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'Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah' (RZA) & the God's from 'Cee Allah Now' (Canada)

The L.I.F.E. Program

Peace Ya'll. For those of you who haven't had a chance to swing through Original Thought Metazine, the Queen 'Maternal Luminous Earth' featured me in an Article/Interview building about my L.I.F.E. Program. L.I.F.E. by the way stands for 'Learning Interactive Fundamentals Everyday' and is an Afterschool Mentorship program for Youth. I established L.I.F.E. to help cultivate "Life Skills" such as critical/analytical thinking, optimum health, conflict resolution, environmental preservation and entrepreneurialism. Big shout out to the Queen!!! I really apprecite the time she invested in doing this. Also, check out the Queen's Online Journal "Maternal Instincts"!!! Below is the Article/Interview in it's entirety (with a few minor edits):

"Every month, my ultimate goal is to interview someone who is actively spending quality time with the youth. This month I introduce to you Saladin Quanaah' Allah. He rests in Niagara Falls NY. Let's get acquainted." -Maternal Luminous Earth (purple color & italics mine)

What is the purpose of the L.I.F.E. Program?
L.I.F.E. is an Afterschool Mentorship program for Youth. I established L.I.F.E. to help cultivate "Life Skills" such as critical/analytical thinking, optimum health, conflict resolution, environmental preservation and entrepreneurialism. My Program consists of: Mentoring, providing interpersonal skill training, field research, self esteem building, self employment product development, video editing/music production, study of classical/contemporary history. The Projects I completed are; Family Tree DNA Project, Prison Letter Correspondence, "Three Wise Men" DVD Documentary and "Street Knowledge" Educational CD. One thing that I really dug about 'The Father' (as well as my Ole' Earth, my Enlightener "Sha-Sha", his Enlightener "Life Justice" and etc..) is their ability to turn any Environment into a Classroom when dealing with the Youth! These (any many other Brothers & Sisters) have been Building with our Youth not based upon a teaching salary, endless resources, classroom space or support from Society, b.u.t. based upon the Root of Civilization (where this 12/LOVE was first founded). Having this in my heart is what's primary to all of this and the know how, resources, classroom space and support simply adds on to the Cipher. And just like those who I've mentioned above, even without these opportunities I'd still be turning environments into classrooms. LOL! So the ultimate purpose of L.I.F.E. is to perpetuate, sustain and positively effect the "lives" of our Youth! I am simply one who is carrying on this great legacy of those Men and Women who came before me, are here now with me, and who'll come after me when I'm gone.

What are the benefits of working with the youth? How does it benefit them?
Some of the benefits of working with the Youth is that they keep you in tune with what is going on in the now (realtime). Everything grows from the ground up, so the Youth represent the seedlings of the future because they're closest to the what will be written in the coming Koran. I was building with one of my Students the other day and mentioned that he's My Enlightener because if he didn't educate me on certain slang, dances and etc.. that he (and other Youth) are into today, I'll be out of date. I also told him that if he gets old by choosing to not be amongst the Youth then I won't be amongst him. I'm gonna be amongst his children! LOL! One reason 'The Father' was a Man ahead of his time is because he was always in the company of those who represented the time of the future! This is a "Fountain of Youthean" Concept that most Gods have always understood! That's why it's difficult to ascertain the literal age of alot of Older Gods like Abu Shahid, Allah B, Born Justice, Zyhier Allah, Cee Allah, Dumar, Freedom & etc.. , because being amongst/working with the Youth manifests the functional reality of having "no said birth record".

What are the ages of the youth you work with?
I generally target Youth ages 10-16 years old, Male & Female, b.u.t. I often times work with Youth who are both younger and older, Male & Female.

What are the most rewarding parts of the job?
Hmmm, if you asked me this question 2 years ago I'd have a different answer than 8 months ago and also today! Ultimately, when your working with the Youth the most rewarding part is the fact that you are building relationships! These Words (Ways & Actions) establish the Bonds that manifest Life, for them, me, the Community and the World around us! It's pleasing to know that when I go back to the essence that I did everything within my power to leave this Planet a much better place then when I got here! -smile-

What kinds of things (activities) do you do daily/monthly, etc?
L.I.F.E. has functioned as an Afterschool/Summer Program for the last 3 years through the NACC (Niagara Arts and Culrual Center). I am presently working on securing a facility to Incorporate A.S.I.A. (Allah School In Atlantis) and operating the L.I.F.E. Program will be an intergral part of A.S.I.A. . I presently operate three components of A.S.I.A. on the Worldwide Web. The Literary Aspect consists of Articles I publish at A.S.I.A. Journal: twice a month. The Audio Aspect consists of Music I produce through my Company Quahadi Music:, so if you're an Artist looking for Music Production you can reach me there. The Visual Aspect is A.S.I.A. TV: A.S.I.A. TV is the Newest addition to A.S.I.A. and has been receiving alot of positive support from the Online Community. With the L.I.F.E. Program I am currently working on a Prison Correspondence Project where my Students will be establishing Pen-Pal relationships with a person in a Correctional Facility. We'll also be visiting Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, NY. I'm working with the The Mayor & his Administrative Assistant of his Transitional Team to secure Transportation and Lunches for our Youth to travel to Attica once per Month.

Can people donate $, food, etc to the Program? If so, to what address?
Yes, people can donate whatever they can. Even if it's something that may not be specifically useful to me I can give it to someone who can use it. I am currently securing Transportation and Lunches for my Prison Correspondence Project so that's my main focus right now. Any Food and/or Donations would be Peace! If people are interested in sending anything else (Food, Clothing, Educational Materials and/or Money Orders), it can be made out to:

c/o Saladin Quanaah' Allah
2113 Tenth St, Suite 1
Niagara Falls, New York

Right now my Program is a completely Volunteer effort on my part, and I have and will continue to collaborate with other Youth Advocate Organizations and Agencies who are dedicated to the same common cause as the L.I.F.E. Program.
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