Monday, January 09, 2012

Frankenstein Mob

None Dare Call It Conspiracy?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

The above Paragraph is the First Amendment of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights in regards to Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition. Under this Amendment, it guarantees Freedom of Religion yet also requires the separation between the Church and State. This has far reaching implications and is very important for People to understand, especially those who don’t claim a “Religion” but a Cultural Worldview and Nationality. As for The Nation of Gods and Earths (AKA: Five Percenters), we are not a Religion or a Religious Group. We are not Muslims and we advocate a God-Centered “Cultural” Worldview. Even though the Federal District Court in New York ruled that Intelligent Tareef Allah had been denied his First Amendment Right of religious freedom, and is entitled to practice our Culture in Prison, this Court Decision represents an exception. In most Correctional Facilities across the United States The NGE is labeled ‘A Gang’ and ‘STG’ (Security Threat Group). This is the Ruling Perspective of the Dominant Class and what they consider to be their Status Quo. While this Perspective is obviously unfair/unreasonable -in light of the many Gods/Earths who are positive/progressive Members of their Families, Communities and Society as a whole-, some of these claims are not without merit. Like in many Societies, there does exist segments (pockets) of People who claim to be Citizens of The NGE (Gods/Earths) who knowingly/unknowingly reinforce these stigmas -based upon their own immature, amoral, uncivilized and irresponsible behavior.

In the early developmental years of The NGE, the Youth were the 99% who responded to this Cultural Worldview. These Youth were Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers and Dropouts. They weren’t Fathers/Mothers, College Graduates, Home Owners and Business Owners. They were learning, often for the very first time, the responsibilities of Manhood/Womanhood. While going through this urban Rights of Passage, they were simultaneously being introduced to the apex of Manhood/Womanhood; Kings/Queens, Gods/Earths. While some of these Youth excelled in this educational process, many of them didn’t meet some of these challenges that came along with being immature/inexperienced (young) and dealing with the obvious Socioeconomic turbulence of the 1960’s. Magnify this with the claim of 'Culture Freedom', and this alienated many of these Youth or put them in direct opposition to various Religious, Nationalistic and Secular Groups/Organizations who viewed this stance as a direct threat to their Doctrine, Cultural Identity and Social Status. The Father (AKA: Clarence 13X) was viewed not only as a Pied Piper of sorts, b.u.t. also a potential Enemy of the State and threat to the US Government. Why? Because of his clearly Non-Religious Cultural Stance in the midst of a Christian Country that advocates a Eurocentric Cultural Status Quo. So legally speaking, The Father, his Companions and the Youth they Mentored had no protection under the First Amendment of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights in regards to Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition. When you examine the stances that many other People took who veered away from a “Religious” Perspective into a Cultural/Nationalistic Arena, you’ll notice something very consistent... Garvey was deported (exiled) for so-called Mail Fraud, Noble Drew Ali was mysteriously murdered, when Martin Luther King Jr. started talking about the African Diaspora he got shot in Memphis, El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcom X.) was assassinated not long after he started the Organization of African Unity and began talking about taking the issue of Black People’s Human Rights to The UN, COINTELPRO obliterated the Black Panther Party, the Philadelphia Police Dept. dropped a Bomb on the MOVE Organization destroying 65 Homes killing 11 Adults/Children, a healthy Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad (Spokesman of the New Black Panther Party) died from mysterious "natural causes" and the Leader of the Nuwaubian Nation is sitting in a Supermax Prison in Florence Colorado as you read this Article. In regards to The NGE; within two short years of being arrested at a Rally on false charges and his name added to the FBI Security Index, The Father was sent to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric treatment, sentenced to Mattewan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane and assassinated not long after being released and effectively politicizing our National Agenda and Cultural Worldview… Many Caucasians clearly got the Memo because some years later Scientologists, Satanists and Wiccans sought legal protection under the First Amendment by establishing “Churches”; Church of Scientology, Church of Satan and various Wiccan Churches. You even had White Supremacist Groups establishing Churches to get this protection such as The Creativity Movement (formally known as The World Church of the Creator). So ask yourself the question, “Where does this still leave those who don’t claim a ‘Religion’ but a Cultural Worldview and Nationality?”

On December 31, 2011, President Barack Obama signed into Law HR Bill 1540. While this massive 900 plus page document covers the ins and outs of National Defense, the most controversial part of this Bill is the Counterrorism Section (Subtitle D). It allows arbitrary and indefinite detainment of those who’re classified as Domestic/Foreign Terrorist Suspects, yes “Suspects” as in, “we think you’re saying/doing something”. This Bill also specifies that the US is engaged in armed conflict with not only Al-Qaeda and the Taliban b.u.t. other Associated Forces that pose a threat to the US, it’s Citizens and it’s Allied Forces (Coalition Partners). Also, these “forces” the US are in conlfict with are defined as any ‘belligerent’ Nations, Organizations or Persons engaged in ‘hostilities’ against the US, it’s Citizens and it’s Allied Forces (Coalition Partners). The problem with such language is that it’s very broad. Anyone that’s posting ‘belligerent’ comments over Facebook, uploading what can be considered ‘hostile’ videos on Youtube, or even having loud untactful conversations around People about your Nationalistic Pride can possibly earn them free transportation to an island Prison, denied your Civil Rights and eventually brought before a Military Court to answer for your suspected sins (10/1-14). While President Obama offered his obvious reservations while signing this Bill into Law, this says nothing about the sentiments/reasoning of his Administration, Congress, the Military or the next Administration that gets into Office after his Term(s) are over… This also says nothing about the State/Local Government’s sentiments/reasoning in the Cities where we live. What this all translates into is this: Anyone who doesn’t claim a “Religion” but a Cultural Worldview and Nationality must be wiser in how/what you are openly advocating. I think many of us Black/Non-White People forget that we are historical prisoners of war. Black People in particular, many who didn’t migrate to this Country b.u.t. who’s Ancestors were brought here as Slaves, must be aware of this. In the 236 years the United States has existed, Black People were legally denied basic Human and Civil Rights to participate in this Society for 189 of those years. It wasn’t until 1965, a little over a Generation ago (47 short years) that Legislation was passed to end legal Segregation, on paper at least yet not in Principle nor in Perspective. In other words, we were and still are behind Socioeconomic, Religious, and Cultural Enemy Lines and anything we say/do has been and can be used against us in “their” Court of Law. From some of the Events that have occured in my Life as a Public Figure, I’m sure there’s a dossier in my Name and I’m also sure there’s dossiers in other People’s Names who are far less considerate of what they’re publically or privately saying/doing -whether they’re calling their antics entertainment or not. Also, with the recent Investigation into a possible 'Hate Crime' commmited against a God named 'Supreme' (Aakir Omar Ali) on January 3rd, it's important to be aware of our environment and how we may be open targets. Supreme was found face down burning alive off of Highway 64 in James City County Virginia and the only way of identifying him was via his dental records. The Police Dept. has released photos of his tattoos to generate possible leads/motives in this Case, and one of his tattoos was of our Universal Flag.

In closing, I urge all of you to be more mindful of the political shifts in this Society and what this may mean to you, your Family and your Community. Check out Political Blogs, News Coverage and even strive to attend your Local Council Meetings. Little by little, become more knowledgeable of your Local, State and National Politics. This is especially important to those who can be considered “20 miles outside”, living on the Cultural fringes of this Society (21/1-40). Since 9/11, America has become more Patriotic than it’s ever been and anything that remotely sounds like you don’t like baseball or apple pie can have People advocating for one common cause to chase you out of town like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Some of us confuse National Pride with Cultural Menticide. Yelling to the top of our lungs about who we claim to be while unassuming People stand around trying to figure out what size target to put on our back is not a question of Pride... If you are a so-called Revolutionary, that military strategy is equivalent to standing unarmed in an open field screaming for the enemy to come and get you. As I’ve stated, Non-White People, especially Black People have been behind Enemy Lines since we’ve been in this Country. The Historically ‘belligerent’ and ‘hostile’ treatment we’ve received as Groups of People shows & proves this to be the rule, not the exception. This has been the Racial Paradigm and Power Dynamics between the Ruling Class and Underclass within this Society since its inception (3, 4/1-10). Therefore much of the Legislation, Policies being and Procedures being implemented does not consider the Underclass. A Company called Hibernia Atlantic has decided to build a $300 Million Dollar Transatlantic fiber optic cable that will give Companies a 60 millisecond ‘Inside Trader’ advantage of information being transferred overseas. Why mention this? Because Project Express will accelerate Wallstreet (and the Global Market), impact/modify the strategies of The Occupy Movement, and alter the Sociopolitical landscape on the State/Federal levels. At the beginning of 2012 many States, mostly Southern, legalized Mandatory Voter Photo ID Laws. Although it’s been reasoned that this will ensure less of a chance for Voter Fraud, which wasn’t significant enough to even propose this type of Law in the first place, this Legislation will obviously suppress the Voting capabilities of those People who either don’t have a Photo ID or find it very difficult to secure one; the Elderly, Minorities and Youth. All you need to do is check the Racial/Age Demographics in the States that were most adamant about getting this Law passed… The bottom line is when we are unaware of these Societal shifts, us, our Family and our Communities become vulnerable to the legal consequences of this ignorance. This is not a call to assimilate, hide, live in fear or be spooked out. This is a call for us to be more aware of our Status, the Politics and the Socioeconomic Climate of the Society we live in. We will be better prepared to address Legislation, Policies and Procedures being implemented that does not consider us or may even target us. Ignorance isn’t bliss, Ignorance is a risk to your life, the life of your Family and the livelihood of your Community.