Sunday, June 24, 2007

"PEACE GOD, I come in da name of Divine Master Born Supreme Asiatic I-God Allah!"
Herman Munster Mathematics

Peace! First I wanted to follow-up with my thoughts on this Year’s 36th Annual Show & Prove 2007. First of all I wasn’t physically present yet the aftereffects are being ceen and heard everywhere. It’s funny how many of ya’ll "Nationalistic Flag Waivers" -who’ve conservatively turned your nose up at the real shit I write- are now beginning to honestly bear witness to topics I’ve been building about all along! I ain’t been hearing shit about this Year’s 36th Annual Show & Prove 2007, especially from the most vocal advocates of this so-called National Body who I know were there! Ya’ll probably slept outside of School! Out of all these Blogs floatin’ around in cyberspace cat’s ain’t got nothing to say invigorating about Show & Prove?! That shit says a lot! Usually people go to Show & Prove and get they Ego inflated to the point where they head start lookin like Yacub’s, b.u.t. it’s funny to hear such a blanket of silence. Guess ya’ll starting to really realize that true Nation Building is quite different than standing around a whole bunch of miscellaneous muthafucka’s that ain’t about to put no real money where they mouth is!

The silence could also be because cat’s is mad they spent all that cream on gas, hotels, airfare and whatever else on what they feel in they heart was bullshit! Sure they’ll try to reason it away (like they do everything else!), yet at the end of the day when a person takes an inventory of their energy expenditures they know when they spent time searching for that, that does not exist! Hopefully ya’ll young cat’s (regardless of age!) is starting to really learn something and the shit I write about is sinking in! One of the swiftest things I’ve heard a God say is when Freedom (Poppa Wu) articulated that the Show & Prove was "some religious shit!" Freedom also went on to say -as he pointed his finger at the Harriet Tubman School-, "That ain’t my Nation, my Nation came from my Divine I Cee da King! That’s what I built nigga!"

On another note, I heard Cappadonna was a Special Guest, and also that attendance numbers are dwindling like Endangered Timber Rattlers in Western New York! The only thing I heard worth anything is the fact that The God Allah Jihad was a major contributor to Civilization! Not only was he Marketing and Promoting (not selling!) his book "The Immortal Birth", b.u.t. he donated proceeds back to Nation Orientated Organizations. NOW THAT’S SHOWING & PROVING! For all ya’ll who was talking shit about him I’m sure it made you feel good to cee him doing his thing! Follow the God’s example to the extent where you learn to lead yourselves! We need more people in this Math with a heart like Allah Jihad’s b.u.t. I damn sure ain’t gonna waste no time (or finances!) searching for that, that does not exist! Until I start ceeing that Parliament’s, Rallies, Civilization Classes and etc.. are starting to truly advocate "literal" (not theoretical!) Societies that’s when you’ll cee me. Why? Because that’s where/when I can resourcefully add on! When ya’ll done talking, planning, conferencing, retreating or whatever else and ready to stick the shovels in the ground send me an email. Now aside from Allah Jihad, I’m sure there were other worthwhile activities going on and other people "literally" adding on (not to be confused with running off at the mouth!), b.u.t. the overall impression I get is that Adults are beginning to realize how laborious and financially straining it is to continue investing in Ego gratification like that and masking it as "this is for the babies"! Now to those of ya’ll who sincerely brought ya babies to Harlem for a Disney World like retreat that’s PEACE!! I know they had a wonderful time saturating their senses in that NYC Social Science! I just hope to read some more positive/negative thoughts about this years 36th Annual Show & Prove from ya’ll who I know were there, religiously! Aside from other NGE, think about what message your sending to people on the outside of the NGE who have been reading your "Nationalistic" Blogs when they cee that the most Celebrated Event of our Nation goes by and ya’ll ain’t got shit to say about it! That shit is like a diehard San Antonio Spurs fan who religiously attends Spurs games/functions and rocks Spurs paraphernalia not mentioning shit about the NBA Championship! Anyway, let me get into the Science of Herman Munster Math.

I know, I know, you probably wondering what I’m dealing with now with this "Herman Munster Math" shit huh?! Well, I’m pondering the 33/1-40 which asks the question, "What is a REAL Devil", considering the answer which states, "A Grafted Man which IS MADE weak and wicked or any live grafted germ FROM ORIGINAL is Devil." and thinking about how it functionally relates to the Build Actual Fact "Sound Travels 1,120 ft per second". The words "REAL, IS MADE and FROM ORIGINAL are the things that I was looking at specifically and the Science of SOUND TRAVELING. Here’s what I noticed some time ago and this is the question that I propose, "How can Gods from an East Coast City, West Coast City, Southern City and even a City in a different Country all "SOUND" the same?" Sound only travels 1,120 ft per second and there are 5,280 ft in a mile. If people live nearly 1,000 miles apart how can they "SOUND" the same? In reality "SOUND" doesn’t travel that fast and far nor does it continually vibrate at the same frequency. Aside from space & time, Geography also plays a critical role in effecting a person’s dialect/accent. So to be separated by any great distance and "SOUND" the same is not a phenomenon that takes place in the Natural World. Really think about that for a second.. ! If your in Cali somewhere and you meet a person with a NYC accent then you may automatically think that NYC is where they’re from! If the person told you that they’re not from NYC nor have they been there, you’ll wonder why they SOUND like that! You’ll automatically know that something isn’t adding up and this is the basis for my Herman Munster Math Concept. When Gods traveling from different places SOUND the same something isn’t adding up. I use Herman Munster as the Archetype for this Concept because he humorously represents a Grafted Man, Grafted Math in this case! When Gods/Earths carry they Math in such an Unoriginal way they directly/indirectly front and flash as REAL something that is really MADE FROM an ORIGINAL expression. This makes it weak, provokes the very wickedness they say they’re trying to eliminate and is unfortunately allowed to live ("stinging someone else" who is interested in learning! 10/1-14). Take for example the phrase, "Self Styled Wisdom".
The Concept "Self Styled Wisdom" is some bullshit as it "functionally" relates to many Gods/Earths! Sounding the same ain’t Self styled Wisdom, also, if you haven’t lived out this Culture by yourself and learned Self Reliance without any NGE around you then it’s difficult to truly claim "Self" Styled Wisdom. Anything other than this is like being a "New Born" who hasn’t left the nest yet. Self Styled Wisdom ain’t because you chose an attribute completely different than the other NGE that you compulsively surround yourself with either, that’s just being different. The only way you find yourself is when you come to North America by yourself. It makes me sick when I hear Nigga’s sounding like eachother or trying to speak with "Da Father’s" cadence and speech pattern! It’s no different than ceeing FOI’s rockin’ a Fard part in they head and parroting the mannerisms and voice inflections of Khan! You haven’t really experienced Life with this Math or Shown forth "YOUR" Power that "YOU ARE" All Wise and Righteous until the only "Companion in Tribulation and in the Kingdom of Patience" you got is 120. One of the disadvantages I’ve ceen in larger Cities is that when you have a large "quantity" of NGE, there’s oftentimes a lack of "quality" representation. Why? Because people often gravitate to Social Equality based upon insecurities, Ego gratification, a neediness to just belong to something or a host of other WRONG REASONS! Every NGE Cipher in every major City ain’t no muthafucken’ Dream Team ya’ll! There’s usually a few Franchise Player’s and the rest are just mediocre athletes that make up the rest of the Team. Some of these mediocre athletes are pretty good no doubt, b.u.t. until they are in a position to build a Team around them they really don’t get to ball like that (show & prove they power!)! To further illustrate my point, just go pick up some old Championship Season video footage of the Chicago Bulls and check out a player by the name of Brad Sellers.

Herman Munster Math is also expressed through the corny ass "catch phrases" muthafucka’s be spitten every time they open up they trap! The lack of authenticity actually sounds like they reading a Harlemwood Movie Script or some shit. If you don’t know the "catch phrases" just be around some of these gregarious cats for a minute and you’ll hear them! Here’s what you may hear (and cee!) from some so-called NGE. Not all NGE get down like this b.u.t. many of them do. Below are just a few examples of the contradictive side of some of these catch phrases:

1. "Peace God, how you cee today’s Mathematics!" - He/Her ain’t really interested in ceeing anything. They’re just asking so that they can criticize whatever comes out of your mouth so they can feel like they’re a Big Man/Woman when they belittle you. It’s an Ego thing!

2. "The Blackman is the foundation of his family like the Sun is the foundation to the Solar System!" - Yet the Nigga ain’t got a legitimate job to establish a foundation and the Woman may sit back and let him lounge like this just to make shit look good.

3. "We was taught to eat the wrong foods!" - While saying this he might of just taken a long pull off a Newport to chase the malt liquor he’s drinking. Many Woman eat the wrong foods in the form of gossip and slack talk.

4. "The Woman is secondary but most necessary!" - Yet he’s comfortably living under a working woman’s roof while he sits back not doing shit! I can’t ever recall a Woman sincerely saying this shit and I’ve had Knowledge for 12 years!

5. "The Understanding (children) is the Best Part!" - He really don’t have a relationship with his own children like that. When he travels everywhere you never cee his child(ren) with him. The Woman ultimately "tries" to cee them as the Best Part in light of the burden she’s left carrying!

6. "The Father said this, The Father said that!" - He/Her Nostalgically talk about The Father like Christians talk about Jesus and Muslims talk about Muhammad.

To conclude today’s Article, I’m putting this out here to encourage people to be Original in this Math! Get your own Understanding and stop parroting what your hear. Take a Sabbatical for a while and walk with this Math by yourself so you can learn to bust a grape with it! Each and everyone of us are Cultural "Trailblazers" (no pun intended! LOL) who are entrusted with the responsibility to not simply teach the uncivilized b.u.t. to Contribute to Civilization! Meaning, we must use this Knowledge to develop true Self Styled Wisdom. This brings about a true Understanding of how to live this Culture in a Refined way that transcends becoming a Savage, while starring in our own "Pursuit of Happyness". P.E.A.C.E.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

NURSE MILDRED RATCHED- "One Flew Over the Cuckcoos Nest"


Peace ya’ll. Today’s Article is about a word my Educator coined called "Nursism". "Nursism" is a concept that refers to the Nurses Law in the 28th Degree (1-40’s). The 28th Degree speaks about this Law by saying, "The Nurses Law was to kill all black babies at birth by sticking a pin in it’s head or feeding it to some wild beast and then would tell it’s Mother a lie that her baby was an Angel Baby and was only taken to Heaven and one day when she die’s he will have secured for her a home in Heaven. But save all the brown babies and tell it’s Mother that she was a lucky Mother and that her baby was a holy baby and that she should take good care of it and educate it because one day he’s going to grow to be a great Man." Gods are quite fond of building about people "sticking pins" in ya head! These pins (needles) can not only kill you, b.u.t. they kill your inspiration, love, finances, relationships, discipline and a host of other things that can be positively used to help your growth and development. Gods often readily identify when people, places and things use our head for a pin cushion, yet they often fail to take it a step further and put it in the context of "Nursism". Nursism defines the educational conditioning, family background, environment and case history that alchemically produced the Nurse. Nursism also distinguishes the different levels of being a Nurse such as a CNA, LPN, and RN. Because many Gods limit their perspective to ceeing the Nurse simply sticking pins, feeding you to a wild beast and tellin’ lies, they often miss "the other Rules and Regulations that are not mentioned in this Lesson"! It’s important to understand that Nursism is the essence of the Nurse. Nursism represents the diverse Rules that actually Regulate the Nurse’s Law. Rules that are genetic, conditional, educational, cultural, political and etc.. !
Cee, there are many methods of sticking a pin and a lot of different tangible/intangible objects/ideas that serve the purpose of a pin. Sometimes these pins don’t need to be stuck in your head to kill you because you may have survived your symbolic birth. This is what’s meant by the use of the word "OR" when the lesson states "OR feed them to some wild beast". There’s an obvious choice here! The fact that it say’s "some" wild beast shows you that their exists even further choices. Now, when it comes to telling a lie about "securing a home in Heaven" there’s not one way of accomplishing that goal! People have more than 790,613,581,824,000,000 ways to bullshit you! I mention these things just to highlight the vast potentialities that exist not just within a Degree, b.u.t. within the words and short sentences in a Degree! There are many subtleties that Gods generally overlook simply because they trying to spit Lesson’s like they Twista or some shit! Always take your time, there is no said birth record wit this Math Sun!
Here’s a few examples of Nursism in the form of "Rules and Regulations that are not mentioned in this Lesson" (28/1-40). Although there are Men who are Professional Nurses, most of my examples express Women in the role of Nurse because that is her natural role. A Nurse is inherently a trustworthy, nurturing, maternal position in all of the most vulnerable stages of life. This is very positive, yet in the process of Manufacturing a Devil a Nurse is the epitome of Trick-Knowledge! It is this Trick-Knowledge (Devilishment, Stealing, Telling Lies & How to Master the Original Man) that I will be highlighting in the examples below;
1. One day at the Justice (short for Justice Cipher Born or JOB) I was building with this Native Wiz who just recently got engaged. Since she’s gotten engaged she’s been proudly and faithfully wearing her engagement ring. She is very beautiful, sweet and has a very courteous and optimistic personality that carries the qualities that females could look towards for "how to act abroad". I don’t know how she "acts at home" though. I met her man at a Wedding Reception Party for a couple in our Dept. who got married and he’s a cool dude. He’s Half-Original, is a boxer and has a great deal of discipline with his diet and lifestyle because of that. I could tell through conversation that he didn’t have much experience with women and I noticed how domineering this Wiz was over him. They’d been together for awhile and she said she had no idea that he was going to propose to her. From ear hustling the day she showed her ring off to our co-workers I found out that part of the reason why her man proposed to her is because the day before her and her sister went out all night with a couple guys in our Department. Her mischievous smile confirmed that shit. Anyway, sometimes I randomly mess with her by checking to cee if she’s wearing her ring. On one particular day when I did that she excitedly said, "The other day I did forget to put it back on because I took it off when I was doing dishes at my Mother’s house. I didn’t notice it until I was riding in the car with my Scott so when I noticed I forgot it I told him ‘Sooorrrryyyy, I forgot to put your ring back on when I was doing the dishes’". He didn’t ask about it or even notice it b.u.t. she felt that she needed to tell him! When I asked her what did he say she said he paused for a moment and then said "that’s alright". Classic Nursism used to take a Man’s pulse in order to measure his stress levels or tension associated with the emotional "R.O.P.E." he bound himself in. Ultimately, this was a basic tactic used to ensure he stays "not good in multiplying"!
2. I was walking down the street after leaving my Mentor Program one day and this Wiz that works in a different Dept. at the Casino saw me as she was parked outside the store with her two sons. One son is about 14 and the other one is 11. When I cee her at the Cafeteria I speak when we’re directly in each others path b.u.t. I don’t go out of the way and I keep it moving. We had a couple non exclusive conversations in the Cafeteria when I built with her (and other’s) about various topics including my L.I.F.E. Afterschool Program. On the day that I saw her I was half-way down the block before she jumped out of the car and yelled flaggin’ me down to stop! I stopped and walked back to cee what she had to say. As I stood there looking through her she smiled and started asking me about tutoring lessons for one of her sons. This wasn’t strange to me b.u.t. there’s about 4 weeks of school left until the end of the year, kinda late to be thinking about reforming some grades! I didn’t say anything just sat back and listened to her "sales pitch". Eventually she gave me her phone number (using tutoring as "a shield" for her dirt) and told me to call her. Another Classic example of Nursism. Telling lies to try and master the Original Man by prescribing me a fallacious relationship Law based upon my "said" ability I made known in the Cafeteria!
3. I met this Venus type Wiz who was a renegade wannabe Quasi-Earth. Basically she dresses in damn near ¼’s, doesn’t know Lesson’s b.u.t. carries a name that would have you think that she has a background rooted in our Culture. She has no Educator, no Lineage and no actual Social Equality with the true and living. When I first talked (not build!) with her she came off with this arrogant vibe about how she’s in College, has a background in Philosophy or whatever else she could think of to lend creditability to who she is. She went on to say how intimidated Gods have been of her and blah, blah, blah. I simply listened to her false sense of self importance and she eventually brought up the 8th Degree in the 1-40’s (What makes rain, hail, snow and earthquakes?) to try and engage me in building about Lessons. This was the "build your self esteem" tactic that a Nurse often uses before they give you a painful shot! Wisely, I simply told her that I don’t necessarily go into Degree’s with a person that I know doesn’t have them because they really wouldn’t be able to follow along with what I’m saying or really appreciate what particular points I’d be referencing. I basically told her that I teach a person according to their knowledge. Offended, she kinda backed off when she saw that I didn’t Egocentrically jump at an opportunity to run my mouth! So I kept the conversation humble, and dealt with General Civilization and basically got some more background information on her. She basically had stories about God failing her, from selling drugs to leaving her for a white girl. The next time I talked to her she brings up this Gods name that I met one time. I never spent any considerable amount of time around him to even know him like that, yet I will say that when we did meet we didn’t initially share a common understanding. Because she animatedly brought him up and tried to get me to talk about him and our brief encounter I knew what her determined idea was; to cause trouble. As she began to question me I kept it humble, didn’t go into anything and emphasized the fact that I don’t really know him. This also made her realize that he couldn’t possibly know me! After she realized that I wouldn’t go into anything she tried to turn it into a competition to bring out Four Devils in me! She said she met him through the internet and was ranting about how swift he is with his Lessons, on point and blah, blah, blah. She was basically trying to make me Jealous and Envy what he was supposed to be, make me Lustful about her and hopefully make me start Hating on him! I quietly listened to this elementary shit and insightfully said, "It’s good to meet a person like that and have an opportunity to spent a considerable amount of time around them in order to really get to know them." I said this because I knew she hadn’t actually spent actual time around him because of the distance they live apart. This was basically some Myspace shit. I cut this Nurse off completely and haven’t talked to her since, and I guarantee that some ignorant ass needy Gods was hitting her up on Myspace today!
As I said, these are just a few examples of Nursism. The worst part about this whole Science is that many so-called Earth’s are Professional Nurse’s! They may be rockin’ ¾’s b.u.t. they’re on some Nursism shit just like an average bitch! Those Women who can say through their actions "I Sincerely Love Allah’s Mathematics" will agree with me 100%!!! Here are a few things that identify some of the overt signs of a so-called Earth who practices Nursism. Some of these insights were painfully gained though personal experience and some are just observations of different Gods/Earths I’ve ceen, met and learned from. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS:
1. They are chronically Manless! There are some reasonable situations where a Woman doesn’t have a Man and male/female demographic ratios is one of them b.u.t. when she never has a man, that’s a habitual problem! Once you get to know her better, her "chronic manlessness" may be more than just "Nursism", it may also indicate an issue with her sexual orientation. This is like Nurse Ratched in the classic movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest".
2. They’re overtly/covertly self-proclaimed "Atheist’s"! This clearly speaks for itself, regardless if they say it’s in relationship to a Mystery God Concept or not. The first time a Wiz like this encounters a situation that she can’t figure out (as it relates to God) she’s gonna project that "Atheist" attitude into the situation and functionally view him as nonexistent! Now, with all this thunder above her head, she’s still not gonna try to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting him teach her because he don’t exist! This is the type of Nurse that’ll take shit into her own hands and make irrational decisions that are oftentimes life changing.
3. They’re unstable in their living situation and unsettled in their career. We are taught in the 1/1-14’s that "The Devil isn’t settled". When you meet a Woman who’s "all over the place" with/without children she’s a Survivalist in the Wilderness! Under these conditions it’s impossible to truly "live a respectful life" because she hasn’t "built a home for herself" (4/1-14). If given the opportunity she’ll take advantage of you in order to get by because she’s been using Trick-Knowledge to survive for so long that’s it’s damn near "Forgotten" ("Forgotten Trick-Knowledge" -Devilishment, Stealing, Telling Lies and How to Master the Original Man: 4/1-14). This is the type of Nurse that makes a lot of mistakes, that’s why she’s bounced around from place to place, it ain’t a career move.
4. They either rationalize how Polygamy ain’t right "for them" or they promise to secure you this type of "Home in Heaven" just to get you married off (so you won’t be good in multiplying) and trapped in Knowledging her Equality (28/1-40). This is the classic shot a Nurse gives you after saying, "Oh it won’t hurt, you’ll just feel alittle prick!"
5. The Lesson’s she has learned takes on more of a Competitive angle than one that is Complimentary. There’s still a deep rooted post-trauma associated with living in a Gender Oppressive Society and this makes her overtly/covertly not want to accept a Woman’s natural role of Earth! It hurts her to hear the phrase "A Woman can rise no higher than (6) Equality" and "A Woman is secondary but most necessary"! Why? Because she can’t accept the fact that she can’t be greater/better than a Man, only equal!! Yeah, she may be wearing a headwrap, b.u.t. she usually put pants on first (with a male’s zipper in the front)! These Nurses take their Position too far, they actually think their a damn Doctor even though they only got Nurse credentials!
6. She still overtly/covertly thinks that she can Master God with the power u (sex) because she still tries by giving him random "Pop -that coochie- Quiz’s!! She’ll try to "Uncle" (cee: PIMP by Iceberg Slim also 6/1-36) a God in a minute under the pretense that she’s just "testing" him to cee if he’s worthy of leading her! As if the God don’t already have enough problems to solve in the wilderness waiting outside of his door, she brings the shit inside the HOME, when it’s supposed to be founded in Peace! These Nurses love it when your on your back and vulnerable, it’s easy access.
7. When she "selectively" say’s "God" & "Allah" in relationship to the Black Man or "The Black Man is God" there is no sincerity, authenticity or conviction in her words! It really comes across like she’s trying to convince herself to cee the good in a Nigga! This just lets you know that the Culture of I-God ain’t really in her heart. This is like the fake smile the Nurse flashes you when your dealing with a serious problem.
8. Instead of Building, her conversation is basically some Mathematical Gossip! The difference between her and any other bitch off the street is miniscule. She’s wearing clothe to hide her hair and another Wiz is wearing weave. Her Vegetarian diet got her portly and another Wiz is fat off of hog mauls & hot sauce. Both of them can’t stand eachother because they both got a BPC (Beauty Pageant Complex)! This is a Nurse who took up this Profession as a job just to pay the bills. If something else comes along more appealing she’s out!
To conclude today’s Article I want to just reemphasize the importance in analyzing the statement in the 28/1-40’s that say’s, "There are other Rules & Regulations of Yacub’s that are not mentioned in this Lesson." Just as the Doctor didn’t simply examine couples seeking marriage, Ministers didn’t simply marry certain couples, the Nursing Profession didn’t just consist of using pins, feeding babies to wild beasts, and bringing babies to a Cremator. Think outside of the box and make comparison’s of how the Nursing Profession functions today! Ask the females in your family or friends who are Nurses about their job/career! Learn about their daily affairs and find the subtleties that gives context to that 28th Degree. Although they may be good, humanitarian, nurturing people who love their job/career, find out what potentialities exist if they were the type of people to be on some ill shit! Ultimately, unlock insights that are even unmentioned in this Lesson on Nursism! P.E.A.C.E.