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'Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah' (RZA) & the God's from 'Cee Allah Now' (Canada)

The L.I.F.E. Program

Peace Ya'll. For those of you who haven't had a chance to swing through Original Thought Metazine, the Queen 'Maternal Luminous Earth' featured me in an Article/Interview building about my L.I.F.E. Program. L.I.F.E. by the way stands for 'Learning Interactive Fundamentals Everyday' and is an Afterschool Mentorship program for Youth. I established L.I.F.E. to help cultivate "Life Skills" such as critical/analytical thinking, optimum health, conflict resolution, environmental preservation and entrepreneurialism. Big shout out to the Queen!!! I really apprecite the time she invested in doing this. Also, check out the Queen's Online Journal "Maternal Instincts"!!! Below is the Article/Interview in it's entirety (with a few minor edits):

"Every month, my ultimate goal is to interview someone who is actively spending quality time with the youth. This month I introduce to you Saladin Quanaah' Allah. He rests in Niagara Falls NY. Let's get acquainted." -Maternal Luminous Earth (purple color & italics mine)

What is the purpose of the L.I.F.E. Program?
L.I.F.E. is an Afterschool Mentorship program for Youth. I established L.I.F.E. to help cultivate "Life Skills" such as critical/analytical thinking, optimum health, conflict resolution, environmental preservation and entrepreneurialism. My Program consists of: Mentoring, providing interpersonal skill training, field research, self esteem building, self employment product development, video editing/music production, study of classical/contemporary history. The Projects I completed are; Family Tree DNA Project, Prison Letter Correspondence, "Three Wise Men" DVD Documentary and "Street Knowledge" Educational CD. One thing that I really dug about 'The Father' (as well as my Ole' Earth, my Enlightener "Sha-Sha", his Enlightener "Life Justice" and etc..) is their ability to turn any Environment into a Classroom when dealing with the Youth! These (any many other Brothers & Sisters) have been Building with our Youth not based upon a teaching salary, endless resources, classroom space or support from Society, b.u.t. based upon the Root of Civilization (where this 12/LOVE was first founded). Having this in my heart is what's primary to all of this and the know how, resources, classroom space and support simply adds on to the Cipher. And just like those who I've mentioned above, even without these opportunities I'd still be turning environments into classrooms. LOL! So the ultimate purpose of L.I.F.E. is to perpetuate, sustain and positively effect the "lives" of our Youth! I am simply one who is carrying on this great legacy of those Men and Women who came before me, are here now with me, and who'll come after me when I'm gone.

What are the benefits of working with the youth? How does it benefit them?
Some of the benefits of working with the Youth is that they keep you in tune with what is going on in the now (realtime). Everything grows from the ground up, so the Youth represent the seedlings of the future because they're closest to the what will be written in the coming Koran. I was building with one of my Students the other day and mentioned that he's My Enlightener because if he didn't educate me on certain slang, dances and etc.. that he (and other Youth) are into today, I'll be out of date. I also told him that if he gets old by choosing to not be amongst the Youth then I won't be amongst him. I'm gonna be amongst his children! LOL! One reason 'The Father' was a Man ahead of his time is because he was always in the company of those who represented the time of the future! This is a "Fountain of Youthean" Concept that most Gods have always understood! That's why it's difficult to ascertain the literal age of alot of Older Gods like Abu Shahid, Allah B, Born Justice, Zyhier Allah, Cee Allah, Dumar, Freedom & etc.. , because being amongst/working with the Youth manifests the functional reality of having "no said birth record".

What are the ages of the youth you work with?
I generally target Youth ages 10-16 years old, Male & Female, b.u.t. I often times work with Youth who are both younger and older, Male & Female.

What are the most rewarding parts of the job?
Hmmm, if you asked me this question 2 years ago I'd have a different answer than 8 months ago and also today! Ultimately, when your working with the Youth the most rewarding part is the fact that you are building relationships! These Words (Ways & Actions) establish the Bonds that manifest Life, for them, me, the Community and the World around us! It's pleasing to know that when I go back to the essence that I did everything within my power to leave this Planet a much better place then when I got here! -smile-

What kinds of things (activities) do you do daily/monthly, etc?
L.I.F.E. has functioned as an Afterschool/Summer Program for the last 3 years through the NACC (Niagara Arts and Culrual Center). I am presently working on securing a facility to Incorporate A.S.I.A. (Allah School In Atlantis) and operating the L.I.F.E. Program will be an intergral part of A.S.I.A. . I presently operate three components of A.S.I.A. on the Worldwide Web. The Literary Aspect consists of Articles I publish at A.S.I.A. Journal: twice a month. The Audio Aspect consists of Music I produce through my Company Quahadi Music:, so if you're an Artist looking for Music Production you can reach me there. The Visual Aspect is A.S.I.A. TV: A.S.I.A. TV is the Newest addition to A.S.I.A. and has been receiving alot of positive support from the Online Community. With the L.I.F.E. Program I am currently working on a Prison Correspondence Project where my Students will be establishing Pen-Pal relationships with a person in a Correctional Facility. We'll also be visiting Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, NY. I'm working with the The Mayor & his Administrative Assistant of his Transitional Team to secure Transportation and Lunches for our Youth to travel to Attica once per Month.

Can people donate $, food, etc to the Program? If so, to what address?
Yes, people can donate whatever they can. Even if it's something that may not be specifically useful to me I can give it to someone who can use it. I am currently securing Transportation and Lunches for my Prison Correspondence Project so that's my main focus right now. Any Food and/or Donations would be Peace! If people are interested in sending anything else (Food, Clothing, Educational Materials and/or Money Orders), it can be made out to:

c/o Saladin Quanaah' Allah
2113 Tenth St, Suite 1
Niagara Falls, New York

Right now my Program is a completely Volunteer effort on my part, and I have and will continue to collaborate with other Youth Advocate Organizations and Agencies who are dedicated to the same common cause as the L.I.F.E. Program.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ain't no Bullshittin'!!!!

Our Swag iz Godly Math

Peace Ya’ll!! Since I started A.S.I.A. TV, over the last three months I’ve had many people get in touch with me about teaching them, studying, getting 120 Lessons and just wanting to be down with the Gods and Earths. Most of them I either route to the Allah Youth Center in Mecca or put them in tune with a God or Earth I know (or know of) in their Region. Once in a while I ask them if it’s alright to post their information in an Online NGE Group I belong to and hopefully Gods/Earths in their area got in touch with them. Sometimes I follow up to cee if they did, sometimes I don’t.

Anyway, many of you would be excited like 'a savage' at a Lupercalia Festival that all these people have been getting at you to be your Student! Me? That shit don’t and has never made my divine I hard. I’ve never been hard pressed for "so-called" Students, and I say “so-called” because I’m rather adverse to the term anyway. I simply refer to this person as a Brotha/Sista studying with me. Calling them ‘YOUR’ Student is not for you to say anyway. If the word “Student” is going to be said, let it come outta’ their mouth, and if they do say it, correct them and let them know they’re just your Brotha/Sista. I mean, all ego aside, if you got it in you to say it (and be about that). Many of ya’ll 'so-called' Gods/Earths looooooove to make mention of yourselves, grandstand and ego-trip over how many people you’ve helped recite The Father’s History and parrot Lessons. If you really understood the Sociological breakdown of the 85%, 10% and 5% you’d realize that, that is the wrong attitude to have. Cee, with that 'quantitative' attitude.., “95%” of your time will be lost “searching for that, that does not exist.” (10/1-40). True education is about QUALITY not quantity. Learning this Culture is a QUALITY OF LIFE issue, not a quantity of life issue. And here’s alittle something else that you probably never considered. Take your block for example. If there’s 100 people living on your block, how many of them are susceptible to this Science? If you’re under the impression that more than 5 of these people will become God/Earth, then you obviously don’t understand your "Duty as a Civilized Person" (18/1-40) and many other related Degree’s. I mean, even in your own little Family. I don’t care how many Rallies and Civilization Classes you bring your Earth and 5 Seeds to, somebody ain’t gonna hold it down like that for the duration. It’s rare. Shiiit, maybe ya’ll little family make up the 5 people on the block who is 5%. The reason I mention this is because when you go to different Cities where, demographically speaking, there’s a large number of Gods/Earths in proportion to 95% (85% & 10%), there is usually something wrong with that picture! The 14th, 15th and 16th Degree's in the 1-40 clearly tells you why!! Those of you who are having concerns with so-called Gods and Earths who aren’t truly living out these Mathematics, who are not studying their Degree’s or just on some Destroy Power (85%) or Ten Percenter (10%) shit, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!! The reason you’re having these issues is because THEY ARE NOT TRUE AND LIVING, regardless of what they want to call themselves!! If they’re doing some Destroy Power shit that’s because they are! If they’re on some 10 Percenter shit, that’s because they are! And the unfortunate thing about this is that many of you look these people in the face each and everyday and each and every way saying “Peace God!”, “Peace Earth!”, in hopes that they’ll get the understanding! LMAO! They’re just not built like that fam, and the sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be, psychologically.

I speak from experience. I lost alot of time, talent, resources, energy, finances and etc.. dealing with Johnny Neckbone and Connie Chitlin Character’s who bullshitted around with learning this Culture. Thus, you can cee why I tend to be rather cynical about things. And no, it had/has nothing to do with my ability to teach. LOL! To feign modesty, I’m pretty good at what I do. -smile- It’s not to say that I’ve lost hope, I just cee things for they are, not what they appear to be. From my vantage point, 95% of the people (including so-called Gods/Earths) approach and apply I.S.L.A.M. like Ignorant (ass) Students Learning Abnormal Mathematics. And yes, Cyberspace has alot to do with it because people can be whoever they want you to think they are, and this includes myself! I can’t speak for other’s b.u.t. I happen to pride myself on being myself, so what you read and cee is exactly what you get.

I remember the first time I met First Born Prince at the Allah School in Mecca. I was in the front room and there were three other Gods in the room with me. A Younger God was sitting on the window ledge, an Older God was sitting behind the desk by the phone and another Older God was sitting in a chair right by the doorway going to the back. I was standing beside the front door. As we built about some general civilization, a tall slender figure swiftly walked by me, and went directly to the back without saying anything to anybody. I looked around at the Gods faces to get a reading on the situation and I noticed that they all begin to tense up. The God at the desk -who was in his 40’s- started to fumble around with things on the desk, the Younger God sitting by the window moved to the edge of the window ledge as if he was getting ready to stand up, and the Older God sitting in the chair by the doorway -who was also in his 40’s- sat up in his chair like an FOI and dropped his head! I turned to the Younger God and asked him “what’s up?” because I got the feeling like some shit was about to jump off! Standing up, the Younger God in a low tone said, “That was First Born Prince Allah.” Now mind you, I had never ceen nor heard Prince before and this is my introduction. Those of you who knew Prince can recognize this cold current! LOL! Anyway, almost as soon as the Younger God got the words out of his mouth I saw his eye’s widen and as I turned around to cee what he was looking at Prince was standing in the doorway looming over the Older God who was sitting in the chair. The exchange between Prince and the Older God went like this:

Prince: God where the fuck is my tape!
Da God: -looking nervous & stuttering with his head down- Oh, oh God I’m, I’m still doing the knowledge on it.
Prince: Still doing the knowledge on it?! What da fuck you talkin’ bout God. I gave you that muthafucka’ wisdom years ago God! Wisdom years ago, and you still drawing’ that shit up?!
Da God: Yeah God, I’m still drawin’ it up.
Prince: God the next time I cee you, you better have my muthafuckin’ tape! Still drawin’ it up for wisdom years. If it’s taking you that long to draw it up you don’t need the muthfucka’. You better bring me my tape.

The Older God (still with his head down) simply mumbled “O.K. God.”, and Prince turned around and went back to the back of the school. He had a dog at the time so you could hear him yelling at her in the back for a minute. After this exchange the atmosphere got warm again, the Gods began to relax and no one elaborated on what just went down. My impression? They knew how Prince was. Mind you, this is the first impression I got of Prince. Later on I found out that Prince blew up on this God because he loaned him a tape of himself quoting his Lessons. Later on in the day I was standing out in from of the School and Prince was out front sweeping. This young Power Rule cat was walking by rockin’ this big gold chain with a Dragon on it. Prince ain’t even know this kid b.u.t. when he got right in front of the School this is how the exchange went:

Prince: Yo’ what’s that on ya chain?
PR cat: -proudly- It’s a Dragon!
Prince: -appalled- A Dragon?!
PR cat: Yeah, a Dragon.
Prince: Well Drag on then muthafucka’. -continues sweeping-

The young PR cat just walked off with a awkward look on his face as if to say, “Dat Ole’ Man crazy!” The point in all of this is to show how Prince wasn’t no bullshitter. He’d put you on ya square in a minute! Yeah he had his devils he dealt with just like we all do, b.u.t. when it came to this Math, Prince was true to what he knew. There are many Gods and Earths who’re also like this: True, and I give all of you the utmost respect for being shining/reflecting examples of what this Culture has to offer! You are indeed the 5% within the 5%! And yeah, you damn right I include myself, and I’m sure all Gods/Earths would too! I’m sure none of you Five Pretenders will readily admit you’re bullshitters and that’s the importance of my A.S.I.A. Journal and A.S.I.A. TV.; I expose those of you who have and are trying to highjack this Culture! Hopefully people who have been ignorantly amongst you have begun to get hip to ya hustle, and begun to seek out those of us who’re really committed to growth and development, not egocentrism!

I remember vividly when I first got Knowledge of Self (KOS) how I couldn’t fathom how people couldn’t really want this for themselves, and chose to suffer over problems that were right in a Lessons they didn’t care to know! Now when I say KOS I’m talking about having 120 Degrees. In the NGE, where you’re literally at in 120 is synonymous with your degree of KOS. Although you may have KOS from the perspective of knowing your own habits, inclinations, likes and dislikes, when it comes to 120 Degrees, if you don’t have it or are limited to what you have, you cannot “functionally” claim KOS. More correctly, you are “getting KOS”, and it remains that way until you actually learn 120. Meaning, once you know your Lessons (all 120), then you can say you have KOS. Until you learn 120 you are in the process of getting KOS. The reason I’m emphasizing this is for a very important reason. New Born’s take note, let me tell you why.

If you’re a New Born (a young God or Earth just coming into the NGE and are still learning your Lessons), it’s important that you don’t put yourself in a position where other Gods and Earths (who have 120 or more Degrees than you!) can place unreasonable expectations upon you! By proudly telling one of these Gods/Earths that you have KOS, yet you only have maybe 10-15 Lessons in 120 memorized, they may take offense; look at it as disrespectful. Some Gods/Earths may humbly correct you by telling you what I just said about “getting KOS” b.u.t. other’s may bomb you because they feel disrespected. They feel disrespected because you consider yourself “a said person of that ability” (20/1-40) and should be treated as such, yet you don’t really know much about this ability! All the way around, it’s not a good position to be in. If you’re a New Born in this NGE (meaning you don’t have 120), the most precise (and humble) thing to say to a person who has 120 (or more Degrees than you!) is “I’M GETTING KOS”. If you say ‘I have KOS” (and you don’t have 120), some people can’t wait to jump on you with all four feet, and there’s very little you can do about it. It can go way past humiliating and become outright demoralizing. Why? Because you don’t know much! Once they get finish questioning you about everything from breaking down Yacub’s Society to Why History or Koran is written every 25,000 years to who Jebus was, you’ll know not to put your foot in your mouth. My point is, you don’t gotta go through that hell if you just do it right in the first place! Also, you don’t want to earn a bad reputation in the NGE as a Five Pretender/Jive Percenter. Sound travels (1,120 ft per second) and once people start talking about how you’re arrogantly walking around like you’re 'Da God' so and so or 'Da Earth' so and so YET YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR LESSONS, people will begin to either give you cold current, run you from amongst them or strait try to take you off the Planet (intellectually speaking!) every time they cee you. I haven’t met anyone, who was on that type of shit, come back from that kind of “mental death” (13/1-40). I’ve met people 10 years ago who were parading around like that and people still don’t pump wit em’ and it’s 2008! Unbeknownst to you New Born’s, when Gods/Earths cee you coming along with an attitude like you know something, they already put you in the 35-50 Year Club. Those who do entertain you are just doing it to be entertained or are just like you. Like I said, save yourself from dealing with alot of drama because you’re going around saying “I have KOS” compared to “I’M GETTING KOS”. Now it may be fine to tell the 85% or 10% that you got KOS b.u.t. to a God and Earth you’re actually telling them that you have 120. Get the understanding before the understanding gets you. -smile-

Because of the way I’m built, I never dealt with Wisdom Knowledge (speaking of some shit like you thorough yet you don’t really know it like that!). Since my Ole’ Earth was a Psychologist and my Ole’ Dad would get in my ass, for me to deal with trick-knowledge I had to be very swift! It didn’t take me long to figure out that I couldn’t out think them and if something came out of my mouth it better be thorough. My Ole’ Earth would pick it apart and my Ole’ Dad would be waiting in the wings ready to light my ass up! LMAO! At my Born Jewel, My Ole’ Earth used to sit at our kitchen table, which you can cee front he front porch. Therefore, me and my siblings could not walk in the house without being ceen! If we went through the back door she was sitting right there and if we tried to go thought the side door that was suspect, she’d call you to find out why you went through that door. This was my first Lesson in regards to Truth or Square because my Ole’ Earth knew how to psychologically lock ya’ heels together. LOL! Anyway, this impressed upon me the rule of coming correct or not coming at all. This carried over into when I met my Benefactor. I’ve known and have heard of some people who walked around arrogantly trying to build with people like they had Knowledge of Self before they even Enrolled as a Student! It’s no different than a person having a battery in their back after picking up a Wu-Tang Album and now they going around trying to talk Math! To have an inclination towards Wisdom Knowledge like that tells you alot about their Character. All I can say is, I’m glad I got this Math (and the other Gods in my Tree!) the right way and never had to learn how to learn, before I learned! THIS IS NOT TO SAY that those Gods/Earths who had to be corrected because they didn’t come correct in the first place aren’t true and living. I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that inclination towards Wisdom Knowledge is a part of their Character Koran. THIS IS NOT TO SAY that I don’t have my own inclinations in my Character Koran either! LOL! The important thing is to recognize them and either enhance or exile em’. When it comes to having an inclination towards Wisdom Knowledge, this must be clearly understood: Just because they NOW KNOW that particular approach wasn’t right and exact doesn’t mean they’re right and exact now! Depending upon how they were corrected can mean a number of things. Things that may add on or take away from their ability to grow and develop, even though they may NOW KNOW better and have 120! A while back I wrote an Article called "85erphobia" building about this very Concept called “Cognitive Dissonance”. Here’s some of the things that could have happened once a person like this was corrected:

1. They learn from that experience and recognize they need to be thorough with what they know before they open up their mouth. They effectively learned humility, so they don’t need to be humbled anymore.

2. They think they’ve learned b.u.t. instead, they now overcompensate with what needs to be known. This is done so they don’t run the risk of being corrected. For example, if you ask them have they ever been to New York -which is a simple Yes or No- they tend to go into a long unsolicited spill telling you about every Person, Place or Thing that comes to Mind that’s associated with the State of New York. Being corrected has now turned into what I call “A Best Knower Disorder”. Although these people are compulsive about knowing, they know nothing about what they really need to know; Their 'A Best Knower Disorder'.

3. They shut down and become defensive anytime they think a question may come their way. Even though they may have 120, this defensiveness tends to make them “Destroy Orientated”. What this means is that they’re adverse to building, not only for themselves b.u.t. with others. The only time they do interact with others is to tear them down. Sometimes deliberately b.u.t. other times without even realizing it. Being corrected was such an ego shattering experience for them that they begin to identity with the one who shattered it. It’s no different than how some slaves begin to identify with their Master.

4. They never learned from that experience and still arrogantly speak on things that they don’t really know thoroughly. Since they now have 120, they’re probably less likely to acknowledge they don’t know something. These are true “Political Scientists”. Instead of addressing the subject strait up they’ll take you 120 different places. Like Politicians, they bank on your ignorance and treat the 11th Degree, "Word is Bond, Bond is Life" (11/1-14) like it’s pork. If they’re building about a Concept like Triple Darkness and you ask them questions so they can elaborate, they’ll either turn the tables around to try and make you feel guilty/ashamed for asking or break out in a Sammy Davis Jr. song & dance so you’ll forget what you asked!

This is one of the reason's why I shy away from the usage of the word “Student” when it comes to people who I am actively walking through their Degree’s, not just building with. They know their position as well as my position and there’s no need for me to reiterate these positions. If you do feel like you need to reiterate these positions then that’s a clear sign that this person hasn’t learned how to learn yet. Therefore, it’s nothing that you can teach them even if you wanted to! Why? Because “They knows that it rains, hails, snows and also hears thunder above their heads but do not try to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them, they believe in the 10% on face value. (9/1-40). The key phrase's that I'm drawing your attention to are "They knows that..", " not try to learn..", "..letting the 5% teach them..", and "..they believe.."! Like I said, even if you wanted to teach them something you can't.

To conclude Today’s Article, I just wanted to say “Don’t waste ya time with bullshitter’s, whether they say they’re Gods and Earths or not!” Again, Peace to the True and Living Gods and Earths for keeping our Legacy tight and the Family Crest righteously clean! WE ARE THE ONE’S who haven’t cheapened what it means to have KOS through acquiring 120 Lessons! It’s our attitude that, “I’m not adding anyone on to my Family Tree if they’re not coming correct” that preserves our Tradition. This ensures that people don’t bastardize the Culture and defame our Family name. I’m from a long line of Gods with a pedigree bloodline in this Math and I’m damn sure not gonna let no shit go down like that! For those of you that are compulsively handing out Math to any and everybody who “act’s like” they’re interested.., you’re mixing, diluting and tampering with the foundation, Dr. Frankenstein. So if and/or when you come across a God or Earth who tells you I’m their Enlightener.., you best believe they’re gonna be swift!! I ain’t take no shorts and those who get this Math from me won’t either! 11/1-14

Proper Education Alaways Corrects Errors