Saturday, August 05, 2006

-"Venus" is 67,000,000 miles from the Sun-

Peace Fam! Today I was in the mood to deal with some high science so I’m about to take it there. For those of you who are not in the Nation of Gods and Earths, as a part of our 120 Lessons that we learn to know and recite by heart, nine (9) of these Lessons are known as Solar Facts. The Solar Facts tell us the distance of each Planet from the Sun, for example Venus is 67,000,000 miles from the Sun. Yeah I know, it may not sound too interesting on face value, and probably went over many of your heads, but contained within this unassuming statement is invaluable information that is practically useful in many spheres of our life! This is “A Lesson” so there has to be something to learn from this information aside from the quantitative fact that so and so Planet is so many miles “from” the Sun. Just the fact that it states that Venus is “from” the Sun is a jewel! Now check this out..

The Universal Law of Correspondence states that “as above so below”. The observance of this Law has been prevalent throughout indigenous tribes observance of the forces of nature (weather) to govern their growing, harvesting, hunting and other cultural activities. This Law was also observed by the Ancient Kemetians (so-called Egyptians) in the architectural layout of our Nile Valley Civilizations. You can even observe how the insects and even plants naturally observe The Law of Correspondence!

Astrology is based upon The Law of Correspondence. Since Planets are defined as Celestial Bodies that inhabit the Heavenly Realm, Humans are defined as Terrestrial Bodies that inhabit the Earthly Realm. In the same way that our Planets each have a distinct atmosphere, Humans have distinct emotional atmospheres, and as Planets grow, change and evolve seasonal, Humans also grow, change and evolve psycho-physiologically. As we observe the Planets orbiting in the their path in a Universal Order, we can also observe our family and acquaintances orbiting in their path relative to our Social Order.

The Concept of assigning “Sun Signs” or “Birth Signs” to a person is based upon the idea that at the time of birth, the Planetary and Stellar Alignments were arranged in a such a way that a specific Planet and Constellation had a specific influence upon the Planet Earth during this time. I myself am said to be a Capricorn because the Planet Saturn and the Constellation of Capricorn had a major influence on the Earth when I was born. A good illustration of this is to envision yourself standing in the center of a clock with the Sun being the big hand and the Moon being the small hand. The 12 numbers are the 12 Zodiac Signs and as the big hand (Sun) passes from one number (Sign) to the next, it also changes Planetary influence. The little hand (Moon) moves through the Signs and Planets more rapidly and this creates subtle nuances between a person that is born at 1:33pm compared to a person who is born at 1:38pm. That’s just a basic idea of what Astrology is. It’s a very interesting Science and I encourage all of you to study it.

Mythology, Paganism, Religion, the Neters of Ancient Kemet, the Pantheon of the Gods of Greece and other Civilizations that conceptualize the forces of nature in the form of beings represent the psycho-dramatic illustration of Astrology. Essentially, these tales, stories, parables and etc.. . are used as symbolic methods to enlighten man to The Law of Correspondence. Most Christians blindly overlook what “On Earth as it is in Heaven” truly means. When knowing this it’s easy to decode what the 12 Tribes of Israel represented, the 12 Disciples, Judah being a Lion (Leo) and many other symbols.

Now when you look at the Ancient Kemetians, you begin to see the Planets and the Constellations become personified in human form and engaged in the governance of human activities! For example, the Planet Mercury translates into the Deity Tehuti, translates into the Zoomorphic form of an Ibis Bird, translates into form Imhotep and the way through the ages (and other Civilizations) until you get to a Wally West character affectionately known as “The Flash”. I know that most people are unaware that this Astrological Genius became most notable during our Nile Valley Era of Civilization so I’ll deal with the Roman names and concepts that you may be more familiar with. Keep in mind that these concepts are somewhat watered down versions of what the Greeks grafted from the Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians).

After laying that foundation, now lets look at the 2nd Lesson in our Solar Facts which states Venus is 67,000,000 miles from the Sun and see how it can be practically applied to our lives. First lets analyze Venus and she what “she’s” all about. I say “she” because all Planets are feminine both in nature and function. They all orbit the Sun according to the Receptive magnetism of the Sunlight, they all have seasonal/weather changes which is indicative to the emotional atmosphere of the female gender (Mother Nature, Mother Earth), and they also experience cataclysmic cycles which is indicative of a woman’s menstrual cycle. So now let’s analyze Venus;

1. The Planet Venus is named after the Roman Deity Venus who symbolizes “Love, Beauty, Sex and Sensuality”.

2. The symbol for Venus is a stylized representation of her hand mirror: a circle with a small cross underneath (♀).

3. The true adjective for Venus coming from Latin, “Venereal”, is avoided because of its modern association with disease.

4. Venus is sometimes called Earth's "Sister Planet", because they are similar in size and bulk composition.

5. Venus can usually only be seen a few hours before sunrise or a few hours after sunset. However, when at its brightest, Venus may be seen during the daytime, making it one of only two heavenly bodies that can be seen both day and night (the other being the Moon).

6. It is sometimes referred to as the "Morning Star" or the "Evening Star".

7. Venus has an atmosphere consisting mainly of carbon dioxide.

8. The enormously CO2-rich atmosphere raises Venus’s surface temperature to over 400°C.

9. Venus was “believed” to contain a lush, Earth-like jungle environment with oceans. This was due to the Planet's size and orbital radius, which suggested a fairly Earthlike situation as well as to the thick layer of clouds which prevented the surface from being seen.

10. Venus has slow “Retrograde Rotation”, meaning it rotates from east to west, instead of west to east as most of the other major Planets do.

11. Venus's intrinsic magnetic field has been found very weak compared to other Planets in the Solar System.

So for all practical purposes Venus is is something else! As a matter of fact I alway visualize Little Kim as an Archetype for Venus! As you can see, she is heavely marketed for her “Love Songs, Beauty, Sexuality and Sensuality”. The symbolism of her hand mirror represents self adornment, insecurity and overcompensation. The Circle (o) is a Cipher and the cross (+) is a “t” for Truth (in our Supreme Alphabet). Whenever you engage this type of woman’s Cipher be aware that she is oversensitive to the truth. The “mirror” she carries is an indication of how she systematically uses self adornment, insecurity and overcompensation as “defensive mechanisms” to survive in a male dominant society. More than not, these “defensive mechanisms” take on the form of the true adjective for Venus coming from Latin, which “Venereal”. Venereal in the diseased sense of literal oversexual activity and in the symbolic sense of pathology of her psycho-social interactions. The fact that Venus is usually only seen “a few hours before sunrise” or “a few hours after sunset” gives you insight into her lifestyle (orbit). A woman like this is a booty call! Shit, she’s hot (Venus’s surface temperature to rises to over 400°C.) so what do you expect! Add the fact that she is referred to as the “Morning or Evening Star" and you know she’s nice with hers! Celebrity status with the opposite sex (and oftentimes the same sex) because its’ more than simply sex, she’s dealing with sensuality which is the higher art of pleasure! Also add the fact that her atmosphere (tactics) consists mainly of carbon dioxide and you see how she’s able to lure men (and even women) to sleep. And we all know that carbon dioxide poisoning is hard to ditect because it’s both ordorless and tasteless. A person effected by CO2 poisoning either suffers from narcholeptic symptoms or simply falls asleep and never wakes up! Venus is something else!

Now lets look at some of the tactics Venus uses. Venus is said to be called Earth's "Sister Planet", because they are similar in size and bulk composition. Since Earth produces and maintains life, she can be considered any woman of importance to you such as your woman, a female relative or even a friend. If the Earth is your woman and Venus is considered her “Sister Planet” then Venus is closer than you think! She’s either the bitch that be hanging tight with ya’ woman, ya woman’s sister who always’s flirting with you or just some female that’s trying to get to know your woman so she can eventually get closer to you (Venus is 26 Million miles closer to the Sun than the Earth!)! Since Venus has an atmosphere (attitude, character, disposition) that consists of mostly CO2 , she can’t produce or maintain life, so I call her “bitch” for a good reason! She got a fucked up attitude cause she wants what you have and she goes through extreme measures to make you believe she has a lush, jungle-like habitable environment with oceans just as vast as the Earth (see Single White Female, and Fatal Attraction)! When she’s really on some bad shit she tries to be seen at high noon; “when at its brightest, Venus may be seen during the daytime, making it one of only two heavenly bodies that can be seen both day and night (the other being the Moon). This is critical to understand because she only appears this way because “the thick layer of clouds which prevents the surface from being seen”. But beneath all that bullshit (self adornment, insecurity and overcompensation) the fact is, the bitch is really weak, remember “Venus's intrinsic magnetic field has been found very weak compared to other Planets in the Solar System”. This means that when it comes down to it she can’t even keep a relationship if she tried!

In analyzing Venus one of the most important factors about her is that she “has slow “Retrograde Rotation”, meaning she “rotates from east to west, instead of west to east as most of the other major Planets do. It’s common sense that all travelers or seekers of knowledge travel East (from the West) in search of light/knowledge. To travel in the opposite direction is symbolically saying that you are going backwards! From a historical perspective this symbolizes that Venus women are highly assilimated (psychologically) into the Westernized Idealogies of Individualism and Capitalism. As Little Kim serves as my Archetype for Venus, you can see how the ideas of Individualism and Capitalism play an influential role in forging her idenity as the self proclaimed “Black Marilyn Monroe”.

To summarize the ideas that I put forth, again Venus is 67,000,000 miles from the Sun. In our Supreme Mathematics “6” represents Equality, Femininity and also Sexuality. If you look at the number six it appears to be pregnant. “7” on the other hand represents God, Perfection and Completion. When 6+7 is combined it equals “13” which symbolizes the letter “M” or MASTER in our Supreme Alphabet. This can simply be interpretated to mean that Venus functions in a way to use her nature (Femininity and also Sexuality) to deify herself in order to become a God beside God. With an ultimate intent of bringing forth (6=pregnancy) and MASTERING life like the Earth. Ironically, the “6” letter in our Supreme Alphabet is “F” which represents Father, further reinforces her “Freudian” Psychology (penis envy) in relationship to the Father (Fat-her/pregnancy/bearing life) and indifference towards of the fertility Mother Earth.

Now what am I saying by all this? Am I telling you that women born under the Zodiac Signs of Libra and Scorpio that’s ruled by Venus are destined to be on some freak shit? Am I saying that there aren’t any positive qualities in Venus? No, I’m just giving you a brief illustration of what can be learned from “the study” of our Lessons, especially from something as unassuming as our Solar Facts. When I speak to my youth I use this “study” in my slanguage to show them the science of how everything functionally relates to their lives! When I see a young wiz (young girl) that my man is peepin’ out, if she is a budding “Venus” I let it be known and I explain her experimental tactics to him so he can begin to properly order his universe, and consequently put her in her proper place! I don’t want him to make the same mistake as me when I allowed her CO2 to lure my ass to sleep! I also let the young wiz’s know how to descern who their true “sister’s” are, because some of these bitches that say they ya’ “sister” get on some real grimy shit when they envious of you! By being able to teach the youth to see the relativity of things, we empower them with the ability to “name” it’s functional definition in their life and simultaneously gain dominion over what will be! And oh yeah, the fact that Venus is 67,000,000 miles “from” the Sun let’s us know that whatever her dilemma may be, all the above is caused by the Sun (light & influence) on Man experimenting (playing) with high explosives (her emotions!), which is usually how Venus was “made or grown from the beginning” (in the first place!).