Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transitions from Lost to Found
By Lord Life Justice

Last week my persons addressed a Queen who resides in Now Cee (North Carolina) who had questions about a segment in our Article On Proper Station Identification called "The Clash of Cultures". She quoted the following paragraph, "I was ‘Christianized’ (indoctrinated) long before being approach by a Wise Scientist who told me ‘the whole truth’. For a while, after agreeing with my Enlightener, I still had feelings that I was going to die and burn in hell for Blasphemy I was committing by saying I was God...", and asked th following questions, “Now, how does one overcome this Mindset? Better yet, how did you overcome this mindset?" Of course, we addressed the new born by text, but despite the elaboration, we felt there was more to say to give her the clearest picture which would be the understanding. After talking to myself in the form of Allah Saladin Quanaah, it was clear in the Universal Mind that we should express this as an Article because we are sure there are others who are suffering from this same dilemma, and devoting a posting to this issue would not only help one form of Self in the form of the Queen, but all others; thus satisfying this soul that we have done the best to add on to her and our cipher.

First of all Family, congratulate yourself for being in possession of a rare but significant quality that few possess: The staunch ability to commit your being to that which you know is true, and give all you have and all within your power to it. This devotion to that which you know is true, used correctly, will give you all you need to manifest your righteous will. I can say that-- because I have that said ability. I know you have it because only the ones in possession of it would think/feel the way described in my build. Meaning, one should be circumspect, to see if what they are doing is right and exact. Nothing is wrong with that. It is only wrong when it is misdirected. The feelings of thinking you are being blasphemous, is due to the fact that we were trained in the wrong way by some one we trusted. Our teachings tell us to never take anyone on face value; that all must show and prove. Even these Lessons should be checked within the context of their chronological and moral significance against what is known in the world concerning them. We must make sure they are right and exact before adding them on to our cipher, which is what we call the Universal Mind; in our "corner of the sky" [areas of the mind we are aware of from our experiences, understanding, etc]. As we inhale these ethers, we expand into the higher aspects of ourSelf, called Allah, based upon what we know. Be aware that Culture/ Freedom is how we add on to each other, in its various customs and expressions. To say that, "Culture is one's way of life," is a gross understatement when it comes to the contributions of Culture. Next to knowing, being wise, and gaining understanding, elaborations on Culture-- like Knowledge-- is an all expansive, inexhaustible subject. All that you have read thus far, have been in reality, just one article called Proper Station Identification; covering the recapturing of our Culture, in order to cultivate ourselves, based upon known facts and principles. The Clash of Cultures is what is afoot here. While we are striving to recapture our Culture, we come face-to-face with the facts that we were raised inside the Devil's civilization and its mixed signals is obviously interfering with us getting clear reception on our proper station in life. The brain is but our antennas, with the mind being the structural part of our consciousness to bring things into existence, but the proper way to view us is we are consciousness dwelling within a physical form.

Religion is one of the cultural means used in the past to tie us back to God. Religion literally means re- "back" and ligion- "to tie back" --like ligaments connect muscles--to the one that made all this possible, Allah (Self). We have a connection or path that solidifies the beginning to the end, the creation to its reason for living or being already in place. Nowadays, "religion" has been separated from "science" and that "separation"-- like the blasting of the moon from the earth-- causes some to act like LUNAtics and Religious Zealots/Fanatics; like when the moon is full, which brings receptivity like pregnancy, yoking, evoking, and fear. A receptive, susceptible or "Open Mind" must be protected by becoming certain. Knowledge is the foundation to that certainty. We must examine and confirm everything, before planting those thought-seeds in the garden of our Mind. Unfortunately, most Religions overemphasize how one must believe and have faith, in a way that does not allow for skepticism. Rituals are important, make no doubt about it! One of the rituals we all depend on is the inhalation and exhalation of the breath, known as breathing: We don't have to think about breathing because it’s automatic. Otherwise, I know the way I focus on things, my person would be blue in the face many times because of forgetting to breathe... LOL But before we put things on automatic, let's make sure they are right. Culture, through the area of customs and rituals, makes this possible. Like it is said, "Practice makes perfect." A lot of times this cultivation is like “a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect”. Suggestions, like water, increases with "other mists" and brings rain, hail, snow and earthquakes, because Culture is a systematic approach to cultivating Man, Woman and Child to the needs of the given Society. (8/1-40)

There are two Cultures manifested in this Society alphabetically: DIVINE OR DESTROY. What you are learning now is DIVINE, what you got before receiving this knowledge was DESTROY -in the form of TRICKNOWLEDGE, made to enslave our People. That kind of living works for what the Colored Man wants to do. And enslave is what these crafty Devils continue to do to the world population, making us other than ourselves. I had to come to grips with WHO gave me these suggestions, WHAT was the reason, WHEN it occurred, and WHY. These are all investigative techniques. This meant I had to put this Religion and Worship thing into its' proper perspective. In saying Culture, we are talking about the raising of a People through systematic means, engineered by the so-called "wisest" of their People (Sly Stone calls The Government or Western Culture "The System" in the Song "Everybody is a Star"). Culture also includes God and the Country's (Nation’s) relationship to the Creator (The relation-ship of the people under God's influence). In Culture, there are the People; their interaction (“social equality8/1-14); God and what God wills; and rituals designed to keep God & Man all tied together (Religion and the Scientific approach concerning God). Sometimes the rituals are secular: “laws, rules and regulations” (28/1-40). Sometimes the rituals are “religious” (5/1-14). Other times they are mathematical and scientific concerning God, technological and artistic (includes music, song, etc), as well as scholarly (literary works). All of these rituals should be designed to keep order in a civilized manner. However, concerning Religion, there is a difference between who wrote the Books (1/1-40) and the Organization around the interpretation of these Books. THIS, I came to know, as the folly of "organized religion".

This power to have faith [commitment and devotion to what you know] became manipulated and broken down into what you "believe" by a skillful manipulator. This manipulator was the Southern Baptist Minister or his Northern Black spin-offs. Belief in what you "believe" is always weaker than "the commitment to what you know to be true." Commitment in what you know is based on "confirmation and research", whereas "belief" is based on "what you are willing to follow" [the proper root definition of believe]. What you are "willing to follow" may or may not be true, but in Christian belief, the Minister tells you to "trust in the Lord," while you are really "trusting the Minister's words". For this God (mystery God) you never seen or heard except through what the Minister says about the Bible. Now I did not make a blanket statement and say what he told you (us) was wrong... only that you "trusted him on face value" instead of doing "research for confirmation" like you are now learning to do. Always remember that it is better to "know" than strictly "believe." That's like pretending that you possess wisdom, before you really know anything. When were you manipulated ["led in the wrong direction" or "fed the wrong foods" (14/1-40 and 10/1-36)]? If you were like my person, it was probably during our most uncritical thinking years; childhood. It was then that I was spooked out by the Minister’s theatrics. Psychologically, the Minister shocked us, placing himself into a Parent role with me, and like a scolding Parent, he cornering the Child mode in my consciousness into obedience, long before we learned mentally how to judge wisely. I didn't say everything you were told was lies, but of what you were told, you were told many half-truths and lies by omission (leaving out key parts. "Commitment to what you know, not what you believe or want to believe", is the aim here. That is the aim of any wise Scientists who teaches or builds with you. Shakespeare said, "The whole world's a stage, with all of us- mere players." So no matter how convincing Judges, Police Officers, Doctors, Ministers, Nurses or Cremators may be, it is still a role that they play, and they all put on their pants the same way you do.

In my childhood I was gripped by the 'fear dance' that Ministers do: hooting, hollering and theatric preaching. Whether Mason or not, these Minister’s “theatrics" date back to the plantation mentality, where the job of calming down the Black masses was given to special niggahs called "Spiritual Leaders"--a somewhat soul stirrer in his (and nowadays her as well) delivery. This dates back to the fact of the knowledge in the fourth degree in the one to thirty six: There have been many people who were enslaved on this Planet, but only the Black Man/Woman had everything taken from them "including their language." This act alone almost assures cultural genocide (annihilation) for those People whom this is done. Without a spoken language, artifacts, and written words, a Culture's very existence is questionable and definitely debatable. By doing this to us as a People, only the first generation who were enslaved would be able to remember their customs and culture as a whole. By the time he or she had babies to teach (slavery regulations), the slave owner would have sold their children to another plantation for profit. By doing so, this destroyed the integrity of family life of his property, not to mention the transmission of the family's original Culture to the Black babies (24/1-36) [Cee: Henry Highland Garnet: AN ADDRESS TO THE SLAVES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA August 16, 1843]These babies, being in a new and strange environment, were gripped in fear and attempted to do whatever it took in order to survive. As it was customary not to sell/trade two or more fellow tribesmen or women to any one plantation or nearby facility, our Culture was systematically broken down and replaced with the slave master's as one of our only means of survival in this strange world (24/1-36). We even learned the White Man's language so that we could understand his orders and keep the whip off our backs. But in doing so, we could now communicate to other Blacks, not by Cultural similarities, but of the common hellish condition called Chattel Slavery. Within those thoughts concerning the trauma, pain, and indignities we suffered, we also entertained thoughts of freedom, justice, and equality; a.k.a. rebellion and uprising. [Cee: Black Rebellion; Eyewitness Accounts of Major Slave Revolts] Thus entered the special niggahs called “Spiritual Leaders” or Ministers. He was taught the White Man's religion, to replace the slave master or overseer preaching to his slaves on Sunday. His purpose was to be a counselor, mediator and go-between to quell rebellion and to be somewhat of a pacifier (maybe even a Snitch). Even to this day, when the White Man looks towards Black Leadership (like the Presidential Election), he seeks Religious figures like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Martin Luther King (and I know while I'm building you probably saw Min. Louis Farrakhan in your third)... Preachers could convince you they were right, even when they were wrong, unsure, or when they really didn't know, but remember: It's just a role he or she plays.

While on the subject, we know that during chattel slavery, it was customary for a White Man to have his slaves dress him. Going to his Masonic Lodge meetings was no exception. Soon, these slaves were overhearing and seeing secrets of these Masons, so they were made sworn to secrecy, like with anything else they were exposed to, but their Black Lodges were closed from initiating others. Enter Prince Hall, Absalom Jones, and Richard Allen. However on a DVD called MASONRY REVEALED, these "hoodwinkers" tried to re-invent Prince Hall as a military personnel who got his TRICKNOWLEDGE in the union military by a White Military Officer. Now ask yourself, “Why would a White teach ‘a darkie’ that knowledge, especially during these times in American History? Out of the kindness of his heart...?!” So why are there Black and White Masonic Lodges? A regular member could not start another Lodge; only a Most Worshipful Master of the White Lodge can start another Lodge! If these Preachers are Masons, they are bound to the rules of the ninth degree in the one to fourteen, so they must reveal the truth, but the crafty Ministers camouflage the knowledge by emphasis on the wrong parts: [this is done “to conceal the true and living God and to make slaves out of the eighty-five percent by keeping him worshipping something he cannot see and he makes himself rich from their labor” (9/1-40)]. For instance, the Preachers say you are a child of God, right? Isn't the goal of upbringing for you to follow your Father and Mother's instruction? Emulate the way like your Parent's? Isn't it the goal of Parents to raise their children to emulate the awareness that made them who they are? Jesus and his Father are one and he is a child of God, why not you as well? Christian means to "imitate Christ" and Jesus is God, so why does the Minister not teach the People to be God-like? See, the words are there for the proper education, but Preacher Man puts a spin on it to keep his flock ready to be fleeced. He does this by keeping them worshipping something they cannot see, as opposed to building on a divine force that resides within the Black Man/Woman as our real identity and soul root. Preachers do all of this while showing us pictures of Jesus living way down in your heart... Black Ministers practice their "fire and brimstone act", which they use/used to scare us into that way [tricknowledge]... So we have nightmares and dreams of blasphemy. We have to be reasonable with ourselves: We were taught that as children and ignorant ones [24/1-36]. I am reasoning with the Adult in you to research it and talk rational to your inner Self. These investigative methods help confirm and add on what you know, not what you believe, think, feel, or trust someone saying.

Putting things into perspective, a lot of what is taught in “organized religion” is not in the wisdom Books in which their teachings are based. Just as what Jesus taught is not Christianity and its Protestant Religions have become (5/1-14). The teachings of the Church's, Temple's, Synagogue, Mosque's interpretation of theirs Books (Torah, Zohar, Bible, Qu'ran) becomes the main thrust of what they teach (28/1-36 and 5/1-14). And just like the episode with the (slave) Trader, following that type of advice can lead to dire consequences, causing you not know "who is causing all this to happen" (9/1-40). Stick to the Book and let the divine force within guide your eventual understanding. In my research inside the Bible, we saw Psalms 82. Within the 6th verse, we see: "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” This meant to me our Universal family was right: The most High is the Highest aspect of the real Self; the apex that we aspire to. Clean up to be as; “Holy means something that has not been mixed diluted or tampered with in any form” (9/1-14). No matter what form life comes in, life came from Allah, so this means Allah is Omnipresent; which means "everywhere" (37/1-40). And how can this be, if God and you were separate? How can He be in your heart? Then I Cor. 3:16 revealed:"Know Ye not that Ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" Knowing my body and me are not the same; the human form is the temple of my consciousness and soul, it was not hard to tell that Spirit of God should be analogous to my soul. And that my consciousness is my awareness of right, wrong and proper judgment. And behold no more feelings of blasphemy see, because that no longer made sense to me. But I did want to know why Preacher Man taught that? I saw in 12/1-40, "Because he desires to make slaves out of all he can, so he can rob them and live in luxury". When I learned the Asiatic Black Man wrote the Holy Qu'ran and Holy Bible, and these are Books of wisdom that dominate the thinking of the known world, I wanted to know how the White Man came to use it. Well, my person already knew the Bible was translated from the Hebrew writings and The Commandments were given by God to Musa. This work is called The Torah by some, Sepher of Moses by others, and its' secret teachings called Zohar. Passed onto Priests, other Hebrew writing or Books were added to become what is known as The Bible. More importantly, the wisdom was passed by Priests, all the way to Priest-King Samuel (two books), young David (who becomes King: Kings I, II), and his son, King Solomon. Later, we learned from our Lessons (9,10/1-14) that the secret training of Colored Men to learn the ways of the Qu'ran. I learned later that David also set these wheels in motion before Muhammad. It involved the King of Tyre, King David, and tutorship set up for Prince Solomon with one, Hiram Abiff. These were secret teachings. This is about Caucasian Freemasons (and Shriners) rise to power. Although the details to this would be considered important to some, suffice it to say, what God gave Moses or Musa (the adopted son-prince of the Shekhem of the Pharoah of Khamit [Egypt]) is the wisdom Books used to put the West where it is today. They are the Covenant and Sepher concealed as the Bible and the Qu'ranic civil code of Muhammad. What you, as the blasphemy-believer, need to know is even though they were given a chance (2,9/1-14), they would not keep and obey what Musa, Hiram Abiff, and Muhammad proposed (10/1-14). Later through the Lessons, I learned that Masons use substitutes for the truth, which is called "tricknowledge" (4/1-14) or hoodwinking. We battle for a free Man's Mind and Truth. They (Masons) teach to enslave by creating a need and role they will fulfill; which they make themselves rich from your labor. The wisdom used in the White Anglo Saxon Protestant's world, and the rest of the Western world is Eastern. Based on Books of Eastern consideration. They would not keep and obey the East's concepts. From Constantine to Roman, English, and Irish Catholicism, to various forms of Protestantism, they re-invent ways of being other than. Christendom used to be Europe's form of Government... is it now? Ever heard of Scottish Rite Mason? We teach of the God within, the West teaches about a remote mystery God who you can displease. We teach proper education and right and exact actions makes us more aware and closer to our true Self. The thought of blasphemy is a feedback loop, to block your escape from their hoodwink. The opposite to free and accepted, is enslaved and unaccepted into "their social equality" (8/1-14). It's like Matrix, Inception, and 'waking up is so very hard to do.' Think about it... if we were separate from God, we would be formed from something other than God and it would be a Polytheistic belief. An Omnipresent reality of God would be untrue. This is not what the world subscribes to. Neither is a concept of the true and living God right, when People are living a life of lawlessness.

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