Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 and beyond...!

Reflecting upon 2011 and looking towards the next Gregorian Calendar Year, I just wanted to take a moment to share some of my thoughts with all of you… First and foremost, I want to THANK all of you who have invested time in reading my Articles, Researching the Links/Information I share via my Facebook Page, checking out and subscribing to my Youtube Channel (A.S.I.A. TV), purchasing my Literature/Music, connecting with me and just communicating with me in whatever capacity we’re able to. It is very much appreciated!! The numerous dialogues, testimonials, letters, questions and constructive advice I receive on the daily lets me know that what I do is not in vain b.u.t. is serving my intended Purpose; encouraging positive growth & development. There are also many People I’ve had the pleasure of meeting for the first time and others I’ve had the opportunity to build/rebuild relationships from all over the World. None of us are in each others lives by chance, and I look forward to what these bonds continue to positively produce for the future. You are also all very much appreciated!! 2011 has been one of my more productive, progressive and positive Years. My Queens are doing very well, I’m very happy about our state of Health and there were many things I was able to consistently and successfully accomplish. As far as Resolutions are concerned, I don’t have any. I am a work in progress so I’m always exploring ways to improve myself so that I can be a greater Resource to others. Living a way of life that includes the phrase ‘striving for perfection’ as a part of its premise is the essence of any/all Resolutions. Therefore, I will continue being as resolute as I have been.

For those of you who’ve made Resolutions for 2012, here are some points to consider and apply that will help you achieve your Goals in this upcoming Year:

* Although it’s your Resolution not anybody else’s, your Resolution should be something that improves (progresses) you with the intent/consideration of making you a better resource to others and this World you share. Life is interdependent, we all play a role in how the World turns and there is a constant process of giving and receiving. This ensures that your Resolution is something that is sustainable because you are actively providing a service that others and the World needs. If all you’re thinking about is what you can get and not what you’re able to consistently give, what you’re getting will eventually run out; try it with your breath and see what happens.

* Make sure your Resolution is real and obtainable. It’s less likely you’re going to change EVERYTHING at once so work on what you can, alittle at a time. Also, take things one day at a time. It took awhile to create habits and it’s going to take time to change them. The smaller Goals you are able to accomplish serve as stepping stones and helps you build confidence and gain the experience to achieve larger Goals.

* Make your Goals specific. Instead of saying something like, "I’m going to read more" say something more specific like "I am going to read two Novels every Month". This is called Specificity and it not only helps you better focus on your Goals, but it encourages you to be more responsible, committed and accountable for your Goals. If you were to say, "I want to be healthier in 2012" there is no sense of ambition or plan of action to achieve that Goal. Now if you said, "I am going to only eat baked chicken once a week and go to the gym twice a week for 1 ½ hours" that has a sense of ambition and provides part of a plan of action to achieve your Goal of being healthier in 2012.

* Set a projected Time/Date for your Goals. Setting a Time/Date creates a sense of urgency, responsibility and accountability to meet your Goals. If you don’t meet your Time/Date then set another one. Without setting a Time/Date then we’re saying our Goals aren’t really a priority (important) because under these circumstances they can happen any Time and any Day. That is not resolute.

* Write down your Resolutions. I’ve known People who had challenges with organizing their day, appropriating their time and focusing on achieving their Goals. One of the solutions was writing down these Goals on index cards or signs and posting them in visible places around their home. This helped reinforce/remind them of their Goals so they don’t allow themselves to get lost in the hustle & bustle of the day.

* Only share your Resolutions with those who have shown themselves to be supportive of you fulfilling them! If they’re not there to help then they’re going to hinder.

* Look into Networking with People/Organizations that will help you fulfill your Goals. If you want to cut back on the substances you’ve been using like Drugs/Alcohol, reach out to Local/Regional/National Organizations that specifically deal with Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

* Keep a Positive Outlook! Some days it will be easy to maintain a level of positivity and other days you need ‘social equality’ (fellowship) with others -who share the same Goals and are just as resolute as you are about positivity. This means, whatever Religious, Cultural or Secular Organization you are a Member of or Affiliated with, invest the time to be there and learn as much as you can about the positive Principles/Values they’re sharing with you. This is part of your foundational Network and will help you maintain a Positive Outlook when you need the support, which we all do.

* Your Resolution is not the end all be all. Some People live to have a Wedding while others strive to be Married have a Family and etc.. While the former is a Place, the later is a State. So although your Resolutions may help you arrive at a place, the ultimate Goal should be to achieve a State of Existence. And this State of Existence should set the stage to make other Resolutions to achieve even higher/greater Goals! It’s all about constant growth and elevation, not stagnation. Life is constantly changing & evolving and so should the living.

In closing, I want to wish every one of you and your Families a very safe, happy, healthy and productive 2012!! I also will that while reflecting on this past Year, we consider those negative things we've held fast to that has not only destroyed our ability to unify with others, b.u.t. has undermined our ability to accomplish anything significant on our own. If we think/know we have offended, wronged or hurt somebody then take advantage of this moment in time to apologize. If you think/know you've been offended, wronged or hurt by somebody then take advantage of this moment in time to forgive. Begin your New Year with the right mindset, on the right foot while making the right decision to move forward. We’ve all had challenges within ourselves and with others this past Year and I will that 2012 is much more positive and progressive for us all!


Friday, December 16, 2011

The Black Church

When it comes to GOD, my Cultural Worldview is what I choose to subscribe to. As a Person who is a part of a Group of People who subscribe to this Perspective, we are not in the business of converting, convincing, or coercing People to cee things our way. We are not Religious nor are we Missionaries. We are Civilized People who encourage eachother and others to be studious, discover answers for themselves and take nothing on face value -including what we share and know to be an actual fact. We respect and teach tolerance for other People’s Religious/Cultural Worldviews and we won’t allow/accept other People using their Religious/Cultural Worldviews to disrespect or be intolerant of us. This, of course, is the more “mature” way in which our Culture is expressed when we’re dealing with People who have different Religious/Cultural Worldviews. Keep in Mind that this “mature” expression of our Culture IS NOT a reflection of everyone who considers themselves a part of our Group (The NGE). While some People are growing/developing at their own rate there are others who aren’t and have no intention to grow or develop. I’m sure anyone can understand and appreciate this; ceeing that these same immature elements also exist in their own Religious/Cultural Community.

When I was young, unsure, and still striving to solidify my Cultural Worldview, I did quite a bit of debating and challenging others Religious/Cultural Worldviews. It was an exercise of Egocentricity and not much came out of those encounters. These weren’t “dialogues” or “intellectual discourses” between People sharing Perspectives to learn from one another. These were battles to prove who’s right, who’s wrong and to show who had superior Knowledge; immature behavior you expect to cee from children, NOT Adults… -smh- Even to this day, People still strive to bait me into one these “Us vs Them”, “Me vs You” Jousting Matches, b.u.t. I’m much wiser about involving myself in these Games nowaday. While speaking on the subject of Jousting, one of the biggest targets I’m ceeing within the so-called Conscious Community continues to be The Black Church and Christianity as a whole. I definitely understand and can appreciate the "Theological" concerns many People -particulary Black/Non-White People- have about Christianity, b.u.t. the outright disrespect for The Black Church itself, and someone's Belief System, I do not support or agree with. This is why…

Historically speaking, The Black Church has been and continues to be “The First”, “The Oldest” and one of the only Black Institutions Black People still have here in America. During the Reconstruction Period in this Country AFTER Black People were legally freed from Slavery, The Black Church served as a Socioeconomic ‘Sawmill’ that helped us establish, build, and rebuild our Communities. One such example of this rebuilding process was the central role the Mt. Zion Baptist Church played after the May 31st, 1921 Tulsa Race Riot burnt our Historic Black Wallstreet down to the ground. Even though this newly erected Institution was completed only a year earlier, after being destroyed by Whites during the Riot, the Congregation came together to rebuild it from the smoldering ashes it was left in. The Black Church was central to all of our people activities and reinforced our Ethics, Principles/Values, Social Norms/Mores, and Codes of Conduct. When Segregation was imposed upon us as a People, it was through The Black Church that we established a Support System/Network to produce Cultural Think Tanks, Educational Institutions, Businesses, Sports/Entertainment, Social Organizations, Social Clubs, Civil Rights Groups, and etc.. These Socioeconomic Entities did more than help us survive, they helped us THRIVE as a Group of People! When it comes to Social Norms/Mores, many of us wouldn’t even know what ‘Courting’ is/was if it wasn’t for our Church-going Elders down South! It was through the Black Church that we first learned forms of social responsibility/etiquette: like tending to the needs of the most vulnerable among us (our children, the mentally/physically disabled and our elders). In the Black Church we learned the importance of fairness, collective work and responsibility, respect for Family, chastity, and simply looking out for one another as a People. During these perilous times when America legally relegated our People to Second Class Citizenship and the Klu Klux Klan's Membership hovered around 3 million, it was The Black Church that became the Proverbial “Village” it took to protect and raise (grow & develop) the children who birthed the future generations of our People who are here today! It’s a huge oversight for any of our People to minimize, criticize, or satirize this long-standing Legacy of our People and the undeniable contributions The Black Church has made to produce many of the privileges we enjoy today. ANY PROGRESS (Morally/Ethically, Entrepreneurism, Community Activism and etc..) that we’ve ever made as a Group of People in America either directly involves or has some indirect association with The Black Church. There is no way to get around this fact.

The biggest issue we cee with The Black Church today is, generally speaking and with some exceptions, it no longer functions as the Socioeconomic nucleus of the Black Community. When "legal" Segregation ended in the 1965, many Black People started to “believe” we had all of these options and began to Integrate into a Society that never wanted us to be a part of it, by Law, for the last 189 years. Integration meant the Disintegration of many of our Black Think Tanks, Educational Institutions, Businesses, Sports/Entertainment, Social Organizations, Social Clubs, Civil Rights Groups and ultimately the Socioeconomic Influence/Integrity of The Black Church. Today, in 2011, when we’re looking at the variety of Black Churches around this Country, whether storefronts or mega churches, we’re looking at shadows of it’s former self... In my estimation, the dissatisfaction that alot of my People have with The Black Church today is a form of ‘Transference’ that’s often expressed as a Theological issue. The true source of much of our dissatisfaction is the lack of love, respect, comradery, and support we have for eachother today. So beneath the dissatisfaction, there's a general sense of disappointment, sadness, and even depression because we’re missing eachother and the sense of Community we once shared as a Group of People; a sense of Community that once revolved around The Black Church. Is this entirely the fault of The Black Church? I hardly believe that! As a matter of fact, there’s a reason many People in Church, especially our Elders who remember the times when we depended on eachother, say, “Sweety when you coming back to Church?” If you take the opportunity to actually listen to them, and their experiences, I’m sure you’ll find out that it's not a "Theological" request… It’s much more than that.

In conclusion, THIS IS NOT an Article about encouraging our People who no longer go to Church to go back to Church. This is an Article to address the ignorance and oftentimes blatant disrespect I cee that many of my People have for our own Legacy! Recognizing the Legacy and Socioeconomic Function of The Black Church in America is a very important part of our past, present and future. Because many of The Black Churches today, no longer function as the nucleus of our Community, many People have lost their faith and support in this Institution. Many Black Churches often reinforce these sentiments because instead of functioning as the great luminary that was once central to our Community, they promote elitism, materialism, individuality, and separatism from anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. Since my Ole Dad is friends with many Pastors/Deacons from different Churches within my City, at one point he approached them with the idea of them all utilizing the same Banking Institution to centralize/maximize our Economic strength as a People. Through this simple move, he said we could demand better Mortgage Rates, Business Loans, and etc… to help support our Interests and Building of our own Communities. This was many years ago and still hasn’t happened.

This Article is about the importance of building bridges, working together as a People, and advocating for the same common cause; Socioeconomic Empowerment. Although we all may not share the same Theological Views, one thing we have in common is our Legacy as a People. Just because I'm not at a Church, Mosque, Synagogue, or etc… every Week DOES NOT MEAN that I’m totally against the Religious/Cultural Worldview some of my People subscribe to. I’m actually for the best of whatever these Religious/Cultural Worldviews have to offer in regards to empowering us as a People. When it comes to the Religion of Christianity, some not all, of it’s core Teachings/Customs are derived from our Classical Civilizations -particularly Hebrew Culture. Many of our People have a misconception that Christianity was beat into "ALL" of our People as slaves and that's historically untrue! While some were definitely coerced/forced to accept a Christian Theology, many of our People were wise enough to recognize that many of Christianity’s core Teachings/Customs derived from our Classical Civilizations, and they openly embraced it. One such Man was Henry Highland Garnet; a 27 year old Presbyterian Pastor who delivered a fiery 1843 Speech Calling for a Slave Rebellion. Another such Christian Man was my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, a Minister, Josiah Henson; who escaped Slavery by taking his Family along the Underground Railroad up into Dresden Ontario Canada. In Dresden, Rev. Josiah Henson went on to survey and negotiate for the land to help found an entire Community, teach Financial Literacy, the Bible and establish a Educational/Vocational School called The British-American Institute. Here’s his Self Written Biography. Another unsung Hero amongst the many Men and Women who came out of the Church to fight for the rights of our People was Dr. Vernon Johns; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Predecessor, Civil Right Leader and Brainchild of the Bus Boycott.

I, like any Civilized Person, am against the slandering, petty debating, and mud slinging antics I cee many of my People engaging in because of our various Perspectives of GOD -especially Adults who consider themselves Conscious who should know a lot better than that! Instead of actually Building (relationships) many of us are more interested in and even take pride in Destroying (relationships) by making mockery of someone else’s Religious/Cultural Worldviews. There is nothing Righteous, Glorious, or Supreme about that; it’s actually uncivil and oftentimes barbaric! The bottom line to all of this is that we need eachother, always have and always will. We need eachother today, just like we needed eachother yesterday, and WE CANNOT ALLOW petty differences to keep getting in the way and stopping us from serving eachother’s needs; our survival and prosperity depends upon it. Regardless what Perspective we have of GOD (Divinity), it means nothing if we lack the will/ability to share that Perspective of GOD (Divinity) through how we treat one another. So I encourage all of us to refrain from all of this American Gladiator Mentality and begin thinking about ways we can work together to help bring an end to the crime, alcohol/drug addiction, amorality, homelessness, hunger, mis-education, poverty, family dysfunction, juvenile delinquency, and etc.. that continues to plague our Communities REGARDLESS what Perspective of GOD we have! It wasn’t The Black Church that put us in this condition, b.u.t. it’s the sense of Unity/Community, which The Black Church successfully demonstrated, that kept many of us out of that condition.


Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Mysticism of Sound and Music
The Emerald Tablet

As some of you can cee by the image overhead, I released a Soundtrack entitled “The Emerald Tablet” and I’ve received quite a few questions about it; THANK-YOU! This Article will answer these questions and share some insight into my reasoning/inspiration behind this Project. These questions represent what I been asked most so here you go:

Why is it called “The Emerald Tablet”?
Well to give you alittle background: In Esoteric or Occult Circles, “The Emerald Tablet” is considered a sacred book said to have been written by the Neter (Deity) Tehuti of Ancient Khamit/Khemet (Egypt) or from the Ancient Masters of the Lost City of Atlantis. Said to have appeared out of almost nowhere, this God of Science & Math (Tehuti) gave Humanity this ‘Book of Life’ as a means of instruction because it supposedly held all insights of The Creator and Creation. During Medieval Times, this text was viewed as an Alchemy Manual and Alchemists oftentimes hung a copy of it in their laboratories. They viewed it’s hermetic contents as the ‘black elixir’ necessary to turn baser metals into gold. From a metaphysical perspective, this ‘black elixir’ was said to transmute the baseness of Man into the higher image and likeness of the true and living God.

Now, as a Creative Artist, I’ve always ceen Art as a symbolic ‘black elixir’ when it functions in a way to elevate (transmute) the condition and consciousness of People. I am conveying this idea with this Project. All of the Tracks on this Project were produced and recorded by me during different times of my life, different seasons and at different hours of the day. Actually there are even some Tracks like #13 (Doctor Waters) and #17 (Enterspace Nine) that I would recommend People experiment listening to through headphones, on repeat, while they go to sleep. Each track speaks a multitude of pages in my ‘Book of Life’ and will give my listeners an opportunity to experience part of an intimate/sacred Soundtrack to my life. Additionally, many People weren’t aware that I produce/record Music so I also wanted to allow them an opportunity to experience this dimension of me. I call “The Emerald Tablet” ‘The Mysticism of Sound and Music’ and that’s exactly what it is.

What Genre is “The Emerald Tablet”?
I consider any Music I produce/record as World Music and I always define it as a Soundtrack. Because Music is a universal language, I don’t limit this expression. When you listen to the Soundtrack you’ll hear influences from all over the World; from Irish Folk Music, HipHop, Classical Indian, Japanese and 1960’s Soul Music. Sometimes I’m inspired to do a Poetry piece, other times I’ll Rap. Other times I’ll do what can be considered Spoken Word and sometimes I won’t say anything at all. As far as the “Soundtrack” label is concerned, it’s background Music to the life I’ve lived or presently live. By defining it as such I want People to understand that sound a part of the colorful backdrop of our lives. All of us have certain “Theme Music” that when we hear it we’re teleported right back to that space and time when that sound made the deepest impression on us! It may be a Love Song, it may be a Party Song, it may be a Song that symbolizes a difficult time in our life. Whatever that visual impression it may be, this arrangement of sound (Music) conjures up images of page from our own ‘Book of Life’. So, even if I did want to define it as a specific “Genre” I wouldn’t even know what to call it! Lol It’s Music. -shrugs-

What is the Track “Could It Be We” about?
Could It Be We” was a Song I wrote that was inspired by a Queen whom I met some years back. Although upon first glance I felt a deep connection to her beyond words, which wasn’t sexual, we went on to develop a relationship. My first line, “Wisdom Equality all being born to Be Universally In Love’s Destination” summarizes that relationship. It’s an acronym using Supreme Mathematics to spell “WE BUILD”, and from that premise we went on to share many experiences together. This was a point in my life where I truly learned the most about the intimate and sensual dimensions of Love. At one point in this Song I say "...and now it’s intense/hearts throb like ancestral drums/that beat from the floor of the Atlantic/it’s deep/discreet/divine/refined/giving sight to the blind/my Mind was in a timeless place/void of space where the heaven’s be/I thought/Could It Be We". This was one of the ways I strived to describe the depths of what I thought and felt about the bond we created. One of the most significant parts of this relationship is how Time simply stood still when we were together. The World itself became peripheral and every challenge, trial and problem that we encountered from this vantage point, was approached with an unshakable sense of confidence, security and optimism. This is without question what the “We” represents in the title of this Song. The “Could It Be” is the worldly doubt and insecurity that can creep in whenever vessels of this magnitude become separated on a physical plane. In other words, Love transcends the physical veils that separate us; it’s a journey of reunification with the essential source that bonds us. Sometimes I think People find themselves in dimensions of Love like this and it’s a frightful place to be in. There were times we literally experienced a level of fusion; junctures where we truly became one being, not two separate selves striving to learn about or be as one. It reminds me of the lyrics Minnie Riperton said in her Song ‘Inside My Love’, “Two strangers/not strangers/only lacking the knowing/So willing/feeling/infinite growing”. This sense of intuitive oneness, and the process of learning effective ways to sustain this state of existence, is what you’ll feel and hear in this Track.

What is “Gods In Plain Clothes” about?
This Track showcases not only my lyricism b.u.t. also the intention of my lyrics as a vehicle of my way of life. The first verse is about my cultural credentials and I start off by saying, “I know how deep the rabbit hole goes”. This is to let People know that gaining KOS (Knowledge of Self) and being on this journey of Self Realization is like being in Wonder Land. Not the type of hallucinogenic Wonderland ‘Alice’ was in, b.u.t. a Land of “Wonder” because now we’re in a place where critically examining what we’ve been taught and are now learning typifies this uncharted terrain. In my second verse I describe an experience of someone who claims they want KOS who came amongst me. I talk about their disposition, what I assessed about them and how I responded to their approach. It’s definitely important insight for anyone who has or is striving to educate someone. Also, when People hear about The NGE (The Nation of Gods and Earths) and particularly “The Gods”, they either have this image in their Minds of Clash of the Titans or Characters from the TV Show Heroes with mythical powers when they think about who we are. Lol With “Gods In Plain Clothes”, I wanted to give People a more realistic image of what our Culture is practically about.

When did your Musical Career start?
Even though I come from a Family with a Musical Background, I never actually learned to play any particular instrument proficiently. I’ve always had a profound love for Music and my first public Performance was in front of a couple hundred People at the tender age of 12. My Name was “Chilly C”; a beat-box prodigy for my older sister MC “Double K” while we performed in the Talent Show at our Annual Black Experience. I still remember the crowd and glaring lights. My Grand Ole Earth and my Old Earth played Piano. When my Ole Dad was in Junior High he was the Bass Player in a Band called “The El Morocco’s”. He also loved Jazz, Jimmy McGriff in particular, that ole Hammond B3 Organ, and collected a lot of Albums; which I took with me when I went away to College. So I’ve been around these elements of Culture all my Life and it was only natural that I would grow to develop a means of exploring and expressing these elements. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my journey into Music production/recording began in 1985; I was 10 years old scratching Albums on a dusty record player and using a radio and a tape recorder to loop breaks in beats on 60 minute Maxwell tapes. When HipHop first hit me I was electrified!! The Music, the Art, the Dance and the Cultural Expression itself moved me in a way that Instruments and no other music Genre could!! This Era is called ‘The Golden Age’ for a reason. Through the years I’ve always maintained an intimate relationship with HipHop. The Albums I collected, the Rhymes I recited and the Rhythms I hummed painted a colorful musical backdrop on a canvass called my childhood. Fast forward to the early 90’s and I decided I wanted to start producing/recording Music. I was already writing/reading Poetry (prior to the Spoken Word Genre), writing Rhymes and performing my work at Coffee Houses, so now I wanted to get involved in the Music. I had no formal training, never even touched production equipment before and began to do research on what I needed in order to express the Music I was hearing in my head. One of the first things I did was purchase Magazines with equipment in it. Once I had my Mind set on what I wanted to get I cut some of the pictures out and taped them on my bedroom Wall. Even though I didn’t have the money for this expensive equipment and was working as a Door to Door Salesman at the time, I had a “Determined Idea” and knew that I would get it one day. The reason I posted these pictures on my Wall was to program my Subconscious Mind; I would cee these images every morning I woke up, whenever I went into my room and before I went to bed at night. So along with Creative Visualization, Research, Hard Work and taking advantage of the doors (opportunities) that opened up for me production/recording wise, I was able to successfully do what I set out to do.

Who are your greatest Musical inspirations and why?
Wow! I have some many! Lol First and foremost I gotta give a shout out to my Enlightener’s Enlightener ‘Life Justice’ who has helped broaden my scope and appreciation for Music in a way that’s unimaginable! He’s hipped me to Bob Dylan, who is in fact one of my favorite Writers, and various other Artists and Genres that I never even considered or even thought about. During his College Years he did a Radio Show called ‘Wings of Expansion’ that featured various types of Music. I’ve never met anyone with such eclectic tastes and he’s definitely made a huge impression on me. As far as lyricism is concerned, hands down The GZA. I love the precision and technical nature in which he constructs his lyrics where every word is emphatic. I love the visual imagery of Ghostface. I love the wit and effortlessness of Jay Z. I love the heart/passion of Tupac and I love the honesty/humility of the new Artist Stalley. Music Production wise I’ve been inspired by Artists like Isaac Hayes, Barry White, 4th Disciple, George Duke, Pete Rock, Roy Ayers, The RZA, Jagjit & Chitra Singh, Tru Master, Ultimate Spinach, DJ Premier, Quincy Jones, The Large Professor, Sly and The Family Stone and Fela Kuti to name a few.

How is the Album sales?
They’re excellent! I didn’t really expect the type of support I’ve been getting thus far from the little bit of Promotion I’ve done and I'm really appreciate that! People that aren’t really into Music sometimes have a skewed view of putting an Album out though, especially if they’re only aware of Top 40 Music. Some of the responses I’ve gotten from People is that it kinda conflicts with their preconceived ideas when they cee an actual Album you’ve created. Many People think you need a Major Record Company, a Commercial on TV and to be on '104 and Park' in order to have a legitimate Album you can purchase through legitimate Stores around the World. Lol To them, if you have a brunt copy of a CD with a name written on it in black marker that’s more visually in sync with what they expect to cee. Although I do not have the Distribution that a Major Record Label has, anyone anywhere in the World can still order my Soundtrack at any Store you can purchase Music. I’m essentially selling Music out of my digital trunk. Another misconception that People have is that because you put out an Album your goal and intention is to go Platinum. I’m sure that is some People’s actual intention, in the same way that some Writers are writing to win a Pulitzer Prize. Some People are also creating for the sole purpose of making money. Well I’m not and have never been that type of Creative Artist/Writer. Although these are talents I was naturally born with and have developed with hard word and help along the way, my greater purpose is to create a Legacy for Cultural Sustainability. In other words, I do what I do in order to make my personal contribution to Civilization and to help make this World a better place for the generations to follow. This is why with all the things that I do you never cee me constantly pushing People to financially support what I do. I produce it and there comes a time/opportunity where I think People will be able to benefit from what was produced, even when I’m no longer here! Those who are seeking it will ultimately find it, even if it’s 5 years from now and I’m comfortable with that. For those who are and have been supportive of the things I do, I appreciate it very much, and I think one of best ways to show my appreciation is to continue being a resource/asset to help elevate (transmute) the condition and consciousness of People.

What’s next?
Well I recently invested in another microphone so I’ve definitely been doing some production/recording. As far as what's next, I personally don’t talk much about what I’m going to do, hope to do, want to do, might do and I’m dreaming about doing. I’ve found out that exposing premature ideas to the public is like exposing a newborn baby to the elements. I mean, even with “The Emerald Tablet” Soundtrack, no one had a clue about it; I just put it out! Over the years I’ve learned to operate in this way and I’ve been able to accomplish many long and short term goals by not talking about it b.u.t. being about it. I will say this, with the type of life I lead I’m always doing something and there’s never a dull or boring moment. So you can expect to cee various other Projects in 2012 that I’m directly/indirectly involved in making manifest.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Effective Communication

Whatever conflict we have with a person, lying beneath that discussion is always a Trust, Respect and Confidence (TRC) issue. If someone is late picking you up from somewhere an argument may begin about “being late” b.u.t. the underlying issue, because of their actions, you question how Trustworthy they are, how much Respect they have for your time and how much Confidence you can have in them to be pick you up the next time. Granted there may be legitimate reasons why they were late, yet this situation still diminishes the level of Trust, Respect and Confidence between you; especially if this is a habitual thing. Suppose you don’t do the dishes or clean something up around the house. You and your Companion may get into an argument about “the dishes” or “cleaning up”, yet the underlying issue is how your actions, or lack thereof, has made them question how Trustworthy you are as a Partner, how much Respect you have for the Home you share, and how much Confidence they have in you helping out.

The 21st Letter in our Supreme Alphabet is “U” and this is symbolic to ‘You’ or ‘Universe’. Universe is also U-NI-Verse, You and I Verse or “You and I converse (communicate)”. In other words, this tells us about the importance of Communication and Interrelationships. Communication is the ability to transfer/receive verbal and nonverbal data between People. Within a Culture, the vehicle we use to Communicate is language and body language. The Universe is everything, and everything is Interrelated (connected). Therefore, everything is always communicating, transferring/receiving Data in order to maintain an endless Circle of Life/Death. If is hasn’t been communicated to us that it’s -10° outside and we send our child out with shorts on, what will be the consequences? Suppose we saw a wild animal in our backyard and approached it -b.u.t. the dangers of rabies was never communicated to us? What can happen when the spoilage date on some food isn’t communicated on its packaging? Imagine you got up super early and rushed to get to Class only to get there and find out it was rescheduled it; you didn’t get the email… If Communication is important in these situations, imagine how important Communication is our most intimate bonds; Relationships.

Whenever we find ourselves in a conflict with one another, in a disagreement or a heated debate, find out what Trust, Respect and Confidence issues we are trying to Communicate. It’s not about “the car” someone didn’t put gas in they were allowed to use, it’s a Trust, Respect and Confidence issue of how they handled the situation, regardless what the object was. Lets talk about how the handling of a situation has lessened the Trust, Respect and Confidence we have between eachother and what we need to do in order to restore/increase that Trust, Respect and Confidence! If we are not approaching conflicts, a disagreement or a heated debate from the perspective of You and I Verse or “You and I converse (communicate)”, we will find ourselves expressing ‘You and I “vs/versus”’, where it becomes a battle to prove who deserves the most Trust, Respect and Confidence. An example of this would be an argument starting about “the dishes” going into somebody getting off at 5pm and not coming home until 6:30pm, the Event the other person missed last Spring, the female who’s always smiling up in your face at work, to her single girlfriends you don’t like… ALL of this goes back to Trust, Respect and Confidence issues that are "a fine mist our naked eye can hardly detect" (8/1-40). By approaching our conflicts in this matter, it then becomes a question of how legitimate or illegitimate these Trust, Respect and Confidence issues are. Sometimes a person honestly didn't know or they may be culturally insensitive. This is alot more productive than arguing with someone about leaving one sock in the dryer or why you didn't return somebody's phone call. We may find out that it's not legitimate and they/we have Trust, Respect and Confidence issues "regardless to whom or what" (11/1-14). Communicate!

I once experienced a situation where a person made a selfish decision where I questioned how much I could Trust them, the level of Respect they had for others and my Confidence in them to do the right thing in the future. The irony is that when I was in the same situation before them, I chose to make decisions that they could Trust, Respect and have Confidence in, so I had more Trust, Respect and Confidence in them to reciprocate the care/consideration. We briefly talked about the surface issue yet never addressed the Trust, Respect and Confidence issues that were created based upon how they chose to handle the situation. Maybe if I would have better communicated (21: You and I verse/converse) that it wasn’t about “the car” itself, b.u.t. how they chose to handle the situation about the car, we could have come to a better Understanding (3). 21 being the inverse of the 12th Letter (L; Love), maybe this would have given them an opportunity to be more introspective about how Trust, Respect and Confidence are elements of Love we claimed to have for one another. Maybe if I would have used the actual words ‘Trust’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Confidence’ to describe how their personal actions diminished our Bond, they would have ceen (3) what I was saying and we could have resolved the conflict and disagreement that turned into a heated debate. I use the word “maybe” because sometimes you can tell a person about how their actions diminished the level of Trust, Respect and Confidence between you and they simply can’t cee it. Sometimes we can’t cee it when someone tells us that. It’s possible that they/we can be that Hedonistic or Narcissistic where they/we have a difficult time forming real bonds of Trust, Respect and Confidence with others. If they/we are changing social circles like musical chairs every few years, they/we can never seem to maintain a Relationship for more than a few years, and it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault why they/we no longer talk to People, this is probably the case…

In conclusion, when I was a child my Parents always coordinated Family Meetings and “Communication” was a buzzword in my household. This is what kept us close, strengthened our bonds and gave us an opportunity to learn how to Trust, Respect and have Confidence in one another. We learned how to get past surface issues and discuss what we’ve done or what was done to us to diminish the level of Trust, Respect and Confidence we had for one another. Most importantly, we learned about what we needed to do in order to restore/increase that Trust, Respect and Confidence! I appreciate my Parents for having the wisdom/foresight to provide me and my siblings with these tools. In any Bond, the highest Value lies within that Relationship, so the willingness/ability to communicate (Word) our Trust, Respect and Confidence issues is an important part of securing that Bond, especially when these are Relationships for Life (11/1-14). Effective Communication is what makes these Relationships not only possible b.u.t. also enduring. On the flip side, Effective Communication also allows you to cee if People are willing/able to be invested in an enduring Relationship. Because it’s impossible to Value a Bond where the actions of one or both People continually diminish the Trust, Respect and Confidence in that Relationship... until there is no, thing, left…


Monday, November 14, 2011

The Science of History

When you ask the average person about History, they’ll ramble off some dates that describe events as “something that happened in the past”. Even though this is a very linear way of looking at History, most People still fail to connect the dots of how these past events helped shape the present and potentially the future.

Take a brief moment to look around you… If there’s food around you that’s History because it was made in the past, willfully a short time ago. Even if it’s fresh, it either grew in the past or it’s ingredients came from the past. There are hundreds of children who die from food poisoning each year because someone neglected to read the spoilage date on a food item… Every thing you’re wearing right now was made in the past. Even if you sewed it today, the materials were made in the past. The device you’re using to read this Article, all of the objects around you, the Building you’re in right now or Building’s you cee around you were all made in the past. Even the Plants and Animals; they too grew from the past. In School we were taught that History is a separate subject. The reality is, all subjects, and their methodologies, are Historical. If it’s Math, its Arabic Numerals and methods were made in the past. Science? All of their definitions, processes, discoveries, and observations were made in the past. Even Physical Education (Gym) is History because somebody came up with jumping jacks! So you cee, History is not dates about past events, History is a present day reality wherever we go and there is no way around it. History (the past) is in, on and around us. As a matter of fact, what you are reading at this very moment is a past event! -smile-

“Historiography” is the critical examination of past events for the purpose of accurately writing History. Historiography is a forensic approach towards the writing of History, not the glossed over stuff we’ve been taught since Elementary School. The reason there’s even a word called “Historiography” is because People understood the importance (value) of recognizing how events of the past shape and mode the present and ultimately our future. More importantly, People realized how ‘Psychohistory’ predetermined History. The structures that were built in the past, which is every building you cee around you, were designed according to specific dimensions (length, width, and depth). Because you are inside of these structures you are subject to conform to these dimensions. If there’s a stairwell you simply have to utilize it to get upstairs, if there’s not a door there you can’t walk through the wall, and etc.. If we no longer want to conform to these dimensions then we can modify this structure to suit our needs; yet we still have to conform to the rules, regulations, and building materials (from the past) that we will be using to modify this structure. Another option is building from the ground up and making our own structures! Well keep in Mind that any past event is a structure just the same. These intangible events are structures composed of ideas, inventions, experiences and attitudes that produce the Psychological and Socioeconomic dimensions of today. And like a building, we too are subject to conform to these ideas, inventions, experiences and attitudes that determine the dimensions of today and potentially our future. So our very existence depends upon our ability to process/interpret how these past events, that are in, on and around us, affect our lives today and can possibly shape our future.

In a Society of tangible and intangible structures that were made in the past, we must ask ourselves, "How do they shape the Psychological and Socioeconomic dimensions of today?" As I’ve said, these ‘tangible’ (buildings, materials, and objects) and ‘intangible’ structures (ideas, inventions, experiences and attitudes) are in, on and around us! Those who don’t care to critically examine these past events (structures) are ill equipped to Psychologically and Socioeconomically process/interpret the present reality we exist in. In other words, if you don’t know where something came from, it’s impossible to know where it’s at, where it should be, or where it’s potentially going! Suppose that 'thing' you don’t know about is your Self… Wherever you cee People who lack a sense of Historiography, who possess a topical idea of History, you’ll cee a People who are vulnerable and “easily led” (14/1-40). The Occupy Wallstreet Movement that’s going on at this present moment reflects a great majority of this segment of our population, and it’s a beautiful thing ceeing People critically examining where things came from, are, and can go!

One thing I’ve realized for a while now and more recently in everyday conversations or even FB discussions People, is that they don’t Mind discussing how Jimi Hendrix shaped/molded the present day reality of Rock Music, how The Fab Five Freshman changed the uniform landscape of Basketball, or how NOW (National Organization for Women) helped modify the gender roles of Women in America today. Yet when it comes to those past events that happened over a period of generations like The Genocide of Native Americans, The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Chattel Slavery, Segregation, Institutional Sexism/Racism, Colonialism, and etc.. People, Black & White alike, start acting strange… Instead of actively engaging in a process of critically examining these past events, like they’re clearly doing everything else, they either avoid it, deny it, run from it, hide from it, or even attack you for bringing these things up. It’s like while everything else is valid, they don’t even want to consider how the ‘tangible’ (buildings, materials, and objects) and ‘intangible’ structures (ideas, inventions, experiences and attitudes) made from “these” past events determine the Psychological and Socioeconomic dimensions of the today and potentially our future. The fact that “these” past events usually didn’t even happen to the People (Caucasians) who don’t want to even think about it tells you something in it of itself… It also tells you a lot about their level of consideration, respect, and ultimately love for those People (Black/Non-White) who’s Ancestors directly experienced these past events. Again, if you don’t consider where something came from, it’s impossible to consider where it’s at, how you should treat it, or where it’s potentially going. Does that make sense?

Now how can we began to look at History as Historiography? One of the obvious things to consider about being willing/able to critically examine History is that People have to be studious, courageous, and honest about what they’re discovering. Oftentimes, many of the ‘tangible’ (buildings, materials, and objects) and ‘intangible’ structures (ideas, inventions, experiences and attitudes) we come across are hurtful, painful, shameful, and etc.., yet we must be willing/able to accept these things as a valid location on the map of Human Geography. A Map that gives us greater insight into many of the Psychological and Socioeconomic dimensions we may/may not conform to today. This is why it’s important to engage ourselves in this process, because our Families and our Communities will undoubtedly benefit from this insight. I am a living example of this and I can’t thank my Parents enough for educating me and my siblings about how past events not only help shape our present day realities, b.u.t. how this insight empowers us to change/modify these past structures or build new one’s to meet the needs of a brighter future for our Family, Communities, People, and Humanity.

In closing, I want to address those of us who have this “Island-like” Philosophy when it comes to ourselves and our Relationships (27/1-40). The belief, feelings, or ideas that the problems going on with “other” People, in “other” Families, and in “other” Communities has nothing to do with you is a very selfish, uneducated, flawed lens to view the World through. First of all, you do not stand alone because you most likely didn’t even produce the toilet paper you used today. Even if you actually did, there are many People who made a collective contribution so that product (toilet paper) could become a reality. Even our very physical existence hinged upon the contributions of a Mother and Father, so it’s impossible to get around the fact that we are all here because of others; directly and indirectly. Now think about the illogic in such Philosophies like, “I don’t care what anybody thinks”, “I’m doing me”, and “This is MY relationship and I don’t care what anybody says”, etc… Think about how selfish this thought process is when these Individuals and Relationships are being FULLY SUPPORTED by the contributions of past events and sacrifices of others; ‘tangible’ (buildings, materials, and objects) and ‘intangible’ structures (ideas, inventions, experiences and attitudes). To live a life where we are consistently receiving from others…, yet we are not sharing/giving in return or may even care less about what others feel/think is absolutely unacceptable. Imagine how long we’d live if everybody else embraced that same Philosophy… Imagine where we would be if everybody said, “The problems going on with ‘other’ People, in ‘other’ Families and in ‘other’ Communities has nothing to do with me”… The bottom line is this: The Universe (everything) is Interdependent and one of the keys to obtaining true Peace, Harmony, Equality, and Sustainability is our willingness/ability to recognize that we are all connected and rely upon the alternating currents of all of us giving/receiving in this World; regardless if we are in a Major City or a Remote Village. So any Individual or Relationship that holds fast to Philosophies like, “I don’t care what anybody thinks”, “I’m doing me”, and “This is MY relationship and I don’t care what anybody says”, etc… have put themselves in a position to get blindsided by the Universe, because everything is Interdependent, including these Individuals and Relationships. When we are accurately examining History (Historiography), we are considering the Interdependence of TIME; the interrelationship between the past, the present and the future. Therefore, when we don’t consider these interrelationships, it’s only a matter of TIME before these Individuals and Relationships are forced to bear witness to this Interdependent reality; a reality check that always happens at a TIME we least expect it! So start engaging in some of these tough discussions about past events we’ve been selectively avoiding and in denial about. We cannot afford to be apathetic and/or ignorant to these things because these Attitudes/Perspectives will continue to produce serious consequences for our future generations. We need to learn from one another about ways WE can solve the present World’s problems (Psychological, Socioeconomic, Political, Environmental, Educational, etc.) because they are clearly affecting ‘us’ all and potentially shaping ‘our’ future.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transitions from Lost to Found
By Lord Life Justice

Last week my persons addressed a Queen who resides in Now Cee (North Carolina) who had questions about a segment in our Article On Proper Station Identification called "The Clash of Cultures". She quoted the following paragraph, "I was ‘Christianized’ (indoctrinated) long before being approach by a Wise Scientist who told me ‘the whole truth’. For a while, after agreeing with my Enlightener, I still had feelings that I was going to die and burn in hell for Blasphemy I was committing by saying I was God...", and asked th following questions, “Now, how does one overcome this Mindset? Better yet, how did you overcome this mindset?" Of course, we addressed the new born by text, but despite the elaboration, we felt there was more to say to give her the clearest picture which would be the understanding. After talking to myself in the form of Allah Saladin Quanaah, it was clear in the Universal Mind that we should express this as an Article because we are sure there are others who are suffering from this same dilemma, and devoting a posting to this issue would not only help one form of Self in the form of the Queen, but all others; thus satisfying this soul that we have done the best to add on to her and our cipher.

First of all Family, congratulate yourself for being in possession of a rare but significant quality that few possess: The staunch ability to commit your being to that which you know is true, and give all you have and all within your power to it. This devotion to that which you know is true, used correctly, will give you all you need to manifest your righteous will. I can say that-- because I have that said ability. I know you have it because only the ones in possession of it would think/feel the way described in my build. Meaning, one should be circumspect, to see if what they are doing is right and exact. Nothing is wrong with that. It is only wrong when it is misdirected. The feelings of thinking you are being blasphemous, is due to the fact that we were trained in the wrong way by some one we trusted. Our teachings tell us to never take anyone on face value; that all must show and prove. Even these Lessons should be checked within the context of their chronological and moral significance against what is known in the world concerning them. We must make sure they are right and exact before adding them on to our cipher, which is what we call the Universal Mind; in our "corner of the sky" [areas of the mind we are aware of from our experiences, understanding, etc]. As we inhale these ethers, we expand into the higher aspects of ourSelf, called Allah, based upon what we know. Be aware that Culture/ Freedom is how we add on to each other, in its various customs and expressions. To say that, "Culture is one's way of life," is a gross understatement when it comes to the contributions of Culture. Next to knowing, being wise, and gaining understanding, elaborations on Culture-- like Knowledge-- is an all expansive, inexhaustible subject. All that you have read thus far, have been in reality, just one article called Proper Station Identification; covering the recapturing of our Culture, in order to cultivate ourselves, based upon known facts and principles. The Clash of Cultures is what is afoot here. While we are striving to recapture our Culture, we come face-to-face with the facts that we were raised inside the Devil's civilization and its mixed signals is obviously interfering with us getting clear reception on our proper station in life. The brain is but our antennas, with the mind being the structural part of our consciousness to bring things into existence, but the proper way to view us is we are consciousness dwelling within a physical form.

Religion is one of the cultural means used in the past to tie us back to God. Religion literally means re- "back" and ligion- "to tie back" --like ligaments connect muscles--to the one that made all this possible, Allah (Self). We have a connection or path that solidifies the beginning to the end, the creation to its reason for living or being already in place. Nowadays, "religion" has been separated from "science" and that "separation"-- like the blasting of the moon from the earth-- causes some to act like LUNAtics and Religious Zealots/Fanatics; like when the moon is full, which brings receptivity like pregnancy, yoking, evoking, and fear. A receptive, susceptible or "Open Mind" must be protected by becoming certain. Knowledge is the foundation to that certainty. We must examine and confirm everything, before planting those thought-seeds in the garden of our Mind. Unfortunately, most Religions overemphasize how one must believe and have faith, in a way that does not allow for skepticism. Rituals are important, make no doubt about it! One of the rituals we all depend on is the inhalation and exhalation of the breath, known as breathing: We don't have to think about breathing because it’s automatic. Otherwise, I know the way I focus on things, my person would be blue in the face many times because of forgetting to breathe... LOL But before we put things on automatic, let's make sure they are right. Culture, through the area of customs and rituals, makes this possible. Like it is said, "Practice makes perfect." A lot of times this cultivation is like “a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect”. Suggestions, like water, increases with "other mists" and brings rain, hail, snow and earthquakes, because Culture is a systematic approach to cultivating Man, Woman and Child to the needs of the given Society. (8/1-40)

There are two Cultures manifested in this Society alphabetically: DIVINE OR DESTROY. What you are learning now is DIVINE, what you got before receiving this knowledge was DESTROY -in the form of TRICKNOWLEDGE, made to enslave our People. That kind of living works for what the Colored Man wants to do. And enslave is what these crafty Devils continue to do to the world population, making us other than ourselves. I had to come to grips with WHO gave me these suggestions, WHAT was the reason, WHEN it occurred, and WHY. These are all investigative techniques. This meant I had to put this Religion and Worship thing into its' proper perspective. In saying Culture, we are talking about the raising of a People through systematic means, engineered by the so-called "wisest" of their People (Sly Stone calls The Government or Western Culture "The System" in the Song "Everybody is a Star"). Culture also includes God and the Country's (Nation’s) relationship to the Creator (The relation-ship of the people under God's influence). In Culture, there are the People; their interaction (“social equality8/1-14); God and what God wills; and rituals designed to keep God & Man all tied together (Religion and the Scientific approach concerning God). Sometimes the rituals are secular: “laws, rules and regulations” (28/1-40). Sometimes the rituals are “religious” (5/1-14). Other times they are mathematical and scientific concerning God, technological and artistic (includes music, song, etc), as well as scholarly (literary works). All of these rituals should be designed to keep order in a civilized manner. However, concerning Religion, there is a difference between who wrote the Books (1/1-40) and the Organization around the interpretation of these Books. THIS, I came to know, as the folly of "organized religion".

This power to have faith [commitment and devotion to what you know] became manipulated and broken down into what you "believe" by a skillful manipulator. This manipulator was the Southern Baptist Minister or his Northern Black spin-offs. Belief in what you "believe" is always weaker than "the commitment to what you know to be true." Commitment in what you know is based on "confirmation and research", whereas "belief" is based on "what you are willing to follow" [the proper root definition of believe]. What you are "willing to follow" may or may not be true, but in Christian belief, the Minister tells you to "trust in the Lord," while you are really "trusting the Minister's words". For this God (mystery God) you never seen or heard except through what the Minister says about the Bible. Now I did not make a blanket statement and say what he told you (us) was wrong... only that you "trusted him on face value" instead of doing "research for confirmation" like you are now learning to do. Always remember that it is better to "know" than strictly "believe." That's like pretending that you possess wisdom, before you really know anything. When were you manipulated ["led in the wrong direction" or "fed the wrong foods" (14/1-40 and 10/1-36)]? If you were like my person, it was probably during our most uncritical thinking years; childhood. It was then that I was spooked out by the Minister’s theatrics. Psychologically, the Minister shocked us, placing himself into a Parent role with me, and like a scolding Parent, he cornering the Child mode in my consciousness into obedience, long before we learned mentally how to judge wisely. I didn't say everything you were told was lies, but of what you were told, you were told many half-truths and lies by omission (leaving out key parts. "Commitment to what you know, not what you believe or want to believe", is the aim here. That is the aim of any wise Scientists who teaches or builds with you. Shakespeare said, "The whole world's a stage, with all of us- mere players." So no matter how convincing Judges, Police Officers, Doctors, Ministers, Nurses or Cremators may be, it is still a role that they play, and they all put on their pants the same way you do.

In my childhood I was gripped by the 'fear dance' that Ministers do: hooting, hollering and theatric preaching. Whether Mason or not, these Minister’s “theatrics" date back to the plantation mentality, where the job of calming down the Black masses was given to special niggahs called "Spiritual Leaders"--a somewhat soul stirrer in his (and nowadays her as well) delivery. This dates back to the fact of the knowledge in the fourth degree in the one to thirty six: There have been many people who were enslaved on this Planet, but only the Black Man/Woman had everything taken from them "including their language." This act alone almost assures cultural genocide (annihilation) for those People whom this is done. Without a spoken language, artifacts, and written words, a Culture's very existence is questionable and definitely debatable. By doing this to us as a People, only the first generation who were enslaved would be able to remember their customs and culture as a whole. By the time he or she had babies to teach (slavery regulations), the slave owner would have sold their children to another plantation for profit. By doing so, this destroyed the integrity of family life of his property, not to mention the transmission of the family's original Culture to the Black babies (24/1-36) [Cee: Henry Highland Garnet: AN ADDRESS TO THE SLAVES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA August 16, 1843]These babies, being in a new and strange environment, were gripped in fear and attempted to do whatever it took in order to survive. As it was customary not to sell/trade two or more fellow tribesmen or women to any one plantation or nearby facility, our Culture was systematically broken down and replaced with the slave master's as one of our only means of survival in this strange world (24/1-36). We even learned the White Man's language so that we could understand his orders and keep the whip off our backs. But in doing so, we could now communicate to other Blacks, not by Cultural similarities, but of the common hellish condition called Chattel Slavery. Within those thoughts concerning the trauma, pain, and indignities we suffered, we also entertained thoughts of freedom, justice, and equality; a.k.a. rebellion and uprising. [Cee: Black Rebellion; Eyewitness Accounts of Major Slave Revolts] Thus entered the special niggahs called “Spiritual Leaders” or Ministers. He was taught the White Man's religion, to replace the slave master or overseer preaching to his slaves on Sunday. His purpose was to be a counselor, mediator and go-between to quell rebellion and to be somewhat of a pacifier (maybe even a Snitch). Even to this day, when the White Man looks towards Black Leadership (like the Presidential Election), he seeks Religious figures like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Martin Luther King (and I know while I'm building you probably saw Min. Louis Farrakhan in your third)... Preachers could convince you they were right, even when they were wrong, unsure, or when they really didn't know, but remember: It's just a role he or she plays.

While on the subject, we know that during chattel slavery, it was customary for a White Man to have his slaves dress him. Going to his Masonic Lodge meetings was no exception. Soon, these slaves were overhearing and seeing secrets of these Masons, so they were made sworn to secrecy, like with anything else they were exposed to, but their Black Lodges were closed from initiating others. Enter Prince Hall, Absalom Jones, and Richard Allen. However on a DVD called MASONRY REVEALED, these "hoodwinkers" tried to re-invent Prince Hall as a military personnel who got his TRICKNOWLEDGE in the union military by a White Military Officer. Now ask yourself, “Why would a White teach ‘a darkie’ that knowledge, especially during these times in American History? Out of the kindness of his heart...?!” So why are there Black and White Masonic Lodges? A regular member could not start another Lodge; only a Most Worshipful Master of the White Lodge can start another Lodge! If these Preachers are Masons, they are bound to the rules of the ninth degree in the one to fourteen, so they must reveal the truth, but the crafty Ministers camouflage the knowledge by emphasis on the wrong parts: [this is done “to conceal the true and living God and to make slaves out of the eighty-five percent by keeping him worshipping something he cannot see and he makes himself rich from their labor” (9/1-40)]. For instance, the Preachers say you are a child of God, right? Isn't the goal of upbringing for you to follow your Father and Mother's instruction? Emulate the way like your Parent's? Isn't it the goal of Parents to raise their children to emulate the awareness that made them who they are? Jesus and his Father are one and he is a child of God, why not you as well? Christian means to "imitate Christ" and Jesus is God, so why does the Minister not teach the People to be God-like? See, the words are there for the proper education, but Preacher Man puts a spin on it to keep his flock ready to be fleeced. He does this by keeping them worshipping something they cannot see, as opposed to building on a divine force that resides within the Black Man/Woman as our real identity and soul root. Preachers do all of this while showing us pictures of Jesus living way down in your heart... Black Ministers practice their "fire and brimstone act", which they use/used to scare us into that way [tricknowledge]... So we have nightmares and dreams of blasphemy. We have to be reasonable with ourselves: We were taught that as children and ignorant ones [24/1-36]. I am reasoning with the Adult in you to research it and talk rational to your inner Self. These investigative methods help confirm and add on what you know, not what you believe, think, feel, or trust someone saying.

Putting things into perspective, a lot of what is taught in “organized religion” is not in the wisdom Books in which their teachings are based. Just as what Jesus taught is not Christianity and its Protestant Religions have become (5/1-14). The teachings of the Church's, Temple's, Synagogue, Mosque's interpretation of theirs Books (Torah, Zohar, Bible, Qu'ran) becomes the main thrust of what they teach (28/1-36 and 5/1-14). And just like the episode with the (slave) Trader, following that type of advice can lead to dire consequences, causing you not know "who is causing all this to happen" (9/1-40). Stick to the Book and let the divine force within guide your eventual understanding. In my research inside the Bible, we saw Psalms 82. Within the 6th verse, we see: "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” This meant to me our Universal family was right: The most High is the Highest aspect of the real Self; the apex that we aspire to. Clean up to be as; “Holy means something that has not been mixed diluted or tampered with in any form” (9/1-14). No matter what form life comes in, life came from Allah, so this means Allah is Omnipresent; which means "everywhere" (37/1-40). And how can this be, if God and you were separate? How can He be in your heart? Then I Cor. 3:16 revealed:"Know Ye not that Ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" Knowing my body and me are not the same; the human form is the temple of my consciousness and soul, it was not hard to tell that Spirit of God should be analogous to my soul. And that my consciousness is my awareness of right, wrong and proper judgment. And behold no more feelings of blasphemy see, because that no longer made sense to me. But I did want to know why Preacher Man taught that? I saw in 12/1-40, "Because he desires to make slaves out of all he can, so he can rob them and live in luxury". When I learned the Asiatic Black Man wrote the Holy Qu'ran and Holy Bible, and these are Books of wisdom that dominate the thinking of the known world, I wanted to know how the White Man came to use it. Well, my person already knew the Bible was translated from the Hebrew writings and The Commandments were given by God to Musa. This work is called The Torah by some, Sepher of Moses by others, and its' secret teachings called Zohar. Passed onto Priests, other Hebrew writing or Books were added to become what is known as The Bible. More importantly, the wisdom was passed by Priests, all the way to Priest-King Samuel (two books), young David (who becomes King: Kings I, II), and his son, King Solomon. Later, we learned from our Lessons (9,10/1-14) that the secret training of Colored Men to learn the ways of the Qu'ran. I learned later that David also set these wheels in motion before Muhammad. It involved the King of Tyre, King David, and tutorship set up for Prince Solomon with one, Hiram Abiff. These were secret teachings. This is about Caucasian Freemasons (and Shriners) rise to power. Although the details to this would be considered important to some, suffice it to say, what God gave Moses or Musa (the adopted son-prince of the Shekhem of the Pharoah of Khamit [Egypt]) is the wisdom Books used to put the West where it is today. They are the Covenant and Sepher concealed as the Bible and the Qu'ranic civil code of Muhammad. What you, as the blasphemy-believer, need to know is even though they were given a chance (2,9/1-14), they would not keep and obey what Musa, Hiram Abiff, and Muhammad proposed (10/1-14). Later through the Lessons, I learned that Masons use substitutes for the truth, which is called "tricknowledge" (4/1-14) or hoodwinking. We battle for a free Man's Mind and Truth. They (Masons) teach to enslave by creating a need and role they will fulfill; which they make themselves rich from your labor. The wisdom used in the White Anglo Saxon Protestant's world, and the rest of the Western world is Eastern. Based on Books of Eastern consideration. They would not keep and obey the East's concepts. From Constantine to Roman, English, and Irish Catholicism, to various forms of Protestantism, they re-invent ways of being other than. Christendom used to be Europe's form of Government... is it now? Ever heard of Scottish Rite Mason? We teach of the God within, the West teaches about a remote mystery God who you can displease. We teach proper education and right and exact actions makes us more aware and closer to our true Self. The thought of blasphemy is a feedback loop, to block your escape from their hoodwink. The opposite to free and accepted, is enslaved and unaccepted into "their social equality" (8/1-14). It's like Matrix, Inception, and 'waking up is so very hard to do.' Think about it... if we were separate from God, we would be formed from something other than God and it would be a Polytheistic belief. An Omnipresent reality of God would be untrue. This is not what the world subscribes to. Neither is a concept of the true and living God right, when People are living a life of lawlessness.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Love is Pain - Love Hurts

LOVE, like the word ‘Spiritual’, it’s one of the broadest and most ambiguous terms we use. So People have many different ideas about what Love is and how it functions. People look for Relationships based upon these ideas, form Relationships based upon these ideas, and seek to maintain Relationships based upon these ideas. Regardless what our ideas are about Love, one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is, “Is my idea of Love a sustainable model for Relationships?” In otherwords, “Is my definition of Love built to last?”

Imagine if my Philosophy of Love was, “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts”. Since such a Philosophy charts the course of my Life, this means is that in all of my Relationships I approach them seeking and anticipating some painful experience or the opportunity to get hurt. Why would I do this? Because according to my Philosophy, pain/hurt equals Love. This also means that if I’m not experiencing any pain/hurt in a Relationship, it must not be Love. A person who embraces this Philosophy tends to self sabotage good, stable, productive Relationships because it contradicts their Philosophy of Love. So instead of accepting the reality that their Philosophy is wrong, they’d rather destroy the Relationship to make their Philosophy “look” right... Another name for this Philosophy is Masochism, and many of our People who embrace it don’t even realize that the reason their Relationships don’t, won’t, and can’t last is because of this Philosophy. Again, we must ask ourselves, “Is my idea of Love a sustainable model for Relationships?”

There are basically two types of People who embrace this Philosophy:

1.) People who think/believe “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts”, yet they still try to get into Relationships with others.
2.) People who think/believe “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts”, and they shun Relationships with others because they don’t want to feel pain or be hurt.

Both of these People developed this Philosophy from personally going through or observing mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical abusive situations, and thus concluded that abuse (pain/hurt) comes along with the territory and validates Love. The fact that we, as Adults, can cee the obvious illogic and flaws in this Philosophy is an obvious indication that this person experienced/observed and came to this conclusion at very early part of their development: Only someone who’s lacking the cognitive, intellectual, and emotional maturity/ability to cee how illogical and flawed this Philosophy is would come to this kind of conclusion; a child. More often than not, they quietly made this conclusion so long ago that they don’t even recall when they made it –especially if there was severe trauma associated with experiencing/observing that abuse. From that point onward, their lives primarily consist of a series of abusive/self sabotaged Relationships or avoidance of Relationships altogether, as a means to find evidence to support this conclusion they already have: “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts”. The only thing sustainable about a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy is the mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical abuse that a person seeks/anticipates. The only thing sustainable about being in a Relationship with someone who has a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy is the mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical abuse you will receive from them, or the mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical abuse you’ll be provoked to give them.

Within The NGE, “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” is obviously not a Philosophy we embrace. It is a complete contradiction to our Perspective of Love, and how Love functions to sustain model Relationships. Through our Cultural Curriculum, here are a few basic points we know and teach about Love:

L: 12th Letter in the Alphabet
First and foremost, the letter ‘L’ is a 90° angle; a Right Angle. There is nothing fundamentally right about Love resulting in pain/hurt. That’s equivalent to saying that mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical abuse is right… Since the #12 is comprised of Knowledge (1) and Wisdom (2), it takes a level of Awareness and Discernment (cognitive, intellectual, and emotional maturity/ability) to recognize that abuse is not Love. Initially, this is their greatest challenge because they haven’t grown to Understand (3) the illogic/flaw in a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy. Just like anyone who ‘commits’ and/or ‘accepts’ abuse in a Relationship, their greatest challenge is recognizing that this is not Love!

The letter ‘L’ also represents the Principle called ‘Love Hell or Right’, and this is exactly the stance we take upon coming in contact with People who embrace a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy; you can either Love Hell (pain/hurt), or Love Right. It’s meant to acknowledge the pain/hurt People may experience in Relationships yet it denies pain/hurt as an integral component or result of what Love ultimately is. A common phrase you’ll hear Gods/Earths express is, “Love is the highest degree of Understanding”, and it’s impossible to understand something, especially Love, when you’re in pain or hurt. If you ever had a toothache, cramps, an earache, death in the family, etc., you ‘understand’ exactly what I mean…

Some Gods/Earths have a misconception that ‘Love Hell or Right’ means one must accept Hell (pain/hurt) as a part of Love, in order for it to be Right. This is untrue and is more of reflection of a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy that they grafted onto our Cultural Worldview. What ‘Love Hell or Right’ does mean is that we must be Aware (1) and Discerning (2) enough to avoid these kinds of Philosophies that entertain the idea that pain/hurt (abuse) is somehow intrinsic to Love. It also means that in Love, we must be willing/able to ‘go through’ any trials and tribulations (Hell) in order to adhere to what’s ultimately Right (“Just and True37/1-40). If we aren’t willing/able to avoid these Philosophies and endure trials and tribulations, our Relationships can’t/won’t be Right because we will, without a doubt, experience the same Hellish results as those who embrace these illogical/flawed Philosophies. The Principle of ‘Love Hell or Right’ charges a person with the responsibility of gaining the highest degree of Understanding from any/all experiences, in order to rise above any/all experiences to do what’s ultimately Right (“Just and True37/1-40). A person who thinks/believes that “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” is not thinking about the responsibility of Understanding or rising above anything, because according to their Philosophy, Love is equivalent to, not transcendent of, the pain/hurt they may ‘feel’. To them, pain/hurt is as far as Love goes…

At this point it is very important to understand that when one person subscribes to the Principle of ‘Love Hell or Right’ and another person embraces the Philosophy that “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts”, it’s impossible for that Relationship to work. While one person will always be striving to gain an Understanding and rise above any/all experiences to do what’s ultimately Right, the other person will be seeking, anticipating, accepting, AND oftentimes manufacturing painful/hurtful experiences -because in their Mind, “If It Ain’t Rough It Ain’t Right”. These are two entirely different Perspectives that can’t be reconciled, and a Relationship like this will not work out. Some of us are under the illusion that we can win a person over who has a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy. So we get into a Relationship or even Marry them and work overtime trying to prove their Philosophy wrong. It never occurs to us that any pain/hurt they ‘feel’, whether true or imagined, our fault or not, will only serve to validate their Philosophy. It also never occurs to us that it’s impossible to avoid ‘feelings’ in a Relationship, which ultimately means, something will always end up being wrong (painful/hurtful). Why? Because a person who thinks/believes “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” comes into a Relationship looking for what’s wrong with it. So what begins as our noble quest to show & prove or even save a person from themselves quickly turns into a life (or lifetime) of perpetual setbacks, misery, and disappointments; similar to a hamster running around in a maze that ALWAYS leads to nowhere… Although those of us who at least have Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet have the tools to avoid this dilemma, many of us fail to apply the Principle of ‘Love Hell or Right’ for various reasons. As I stated, deep down inside some of us may really agree with a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy so we accept the abuse. Some of us may really believe that we can change someone, so instead of recognizing their Philosophy “cannot be reformed” (34/1-40), we “give all we have and all within our power” in hopes that one day they’ll cee the light (40/1-40). Giving all we have and all within our power is not wrong in it of itself, it’s just the wrong approach/procedure in this situation because you’re trying to give something to someone who clearly doesn’t want it. As a matter of fact, the consequential pain/hurt you’ll ‘feel’ from their rejection of what you strive to give them only serves the purpose of further validating their Philosophy that “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts”…

Justice Jewel (10th) is Love
In our 12 Jewels the 10th Jewel or ‘Justice Jewel’ is Love. When most People consider Justice that don’t consider it’s Relationship to Love. This tells you a lot about how they view Relationships as a whole… Justice being more than rewards and penalties based upon one’s ways & actions. Justice, in part, represents Integrity (Justness), Fairness, Harmony, and Equilibrium (Equality). These are all components of Love, and there is no Integrity (Justness), Fairness, Harmony, and Equilibrium (Equality) in a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy. In order to successfully demonstrate these components, one must be considerate, caring, respectful, honorable, committed, affectionate, sincere, and a host of other qualities in order to reinforce a sense of Justice. Can you imagine going before a Judge who doesn’t possess the components of Justice or the qualities that reinforce it? Do you think you’ll get a fair shake? Well imagine the results of a Relationship with someone who doesn’t possess the components of Justice or the qualities that reinforce it… It’s impossible for a Relationship like this to be Loving and offer someone a fair shake.

Since the Justice Jewel “Love” is ‘10’ or Knowledge (1) Cipher (0), Love is Knowing the importance of the Cipher; Reciprocity. A Relationship is a Cipher, a Bond. In order to maintain that Bond, the components of Justice (Integrity [Justness], Fairness, Harmony, and Equilibrium [Equality]) and the qualities that reinforce it (considerate, caring, respectful, honorable, committed, affectionate, sincere, and etc.) are held together through Reciprocity. Reciprocity is the willingness/ability to complement eachother through mutual, corresponding, interdependent exchanges and interactions that sustain this Bond. To Reciprocate is a process that begins with sharing/giving, not taking! It’s interesting to note that when many People are asked about Love and Relationships, they usually begin by talking about what they want or desire to get from somebody. RARELY do you hear someone begin a conversation about Love and Relationships talking about what they’re willing/able to actually give… It tells you a lot about their ideas concerning Reciprocity, and if they ever even thought about it at all, now doesn’t it? Also, think about what kind of Reciprocity a “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts” Philosophy demonstrates. Would you like to be on the receiving end of that?

Justice functions as a System of checks & balances designed to maintain stability. Therefore, Justice is “Just I Cee Equality”. In a Bond (Relationship), it’s Just “Us”, not you and me, “Us”. This is important to understand because some People may assume that the ‘I’ in Just I Cee Equality is an individual or ‘I’ as in EGO. When it’s about “Us”, not you and me, “We” approach a Relationship realizing that “Our” Bond hinges upon the components of Justice (Integrity [Justness], Fairness, Harmony, and Equilibrium [Equality]) and the qualities that reinforce it (considerate, caring, respectful, honorable, committed, affectionate, sincere, and etc.). In otherwords, we are essentially One (1) and that’s how our Cipher (0) must function in order to keep it together!

In conclusion, these are just “a few” of the many examples, illustrations, and break-downs we learn about Love within our Cultural Curriculum, and I didn’t even go through the many examples, illustrations, and break-downs within 120 Lessons. The point in sharing this was to demonstrate how our Culture possesses various Cultural references that fully explore, expound upon, and define Love, it’s components/qualities, and how it does/doesn’t function. And as we explore, expound upon, and define Love, we examine what adds up and what doesn’t. We consider the validity of such statements like, “Love is Love”, “Love knows no Color”, “Love is how I feel”, “I fell in Love”, “I Love you but I’m not in Love with you”, “Love is Pain”, “Love Hurts”, and of course any other ideas we hear about Love. Make no mistake about it, that it’s a very sick, abnormal, Masochistic Psychology that embraces the Philosophy that “Love is Pain” or “Love Hurts”. Love does not consist of nor is it equivalent to mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical abuse. A person who thinks/believes this is only capable of hurting themselves and causing pain to others. Until they’ve actually critically analyzed the illogic/flaws in such a Philosophy, to cee why it hasn’t/doesn’t work to sustain Relationships, they will continue to hurt themselves and cause pain to others. This doesn’t mean that People like this are somehow diabolical or deliberately out to hurt themselves and cause pain to others. They may be nice, attractive, funny, social, and even high functioning intellectuals who simply embrace a Philosophy about Love, and probably other Philosophies about Life, that ultimately hurts them and causes pain to others. They simply haven’t learned how to Love someone or sustain a Relationship… Keep in Mind that they may have been embracing this Philosophy for the last 25 years, so building with them, investing time with them, talking to them, praying with them, and etc. is not enough to change almost a whole generation of illogical/flawed thinking. This is the reality of what you’re dealing with, not what you hope things to one day be. In our 10/1-40 we learn that “we lost no more time searching for that-that does not exist” in regards to a Mystery God. Well the same thing applies to searching for something that someone doesn’t and cannot cee in themselves. If they ultimately do, it must be under their own power and “in their own 'GOOD' time” (39/1-40) because “Self” is the only “Savior” (‘S’ is the 19th Letter in the Supreme Alphabet). It’s our job to make Knowledge Born about the Principle of ‘Love Hell or Right’, not try to make them, force them, or coerce them to think/believe anything differently, ESPECIALLY someone who, based upon their Philosophy, is fighting against your Love from the door! I know many of us believe that nobody’s hopeless, and I agree. Yet there are People who think/believe they’re hopeless based upon the illogical/flawed Philosophies they embrace. Because of their allegiance to these ideas, they become incorrigible and there’s nothing you can do about it mentally, emotionally, financially and/or physically. There is a lot of “Self” work a person has to do before they’re even willing, let alone capable of, Understanding that “Love IS NOT Pain” or “Love DOES NOT Hurt”. It takes a lot of sacrifice, studiousness and commitment on their part, and up until this point in their Life, you may be the first person who ever showed them anything different. The reality is that once a person has reached their 30’s and above holding fast to an illogical/flawed Philosophy like this, it’s possible yet very rare that they are willing AND capable to make the sacrifice, be studious, and have the commitment to change their Philosophy on Life. If you think/believe otherwise, you’re in for a World of pain/hurt, because that’s what they ultimately believe Love is; pain/hurt. And until they actually think/believe anything different, that’s all you can and will get from them.