Monday, March 09, 2009

-Recorded Live in his Cell in Build Understanding ('83)-

What's above yo' head?!

Peace Ya’ll! In the 9/1-14 we learn that neophytes/adepts who are devoted to the study of Righteousness and the Original Man were allowed to wear the Sun, Moon and Stars as symbols of adherence to this universal order, b.u.t. a sword was “placed on the upper part of the Flag” to remind them of their obligation to this order. If you’ve ever taken a moment to look at the fez-like head covering of Shriners you’ll cee this sword above the symbol of the Moon & Star on a Sunlit background. In the 9/1-40, we learn that “they (the 85%) alsohear thunder above their headsbut do not try to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them. They believe in the 10% on face value”. What makes the 9/1-14 and 9/1-40 congruent is the fact that both of these Lessons emphasize ‘learning’ and the idea that something exists above one’s head; ‘a sword’ (9/1-14) and ‘thunder’ (9/1-40). I cee this two ways:

1. There are certain things that can be “above our head” in the process of learning because it seems very complicated. This means that certain circumstances and situations may be hard to figure out and simply goes right over our head. An example of this is: a Student having problems with Algebra in Math Class.

2. There are certain things that can be “above our head” meaning ‘held against us’. Sometimes the circumstances and situations we have gone through, are going through and will go through is strategically used against us by others or hung above our heads as a means to manipulate (control) us. An example of this is: a Man cheats on his Wife and now has a child with a Mistress that he’s been hiding from his family. Someone finds out about this affair and threatens to tell the Man’s Wife and destroy his Family unless he pays them to keep their mouth shut.

What makes both of these instances relative is the fact that the things that are held against us are often hard to figure out, or the things that are hard to figure out are often held against us. This is not always because of “a filthy affair” (8/1-14) though. This can often be because of our own idiosyncrasies or personality glitches; sword(s) we add or thunder that exists above our own heads. Sometimes these problems simply arise from living right in a problematic Society. Whatever the case may be, what it ultimately comes down to is this: We must take charge in resolving them because these problems limit or impedes our ability to strive for perfection in vital areas of our lives.

So what is the difference between having ‘a sword’ above one’s head in comparison to having ‘thunder’ above one’s head? Well first and foremost, a person has more control over a sword because it’s forged, unsheathed and welded with the human hand. This means that confronting this problem has a human element in it! This is very important because it suggests that as a human ourselves, we have a certain amount of control in resolving the problem; there’s an obvious relationship. It’s mentioned in the 9/1-14 that learning is a formal study; 35-50 years, thus it’s all about being humble, devoted, trying to do, being discipline and applying ourselves. One of the greatest ways Original People have combated the injustices we have and continue to be subjected to is through education -and the greatest education is Knowledge of Self. So the most effective way to remove the sword that we -or others- have put above our heads is to educate ourselves; become a Swordsmith! -smile- This is advantageous because we develop the skills to distinguish swords, the quality of a sword, techniques used by Swordsmen/women, etc.. Ultimately, becoming a Swordsmith gives us the ability to protect our neck or attack those who seek to test our swordplay! LOL!

Having thunder above one’s head is an entirely different situation altogether. First of all, you damn near lost the human element of control. So in otherwords, now the shit over ya head is basically “outta control”! Accepting this often harsh reality is fundamental to dealing with this problem. Now for all you Mathcentrics out there, yeah, yeah, yeah, “all the above is caused byblah blah blah blah blah.” (8/1-40). All I’m just saying is that I’ve yet to cee a Meteorologist named Lord Akwon Scientific Wyndchime Allah building about the Pacific Northwest Weather, in Today’s Math, on the 11 O’clock News. Cee, unlike the sword, when you hear thunder above ya head all you can do is prepare for the weather because light (lightening) was already shined on the problem; now you gotta deal with the rumblin’ that comes along with it! -shakes head- And every excuse we try to make by saying, “But this” or “But that” will bring nothing b.u.t. more thunder -along with rain, hail, snow and earthquakes (13/1-40); it’s not a good forecast. Thunder is waaaaaay above ya head; approximately “six miles” (8/1-40). Thunder is also impossible to grasp; intangible. When thunder is about your head it’s like the cloud that sat over the Flintstones Neighbor’s House; The Gruesomes. Dealing with this natural phenomenon, we must first accept the circumstances and either adapt to it or relocate to Pleasantville. Since relocating suggests one’s reorientation, it’s important to know exactly where you’re presently at: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Financially. Also keep in Mind that regardless if you are living in Pleasantville now YOU BROUGHT YOURSELF WITH YOU!

When we don’t deal with the ‘sword’ (9/1-14) above our heads it becomes ‘thunder’ (9/1-40). As I said, whether it’s ‘a sword’ or ‘thunder’ it can be there because of our own idiosyncrasies or personality glitches. Sometimes these problems simply arise from living “right and exact” (1/1-40) in a problematic Society. Whatever the case may be, what it ultimately comes down to is this: We must take charge in resolving them because these problems limit or impedes our ability to strive for perfection in vital areas of our lives. We “write (right) Holy Koran or Bible” (1/1-40), so having unresolved issues festering in our lives is like being stuck in a Surah or Chapter. By being “bound” to a Surah or Chapter it’s impossible to completely renew our History (a New Koran/Bible itself, not just a different Surah or Chapter in the same old Koran/Bible). Even if we have rationalized that we’ve moved on, we’ll find this same Surah/Chapter poppin up time and time again -with different characters b.u.t. the same ole theme! The fact that this problematic pattern is well established Shows and Proves that it’s the same Ole’ Bible/Koran. This is why people can often accurately “read us like a book” -smile-, and no matter how we’d like to change the interior d├ęcor or rearrange the furniture in our ‘house’, it always “equals our ‘home’ circumference” (1/1-40). I drew particular attention to the words ‘house’ and ‘home’ because a ‘house’ is just a building, a ‘home’ is where we actually live and like the saying goes “Home is where the heart is”. So in otherwords, with People in general and Gods/Earths in particular, sometimes there’s a huge variance between our building (house) and how we’re actually living (home).

So to conclude Today’s Article I just want to encourage all of you to “give all you have and all within your power” (40/1-40) to resolve your problems while you can. One of the main indicators that shows that there is no reciprocity going on is when there’s “no Peace amongst us” (1/1-14); genuinely. I’m talking about reaaaaaaaly being at Peace with ourselves, not manufacturing attention from others, seeking entertainment and/or indulging in substances/tasks as a means to numb ourselves from the pain of Inner War and calling it Peace! I’ve been there, I’ve done patchwork like that and I clearly recognize when I have an egocentric inclination to do these things. Realizing this and coming to grips with how we choose to think and what we’ve chosen to say/do is the essence of true Self Knowledge. Also, it must be realized that having 120 is just that; ‘having it’. There are many Gods/Earths who have ‘had it’ for “years, months and days” (36/1-40), yet their steps towards grasping the meaning of Civilization is unperceivable or they actually atrophied into Black Devils. There are still many other Gods/Earths who've had120 for a few weeks yet they been making strives in their growth and development before they even got their Student Enrollment! So having it is cool b.u.t. it’s about using it -and using it will be shaped by the ciphers that existed before we got this Math; The Cipher (0) proceeds Knowledge (1)! In otherwords, Gods/Earths talk all day about how 120 or “This Math” is their foundation without ever realizing that the mortar to that foundation is a substantive mix of years of conditionings, our own idiosyncrasies or personality glitches and how we assess our socioeconomic reality. These ciphers give context to our Math and accounts for why one God/Earth carries this Math differently from the next God/Earth. Knowledge of Self is essentially a systematic process of unlearning in order to learn, not putting frosting on bullshit and calling it a cake. The cake may look reeeeeeeal nice, b.u.t. underneath it all, you’ll always be able to smell the bullshit. To drive this point home, consider this: When it comes to the Math, the Alphabet & 120, they’re like the Diagnostic Computer you hook your car up to when you’re getting your Inspection done. Unfortunately, many of us have vehicles that are alittle too old to hook up to this Computer so we need to get our Inspection done the ole school way; manually! So although this Diagnostic Computer is very useful, regardless if a person has Math, the Alphabet & 120 or not, WE’RE ALL GONNA NEED to get inspected one way or another in order to drive our vehicle! LOL! Also, “KEEP IN MIND” (9/1-14) that regardless if somebody has a brand new ‘09 Dodge Charger or a ’82 Chevy Oldsmobile on the road (registered, inspected and insured), it doesn’t tell you shit about their driving skills! LOL! Anyway ya’ll, if we don’t resolve our issues our issues will resolve us!