Myspace, pretty much anything goes! Beside the few that you may meet that are true & living, most of them are either strait-up promoting some grafted bullshit or telling boldface lies about who they really are! It’s definitely added a black eye to our National Identity and here are a few solutions I have for people who are interested in really learning about the NGE, without falling victim to that “Myspace Mystery God and Cyberspace Earth" bullshit:

1. Find out their Lineage. Ask them “what person” they got Knowledge from and ask is it O.K. to build with their Educator, their Educator’s Educator or etc.. . If they have legitimate Lessons there is always a paper trail that chronicles how they got it. If they can’t name or refer you to a legitimate person then they’re a bastard, strait-up! Don’t waste any time with them and move on until you find someone who has a legitimate Lineage that can be traced all the way back to The Father or Abu Shahid. It doesn’t guarantee that they’re Right & Exact, b.u.t. you at least know that they’re not a bastard.

2. Once you have verified their Lineage and that they have legitimate Lessons, don’t take shit they say on face value. Even if what they’re telling you works for you, it damn sure don’t mean that they are a true and living expression of this Civilization. They may not be a bastard b.u.t. that doesn’t automatically make them Right & Exact. Keep in mind that just because they did receive it Right it don’t mean they are Right. There are alot of cliché Gods/Earths who simply parrot what they heard someone else say b.u.t. they don’t use it themselves. You’ll only know this for a fact if you spend quality time with them.

3. Meet them in person or ask them to refer you to another God/Earth in your area. However it works out, SPEND TIME WITH THEM. Cee how they live because you might begin to cee that regardless if they got a legitimate Lineage, a attractive Myspace Profile and sound good, it may be nothing like who they really are! Always remember that what you cee (over time!) is what you get and a person will eventually reveal if they really are TruePeace Supreme Allah and Divinity Earth or just Tyrone Wallsbury and Caitlyn Simmons!

4. If what you cee (with you own eye’s) over a considerable amount of time is bullshit, it don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! It’s the person, not the principles that need to be negated so don’t let that deter you from being the best that you can be. There is no excuse for their Uncivilization and this isn’t an open opportunity for you to use their short-comings as a means to rationalize why you’re gonna be on some unruly shit too! If they’re sincerely trying to do better then that’s Peace because we all have problems that we try to solve in our life. But if they’re arrogantly trying to justify why they’re a weed head, why they don’t deal with the Wiz (while neglecting their children), or why they don’t want to submit to a God, leave them alone, unless of course you want to be entertained or learn what not to do! If you decide to leave them alone, keep searching until you find someone who is sincere about their growth and development 1st as a Man and Woman, because therein exists our path to Godliness/Earthiness. It may take a while b.u.t. you’ll eventually find the true and living.

To conclude, I wanted to reemphasize the fact that from a NGE Perspective, the Internet is only something that supplements our education and adds on to our true and living reality of being God/Earth. This medium must never be looked upon as a substitute for actually walking with a person in order to get Knowledge of Self and going to the Library (or other places) to do research! As I’ve mentioned in a previous Article, this Culture is not instantaneous and it takes time for anything to grow and develop, positively or negatively. In particular, it’s important to examine people (in person) regardless of who they say they are and you can’t do this by chatting with someone on Myspace! I’m going to repeat that if you didn’t get it, EXAMINE PEOPLE (in the person)! I know some of ya’ll is offended that I’m calling you out like that and making it more difficult for you to bullshit people b.u.t. we’re about teaching the truth, and when I cee people coming in “family names” that they haven’t sincerely earned it makes me fuckin’ sick! Not to mention the fact that they give the General Body of the NGE a bad ass name. For those true and living Gods/Earths who are using Myspace (and the Internet in general) to actually network and produce interstate/international programs/businesses that generate insight, opportunity and income, keep doing ya’ thing! You all make me proud to say that we share a Common Cause! Ya’ll other muthafucka’s are despicable and you can only live out ya’ cyber lies for so long until you’re forced to confront the truth, in the person! Don’t misunderstand this Article, I am not criticizing people for struggling with what they do because we all go through Hell in a quest to be Right! I’m specifically dealing with those people who don’t really give a fuck about being Right! Those who know they ain’t Right yet blatantly lie or rationalize that they are. Niggah’s that be talkin’ that “Blackman is God” shit while they ain’t even doing what it takes to be a Man and Bitches that be comin’ in the name of Queen yet everything about them tells you they’re a Harlot! In making this Knowledge Born I realize that when it all comes down to it we are Savior’s of Self, so I do expect people to continue doing what the fuck they want to do regardless of whom or what! My determined idea is to simply build upon this subject so that people will learn about these “snakes of the cyberspace type” and kill them (their game!) before they’re allowed to sting someone else. Someone who’ll unquestionably suffer an inspirational/cultural paralysis by a poisonous neurotoxin called Lies! PEACE