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The Deportation of the Moon

Peace Yall! As some of you know, I’ve written a Mathemanual about relationships that I’m still refining, so when it comes to “relationships” there’s alot of things I don’t build about simply because it’ll be in the Mathemanual. Anyway, I do wanna share this info with ya’ll because it’s been heavy on my Third. First and foremost, for us -especially males- to get a wholistic view of Society it’s very, very important for us to understand that not only is it fundamentally Racist b.u.t. it’s fundamentally Sexist! As a matter of fact, this Society was Sexist before it was Racist and because of this Sexism, MEN AND WOMEN have been negatively influenced to view themselves and eachother in ways that are terribly distorted! Consequently, this distortion has set up power relations between Man and Woman that has never advocated one common cause or equality. Today I wanna focus on ‘The Deportation of the Moon’. I also wanna give shout out to my God Brother DRE Allah for recently puttin me -and many others- on to a recent Cosmos Article bearing witness to the Concept of the Deportation of the Moon!

Not sure if many of you know this b.u.t being God -or Earth- isn’t easy, and you constantly come in contact with people who can only define you in the limited terms of their intellectual tools & Worldview. Since most people believe in a Mystery God, when they do meet the True & Living God he’s nothing b.u.t. a “Mysterious Man”. Because of this, people go through what is called Cognitive Dissonance -a Subject I’ve built about extensively in another Article- where this new information completely challenges their accepted Worldview. Cognitive Dissonance is really nothing b.u.t. a Proverbial Mirror where a person is forced to look within themselves and reevaluate how they cee themselves in light of the new information that’s brought before them. There are three basic reactions to this “Mirror” and one response:

* People react by openly attacking this information.

* People react by denying the information by blocking it out through humor or by avoiding it completely (disassociation).

* People react by injuring themselves, getting sick, going crazy or even killing themselves because their challenged Worldview isn’t the only thing that exists any more.

* People respond by evaluating the information and updating their perspective.

As you can cee by the above three reactions and one response, there is only one Scientific approach; the fourth, and unfortunately, this is hardly the step that people are willing to take; it’s EGO shattering scary and directly confronts their sense of self importance.

Anyway, when it comes to females in Society, before they’ve taken their first breath they’ve been prenatally shaped with the Sexist/Societal Idea that they’re a Sexual Object. What this means is that overtly and covertly, Women are institutionally taught to define themselves in purely sexual terms with their reproductive ability being Primary to this adopted Value System. Couple this Worldview with males who’re are encouraged to reinforce this bullshit with as an institutionalized Status Quo and the result are Women who’ve been inundated this the Sexist idea that their “Best Part” (1/1-14) is solely between their legs. What this functionally translates into is: it’s all about what they can do in the Bedroom or Maternity Ward. NOW, here’s the first Scientific Principle I’ve discovered over the years:

1. A female who has consciously and subconsciously learned to primarily define herself in sexual terms will run into a psychoanalytical ‘brick wall’ when she meets a Man (or God) who does not define her as a sexual object. The thickness and texture of this ‘brick wall’ will be based upon her age, ethnic orientation, religious affiliation, family dynamics, environment, education and past relationships; all influences that are governed by a Sexist Society.

Let me elaborate; when a God is getting Knowledge of Self -or Man is seeking to develop himself- we learn very early on that we can’t expect to master ourselves while being controlled by our desires, and sex is one of the greatest natural desires! Make no mistake about it; females are very, very powerful and part of that power is in their ability to carry and born physical life. The other part of this power is in their ability to “stimulate life” (sexual/sensual attraction); this is a very powerful experience too! Because we exist in a Sexist Society, the only realms of real power a female is afforded is in the Bedroom and the Maternity Ward, and even in these realms, Men still control, govern, dominate and define them. As stated, this causes a fundamental problem for a female -who’s taught to primarily define herself in sexual terms- when she meets a God -or Man- who does not reinforce this Misogynistic Status Quo. This brings me to the second Scientific Principle:

2. Since the only realms of real power for a female is the Bedroom and Maternity Ward, when a female -taught to primarily define herself in sexual terms- has this power taken away or suppressed, she goes through the same EGO destructing side effects of a Sensory Deprivation Subject.

Sensory Deprivation is the science of taking a person’s five senses away and studying how the Mind reacts under these EGO destructuring conditions. Basically, a person is ‘suspended’ in a tank of water in complete darkness where they can’t cee, touch, taste, smell or hear anything. After a certain amount of time -which the subject has no concept of- their Mind begins to hallucinate; suffocating the EGO which aimlessly reaches out in this Triple Darkness to validate itself. Some people have flipped out from this experiment, others have found a profound sense of Self Awareness beyond the “primary” terms they’ve learned to identify themselves with in Society. In this sense, when a God -or Man- challenges a female to reassess the way she’s learned to primarily define herself -in sexual terms- by ‘suspending’ her ability to be empowered in the Bedroom or Maternity Ward, this ‘think tank’ forces her EGO to go through the same exact effects as a Sensory Deprivation Subject.

Why would a God -or Man- even want to take this power away from a female who has consciously and subconsciously learned to primarily define herself according to these sexual terms? Because this is necessary for her to cee herself essentially; beyond the sexual terms she’s learned to primarily define herself according to. There are two type of Men who will take this power away from her and show her what this power truly means; a King and a Pimp! While the King teaches a female that she’s a Queen and sex should not be used as a Weapon, a Pimp teaches a female that she’s a Quean and sex should be used as a Weapon for him. Both a King and a Pimp DO NOT THINK WITH THEIR DICK! A King and a Pimp understand that many Kingdoms and Stables have been destroyed when a Man THOUGHT WITH HIS DICK, got enchanted/caught up by a female and couldn’t control his desires; again: sex is one of the greatest natural desires! A King and a Pimp enjoy sex just like that next Man b.u.t. they understand The “Politics” (Politics: the Science of POWER or force) of Sex that that the average Man doesn’t. A power that every female begins to learn before she starts to crawl!

As God (a King), helping a female recognize that she has consciously and subconsciously learned to primarily define herself according to sexual terms -because of this Sexist Society- isn’t easy! Many Women actually believe that they’re meaningless, worthless, insignificant and even ponder suicide when a God -or Man- chooses to redefine Sexuality outside of the context of American Societal Standards; this changes the “Politics” Power Relationships of the sexual act itself. For instance, if a Woman chooses to leave after sex -even if the Man wanted her to stay- she’s O.K. with that, b.u.t. if a Man tells her to leave after sex -if the Woman chooses to stay- she won’t be O.K. with that. Although the sexual act is the same in both instances, what would cause the different reaction from the female? Sexual Politics. When a Woman doesn’t get her way in the sexual arena this experience makes her EGO lash out in various ways to validate ‘itself’ because ‘it’ thinks that she may be looked at as a Whore! In order to rightfully govern as a King or to Pimp a bitch, these Men must systematically make a female confront and identify the Sexual Devil that Society has manufactured within her. The King encourages her to cee herself as a Queen so she can obtain true civilization and inner wealth. The Pimp encourages her to cee herself as a Quean so she can perpetuate the devil’s civilization and he can “make himself rich from her labor” (9/1-40). Like I stated earlier, this causes Cognitive Dissonance and she goes through the same EGO destructing effects as a Sensory Deprivation Subject! “Am I a fucking Whore?!” is a fundamental question the King or Pimp wants to raise in a females Mind, b.u.t. they have two entirely different deermined ideas and support systems for cultivating that thought.

When it comes to a God teaching an Earth, this fundamental question underlines every interaction that takes place throughout her education; she must learn that “sex” (SIX in Latin, HEX in Greek) IS NOT the True and Living God besides God! This brings me to Scientific Principle number three:

3. Regardless if he’s a self defined King or a Pimp, helping a female come to terms with her Sexual Devil Society manufactured is “experimenting with high explosives” (8/1-40) and by involving yourself in this relationship “you will give your Life before your word shall fail.” (11/1-14)

A King and a Pimp takes a Woman’s power in the Bedroom and Maternity and redistributes it back to her; the King based upon Righteous Terms, the Pimp based upon Unrighteous Terms. The reality is, all females are by nature Queens -Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White- b.u.t. ALL OF THEM have been and are being systematically taught to be Queans (Whores). Many females have been using sex as a Political Tool for so long that their unprincipled motto has become, “The means justify the end” and will do damn near anything to get what they want using sex as the vehicle. How does a God -or Man- challenge a female to reassess the way she primarily defines herself in sexual terms? He expresses an attitude of patience, sobriety, respect, moderation, etc. when it comes to the sexual act itself along with techniques of self control so that he doesn’t allow himself to be ruled in the sexual arena. Why? Because ‘6’ is symbolic to the Woman and her World; the number ‘6’ denotes gender (Equality), is shaped like a pregnant Woman facing east, and is translated as SEX in Latin among other things. In order to obtain Godhood or ‘7’, it is paramount that a Man be able to control his sexual appetite. I’ve never come across a Religion or Spiritual System that advocates mental ascension that doesn’t emphasize Man’s responsibility for controlling his desires, namely sex! On a practical level, no Woman can respect, seek security in, willingly follow, or trust a Man who she can control sexually. Although she may try -because she was made to be other than herself-, once she accomplishes the goal of mastering a Man sexually she eventually looses interest; he’s no longer a challenge. I know the Women are listening because they already know this! LMAO! MEN YOU NEED TO LEARN TO RECITE THIS SHIT! LMAO!

Now this concept of a female defining herself in sexual terms takes on a whole new complexity when a God -or Man- is actually educating a female about how the Sexual Politics she’s adopted and often used her whole life are “the wrong” foods (sex) (10/1-36). The complexity -or “high explosiveness”- takes place when a God begins to teach a Woman about these “wrong” foods (sex) without negating food (sex) itself; it’s a very fragile, intimate and potentially volatile place for both parties to be in! Therein lies the science of ‘The Deportation of the Moon’. -deep breath-

The Deportation of the Moon

In short, Elijah built about a dissatisfied Scientist -referred to as Jatu; Shabazz’s early Ancestor- that wanted the World to speak the same language, so he took some dynamite, put it inside the Earth and blew off a portion of the Earth that separated from the Planet and became a Satellite, later to be known as ‘The Moon’. When you do the knowledge to ‘The Deportation of the Moon’ there are other subtleties/nuances that give you deeper insights.

First of all, the Moon is symbolic to the Original Woman’s Mind/Mentality because the Moon responds to the light of the Sun (Man) as luminary partner. The Moon also functions as a mirror-like flashlight; reflecting & redirecting light in order to show the Sun what it’s shining. “The Sun and Moon have an attracting power on the Planet” (8/1-40) meaning the collective intelligence that is transcendent of the Woman’s physical body (Earth) influences her tides (emotions; sympathetic nervous system) and atmosphere (emotions) -“there are many different layer so currents real cold and warm, others very swift and changeable” (8/1-40). On the humorous side, at one point in the Lunar Cycle the Moon gives the Sun it’s ‘Full’ undivided Attention, b.u.t. when she’s acting brand ‘New’ she shows her natural black ass! LMAO! Anyway, the Scientist separated the Mind from the Body, Moon from the Earth; a clear distinction was made between what a Woman thinks (Moon) and how a Woman feels (Earth). This distinction was necessary in order for her to distinguish the double-talk -duel languages- that continuously go on within the Earth; what she thinks and how she feels. Every time a Woman gazes into the Mirror, the Moon is pulling on the tides of the Earth, critiquing herself. Sometimes her critique is optimistic or pessimistic; Perigee or Apogee, these ‘high’ and ‘low’ tides represents the Love/Hate relationship that was born/reinforced within a Woman through the socialization of this Sexist ‘Patriarchal’ Society. It is this Love/Hate relationship that the Scientist desired to reconcile and underlines his quest to make the World speak the same language. In this quest, his experimentation with high explosives caused a Planetary Earthquake that forever changed the World.

As God, we become the dissatisfied Scientist with a desire to cee the World speak one language when we’re educating a female who only recognizes the Earth; while being oblivious to the Moon. This is a female who primarily defines herself according to sexual terms and cee’s herself as purely physical (terrestrial). The ‘stick(s)’ of dynamite the Scientist puts inside the Earth is sexually symbolic and represents the high explosive politics that defines the ‘power’ relationship between the sexes. By symbolically putting this phallus symbol ‘in’ the Earth literally and/or as a political idea, this act brought about a cataclysmic change in the World that had never been ceen before. As I said, this action was ‘explosive’ within itself because it brought to the surface the Sexual Politics -inner turmoil, divisiveness, self aggrandizement, and narcissistic behavior- that kept the World from speaking the same language! This, my friends, is the undeniable Psychodrama that plays itself out when a God is teaching a female Knowledge of Herself, and the results of this Dylan-like folklore can be devastating! Some females develop homeostasis and learn to make the functional distinction between Moon and Earth. Some females go into a deep depression and choose to disregard the Moon completely; feeling as though they’ve lost a piece of themselves. Some females begin to grossly identify with the Moon to the extent where they become Amazon Women on the Moon, and many Women suffer from mild to severe cases of schizophrenic behavior; waxing a waning between bouts with celestial-like aloofness and terrestrial-like gross materialism!

Although a God may not be sexually involved with the Woman he is educating, sex (gender) still plays a Political Role in their Teacher/Student relationship; ‘The Deportation of the Moon’. This is the main reason Gods elect to not get involved with a female Student sexually until she’s educated enough to understand that the Sexual Politics of a God/Earth Paradigm is not the same as what she’s learned from Society. Women who are determined to still have this sexual experience with a God -although they’re unprepared- will find themselves in limbo (Triple Darkness/Sensory Deprivation) trying to figure out why he’s not reacting to or valuing sex the same way males in her past values sex and Society as a whole values sex and defines gender! Although Women are quick to say that they’re not ready to have sex, Gods take the exact same stance, and mean it. If a God does choose to engage in sexual activity with a female he’s educating it’s not only because of desire. Some Gods deliberately engage in sexual activity with a female he’s teaching to cause her to look at herself and reevaluate the Sexual Politics she’s adopted from this Sexist Society. Some Gods are just like any other Man and they’re nothing but “a savage in the pursuit” of some pussy (17/1-40). Ultimately, ‘The Deportation of the Moon’ must take place in order for a female to fully comprehend her place in the Universal Flag.

As a God, when manifest ‘The Deportation of the Moon’ by confronting the Sexual Politics between a males and females, you’re damn near psychologically “buried there” (5/1-14) by a Woman who just can’t figure out where you’re coning from, even when you tell them! I’ve been called every name in the book, been accused of being a Womanizer, accused of running game, taking advantage of a female, or simply not giving a fuck, all because I don’t validate/co-sign the Sexual Politics a female was learned to define herself in accordance with; AKA: Cognitive Dissonance! It never crosses a females Mind that there are actually Men out here that aren’t homo/bisexual, that enjoy sex, who don’t have a chick on the side, that ain’t on no Pimp shit who make a conscious decision NOT TO BE CONTROLLED by a female’s sexual ‘power’; and the only way he will acknowledge this power is in the context of refinement. Now I’ll admit, I have been alittle harsh with tactics (explosives) I’ve used to encourage a female to look at how she’s learned to use this power; even to the extent where they’ve said they hate me! Let me tell you, “One of the most ‘explosive’ positions a God takes is minimizing the role that sex is going to play in the education of a female Student.” Her limited experiences and background teaches her that the only male able to do this is either Homosexual or possibly a Religious Leader, and nothing can possibly prepare her for a God; a Heterosexual Man who loves sex just like any other male b.u.t. isn’t Religious. There is no manual, handbook or brochure for him! -smile-

To conclude Today’s Article, I just want to reemphasize that whenever a male/female relationship take place there’s gonna be Sexual -Gender- Politics because this Sexist Society has set the stage for that. Gods who are in the position of teaching females this Culture: KEEP IN MIND that it’s very, very important to always consider what a person has been through before you bring them through something! I once made the terrible miscalculation of using too much dynamite when it came to teaching a female. Although I was “Right” in my intent, I wasn’t “Exact” with the method I used (1/1-40). Ultimately, I ended up ‘making rain, hail, snow and earthquakes’ (8/1-40) that forever changed the structure of the Earth. Although I apologized because of my method, it’s yet to be ceen if one language will ever be spoken -as she gains a deeper understanding of her ownself and ‘The Deportation of the Moon’.


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The Science of Everything in Life

Tales of an Urban Sufi

Peace Ya’ll! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, “on the upper part” (9/1-14) of my page are three new Titles available through Platinum Pen Publishing along with ‘Da God’; A.S.I.A. Journal Vol 1 & A.S.I.A. Journal Vol 2 and Tales of an Urban Sufi!! -smile- You can also get these titles through Amazon!

As far as A.S.I.A. Journal Vol 1 & 2 goes, they’re a consolidation of some of my Articles that you’ll be able to walk with; instead of being ‘roped and bound in’ (4/1-14) to the Internet just to read em! LOL! Ultimately, these Mathemanuals will give my insights air to breathe; putting them smack dap in the middle of the (a)cultural Matrix I’m always building about. Although these Volumes have been finished for a few weeks now, I haven’t “Officially” launched them until today, meaning: Even though they’ve been available, I’m lettin ya’ll know they’re available on the E-Store and Amazon today. I wanna give a personal shout out to the person who googled me and ordered one of these Volumes through Amazon before I even made this knowledge born!!!! I really appreciate that. PEACE!

Now....., ‘Tales of an Urban Sufi’ is something very, very different. Those of you who haven’t delved into the Science of ‘Sufism’, take some time to study some of these Individuals I personally consider Sufi Masters: Hazarat Inayat Khan, Carlos Casteneda, Al Hallaj, Rabiyah, Saint Germain, Gibran, Rumi, Nasruddin, Bruce Lee, Idries Shah, Richard Pryor, Attar, etc... If you noticed, I listed certain Masters that would not be considered ‘Sufis’ in the so-called traditional sense of the word; I will explain in a moment. In short, ‘Sufism’ is often defined as the Mystical form of Islam (as well as other Religions/Philosophies) where an Adept comes into realization that they are the truth that they actually seek; AKA, “The True and Living God!” Obviously, this was -and still is- very controversial amongst people who view the Creator as an invisible entity strictly outside of themselves. Because of this -and the fact that these Masters embraced other “so-called” religious texts/philosophical ideas- many of them went underground; developing coded language, parable shrouded stories and social norms to identify, preserve and perpetuate these teachings “undetected by the naked eye” (8/1-40). One famous Sufi named Al Hallaj even got beheaded over this shit; he proclaimed "Ana al-haqq" which means "I am the Truth (God)!" The Father took seven bullets for the same proclamation. It was said that during the time of Muhammad, his closest Companions/Helpers (Ansars) received these secret teachings of Islam.

Like I said, I listed certain Masters that would not be considered ‘Sufis’ in the so-called traditional sense of the word. Although the ideas of God Consciousness “has no beginning nor ending” (9/1-10), the term ‘Sufi’ (Mystic) does find it’s literal origin amongst early Islam. This is to say that my usage of the word ‘Sufi’ is not binding to an Islamic Paradigm, because the nature/essence of this so-called Mysticism or ‘Higher Knowledge’ does not originate in the Arabic Language, Culture, Koran, Prophet Muhammad, etc... The essence of these God-Centered Teachings represent a common chronological thread that runs consistently from -and through- Ancient and Contemporary Worlds; dissolving all social, gender, ethnic, religious, cultural and geographical boundaries Man establishes. In a nutshell, ‘Sufism’ is Jeet Kune Doistic Thought.

Anyway, I’ve always looked at The Nation of Gods and Earths as an Urban Sufi Order, hence the Title of my book; ‘Tales of an Urban Sufi’. Ya’ll I’ve been writing this scribe over the last 12 years; not that it’s 400 pages, or even that I had Writer’s block, it’s just that everything in ‘Tales’ was a precise moment in my Koran and some things took time for me to actually write about. Cee, ‘Tales of an Urban Sufi’ is personal; a very, very intimate journey into my Mind! It’s a Literary Montage of my Insights, Illustrations, Dreams I wrote down, Love Letters, Aspirations, Short Stories, Poems, Prison Correspondences, Essays and everything else that I’ve chosen not to share through A.S.I.A. Journal. In ‘Tales’ I speak candidly about everything from being homeless, dealing with racism, being in love, family dynamics, religion, going through depression, and “the science of everything -else- in life” (18/1-40)! Another reason it took me so much time to complete ‘Tales of an Urban Sufi’ is because I never felt it was complete or had literary closure. I always felt like I wasn’t ready to share the Inner Worlds that it allows people to cee b.u.t. now I think it’s time! Another interesting thing about ‘Tales’ is that I edited it myself; something that many Writers strictly warn against! At one point in this process I took part in this Writers Group and had an associate Writer edit the first page of ‘Tales’ b.u.t. when he was finished he ended up editing many things that were deliberately written a specific way for a specific reason. -shakes head- This experience confirmed for me that I only wanted these writings looked over, evaluated, critiqued and defined by people AFTER ‘Tales of an Urban Sufi’ is made available to them; perfect imperfections in all! -smile- Now don’t misunderstand me, an Editor is definitely important; I just didn’t want anyone involved in this Project because it would have “mixed, diluted or tampered with” (9/1-14) ‘Tales of an Urban Sufi’ on a fundamental level.

Well, to conclude Today’s Article I wanted to share with you a few of my writings from ‘Tales of an Urban Sufi’ to encourage ya’ll to pick it up if you wanna experience more of my Inner Worlds. -smile- Peace!:

Eighty-Five %
A helpless leaf unguarded, subjected to the wind.
Lost while believing, paying homage to their weathermen.

Fork Tongue
The English language is very trifling. Within it exists several meanings for one word, which renders those indoctrinated with it as deceptively defined as it’s Dictionary.

The Unspoken Vows of a Divine Union
In the company of many I often felt alone.
My smiles were veils of idleness,
I’m speechless in my soul.
One day I met a traveler,
her eyes revealed her name.
Our silence spoke much more than words,
we walked our path the same.
Our hearts became so intertwined,
our souls became as one.
She married me beside the Nile,
beneath the setting Sun.

A Mirror
The Original Man spends most of his life toiling to see the face of his Creator when he dies. How sad it must be for him to die never realizing that his Creator actually spent his entire life looking back at him.

Make no mistakes about it!
I was once involved in a relationship with a women who gave me a birthday card which read, “To the Man in my life”. When I read it, I smiled and said, “I didn’t realize that it was your life and I was in it.” From that moment I realized that most of the conflicts that existed in our relationship derived from that fundamental idea; I never realized that she actually saw me as hers; a human accessory in “her” life!

"FRIENDLY" Competition
Be very, very wary of encouraging children to engage in games of competition -especially when they are siblings. Competition promotes the idea of “me against you” or “you verses me”. This creates Division, and division sets an atmosphere of Tension. Tension gives birth to Conflict. Conflict leads to Chaos and Chaos is Disorder! I’ve seen a friendly game of UNO erupt into a shouting match, shoving session and name calling contest between children who were just playing together peacefully before “I” ignorantly handed them the cards!

(A letter addressed to my Love)

Your Highness,

May this letter reach you in the greatest of spirits. I long and miss you much. It has seemed as if a century has passed since we shared each other’s company, yet you remain as close to me as the soundless echo of my thoughts. When I first laid eyes upon you, I felt as if I knew you. “You”, personified my dreams, and answered many questions that troubles a lonely heart. Nothing on Earth could have prepared me for your heavenly acquaintance....

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Prophetess Deborah

1/1-40, "Who made Holy Koran or Bible? How long ago, and will you tell us why does Islam renew it's History every 25,000 years?"

"...The Planet Earth which is the Home of Islam is approximately 25,000 miles in circumference, so the Wise Man of the East (Black Man) makes his History or Koran to equal his Home Circumference..."

Peace Ya'll. The following excert is of course from the the 1st Degree in the 1-40's. With the Election Celebrations going on I wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to The Bible's book of Judges Chapter 4; it gives alot of science into the Sociopolitical Shift taking place in a America as I type! Michelle (meaning: like God) Obama is the Icon because the role she has and will continue to play in helping usher in this Shift! Do the Knowledge:

Judges Chapter 4/1-24
Deborah and Barak Defeat Sisera

And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD, when Ehud was dead.
And the LORD sold them into the hand of Jabin king of Canaan, that reigned in Hazor; the captain of whose host was Sis'era, which dwelt in Haro'sheth of the Gentiles.
And the children of Israel cried unto the LORD: for he had nine hundred chariots of iron; and twenty years he mightily oppressed the children of Israel.
And Deborah (meaning: a bee, to speak kind words), a prophetess, the wife of Lap'idoth, she judged Israel at that time.
And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah, between Ramah and Beth–el in mount E'phra-im: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.
And she sent and called Barak the son of Abin'o-am out of Kedesh–naph'tali, and said unto him, Hath not the LORD God of Israel commanded, saying, Go and draw toward mount Tabor, and take with thee ten thousand men of the children of Naph'tali and of the children of Zeb'ulun?
And I will draw unto thee, to the river Kishon, Sis'era the captain of Jabin's army, with his chariots and his multitude; and I will deliver him into thine hand.
And Barak said unto her, If thou wilt go with me, then I will go: but if thou wilt not go with me, then I will not go.
And she said, I will surely go with thee: notwithstanding the journey that thou takest shall not be for thine honor; for the LORD shall sell Sis'era into the hand of a woman. And Deborah arose, and went with Barak to Kedesh.
And Barak called Zeb'ulun and Naph'tali to Kedesh; and he went up with ten thousand men at his feet: and Deborah went up with him.
Now Heber the Kenite, which was of the children of Hobab the father-in-law of Moses, had severed himself from the Kenites, and pitched his tent unto the plain of Za-ana'im, which is by Kedesh.
And they showed Sis'era that Barak the son of Abin'o-am was gone up to mount Tabor.
And Sis'era gathered together all his chariots, even nine hundred chariots of iron, and all the people that were with him, from Haro'sheth of the Gentiles unto the river of Kishon.
And Deborah said unto Barak, Up; for this is the day in which the LORD hath delivered Sis'era into thine hand: is not the LORD gone out before thee? So Barak went down from mount Tabor, and ten thousand men after him.
And the LORD discomfited Sis'era, and all his chariots, and all his host, with the edge of the sword before Barak; so that Sis'era lighted down off his chariot, and fled away on his feet.
But Barak pursued after the chariots, and after the host, unto Haro'sheth of the Gentiles: and all the host of Sis'era fell upon the edge of the sword; and there was not a man left.
Howbeit Sis'era fled away on his feet to the tent of Ja'el (meaning: to ascend; mountain goat) the wife of Heber the Kenite: for there was peace between Jabin the king of Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite.
And Ja'el went out to meet Sis'era, and said unto him, Turn in, my lord, turn in to me; fear not. And when he had turned in unto her into the tent, she covered him with a mantle.
And he said unto her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water to drink; for I am thirsty. And she opened a bottle of milk, and gave him drink, and covered him.
Again he said unto her, Stand in the door of the tent, and it shall be, when any man doth come and inquire of thee, and say, Is there any man here? that thou shalt say, No.
Then Ja'el Heber's wife took a nail of the tent, and took a hammer in her hand, and went softly unto him, and smote the nail into his temples, and fastened it into the ground: for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died.
And, behold, as Barak pursued Sis'era, Ja'el came out to meet him, and said unto him, Come, and I will show thee the man whom thou seekest. And when he came into her tent, behold, Sis'era lay dead, and the nail was in his temples.
So God subdued on that day Jabin the king of Canaan before the children of Israel.
And the hand of the children of Israel prospered, and prevailed against Jabin the king of Canaan, until they had destroyed Jabin king of Canaan.

To conclude Today's Article I wanted to draw attention to the roles that both Deborah and Ja'el (both Women) played in bringing forth this Sociopolitical Shift! Of course Deborah symbolizes Michelle, b.u.t. Ja'el symbolizes the traditional role/oppresion of Women within the historical context of American Society. It was the Wisdom of Deborah that encouraged Barak and status of Ja'el that buried this White Male Misogynistic Society! Barak represents an 'Idea of Change', b.u.t. it is through the Earth (Woman) that this Change will come about!


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Jane Elliot; building!!

The Devil in the Details

In 2008 I had an opportunity to meet Activist Jane Elliot at Oswego College. She gave a lecture about global white supremacy and her famous "Blue eyes–Brown eyes" Exercise in 1968. Here is a short snippet of her lecture I recorded and to learn more I encourage you to go to her website Jane Elliot.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mt. Everest is 29,141 ft. high

Peace Ya’ll! With the cold approaching, one’s Mind is forced to consider warmth and in considering warmth you ultimately start thinking about ‘Relationships’; either the one you have, the one you don’t have or the one you wish you had. Anyway, as we get ready to enter America’s most celebrated Family Holiday Season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years), here are some of my Thoughts on ‘Relationships’:

My Young Earth ‘Asiyah’
During the Summer I noticed a slight change in my Queen’s behavior and our relationship; she proactively showed me alot more affection and was alot more articulate in how “she cee’s” things. That was different for me because she’s usually alot more reserved. Anyway, Queen Asiyah had her first Menstrual (Moon) Cycle on Sept. 15th, 2008, so this explained the changes she was already going through. Asiyah just turned knowledge understanding on 10/10 (Our Nation Born Day!) yet it seems like it was yesterday that I was changing her dirty diapers. -gazing off smiling- We are definitely in a different place in our relationship now and Asiyah has begun to really assert her “own self” (13/1-36). I built with some Women in my Family and a few other Women about this experience and they were all very insightful. One thing that has been brought to Mind is the fact that this moment in Asiyah’s growth and development has gone and went without much celebration or acknowledgement outside of me. This -I’m sure- is a very significant, landmark experience in her journey into Womanhood and I would have loved to have had some kinda Rite to acknowledge this; I definitely will for my youngest Queen Aziza. The problem is that their Mother moved close to Power Hill a few years back and our relationship -me and my Queens- have gone through alot of changes since this time; all for the greater good -as I sometimes remind myself. Anyway, Asiyah began her Moon Cycle on the knowledge power day of September while she was in School; her Mother emailed me about it. When I had a chance to build with Asiyah about it she nonchalantly shrugged it off like it wasn’t nothing. -?- She said she found out when she went to the bathroom so she just used a whole bunch of toilet paper like a pad until she got outta School and told her Mother when she got home. Her Moon Cycle lasted for 5 days and she said she didn’t feel any of the cramps I heard Women talk about. My Sister ‘Aziza’ (whom my youngest Queen is named after) laughed and said how mature Asiyah is for her age! Aziza said when her Moon Cycle started she was all down in the Nurses Office acting a fuckin fool! LMAO! If ever I had to deal with the unknown, this is definitely it; my eyes are wide open and I’m learning as I go. I started by sending Asiyah a couple boxes of Herbal Tea designed to help comfort Women during their Moon Cycle. I am, without a doubt, a Newborn in this and I approach this experience with the same sense of sobriety, humbleness and willingness to learn when I knowledged 120; Asiyah is now my Enlightener! -smile-

Gender Polytricks
When it comes to a Woman, I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that the chauvinistic, misogynistic, gender oppressive infrastructure of America has forced Women to adopt -what Sha calls- a BPC (Beauty Pageant Complex), Obsessive Compulsive Behavior about achieving and competing with their male counterparts, and Anxiety Stress about Motherhood, Marriage and Security; general characteristics that have distorted her concept of Love and Relationships. My Sister Aziza (whom my Young Queen is named after) shrugged her shoulders and humorously told me that Feminism is a response to this Social Construct and is nothing more than “a pussy with sharp teeth” LOL! As Men -Original Men in particular- we’ve been guilty of co-signing this Patriarchal Status Quo, oftentimes with no idea that we’re doing it! I consistently check myself about this and my first real introduction to this way of thinking is when I had my first Queen; Asiyah. Being the best Father I can be to her and Aziza hinges upon my ability to be conscious of their struggles not just as my daughters b.u.t. as females and as Women. Because of this, I’ve grown in ways that many Men have not and I owe a great deal of that to my Queens, and of course the Women who’ve I gotten to know. When we say that the Woman represents ‘Equality’ or 6, I cee it simply as it is; Equal. Equality has two words in it, Equal and Quality which essentially means ‘Same Nature’. Ultimately, Man and Woman are Equal in a sense that we have the same essential nature and unrestricted access to it; Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Intelligence, The Black Mind. What this functionally translates into is that I don’t have some -not all- of the same attitudes, concerns, and hang-ups males -and Men- have about Women and relationships in general. Here’s a few of the Main Attitudes, Concerns and Hang-up’s a cee Men having that compromises our ability to have and maintain successful Relationships:

Attitudes: Possessiveness. Men who objectify Women as “Theirs” are running them into the arms of another Man -and sometimes another Woman-, regardless if they’re Married or not! Although some Women have taken on the attitude of being an object themselves, life itself shows her through experiences that she’s much more than that. When she goes through these situations and comes to you for clarity b.u.t. you’re still in “objectify” mode, she’ll find someone who can relate. Unfortunately for you, she probably won’t be crying on the shoulder of that “gay guy” you discouraged her from befriending. LOL!

Concerns: Role. Men that are so concerned about micro-managing what a Woman needs to be doing overlook what their own role is in the relationship; there’s a double standard here that doesn’t support or encourage Equality. In the process, you make a situation where a Woman will eventually be dissatisfied, unhealthy and unfulfilled; she can’t fuckin breathe Dude!

Hang-ups: I am the Man; EGO. I said it before and I’ll say it again: EGO Edges God Out every time! Males who feel the need to continuously assert themselves as “The Man”, have a deep rooted insecurity that a Woman can’t find security in, even if she wanted to! The results of this is the same as Attitudes and Concerns; in time she’ll find the strength to leave or do some shit to make you leave!

In saying all of this, I’ve learned the importance of recognizing and analyzing the extent to which this Social Construct has effected my views on Relationships, how I view myself and how Women have been taught to view themselves.

Emotional Batches of Ice Cream
For years, I’ve been writing to Brothers locked up and have known Women who hold these Brothers down. The other day I was thinking about a section in the Mathemanual ‘Da God’ when Be God Allah was building about relationships while being in the Injustice (AKA: Prison House); Men locked up pouring their hearts out to Women who in turn use them as an idealistic security blanket. I call this exchange ‘Emotional batches of Ice Cream’. I got a Blood Brother locked up in Attica as we speak, numerous Brothers/God Brothers around the Country -who write me every week- and know Women who have relationships with Men that are locked up, so I peep game. I’ve often asked myself, what’s the difference between moral support and mutual manipulation? I’ve ceen moral support and I’ve ceen mutual manipulation. The relationships that function as ‘Emotional batches of Ice Cream’ are veiled as moral support b.u.t. actually function as mutual manipulation. Based upon mutual “Insecurities”, these ‘Emotional batches of Ice Cream’ consists of these empty calorie ingredients; a Man who secures a relationship with a Woman from a Secured Facility and a Woman seeking security in a Man who’s in a secured location 24/7, 365 days a year. Aside from the Ego strokes and Autoeroticism this relationship encourages and maintains for them, it’s the ultimate Religious experience; I’ve found that people who experience these relationships consciously/unconsciously build shrines to eachother using objects -they exchange- in order to consummate this symbolic Marriage in the Mind. All of these things are not bad within themselves. The dilemma exists when this kind of love, commitment, loyalty and respect for eachother is “built in a prison house” (29/1-40). Cee, “Yacub didn’t build prison houses for his people” (29/1-40) because he understood that it would undermine his ability to be successful in all his undertakings. Now if Yacub knew “a prison house” would fuck up his ability to make a Devil, you know it had to be fucked up! LMAO! Anyway, a prison house limits freedom of expression and immobilizes a person; Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. This immobility is present in the Man locked up and the Woman on the outside; both of them are limited in their ability to functionally express who and what they actually are. Therein lies the false sense of comfort in such a relationship; they can and will be what the other person wants them to be IN EACHOTHERS MIND. The problem with this is not just the fact that it’s idealistically unreal, b.u.t. it allows people to get away with being only a half a person, and being a part time person is alot easier for many people; especially those with emotional issues. Yacub had sense enough to not build prison houses because he wanted to cee the full dimensions of the people he was dealing with (Yacubs first rule was TO SEE...28/1-40). ‘Cub knew that the manufacturing process hinged upon making an accurate assessment of the personal and people product he was going to use. Why? To be “successful in his under-takings” (29/1-40). Again, those of us -Men & Woman- who are cultivating these types of “prison house” relationships must honestly analyze our own psychology and ask ourselves the question, “Is our relationship moral support or mutual manipulation?” By taking inventory of our habits/actions, we can determine if this relationship is in fact a “comfort food” (something/someone we ritualistically turn to when we’re mildly/severely depressed). If we do determine that it is an ‘Emotional batch of Ice Cream’, we must then recognize that this is never a healthy thing psychologically, physically, socially or financially; even if we’re calling it Tofutti. -smile- Ultimately, it’s all about learning something about our own emotional framework and hopefully -and often painfully- coming to terms with why we choose to do what we do! Knowing (1) and Understanding (3) this emotional framework is the essence of self Mastery (M/Supreme Alphabet), the path towards discovering/defining “what is his -or her- ownself” (13/1-36), and the reality of Culture Freedom (4).

L.o.v.e. (Learning Or Validating Emotions)
Anything that falls eventually hits the ground, and this includes Love. When it comes to Love, “Are we actually learning or simply validating bullshit emotions?” I hear people talk about “Unconditional” Love all the time and I’m not sure what that means either. Huh, maybe people make Emerald City statements like that cuz it sounds and looks good. -shrugs- Well back here in Kansas, as soon as a Man or Woman is stuck in the middle of an Ego shattering experience that questions their self importance, those “Unconditional” ideals about Love go right out the fuckin window. LOL! We all have ‘moments of indiscretion’ -as white folks put it- b.u.t if a person is consistently disloyal to their own ideals, what makes you think they’ll ever be loyal to yours! -shakes head- People need to realize that we live in “a Wilderness of North America” (3/1-10). The fact that it is a Wilderness means that shit will get wild as soon as you crack open your front door, and this “Wilderness” comprises the bulk of our experiences and social interactions; unless we’re living confined to a house and get Meals on Wheels. In reality, very little time is spent in the nice little “Jerusalem-like” safe haven we wanna call a relationship -Home- (5/1-14). Because of this reality, I’ve grown to realize that I can only truly Love a Woman who Loves me in a Wilderness. DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME, I love the Jerusalemian dialogue, coddling, cuddling, intimacy, etc... that are vital components of any relationship “founded in Peace” (5/1-14), b.u.t. just like the geographic place called Jerusalem, I never loose sight of what ultimately surrounds and gives context to this place; civil unrest, social instability, political tension, economic hardships, moral decay, etc..! In this context, to view a relationship as a Jerusalem-like safe haven or fall-out shelter is not the appropriate approach to take -in the midst of a Wilderness; HOW LONG CAN IT LAST? If anything, your Jerusalem -relationship- should be “a Training Unit” (14/1-14) used to proactively assess, define and deal with the unavoidable “trouble amongst the righteous people” (4/1-14) that will compromise this structures integrity! Without this Stratagem, a relationship is nothing b.u.t a sacrificial lamb awaiting it’s slaughter. YES, Jerusalem once served as one of many Central Asian safe havens for the Original Man and Woman b.u.t. only from Earths ‘Natural’ Elements! This was waaaaaaay before the manufacturing of the Devil. For those of you who have studied the “making of the Devil” (30/1-40), the Maccabees, the History of ‘Saladin’ and the Crusades, and the founding of the State of Israel recognize this fact. Jerusalem hasn’t been a safe haven in a very long time; especially in today’s era were people openly desecrate Houses of Worship, destroy Religious/Cultural Iconography and annihilate Men, Women and Children who live righteously on this land! Cee, it’s easy to Love in a Lovely place; I’m not concerned about that! I wanna be Loved when things aren’t Lovely. To me it’s all about the inner dynamics of “Preserving” (1/1-14) and Perpetuating Love, not just obtaining it! If a relationship doesn’t essentially advocate a Religion or Culture “for one common cause” (8/1-14) that will serve as Love’s Value System, Moral Compass, Intellectual/Intuitive ADT Security System, Quality Control Mechanism and Preventative Maintenance Tool, the Love you think you have CANNOT BE SUSTAINED! So through all the disloyalty, flakiness, inconsideration, insincerity and outright bullshit I’ve experienced with Wizs, I still cee light at the end of the tunnel. How? Because it’s the Moon. -smile- One of the most important keys to bringing forth the proper Understanding in a relationship is to approach it as a Journey of constant elevation, not a destination that plateaus on a Mountain called Marriage.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"After this History lasts, he renews it..." (1/1-40)

-A Message from ya Sponser-

Peace Ya’ll! The Autumn is here once again and I usually take a moment to address different topics that have been on my Third; “some layers of currents real cold and warm, others very swift and changeable.” (8/1-40) The above picture is of a recent haircut I got. What does this got to do with the sale of tea in China? Absolutely nothing; sorry Pseudoscientists. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of it! -BIG grin- Hey, it’s a big step for me, I haven’t had a fade in about 18 years!! LOL! Well, here are a few things I’ve been building about lately:

A Sketch of Tranquility ‘Blog Opera’
This shit is like online crack and if there were Bloggefeller Drug Laws 'EM would get hit wit "no ending" (9/1-10)! ‘A Sketch of Tranquility’ is Authored by EMBLEM, and is the FIRST EVER Five Percenter/Nation of Gods and Earths orientated Blog Opera. Now for those of you who don’t know what a ‘Blog Opera’ is, it’s a Literary Soap Opera! I’m not sure if they exist -they probably do- b.u.t. there damn sure isn’t one written from a Five Percenter/Nation of Gods and Earths Perspective, and that’s precisely what makes ‘A Sketch’ unique, rare and innovative within itself. EMBLEM is an incredible Writer and myself and many others undoubtedly cee him as “The Rakim of the God/Earth Literary World”; spearheading this Renaissance of Five Percenter/Nation of Gods and Earths Centered Literature. This is not to discount myself and other Gods and Earths that write; I just think the God has an incredible gift and he inspires me alot. On a side note, I also think that when we’ve grown to actually support eachother with our Projects the same way we support ourselves, we’ll galvanize the power to be “successful in ‘ALL OUR’ undertakings” (29/1-40). Sometimes “we build -narcissistic- prison houses” (29/1-40) that stop us from working together and honestly wanting for eachother what we want for ourselves. Yeah I know this is pretty idealistic, b.u.t. hey, if I don’t cee it maybe our children will. That’s what we’re striving for, right?! As a matter of fact, EMBLEM is the one who borned the idea of putting a Gods/Earths Centered E-Bookshelf on the sidebar of our Blogs.

Hotpocket Pussy
I haven’t been out in a while b.u.t. going out recently and ceein destroy power dudes -old and young alike- scrambling to get a piece of power u gave me a mild headache, and ceeing these Wizs “believing this on face value” (9/1-40) made me psychologically nauseous. You know what psychologically nauseous means? Well it means I wanted to throw up -some nasty ass words- and I did “all within my power” (40/1-40) to keep my composure. It's also a Depressant laced environment. Anyway, once I got a good pulse on this beast, I was out. As far as Sex is concerned, we learn in the 17/1-40 that one of the meanings of Civilization is “not being a savage in the pursuit of happiness”. Being ‘a savage IN THE PURSUIT’ borns the word ‘Hedonism’. As Men, having the Knowledge of God is not/never compatible with Hedonism, and as long as we “never rise above 6 miles” or the science of Sex (Sex in English, Six in Latin, Hex in Greek) we’ll always “distill back to these Planets” (8/1-40); and believe me, before these Wizs deal with Sex, they damn sure Plan-it (Planet). -duh- The Moon manages her schedule fool! LOL! Anyway, I’m not telling ya’ll to be Eunuchs. -crickets- I am telling ya’ll to be intelligent, safe and have some self restraint. ALL OF US have a carnal side b.u.t. the key is keeping these passions “roped and bound in” (4/1-14) until Musa comes to civilize them. Incidentally, Musa -or Moses- actually means 'drawn outta da water'. Yo, this is true Alchemy; taking baser desires and forging them into a golden touch. Cee, Fucking (10/1-10)is nothing in comparison to” (32/1-40) Ecstasy (9/1-10). While Fucking begins and ends with a body function, Ecstasy lasts indefinitely. -smile-

I’m a Universal Tour Guide
Being an Enlightener is just like being a Universal Tour Guide. In this Journey through 120 Lessons, I take Travelers to approximately 64 Different Locations, introduce them to about 101 Characters, and point out about 75 Tangible Objects (Souvenirs). There is no central location that an Enlightener starts their Tour of 120; some Enlighteners start their Tour in Harlem New York, others in Detroit Michigan, still others start at some obscure location where The Enlightener & Student decide to meet. Some people take Months to complete this Journey and others take Years, b.u.t. regardless where they start or how long a Student takes, ALL ENLIGHTENERS end our Tours at one place; Pluto, the 9th Solar Fact and last degree in 120. NOW, my Enlightener was a very thorough Tour Guide, just like his Enlightener. Sha had a comprehensive understanding of the Locations we visited, a rich relationship with the Characters he introduced to me, and never overlooked an opportunity to point out an Object along the way. Having completed my Tour on 9/30/1995 and becoming a Tour Guide (Enlightener) myself, I have also taken many people on this Journey myself. The first thing I had to realize and come to terms with is this: THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT COMPLETE THIS JOURNEY for various reasons. Because I was sincerely committed to getting 120 (going on this Journey), I blindly assumed that other people were just as committed to this Journey! I had no concept of “my word -not- being bond” (11/1-14) when it came to traveling this path and I couldn’t even conceive how a person could stop, go back or veer off from this path! As I said, I had to come to terms with this and it was very, very painful to watch people quit. While taking people on this Journey I’ve ceen people become paralyzed with fear when they reached the West Asian hillsides and looked up and saw the caves in the 4/1-14. I know people who saw Jerusalem for the first time and have been living in the 5/1-14 since 1996! I know people who strayed away when we got to the 7/1-14 and they’ve been roaming around in the Central Asian (African) Jungle ever since. I’ve ceen people become Muslim as soon as they reached Mecca in the 1/1-14, and I was also there when a person drowned in the Indian Ocean in the South. I’ve watched people loose their marbles and fall apart when we reached the Island of Pelon in the 27/1-40, and I’ve ceen many people get all the way to Pluto; only to suffer from mild to severe cases of Alzheimer’s Disease or get put on disability for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When people contact me as a Tour Guide, the first thing I do is explain the psychological, physical, and socioeconomic demands/ramifications of taking such a 3,680,000,000 mile Journey; it’s not easy, there are adjustments that have to be made in their schedule to make such a Journey and most importantly, they must be sincerely committed to my instructions because it could easily cost them their lives! After I’ve made this perfectly clear to people and they decide they’re ready for this Journey I present them with a Consent/Release Form. Although Enlighteners (Tour Guides) give people different Consent/Release Forms, it’s always a written commitment. Regardless if it’s the Father’s History, Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet or Student Enrollment (1-10), an Enlightener gives a Student something in writing that they must “commit” to memory; this establishes our initial agreement. Although my Enlightener took me through some preliminary studies, the Consent/Release Form he gave me was Student Enrollment (1-10) and this is what I initially give to people before they begin their actual Journey with me. This is vitally important because it establishes a Contractual Agreement between me -as an Enlightener- and a Student. It also addresses the liability issue; just in case a Traveler wants to try to hold me -The Tour Guide- responsible because the Journey is not what they expected, they got hurt because they weren’t listening to my instructions, or they’re simply dissatisfied for their own personal reasons that are unknown to me. Let me also mention that when this Contractual Agreement is made between an Enlightener (Tour Guide) and a Student (Traveler), either one of them has the right to terminate this Agreement. As a Tour Guide, I’ve never turned people away from taking this Journey or told them that I’m not taking them to Pluto; unless for obvious reasons known to me. I’ve had many experiences when I could clearly cee that a Student (Traveler) wasn’t ready and before I’d agree to take them to Pluto I’d give them some preliminary instructions/tasks in order to get themselves ready. From my experience, some people take my honest advice and prepare themselves for this Journey b.u.t. many people either renege on the Contract in the middle of the Journey or quit before they even begin. Whatever these people choose to do I always insure -and respect-the fact that it’s their choice. If they want to take my trip to Pluto then there are certain requirements that are expected of them as Travelers (Students). If they don’t choose to meet, respect or stay committed to these requirements then they’ve made a conscious decision to not go to Pluto or strand themselves some place in 120. As a Universal Tour Guide I pride myself on “giving all I have and all within my power” (40/1-40) to get people to Pluto; that’s my duty (job). -smile- For those of you who didn’t make it: don’t feel guilty for not following through with your word and don’t be discouraged; you’re not alone! I wanna let you know that embarking on this Journey is always open to you when you’re sincerely committed to do so. Regardless of the reason you came to the end of your personal road -as long as you’re alive- “there’s -always- a chance of coming back” (13/1-40); just not necessarily with my Tour Company.

My Ole Earth
She’s been heavy on my Third (Mind) because she went back to essence during this time about 13 years ago! The stories I could tell you about her. -laughs, shakes head- First of all she was a Psychologist; a field that three of my other siblings have went to College for and have/do work in to this day. Because of this I was raised very different. My Ole Earth was Wise like the Oracle (from the Matrix), had a Richard Pryor sense of humor, a Dana Skully (from The X-files) Skepticism, looked like Cecily Tyson and people came through to visit her like the Nanny in Lackawanna Blues. When I say visit her, I’m talking about me and my siblings friends used to come through! Can you imagine how insightful and entertaining my Ole Earth musta been for children of all ages to come over our house -not to cee us- b.u.t. just to hang out with her?! On top of all of this... my Ole Earth was crazy, for real ya’ll. Psychological and Sociological Terms/Concepts was household language to me and my siblings. At 10 years old I knew what Microcephallic was, got an ass whuppin for using Transference, and was told that my older Brother was going through shit every time he shaved all his facial hair; my Ole Earth would say, “That ain’t nothing but ‘Self Mutilation’. He’s probably over there shavin his goddamn ass too!” Prior to my Ole Earth working as a Director of Family and Children Services, she Directed A Community Center. While she Directed this Community Center she worked with the Youth -who also became her children- and took night classes to earn her Degree in Psychology -minor in Sociology- from Niagara University. She did all of this in her forties and with 6 children -before her and my Ole Dad adopted my younger brother ‘Major Scientist’. Since there were so many children, my Ole Dad got a red A-Team lookin van, that we’d pile in to go places. When Halloween came around my Ole Earth -mind you, while in her forties- would get a Halloween Mask and drive around the hood in our van by herself, scaring the Youth she worked with who were hanging out on the Corner! LOL! One day of my brothers got locked up over some shit he did and the cee ciphers came to the house to pick him up. As they escorted my brother off the porch my Ole Earth smiled, started pouring out some of her coffee out while singing, “This is dedicated to my Homies...” A Psychological Gorilla, she’d whup our asses mentally and if need be, sick my Ole Dad on us for a literal as whuppin. My Ole Earth used to let us watch scary movies so she could scare us with em! I remember when I was about 14 she came home from work tellin me and my brothers -who were 13- that this dude with Schizophrenia (who believed the Devil was in him) was laying in his room pressed down in his bed like it was a 300 pound weight on him, and when he tried to speak different voices came outta him and his tongue rolled out of his mouth down to his neck! When he did eventually ‘rise outta the bed’ he stood trait up without bending his knees! WE WERE SCARED TO DEATH and did everything “within our power” (40/1-40) to be good -once the Sun started going down. This story was “conveniently” told to us -again and again- a couple months after she let us watch The Exorcist. My Ole Earth was something else and one of her favorite hobbies to do with us was “People Watching’. Another thing about her was that she always learned from us. When I’d have a BDP tape and pop it in the car when she’d be droppin me off somewhere she’d quietly learn the lyrics only to surprise me by reciting them at a later date! Although me and my brothers loved Kung-Fu Movies, she’s the one that put us down with Super Ninjas; she proudly built with us about it one morning, telling us she saw it late last night. -smile- Another thing about my Ole Earth was that even though she played piano -my Grand Ole Earth played the organ- and sung at the Church we went to down the street, I don’t recall one conversation about Jesus, the Bible, Heaven, or anything to do with Christianity. She wasn’t religious at all, and built with us about everything from Hermaphrodites, Thought Forms, a Dinka Tribe, Khalil Gibran, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Slavery, etc. All in all, my Ole Earth taught me and my siblings how to build relationships and navigate the Psychological, Social Landscape of this Society. When it comes to my growth and development as a person and within The NGE, it was and will always be “The Mother” (my Ole Earth) who intellectually/intuitively prepared me to have a relationship with The Father. Oh yeah, and for the sake of synchronicity, I neglected to mention that “The Mother” (my Ole Earth) was born on June 13th; the same day The Father returned back to essence.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lando Calrissian of the Rebel Alliance

Thirteen and Good

Tell us what are the exact Years, Months and Days that you’ve had 120?
13 years, 156 Months and 4,745 Days to the date of this writing.

Peace Ya'll! Every year I acknowledge -not necessarily celebrate- three different Born Days. So in all actuality I’m 33, 9 and 13, all at the same time. Physically, I’m a 33 year old Capricornian Scorpio with an Aquarius Ascendant, and I’m 9 in a sense because on April 23rd, 1999, I legally changed my name to Saladin Quanaah’ Allah. Today I acknowledge my 13th Born Day, my Manifestation Day; the day I touched down on Pluto and finished knowleding 120 Lessons in 1995. In the simplest of terms, all this means is that I’ve had 120 Lessons ‘in my head’ (memorized) for thirteen years now. As far as applying these Lessons...., well at thirteen I just entered Middle School in this Math, started growing pubic hair, getting zips on my face, and seriously defining “What is his -my- ownself?” (13/1-36) in the midst of my Godly/Earthly Peers. All in all, I’m Officially a Teenager in this Culture and just like any Teenager, there’s a whole new terrain and world of unknowns associated with my -Cultural- Maturation. Huh? How do I feel? Shiiiit, I feel like a “Master” (13/Supreme Alphabet). A Master of my own ideas, inclinations, aspirations, and hang-up’s. I Know (1) and Understand (3) myself better than I ever have, and this substantive self evaluation defines the richness of how/why I express my Culture (4) this way. -smiling Ego-

Over these 13 years, one thing I can say is that I’ve become more humble in the way I carry this Math. More cynical, b.u.t. definitely more humble. Shiiiiit, situations can shatter ya EGO like glass and humble you “at a terrific speed” (8/1-40); especially when you’re calling yourself the True and Living God or Earth. Being Homeless, Unemployed, getting Locked up, being in a Dysfunctional Relationship, etc. can feel like the fight between Superman and Doomsday! -wipes brow- That’s how it feels going through shit with a “Striving for Perfectionist” attitude. LOL! In my adolescent years of learning this Culture it was all about Man is God. Now I’ve begun to realize that God is simply Man. -shrugs- And yes, these are two veeeeeery different things. Within these 13 years of using 120, I can truly say that I’ve grown in the same way that any Christian, Muslim, Trekkie, Hebrew, Wiccan, Rasta, Scientologist, Buddhist, Prepaid Legalist, etc. grows who has taken the time to learn and apply the Principles they subscribe to! No biggie.

As a matter of fact. here’s 9 things that actually comes to Mind when I think over the last 13 years I’ve had 120:

1. You develop an even greater appreciation for your Enlightener and being an Enlightener yourself. To me there is not a more Noble Profession because it encompasses damn near all Professions, depending upon the Curriculum you design for your Student and the Terrain you traverse while you walk together. You can find yourself being a Psychologist, Parent, Companion, Intuitive Counselor, Manager, Auto Mechanic, Nutritionist, Customer Service Rep, Sports Agent, Paralegal, Parole Officer, Tutor, Promoter, Intervention Specialist, Fashion Consultant, Accountant, Taxi Driver, Doctor, etc. to a Newborn (Student). Mind you, this has nothing to do with a Salary or a Prize at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks; this is true unconditional love that the Human Family needs alot more of. As crazy as my Enlightener ‘Sha’ was -and is-, he invested his life in my life, and the only way to show my gratitude is to invest the same love, patience, and dedication in the lives of other people!

2. Lessons have become less Intellectual and more Intuitive; less Mechanical and more Organic. For example, instead of me reciting an entire Degree -although I obviously still do it; especially for Newborns- I naturally extract a phrase or word I want to build about; I instinctively go strait to the phrase or word. Cee, I’ve felt the “hard time” (2/1-14) beads of sweat on the forehead of Musa, welled up with the tears of joy of having a “Brother and Companion in tribulation and in the Kingdom of patience” (27/1-40), and worried all night about “trying to reform him -or her” (34/1-40) prior to ceeing them “sting somebody else” (10/1-14)! I no longer recite 120 Lessons, I’ve learned to eat, sleep, and breath them through practically applying them in my Life. I look forward to walking with this Math in the future because I’m only getting better with time! -smile-

3. Although I’m no longer in the process of learning to memorize (recite) my Degrees I have never lost “The Fire of a Newborn”; many people do! The Fire of a Newborn is that burning desire to learn and tenacity in which one approaches knowledge! I used to spend hours in the library with my Enlightener studying and 13 years later I still spend hours in the library! I still study hard and do forensic research on whatever subject I’m studying. However, in my maturity I’ve learned to not spread myself too thin, take my time and eat what’s on my plate; the Alchemist Laboratory in my head is alot tidier! LOL! When I was younger I was more into the recital -usually fast- of my Lessons, b.u.t. now I’m more into speaking my Lessons slow, deliberate and poignantly. I’ve discovered that by taking my time, I came across jewels I completely missed when I rushed. Ironically, I had this brief epiphany -some years ago- on a Wizs bedroom floor. -grin-

4. I no longer have a compulsive feeling like everybody NEEDS TO KNOW this Culture. It took me a long time to respect that people have a choice; Right or Wrong, and I can’t trespass against them. I realized how -although I may have had the most righteous intents- I ended up being an obstruction to a person’s “own” Understanding. It’s funny because Students always mistake what appears to be aloofness and cold indifference as an “I don’t give a fuck what you do” attitude when I’m ultimately respecting their ability to choose. LOL! -shakes head- This is a very fragile moment in the Student/Enlightener relationship because at this point the Student either grows to Love you for respecting their Right to choose, or hate you because they believe you’re taking them through -or letting them go through- Hell. I’ve been on both sides of this and there’s nothing you can do about it. As an Enlightener you simply have to do you’re duty as a Civilized Person and those who learn will learn, those who won’t don’t. In 13 years I’ve ceen many people come, many people go and many people stay committed to learning/applying these Cultural Principles. Because of these experiences, I’ve grown to read a person’s “determined idea” (24/1-40) like a book, and simply watch them “qualify or disqualify” (28/1-40) themselves when is comes to learning 120.

5. I’m sure people on the outside sometimes look at me like, “Woooow, you know all those Lessons after all these years?! Woooow!”, b.u.t. having 120 for such a short period of time is not such a big deal to me. I mean..., I use it. -shrugs- I cee it like anything you learn that you don’t forget; like riding a bike, writing, tying ya sneakers, etc. . There’s many things people have chosen to memorize that they use every day! I just chose to memorize and use 120, along with other things.

6. Now I know -without a doubt- why The Father focused on the Youth. Hey..., Musa didn’t come to civilize a hillside herd of feral children. These savages were a bunch of fuckin grown-ups and the caves were various vaginal condoms! Elijah said Musa put some of these bastards on a Mountaintop and blew ‘em the fuck up! Malcolm called ‘em “stiffnecked” (dick heads), The Father smoked a joint, rolled some dice and said, “Fuck ‘em!”, and Khan pan seared their self importance when he looked down and stripped ‘em of they Titles; reforming The NOI into ‘The Nudists of Islam’. Cee, The Father focused on the Youth because they don’t have the same fears, hang-up’s and social conditionings (AKA: bullshit) as Adults. Although I’ve been walking with and teaching this Math for 13 years, it never fails that prideful Adults come along and try to tell me -or suggest- how they need to be taught, as if they actually know. LMAO! In one of Castaneda’s Books, Don Juan would tie his Students to a post in the yard like a dog and simply watch how long it took them to get untied or if he had to eventually untie them. Some would whine to be untied, some would become violent, some became hateful, others would exhaust themselves trying to break the rope, etc.. Ultimately, from this ‘Ego-shattering’ technique, Don Juan learned something very, very important about his Students temperament; thus allowing him to fashion the proper curriculum to teach them, if they could be taught. I mention this because as Adults, the Ego is well defined and it takes alot more courage, confidence, sincerity, trust and commitment to study 120 -or learn anything new for that matter. Why? Because many Adults are still dealing with the mental, emotional and physical trauma that comes along with the natural vulnerabilities, insecurities and risks of life. On a practical level, Adults also have alot more things going on in their life; things or responsibilities that must ultimately be revamped/reprioritized as they learn the transformative Properties/Principles in 120. It’s a huge task for many Adults to change a diet they’ve had for 35 years, stop a 20 year habit they still love to do, or change their relationships by redefining “family” and “friend”. I was building with Sha this morning about this subject and compared tackling 120 to doing a backflip! A Child has no fuckin problem doing a backflip b.u.t. it’s those Adults who’re afraid they’re going to break their neck and die. Although the Child may be recklessly naive, the Adult turns a legitimate concern about safety into “a prison house” (29/1-40) of fear. With a Child you simply have to instruct them on how to go about doing backflips without hurting themselves and other people. With Adults, you continually need to talk them through their fears; about how they’re not going to hurt themselves, how you’re there to help and won’t let them break their neck, blah, blah while they stand there afraid to do a flip. The Father wisely chose to work with the Youth because they were already flippin; flippin at School, Home, in the Streets and everywhere else with no problem. He recognized the mental dexterity of these natural gymnasts and helped forge them into titian-like Cultural Olympians. This is not to say that when people reach a certain age it’s impossible for them to get it (120); I’ve personally ceen it happen! Adults just have alot more psychological, physical and socioeconomic adjustments to make; legitimate and illegitimate, and many of them find it too difficult to learn 120 under these ‘Ego-shattering’ conditions. So instead of learning to do a flip, Adults usually -b.u.t. not always- flip the fuck out.

7. As far as relationships are concerned..., well that’s always a work in progress. -smile- What I will say on this subject is that I have less unrealistic expectations about Women who “say” they want to learn this Culture. I also have more realistic expectations about how this Culture Traditionally and Contemporarily defines/relates to Women and their relationship to Men. It took me “12” (L: Love, Hell or Right) years to draw up the phrase, “Because the Earth ‘belongs to’ the Original Man” (1/1-14)! It never occurred to me that ‘belongs to’ also means ‘a part of’; as in, “being ‘a part of’ (belonging to) something”. -shakes head- So essentially, that phrase can be translated to mean, “Because the Earth is ‘a part of’ the Original Man.” This is completely different than denoting possession and a God simply drawing this phrase up to mean, “The Earth is mine!” Neither perspective is Right or Wrong; it ultimately depends upon what the situation demands and Wisdom is our ability to discern this. Sometimes I’ve been Wise and other times a damn Fool! LOL! Ultimately, I’m just showing you how the way someone interprets something defines their psychological orientation; how they undoubtedly cee themselves and deal with other people. This is especially important when it comes to a Companionship; which many of us have learned the hard way!

8. Unlike many Gods/Earths who simply say “they’re elevating” I actually elevate each and every day. There is not one day that goes by that I haven’t deliberately learned something new to help me become a more positive asset to myself, Family, Community and Society as a whole. As I’ve gotten older in this Math, I’ve learned to be more appreciative of these days and conscious of the little things I used to take for granted; meditating on my mortality and unavoidable appointment with Death. Because of my sense of the moment -and that now is the only time that exists- I’m able to perform even the most trivial of tasks with a flair of impeccability!

9. Building with Students (Newborns) is alot different now! When I first heard my Enlightener recite the 1st Degree in Student Enrollment (1-10), “Who is the Original Man?” IT WAS ELECTRIFYING! As I aged in this Culture I forgot the power of hearing that Degree as a Newborn. So when people came to me to learn 120, I took for granted the impact and power of hearing this knowledge for the first time! By taking this for granted, I assumed that these Newborns were on the same page as me emotionally. Here I was whistling Al Jarreau as I effortlessly scaled a mountainous Concept like, “Who is the Original Man?” while Newborns stood at the bottom intimidated; staring up at my mountain goat agility and wondering if they’ll ever be able to summit 120! I’ve grown to be more emotionally conscious of who I’m building with. This means that now I’m a lot more patient with people who’re interested in learning this Culture; realizing that it may take a couple years of emotional prep-work and simply getting to know this person before they’re even prepared to Enroll as a Student.

So in conclusion, I would like to give a shout out to my Enlightener ‘Sha’ for taking the time to build with me! I’m proud and appreciative to be able to say that a thorough God brought me into the knowledge of myself. He knew what was correct and took the time to insure that I got this Math the correct way. There are many Gods/Earths I’ve met who didn’t have the benefit of a swift Enlightener like ‘Sha’. Anyway, you know what? I just had a change of heart; this evening I’m gonna celebrate! I’m gonna enjoy going through 120 as I sip on some ‘Stones’ Ginger Wine, listen to some good music and build with a few people! -smile-


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"The Nice Guy" at the Prom; 15 years ago.
NGE Nomenclature

Peace Ya’ll! While taking on the responsibility of “a Civilized Person” (18/1-40) I’ve grown to realize that we must also be Cultural Trailblazers when it comes to expressing this God-Centered Worldview. In this Era, we as Gods/Earths find ourselves confronted with some of the same things that went on during the mid 1960’s b.u.t. there are also many things that didn’t go on back then. In keeping this in Mind, today I want to build about a word I’ve mentioned in the past; NOMENCLATURE, and our ability to define/redefine our God-Centered Cultural Worldview.

NOMENCLATURE is the specific terms and phrases one uses to describe, define and articulate a particular subject. For example, Legal terms/phrases are the NOMENCLATURE of Law, different Clinical terms/phrases are the NOMENCLATURE of different sciences; such as Psychiatry, Physiology, etc.., and Pimp terms/phrases are the NOMENCLATURE of Pimpology. LOL! All subjects have their own NOMENCLATURE and these specific terms and phrases used to describe functional aspects of these subjects are defined by the Cultural Context/Worldview they’re in. What I mean is, take the word ‘Hot’. The word ‘Hot’ is a word that functions as NOMENCLATURE in many different subjects for many different people. ‘Hot’ -as in the spiciness of food- to a person of Punjabi descent means something completely different than a Russian Chemist defining ‘Hot’-as in chemical reaction-. ‘Hot’ takes on another meaning to a 15 year old listening to Weezy, compared to a person coming from Bible study being asked to purchase a ‘Hot’ Laptop from a suspicious looking person on the corner. Although the word ‘Hot’ -like many words- are functionally applicable as NOMENCLATURE in different subjects and for many different people, there are certain terms and phrases that are/ARE SAID to be specific to certain subjects. I emphasize ARE SAID because sometimes it’s difficult for people to conceptualize how certain terms/phrase can be used in a different context. It’s like a person only being familiar with the phrase ‘hit it’ in regards to striking something and not as an innuendo used to describe a male’s sexual conquest. Ultimately, when we’re limited in our ability to make abstractions, we fail to cee the relativity in things. A person who’s unable to cee how the NOMENCLATURE of one system is functionally relative to the NOMENCLATURE in another system overlooks the cyclic interrelationship of all things. Sometimes is a simple inability to cee how certain things relate, and alot of times they ‘solely’ believe -because that’s what they’ve been taught- that all organic/inorganic substances and forces that shape this Universe are individual/separate manifestations all unto themselves. The ‘sole’ belief in the differences/variations of these substances/forms is actually a belief in an illusion (AKA: “Mystery10/1-40). The reality is that all things you cee, touch, taste, smell and hear are one in the same on a subatomic, essential level; derived from the same Intangible Intelligence (some call God, Spirit, the Universal Mind, Energy, etc.) and undifferentiated substance of reality’ (Matter/Energy).

I must briefly mention that the gross belief in the individualism, materialism and objectification of reality is purely an Axiological Phenomenon of a Eurocentric Worldview. Europe -because of it’s climate and geographic location- is not tropical. Therefore, people living in this environment forged a historiography of Value Systems relative to their living -or lack there of- conditions. In other words, if your life/survival depended upon an environment that yielded very little to no crops in a short planting/harvest season per year, you’d be inclined to place the highest Value on time, self preservation and the accumulation of objects; your life/survival depends upon this type of Worldview. When you take a cursory glance at the Pantheon of the Greek Deities, Roman History, European Folklore, the construction of Forts/Castles (to protect their objects), objectification and misogynistic hatred of the Woman/female principle (symbolic to the Earth/Mother Nature which fails to obey their request for sustenance), etc... you’ll cee a common theme throughout; the preoccupation with Time, Objectification/Materialism, Individualism and Alienation. I’m not saying this to shit on all Caucasian descendants from the Caucasus Mts. because Europeans have made many profound contributions to World Civilization. I am simply pointing out some of the pathologies associated with Value Systems where individualism, materialism and objectification represents the “believe.....on face value.” (9/1-40) status quo. This Axiological Phenomenon is also the back drop of the so-called “New World”; where Americanized youth are taught to choose a mate solely on appearance without giving any consideration to their mates Character or the type of Value Systems they actually live by! -shakes head-

Again, I stressed the word ‘solely’ because it’s important that we find a sense of balance in order to “rise above THE... SURFACE” (8/1-40) of what we physically see b.u.t. also what we insightfully cee lying beneath the surface. In other words, we can’t simply walk around as surface dwellers, immersed in how different everything is or praising our individuality. For a person like this, it’s easy to cee the innumerable “hard times, hunger, nakedness and out of doors” (11/1-40) laying in their path! We also can’t walk around immersed in the oneness of the Universe because then we’ll be blinded to the functional differences/variations of forms/substances. A person like this would easily fall into harms way because to them, it doesn’t make a damn difference! This brings me back to the point I made that there are certain terms that “ARE SAID” to be specific to specific subjects. It’s the difference between Eyesight and Insight (See/Cee). Some people simply look at beetles, ants, etc. as just bugs; small creatures strictly belonging to an Insect World outside of themselves. They’re right on one level: the surface! Now there are other people who study these creatures and cee their place in the grand scheme of things; they serve as part of natures Sanitation Dept. and also clues us into aspects of our own interpersonal relationships with eachother and to the Planet Earth. The later insight is clearly identifiable in various Indigenous Cultures, Classical Kemetic (Egyptian) & Asiatic Civilizations who utilize the symbolic imagery/ritualization of Insects (as well as Animals, Plants and Minerals) to symbolize Principles in their lives. Keep in Mind that both of these perspectives are absolutely correct and Wisdom (discernment) is the key needed to unlock what perspective that needs to applied to any said situation. In some cases a ‘roach’ should be treated as a nasty intruder in your food cabinet and other times studied as a psycho-dramatic theme in life. LMAO!

Now how does of NOMENCLATURE tie into this? Like I said, NOMENCLATURE -as specific terms and phrases- are used to describe functional aspects of subjects; ‘subjects’ that are ultimately defined by a Cultural Context/Worldview. This Cultural Context/Worldview is forged from a System of Values (an Axiological Phenomenon) that defines their physical & psycho-socioeconomic place in this World. This does not mean that the “His/Herstoriography or Koran” (1/1-40) people are gonna write will be ‘solely’ Positive or Negative based upon where they’re from! Again, it’s the Wisdom we employ (the ability to discern) that dictates how we live/survive in any given situation. There are those of us who find our way after we simply “lost the knowledge of ourselves” and others who have “lost the knowledge of themselves AND is living a beast life” (2/1-14). A perfect example of this Positive use of Wisdom -in a poor situation- are so-called “Witches” (meaning ‘Wise Woman’) who intuited holistic approaches towards optimum health through natural plant based remedies during a time when the Church controlled filthy ass Europe. Instead of these misogynistic bastards accepting these Wise Women and their discoveries they burned them alive at the stake and accused them of working with the Devil! In this situation and even to this day, the word ‘Witch’ is usually defined and has both negative deno/connotations. Although many Europeans were suffering during these times from sicknesses, some found a natural way to rise above it (only to be demonized) and others used the religious savagery of the times to victimize them (only to be anglicized)! -shakes head-

Like any Culture, Religion or Philosophy, we as Five Percenters/The Nation of Gods and Earths employ our own NOMENCLATURE as defined by our Worldview. Within our Worldview we obviously utilize terms, phrases and proverbs that are applicable to other Cultures, Religions or Philosophies yet there are other terms, phrases and proverbs that are ‘specific’ to Five Percenters/The Nation of Gods and Earths. An example of a general word used in our and other systems of NOMENCALTURE is ‘Allah’. To Gods/Earths, ‘Allah’ means the Original Black Man: Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm Head, b.u.t. to a Sunni Muslim or even a Christian the word ‘Allah’ has a totally different meaning. An example of a ‘specific’ phrase that’s native to Five Percenter/God & Earth NOMENCLATURE is, “How you cee Today’s Mathematics?” This ‘specific’ phrase can be translated as such: “What situations are you going through, thinking about or studying today and what have learned from these experiences that can help me in my growth and development?” Although there are various Cultures, Religions and Philosophies they can functionally relate to the above phrase, this NOMENCLATURE is ‘specific’ to Five Percenters/Gods and Earths, because it’s rooted in the Principles, Concepts, and Customs defined/expressed throughout our Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons. This is clearly why the Five Percenters/The Nation of Gods and Earths Worldview can never be classified as an offshoot, spin off, splinter group of any Culture, Religion or Philosophy; our NOMENCLATURE -both generally and specifically- is definably & functionally unlike any other Culture, Religion or Philosophy on the Planet Earth! Words and Phrases such as “Peace!”, “Science it up!”, “Word is Bond”, “All being born to”, “Queen”, “Zig, Zag, Zig”, “Equality”, etc. are just a few aspects of our NOMENCLATURE that some of you may be familiar with, b.u.t. their functional definitions are ever expanding. As we are an ever growing, developing Nation of People, we find ourselves always finding ways to better describe, define and articulate our Worldview, in relationship to the ever changing world within and around us. Although there is certain NOMENCLATURE recognizable to the Mainstream -as mentioned above-, here is some of the NOMENCLATURE the God EMBLEM and myself have particularly coined and personally use; developing out of our ever expanding Cultural Worldview. -smile- Keep in Mind that there are many Gods and Earths who may be hearing this NOMENCLATURE for the first time, just like there is specific NOMENCLATURE that I have never heard that other Gods and Earths use.

Brown Baby: (28/1-40) A Brown Baby is a person who can either pass for white or considers themselves honorary white. Regardless of their complexion, these individuals swear they’re Lucky, Holier than thou, and recognizably Great according to the Eurocentric Societal Standards that validates them and their ass-kissin’ behavior. Self professed ‘light-skinned’ niggas, Uncle Toms, and high yellow video chicks are classic examples of a Brown Baby.

Norbit Mathematics: (21/Supreme Mathematics) This phrase defines a male who falls under the category of; being caught up in ‘6’, power u whipped, easily muscled and/or manipulated, outright weak when it comes to dealing with a Wiz. Borrowed from the movie ‘Norbit’, “Norbit Mathematics” is a classic example of WISDOM KNOWLEDGE (doing shit backwards!). In practice it can be quite humorous b.u.t. also sad to cee! An example of Norbit Mathematics is a dude at my Justice (Job) who after knowing a Wiz for less than two months, put his house up for sale to move in with her, changed his schedule to watch her children in the morning and is gonna pay for her future divorce; all because of sex! The irony in all of this is the fact that his name is actually “Joe” (cee the movie “Carmen Jones”)

85erphobia: (14/1-40) 85erphobia is the fear, stress or anxiety (Cognitive Dissonance) a person with Knowledge of Self experiences when confronted with 85% people, 85% places and 85% things. I built about this extensively in a past Article I actually entitled “85erphobia”. An example of this is any God/Earth who avoids any contact with the 85% to the point where it compromises their ability to secure proper Food, Clothing and Shelter for themselves and/or their Family.

Ikemathematics: (29/1-40) This term refers to males (not Men) who use Mathematics to take advantage of Wizs. Reminiscent of Ike Turner, “Ikemathematics” is the science of males setting themselves up as a Warden-like Character and “building a prison house” around a Wiz in order to lock them down. An example of “Ikemathematics” is any God who treats my Blogs like Five Percenter contraband and discourages, intellectually abuses, and alienates his Earth or any Wiz from reading my Articles! LMAO! The term, “Mistermatics” is philosophically the same: cee ‘Mister’ in the movie The Color Purple.

Flag Waivers: (9/1-14) “Flag Waivers” are those individuals who are grossly Nationalistic and Religiously Zealous about The NGE. These individuals remind you of a Die Hard, Face Painted, New York Giants Fan on Super bowl Sunday! This Obsessive Compulsive Behavior functions as a child-like preoccupation with NGE Iconography and a fascination with “The Father” (who serves as a Central ‘Christ-like’ Figure in their life). “Flag Waivers” usually have a hard time trying to Culturally function by themselves and crave attention. Examples of “Flag Waivers” are Gods/Earths who religiously wear the Universal Flag, badger their 4yr. old to quote Degrees in front of people like a pet parrot or who’ll seriously asks questions like “How you cee the science behind how many moles The Father had on his ass?”

By Myselfer: (2/1-36) A “By Myselfer” is an individual that doesn’t carry/express this Culture Gregariously. Although they can and may get together with other Gods/Earths, it’s not habitual. They’re just as comfortable/sharp going through the Math quietly up in their own third (Mind) as they are when they’re amongst those who speak Mathematics. A “By Myselfer” doesn’t place much stock in Social Events/Engagements. An Example of a “By Myselfer” is a Swift (Sharp/On Point) God/Earth that doesn’t come around like that because they’re disenchanted with Flag Waivers.

Nursism: (28/1-40) “Nursism” refers to the systematic practice of sticking pins! Sticking pins -as outlined in the 28th Degree- were used to kill the black babies at birth. So “sticking pins” represent murder as well as birth control. In this context, a Nurse is and functions the same way as any grimy Bitch on the street. Although there are many males who practice Nursism, females are more inclined to do it simply because of their maternal, mammalian nature and physiological ability to ‘nurse’ their child. A prime example of Nursism is what Robin Givens did to Mike Tyson and what some so-called Earths learn 120 for.

All Being Borner: A God/Earth who strictly uses a Numerological Digit Summing Method to conceptualize Mathematics. If the date were the 16th, when asked, “How do you cee Today’s Mathematics?” an All Being Borner will undoubtedly say “Knowledge Equality all being born to God” or (16=7). All Being Borner’s also utilize this Method when dealing with Letters/Words. For example, an All Being Borner would tell you that the word DIVINE borns (=) Born. They arrived at this conclusion by simply converting the letters to their numerical place in the Alphabet (i.e. = D=4, I=9, V=22, etc.), adding them together (63), and then reducing them to a single digit (9). Although this Method has “some” value, this pseudoscience (basic Numerology) is not a Branch of Applied Mathematics we actually use in Aviation, Engineering, Farming, Genetics, Carpentry, Computer Science, Architecture, Forensics, Military Services, Medicine, Music Production, Law, Auto Mechanics, Food Service, and other various sciences of life involving people activities. In extreme cases, an All Being Borner will ‘build’ about how the word CHEVY borns (=) Born, and then elaborate on how this vehicle allows us to travel places and is thus symbolic to our physical vehicle (body) that allows us to go places with the Mind. Although philosophically entertaining, this abstraction says nothing about nor supports the actual Mathematics one uses to actually ‘build’, buy, lease, maintain, sell, paint, or even drive an actual CHEVY; all necessary computational components of Practically Applied Mathematics we use in Society everyday!

To conclude Today’s Article I just wanted to revisit the term ‘Axiology’ for a moment. Keep in Mind that way we forge our Axiology (Value Systems) is indicative of the geographic, psychological and socioeconomic circumstances that shape us. This being the case, all Gods/Earths do not share the same Axiology; even though we may all know the same Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons. Various Axiological Perspectives will ultimately define the use/disuse of certain Popular/Unpopular NGE NOMENCLATURE amongst Gods/Earths; AKA: “That’s how I cee it.”