Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michael and "The Don" Vito Corleone, Sonny, Fredo: From right to left

Codes of Conduct

Peace Ya’ll! About a year ago when I was in Power Hill visiting my Enlightener’s Enlightener ‘Life’, I had an opportunity to cee his Book of Life. For those of you who’re unfamiliar with a ‘Book of Life’, it’s a binder full of Lessons, Information, etc..; anything pertaining to growth & development. It’s a Book we start to compile once we agree to become a Student of a God/Earth. Well on this particular occasion Life let me look at this Plus Degree he wrote dealing with ‘Codes of Conduct’ within The NGE. His Degree dealt with how situations should be handled such as: When a God and Earth are no longer together, How to properly conduct Parliamentary Procedures, etc... This Degree has been very significant in my growth and development. When I asked Life what inspired him to write this Degree, he said that because he saw situations handled a certain way amongst Gods and Earths, there was a need to address this behavior from a Principled and Procedural angle (perspective). One of the things that I begin to really cee is how much of a variance there is between what we as Gods/Earths say and what we’re actually doing! Some of these variances are obvious, b.u.t. many of them are very subtle. Aside from the fact that we’re a young Nation and many of these variances are ‘youthful’ mistakes, many of us are just simply bringing acultural baggage with us into this Culture! Today I want to build with you about ‘Codes of Conduct’ within The NGE.

‘Codes of Conduct’ are inherent to living out the Culture of The NGE. A ‘Code’ is a definitive system of rules. Codes of ‘Conduct’ are a definitive system of Ethical rules. A good example of ‘Codes of Conduct’ is the Scarface saying, “All I got in this World is my word and my balls and I don’t break ‘em for nobody!”, The Godfather Vito Corleone's advice to Sonny to, “Never tell anybody outside of this family what you’re thinking again.” and the Abu Shahid youthful advice to not fixate on the past because, “The past is like yo ass; behind you and full of shit!” These are all components of a larger definitive system of rules (Codes) that indicate standards of Conduct. Based upon the situation, the application of a certain standard can mean the difference between Life or Death. It’s also important to mention that there are some ‘Codes of Conduct’ that are Universal while others are only Relative to the situation; Wisdom is one’s ability to rightly discern the difference! All of our lives are nothing more that a psychological montage of ‘Codes of Conduct’; consisting of Ethics we derived from things such as a Bugs Bunny quote, something we heard some MC say in their lyrics, what some female said to this dude at the work, a Farrakhan Speech, what we read in the Farmers Almanac, etc.. This psychological montage is what really dictates our behavior and defines our real Culture/Religion, REGARDLESS WHAT WE PROCLAIM OURSELVES TO BE!

Ethics are a system of Principles; Standards of Conduct. Principles are Laws that govern the function or behavior of a person, place or thing. The Principles we acknowledge and adhere to determines our Core Values and orders our Priorities. This is what ultimately sets the template for what we define as our ‘Culture’ -which is the sum total of all our people activities. I say all of this to say that our Culture or “Way of Life” is predicated upon our Ethics, the Principles we acknowledge/adhere to, the importance we assign them (Value) and how we order their level of importance (Prioritize) in our Life. Oftentimes when people get 120, Supreme Mathematics & the Supreme Alphabet they never learn about Ethics, Principles, Values and Priorities inherent to them. This is the reason why you often can’t tell the actual difference between a person who calls themselves a God/Earth and the average person that’s blind, deaf and dumb! Many so-called Gods and Earths honestly believe that this Culture is all about being able to recite Lessons, do tricks with Supreme Mathematics, sound intelligent or prove how much more they know than somebody else! These people really don’t realize that this Culture is all about transforming one’s behavior to help better themselves, their family, their Community and the World at large. Ultimately, this way of life is expressed within our Ethics, Principles, Values and Priorities.

Ya’ll I’ve ceen some of the foulest and most outta pocket behavior justified by Gods and Earths as so-called “right and exact” (1/1-40). Some of these things were painfully obvious, b.u.t. many of them go “undetected by the naked eye.” (8/1-40). Here’s a short ‘Codes of Conduct’ Quiz to get us to start thinking about our choices and behavior:

1. A female is having issues with a God who’s been teaching her 120. She contacts you to build about these issues. What would you do?

a) Build with her about how she should deal with the God that’s been teaching her.

b) Tell her you she should try to reconcile the situation with the God who is actively teaching her.

c) Offer to become her Educator.

d) Ask her for the God’s contact information and build with him about her contacting you and the things she built with you about.

e) Contact her God and ask what their status is before you agree to teach her.

2. You need to build with an Earth about something business related and she lives with her God whom you do not know. When you call her, she mentions that her and her God just got in when she answers the phone. What do you do?

a) You say “That’s Peace” and begin to discuss business with her.

b) You tell her to tell the God you said “Peace!” and then begin discussing business with her.

c) You tell her to hand the phone to her God, introduce yourself and build with him about the nature of your call before you build with her.

d) Ask the Earth did she build with her God about you and her discussing business. If she says, “Yes”, you say “O.K.” and began to discuss business with her.

e) Ask the Earth did she build with her God about you and her discussing business. If she says, “Not yet”, you say “O.K.” and let her know she needs to discuss this with him -or you do- before you and her can discuss any business.

3. You’re an Earth and your God tells you he started educating a female. What do you do?

a) Bomb him about not discussing this first with you or introducing this female to you.

b) Say “O.K.” and leave it.

c) Say, “That’s Peace” and ask him what time and day he’s going to bring her over so she can build with you.

d) Tell him, “No”, and if he does want to teach her, he can’t be with you too.

e) Cook a pot of hot grits.

4. You’re an Earth and another Earth -who broke up with her God- finally decides to start seeking a Mate, yet the guys she’s been exclusively building with are not Gods. How do you deal with her?

a) Respect that she’s “doing her” and say nothing about what she chooses to do.

b) Deal with her from a distance b.u.t. build with her about why she’s decided to deal with 85ers like that.

c) Tell her “That’s Peace” and encourage her to explore her options.

d) Plan a double date and/or activities with her and the guy she’s dating so he can meet and develop a relationship with your God.

e) Cut her off completely because she’s straying away from Civilization.

5. You have a private disagreement with another God or Earth. How do you handle it?

a) Directly or indirectly air this private issue out in a public forum.

b) Speak or vent (not build) with others about this private issue who’s on the outside -either a Newborn or someone who isn’t a God or Earth.

c) Don’t speak directly or indirectly about this issue in a public forum and quietly take time to resolve the issue in private with the God or Earth.

d) Sever the relationship.

e) Resolve the issue with the God or Earth by building at the Parliament.

These are just a few examples where we are called upon to apply God/Earth Ethics. Although the most Ethical choices in this multiple choice Quiz can appear obvious, do not underestimate the fact that to many Gods/Earths they’re not that obvious! From my personal experience of examining myself and interacting with other Gods/Earths, I wanna share with you some of the Principles I cee as important when it comes to acknowledging/adhering to Nation of Gods and Earths ‘Codes of Conduct’. Keep in Mind that many of these Principles are universally acknowledged/adhered to by various Nations, Religions, etc.. and The NGE does not have an exclusive right on any of these Principles.

Being committed, devoted or faithful to What We Teach lays the foundation for What we Will Achieve as a Nation. Before I even introduce someone to this Culture and agree to teach them I examine how ‘faithful’ (committed; loyal) they are to their Ethics, the Principles they acknowledge/adhere to, the importance they assign them (Value) and how they order their Priorities. As I stated, this will reveal their real Culture. “Regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14) people are going to be loyal to something in their life; whether it’s smokin’ crack, doing homework or adhering to cross-contamination procedures when they’re cooking. When it comes to the proper ‘Codes of Conduct’ when getting ‘Knowledge of Self’ (KOS), loyalty is highly valued because it’s impossible to learn if you’re not devoted, faithful or committed. For example, if I cee a female ‘God-Hoppin’ -moving from one God to the next God, to the next, etc.. to so-called get KOS-, I cee this as an obvious question of her loyalty (commitment) -amongst other things. Maybe it’s just me b.u.t if I cee a female running through 3 to 4 different Gods within a couple year span while claiming to be about this Culture, my “spidy senses” start doing more than tingling! LOL Unless the Gods she was getting this “impartial” information (Knowledge) from was physically abusing her, I don’t cee too many legitimate reasons why she’s “not settled” (1/1-14). -smirk- It’s a behavioral pattern that must be thoroughly examined. When I cee a female with a behavioral pattern like this, it’s obvious that KOS is not her determined idea because her Ethics -or lack thereof- don’t coincide with this idea. Also, I don’t know about ya’ll, b.u.t. I’m always skeptical of females who claim that getting KOS is her main priority, although she’s connected -or has access- to a vast Network of Earths who have KOS! Maybe it’s “a female thing” or I’m just stupid, b.u.t. it’s always been strange to me why such a female has never asked one of these Earths to give her Lessons. -shrugs- Some of these loyalty issues stem from a person’s “I got options” attitude. The way I cee it is like this; if a person overtly/covertly approaches a God/Earth with an attitude like they have a whole lot bunch of options about Who, What, When, Where, Why and How someone needs to be teaching them -especially after they have agree to be “a Student”-, it’s only a matter of time before their ‘Codes of Conduct’ show you they really aren’t committed to this Culture on some level! Why? Because they were allowed to walk in with options and aren’t going to give them up. That’s why they came with them in the first place because they never intended on giving them up! LOL When a person like this cees something they don’t like, regardless of what kinda Math you build with them about, they’re going to walk. Why? Because their only loyalty is to what they want, when they want it and how they want it; not what this Culture is about.

When we learn that “the sword is an emblem of justice and was used by the Original Man…” (9/1-14), many Gods/Earths assume that their only job is to use it! It often never occurs to them that this “tool” (6/1-14) is double edged. Therefore, in handling a sword we must do it with the upmost respect and care -being cognizant that we can become a victim of our own stroke or improper handling. How many times have you heard of a person shootin themselves in the ass when their gun went off while it was sat in the small of their back? Well a sword (justice) can function the same way. Justice has the word ‘just’ in it which means ‘correct, proper or fair’. Plainly speaking, many Gods/Earths are completely unfair and improper in the way they deal with themselves and others, yet often demand to be treated fairly themselves! For example, if you’re a God and you always got something to say negative about what people are doing, b.u.t. aren’t doing anything to offer a solution, then you’re performing a grave injustice to yourself and everyone else! A sense of Justice would tell you that you can’t penalize someone for something you also aren’t doing –in some form or fashion. I’ve watched Gods fall on their sword more times then they’ve used it and there’s nothing wrong with that because we’re all striving for perfection, right?! The problem arises when a God is too blind, prideful, self important and egotistical to cee how he’s been falling on his own sword! Justice takes place when we’re able to rise above our emotions, put our feelings aside and do what is appropriate in any given situation. If we don’t have the ability to do this, the next “35-50 years” of our life will be lived with “a sword above” (9/1-14) our heads. We must ask ourselves, “If we’re not dedicated to doing what is ‘correct, proper and fair’ then what are we dedicated to?! I am not saying it’s easy, b.u.t I am saying it’s a cultural necessity! So Justice is a Principle that is emblemized in our behavior, not in talking about what’s ‘correct, proper and fair’ b.u.t. being about what’s ‘correct, proper and fair’!

Power is ‘force’ and ‘the ability to produce and effect’. Power does not mean “TO” force because then it wouldn’t show any Refinement. Power, in Principle, is a sense of Refinement; a force or ability to produce effects that are pure/perfect. From this perspective, it means that there must be a great deal of consideration involved in this process! Consideration means to be thoughtful in observing the rights of others. This is definitely a ‘Code of Conduct’ that many Gods/Earths learn in time or unfortunately don’t learn at all! Gods/Earths being considerate of others and not trying to force (impose) their ideas/concepts on others is an issue this Nation continuously deals with. Not only is this very uncouth and vulgar, b.u.t. it’s an impure way of presenting What We Teach. An example of this is when Gods/Earths simply define Power as not being associated with Refinement and nothing b.u.t. the Truth. What they don’t consider is the fact that Truth oftentimes must be refined, cultured and then presented in such a way to people that they’re open minded to consider it. It’s funny that those Gods/Earths who advocate a bold, raw, uncut Truth (Power) without Refinement are usually the first ones to reject Truth when people present it to them bold, raw and uncut! LOL Sometimes Raw Power is good, b.u.t. sometimes Power Refinement is the best way! When Gods/Earths don’t acknowledge Power as a ‘Code of Conduct’ that deserves a great deal of consideration prior to using this force to producing an effect, they’re inclined to be outta control, talk reckless and be completely inattentive to the needs of others; all qualities that are more savage than civilized.

Building means to construct something. Literally speaking, you construct something with “actual materials”. I mention this because oftentimes Gods/Earths think they’re ‘Building’ when all they’re actually doing is making up stories, assuming, believing or putting weight on how they feel about situations. Because there’s no actual material in these instances, it’s impossible to define these social exchanges as ‘Building’. What’s really going on is bullshittin ass gossip! Building is not running off at the mouth or trying to sound highly intelligent! LOL Building is demonstrated through what we’re “actually” (really) doing in our daily lives. What actually (really) distinguishes Gods/Earths from the average 85er when our mouth is closed? Is it people ceeing us with a headwrap on? Is it our lapel pin of The Universal Flag? The reality is, when many of us aren’t running our mouth, NOTHING distinguishes us from the average 85er because we’re not doing NOTHING. Cee, if we’re really ‘Building’, people should cee our words, work and reputation through what we’re actually doing! When Gods/Earths aren’t taught -through demonstration- that their duty (responsibility) as a Civilized Person is to “roll up their sleeves” and get to work, they’re inclined to selfishly advocate for personal causes and neglect Community causes that are common to their own socio-economic status. The irony is the fact that a mailing address indicates a Residence, which further indicates that -as a Resident in this Neighborhood- you share a socioeconomic interest in it’s affairs; regardless if you speak to your neighbor or not! LOL When we forfeit our ability to be actively involved in positively influencing the affairs of our Community by not doing nothing, we’re not ‘Building’, we’re literally DESTROYING. Gods/Earths need to realize how destructive it is to sit back and talk, yet don’t do nothing to help others outside of themselves and maybe their own child(ren)! In Principle, Building has very little to do with what you’re saying; especially when it’s not coinciding with what you’re actually doing on a daily basis. Building is the epitome of a Code of ‘Conduct’.

These are just a few examples of what I mean by ‘Codes of Conduct’ and I hope ya’ll can understand and appreciate what I’m saying. If you haven’t found Ethical Standards, learned Principalities, acquired positive Values and rearranged your Priorities as demanded of us who seriously “undertake” (29/1-40) the study/application of 120, it’s not too late to start! -smile- As a God/Earth, there should be a marked difference in who we are in comparison to other people; especially when our mouth is closed and transcendent of NGE Regalia! Let’s tighten up our ‘Codes of Conduct’ because they represent the cohesive bond that holds our Universal Family together and gives us a sense of familiarity of how we assess ourselves, eachother and attend the World! Ultimately, without consistent ‘Codes of Conduct’, it’s impossible to know who we’re dealing with; even though people will come in the name of God/Earth. Legitimizing who’s a God/Earth is beyond analyzing what a person is wearing, what kinda tricks they can do with Today’s Mathematics, if they can repeat what The Father said, if they can tell you what date Shammgaud presented the Universal Flag, if they can name drop what Gods/Earths they know, if they can recite 120 with lightening speed, or if they can prove “so and so” was their Enlightener. Regardless of any of these things, their actual ‘Codes of Conduct’ (behavior) tells you exactly who they are and who they aren’t! And until we start taking a serious look at our behavior and identifying, considering and addressing our ‘Codes of Conduct’, we’ll continue to misrepresent and undermine the Duty of a Civilized Person.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

aging gracefully..?

Peace Ya’ll! A couple months ago I received an email from my God Brother Allah Jihad -Author of the Book "The Immortal Birth"- building about the science of Eldership in this Nation and he raised some very valid points concerning self proclaimed “Older Gods”, people taking shit “on face value” (9/1-40), the meaning of Pro-Black and Anti-White, and how some Gods/Earths are quick to support other people b.u.t not our own. Today I wanted to take a moment to share some of these insights I drew up from Allah Jihad’s email and introduce you to what I call 'Eldercentricity'!

Cee, the science of Eldership goes way back to the wooly mammoth era. LMAO! Naw, word up though, in our Classical -and various Contemporary Societies- Elders were the Ole Heads -who lived an exemplary life- that have now reached an age where it was time to lay back and enjoy the rest of their golden years on the Planet. Elders were those Men and Women who people took care of and people we came to for guidance. Elders were the ones whom the King/Queen or Chief consulted with in matters of the Society. Elders gave blessings for Divine Unions, gave names to our children and even preformed Burial Rites for those who passed on. Elders had a very, very important role to play in our Societies and their guidance and insight was critical to our individual/collective well being. Like I said, there are many Contemporary Societies -and Cultures- that still hold a high regard for Eldership b.u.t. there are others that don’t. It was our Society or Tribes willingness and natural responsibility to take care of our Elders; that was the first Social Security System. In America for example, we’re encouraged to not take care of our Elders b.u.t. abandon them by putting them in Nursing Homes. Although many “have fallen victim to” (38/1-40) these Americanized ‘Values’ (for lack of a better word), there are many who’ve held fast to Cultural Traditions that won’t allow it. Ultimately, it has been those people who willingly arrived to America with their Cultural Traditions in tact who’ve had less reason/inclination to embrace foreign Values. Enslaved Original People didn’t have the same privilege.

So in other words, one of the fundamental components to the growth and development of our Society -especially our children- was/is the relationship we have with our Elders. Without this relationship the Society -especially our youth- becomes Cultural bankrupt! Thus ‘Slavery’ was/is a Psycho-Socioeconomic Institution designed -among other things- to undermine, impede, and annihilate the status of our Elders. Common sense tells us that if there’s a problem we need to solve, ask the person who’s been looking at this problem the longest! They may not have the answer b.u.t. they damn sure give you more insight into the problem! That is the value of our Elders and by Slave Masters using systematic techniques to undermine, impede, and annihilate the status our Elders always held within our Societies, they dwarfed our growth and development “as a People”. This Status Quo was not only imposed upon black people, b.u.t. many Americanized Caucasians imposed it because they lacked a general respect for their own Elders. This ‘collective’ selective amnesia amongst these Caucasians goes all the way back to their preoccupation with death, time, violence, and materialism you cee grossly permeating their Grecian Mythology, History and European Folklore amongst themselves and in relationship to Original People.

In Today’s American Society there are no more Elders, just Old People; Black & White alike! And simply because Society fails to identify, define and respect Elders does not mean that they do not exist! They ultimately do exist -and matter!- and because they’re not identified, defined and respected, it produces the same Psycho-Socioeconomic dilemma the Institution of ‘Slavery’ did/does. This dilemma can function many ways b.u.t. today I wanted to build about how it functionally produces what I call “Eldercentricity”!

Eldercentricity is the perspective/belief that one is superior because of their age. Usually adopted by ‘older people’, this grandiose attitude of superiority and preeminence is both conscious and unconsciously expressed. This form of nostalgic narcissism is spawned from the resentment and discontent ‘older people’ feel about Societies discrimination and dispassionate classification of them as Senior Citizens. People who’re Eldercentric also exhibit mild to extreme cases of bi-polar behavior; waxing and waning from overcompensated youthful self indulgence to a rockin chair realm of social alienation. Ultimately, an Eldercentricity is a person’s Worldview who hasn’t come to terms with their Age, Death and their Societal Definition as ‘old’ in a New-Age Society.

“Aging gracefully” is a concept I haven’t ceen too often, not only Gods and Earths b.u.t. in Elders period. It’s a very, very rare quality indeed! Here’s “some” -not all- of the characteristics I’ve ceen in people who’re dealing with Eldercentricity:

1. You can’t tell them nothing. They talk and you listen. Period.
2. They constantly dwell in and on the past and always discredit the present Generation.
3. They starve for attention and become depressed and even hateful when they don’t get it.
4. They’re not good listeners.
5. They don’t admit when they’re wrong.
6. To them, there is nothing better than ‘the old days’.
7. They’re overtly/covertly jealous, envious, lustful or hateful of the Youth and everything ‘Youthfulness’ represents, because it reminds them of their ‘old age’.
8. They’re chronic complainers, depressive and pessimistic.
9. They’re miserly.
10. They’re very competitive and always try to outdo someone (AKA: one up-manship); especially those who’re younger than them.
11. In their eyes, you -or no one else- are not as important as they are.
12. They try to overcompensate for their ‘old age’ by trying to look, talk and act young; although they’re clearly not.
13. They act like you -and anybody else- owes them something!
14. They offer unsolicited advice or do things just so you can tell them ‘thank you’.
15. If you tell them a goal you accomplished they’ll find a way to tell you 5 goals they accomplished.
16. They’re obnoxious, irritating and a bulky psychological obstruction; on purpose and accidentally.
17. They have a false sense of their own ability. They may have trouble walking from one room to the next b.u.t. will tell you they’re about to start training for a Marathon.
18. If you disagree with them they’ll throw a temper tantrum, or throw you out.
19. They expect you to go all out for them b.u.t. they won’t go all out for you. Why should they? They paid their dues -whatever that is.

So how do we resolve this dilemma? First of all, many of our Elders don’t realize that they’re Eldercentric and for the most part you can’t even build with them about it because they already ain’t listening to ya ass! LOL! Since YOU KNOW what’s going on, it equips you with the proper tools to simply deal with them better; and not take it personal when they bruise ya young Ego with their old one. More than anything, it’s about having a better understanding of what our Elders are going through in a Society that throws them away once they qualify for discount coffee at McDonalds. Keep in Mind that one day we’ll have to face the same circumstances when we reach the Winter Solstice of our lives, and “knowing our ownself” (13/1-36) -what’s happening to us and accepting these changes. This psychoanalysis will ultimately determine if we’re going to ‘age gracefully’ or be a bigger asshole than some of these ‘old folks’ we complain about! LMAO!