Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tim Wise; Anti-Racist Activist and Writer

Caucasian Five Percenters

"Not only should they learn that our Nation (The NGE) is “Not Pro-Black or Anti-White” b.u.t. as a Caucasian, they first need to learn “I am Not Pro-White or Anti-Black”."

On June 26th, 2010 I wrote an Article entitled 'Knowledge of Self Series' that contained a section elaborating on The NGE not being "Pro-Black or Anti-White". What I didn’t elaborate on is the specific Role that Caucasians play within The NGE who do embrace our Cultural Worldview.

One of things that inspired me to write this Article is because of the Mainstream Appeal our Nation has gained over the years via Community Organizing, HipHop and Online Exposure. 40 plus years ago People generally had no idea who The Five Percenters (The NGE) were outside of the 4 Boroughs in NYC. Nowadays People in the Netherlands, Australia, China, Poland, South Africa, Pakistan, Texas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Chicago and many other places around the World contact me and various other Gods/Earths I know about learning our Way of Life. Although many of these People are Black (Non-White) there are also many Caucasians who reach out as well. So instead of addressing these segments of the Population individually I wanted to provide this information to answer some of their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Another thing that inspired me is the fact that there are some Caucasians who know or are studying our Cultural Curriculum and I wanted to give them more insight into their specific Role as Civilized People. I also wanted to clarify this to other Gods/Earths who may be unclear about the specific Role of Caucasian Five Percenters in our Nation.

120 Lessons, the core of our Cultural Curriculum, consists of People, Places and Things that inform Original (Black) People about our primary Identity, Role and Place in the Universe and on the Map of Human Geography. When a Caucasian is introduced to this Cultural Curriculum they discover from the very beginning that they are not primary (Original) and have a different Identity, a different Role and inhabit different Places upon this Map of Human Geography. Since God and the Earth existed long before Caucasians were born, the fundamental question that arises is, “Since they can’t be God or the Earth, what Status do Caucasians have and Purpose do they serve within the context of our Nation?”

The Caucasus Mountains

Knowledge of Self (KOS)I know many Gods and Earths who’s Ancestors come from different places throughout the Planet Earth. Some come from India, China, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Ghana, Mexico, Ethiopia, 6 Nations (or other Indigenous Lands) and various places throughout North America like Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas, Windsor, Florida, Indianapolis, Chicago, Alabama, Seattle, Toronto and etc… Because they come from different places and have different experiences, they all bring a unique Perspective, Lineage and Story about our Original People from these places throughout the Earth. If I want more insight into the History of our Original People in the Dominican Republic all I need to do is reach out to a God/Earth who’s direct Ancestry comes from this location; they can tell me any and everything I need to know. If I need to do more research on any of these Countries, States or Cities, I look no further than my Brothers/Sisters who are native to that Geographic Location; they usually know or have direct access to the language, idioms, customs, climate, social norms, demographics and anything else about this place their Family is originally from. In otherwords, this is ‘Knowledge of Self’ (KOS) that puts our Cultural Curriculum in the proper context. When I was out in Seattle doing a Speaking Engagement/Book Signing with Supreme Understanding (of Supreme Design Publishing), he spoke on the importance of having this sense of Knowledge of Self and how we each approach this Cultural Curriculum from the vantage point of the Ethnic Identity, Socioeconomics and Geographic Location we and our Family came from. You can view it here: A.S.I.A. TV

This idea of KOS is not new and has always been the Standard and a National Consensus amongst us since the earliest years of the Nation. When The Father and his Companions began teaching in NYC there were so-called Latin American Brothers/Sisters who naturally identified with this Cultural Worldview and often faced criticism/rejection by those of us who didn’t cee our Spanish Speaking Original People as Black also. Many of these criticisms/rejections were put to rest when these Spanish Speaking Original People began to educate themselves and those Critics about the History of our People in places like Puerto Rico, Cuba and etc… Thus we all began to better understand another unique Perspective, Lineage and Story of our (Original) People that was already identified within our Lessons. As this Culture spread beyond the 4 Boroughs, other Original People from different places began to add on and also include their unique chapter in the History or Koran of our Nation. While Caucasians are also identified within our Lessons, the same Standard and National Consensus is expected of those of them who unnaturally identify with our Cultural Worldview and desire to gain KOS. So the questions they must ask/answer for themselves are, “What unique Perspective, Lineage and Story do I (a Caucasian) have in relationship to Original People?” and “What am I doing as a Caucasian to put the criticisms/rejections to rest that the majority of the People on the Planet Earth and the Earth itself have about my Group of People?”

Azrael, a Caucasian whom The Father taught, established the first prototypical model of how Caucasians were educated and allowed to minimally function within the context of our National Body. Azrael will tell you in a minute that the Name he was given means “Death Angel” (Angel of Death), he symbolically holds the keys to Heaven and Hell and his job is to help show us (Original People and other Caucasians) how to survive the traps of this Devilish World his People were allowed to make. He also understands the Position/Status he was given to primarily educate his own People to the truth about who they are, who we are and what his People need to do in order to help establish/secure a World of Peace where they can co-exist with us as one Human Family. I can respect that and have personally referred Caucasians to him. Unlike Azrael, I’ve noticed that “95%” (14,15/1-40) of the other Caucasians I cee who’re interested in studying or who do study our Cultural Curriculum are usually unclear about what they’re supposed to be doing. Many of them haven’t even realized or been taught that they’re supposed to be sharing their unique Perspective, Lineage and Story as a Caucasian and how this ultimately defines/impacts their Role/Purpose within our Nation. Instead of acknowledging and elaborating on their actual Historical Identity, Role and Place within 120 Lessons like a God/Earth with Native American, Indian, Iranian or etc. Ancestry does, they’ll identify themselves Generically and Non-Politically. In other words, they’ll talk about everything b.u.t. their actual Identity, Role and Place within our Lessons. Instead they'll share abstract scientific theories and Philosophize about who/what things symbolically mean. If they do "put a face on" something they'll usually engage in conversations with us (Original People) trying to tell us (Original People) about ourselves and how we cee things. An example of this is if they're asked about "Who wrote the Holy Koran or Bible? How long ago and why does Islam renew it's History every 25,000 years?" they'll attempt to tell us about ourselves; The Black Man and Woman of Asia, not what this means to them, their Woman, People and how they're consequently on our time. Although it's important for them to know who/what we are, it's most important for them to recognize who they are and have historically been to us and their own People. That is their primary point of view. I’ve rarely heard them directly talking about how they cee “our” Lessons in relationship to themselves, their People, their History and their relationship to my People. I rarely hear these Caucasians explaining their Identity as a Grafted Man, why Musa had such a hard time civilizing them, how it effects them to be genetically weak boned/weak blooded, at what points in history their People’s Identity/Behavior codifies Devilishment and what are some of the psychological, social and cultural challenges that come along with the inability to be God or the Earth. I’m sure thoughts/feelings like these and many others arise in Caucasians because there is no other way to view our Lessons than from their own perspective and experience. So for a Caucasian to not engage/participate in these important discussions by sharing their perspective and experiences it says 1.) They’re not being properly Educated or 2.) They’re not really striving to be Educated and want to come amongst us for other reasons. Regardless what the reason is, whenever someone isn’t actively engaged, participating or involved they’re not receiving the necessary Training to effectively perform their Duty. In our case, we call that Duty "Civilization" and our stance "Righteousness". It also must be understood that historically speaking, a Caucasian’s inability to effectively perform a Duty as noble as Civilization and Righteousness has always translated into the worse fate for any Original People, their own People and the Environment that's in proximity to them. Among various other Lessons we learn, our 1st, 4th, 9th and 10th Degrees in 1/1-14 and 34th & 38th Degrees in the 1-40 provide structural models and plans of recourse to specifically address issues like this.

Because of the unsavory relationship Caucasians (as a Group) have historically had towards Original People, other Caucasians and the Planet Earth itself, their journey towards becoming Civilized and Righteous requires Teaching and Training Units specific to them. In order to be Civilized and Righteous, there are many things, tangible (objects/possessions) and intangible (ideas/allegiances), they must relinquish and denounce that does not coincide with Civilization and Righteousness. Since, according to our 8th Degree in the 1-14, they (Caucasians) kept/keep our People (Original People) apart from their own Social Equality, there are many Institutional, Educational, Psychological, Socioeconomic, Labor, Legal and Military opportunities Caucasians must be committed to sharing with us wheh they coincide with our Culture. If Caucasians think being a Five Percenter means to come around us, learn how we talk and then talk it back to us so they can be accepted they have it wrong! They’re not Honorary Gods and Earths… They are exactly who our Lessons and History says they are and they came to us to “learn to do like the Original Man/Woman” (9/1-14) because they want to clean up their People’s global image. If we (Original People) think that teaching Caucasians means training them to parrot our Lessons and simply explain who we are as God and the Earth we have it wrong too! Some of us may sit back and feel accomplished to be able to say, “Here’s a Caucasian who acknowledges that the Black Man is God and the Black Woman is the Earth!” yet it says nothing about who they are, what their thoughts/feelings are in regard to their own Identity/History and what type of behavior this actually translates into. Our Lessons (17,18/1-36) clearly teach us that in the early 1930’s there were approximately 3 Million Caucasians who also acknowledged who we were yet their thoughts/feelings about who they were in relationship to us (Original People) still translated into uncivilized/unrighteous behavior; Segregation (8/1-14) was going on, Jim Crow Etiquette was expected, the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) had over 2.5 Million card carrying Members and Anti-Lynching Legislation was debated/unenforced. We also must consider the fact that many Agent Provocateurs (4/1-14) were able to successfully infiltrate, undermine and sabotage the Objectives/Goals of our Organizations and colonize our Lands because we simply allowed them to come amongst us without a thorough investigation and requiring them to announce themselves through sharing their Perspective, Lineage and Story. This is not to say nor assume that this is every Caucasian’s or even an Original Person’s intention. This is to say that anytime we've taken this ass-umptive posture, especially with those who are clearly unalike, it’s always been a recipe for disaster.

In closing, “We are Not Pro-Black or Anti-White” is not a statement that means we’re a bunch of Humanists saying “Can we all just get along?” This declaration does not mean we’re trying to Assimilate into the Dominant Society/Culture, we don’t want to offend White People and we’re striving to distance ourselves from so-called ‘Black Militants’. This statement means that our allegiance is to the Truth, wherever it may exist, and we’re required to do what’s most Civilized and Righteous in accordance to the Truth “regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14). This is my position and posture as an Original Man and this stance requires me to interface with a Western (Caucasian) Society that historically opposed and still opposes this view. A Caucasian is someone who represents this Western Society; Genotypically and Phenotypically. Therefore, their allegiance to the Truth, wherever it may exist, and what they’re required to do that’s most Civilized and Righteous takes on a different meaning. Not only should they learn that our Nation is “Not Pro-Black or Anti-White” b.u.t. as a Caucasian, they first need to learn “I am Not Pro-White or Anti-Black”. Just because a Caucasian can recite or even write RZA like Lyrics like his verse on the Gravediggaz “The Night The Earth Cried” it doesn’t mean they’re not Pro-White; they could be still be gettin’ money working for their Family Business that has historically discriminated against Original People. Just because a Caucasian Man has a Black Girlfriend or bi-racial child doesn’t mean he’s not Anti-Black; he could be f*cking her and still saying f*ck her Family and Original People as a whole. The beauty in our Cultural Worldview is that our Lessons clearly exposes someone’s position and posture be it ‘Pro’ or ‘Anti’ anything that doesn’t coincide with the Truth. When it comes to Caucasians, if they’re not learning to analyze and articulate their historical Identity, Role and Place as a Caucasian in this World, then what Purpose can they possibly serve to us (Original People)? If some of you have/are teaching them our Lessons, Mathematics, Alphabets and etc. yet they aren’t consistently demonstrating in their daily people activities (amongst their own People) or actively taking stances to Show & Prove that they are not Pro-White or Anti-Black then they’re not performing the Duty of a Civilized/Righteous Person; they’re upholding the uncivilized/unrighteous Status Quo of their Ancestors. Are they here to just sit around the Fathers and Mothers of Civilization and agree with us about who we say we are? Are we nothing more than a Cultural Confession Box so Caucasians can come around and confess their and their Ancestors sins against God and the Earth? Like Azrael, do they have a specific job amongst their own People and what does their job specifically entail? I remember I went to a Rally in Bethlehem (Buffalo, NY) one time and this Caucasian female who called herself an ‘Earth’ came out and wanted to learn more about our Culture. Apparently some Original Man was teaching her who got some Lessons from a God who hadn’t ceen him in years. When I asked her about her Ancestry she said she was ‘Irish’ and I began asking her some questions about her People’s History and their History in relationship to Original People. She couldn’t tell me anything about this or her status as a Caucasian in Western Society yet she knew some of the Supreme Mathematics, things about our Nation and how to use some of our phrases… I shared alittle History about Ireland, the Irish and Caucasians as a Group and then informed her to do more research on her People so she can begin to better understand how she’s been taught to cee the World and consequently the Fathers and Mothers of Civilization. That was the last time I ceen/heard anything from her. She’s probably still out there along with many other Caucasians and Original People who continue to be uneducated and miseducated about ‘What We Teach’ and ‘What We Will Achieve’ as a Nation of Gods and Earths. The only way to change this reality is for us to continue our Tradition of requiring People to Show & Prove who and what they are, not just in word b.u.t. in deed through what they “continue daily” to do. (13/1-40)