Monday, December 24, 2007


Got Solar Facts..?!

Peace Ya’ll. Recently a Queen asked me how I saw the Solar System as well as our relationship to the Planets. I gave her a brief Summary and I also forwarded her to a Article I wrote about a year ago titled “Venus is 67 Million Miles from the Sun” where I used “Lil’ Kim” as an Archetype for that Degree! LOL! Anyway, she inspired me to delve into the Solar Facts and give you a more General Overview of how I collectively cee them; URBAN URANOGRAPHY!

First and foremost I’ll list our 9 Solar Facts to lay the Infrastructural Foundation. NOTE: The approximate time it takes Sunlight to reach the surface of each Planet is something I personally added-on (include) in my Solar Facts. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SOLAR FACTS:

1. Mercury is 36,000,000 miles from the Sun.
3 min. 20 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

2. Venus is 67,000,000 miles from the Sun.
6 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

3. Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun.
8 min. 30 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

4. Mars is 142,000,000 miles from the Sun.
12 min. 45 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

5. Jupiter is 483,000,000 miles from the Sun.
45 min. 30 sec. for Light to reach it’s surface.

6. Saturn is 886,000,000 miles from the Sun.
2 hrs. for Light to reach it’s surface.

7. Uranus is 1,783,000,000 miles from the Sun.
2 hrs. 40 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

8. Neptune is 2,793,000,000 miles from the Sun.
4 hrs. 40 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

9. Pluto is 3,680,000,000 miles from the Sun.
5 hrs. 50 min. for Light to reach it’s surface.

A Planet is something that has been made or grown from the beginning.” (9/1-14)

When we think of a “Planet”, it brings to mind the idea of “Celestial” Body. Meaning “of the Heavenly or Extrastellar Realm.” The “Terrestrial” Body means “of the Earthly or Intrastellar Realm.” The Law of Correspondence teaches us that “As Above, So Below”, therefore as the Planets represents the Celestial Bodies that revolve/rotate around a Central Source of Physical Light, People represent the Terrestrial Bodies that revolve/rotate around a Central Source of Metaphysical Light. As we study Classical/Contemporary His/Herstory we recognize that The Law of Correspondence was not only recognized by our Ancestors (in certain cultures) b.u.t adhered to through the use of Psycho-Dramatic Symbolic Imagery to Illustrate, Characterize, and Catalog the physical Traits/Compositions of the Planets and how they practically function as Archetypical Models that influence the Human Socioeconomic System. In time, this functional reality has been trivialized as Daily Horoscopes in Daily Newspapers and Astrological “Matrix” Software that anyone can buy. Not only is this an insult to one of our most Ancient Systems of Divination, b.u.t a systematic idea to keep people Blind, Deaf and Dumb to the reality that the Universe is One Reality and nothing happens within it independently of itself! Ultimately, this Conceptualization is the Essential Cosmogony that allows a person to grasp the reality of their God-Centeredness! Without this Cosmogony, you’ll cee the Schizophrenic Worldview (the idea of independent individualism unrelated to Self) that’s generally typical of Western Thought/Philosophy, Religion and Eurocentric Psychology.

First and foremost I must mention that ALL PLANETS are essentially Neutral, which means they carry both Positive/Negative Energies that are expressed through the physical conduits of both Man/Woman. Although Mars’ Energy is identifiably Positive (Male), this does not mean that this Energy cannot manifest itself through a Female (Negative). And likewise, Although Venus’ Energy is identifiably (Negative) Female, this does not mean that this Energy cannot manifest itself through a Male (Positive). This is to say that “Theoretically” speaking, the Black Man symbolizes the Sun and the 9 Planets represent different Woman that play key roles within his Solar System. “Practically” speaking, Any Man and Woman with KOS (Knowledge of Self) is symbolic to the Sun that’s central to the lives of different Planets (people) who revolve around the Light (Knowledge) they share with them. It’s also worth mentioning that there are many Earths who have literally taken on the role of being like the Sun within a “Lunar System” Context simply because the “Theoretical” Sun (Black Man) has abandoned his responsibility to her and his children (for whatever reason!). Single Parenting (for both Men and Woman) is not something exclusive to Mainstream American Culture, and there are many Gods and Earths who fall into this Category too.

The reason I personally added on the approximate “quantitative” time it takes Light to reach the surface of each of the Planets is to measure the approximate “qualitative” time it takes Light (Knowledge) to reach the surface of each of the Planets. As the Sun (or central repository of light), this gives you an opportunity to assess/define the Methodology one uses to transmit Light, and the Characteristic/Compositional Form each Planet uses to receive this Light. In other words, Venus (67,000,000 million miles away: 6 min. to receive light) and Neptune (2,793,000,000 million miles away: 4 hrs. 40 min. to receive light) indicates two different times/ways that these Planet’s (People) receive and process Light (Knowledge) in a quantitative and qualitative sense. So a person who’s used to receiving Light from a Venusian proximity will definitely learn something (negative and/or positive) when put within a Neptunian Orbit. Sometimes this may be done to teach them to learn the Attribute of Patience. Other times it may be done to teach them to put their Ego in check. Sometimes this may be done for neither reason, and only serves as a method to give them a chance to meditate on something. If we take a cursory glance at our own lives we’ll cee that we play the role of all Planets (including the Sun, Moon and Stars) to people who we consider family, friends and associates, and we receive Light (Life) from these people at different times! To some people you’re Neptune, empathetic and emotionally deep. To other’s you’re a sparkling Star of hope they cee in the midst of darkness. To some people you’re likened to Jupiter, expansive and full of Profound Dreams/Ideas, and to other’s they value being amongst you because you’re simply down to Earth! One of the greatest mistakes we can ever make is to arrogantly assume the Egocentric Idea/Posture that we mean so much that we are central to the lives of other people! Although you are always the Leading Actor in your own life (even if you don’t want to be!), to many people (Companions, Family, Friends and Associates) you’re not even a recognizable Extra in their life. Even though they may be related to you, a friend smiling up in your face, sleeping with you every night or working with you, to them, you are and will only be Pluto. And this is regardless of what you choose to think, say or do. KEEP IN MIND THAT: “You can only be to a person what they allow you to be to them.”

Each Planet has it’s own distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition, Axis and Archetypal Model associated with it. For example; Tehuti (Khamauu/Kemetian Archetype) = Hermes (Grecian Archetype) = Mercury (Roman Archetype) = Wally West/“The Flash” (Comic Book Superhero). Each of these “Archetypes” serve as a Psycho-biological Template to convey many (not all!) of the distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition associated with the Planet Mercury and it’s relationship to other Planets/Archetypes in the Solar (Social) System; such as Flash (Mercury) in relationship to Thor (Jupiter). At our birth each one of us are incarnated with different temperaments that are native to the Overt/Covert Planetary Influences during this particular moment. This is not to negate or minimize the Planetary Influences during and after this moment. The Psycho-Socioeconomic Influences pre/post our Incarnation simply add context to and aidse in the shaping of our Primary Temperament. In other words, although we may have a Hot/Dry Temperament it doesn’t mean that we can’t function Cold/Moist! Basically there are Four Different Temperaments that are inherent to the Psycho-biology of Each Planet/Person:

FIRE: Hot/Dry
AIR: Hot/Moist
WATER: Cold/Moist
EARTH: Cold/Dry

In time, these Planetary Bodies took on the form of Constellations that were defined as the Astrological Zodiac Wheel/Houses such as Capricorn, Aquarius and etc.. . This was done to consolidate the activity of each Planet into a form of Symbolic Imagery that conveys/communicates their Celestial activity on Earth (Terrestrial). These Symbolic Images were used in Psycho-Dramatic Myths, Folklore, and Tales to establish their Universal Coordinates (tell time), express their transient forces of nature, and expound upon their relationship to eachother, ourselves and life itself. As I stated earlier, this science has been trivialized by Western Society.

When we look at our Solar Facts on face value, we learn the Planets linear relationship to quantifiable distance from the Sun. The Sun being the Essence of these Planetary Facts, also acts as the Primary Source and Centralized Location of their distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition and Archetypal Model; “In fact all the above is caused by the Sun of Man” (8/1-40). Although Man is symbolically represented by the SUN and governs the relationship (Revolution) that these 9 Characters (Rotate) have within his life (Celestial System) it must be understood that the Woman is symbolically represented by the EARTH and governs the relationship (Revolution) that these 9 Characters (substituting herself for the Sun) have within her life (Terrestrial System). In other words, Universally speaking, as all things are centralized by Man’s LIGHT (SUN), all things are centralized by Woman’s LIFE (EARTH). The relationship (distance) that a Mercurial Personality has to the Sun (36,000,000 Million Miles) is quite different than the relationship (distance) the same Mercurial Personality has to the Earth (57,000,000 Million Miles). By studying the distinct Characteristics, Dimensions, Composition and Archetypal Model of the Planets –“other Rules and Regulations not mentioned in” our Solar Facts (28/1-40) we gain a greater insight into the Social Dynamics inherent to the relationships we had, have and will establish in the future. Remember, Planets convey temperament which manifests itself as Proclivities, Dispositions, Psyche and Social Conditionings. While studying the Planets I cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing Cultural Cross-Referencing in order to get wider perspective of what the Planets represents. No Culture holds a Monopoly on Conceptualizing the Planets because as a Macrocosmic Model of Man/Woman, Planets (Celestial) express many of the same Random Anomalies indicative of Human (Terrestrial) Nature. In other words, the study of the Planets is an “educational” (educare’: TO DRAW OUT) process, not a mechanical task of simply regurgitating Ancient/Contemporary Mythological/Astrological Concepts!

To conclude Today’s Article I want to give you an analogy of how I’ve actually ceen the Solar Facts function when they’re in a room together. Keep in mind that this analogy is relative to the Time, Place and Space that I observed them in and this does not serve as a Restrictive Model to assess the Social Dynamics of All Human Constellations. Also notice that I did not define these qualities as exclusively feminine or masculine. This is because Planets contain both Positive/Negative, Masculine/Feminine Energies that are transmitted/received through the physical conduits of both Male/Female, Man/ Woman. This is to say that although the Sun is Primarily a Masculine Energy, it can still manifest through a Woman who functionally performs Sun related tasks in the same way that Moon is Primarily a Feminine Energy yet still manifests through a Man who functionally performs Moon related tasks. POSITIVELY, these Energies establish Balance or Psycho-biological Homeostasis when they’re used to ‘temporarily supplement’ the gender specific manifestation (role) that may be presently vacant; A Man/Woman “temporarily” doing the other’s task because He/Her may be out of town, unavailable or sick. NEGATIVELY, the perpetual/continual use of these Energies to supplement the gender specific manifestation (role) of a Man/Woman to the point where it becomes a living standard, can undermine Homeostasis and cause Psycho-biological Imbalance; Homosexuality, Extreme Masculinity in Women or Feminization in Men. With that said, here is a brief analogy of these Energies I saw manifested in a Social Setting:

Mercury is very quick witted and rationalizes that because they’re physically close to me that they’re actually close. Therefore they don’t really get along with Pluto too well because Pluto makes Mercury aware of their shallowness and lack of stability. Pluto is closer although we are a greater distance from eachother. Their objective perspective of things is always resourceful. Venus is highly subjective. Although they appreciate Pluto’s angle they consider them a hopeless romantic. Actually I always considered Saturn that way (hopeless romantic) because of their dry sense of humor and Edgar Allen Poelian outlook on life. That shit (along with a lot of other things!) always has Mars steamin’, talking about “do something about it!”. Jupiter’s is always off into their own world with their grandiose ideas. Either Jupiter’s makin things happen or things are happening to them! One never to really complain though, Jupiter got an iron clad sense of determination. Neptune can be highly explosive at times, particularly when they keep things bottled up inside of them. On the flip side they’re very empathetic towards a lot of things and you can always count on them to consider what others may be feeling. Uranus usually sits back and listens more than they speak. It’s not that they’re introverted, they just understand the phrase “silence is golden” and they live by it. The Earth is the life of the party. Either willfully or reluctantly, they will be ceen and heard.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Nayshun Tyme!!

(It's Nation Time)

Peace Y’all! For those of you who’ve been keeping abreast of the Video Builds I’ve been posting on A.S.I.A. TV, keep in kind that you can email at: if there is a certain topic that you’d like to cee me address! I’d appreciate that. -smile- In Today’s Article I wanted to build about the Concept of “Nationalism” in regards to the Gods and Earths.

Pride in “the best” of what your Nation has to offer is good only when this doesn’t involve denying what others have to offer! I say this because sometimes people can become so grossly Nationalistic that they can only cee themselves. It’s almost like a typical American who’s so Patriotic that they only cee the colors Red, White & Blue! Sadly, I’ve ceen and know many Gods/Earths who treat the colors Black & Gold the same way. These Gods/Earths treat “The Father” (Allah) no different than diehard Cleveland Cavalier Fans who worship Lebron “King” James! And YES, I am questioning your “Fanhood” because that is not what living this Culture is about! I do however understand that sometimes “people just ain’t used to shit”, so they “don’t know how to act” (at Home or Abroad; 14/1-14) when they get something. I’ve been the same way myself with certain things, and it’s one’s Intellectual, Emotional and Economic “Maturity” that ultimately differentiates the Child from the Adult. And unfortunately, there are many Gods/Earths who simply haven’t willfully “Matured” in this Culture yet. Although this is the case with many Gods/Earths, it must be understood that:

1. Some Gods/Earths have not matured yet and some of their “foolish” words, ways and actions are the outgrowth of simple immaturity, not the willingness to be foolish.

2. Some Gods/Earths have not matured yet and some of their “foolish” words, ways and actions are the outgrowth of simple immaturity and their willfulness to be foolish.

What this essentially means is this; There are two basic classes of people; 1.) Those who are interested in doing better. 2.) Those who aren’t interested in doing better. And although these two people may make the exact same miscalculation, the former will do something about it and the later won’t give a fuck! This is important to understand because oftentimes people like to deliberately use the later (the fuck up!) as the Socioeconomic “Mission Statement” and “Model Template” of what the NGE Teach and strive to Achieve! Because of this developmental/deliberate “lack of maturity”, the NGE gets a bad reputation, has been classified as a Gang, and has been defined as some Quasi-Religious Spin-off group that’s grafted from a Civilized NOI. Although this is the case in many situations, I take the stand of not explaining away this bullshit that other people are on! Why? Because my Life is a Testament for those to cee that I’m not about that bullshit! So when people cee me they know what this Culture represents, regardless if they’ve never actually ceen a Universal Flag or even heard the words “Peace God/Earth!”! For real for real, many people that I deal with on a daily basis or at a distance don’t actually know shit about the NGE because I’ve never “formally” introduced them to it! Does this mean I’m not teaching that The Black Man is God? Hell naw! This means I’m not preaching that shit. “Generally” (14/1-14) speaking, people know that it already “rains, hails, snows, and also hear above their heads” and I only teach “Training Units” to those “WHO TRY TO LEARN” who is causing all this to happen “BY LETTING” me teach them!" (9/1-40) I have never been a Soap Box Scientist, and I don’t “loose time searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40). Why? Because 95% (14,15/1-40) of the time, that’s exactly what you’re doing, “loosing time”! Now I’m not knocking you Gods/Earths who choose to yell it from the rooftops, that just ain’t syle. I’m much more concerned about the Quality Few (5%) who cee and hear me than the Quantity Many (95%) who undoubtedly don’t.

Now, when I say, “I’m not about the bullshit”, I’m referring to the class of people in this Nation who’re deliberately immature. Those Gods/Earths who have/are giving this Nation a bad reputation based upon their words, ways and actions and don’t really give a fuck about it. This is what I mean by bullshit:

1. If you’re smoking Newports like a chimney and trying to seriously school somebody about “eating the wrong foods” (10/1-36), coming to Parliaments/Rallies dressed immaculately and ya’ house is fuckin filthy, or traveling a long distance or outta State to visit Gods/Earths and haven’t drove 5-10 minutes to “spend quality time” with your child.., that’s some bullshit! Being addicted to negative physical, mental or emotional habits is something we all deal with. Mastering these problems is a part of our Growth and Development. The “real problem” I’m talking about is when people front like shit is all good and try to justify what they’re doing, especially to the youth! You’re using the name God/Earth to “shield your dirt”, also “to deceive the people so they will believe in you”, while the truth lay “buried there” (5/1-14)! The NGE doesn’t teach to justify or shield wrong and pass it off as right!

2. If you’re always referring to muthafucka’s as “YOUR” Students, making mention of yourself and parading around like a NGE Bill Board Sign, you’ve gone waaaaaaaaay past your duty as a Civilized Person!! You’re on some Ego shit and/or showing your Insecurity! Your Concept of being God/Earth isn’t real because it solely depends upon the Ego strokes of people reinforcing it because you never addressed your insecurities and low self esteem. Left to your own devices and not gregarious, you get depressed. Therefore, so-called Parliaments/Rallies are places where people with Mutual Insecurities get together to simply make eachother feel good about themselves for a moment! I’m not saying that getting together and making eachother feel good is a bad thing, b.u.t. when people become Obsessive Compulsive about getting together to the point where they’re gregariously dependant, not only is it bullshit.., it’s a sign of Mental Illness! The NGE teaches to follow to the extent of learning how to Lead oneself. And rather Niggas cee your face or not, that should in no way make or break your identity as God/Earth. If you only “feel like” you’re God/Earth because you’re up in somebody’s face, runnin’ off at the mouth or being fuckin’ ceen, your on some bullshit! Being “ceen and heard everywhere” (37/1-40) has nothing to do with EGO or Insecurity.

3. If you’re claiming you’re a God/Earth and active Member/Representative of the NGE and you don’t or aren’t trying to learn you’re Lessons (120).., that’s some bullshit! Two of the elements of this CULTURE (4) is gaining KNOWLEDGE (1) to get a better UNDERSTANDING (3) of ourselves and the World we live in. This equips us with the tools to MASTER (Letter 'M') our Growth, Development and Socioeconomic Destiny. Learning Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet represents the most Elementary aspect of this Culture, and that’s something that any Child can learn. B.u.t. it’s learning “120 Lessons” that helps us elevate from this Kindergarten-like Elementary state to higher Maturation Levels of living out this Culture! For a person (who claims to be a part of the NGE) to shun, make excuses about, or outright make no effort to learn 120 -which is a Fundamental Tradition of the NGE-, they put themselves in a worst position then those who didn’t take on this task to begin with! Although many of you may not know this Lesson, we learn in the 20/1-40, that every “Said Ability” universally adheres to a “Prescribed Law”, and when one irresponsibly doesn’t uphold this Law (when they knew they had to!) they get punished. This means that it would have been better for you to have never “said” you were God/Earth because you wouldn’t have to adhere to the “Prescribed Law” that upholds the ability to be God/Earth! It’s like claiming to be a Neurosurgeon even though you haven’t (for various reasons) finished your education and had any real working experience (because you don’t have your Degree)! Aside from people having life changing expectations of you, the Universe itself becomes structurally arranged to either BUILD (if you are about it!) or DESTROY (if you’re not about it) your claim through systematic circumstances/situations. This is known as Justice. If this Concept is foreign to any of you, as an experiment, claim something you’re not (such as a Husband, an accomplished Pianist, Legal Consultant and etc..) and watch the Universe instantaneously start to arrange itself in a way where you’ll be forced to either shit or get off the pot! Now, when it comes to those of you who say you’re God./Earth, because of what you’ve “said” (WORD), you are now “committed to” (BOND) living the LIFE of a God/Earth or be continually punished up to and including Death for failing to do so (11/1-14)! It’s like what my Ole’ Earth used to say when I was young, “Don’t write a check that your ass can’t cash!”, and that’s what those of you do when you procrastinate about learning your Lessons. Now regardless what some of you Gods/Earths reasons/excuses are for not following through with learning your “Lessons” (120), THIS MUST BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD; The Principle of Justice is no respecter of persons and either we’re rewarded or penalized for our actions, especially when it comes to learning our Lesson(s) in Life! Whether this Lesson comes in form of learning why you shouldn’t call a female a bitch in front of her hard-bodied boyfriend who just did a nickel in the State Pen for his second violent crime, finding out why having casual unprotected sex with a strange person isn’t smart, or “What is a Real Devil?” (33/1-40), we are either Wise enough to learn, or Foolish enough to become a lesson for Wise People to learn from! Ultimately, Learning 120 Lessons is designed to minimize being punished and maximize our rewards in Life! So when those of you sit back with the procrastinating attitude that you have options or all the time in the world to learn your Lesson(s), you actually set into motion the very circumstances that will prove that you don’t have options nor the time! And when it comes, either you can learn from the brush fires you’ll continuously have to put out in your lives, or wait until you get burn out by a forest fire! Like I said, regardless how nice we are as a person, the successful job we have, or the house/car we just bought, Justice is no respecter of persons and this Universal Corrective Force visits (or revisits!) us in it’s own good time, not ours. So with that said, KNOW that it’s always best to go get the UNDERSTANDING than waiting for the Understanding to get you! The NGE teaches Peace and that’s “Proper Education Always Corrects Errors”, not “Procrastinating Everyday And Claiming Elevation”! Aside from misrepresenting the Positive, Proactive and Progressive Qualities inherent to the NGE Worldview, these individuals are doing a disservice to Themselves, their Families and the Communities they live in.

When it comes to “Nationalism”.., I cee this as a sense of inner pride for the Freedom to express my Culture. I was once a child carrying this Math b.u.t. now I’ve matured and have put childish things aside! I don’t wear the NGE on my sleeve, nor am I Religious, Zealous or Obsessive about everyone acknowledging who I am on the surface! When I sit at the table to eat I bring a dish. If there’s something there that I don’t eat I don’t give a lecture about it, I simply don’t put it on my plate. If asked if I want some I simply say, “No Thank You.” If asked, “Why?”, I explain, keeping it short, precise and without judgment. I don’t feel the need to monopolize or dominate conversations and I don’t feel naked without a Crown and Tassel or clothing with the Universal Flag on it. I teach people Freedom, to acknowledge Justice and deal with Equality. I am God on a toilet in a Bus Station Bathroom and God amongst Execs. in a Corporate Boardroom. I don’t emphasize that a Woman KNOWLEDGE me as GOD. I emphasize her identity as a QUEEN (Letter 'Q') and she naturally grows to cee me for who I am, without making mention of myself! I’ve learned the Principle called Humility, therefore I need not be humbled! I am the True and Living God, because I am God truly living. I am not a Supreme Being b.u.t. Supreme Beingness!

To conclude Today’s Article I want to remind those of you that in the same way some people don’t live out “The Best” of what Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and etc.. has to offer, there are Gods/Earths who don’t live out “The Best” of what this Culture has to offer! And as with any Nation of People, you have the “Poor”, “Worst” and “Best” Parts (1,3/1-14). So don’t be so quick to judge an entire Nation (regardless if they’re Christian, Muslim, Chinese, German or etc..) based upon the actions of an individual or even a group of people! Many times it’s not what that Nation is essentially about, it’s what this person or people are about.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Digital Book Of Life

Peace Ya’ll. In Today’s Article I wanted to Build about the Science of a “Digital Book of Life”. For those of you who are not in the know, the NGE “Book of Life” is our Life Manual which contains our Lessons and other Sciences of Life. Aside from 120 (which is the foundation of one’s Book of Life), other elements that may be found in it ranges from NGE Chronology, Plus Degree’s (other Gods/Earths Understanding or Manifestation of certain Lessons/World Chronology), Cultural/Religious Research, Articles, Artwork and etc.. Every God/Earth should have one, and every New Born (Neophyte) should be in the process of creating one as they progress in their studies. As with all Scientists (one dedicated to “knowing”), it’s the process of keeping a Literary Record of our own research, experiments, discoveries and calculations, for ourselves and for others who will benefit from it.

The NGE like with many Original/Indigenous Cultural Systems is both Oral and Literary. One of the beautiful things about Today, in 2007, is the fact that we exist in an Era where information about these Cultural Systems can be Transmitted and Preserved (although with limitations) Digitally! As you can tell by the Ambiguity in some of my past Articles, I definitely consider this “Medium” both a gift and a curse!

As I stated in the beginning, when we “come into this Nation” (Mentally) we begin to create our own “Book of Life”. Through time we also begin to build a library of Reference Tools/Research Materials such as Books, Art, A/V Materials (Music, Videos/DVDS) to “add-on” (include) to our Life (Laboratory). Of these Reference Tools, it’s our A/V Materials (Music, Videos, DVDS) that comprises what I call our “Digital Book of Life”. Unlike our “Book of Life”, there is nothing that is Audio-Visually central to it, and there are no “mandatory” Music, Videos, DVDS that you must have in your “Digital Book of Life” as a God or Earth. In otherwords, no one is gonna “Bomb You” (articulate their displeasure of your words/actions!!) if you ain’t got the Diff'rent Strokes Collection at ya Kingdom! But if you’re saying that you came into the NGE in the early 90’s b.u.t stumble through Lessons like Inspector Gadget and ya Book of Life is either non-existent or as thick as an Andy Capp Comic Book.., you better start looking for a fall-out shelter. And rightfully so, because in the words of The Infamous Mobb Deep, “We livin’ this til’ the day that we die, survival of the fittest, only the strong survive!” Anyway, I wanted to share with you “some” (not all!) of what’s in my “Digital Book of Life” along with a brief manifestation of “some” (not all!) of the Science I’ve discovered in it. This is not in any particular order either.


1. John Coltrane: What can I say? As a matter of fact, there’s nothing to be said. Just pick up some John Coltrane and sit back, relax and “LISTEN”. John was dealing with some High Science to be able to articulate the “many different layers of currents” (some real cold and warm, others very swift and changeable; 8/1-40) through his Saxophone. The depth of his music has always inspired me to have profound insights into the Musical Landscape of 120! In particular, get the song Alabama!! Listen to it first, and then find out why it’s called Alabama. John Coltrane is a Musical Master Architect!

2. Bob Dylan: I remember when Bob Dylan was on that “We Are The World” Song I used to laugh when his part came! I was always like “Who the hell is that?! He can’t sing!!” Anyway, My Enlightener’s Enlightener put me down wit Bob Dylan when I got much older, and wiser!! Now I live by many of the words he spoke. For instance, in the song “Positively 4th Street” he says, “Yes I wish that for just one time you can stand inside my shoes. You’d know what a drag it is to cee you.” Bob Dylan is an Excellent Poet and Story Teller. His Song “Masters of War” articulates the 2/1-10 & 15/1-40. “Shelter From The Storm” is dealing with the phrase “believe in the 10% on face value” (9/1-40), “Tangled Up In Blue” (which took him 10 years to live and 2 years to write!) and “Isis” is dealing with the Concept of “Love, Hell or Right”, and “Hurricane” (Yeah, the Movie “Hurricane” is based on this song!) shows and proves his “devotion” (9/1-14) to unapologetically speaking the Truth. Listening to Bob Dylan helps you cee the Folklore in 120, and appreciate the subtleties, nuances and ironies in Tales that have be woven into Degree’s.

3. Underground HipHop: The reason I state this is because Underground HipHop gives you a pulse on the Subterranean Realm of creative thought and original self expression that’s been “buried there” (5/1-14) since the Golden Era of HipHop. I find it to be the closest thing to true Art nowadays. Not only does it give you an opportunity to change the musical backdrop that scores your Conceptualization of Daily Mathematics, b.u.t. it also gives you a chance to introduce others (particularly the youth!) to the actual ‘sound’ of Culture Freedom! Aside from being supportive of the “by myself” (2/1-36) Entrepreneurial Right (pun intended) of Independent Artists who utilize the Internet (especially Myspace!), I’ve found that good “wholesome” Underground HipHop is one of the best methodological diets to communicate (without a word!) the Autonomous Idea of “Self Knowledge” in a Mainstream Industry that’s saturated by fast food rappers. Some Independent Artists/Labels I recommend are Classic 1824, Prolific, Jneiro Jarel, Blu & Exile, Panacea, Percee P, and Peanut Butter Wolf.

Here’s a list of some other Musicians that are in my “Digital Book of Life” that I also recommend; Son House, Jagjit & Chitra Singh, Bobbi Humphrey, Donnie Hathaway, Alice Coltrane, and Corrine Bailey Rae.


1. Carmen Jones: I mentioned this movie in another Article. This Movie starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte is a Masterpiece! Based upon the Opera “Carmen”, this Movie shows and proves the Science behind “unalike attract and alike repels” (21/1-40) and who, what, when, why and how “one piece had magnetic in and one piece did not” Principally/Procedurally functions (22/1-40)! I’m not religious, b.u.t. I watch this joint religiously. This movie also shows you the Science of “searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) and a clear distinction between a Man that’s “The Truth” and a Male that’s “A Square” when dealing with a Wiz’s Cipher (20)!

2. Eye’s Wide Shut: This movie starring Tom Cruise and his Wife Nicole Kidman (who were divorced after making this movie!) is full of Science. From "Freemasonry" (9/1-14) to “All the above is caused by” (8/1-40), Eye’s Wide Shut gives you a beautiful illustration of the Man’s EGO (Edges God Out!), particularly when he’s so sure of himself! This Movie also shows you the Science of “easily led” (14/1-40) and who, what, when, why and how “this water cannot get out of the Earths atmosphere, with it’s high speed of rotating makes it impossible.” (8/1-40)

3. Rocky (1 - Rocky Balboa): Love, Hell or Right. The entire Rocky Series chronicles the Plight of Man (or Woman) and the battles he/her must face “by him/herself” (2/1-36) within the “Ring” (SQUARE; TRUTH)! Ultimately, you realize that it’s those things “outside of the Ring” (“20 Miles Outside of Mecca21/1-40 or outside of the SQUARE we often consciously/subconsciously haven’t accepted such as; psychological proclivities, post-trauma, socioeconomic conditionings, personal history and etc..) that defines/effects our TRUE reality. Functionally, these are the Jewels that each of these Movies convey: Rocky is dealing with “we gave him this chance” (9/1-14). Rocky 2 is dealing with him “giving all within my power to cee the day” (40/1-40) because the “Prescribed Law” begins to punish him for not choosing to be “The said person of that ability (boxer)” (20/1-40). Rocky 3 is dealing with the entire 9/1-14! Rocky 4 is dealing with the entire 10/1-14! Rocky 5 is dealing with the entire 34/1-40! Rocky Balboa closes this Series dealing with Rocky ultimately coming to terms with Understanding the Wise simplicity of Manhood, Fatherhood and Friendship. Take time to do the Knowledge on each Movie in the order that they were made. It’s also worth mentioning that Sylvester Stallone actually wrote these Movies! He’s a swift cat.. !

Here’s a list of some other Movies in my “Digital Book of Life” that I also recommend; A Hero Ain’t Nothing But a Sandwich, The Five Heartbeats, Dangerous Liaisons, Emmett Otters Jugband Christmas, Gaslight, Shaolin Mantis, Sugar Cane Alley, A Good Woman, Once Upon a Time in America, Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme, Uptight, The Ferocious Monk, The Muppets Wizard of OZ, Millers Crossing, Annie Hall and Big Jake.

To conclude Today’s Article, I just wanted to emphasize that accessing “The Science of Everything in Life” (18/1-40) hinges upon our ability to expand our Minds through expandable Resources. As you may have noticed, some of the “other” MUSIC & MOVIES that I recommended to you are either overlooked or obscure! I did this because I wanted to show many of you Gods and Earths that there is indeed Science in the things that many of you consider trivial or insignificant! Some of ya’ll are stuck in “6”, meaning, you can’t rise above the gravitational pull of that Ottisville 8-Track, Cultural Lecture Tapes, History Channel Documentaries, or Mainstream Futuristic (High Science) Movies. I’m talking about ya’ll who only have shit like The Isis Papers, Behold a Pale Horse, Message to the Blackman, Stolen Legacy and The Autobiography of Malcom X. in your pathetic little library! Yeah, I have many of the same VIDEOS & BOOKS b.u.t. “that’s not all” that I have. I come across Myspace Pages all the time and cee the same routine titles on people’s lists. Hey if that’s all your in to, I’m nobody to question that! I’m just letting you KNOW and UNDERSTAND that there is life outside of the CUTURAL “Prison House” (29/1-40) you’ve built for yourself once you learn to FREELY think outside of the “box” (pun intended)! Not only is this “bound in” (4/1-14) mentality typically common b.u.t. it’s strait-up telegraphic, and for those of ya’ll who play or have played Basketball, you know what happens when you “telegraph” ya’ passes! -smile- Now even though I put this information out there, I know many of ya’ll who’ll try to ascend higher and increase your knowledge with these other forms of mist (MUSIC & MOVIES) in a different current of your routine atmosphere will become heavier than gravitation, then ‘distill back’ to ya Planet in the form of droppin’ the same wisdom (water) about the Matrix or what you read in the 'Ice'man Inheritance (8/1-40)! LOL! That’s cool, I understand..., this water is never drawn above “6” miles from ya Planet’s SURFACE by the Sun (and the Moon!) Anyway, for those of you who do get something out of what I’ve shared with you from my “Digital Book of Life” and add it on to ya’ cipha’.., God bless you! For those of ya’ll who don’t.., oh’ well.. .


Monday, November 19, 2007

Koran Smudging
Turning Tragedy into "Training Units" (1/1-14)

Peace Ya’ll. For those of you who were unaware, you can now check out A.S.I.A. Online at YouTube!! To log on directly to my Channel simply click this link: That’s right, I’ve begun to upload “Live on Location” Builds so that you can get an opportunity to cee this Math in 3 Dimensions. -smile- This will in no way replace/phase out this Online Journal. A.S.I.A. on YouTube is just the “Offline” aspect of A.S.I.A., so be sure to check out my Station and definitely leave me a comment. Any comments can also be forwarded to my email address at: Also, if there’s a specific topic you’d like to cee me Build about please make Knowledge Born.

In Today’s Article I want to deal with the Science of “Koran Smudging”. To set the stage for today’s Article I wanted to tell you alittle about my Koran to lay the groundwork. Before I got Knowledge of Self I experimented with Sex when I was 17! Yeah I know.. ! LOL! Anyway, after I got my first fix it was over! I was never on some outright “Savage in the Pursuit of Happiness” (17/1-40) shit by living by the carnal code that “pussy ain’t got no face” b.u.t. when I had a girlfriend, sex (not intimacy!) was central to our relationship and we fucked like rabbits! During what I call my Porno Flick Surahs, I remember one time at a Mall I was in the Food Court writing lyrics and listening to my headphones and I saw this Wiz looking at me a couple tables over. I spoke and kept doing what I was doing. 5 minutes later I felt her looking at me again so I spoke again as if to passive aggressively say, “damn what the fuck are you looking at”. Anyway, she took this as a cue to come over to my table and spark a conversation with me. Within 10 minutes of talking (and not about sex or sexual innuendos!) she said she wanted to give me a blow job! And no, she didn’t want to “do trading amongst me” ("Prostitute"; 9/1-14) either ya’ll! As flabbergasted as I was, I held my composure and asked her, “where at?” Boy I felt blessed and got an Ego Boost of a Destroy Power’s (85er) Lifetime! To make a long story short, I ended up not “letting her go through with this labor” (9/1-14)! LOL! Not because of a conscience, b.u.t because she wanted to kiss me first so I was like naw, that’s alright! And ya’ll know how nasty someone’s mouth can be! How dare ‘her’ be that nasty! LOL! Fast forward some years... ! When I first got Knowledge of Self I was definitely Immature and Egocentric! That’s one of the reasons why I place such an emphasis on putting our Ego in check and learning the Science of Humility. I remember how I’d go up in NOI Study Groups on some Globetrotter ‘razzle dazzle’ shit wit The Lessons. I used to bomb Christians right into the Rapture and I’d invite Jehovah Witnesses into my Kingdom and slowly disembody their Religious Views like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In College my arrogant ass wouldn’t even take notes in Sociology or Physics Class, and I often waited for an opportunity to correct the Teacher, in front of the class of course! I was on some bullshit, strait-up! B.u.t. that’s what often happens when a young male is maturing as a Man and reciting that he’s God! When I look back at some of the Surahs I wrote, although wack, I don’t regret them. “Through” (key word!) them I learned to delineate the ‘Best’ and the ‘PoorPart (3/1-14). One of the Greatest Lessons I’ve learned is the Science of being Resolute or learning to finish certain Surahs (close certain Chapters) in my Life so I can move on to the next part of my Koran. The Science of being “Resolute” symbolizes being “SETTLED” (1/1-14). In the 1/1-14 we learn this about being “SETTLED”:

1. Why isn’t the Devil ‘SETTLED’ (Resolved) on the Best Part of the Planet Earth?
Because the Earth belongs to the Original Man and knowing that the Devil is Weak and Wicked and there would not be any Peace amongst them, so we put them on the Worst Part and kept the Best Part preserved for ourselves. Every since we made it..,

First let me define a Devil: “A Grafted Man which is made Weak or Wicked or any live Grafted Germ from Original is Devil” (33/1-40). So basically anything that ‘was made’ Weak or Wicked or any live Germ manifests a Devil that should never be ‘settled” (resolved) on the Best Part. An illustration of this is like having someone sitting up on ya brand new Cream Living Room Set and Carpets talking about they got an ‘upset’ stomach and weak bowels from the fruit punch and pasta they had earlier! It’s also like being a Daycare Provider and accepting a Child into Daycare who’s obviously sick, as if their Germs won’t effect the other children! When it comes to “settling” the terms of an agreement or even a dispute, preserving the Best Part for yourself and putting the Devil on the Worst Part is mandatory. This transcends a Capitalistic Concept of “looking out for yourself”, although when dealing with ‘certain people’ it’s important that you do this type of “trading amongst them” (9/1-14) because that’s the only language they speak, and if you don’t.., you’ll be ass out (pun intended)! It’s like a Jewel I got from my Enlighteners Enlightener when he taught me that “The choice you choose should be the one you can’t loose with!” Ultimately though, the Highest Expression of “settling” the terms of an agreement or even a dispute means “doing what’s Right for Righteousness sake”!

When a Person is ‘SETTLED’, it also means that they’ve “built a Home for themselves” (4/1-14). As a Righteous Person, we strive to do our “Best’ and preserve this for ourselves. Obviously we come in contact with others who don’t cee this as their Modus of Operandi. One thing is for sure, when you know that a person is on some Weak ‘AND’ Wicked shit, they should never feel “at Home” around you! They should never feel ‘Peace amongst’ you and you should never ‘feel Peace amongst’ them! Righteousness by nature is the dynamic opposite of being/doing Wrong. So there always exists electrical tension between these Polar Extremes, from a quiet fine mist undetected by the naked eye to outright open hostility. Basically Light and Darkness, Truth and Lies, Knowledge and Belief cannot occupy the same space at the same time! “Putting them on the Worst Part” (1/1-14) is a phrase that identifies the General Procedure that governs this Socioeconomic Interaction between a Righteous Person and a Devil. Sometimes you need to strait ‘cut’ (symbolic to a Sword; 9/1-14) a person off that’s on some shit like that. Sometimes you can be cordial and not ‘cut them off so quick’ (9/1-14) by keep your interactions limited and only on the surface. Whatever Procedure you choose to use, the purpose is to adhere to and substantiate it’s underlining Principle (or reveal the lack of Principle)! If a person allows a Devil to settle on the Best Part that they should be preserving for themselves it clearly reveals a lack of Principle. Shit I’ve been there myself and it’s all about Growth and Development. This leads me to the Science of “Koran Smudging”!

Koran Smudging” is when someone consciously/unconsciously tries to erase their personal his/her story because they regret what’s written there. "Koran Smudging" is when people carry out the systematic process of making their story illegible, ultimately devaluing their Koran! It’s almost like ceeing what may be perceived as a blight on an authentic painting and then breaking out a bottle of paint thinner to try and remove it. You ultimately end up causing more damage by “smudging” this painting then simply accepting this idiosyncrasy as an Artist’s Fingerprint, validating the authenticity of their work! Many of us have been through some very Tragic situations and I indeed understand, yet it’s all of our experiences, whether negative or positive, that shapes the Present Day Koran we are writing and living in! By embracing all of our experiences, then and only then can we move on to the next Surah in our Koran. Shit I’m still ‘settling’ childhood Surahs that negatively effect the way I write my Koran today. The reason that this is vital is because when we don’t embrace Old Surahs we stay stuck in them and begin to collect emotional debt that siphons away ink we need to write future Koran! As A Scientist (one dedicated to knowing!) it’s also about keeping appropriate records so that our children don’t have to blow-up their laboratories “experimenting with the same High Explosives” (8/1-14) we were/are messing with! They should always be able to refer to our Koranic Footnotes and Reference Materials that leads them in the “Right Direction” (14/1-40). As I’ve mentioned in the past, my Ole’ Earth was a Psychologist so aside from having the natural Sophistication of a Woman, she really had a keen understanding of the Science of the Mind. She never tried to smudge her Koran and was always an open book to me and my physicals! My Father was too. When you think about it, that was one of the key ingredients that attracted the Youth to The Father in the first place! He didn’t try to smudge his Koran, was strait up with them about Life and was Real (authentic!)! Although many Adults (and yes Gods/Earths too!) feel that they would love to be like this to their own children and other youth, they just don’t have it in them for various reasons. One thing I’ve also learned along this path is that there’s a lot of people that don’t like being a bullshitter, they’re just used to it so they “continue daily” (13/1-40) and they know that “all they cee and hear” ain’t real like that. Like I said, they’re comfortable and unfortunately they “do not want to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them” because they don’t want the responsibility of change even if it’s for the better. So they just front like “they believe the 10% on face value” (9/1-40) because when you ever get them off out of an earshot from Massa, you’ll be surprised to hear them articulate certain ideas.., without any prompting on your part! Anyway, the only thing that is of no value is smudges in our Koran, because what we consider our ‘Poor’ and ‘WorstPart(s) (3/1-14) can save not only our lives b.u.t. the lives of many others! It’s also important to make amends (settle) with people who can purposely/accidentally smudge your Koran! How many times have you left the door open for assumption and people have assumed “The Worst Part” (1/1-14)? As the Arabic Koran tells us, “some people use the allegorical to mislead people” and that’s exactly what we allow people to purposely/accidentally do when we don’t clearly where we’re coming from! I’m not saying to worry about what people think, what I’m saying is the more you deal with the "Science of Specifity" (being specific!) in resolving past Surahs, you minimize “Unknowns” (24) people can latch onto by employing Wisdom (2) in the Way you Live (4). This also ensures that people can never accuse you of the Equality (6) Degree in the 1-14’s, “Why does the Devil try to teach and keep our People Illiterate?”. -smile- I’m also not saying that you need to walk around explaining yourself to muthafuckas! Naw, b.u.t if someone is a Character in your Koran, they need to clearly know what the fuck they’re doing in there and what ‘script’ you undoubtedly have written for them! If not, they may have everyone “believing” (9/1-40) that ya Koran was on some Anton LaVey Satanic Bible shit. And although you can always outlive a Lie and never outlive the Truth, you can spend half a Century trying to outlive some shit that causes you to miss opportunities, undermine friendships and compromise your socioeconomic health. It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “Reformation” and the phrase “so instead of loosing time we have decided to take ‘him’ (assumptions) off our Planet..” (34/1-40) Understanding (Comprehension) is indeed the Best Part!!

To SETTLE or come to terms with places in our Koran that we’ve smudged or would like to forget about serves the purpose of ‘preserving’ what’s ‘Best’ (1/1-14) about our lives. It’s the Science of turning Tragedy into “Training Units” (14/1-14) and taking the Knowledge from these experiences to add-on to our Culture (“Way” of Life!), because anything that’s not adding-on (DIVINE), can only take away (DESTROY)! We all have skeletons rattling in our closet so we mind as well make them muthafuckas Krump! LOL!

To conclude Today’s Article, I just want to encourage all of you to not allow our own Devils an opportunity to ruin “the peace amongst us” by not “settling them” on the Best Part of what we’re offering to Ourselves, our Families and the Communities we live in! The only way we put them on the “Worst Part” is by taking ‘ownership’ (“The Earth belongs to..1/1-14) of our Koran, especially what we perceive to be “Weak ‘AND’ Wicked”. By taking ownership we acknowledge how certain Surah’s are functioning in our Life! This is no different than an Addict acknowledging that they have a problem and take the appropriate steps to overcome it. In this respect, we can be conditionally addicted to Surah’s that negatively effects our Present Lives. Being unforgiving or holding on to the wrongs that we’ve done or the wrongs that other people have committed against us only grafts us from an Original State of Peace, and makes us Weak and Wicked because we’re infected with a Germ that destroys us from the inside out! Life is what “we make it” (“every since we made it..1/1-14). So be good to yourself, make decisions you can sleep with, and don’t be ashamed about what you’ve gone through and are going through! Realize that True Weakness is the Aires of Strength and every Saint owes their Sainthood to a Sinner!



Saturday, November 10, 2007

“Any Tradition was at one point in time an Innovation.” –Self

Sesame Street Science

Peace Ya’ll. In the last Article I mentioned that many (if not most!) Gods/Earths simply use Simple “Addition” (1+2=3) or Basic “Digit Summing” as an “EXCLUSIVE” Mathematical Methodology to expound upon their Daily Mathematics. I also stated that this "Polyphemus Perspective" (Cyclops) does not functionally represent or acknowledge the Many Branches and Multifaceted, Non-Linear expressions of True and Living Mathematics. Well in today’s Article I want to elaborate on the use of Simple “Addition” and Alpha-Numerological “Digit Summing” to functionally define/express the Omniscience of our God-Centered Culture. The Archetype I’ve chosen for today’s Article is Count von Count AKA: “The Count” from Sesame Street. Although “The Count” was entertaining, had an enigmatic personality and knew how to make alittle Thunder and Lightning.. , ALL HE DID WAS COUNT. Keep him in Mind as I introduce you to what I call “Sesame Street Science”. Enjoy! -smile-

Mathematics is the language of the Universe and is a purely ‘Mental System’ that is solution orientated and result based. Throughout this System, Numbers (& Letters) are Symbolic Keys (Tools) used to cognitively unlock and convey Universal Principles/Procedures in the form of ‘Processes’ that: Solve Problems and Produce Quantitative/Qualitative results. These Mathematical (Mental) ‘Processes’ function as many Branches and are Multifaceted in nature. Every organic/inorganic, animate/inanimate aspect of the Universe is a Mathematical Principle that’s governed by a Mathematical Procedure, and Life itself is one Giant ‘Problem Book’.”-Self

When we’re first introduced to Mathematics in Kindergarten we learn the 4 basic Fundamental Forces (of nature) that govern all Mathematical Forms/Processes. These Fundamental Forces -known as Basic “Arithmetic”- are Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (x) and Division (÷). When I first got Mathematics from my Benefactor I learned about the use of Simple "Addition” or Alpha-Numerological “Digit Summing” to build on Daily Mathematics just like everyone did; 1 + 2 = 3 or Knowledge and Wisdom all being born to Understanding. I also learned other things that Gods were “Traditionally” taught to do. Some things I could get with and other things.. , well.. some Gods/Earths looked like they were on some New Age Church of Black Scientology shit!! Anyway, I was specifically taught, “This (Simple Addition/Digit Summing) is how most Gods/Earths build about their Daily Mathematics” or do certain things. Although my Benefactor schooled me in the proper Principles & Procedural aspects of this Culture, I was simply given an FYI about other non-essential elements that were less Cultural, Grossly Nationalistic and Religiously Zealous. Not only was my Curriculum indicative of my Family Tree, but I learned from the very beginning that being the Original Man implies Innovation, and that any form of Tradition (especially NGE Orthodoxy) can become a Conceptual Limitation (Prison House) that undermines the Freedom to express, define, preserve and perpetuate a Culture grounded in Supreme Beingness. It wouldn’t be until some years later that I’d actually “cee” (37/1-40) Gods/Earths strictly following these (and other) Traditions that I had only “heard” (37/1-40) about through my Benefactor. While some of these Traditions were applicable to the day, other Traditions were not and from the very beginning I realized that one of these Traditions -such as using only Simple "Addition” or “Digit Summing” to expound upon “Daily Mathematics”- (although useful!) could be expanded upon far beyond the Elementary Perspective and linear thinking that I still cee many Gods/Earths religiously deal with. I am not negating this Methodology because it is a Mathematical Function and it works! What I’m proposing is that this Method represents only one of the many different Branches of Mathematics, and to use this singular Method is not only limiting b.u.t. contrary to the functioning nature of True and Living Mathematics.

If today were the 12th and you asked the Average God/Earth, “How do you cee today’s Mathematics?” they’ll usually give you a spiel something like this, “Peace! I cee today’s Mathematics as Knowledge Wisdom all being born to Understanding. Knowledge is the Foundation and Wisdom is your Words, Ways and Actions. Understanding is Ceeing things for what they are, not what they appear to be. When your Wisdom is Foundated with Knowledge you’ll Cee things clearly.” Of course there are subtle distinctions b.u.t. the Template, Format or Basic Mechanics is usually always the same; “Knowledge Wisdom all being born to Understanding”. You will however "RARELY" hear Gods/Earths use other forms of Arithmetic such as Subtraction (-), Multiplication (x) and Division (÷) to expound upon Daily Mathematics. I won’t even mention other Branches of Mathematics that go neglected! Why do most Gods/Earths exclusively this Linear Method? Because many Gods/Earths are under the false impression that to “Build” or “Add On” means that you’re only supposed to use “Addition” (or Digit Summing)! LOL! I damn sure wouldn’t want an ignorant ass Nigga like that responsible for producing a Blueprint and Architectural Layout for my Family’s Born Jewel (Shelter)! Would you?! The mere fact that many Gods/Earths simply “can’t cee” a Mathematical Concept like, “When you 'negate' (-)Understanding from God you produce a Culture limited in it’s Free expression”, it tells you volumes about how they functionally perceive God-Centeredness. Contrary to what they’ve been taught and believe, Addition and Multiplication are not indicative of God and Subtraction and Division are not indicative of Devil! This shit should be known by now because many of ya’ll Niggas “Added” on 120 Lessons and “Multiplied” Students who are doing some foul ass shit that even Devils have sense enough not to do! Keep it real. If ya’ll can’t cee how “Negating” certain destructive habits and “Dividing” yourself from people, places and things that compromises Good Orderly Direction (God) ain’t RIGHT & EXACT, ya whole perspective is wack.

To give you a clearer example of what I mean let me first take you through the Math and give you a Simple “Addition” or “Digit Summing” perspective of how I cee the 12th. If I were asked, “Peace God! How you cee Today’s Mathematics?”, this is how I may choose to manifest it. Check it out:

Peace Lord. I cee Knowledge Wisdom as the Jewel of Happiness. Happiness hinges upon our ability to first Know (1) what it means to us, and then use Discernment (2) in order to obtain and preserve it because it’s a Jewel (3). Happiness is often equated with many things and that’s fine. Everybody has their own Understanding and people define it in many ways. As a Jewel, some people cee Happiness as a 'Diamond' Ring, some people cee it as going Double 'Platinum' in they Album Sales, and some people cee it as a 'Golden' Opportunity. The Best Part (Understanding) about Happiness to me is the Love (12) one has for Self. When you take it to the 12th Degree in the 1-14, this Love can be symbolic to 'FRUIT'. While many people simply Love the taste of 'Fruit', I Love it’s ability to reproduce itself because it contains the seeds of a future harvest! As Fruit, Love or Happiness are subject to the same organic process of growth and development of 'Hell or Right' as all organic/inorganic, animate/inanimate aspects within the Universe (21=3). Whatever we say we Love or define as Happiness must go through a process of Hell in order to manifest it Right! This ensures that we ultimately Understand the responsibility that comes along with Love or Happiness. Hell being symbolic to 'Fire' implies that we can either perceive this process as the type of 'Temperance' used to dissolve the impurities in Gold or the burning “Tribulation” of Hard Ass Times! Either way about it, we either get the Understanding or the Understanding will get us.

If you look at the 12th Degree in the 1-36 it states, “Yes, that made him other than himself.” Sometimes the Hell we go through can make us other than ourselves. If you were nothing more than a piece of iron that was forged (made) into a magnificent Sword then it can be a good thing to be made other than basic iron! On the other hand, if your body has been broken down to multiple health issues from drug use it’s not a good thing to be made other than a healthy person! Keep in mind that being “other than himself” is not negative or wrong within itself because this can also mean “being other than a disillusioned idea of what Self is really supposed to be”, and that epitomizes the wrong foods. Going through Hell is like being Psychologically “brought here by a Trader”, yet ultimately to Understand God should be Born (3/1-36). Trading Posts were traditionally “set up” on 'unsettled' (1/1-14) land and were designed to appeal to nomads, drifters who were unsettled and/or people who live a 'Jungle' (entangled Growth, Gypsy/Hobo Camp; 7/1-14) way of life. Unsettled is the science of being “unresolved” and a 'Trader' (28/1-36) simple appealed to and took advantage of these travelers transitory-like lifestyle. In our own transition of defining our Love or Happiness, we often find ourselves within the same unsettling (unresolved) situations because Physical, Mental and Spiritual “Trading Posts” (7/1-14) have been set up in the Jungles of our own Continent (Self: Central Asia) or Psychological Landscape. The reason can be found in the 12th Degree in the 1-40, “Because he desires to make slaves out of all that he can, so he can rob them and live in luxury.” “He” meaning “Ourselves” because we often rob ourselves of the very Love or Happiness we say we want! When I was little, my older brother used to tell me that Caucasians put a Self Destruct Mechanism in Black People. He said that we were to fear Success and naturally embrace Failure. This Self Destruct Mechanism was self initiated consciously/subconsciously when we began to systematically do/say things to deliberately sabotage our efforts to succeed in order to make ourselves fail! This is to say that sometimes we can be dealing with some deep rooted Social Conditionings that overrule our desires to truly succeed, enslaves us to perpetual failures and robs us of true Love or Happiness. It is only through Knowing (1) the origin of our own “unspoken” Words, Ways and Actions (2) can we get a better Understanding (3) of how/why we define Love or Happiness the way that we do. Sometimes gaining this 'Insight' (3) seems to be a Light “93 Million miles away” (3rd Actual Fact) or as Intellectually rigorous/discipline as “Military Training” in “a Wilderness” (12/1-14). Yet the Jewel we get from our experience is not only Priceless b.u.t. it’s Right!! My Father taught me a long time ago that a true Inheritance is passing on your Intellectual Property as a Family Jewel and that he never saw a Uhaul attached to a hearse. So ultimately, however we choose to define Happiness or Love, Knowledge Wisdom symbolizes the process process of gaining our own Understanding or ceeing things for what they Rightfully are. Peace!

Now I’ll build about the 12th using other Branches of Mathematics and Mathematical Concepts that are just as applicable yet not as Elementary as Simple “Addition” or “Digit Summing”. Check it out:

Lord I cee Knowledge Wisdom as Conceptualization. Man, being his own Primary Sense of Reference/Orientation ac’Knowledges’ (1) the Way (2) things function in order to gain an Understanding (3). Woman naturally uses her own self as a Primary Sense of Reference/Orientation, and she Understands (3) things through the Way (2) she ac’Knowledges’ (1) it. A Woman naturally filters all Knowledge through her feelings, intuitions or emotions (2), and a Man filters his feelings, intuitions or emotions (2) through Knowledge; (Woman: 2+1=3, Man 1+2=3). Different Methodologies used to Conceptualize the same thing (Understanding). In a relationship, when Love becomes a Concept that’s Radicalized it can be broken down into a the basic components of Wisdom (2: feelings, intuitions or emotions) and Equality (6: “cannot be drawn above SIX miles from the Earths surface”; 8/1-40). These specific points (2 & 6) serve to Orientate and Coordinate the present, reveal the past and predictably “Chart” the future direction (line) the relationship will go in. Nature itself does not produce natural strait lines, therefore whatever direction (line) this Light and Sound (Ceen & Heard; 37/1-40) travels in it’s in an aberrant form of a “Z” (26). To scribe “Z” you always come from “the left”, which reinforces the idea of being considered “Left Wing” or being Radical. Wisdom to the Equal Power(5) manifests Justice, so Justice is the symbolic "Emblem or Sword" (9/1-14) looming over the heads of those who Conceptualize Love in the Romanticized form of simple Wisdom and Equality, and not as a “Jewel” (Love=Justice Jewel/12 Jewels) through which all relationships in the Universe are Rightfully governed. Khalil Gibran’s book “Broken Wings” beautifully articulates/illustrates this Science. Sometimes the way we Conceptualize Love is done without “carefully” (3/1-14) examining it from the three basic dimensions of the Square (cube); Length Width and Depth or Your Relative Truth, your Partner’s Relative Truth and the Absolute Truth. Without this sense of diplomacy, situations can often atrophy into a state of “U and I Verse” (U/21st Letter) without ever actually arriving at an Understanding. This Radicalized Concept of Wisdom Equality is symbolic to being emotional subjected to the raging tides and soothing calmness of a Sea, where two people “relate” on a rudderless “ship” called belief. “Columbus” (3/1-14) was an Explorer who discovered North America for himself. As an Explorer, his Archetype implies that he had a basic Knowledge of Astronomy, Weather and used the appropriate Navigational Tool (Compass) to found his way. Being out to cee (sea), there are no readily identifiable “land marks”, therefore as a “Captain” (13/1-14) it’s of the upmost importance that you Know and Understand your way. Any “But’s” (13/1-40) about it can bring about a “physical death” (13/1-40). This is to say that there exist no “landmarks” on how you should navigate your relationship, but there is a higher order that Principally governs the direction it should/should not be going in; Justice. Ultimately, any relationship hinges upon us “founding” (3/1-14) that which is within our “ownself?" (13/1-36), and having the Cultural Fortitude to give “all with our power” (40/1-40) to cee the perfect Cipher's (day’s) we strive for in our relationships. This ultimately gives us the motivatation to ask the neverending inner question of how can “I Self Lord And Master” (I/9th Letter) Proclivities, Conditionings, Ideas, and Ways that impedes my/our ability to build and maintain a Heavenly “Kingdom” (K/11th Letter). And if we honestly can’t Cee it, it’s impossible to Be A-bout it! Peace.

In showing you these different Methods I wanted to encourage you to think outside “the box”; The “Prison House” (29/1-40) Perspectives that many of you have been “roped and bound” (4/1-14) in! The functioning nature of Supreme Mathematics is not limited to Simple "Addition” or “Digit Summing”in the same way that “Basic Arithmetic” is not the only Modus of Operandi of all Branches of Mathematics! There are other forms of Basic Arithmetic (-, x, ÷) and other branches of Mathematics such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry and etc. that can and should be employed to gain a greater Understanding of our God-Centered Culture! The beauty of Mathematics is the fact that it’s solution orientated and based upon results, so regardless of what I’m actually saying SHOW AND PROVE THIS TO YOURSELF! Crack open a Math Book and translate Algebraic Equations using Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and Lessons! Do the same thing with other Branches of Mathematics and cee what results you get! Some of you may argue about the Complexities associated with Higher Branches of Mathematics and that we need to keep it simple so that the babies understand, and that’s very “noble” of you! Of course, if it is nobility and not just “a shield” (5/1-14) for your intellectual inaptitude or apathy towards true growth and expansion. As “A Said Person of that ability” (20/1-40), it’s up to us to take complex subject matters (problems) and find a way to teach it to our youth so that they can understand how they’re functioning in their lives. And it’s time to take it a step beyond the “Sesame Street Science” of exclusively using Simple “Addition” or “Digit Summing” to Generalize and Consolidate Concepts that are oftentimes “highly intricate” and “sophisticated”! This Generalizing and Consolidation Methodology serves a purpose sometimes, not all the time, because it “generally” overlooks subtle nuances and intricacies that forge the Solution/Results we arrive at, and functions as a broad brush stroke we systematically paint complex Concepts with. So the next time you find yourself pondering your Daily Mathematics, keep in Mind that looking at the 12th (or any date!) as simply “Knowledge Wisdom all being Born to Understanding” is not, never has been or never will be “THE ONLY WAY” to look at the functioning reality of True and Living Mathematics!! Progressive Education Always Constitutes Expansion (PEACE)!!!