Friday, September 07, 2012

A.S.I.A. College Tour Sponsor Project
2012 College Preparatory Educational Program and Black College Tour

Peace! My Organization A.S.I.A. has been presented with a wonderful opportunity to help sponsor two High School Students participate in an Annual College Preparatory Educational Program and Black College Tour this October (17th - 21st). I myself attended Central State University (a HBCU in Wilberforce, OH), my sister attended Morgan State University (a HBCU in Baltimore, MD), my older brother attended Alabama State University (a HBCU in Montgomery, AL) and I have many colleagues who attended Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) so I know first hand the value of such an opportunity for our youth! The Purpose of this Tour is as follows:
  • Afford high school Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to Tour Historical Black College and Universities (HBCUs) in the Maryland & Washington, D.C. area.
  • Motivate students to explore their Educational options and strive for Academic excellence.
  • Inspire and Empower students to pursue higher education.
  • Create an awareness of campus life.
  • Introduce the College application process.
  •  Provide an overview/assistance of the financial aid process.

The Total Cost of this Tour (which includes Bus Transportation, Hotel Lodging & Ticket to Homecoming Football Game) is $375 per student and the Itinerary is as follows:

*October 17th Depart Buffalo
*October 18th Howard University, Coppin State
*October 19st Morgan State & Bowie State
*October 20th Homecoming Game
*October 21st Return to Buffalo

Each student was required to pay a nonrefundable Registration deposit of $100 on August 31, 2012 and I have pledged to help secure $500 to help sponsor two students (Brittany Bennett and Cortez Black) participate in this Tour. To help meet this goal, I have agreed to donate ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from my Books Sales for the month of September and this is also where you all come in! I have created three Sponsorship Options available to all of you who want to support Brittany and Cortez.

1. You can be a Silver, Gold or Platinum Sponsor by going to my Sponsor Campaign Page on

2. You can purchase any of my Books by clicking on the E-Store or Amazon Link on my right siderbar. Again, ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from my Books Sales for the month of September will be going towards this Program.

3. You can click on this A.S.I.A. Donation Link or click on the Link at the top of this Website to donate any amount you desire. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

This Campaign will end on October 7th, 2012 so I encourage all of you who're striving to help sponsor our youth to do so as soon as possible. I also want to Thank all of you in advance for your consideration, support and investment in our youth.


Sunday, September 02, 2012

(or Rapid Eye Movement)

     In reading Saladin's Article "The Fossil Phrase Phenomenon", I couldn't help but notice, the cultural shadowing of Western culture playing its part in his Article. While he was speaking about Fossilized Phrases between the preceeding generation and the one which came next, I could cee how we are somewhat insulated by the fact that some of our proverbial wisdom is cemented into the definition of the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet themselves. This coupled with the fact that there are still many who know that they cannot hold an intelligent conversation with the entire familly of Gods and Earths in every city without at least knowing One Hundred and Twenty Lessons (120), some sense of the Chronicle of Our Nation, along with that firm grasp one has on Supreme Mathematics-- sprinkled in with some knowledge of Supreme Alphabets, Twelve Jewels, The Chronicle of The Nation of Islam, Allah in the persons of Master Fard, and Allah in the person of the Father whom we know as Allah.
     The reason why we are somewhat insulated from Fossilizing a lot of our wisdom phrases is because as a Culture of I God, most of us subscribe to a life that consist of all of this wisdom in stylized phrases as our culture with Knowledge (of all this) being the foundation. This much is said about knowledge, every time one sings "The Enlightener." Yet there are some who believe that Supreme Mathematics is the only foundation!
     Yet this is just a microcosm of a macrocosm because the Blacks outside this culture (The NGE) are suffering far worst, because they have no cultural reference-- other than what American Culture provides for us: Culturally speaking, American slavery was like pushing "reset" on our cell phones where all previous cultural references were just about totally erased-- leaving most of us with a cultural void! We were tricked or lured into believing we would receive more gold for our labor which was more than we were earning in our own country (28/1-36). When we got to America, the trader disappeared and there was no one left to speak our language (30/1-36). They traded our babies as one would a litter of cats or pitbulls, so cultural retention became damn near impossible (24/1-36).
     This type of slavery, being taught as Christianity by the White man, made us blind, deaf and dumb to what our culture really is: The only thing we had to reference is how Whites culture was here living in America, because our heritage was separated, obliterated, and forbidden to be taught for fear of punishment of death! [6-8/1-36]. Resultant upon this, Blacks piecemeal-ed a culture-- partially for survival and partially to fill the cultural void. Either way, their ways are based upon an establishment of values and roles based upon those soles who manipulated a country from their motherland and enslaved the people who birthed the White man from them-- 30% dissatisfied Blacks, amongst the rest who were satisfied Black people.
     In the chronicles of man, there has been several people of all groups who has been stripped of a lot of things and enslaved-- BUT ONLY BLACK PEOPLE HAD EVERYTHING STRIPPED INCLUDING THEIR LANGUAGE. This allowed us to take on a lot of their ways, simply because we had nothing to compare it to (minus our conscience). While our conscience might work in some areas, without a set of customs to compare them to our own (because we did not know our own because "the button had been reset") you wind up caving into the social pressure and eventually agreeing. Before you know it, it begins to seem like you originated that feeling...
     A Nation without its past history is like a tree without roots. Those who do not know that chronology are doomed to re-live it in order to regain the understanding. In a civilized society, it is the responsibility of any civilized parent to extract the understanding or underlined significance of their travels and experiences as parents and pass them on (a.k.a. the understanding) to their children to benefit by the foresight. One of the bad behaviors Blacks have picked up from the Devil's civilization is this constant challenging of parent's values when one reaches adolescence. Anyone who has watched Whites with their children in department stores or adolescent Whites hanging out at the mall, know exactly what I am talking about. The Kool-aid colored hair is part of the rebellious stage.
     I am not saying that you should not challenge previous notions (every true Scientist does). I am just saying to know what you are challenging. NO, WE DON'T BELIEVE IN RELIGION, NOR TAKING THINGS ON FACE VALUE, BUT A RITUAL IS SOMETHING YOU DO REPEATINGLY BECAUSE IT BRINGS ABOUT THE PROPER RESULT WHEN YOU DO IT--LIKE STUDYING BEFORE YOU TAKE A TEST-- for example. You just don't get rid of a phrase because your parents or an older God/ Earth used it or you think it is "Old School" because it came from the past: Know what it means and if you don't think it's true, then put it and your own theories to the test-- but be real with yourself: If you cannot produce better results, why change it? And if you don't like the effects, then don't produce the cause. Meaning: cut out that behavior. Earthquakes is caused by the son of man experimenting with high explosives. In fact all that above is caused by the Son of Man [caused by what you do] (8/1-40).

     For those who were socialized as teenagers in the 1970's and 1980's, along with those who came before in this culture of I God/The NGE-- phrases within the nation were evolved by consensus. Meaning, you didn't learn about The NGE and get your lessons by proxy: someone directly taught you. And you knew whether or not you had it right because at some point it was required for you to go to Mecca in Now Why and build on the day's degree in front of the World's Best Knowers as your audience. When you walked the streets and claimed you were God/Earth, how you see today's degree was sure to follow-- a.k.a. you are being examined for how well you know your lessons and how thorough your understanding was concerning Supreme Math and Alphabets! You couldn't walk away from that question, you had to answer it! That's how we were socialized as The NGE. And you definitely did not walk out of a cipher! If your understanding was booty, you got bombed by consensus (... so they have agreed that the only God that exist is the Son of Man. So they lost no time searching... [10/1-40]). If you got bombed enough, you took your positive education and modified your answer to one that could be agreed to as right. Let that be a lesson to those who think that Supreme Mathematics is the foundation (without even the Alphabets, Jewels, the Chronicle of The NGE or the Chronicle of Self embedded in 120 Lessons)! We were socialized to know our lessons. Your development was judged according to the lessons you were dealing with. You couldn't successfully step off and form your own "Pseudo Group" in those days, you still had to acknowledge the majority. It is not Allahs, it is Allah.
     Now I'm not saying just because things survived from our past that makes it tried, just and true: That just means a lot of people were doing it. Each circumstance must be weighed and judged on its' own merits... So the phrases that survive through our antiquity are phrases which have been examined, questioned and modified until we come to a consensus-- whereas we generally agree to its' proverbial wisdom. These are time tested phrases, socially approved. Because then, as a way of life, we were critical in our thinking and wouldn't hesitate to make that knowledge born. So over time, the weak phrases were being eliminated through our constructive criticism within group gatherings, writings, ciphers and etc. In this respect, a phrase could no more stand alone and claim to be true or wise, no more than a man or woman could claim God/ Earth without examination by all who proclaim it.

     You ever heard of the group R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement --during sleep)? They had a song called "Losing My Religion" wherein the singer talked about losing all he was accustomed to. I AM NOT REFERRING TO THIS SONG BECAUSE OF THE WORD RELIGION, BUT BECAUSE OF WHAT ONE IS ACCUSTOMED TO; THE TRADITIONS; THE ANCIENT WISDOM. I say this, because our Black youth are repeating the Culture degree in the one to fourteen as though they are the Devils-- simply because they don't know any better! They have eliminated enough phrases and taken out words like Devil in their language and conceptualization, modifying our culture-- dooming themselves to see why the phrase was used to begin with. And this behavior goes on inside and outside of The NGE!! How so? Why did Musa have a hard time civilizing the Devil in the year 2,000 B.C.? (2/1-14)? You know-- "Because he was a savage. A savage means a person who has lost the knowledge of himself and is living a beast life." So when Musa came to teach them how to live a respectful life, they rebelled (4/1-14). Why? Because they didn't want anything to do with what we civilized Black people teach. Why? Because they were birth from a stock of our people who were dissatisfied with the rest of our people. They entertained inner devils of jealousy, envy, lust and hate. They did uncivilized things such as causing trouble amongst the righteous, telling lies, stealing and trying to master the original man. They were exiled by the satisfied and therefore they did not want anything to do with our ways. Your culture degree within the one to fourteen goes into great elaborations concerning this. That same degree tells you when we found out who was causing all the trouble we rounded them up, took everything from them except their language and marched them across the hot Arabian desert (by a tow line). It was 2,200 miles. He went savage and lived in the caves of West Asia as they now call it 'Europe'. Eu means hillsides and Rope means the rope (tow line) to bind him in (sometimes when you teach uncivilized people how to be civilized they act as though you are binding them rather than benefitting them-- an example is that scene in Lord of the Ring: Return Of The King, when Samwise and Frodo put the rope on Smeagol). The European resented his connection with Original man. Even today, he reluctantly acknowledges that Black people in Central Asia are his ancestors! He straight rejected us and our culture, so we sent a half original man like Musa to teach them and he only accepted it when Musa reminded them of their purpose. When they were marched into Europe, the Original man took everything except their language. When the European enslaved his Black ancestors, he took everything INCLUDING their language and brought Blacks to slave for him within his culture on the worst part of the planet earth (North Americas). The slavery process made the enslaved Original man, blind, deaf and dumb-- totally devoid of his culture-- adapting the ways of his slavemasters as a means of survival in the Whiteman's world. Some of us adapted and maintained many, many of their ways... So Knowledge of Self came to the Blackman in the wilderness from Allah, in the form of a civilized Blackman who taught civilization. Allah in the persons of Fard taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who then taught The NOI; Allah in the form of the Father (and Justice) taught the first born, who taught The NGE. Musa and Muhammad taught the Devil how to be civilized.
     These above acts emphasizes tradition and passing on of what came before. Just like 17th degree in the One to Forty states: "The meaning of Civilization is one having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness"-- One of the most obvious traits of the Devil's civilization in the wilderness of North America is to be trendy. What that trendy means is to be dissatisfied with what happened before you and to start something new. The problem with this is if you get rid of all of the old traditional stuff, for your new, time-untested stuff, you will eventually become wild, savage, unruly and uncivilized! Sure, we Blacks are not dyeing our hair with kool-aid like them yet-- but give it some time.
     The seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth degree within the knowledge of your culture cipher suggest the passing on of tradition-- not the replacement of Fossil Phrase with Catchy Phrase-ism, which has not even been examined thoroughly by a consensus from members of The NGE. That's no different than some of these He cipher Monkey ciphers, girl on girl phenomenas going on in the mainstream of society today. In time, they will see what alternatives do to the state-- but by then it will be to late! We have always emphasized showing and proving. This teaches us to hold on to things which are proven, not to jump to something on face value. What is traditional is proven, for good or bad. You can see it because you have numerous examples of it. Message to the so-called "New School": It is alright to test, but not to experiment with your life as the experiment. Do be a fool and  use the dynamite on you (8/1-40)-- that's how you fall a victim!

Allah Universal: Lord Life Justice Shabazz