Sunday, August 21, 2011

Building; a 'Pro-Action' Word

Construction Sign

The terminology “Building” has and is being used so loosely that I thought that it’s important to clarify what this exactly means.

First and foremost, to “Build” means ‘To Construct’. In the most simplistic terms: If the activities we’re participating in are not constructive, than that’s a clear sign that we’re not actually Building; it’s destroying. Why? Because we are not elevating our/anyone’s thought process, way of approaching/assessing life, and circumstances we/they are living in. As a matter of fact, if what we’re conversing about is constructive, then the evidence of it’s application should be apparent in our people activities (how we’re actually living). For example, if I’m talking about how the Black Man is God, then I shouldn’t be in and out of court/jail for crimes I’m committing. If I’m calling myself a Queen, then my living environment or my attitude should not be a hovel.

Building is not an action word, it’s a ‘pro-action’ word! To exemplify what “Building” means it requires that something is actually being done, constructively. Many times I hear people talking about a lot of things, even in a highly intelligent way, b.u.t. nothing to very little in their day to day activities even remotely resembles what they’re saying… Hey, we all have potential, b.u.t. all of us aren’t doing something with it. When a person is actually Building, they realize that they’re only as good as the last project they completed, knowledge they gained and skill they’ve acquired. They’re constantly elevating, learning and growing. This is clearly evident in how they look, what they’re doing and how they’re talking. Because they’re being constructive, the activities they’re invested in are models for sustainability; they’re not self important, materialistic or hedonistic pursuits because these things don’t last! That’s important to note because people may get the impression that someone is Building just because they’re doing something… Let me emphasize again that it must be constructive: elevating our/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances we/they are living in. This is not because I say so, it's because these requirements dictate the nature and function of Building. In other words, what we’re doing endures because it stands the test of time, tension and integrity. An example of this is a relationship that’s built upon the principle of love, not lust; because love endures.

Although people may be under the impression that this terminology means “conversing with another person”, that is not entirely accurate. Building is not about the rhetoric being spewed, slang that’s being flipped or hot air debates we're having. The real emphasis is on how we’ve done or are doing what we’re saying, and how this has been instrumental in elevating our/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances we/they are living in. Building is not Cell Phone Philosophizing, Blog Boastin' or Fakebookin'… AKA 'Ghosts in the Shell'! Building also isn't sterile rants and raves about academic achievements that lack a clear plan of action of how we're actually using these achievements to better our families, community and people. When I say “I’m Building!” then I should have something to actually show for it, literally. If we’re studying lessons or scripture, then our life should actually demonstrate what we actually learned from that lesson/script. The purpose of our study is not an exercise to talk about some historical events. It's also not to show each other how smart we are about something that clearly has nothing to do with why we still haven’t started our own business/got a job, we’re no step closer to being in a relationship, our attitude/behavior in handling situations has not matured or we’re still holding on to a nasty habit that’s actually killing us. We need to be more committed to eliminating the contradictions between what we say and what we’re actually doing or not doing. We need to be more dedicated to growth and development than just reading a few pages of a book every other day or browsing the internet to skim over some things we’re curious about. If we’re going to Build then we need to be constructive and stop procrastinating with our life! Set short/long term goals that are realistic and achievable and work EVERY DAY to make them a reality while we’re doing what’s real. No that last sentence wasn’t a typo! Lol I made sure to state “while we’re doing what’s real” because some of us may find ourselves waiting on that train to come in, long suffering until we die and go to heaven or believing that one day in the future everything is just going to work out for us while completely neglecting the work we need to do today. At the end of each day we should be taking inventory of the quality of time we invested –which we will never get back. While assessing the quality of this time, we should be able to clearly see and articulate how we’ve used it to elevate, learn and grow. I’m not talking about using Supreme Mathematical tricks to try to rationalize a mediocre, mundane existence, or making religious/astrological abstractions in order to spice up a bland, flavorless lifestyle. I’m talking about being able to identify and demonstrate how we’ve literally elevated our/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances we/they are living in.

In closing, I challenge all of us to begin TODAY by honestly taking an inventory of our day before we go to rest tonight. Consider what you actually did to elevate your/anyone’s thought process, quality of life and circumstances you/they are living in. Ask yourself how you were actually an asset to your family, community and society as a whole. Make a ‘pro-action’ plan for tomorrow of how you are (not wish, hope, or want to) going to improve how you invested your time today, and commit yourself to it. (11/1-14) If we’re going to be a Builder than lets be that for real and we can start by actually doing something constructive today.


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Carmen Jones...

Proper Station Identification
by Lord Life Justice

Most of us will agree that the Black Man is God; whose knowledge is infinite within his potential; which corresponds to Allah within physical manifestation as God or a divinely behaving Black Man. Equally we can say that the producer of all knowledge, as well as the physical manifestation of all energy and power to express the will of Allah, is born through the feminine factor of life known as substance, which corresponds to the Black Woman within the realm of physical manifestations; in which we call Equality or more centrally-- the Earth. Most of us bear witness to these two concepts. Most of us grasp that this is who we truly are; meaning that we comprehend this should be our outlook for everyday in our lives. When we sing "The Enlightener," we say that the culture of Gods and Earths is "I-God." This is recognized by most of us as "I God is a divine culture" and the culture of those who claim that “I am God” or “I am Earth”. As well, it means the "I" represents the word Islam-- which translates into I Self Lord and Master or I Sincerely Love Allah's Math-ematics-- which contains the "science of everything in life." But when it comes down to living out this culture, many of us do not live out the true culture of I-God: Many live out a hybrid of (1) What one may comprehend concerning One Hundred and Twenty Lessons, (2) what one may have been accustomed to before one received the knowledge (which is conditioning, taught behavior, proclivities, habits, impulses, drives, sentimentalities, etc.), (3) And a strange blend of what we were taught in the devil's civilization, when we were in the grave as "babies" (24/1-36), as opposed what one begins to understand concerning the Knowledge of who they really are (the True Self). For some of us, this is represented by a life of rationalizing bad habits and tendencies-- a.k.a. not acknowledging that these tendencies have their origin in a time when we were "other than ourselves" (12/1-36). This becomes further complicated, when one accepts their former behavior as appropriate (or the RIGHT way to be), within the context of now having "Knowledge of Self"-- which has one expressing a culture not much different than the eighty-five percent, being totally unaware of those ways which originate from the Devil's culture (or demon education); which has one appear savage acting and hypocritical. This is very strange for a Man who says he is God or a Woman who says she is Earth; who is supposed to be showing the uncivilized people in the world a "civilized way." For this type of behavior, THERE IS A CONTRADICTION BETWEEN WHAT IS SAID AND WHAT IS DONE.

Let's give an example: "The Art of Woo-ing Women" is really a Western concept. That is, The Art of relationships are not defined in the East as they are in the West. And since there is a difference, our culture requires that we "Do-the-Knowledge on things like this. "To Woo" is defined as "a courtship with the hope of marrying." It requires certain things from the man and the woman: These "certain things" may or may not correspond to what is truly appropriate (RIGHT)(1), or needed in a situation (2); or as they say on the street, In keeping with "Keeping It Real" (3), but still “they continue daily” (13/1-40). Any way, in the West, the Man wins the Woman over by doing things to "keep her smiling and laughing, and providing things to make her happy." This becomes a primary function of a male in a Western type of relationship: He is supposed to "make her happy by providing things," while she is supposed to "make him comfortable." Now, most of us are not "First generation Wise Men or Wise Women from the East." We were raised within the confines of the "U-S of A." Much of what we know about Woo-ing comes from books, TV shows, movies, music, school, friends, adults and misguided parents who live within the West. The only way we found out about Eastern and Western differences is reasoning and seeking knowledge of such things later on (and if you watch a lot of sit-coms they will discourage things like this by poking fun at many Eastern things such as Yoga, Meditation, Vegetarianism, etc.). And as a matter of fact, most of us never really put too much thought into the "ins-and outs" about our ideas concerning relationships-- and that is the major problem (most believe in the 10 percent on face value-- 9/1-40). So here he goes, "trying to make her happy" and she sits, "in the judgment box, rating his performance." She takes out her calculator and adds up the assets of her "would-be fiance"-- for everyone knows that song: "No romance without finance-- you got to have a j-o-b, if you want to be with me." She rates the contestants and he's just going out of his way to win her over. Visualize a "successful affluent White businessman" buying her "diamonds and furs" to make her "cat purr," while Kitty strokes his back and rubs his ego; telling him "how good he is to her" (comforting), while he thinks about "what a ‘catch’ she is" or "how he owns her because of his money"... anyone who watched Stanley Kubricks movie "Eyes Wide Shut" knows what my person is talking about.

My question is, "What if a Blackman who says he has "Knowledge of Self" and believes in this type of cultural philosophy, pairs up with a Blackwoman who is a malcontent (never satisfied)?" What do you think would be the outcome? Well, he probably believes that ideology on "relationship philosophy" is something he came up with on his own (a.k.a. truly his own feelings/ not societies), because it would be difficult to trace how this school of thought became part of his life. And since this God has western ideas concerning relationships, whenever he thinks a woman is cute, gorgeous, hot, or special, or the power-you is "fantastic", he will try his best to appease her by pleasing her desires. More than likely, he will not look at the fact that because he is trying to "please her or make her happy," this ideology will put "her" in the "driver's seat," to make all the "judgment" calls or he will face her dissatisfaction. This Western role however, places "Her" in direct conflict with "His" role as "head of the Kingdom" (knowledge the math of He and Her/ Build or Destroy). Although he may get tired of trying to "make her happy," he won't want "Grumpy Power-You," so he will not "stand-by his principles," which he should-- he will (more accurately) give into his own lust factors and co-sign the B.S.-- never realizing how this philosophy directly undermines his authority to make decisions (she might not be happy with the choices, and since he tries to keep her happy...). And since she is a malcontent, she will never be reasonable or content with anything; therefore, nothing he does will ever be good enough in her eyes. But still he believes... So he will keep on trying and trying --making more and more concessions and compromises as far as his culture of I-God is concerned-- until he is finally unhappy and vexed about his situation (but that won't matter to her as long as she is getting what she wants). In this school of thought, "appeasing a woman to insure that you will have sex with a female," is more important than all the unpleasantness one will go through in order to achieve such a goal (no wonder some women believe their vagina is paved with gold). Of course, this behavior (on both parts) leads to the objectification of Women since granted, if the price or acquisition is what she wants, the implied goal is a woman who will gratify his lust. What is not discussed here, is that she may lust for him also but, she deceives him into thinking that there's nothing for her in the exchange but the things she asks for (of course, while receiving two types of pay-offs); which in itself is prostitution.

Many White Men in Western culture prefer to seek Women how don't care about being an object: I.e. they would prefer a wife and sex slave preferably in the same package-- either that or promiscuity: an "allowed affair" with some mistress in an obscure part of town, or "nights-out at the tittie bar equipped with pole-cats," finishing up at a house of prostitution or back room affair. Take a look at the world around you and you will see that everywhere where there is an American or European military base, there are these kinds of places of ill-repute. A lot of Colored Men will knowingly marry whores, "call-girls," and/or prostitutes (because underneath it all they have that overall opinion about Women anyway). Now we can understand why the White Man does this (after-all, it is his culture which matches his nature), but why is the Black Man also doing these things? Because “they were made blind, deaf, and dumb when they were babies” (24/1-36): When he was brought here, he had everything stripped from him-- including his language (and in the course of time and generations, even his memories of his homeland. This effectively removed his own elements of culture and brought him (or her) to an uncivilized state. Made to feel insecure as a result of it, eventually he became other than himself (4-12/1-36). The responsibility of a culture is to provide guidance along moral and ethical lines (which we can see that Western civilization is full of many contradictions). And by not having a full understanding of what a righteous culture is, some Black Men began to adopt the culture of the people who enslaved his ancestors, through constant exposure to the use of various cultural elements, icons, and celebrities. He began to believe the religion given to him during slavery is the religion to follow.

But what is even more destructive to our awareness, is the use of the White Man's language and its concepts behind it. Why? Because inside every language is words which are a group of concepts, represented by words), which describe how a people look at things in everyday life; covering every aspect. Words in a language are more religious than religion itself. It is the people's way of thinking, conceptualizing, believing, desiring, and dreaming. This was taken away from the Black Man during the acts of slavery. But what is even worst, is the commonly held belief by most people concerning words which is: BECAUSE A WORD MAY EXIST IN A PARTICULAR LANGUAGE, MOST PEOPLE HAVE THE OPINION THAT THE CONCEPT, WHICH IS REPRESENTED BY THAT WORD, MUST ALSO EXIST AND/OR IS REAL AND TRUE. This error is a very glaring mistake, because there are several words in the English language which have concepts which defy reasoning and logic. Yet because of this philosophy, most people will still believe such concepts, and the meanings behind those words, are so. Close observation of any good movie will reveal to the observer the use of excellent word-play and dialogue between the characters. This dialogue, which often make subtle observations between two or more words and their relationships, showcases points that the screen writer or author wants to illustrate as well as elaborate on. Sometimes the analogy is so compelling to the viewer, that we may even quote several parts of the screenplay. This type of exercise by playwrights and authors is good because it teaches us how to analyze concepts behind several words for their validity or whether or not we should subscribe to the concepts behind those meanings. In short, THESE EXERCISES ARE ONE OF THE WAYS TO DEVELOP CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. This must have been the sort of thing The Father had in his third, when he said: "WE SHOULD NEVER TAKE THINGS ON FACE VALUE."

With this concept in mind, let us look at the above example of relationships in the west, versus rational thought and critical thinking. First of all, LOVE IS NOT POSSESSION AND PEOPLE ARE NOT OBJECTS TO BE OWNED BY OTHER HUMAN BEINGS: Meaning: I don't own you and you don't own me! Hopefully if we sojourn together, we come together because of mutual understanding (12= 1+2=3) and common goals. THIS MAKES US BIGGER THAN YOU AND ME; FOR WE CANNOT HAVE A UNIVERSE WITHOUT U-N-I (you and I). "It takes TWO to make a thing go right!" THEREFORE TRUE LOVE IS A PROPER EXPRESSION OF UNDERSTANDING. Showing and proving that "The Understanding is the Best Part of The Original: It represents our Love as unified for a common cause: IT IS OUR UNITY, EXPRESSED LIKE BEING INCORPORATED; THE RELATIONSHIP IS THE COMBINING OF THE TWO PARTS INTO ONE ENTITY. WE ARE ONE, AS ALLAH IS ONE-- not separate parts! Allah, the Omniscient One, had knowledge of all, before things were even created. This knowledge must have included gender/masculine and feminine aspects long before forms were created to express it; otherwise, Allah would not be Omniscient. Omniscient means having infinite awareness and insight and/or possessed of universal or complete knowledge and is one part of the three major aspects the Supreme being must possess. The other two are Omnipotent and Omnipresent. To say that the knowledge of the feminine or masculine aspect was not always with Allah eternally, is to deny Allah as being Omniscient or all knowing... However, the expression of such knowledge, awareness or familiarity was not applicable or expressed BEFORE the creation of physical world. Allah is One, yet all things in life (physical universe) is dual (two complementary aspects). When we talk about the masculine and feminine factors BEFORE CREATION, they are merely correspondences (congruencies) according to various similarities they have in common with beings in the physical realm. During creation, gender was made manifest when living beings were made manifest to carry out the dual aspects of roles that all complex creatures must do in behalf of the continuation for the species. These roles complement each other. If I select a Earth to complement my person, we do so because of your ability to reason things out and coincide with Mathematics, which means: to use your powers to manifest that which is appropriate for our relationship and the nature of things. Conversely, you should choose me as your God because I manifest the ways of the righteous-- my rules appropriate goes according to Mathematics-- meaning you know you will be provided for and taken care of, because of my equality. It's all about US and not just me: The "Relationship of We" is more important than You or Me! The preservation of the relationship take precedence over our personal desire! In other words, I sacrifice in behalf of the survival of my Kingdom! If I buy you things, it is because of the way you are, as well as how you display your persons in our relationship; not just to appease you so I can continue to have sex... It is a reflection concerning your way; a mere token of appreciation for "all the things you are" to me. You are dear to me and this relationship-- which shows that "you and I dream as one."

If I pay a Woman for services rendered, "prostitution is all that it is", period. If the roles are reversed, the man would be a gigolo and prostitution would still apply, with just the word "male" in front of it. In the western world, there are a lot of Women discontent with their roles and people (both male and female) feeling they are trapped in the wrong body. There may be other types of people who entertain similar ideas in the East, but nowhere is the means of expression indulged as it is in the Western world. It is very much so a part of European culture, and vastly becoming part of the American expression (as Europe’s ‘New World’). There has been various classes given to Women in the west to be more assertive, which usually culminates into a certain brand of forcefulness that a lot of males find intolerable because amongst males, this type of forcefulness would usually be followed up with violence and war. It comes as no surprise that a lot of the Feminist Organizations which advocate such procedures are often headed by those who are not content with their roles, often feeling they are trapped in the wrong body. It is only logical because the procedures they advocate are very problematic for those heterosexuals looking for righteous solutions between Men and Women. But as it was said earlier, we can see why Whites do this, it is a part of their cultural "growth" and development, but why are we Blacks reflecting this behavior when our culture offers us other alternatives?

There is a lot of "freelancers and fly-by-night-ers" out there; both male and female. This is a philosophy of getting what one wants/and using people “as a tool and also a slave” (6/1-14) to get it. Doing what ever it takes in order to have ones way, without concerning your person with what it does to the other person involved, is not civilized or product of self development. This is what was done to Non-White People by the Colored (White) Man and indicates of low-life, immature mentality (low mode of human functioning). A civilized culture or civilized behavior is not about "being serviced" or getting your "freak-on," while pretending to be looking for a true bond or a decent relationship... If you think like THIS, you'll never be compatible with those who think like THAT SAID PERSON OF THAT ABILITY or civilized people (20/1-40)! These qualities are clearly qualities of lesser abilities, displaying lesser value, and should be considered "as-is" and for what it is. As a righteous person, you will be getting the "short-end of the stick." The Western Man plays the "name your price" game because he considers both Men and Women as "his possession-at-a-price (make you my beach)". Whether at the workplace or in bed, he shows this nature all-around-the-world especially when they are not of his race or stock of people. That's why if he doesn't want you to have a say in the politics of his game he will buy you out, so that your word will have no bearing on his politics. That's also why so many Colored Men do not have a problem marrying a prostitute or "pole-cat." She is his silent sex partner and Her Value is Her Price: WHETHER THIS IS ONE MAN OVER THE LONG HAUL OR SEVERAL MEN OVER A SHORT COURSE OF TIME. You want to be a SHOT CALLER? Consider mutual understanding, reasoning and mutual interests in a mate, someone who will do right because it is the right thing to do... As I Freedom Born once said, "The only Earths you 'make' (1/1-10) is the ones you father through your seed"-- the rest is a negotiation with a reasonable female over a rational idea. You can convince a reasonable female with the right idea, but you cannot force a person to be righteous in their heart when they are not feeling it in their soul. And please don't confuse "persuasiveness" with "maker." "The Earth orbits around the Sun, but she also Rotates On Her Own Axis"... Just because they didn't tell you, and you are too full of "yourself" to observe, it doesn't mean she feels it in her heart: She is only doing what she thinks it takes in order to survive and get what she wants. You'll be able to see how things really are when she becomes disenchanted. Forget those females with Single-minded thought and forget those Men who want to treat you like an object, instead of the qualities you possess... What you put in, should be equal to what you get out. [Why do you think she's called Equality?]

Secondly, CONCERNING "MAKING SOMEONE HAPPY"... One of the main rules in Knowledge of Self (at least when my persons received it) is "never take anything on face value." You should investigate and "everything must be "shown forth and proved." Even the Bible says to "Study to show thy self approved". Mostly everyone wants the power associated with being in control, but few of us are willing to go through the refinement necessary to elevate to this level of equality. Like Grand Agent once said, [Life is a] "refinement assignment." What you put in, you truly get out. If you ever wonder why it is "easy to be led in the wrong direction" (14/1-40), it is because it doesn't take much of an effort; you can just let things happen. Refinement utilizes a lot more power than just following your feelings. But "following your feelings" is foreign to the "Knowledge of Self" concept. God knowledge’s (stop, look, listen and observe) his equality (emotions)! God does so, because he realizes that the nature of equality is "unknown" (unpredictable) without proper principles and procedures to govern them. THE PROBLEM IS YOU LEARNED ABOUT BEING EMOTIONAL AND GOING WITH THE FLOW OF YOUR FEELINGS, LONG BEFORE YOU LEARNED ABOUT WHAT THE PROPER DEFINITION OF WHAT RIGHTEOUSNESS IS. You were taught long before you got your hands on One Hundred and Twenty Lessons, that "you shouldn't fight your feelings", "hunches and feelings are intuitive", etc.. What we were accustomed to before we received knowledge is that "you are only human". This concept is foreign to the Knowledge of Self concept: This concept teaches that we are divine beings dwelling in a fleshly body. We were also taught that Man/Woman has to be "reborn with the knowledge before he/she can enter into the kingdom of God" (13/1-40). The problem is both of these philosophies can exist within the same person, subliminally interfering with a person striving to exercise some refinement! (end of Part One)