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Freemasonry & Illuminati: Geopolitical Alchemy

Freemasonry & Illuminati
Geopolitical Alchemy

Recently there's been a video circulating online of KRS-One speaking on Freemasonry, The Illuminati and if he's a member of those secret societies. You can view the video HERE. While the video was very insightful, I was compelled to add-on because there was a lot of territory that wasn't covered in regards to this subject matter. It's difficult to do that in a 12 minute video. On December 11th I hosted a live #Periscope presentation on the subject matter and then followed it up with a youtube video for those who didn't have the app. You can check out that video here: A.S.I.A. TVThe main focus in my video was to show people the correlations in some of the things KRS-One talked about and other things that were not mentioned. It's vital to understanding the network in how their web [net] works.

To begin, a couple of the main points KRS-One talked about was Martime Law, ship craftsmanship [building] and International Banking such as the role of the Rothschild's, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergs. He also talked about the Ancient Kemetic [Egyptian] origins of Freemasonry. In regards to "a part" of the white Freemasons origin this is indeed true. I would add that the Freemasons did not solely get their teachings, constitution, regalia, signs, symbols and working tools from Kemet. There are various other Classical Civilizations, Original [First World] People and Nations whom the Freemasons owe credit to such as the Indus Valley, the Moors, the Iroquois and various others. One of the most critical pieces of information that was not included in KRS-One's video was the role the Knight Templars played in forging Freemasonry, International Banking, Maritime Law and setting the foundation for other appendant secret society bodies. If you've read my article Pike Dreams showing Albert Pike's ties to Freemasonry, the Klu Klux Klan, Freemasonry and Shriners, I am taking the same approach to demonstrate the correlations in my video. Also, I encourage you to please follow-up these chronological points I make by researching further the locations, names and events that connect the dots.

* In the 1100's the Knight Templars are organized and work as a military arm of the Catholic Church to guard travelers from Europe who are going to the holy land [Jerusalem]. These Poor-Fellow Soldiers of Christ establish a secret initiation ritual and utilize secret signs, symbols and regalia to identify each other who belong to their order. This is 400 years after the Moors were already occupying and culturally influencing parts of Europe, including the Knight Templars. The Moors would remain an influence in Europe for another 300 years until the late 1400's. Also, while the Templars are in the holy land they also come under the influence of the Saracens via Saladin and the Assassins via Hassan-i Sabbāh, The Old Man of The Mountains. 

* Through the mathematical/navigational insight and craftsman influence of the Moors, the Knight Templars established a navel fleet. As a protective arm of the church, their fleet were considered church "privateers" and likewise given permission to attack enemy vessels and confiscate their riches. In addition to the traditional white flag bearing the red cross, the other flag flown atop Templar navel fleets was a black flag bearing a white skull and cross bones. That flag came to be known as the Jolly Roger flag and eventually associated with pirates during the Buccaneer Period or Golden Age of piracy in the 1650's to the early 1700's. This is also the symbol used for the Freemasonic appendant body established at Yale University in the 1800's known as the Skull & Bones.


* The Knights Templars established the First International Banking system. When lords and other wealthy Europeans would travel to the holy land they would deposit their wealth with the Templars. When they arrived in the holy land they were able to withdraw gold based upon what they deposited back home. This system helped the Templars, or Poor-Fellow Soldiers of Christ, amass a great deal of wealth. So great was their wealth they were able to lend money to Kingdoms. One such King, Philip IV of France, was in debt to them.

* With the expansion of their International Banking System, and privateering navel fleet, the Templars began to define some of the perimeters and reinforce what came to be defined as Maritime Lawprivate international law governing the relationships between private entities that operate vessels and conduct business on the oceans such as marine commerce, navigation, salvaging and the transportation of goods and passengers by sea. The planet earth being 196,940,000 square miles and water covering 139,685,000 square miles, Maritime Law determines 3/4's or 75% of the rules and regulations that govern our planet and its resources.

* By the 1300's people began to conspire against the Knight Templars to confiscate the wealth and usurp their position of power. On Friday, October 13th, 1307, Philip IV of France and Edward II of England with the use of a Papal Bull issued by Pope Clement V began to arrest Templars throughout Europe on charges of heresy against the Catholic Church. King Philip IV, in debt to the Templars, persuaded Pope Clement to do it. This Friday the 13th became known as Black Friday and the source of #13 being considered unlucky. Upon their arrest came the Templar Heresy Trials where Knights were tortured, burned at the stake and forced to admit that in their secret initiations they worshiped the devil, spat upon crosses and committed other heinous acts against the church. The Templars Grand Master, Jacques de Molay was publicly burned at the stake in France. Some of the Templars wealth was also confiscated and to this day is still part of the Vatican's national treasure.

* Those Templar's who were not caught went underground and used their ships to smuggle their wealth out of certain places in Europe. Now viewed as an enemy of the church, the Templars were no longer seen as privateers. Their navel fleet and black flag bearing a white skull and cross bones became associated with piracy. It is also during this time that elements of the Templar Code of Conduct becomes a Pirate Code of Conduct.

* The first Templar's to publicly reemerge as Knights occurred in Scotland in 1314. Some fought alongside King Robert The Bruce who was at war with England's Edward II, the same King who conspired against them with Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V. In regards to International Banking, their first affiliated bank was opened in Venice in 1397 under the guise of Giovanni Medici. Following this, the Templar's shadowy distribution of wealth via a sophisticated network of institutions and the seemingly disappearance of their navel fleet appeared as though they vanished. 

* From the 1300's to the 1600's Europe began its Renaissance, spearheaded by the Moors with an undercurrent of Templar socioeconomic engineering. During this time we see explorers and thinkers such as Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, De Vinci, Sir Issac Newton and others associated with the Night Templar's begin to publicly shape Europe's destiny. 

* 15th century Scotland, with the building of the structure known as the Rosslyn Chapel, is the first architectural evidence of the transmutation of Knights Templars into an organization that came to be known as Freemasonry. Prior to this point, there is no historical mention of a secret society known as Freemasonry. Rosslyn Chapel contains both Knight Templar and Freemasonic signs, symbols, ritual depictions.

* In the 1500's we see the first European Freemasonic Lodges in Scotland: The Lodge of Edinburgh #1 or Mary's Chapel and the Mother Lodge Kilwinning Lodge #0. It is in the Kilwinning Lodge where we find a record of the first masonic minute book. The Lodge of Edinburgh is where we find the first historical reference of speculative freemason being initiated. This also marks the craftsmanship transition of many Templars from ship/fortress building sea travelers to tradesman [builders]. This worked to solidify a sedentary identity as Freemasons and the establishment of stonemason guilds. Their working tools, signs, symbols, mathematical/navigational insight and Christian worldview was forged into a secret system to identify each other, and their skill level, within these guilds. Over time this operative system of actually building structures began to take on a non-operative or speculative identity and non-working class people among the aristocratic class began to be initiated.

* During this time of the European Renaissance and Exploration, the Protestant Reformation and Buccaneer Period or Golden Age of Piracy is ushered in. Because of the Templars past issues with the Catholic Church, some become a secret aide to the Protestant Movement under the auspices of their new identity, Freemasons.

* 1717 The Mother Lodge of London England is established. Other appendant bodies begin to be established in other parts of Europe that are beholden to this Mother Lodge. American Freemasons such as George Washington and his crew are not given a charter to establish lodges in America from England yet do so anyway. They not only secede from England, they secede from the Mother Lodge of England. Starting in 1738 and several years after the Catholic Church issues papal bulls to banning Catholics from joining Freemasonry.

* 1773 The Boston Tea Party are Freemasons who conspire in a Boston lodge known as the St. Andrews Lodge; the Green Dragon Tavern that was purchased by the lodge in 1764. This set off the events that would birth America on July 4th, 1776.

* In 1776 Bavaria Germany a group of Freemasons led by Adam Weishaupt conspire in secret to found a secret society known as The Illuminati. Their intention was to the rival the church as stewards of the Age of Enlightenment that has begun to catch fire throughout Europe. With the encouragement of the Catholic Church, Charles Theodore -Elector of Bavaria, publicly outlawed The Illuminati through a series of edicts. Like the Knight Templars, this forced them underground and they continued to operate as a shadowy hand to help orchestrate some of the events that brought about the French Revolution.

* On September 29, 1784 the first masonic charter is given to a black man named Prince Hall to set up African Lodge No. 459 in North America via a charter from Fredrick, Duke of Cumberland, Grand Master of the Most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Ancient Masons. In the next century, Anti-Masonic opposition from Catholic Churches continues and the Anti-Masonic Political Party is started in New York as the first third party of the United States.

Throughout this time of the Knight Templars, the Freemasons and the Illuminati we see a consistent pattern throughout Europe to America: changing faces, different places, same station. The common denominator is a veil of secrecy that set into motion the establishment of hundreds of appendant bodies we come to know today. The chronology I summarized points out that the Knight Templars are not totally different or unrelated to the Freemasons or the Illuminati. DeMolay International, founded by Frank S. Land, director of the Masonic Relief and Employment Bureau of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry, is named after Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. It's a junior masonic organization open to boys between the ages of 12 and 21. Once a person becomes a Freemason they enter what is called the Blue House where they earn their first three degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master. From there they have a choice to earn more degrees in the Green House [Scottish Rite] or the Red House [York Rite]. It is in York Rite house that a Freemason can gain access to the Black House where they learn about and earn their Knight Templar degree.

We also see a consistent pattern of International Banking and advocacy of a global economy through the establishment of various multinational initiatives and corporations linked to various secret society members, organizations and families such as: Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, Money Lenders of Amsterdam [Elders of Zion], Warburg, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dupont and etc. Here is a film from 1943 France called Occult Forces that highlights the relationship between secret societies and geopolitics.

Film: Occult Forces, 1943 [France]

Nowadays many people view the Illuminati, Freemasonry and other appendant bodies out of context. Some of these groups are local, perhaps regional. Others are national, perhaps international. All of them are special interest groups established to seek or receive special advantages for its members at the exclusion of non-members. Although the historical society known as the Illuminati that was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 no longer exists, the concept does and remains the determined idea of various special interest groups that seek to control certain industries be it film, advertisement, textile, pharmaceuticals, video games, food and etc. KRS-One was not correct in saying that Freemasonry is Freemasonry and the Illuminati is (or was) the Illuminati. They're linked to a network of veiled secrets, special interests and international banking that goes back to their predecessor, the Knight Templars. They were the ship craftsman privateers whom he spoke of. They are the ones who consistently transmuted themselves, through a form of geopolitical alchemy, to forge the basis of what Europe and America came to know as secret societies.


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The Nation is All Wise
Does Everything Right & Exact
Part 2

During the creation process, we borrow tissue from our mother’s body. This means that our matter, or material, is maternal.  This is why in Latin [when they learned it from our civilization] “mother” means “matter” and “father” means “pattern” [or blueprint]: He sparked the pattern. So every time you touch your skin, you’re not only touching your mother, and your grandmother, you are touching the first mother!  This is the reason why we are literally our ancestors; life recycles. This is also the understanding in our science of why we look at God; not because he represents ALL of God, or Allah -but because the potential [infinite potential] of Allah is manifested through the Blackman within the gender of the human kingdom, and the potentiality of our society is realized through that pattern of male leadership to initiate changes within our society. This is the same way the sperm determines the sex of the baby,  or the Subjective Realm coming into the Objective Realm; in reference to the undifferentiated energy/matter being initiated by the will to form the objective or physical realm by a cognizant willing, wanting or desiring.  When it comes down to the undifferentiated energy/matter aspect of the Subjective Realm of Allah forming the physical realm or Objective Realm, when it comes into gender we consider it [having feminine qualities analogous to the] Earth, Substance or Wisdom. That’s why you hear those terms.  Like we say, “God is a group reality seen through individual eyes.” The eyes of the individual that can spark the pattern for more divine aspects will be the “father of civilization” manifested from the potential state into a real live civilization; germinating into children and creation (and those who are woken from the strange sleep) from the Blackman. The Blackwoman represents the vessel to receive the seed and bring it into existence.

This is the creation story told from a Kabbalistic or Eastern perspective. All Asian, Central Asian [African] societies fall under this category. The Five Percent fall under this category in via Triple Stage Darkness. Alright, let’s put this into more practical Eastern scientific terms: The undifferentiated energy/matter that subsists in the subjective realm forms the material realm, the objective realm or the physical realm. From a portion of itself, it takes on a quality that we know in gender as feminine; because the essential qualities of what is done in creation to born or bring things into existence is what is channels down, when we become man and woman, as feminine.

Everything in life within the objective realm (or realm of objects) is either feminine/feminine [XX] or masculine/feminine [YX] because sex cell reproduction or mitosis takes place in the ovaries not the sperm. This is because the material realm itself is feminine.  The pattern part [father] is the “word,” the “want,” the “will,”  the “spark” the “desire to.” This is the infinite potential to make patterns in the subjective real. When it comes down to the material or physical realm—where gender is created, that “pattern” displays more like masculine or potential; the “spark” plug like a seed, the thing that has the blueprint, ingredient list or table of contents for the germination process. Yet, the whole germination process and the finished product takes place or goes on in the feminine part of reality. In other words, knowledge is the foundation and the spark that spurs all creation. The rest, from wisdom to cipher, are derivatives of wisdom.  The man may be the “spark plug” but the engine, the cockpit, the chairs, the wheels, the chassis and the road itself is feminine. Everything created came through the “womb of space.” What we have between knowledge and wisdom is harmony.  That relationship is as simple as the Sun and the Moon; Yang and Ying. The small dots within the Yang and Ying indicates that they understand each other; they love one another—they care, respect and act responsible for one another. The Blackman may represent the knowledge, the will to become true and living and the infinite potential to do so, but wisdom is the way. The Blackwoman is the way that the will and seed or sperm is made manifest. Cee-I-Power Her because Her-Power-I-Cee.

Now interestingly enough, when you talk to a hard core feminist about anything that has to do with the act of making babies, they will relegate these powers to minor significance. When you talk about lesbianism from a biological perspective some will tell you that, “God made them that way.” Some even show much disdain for men, yet dress and posture like men. Is that biological too? Most of that rap revolves around neutering the gender roles in society; indicating certain things can be done by both parties and wedging differences known to split up families. Because spit don’t make babies, the above magnanimous conversation concerning Triple Stage Darkness, the magnanimous power of the Earth, the equality that God Allah gives to the feminine factor of life, is relegated to minor significance by the feminist!  Her conversation is more about money, power and the respect that’s gained by BS independence! Non-cooperation will get us loneliness, isolation and lying on the couch trying to be consoled by another woman, and who knows were that goes. . .

Yes, “All” came from one; as the word “Allah” indicates. In Genesis, man is called into a deep rest so that man could be separated from woman in spiroth (breath/soul) and flesh; as the “rib removed from Adam” indicates. Our science has different terms, God and Earth, because although Allah is All, Allah’s infinite potential and undifferentiated energy/matter has two distinct functions: One function wills and the other function produces. They both understand what needs to be done to make “E Pluribus Enum”: many out of One/One out of many, harmony and peace through love for each other.  Please, misguided Blackwoman, tell me what powers does a Goddess have that an Earth doesn’t? And tell me how that word “Goddess” distinguishes itself from God or incorporates the terms, Wisdom, Culture, Equality, Unknown and Cipher into her mathematics? Or are we rivaling for the use of the seven now? It sounds like a female pimp “snow job” that will bring you nothing but female companionship and loneliness from lack of male company.    

Today, unlike any other time in our chronology, Black reality mimics more of Western society. I thought that having Knowledge of Self is about recapturing our culture but I even hear Black women nowadays saying that they are Black Feminists -even though the Black woman’s benefits were only the byproduct of the White feminists getting their way in American society.  This is the same as the residuals that Black men get from what White men orchestrate in American society. We are not the originators of the chauvinism that America has, we do not make the rules here.  We are subjected to them, just as the Blackwoman is. One of the things we must knowledge, as in Ferguson and other cities throughout these United States, is that our people have been subjected to police brutality and random travesty of justice, every time the economy goes awry. America’s business is business and in a capitalist society its interests are who and what it chooses to capitalizes off of.  Those who need charity are on the bottom rung in a capitalistic system. Our politics of looking for someone to supply jobs and rights must change. What this means for our women is to stop looking at us as the authors of the evils experienced in America. In many ways, we are subjected to the same evils in this White male dominated society called America.

This society is currently under turmoil from a state of ambiguity that started back in 60's from the Sexual Revolution that White America started. As said previously, this is par for the course of America because Europe had alternative lifestyles in their culture for thousands of years, we didn't as a norm. We also didn’t embrace rugged individualism. We teach that “civilized means to teach knowledge and wisdom of the human family of the planet earth” (2/1-14). We are very different from the Whites and their form of civilization and we must always knowledge that. As the Father said, “We are not pro-Black or anti-White”, we are about pro-right-eousness. Standing separate as individuals does not create families nor hold families together. This stuff America is currently going through is not right for us. The principles of our culture does not produce such an outcome. Our issue is that we have to knowledge their culture because we live in America and use that knowledge for survival. Yet we must embrace our culture and leave this trick knowledge that the West possesses, alone. It is leading us astray because it is nothing but devilishment.

What the world needs is love. What that means is everyone is looking for someone to care for them, the way THEY WANT THEM to care. Some want that care as a co-sign, whether they are right or wrong; whether they are doing something wack or experimenting with something they will live to regret.  As parents, guardians and youth advocates, we can’t show love like that. If we see that our child is falling for sexual ambiguity, it is not our position to support something in which our years of experience and observations tell us is a bad choice and levying our precious ones open to abuse.

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

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Unmasking White Domestic Terrorism

Unmasking White Domestic Terrorism

Colorado Springs, Colorado -On Friday November 27th, Christian Extremist and Domestic Terrorist Robert Lewis Dear, described by neighbors as a chronic complainer and "angry" "aloof" man "you had to watch out for", was given a choice to surrender to law enforcement after shooting up a Planned Parenthood clinic and murdering three people. Nine others were also hospitalized from his savage attack; five officers and four civilians. Although the mainstream media claims Dear's motive was unclear, a law enforcement official did confirm that Dear mentioned "no more baby parts" and expressed anti-abortion and anarchist [anti-government] views in interviews with authorities. Among some of his past criminal charges, Dear was charged with two counts of animal cruelty, being a peeping Tom and domestic assault against his wife. One of Dear's neighbors, Zigmond Post, also confirmed that Dear once brought him anti-Obama pamphlets. 

While black/brown people are being murdered in cold blood by law enforcement for everything from simply wearing a hoodie, having our hands up, walking down the street, not being able to breathe, listening to music, playing at a playground and not using a turn signal, then demonized in the mainstream media as guilty until proven innocent, monsters like Robert Lewis Dear are normally innocent until proven guilty. In fact, after Dylann Roof murdered nine people in a church, law enforcement bought him Burger King after safely taking him into custody. This is a choice and consideration that Laquan McDonald and countless other black/brown people were never given, even when there was no evidence of a crime being committed. What this translates into is this: a double standard with two sets of judgment rules. One set of rules for black/brown people and another set of rules for black/brown people.

What do President Woodrow Wilson's Official White House screening of Birth of a Nation on March 21st, 1915 which celebrates the domestic terrorism of the KKK [Klu Klux Klan], the domestic terrorism that burned down Black Wall Street and murdered approximately 1,000 black people in 16 hours during the Tulsa Race Riot, the generations of lynchings of black/brown people, Without Sanctuary, at the hands of domestic terrorist mobs, the countless school shootings carried out by domestic terrorists and the coddling claim that domestic terrorist Dylann Roof is "suspected of perpetrating" the murder of nine Charleston, SC church members, including State Senator Clementa C. Pinckley, all have in common? The mainstream media's refusal to unmask and categorize its Micheal Myers demographic as White Domestic Terrorists. And in case you didn't notice, this continues to be the consistent American non-narrative since its Native American genocidal inception.

In a Huffington Post article When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims writer Nick Wing elaborates, "News reports often headline claims from police or other officials that appear unsympathetic or dismissive of black victims. Other times, the headlines seem to suggest that black victims are to blame for their own deaths, engaging in what critics sometimes allege is a form of character assassination. When contrasted with media portrayal of white suspects and accused murderers, the differences are more striking. News outlets often choose to run headlines that exhibit an air of disbelief at an alleged white killer's supposed actions. Sometimes, they appear to go out of their way to boost the suspect's character, carrying quotes from relatives or acquaintances that often paint even alleged murderers in a positive light."

To add fuel to the fire, many Pro-Dear Extremists have been coming out praising him for his heinous act: 

Personally speaking, I do not agree with many of the stances of Planned Parenthood, especially its Margaret Sanger eugenics origins and Negro [birth control] Project. At the same time I've partnered with this organization on various occasions to help provide some positive abstinence education programs/services for teens within my city who live in a county where the teenage pregnancy and STD rates are among the highest in New York State. NO these programs/services weren't promoting abortion to young black females or sterilization to young black males, they were geared towards educating our youth about making healthy, responsible choices. You may not agree with abortion and that's understandable. At the same time it should also be understandable that our youth need access to programs/services to teach them how to make healthy, responsible choices with their bodies, with others bodies and how they use social media especially concerning the dangers of sext messaging

As a black man, I live in a society where anything I say or do will be used against me inside of a court of law, outside of a court of law and in the court of public opinion via the mainstream media, if I'm allowed to live. If you are a person of color, you are in the same position. People like James Holmes, Michael Dunn, Robert Lewis Dear and others can commit horrifying acts yet are not judged by the same standard and are often allowed to live to see their first court appearance. They are the monstrous face of the psychopathic and sociopathic backdrop the dominant society does not want to take responsibility for. I've said it before and I'll say it again in regards to controlling the narrative: we must create, protect and perpetuate our own media platforms to make sure we lay this responsibility in their lap. We can't wait on a benevolent mainstream media to unmask these murderers, we must do it ourselves. We can't wait to see if they're going to call it what it is, we must call it what it is: White Domestic Terrorism. The world needs to know that there's much truth to the American Horror Film genre and characters like Jason Voorhees, Norman Bates, Damien Thorn [The Omen], Jack Torrence [The Shining] and Michael Myers aren't just made up from someone's sick imagination. There are real people we've lived amongst, for generations, who've committed horrific terrorist acts of violence that make these character's films look Rated G. They're not Muslims, nor are they black/brown people. They're American males, often self described Christians, who are White Domestic Terrorists.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Nation is All Wise
Does Everything Right & Exact
Part 1

In order for this to be possible, that is, a nation to be all wise and doing everything right and exact, it must have a group of people who observe our endeavors and experiences in life—study them for what they really mean—the significance and implications; and make decisions based upon such things.  This means you must look backwards to move forward.  Today, most live for today and disrespect most which has passed; this is not wisdom—it is folly; but what a fool believes and sees, no wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be.  If you are meeting a man who is coming back from a winding road that you are about to travel on, it only makes sense to inquire about the experience before embarking.   Some people have to put their face in manure to know that it is poop.  We are not those types, for we have learned the truth of this place, its intentions, its’ deceptions, its’ hoodwinks and Tricknowledge—but most of us do not distinctly think of America as a Western culture and how it was set up—sometimes diametrically opposed to Eastern and Central Asian culture.

There is nothing intrinsically evil about having a difference in opinion, perception or world view than others; but it becomes a crime when you try to force that view on others, whether they want it or not.  This is the main obstacle here.  Because as Black people, we were brought here against our will, forced to work for another people for no wages for 308 years—then released without repatriation or state assistance to make it on our own.  There have been two civil rights movements in this country, one in the first year of Emancipation or 1863, and one in 1963, one hundred years later, and though we marched and protested, we still did not get the freedom that we marched for.

Most significant is what happened in the Segregation Era (Whites and Colored only), within the United States; wherein “Separate But Equal,” was the slogan and the two wouldn’t dare mingle.  There was the “Citizen Council” or “KKK” (Klu Klux Klan) and the general attitude of Whites was not to concern themselves with Black things, or things that were not in their direct interests.  During this time, there was Negro League Baseball and Black Wall Street. During this time, there were advances made by Booker T. Washington and Tuskegee Institute, Marcus Garvey and the UNIA or Universal Negro Improvement Association, the Nation of Islam had another perspective than the one currently shown, and the Black Power Movements were just “a telephone call away.”  The significant thing was Black owned businesses, Black owned Hotels, and although Black Entertainers performed in White establishments, they had to lodge in Black areas among the locals or stay in Black hotels.  We had our own, we frequented our own, and we looked out for our own interests—mainly because we had no choice.  Not all of us were on board with this, due to the self-hatred and self esteem created during that vacuum called “enslavement.”  There were many people put under slavery during the course of history or our chronology, but none devastated so by the lost of their language—as the Blackman experienced in America.  We did what we had to do and were being rather successful at it, but for many—our eyes were on seemingly greener pastures.

Integration, was an illusion created during the Civil Rights Struggle, wherein forced busing and housing was imposed on the White population by so-called “conscientious Whites,” but this did nothing to destroy the attitude created by slavery: “That Blacks were three-fifths of a man and were to be considered along with livestock and other such property.”  And of course, this privilege was only for those who could afford it; creating the “looks like we made it/I’m special” attitude among some Blacks.  Needless to say, Westerners are very resistant to change, and have problems with accepting anything other than stereotypical views of others.

What I am saying here is that today we are still living in a segregated society that appears to be equal:  This is a multi-cultural society, yet it is amalgamated in its cultural perspective—it is one dominant culture with all other cultures being sub-cultures.  The interests of those other cultures are to be considered by the dominant culture or majority, whereas all other peoples are its minorities.  In a capitalistic society, any people who are not generating income and therefore not self-sufficient, shall be the least concerned or regarded—that’s just actual facts.  You cannot expect your interest to be protected by another people who do not think like you—and more centrally, if you are not about the business of recapturing your culture, you are accepting the European and pseudo-European way as the standard of high civilization.  If this is not, then you need to explore these other perspectives mentioned here and decide for yourself which makes more sense: Just don’t do the research using a pseudo-Western brainwashed mentality.  Learn to look at things from both sides of the equation.

What has happened since the 60s has had a great affect on how the 90s and thereafter has become.  You have to look backwards in order to spring forward; you do this every six months when you set your watch, so why not construct your moving forward by knowing where you’ve been?  Let me start out by saying that the greatest pimp of women ARE women.  A pimp’s game is a woman’s game in reverse.  Everybody plays games, it’s just that a good game is one where everyone mutually benefits and a bad one is where one makes himself rich at the expense of others.  In the 60s, Black woman were not down with the Feminist Movement; that was for disgruntled White women who were not content with their role in Western society, Black women had their own agenda that could not be satisfied by White women pushing their agenda because we are distinctly different thinking people; besides Blacks were battling out of the White Segregation Era: How could they have a Black woman’s  interest at heart?  Since segregation, we have learned American ways, either unwittingly through indoctrination or as a matter of survival in a foreign land.  Foreign land?  Yes, foreign land, because it doesn’t regard us equally.  This is a culture and land in which the benefactors of its product are those who founded it and those who came here to exploit it; if you really study it—we are the ones who exploited by it.

Amongst the disgruntled White women of the Feminist and Sexual Revolution movements, were undercover lesbians, in key places, who were in key positions pressing their agenda. I say, “undercover,” because during those days most of alternative lifestyles were kept in the “closet.”  Roles in society were often referred to as arbitrary and viewed as genderless.  The nuclear family was considered as “man-made,” and one of their aims was the destruction of this type of family structure to make room for alternative lifestyle families.  So it is no surprise that 1990, 30 years later (one generation), we have single parent households, the emergence of adoptions by alternative couples, etc.  It is part of the outgrowth of the Feminist and Sexual Revolution, and as I said earlier, Black women during that time, did not consider White Feminism their fight, and certainly their were policies aimed directly at the Black family; especially in low-income areas, by Planned Parenthood and other organizational outgrowths of the Sexual Revolution spearheaded by White people in America.

The proper way to view this phenomena is that well-to-do White women did not like the way they were culturally being handled.  They voiced their concerns and started their movements.  The motivation had nothing to do with Black women and their struggles, it was for their own self interests. However, as time went on and they tried to solicit for Black support, the movement became resentful of the non-participation of Black women and unleashed an agenda directly at Black women and their families as a result of it.  Do your own research and you shall see. America is becoming more and more like its European model.  Their views on sex, gender, race are slowly but surely mimicking the lifestyle of Europe—much of which has been in France, Greece, Rome, Germany, England and Nordic society for thousands of years.  It falls under the Equal Rights umbrella, but here is the real people it caters to, and here are the real reasons and the real social class. How that effects others is of secondary interest, if of any interest at all.  Our people get confused, because they think being in America is the same as having the rights of an American while we're still fighting for Human Rights, Civil Rights and Equality.  The Equal Rights agenda today has little to do with the Human and Civil Rights agenda.  Those Human and Civil Rights in this country are non-White issues, fought by non-Whites or minorities.  We can no more look for the American society to fight for our interests, as we can look for one group of people to look after and protect the rights of another different group.  They are adapting the European model, and we are not Europeans.  Their culture is not our culture. Though we must observe it because we live here, it does not reflect the way we think, nor our core interests.  We must develop ourselves around our own model—and leave their ways to their own devices.

To be continued in Part 2...

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: November 18, 2015                                     
Media Contact: Saladin Allah


To whom it may concern:

My name is Saladin Allah, a Five Percenter Journalist, Author and Youth Advocate writing in response to the recent vandalism at The French-American International School in San Francisco. As this latest example of American “Francophobia” has been wrongly attributed to the Five Percenters and our implied association with ISIS, I wanted to take a moment to clarify who we are. As one of our many thought leaders, I have been referenced as a Five Percenter subject matter expert and program consultant for the History Channel series Gangland to clarify our supposed association with the Hidden Valley Kings in North Carolina, and I was globally cited to clarify if Jay Z was an active member of the Five Percenters and elaborate on the meaning of the Five Percenter Medallion [Emblem] he has publically worn. I’ve written over 250 articles, published 14 books and have successfully worked as a youth advocate and community organizer for the last twenty years creating various projects, programs and initiatives geared towards the positive growth and development of families and communities.

One of the commonly held misconceptions is that the Five Percenters are Muslim [religious], which we are not. Our group, which consists of people of color and white members, are culturally based and more concerned with self-development, youth advocacy and community outreach than we are vandalizing, desecrating or ridiculing others for their beliefs or political ideologies. No mature, upstanding member of the Five Percenters that subscribes to our principles and values would do this. In fact, we are anti-crime and it’s a matter of historical record that following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, it was the Five Percenters who walked the streets of Harlem with Mayor Lindsey of New York in order to help stop the violence, looting and restore peace. Our symbol, the Universal Flag, represents the sun, moon and star: our universal family. Family consists of man, woman and child and a unified human family is the vital building block of any nation of people.

Thank you for your consideration and giving me the opportunity to clarify this. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at:

Saladin Allah
Region 6 Local Representative of the Five Percenters [AKA: Nation of Gods and Earths]

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Francophobia: The France Attacks and American Amnesia

The France Attacks and American Amnesia

On Friday November 13th in France over 120 people died from attacks carried out at six separate sites. The largest number of death tolls occurred at a concert hall during the set of American rock band the Eagles of Death Metal. Like the Kenyan school shooting this past April where 147 people lost their lives, the September Borno State Bombings in Nigeria that killed over 145 people, the over 500 people who died in South India from heat waves last May and approximately 1,000 citizens, about 3 people per day mostly people of color, who have already been killed by law enforcement this year in Americaall of us should be aware of how precious all human life is. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes people simply view the lost of one life differently then the lost of another life, the deaths of one group of people more important than the deaths of another group of people.

Following the #FranceAttacks I saw many people immediately show their support and solidarity with the French people by sending out prayers and changing their Facebook Profile pictures to the France Flag via a social media option/initiative spearheaded by Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg and the encouragement of an American outcry for Americans to stand with France. Youtube even changed its logo to the French Flag and announced "We stand with Paris" on their home page. Some people just followed that script. For others it wasn't because an American battery was put in their back; they simply spoke out and showed their solidarity like they do wherever tragedy occurs on the planet. Whether these people were the former or later, it still shows that people have some sense of global consciousness simply because we're aware. We also need to be aware that things aren't always what they appear to be, especially when you look at the historical way America has interacted with France. Now that many of you are thinking globally and considering France and America, let me share a few things with you to give you.

Do you remember France opposed the invasion of Iraq and Congress changed their cafeteria menus to stop calling french fries "French" fries, started calling them "Freedom" fries? Then the American government started encouraging Americans to call them freedom fries too? Yeah, I know it's petty. It also shows how soon some of us forget such petty things. Does that sound like an ally? See, through the lens of colonialism, your allies or enemies is based upon your geopolitical agenda and socioeconomic interests. In other words, the ends justify the means. Some people are genuinely concerned about the tragedy that happened in France, other places around the world and the tragedies that happen in America. Some people just see tragedy as an opportunity. 

Speaking of allies and enemies, let me break something else down to you about the dysfunctional relationship between America and France most people don't talk about.

France was the first country to accept women into freemasonry. You know, "Freemasonry", the sausage party secret society many of America's Founding Fathers, signers of the Declaration of Independence, Presidents, Congressmen, Mayors, Senators, Councilmen, Soldiers, Businessmen, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, School Principals, Union Leaders, Judges, Newspaper Editors, Lawyers and other 'men' in positions of power belong to in this society?

Maria Deraismes: The First Female Freemason
From the 1700s to this day, the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), other mainstream Lodges and Prince Hall Lodges in North America still don't let women join. Any lodge, particularly French and Continental Lodges, who admit women are considered bogus by mainstream North American, Grand and Prince Hall Lodges who only have seperate associated [auxillary] bodies women can join. If you, male or female, have been initiated into a French Lodge or attend them you're generally marked as clandestine [bogus] and shunned by other freemasons. Keep in mind that these are the same marked/shunned French freemasons who are afiliated with the Grand Orient Temple who created and gifted an original Statue of Liberty to America that was initially rejected because she was black.

Now what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Well the same way you have influential people socially engineering events that were/are Freemasons here in America, you have the same influential people socially engineering events that were/are Freemasons in France. They historically haven't, and generally don't, rock with eachother. Behind the veil of so-called alliances there are fundamental masonic differences between America and France as it relates to their geopolitical agendas and socioeconomic interests. Some of the historical pettiness, jeering and criticism Americans have about France being weak and bogus is really based upon how American Freemasons have generally looked at and still look at the French for allowing women into the lodge. Because of that, and regardless what you see on the surface, America and France have irreconcilable masonic differences that historical tragedies, and tragedies like we just witnessed, have not been able to mend. What looks like solidarity today will be separation with a side of sarcasm, tomorrow.

This is at the root of some of America's "Francophobia": the historical stereotypes and hostility towards the French government, culture and people of France. And no, I didn't make that word up. Research it.


In closing, I think it's important to speak out against tragedies wherever and whenever they happen to human beings. All of us should. Yet we shouldn't allow ourselves to be used as a patriotic tool, especially in the midst of tragedies, to blindly support the political agendas of some people who obviously don't feel the same way about all human lives based upon their domestic and foreign policy record. Acknowledging and mourning the loss of human life, especially in great numbers such as the Native American and Armenian Genocide, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the Holocaust, is likewise important. Yet we also must know whom we are mourning with. Like in the film American Gangster when Bumpy Johnson died, sometimes people show up at a family's funeral, speak empty condolences and even sit around and eat up the family's food at the repast [repass] knowing they didn't really like the person who died, or their family. In fact, they probably had a bunch of sh*t to say about them the day before that family's tragedy. This is how some Americans responded to the death of not only the French who lost their lives but also Kenyans, Nigerians, South Indians and even other American citizens who are people of color. I just want those of you who are riding the American solidarity with France wave to clearly understand that after the water subside, America will return to biting France's back out just like sports analysts and everyday talking heads do LeBron James. And I hope to see your solidarity against that petty hypocrisy, too.