Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Anusha Anti-Aging, Hair Growth and Extreme Skincare Serums

In the Spring I had the pleasure of conducting a two-part interview with Scientist/Inventor Terry Lee Hamilton on Atlantis Build Talk Radio. In Part 1 of these interviews we discussed his journey as a Scientist, his inventions and different sciences of life such as the Fibonacci Sequence, Extraterrestrial Life, Physics, Einstein and etc. A self-taught Scientist/Inventor from Western New York, Hamilton designed the antennae and coupler interface system for Stico Industries that resolved Homeland Security's communications issues on 9/11 and was used during Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and other disasters in the U.S. While employed at a company named Nanodynamics he was also responsible for helping improve the process to sustain  the power and voltage output of the fuel cell. In Part 2 of these interviews Hamilton discusses various serums he created from a molecular level for removing wrinkles, reversing the aging process, hair growth, balding, skin rashes, herpes 1 and 2, shingles and other ailments. We also discuss how these serums work with our cells in relationship to the immune system, alkaline vs acidic body environments, Herbalism and other insightful topics. You can listen to both of these interviews here:

   Following these interviews and in partnership with Hamilton, we developed a line of three primary serums called Anusha that are now exclusively available through my company Quanaah Herbal Accents. The serums come in three versions of various sizes [2 oz to 8 oz] of the Extreme Skincare Serum, Anti-Aging Skincare Serum and Hair Growth Serum. While all of these specialized formulas focus on different areas of the body, all of them penetrate all three layers of the skin and consist of Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammation ingredients, Hydrators and Enzymes that are non-GMO, non-artificial and nut, shellfish and gluten free. Some of the other specs of the Anusha Serums are as follows:

  • The serum molecules are smaller than lotions and creams. This allows the serum to easily penetrate all three layers of the skin.
  • Lotions and creams are ineffective in penetrating the three layers of the skin because their molecules are larger than the serums.
  • The serums are high concentrated formulas so only a small amount needs to applied to affected areas of the skin, hair and scalp.
  • No or mild inflammatory, irritation or immunogenic responses were reported from the serums clinical trials and clients.
  • The serums are not animal tested, non-GMO and don't consist of any artificial ingredients or allergens such as nuts, shellfish or gluten. 

   If you're interested in purchasing the Anusha Serums you can do so at our website here: Anusha Serums. To read more technical information about the Anusha Serums you can go here: Anusha Serum Technical Information. 

   If you are interested in purchasing the Extreme Skincare SerumAnti-Aging Skincare Serum and Hair Growth Serum, please email Quanaah Herbal Accents at: for further information.