Monday, April 30, 2007

"The EARTH revolves around the SUN yet rotates around herself"
Divine Union
Peace Family, in my last Article I talked about some of the Cultural Coordinates that I think would serve a positive purpose in guiding our National Journey towards obtaining our Collective goal (What We Will Achieve), and I highlighted a few "Rites" to serve that specific purpose. Well back a couple years ago I designed a "Divine Union Rite". My inspiration behind this was multilayered;
1. Spark interest and dialogue about the loosely defined Unofficial concept of "Marriage in the Mind", with the idea of establishing a well defined Official Rite upon entering into it.
Having something structural in place for my Young Queens that reinforces our Cultural Worldview and supports the functional concept of "Marriage in the Mind" when they get old enough to began a relationship.
2. Having something to address the low retention rate of Women who leave this National Body because of a lack of attention/support to their social status and needs.
3. Having something that supports my and other brotha’s perspective of "Marriage in the Mind" without assimilating, compromising or building a Prison House using the Rules and Regulations of American Cultural concepts of Marriage.
4. Having something to stabilize relationships and establish accountability so that Queens don’t have to continue being alienated when a God decides he wants to step off. Usually these Queens become social outcastes forever widowed in a way of life where Gods don’t particularly like going behind a brother to deal with his Ex-Earth.
Shortly after I borned this "Divine Union Rite" I made it partially available (in soft copy form) to quite a few people who I thought would cee it as useful land. If anything I hope that it sparked people to think on a higher level, produce dialogue around the subject and inspire people to use at least some of it’s elements to forge definitive terms of a Union.
One thing that really struck me was that here we are as a Nation talking about how much a Queen/Earth our women are yet we never considered the fact that you can’t productively & positively be united with a Queen in an Unofficial capacity! To simply say "We Married in the Mind" without clear, concise definitive terms is a very Unofficial Capacity! Sure this is an essential understanding of a relationship b.u.t. it’s actually an intuitive sense of oneness that a man/woman ripens into. "Marriage in the Mind" is a phrase that denotes progression from a specific point of origin and it is that point of origin that I think needs to be clearly defined! If you ask 10 Gods/Earths how they cee Marriage you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Many of them will most likely say "We Marry in the Mind" yet how to began this process and sustain this Union is based upon the situation. Some get married like common folk, some go to the Justice of the Peace, some just have a get together to acknowledge they’re union to family & friends, some just live together and others don’t live together b.u.t. they’re fuckin’! There is basically no National Consensus on this and I can cee how this has taken away from many of the relationships we (Men in particular!) try to build! If your having dissatisfaction issues with your Wiz and ya’ll been together for some time then it may be because ya’ll been together in an Unofficial Capacity. This sense of instability makes very unsettling conditions for our Wiz to live under and we all know that "the Devil isn’t settled", and "there wouldn’t be any Peace"! Be honest and think about it G! How do you think ya’ "True" Queen feels (yes they are emotional!) when she cee’s Build Power bitches getting married around her everyday, overtly/covertly talking big shit about it every time they cee her and causing trouble amongst her by accusing her of telling lies about what type of relationship ya’ll got?! This is often the root of why ya’ll cooped up in the apartment fighting and trying to kill eachother! That is a form of psychological warfare (HELL) that our Queens deal with (on top of the other gender oppressive bullshit!) every time they set foot in this wilderness lurking outside the door!! All this HELL simply because they have LOVE for this Math with hopes that everything is gonna be all RIGHT. Through my own Koran and ceeing that of other brotha’s I can cee how we Gods have been fathering this type of Devil simply because we haven’t Nationally provided our women with a clear, well defined idea of what "Marriage in the Mind" is or even considered designing a Divine Union Rite and Day to Honor the Queen of all Queens! Not that I’m putting Queens/Earths on a High Horse above other women, I’m just saying that coming from a world that doesn’t even want to look at the Black Man as "a Man", to have a Wiz by your side that respectfully addresses you and treats you as the True & Living is more than it’s weight in Gold, Platinum, Plutonium or whatever!
It’s also kinda sad when I cee other females perpetrating like they a Queen on they Marriage Day while the real Queens stand back knowing that it’s bullshit b.u.t. powerless to show & prove who, what, when where & how, in that context of course! Call it what you want b.u.t. I think that our Women deserve the Honor and Opportunity to show & prove to these bitches how the True & Living Queen’s Day (Divine Union) is supposed to be! As Men we may think that this is petty and trivial b.u.t. Women are going to compete regardless of whom of what, consciously and unconsciously, based upon sheer numbers of female/male ratios worldwide! On a deep biochemical level, the name of this game is survival of not just the fittest b.u.t. the flyest to acquire and Alpha-Male of their own, and hence the phrase "How to KEEP a husband"! I predict that if Gods continue to not take this seriously that our low retention rate of Women staying in this Nation will plummet even further. I also predict that those Women who have been dissatisfied -with lame ass Gods talking that "Marriage in the Mind" bullshit- will began to start asking definitive questions of an Official Capacity about the terms of their "so-called" Union!! Now God, I’m sure her questions will of course be alittle "unsettling", b.u.t. just look at them as putting the weak aspects of undefined relationships on the Poor Part, so you can preserve the Best definition for yourselves! Well enough about that, here’s a blueprint of the Divine Union Rite I designed. It’s just a soft malleable copy not etched in stone so preserve the Best Part for yourself;
Nation of Gods and Earths
Rites of Divine Union

This Rite was created as a means to celebrate and preserve the cultural legacy of Our Nation and to emphasis the sacred bond between Man, Woman and Child. This Rite was also developed as a means to acknowledge our unique experience as a people within the Western Hemisphere (and in America in particular), and positively respond to the conditions that have compromised our ability to be a unified black family. So it is in the mindset of self realization, self determination, self definition, and sacred duty that we officially, publicly (or privately) use this Rite to:
"Celebrate our collective worldview and cultural values as a Nation. Acknowledge and Restore the balance of true family relationships, and establish an Official/Formal entrance into Marriage in the Mind. Help establish a National consensus using a system of organized social norms particularly during life cycle celebrations that mark important transitions in our National Koran."
Essentials of Divine Union Rite
These "Essentials" of the Divine Union Rite are non-religious. They are designed to enlighten, express, and impress the elements of our God-centered Culture. This "Rite" is specifically designed to allow those people who are familiar and unfamiliar with our way
of life to learn some of the rudimentary elements of WHAT WE TEACH & WHAT WE WILL ACHIEVE as a Nation.
Seasonal Symbolism
*Must always be synchronized with the Full Moon (waxing towards). This symbolizes the fullness of the Moons reflection to the Sun and a Woman’s commitment to reflecting the guidance of the Man. This bond to the natural order of the Universal Family.
Spring: Symbol of bringing forth a new life together. Fertility and new growth of sowing the seed of a new beginning.
Summer: Symbol of purification and development. The heat of Summer refines the will of self development and symbolizes the maintenance of higher goals.
Autumn: Symbol of change and harvest time. The distinct changing of the season and harvest time symbolizes the reaping of divine seeds. It also symbolizes beauty, abundance and diverse unification.
Winter: Symbol of rest, stability and preservation. As life rests, this symbolizes a time of preserving nutrients for new life to come forth. It also symbolizes inner awareness and time conservation.
*Colors associated with each season must always be synchronized with the natural color expression of the Earth. This symbolizes the commitment of the Sun to the beauty, expression and life of the Earth. All colors should be in relative season.
Prerequisites of the Divine Rite Ceremony
-Non-religious venue is preferable.
-Man must knowledge 120 before Rite can be performed.
-No presiding religious figure to perform the rights only an Elder (Male or Male and Female Couple) of the NGE of respected status or Licensed Celebrant/Officiate of the NGE. The Rite can also be presided over by the couple who are entering into a Divine Union. The Rite verbiage must be adjusted to accommodate this choice.
Rite Specifications
-Standard colors are Black, Gold and White in any combination. Seasonal color schemes are also acceptable.
-Universal Flag Ring for male and Earth Ring for the female (with inscriptions).
-Programs written to explain the symbolism of the chosen day.
-A table placed towards the West with a white cloth and a symbol representing the Universal Family. (Statue of Man, Woman and Child)
*This symbolizes the light that was shed upon the black family in the West, in the Wilderness of North America. The white table cloth corresponds to the color of deception represented in our Flag that shrouded our true identity and conceptualization of family.
-A large Universal Flag stationed in full view for the audience.
-Righteous Garments for all participants.
-Kufi/Crown for the God (if desired).
-Crown for the Queen. (Headwrap or other unique head covering)
-An official (standard) NGE Divine Union Certificate issued to each couple to acknowledge the sacredness of their Born day.
-Any Elders present must be seated up front with the family.
-Ring Bearers and Flower Girls must be children of 6 yrs or younger.
-Rite will be performed by presiding Elder (Male or Male and Female Couple) of the NGE of respected status or Celebrant Officiate of the NGE.
-Incense to cleanse and purify the venue (if in doors) that the Rite will take place at.
Supreme Mathematics
Knowledge represents self awareness, and the ability to listen, observe and respect. Through Knowledge, a proper foundation is laid in order to establish the proper infrastructure for the unified black family to stand upon. Wisdom represents discernment, good judgment and motion. Through Wisdom we apply what we Know in order to cultivate the best of our ways and actions that help to maintain our foundation and fulfill our family vision. Understanding is insight, and the clarity of our vision. Through Understanding we combine what we Know and have experienced in order to see all things for what they are and not what they simply appear to be. Our Culture is our God-centered way of life that is Free from the negative vices of this world that seek to oppose and infiltrate it. Power is the truth we use to defend our way of life and the force that Refines the best of what we offer to ourselves, eachother, our family and our community. Equality is balance, fairness and unity. Through Equality we desire for eachother the best of what we desire for ourselves. We utilize this principle to establish the harmony that maintains our unity as a family. God is the nature and functioning role of the Original Man in regards to himself, his family and his community. Through God-conscious realization, the Original Man assumes his rightful position as the greatest expression of who and what he was born to be. Build or Destroy is the natural process of Life and Death. Build or Destroy symbolizes our ability to add on the things that improve our quality of life and to rid ourselves of those things that are detrimental to us. Born is creation and the principle to bring forth to life. Born represents the new life we create together as a unified black family. Cipher is circle that symbolizes the eternal sphere of perfection and the unbroken bond that is eternal. This Divine Union is the circle of life that preserves the legacy of our ancestors, and re-establishes the consciousness that continues this legacy through our future generations.
Ceremonial Rite
All Guests will be given Programs and seated.
All seating will be arranged in this particular order
1. Family & Elders in the front rows
2. Friends and Associates in the next rows
3. Seating can also be arranged in the form of a Crescent Moon with the Rite taking place in the center or in rows.
All Divine Union participants assume their proper position.
Either stationary or paired off to walk down. Music can proceed them if desired.
1st Ring Bearer walks down:
Comes down carrying the Gods Universal Flag Ring and assumes their position to the
left of the God (which would be on the left side of the Earth facing East).
2nd Ring Bearer walks down:
Comes down carrying the Earth’s Ring and assumes their position to the right of the
God (which would be on the right side the Earth facing West).
Flower Girls proceeds the Earth:
Throwing down flowers and ringing bells shouting "The Queen has arrived"! They
trail off and assume their position.
The Father escorts the Earth to the alter:
Music or Jimbe Drums can be used to celebrate her entrance.
Opening Statement: -Presiding Elder-
-First acknowledge the Elders and the Seeds- (Build about the reason why)
"Peace to all those who are present here today in celebration of this Divine Union. As
the Heavens are aligned by those celestial bodies known as the Sun, Moon and Star
that serve as physical lights to maintain the order of the Universe, Man, Woman and
Child are those terrestrial bodies on Earth that serve as spiritual lights to maintain the
order of this Universe we call the family. As it is in Heaven so shall it also be on
Earth, and this Union symbolizes the establishment of Heaven here on Earth through
these Divine beings."
Build about Today’s Degree: -Presiding Elder-
A breakdown of today’s mathematics and their significance to the day that the Divine
Union is celebrated on. Also explain the season’s significance that this Divine Union
is taking place in.
Calls couple together: -Presiding Elder-
"Would you please face eachother".
Calls forth the Earth: -Presiding Elder-
"Earth" would you please take the Gods hand and repeat after me:
Sacred Vow: -Earth- (based upon 11/1-14 & 12th Supreme Alphabet)
"I place this ring upon your finger to symbolize my word as a bond to you as your Queen. I acknowledge that your role and identity as a Man, a Husband and a Father has been compromised due to our struggle as the Original family in this country (wilderness), and I will do everything within my power to help you re-establish your rightful position as a strong and dignified leader of this family. I promise to uphold truth, modesty, morality and peace and to love you through hell until things will be right. You are my King and I shall place no one above you. For it is through your sacred mind that God was born, and through you that God exists. Like the Sun, you are the substance of my light and my sustainer. This word is bond and bond is life, and I shall give my life before this word shall fail."
Instructs the Earth to get the Ring: -Presiding Elder-
"Earth" would you please take the ring and complete the Cipher by placing it on the
Gods hand.
1st Ring Bearer: -Child-
Child presents the ring to the Earth and she takes it and places it upon the finger of
the God.
Earth: (Takes ring from the child and places it on the finger of her God) – This is done in this order to symbolize humble submission and trust that the Woman places in the Man as being the natural leader of the family. The Universe revolves around the Sun, not the Earth.
Calls forth the God: -Presiding Elder-
"God" would you please take the Earths hand and repeat after me:
Sacred Vow: -God- (based upon 11/1-14 & 12th Supreme Alphabet)
"I place this ring upon your finger to symbolize my word as a bond to you as your King. I acknowledge that your role and identity as a Woman, a Wife and a Mother has been compromised due to our struggle as the Original family in this country (wilderness), and I will do everything within my power to help you re-establish your rightful position as a strong and dignified sustainer of this family. I promise to uphold truth, modesty, morality and peace and to love you through hell until things will be right. You are my Queen and I shall place no one above you. For it is through your sacred womb that God was born, and with you that God exists. Like the Moon, you are the reflection of my light and my comforter. This word is bond and bond is life, and I shall give my life before this word shall fail."
Instructs the God to get the Ring: -Presiding Elder-
"God" would you please take the ring and complete the Cipher by placing it on the
Earths hand.
2nd Ring Bearer: -Child-
Child presents the ring to the God and he takes it and places it upon the finger of
the Earth.
God: (Takes ring from the child and places it on the finger of his Earth) – This is done in this order to symbolize commitment and faith that the Man places in the Woman as being the natural sustainer of the family. The Universe establishes life on the Earth, not on the Sun.
Ring Exchange: -Presiding Elder-
"These rings represent a Cipher. A Cipher is a circle that symbolizes the eternal
sphere of perfection and the unbroken bond that has no beginning or an ending. Let
these rings likewise be a testimony to the unbroken bond of love, peace and
happiness that this Union seeks to eternally establish.
Announcement of Oneness: -Presiding Elder-
"Although I'm officiating here today, it is not truly in my power to sanctify,
legitimize or bless this Divine Union in any way, because the two of you have already
Married in the Mind. May you use this righteous covenant as a vital building block to
preserve the family unit and to carry on the cultural legacy of our Nation. And now
that you have stood before us and exchanged these rings and these vows, it gives us
all great pleasure to bear witness to your oneness. P.E.A.C.E.!!!"
Exit of Divine Union: -Presiding Elder-
Procession leaves the venue with the Officiate leading the God and Earth, the flower
girls, the Ring Bearers and the other Divine Union Participants. Music, Jimbe
Drums or Singing of the Enlightener can be used to celebrate the closing of
the Cipher.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Empress; Queen Aziza Fari
Cultural Coordination

Peace Family, today I wanted to build about our National Life Cycle. When I say National Life Cycle I am speaking about the process we Nationally (Collectively) undergo from Birth (Knowledge of Self) until we return back to the Essence (Physical Death), and some of the important elements that allow our National Transition to be as positive and productive as possible.
28th Degree 1-40: (Yacub’s first rule was to cee that all "HIS FOLLOWERS" were healthy, strong and good breeders. If not he sent them back, all not good in multiplying had to marry at the age of 16. Next he gave "HIS PEOPLE" Laws on birth control which was to be enforced.. .)
When looking into the 28th Degree in the 1-40’s (Lost Found Muslim Lesson #2) you will notice that there is a difference between who Yacub defined as "his followers" compared to "his people". One thing that I think many of us overlook in our Wisdom Build or Destroy Degree is how Yacub utilized his people as Gatekeepers that governed/monitored the National Life Cycle’s of his followers. His people are the ones who were actually given the laws on birth control that was to be enforced on his followers. His people were his Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators! Their Profession (like today!) demanded an Oath of Confidentiality ("Yacub put under the death penalty if they failed to carry out this Law, also death to anyone who revealed these secrets") and their Position functioned as a political tool to insure that Yacub’s Determined Idea was successfully carried out from the womb to the tomb (or Cremation room!).

The Profession/Position of Yacub’s Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators served as Psychological Coordinates that orientated the Worldview, Health, and Socioeconomic circumstances of his followers, and simultaneously guided them along their Life Cycle. Prison Houses were not built for his people (Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators) yet his followers were born and died in the prison house of a Law enforced through the systematic use of Rules that Regulated their behavior; a Determined Idea! Ceeing the success in Yacub’s order, it made me begin to think a lot about our own Determined Idea, not just individually, b.u.t. from a National perspective.

As Yacub had his people serve as Psychological Coordinates to orientate their Worldview, Health, and Socioeconomic circumstances that guide them along their Life Cycle I considered what type of Professional Procedures "our people" had that functions the same way. For the most part our children are taught to learn to speak mathematics, maintain a certain diet, quote lessons and engage in basic social norms that we define as our Nations Culture, yet we have yet to create the Psychological Coordinates that serve as Cultural Development "Rest Stops" to guide them along their Life Cycle journey. Let me break it down.

Generally speaking, before a child is even conceived the Parents cee Doctors and Ministers, so the Doctors and Ministers Profession/Position is influential prior to the conception of the child. Doctors and often Ministers stay influential throughout the child’s 9 month development. When the child is born the Doctor (often the Minister) and the Nurse is present to bring them in this world. Through the child’s entire Life Cycle, Doctors, Ministers (Religion) and Nurses play a critical/key role in their development. Psychological Coordinates are established through systematic visits by/to these Professionals. Upon death this developing human being eventually meets the Cremator (Undertaker) who handles their physical remains.

Now all of this began to come to me as my own young Queens began to develop! I began to think about how I wanted to address certain aspects of their development like when they reach their menstrual cycle, when they should start receiving specific Training Units, what happens when they turn Sweet "17", graduate from any level of school, the procedures for courting young men (with knowledge of self), enter into a Divine Union and have children of their own. I often asked the question, "What do we as a Nation have in place to serve the same function from a Cultural Perspective?" As Christians are Baptized at a certain age in their development, Ashkenazi Jews circumcise their sons, Yaqui’s send their youth in the wilderness to cee their spirit guide, Muslims take shahada and etc.. , what are some of the things the NGE has in place to cultivate our youths development? I think that speaking the language, maintaining the diet and living out the principles are Peace b.u.t. where are our Cultural "Rest Stops" along the journey? Individually I am sure that many of us have put together a model of grow & development together for our own Universe yet what about the Galaxy or Collective Universes that make up our National Body?

As a Nation, I think that it is vitally important to develop Cultural "Rest Stops" for our youth in order to add on to their/our National journey and destination. Without them we will continue to deal with the dilemma that occurs because we don’t have something in place to supplement our non participation in other people’s Religious, Cultural or Philosophical "coordinated" events. In other words, if you can’t provide your child with 100% juice to drink how can you successfully teach them to not drink Sunny D, or if they can’t celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa at school what can you do to resolve the psychological/social/economic backlash that people will impress upon your child? Aside from a "Divine Union Rite" that I designed to resolve the National Complications with how we define marriage in the mind and procedurally enter into a union, here are some other things I would like to cee -and hopefully be a part in developing- that relate to defining specific points of Cultural Reference along our National Life Cycle;

1. A Baby Naming Rite- for all newborn children.
2. An Earth Rite- for young females who reach their Menstrual Cycle.
"Nationally" recognized Honor Days in addition to NGE & The Father’s degree days and Show & Prove.
3. Earth Day- for women.
4. Star Day- for the youth.
5. Our own Degree Day considered a day that we Nationally recognize as individuals!
6. Universal Flag Day.
7. Divine Union Rite- for marriage in the mind.
8. Memorial Rite- for those that return to the Essence.

These are just a few examples I could think of right now. I know some of ya’ll nigga’s talking that "Now Cipher God, we ain’t no religion!" shit so I don’t expect ya’ll to have the foresight to cee the science I’m dealing with. It ain’t religious, it’s designed to insure that our "Collective" legacy maintains it’s course and stop becoming reabsorbed back into Build Power Cultural assimilation! The reason why a lot of so-called Gods/Earths have made decisions to participate in Cultural/Religious/Philosophical affairs that they wouldn’t have under other circumstances is because they had no positive alternative! That’s one reason why it’s vitally important to have brother’s like Allah Jihad, Wakeel Allah, C’BS ALife Allah writing books in our native tongue because they’re providing the best alternative, compared to reading shit written by people who are not members of our National Body and don’t have a clue about livin’ out this way of life! They are serving a Political need that is galvanizing our Nation towards a National Consensus beyond just "What degree’s you dealing wit God/Earth?" and "How you cee today’s Mathematics God/Earth?". They are establishing Life Cycle Coordinates or points of Cultural Reference (Like Lord Jamar’s 5% Album, and also the Digital Production work that Rasheem and Khalik Allah are doing) along our National journey of growth and development. Along with their work some years back we’ve had some brothers/sisters from Power Born (Pittsburgh) spearhead a National Movement that produced what we now have as 9 Regions!! This was/is a MONUMENTAL THING to do!! The impact of this I think is still yet to be felt and realized!! Through that brilliant creation alone I can cee us Politically maturing to the point where we cast a National Vote in a National Election! Talk about Power being the Truth.. , shit that’s a Political Force I definitely cee in our children’s future!

Now, when we look at the different Rites that I suggested don’t make a "religious" interpretation of what I am proposing. I think that the success in all our "National" undertakings hinges upon our ability organize so we can arrive at a National Consensus on certain topics that can be forged into functional models (standards) that support our "Collective" -not just individual- growth & development. It’s definitely not any "Prison House" shit! When our young Queen turns 17 they should know that a special celebration awaits them regardless what region they live in! Our young Gods should know that there are specific Codes of Conduct in regards to courting an Earth for a Divine Union! One of the main reasons we have ceen people come and go is not simple because they weren’t built for it! Sometimes people come and go because there may not be any Communal Support that establishes a sense of accountability that seasons our personal responsibility! Sometimes our ability to access perfection is having the sound advice and support of other Scientist’s within and outside of our own cipher.

This is not no "thunder above my head" either! If you look at the functioning nature of many of the words that we use such as; Build, Parliament, Rally, Power and etc.. , I think that we will continue to politically evolve where these terms (and others) will began to take on a more mature meaning. We are still a very, very young Nation and the best is yet to come. Some other things that I would like to cee in the future that I think would be positive towards organizing our National Body are:

1. A National Census taken based upon established criteria for being a Registered Member of the NGE.
2. Status Cards created to establish Attribute, Registration Number, Lineage (Family Tree), Address and other specifics about who we are in a National Context.
3. A Council of Elders (Gods/Earths) elected by the NGE Body to serve as a National Support System in Culturally related affairs as they relate within the sphere of our Nation as well as engaging those Cultural/Religious Philosophical Bodies outside of our Nation.
4. Land purchased in a specific location were Gods and Earths can built a Community, literally.
5. A Black/Gold Phonebook and Skills Database of the NGE.

I hope that some of these thoughts sparked you to consider how we can continue preparing our children for "our" future! If we have no functioning National Agenda/Interests what other Interests and who’s Interests are we conditioning them to serve? If they are not stirred in a direction to use their individual intelligence, spending power and our collective unity to serve our National Agenda/Interests then who’s Determined Idea are they helping manifest? Just some things to think about as we’re preparing our children to become real world leaders, positively effecting public policy and amending What We Will Achieve to read "What We Maintain"! PEACE

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

EGO (Edges God Out)

Peace Ya'll! This a a revision of my last Article. I apparently made a typo in the 4th paragraph by citing the 40th degree as saying, "Allah in his own GOOD TIME" instead of the 39th degree. Well, enjoy the read again, you may have missed something because I damn sure did.. ! LMAO!!

Peace Family, I’m back and in full effect! I was thinking a lot about how Gods vary. For those of you who have come across us you can definitely bear witness to that! Some come from a real Conservative Nation of Islamish angle while other’s be on some Liberal Wu-Tang type shit! You got Gods who eat meat and some who are vegan. Some Gods say “muthafucka’” every other word and other Gods don’t even use the word “nigga”. You got some who tell you the Earth is our most Precious Jewel and other’s who’ll tell you don’t let none of these Bitches -headwrap or not- con you! There are some Gods who attend Parliaments/Rallies like faithfully and other’s who are reclusive when it comes to being amongst groups of people. Some Gods wear NGE Regalia to tell the world who they are and other’s never wear anything that would let you know they’re God. Some Gods are more orientated to talk while other’s are more orientated to listen. There are Gods who don’t mind going to a church or mosque b.u.t. there are other Gods that don’t go near these houses of worship. There are Gods who legally changed their name and other’s who haven’t. Some Gods dress strait hood and other’s dress Bohemian. Gods wear Cornrolls, Locks, Fades, Baldheads, George Jefferson's, Afro’s and etc.. . Gods coach High School Football, are College Professors, Cashiers, Garbage Men, Lawyers, Music Producers, Herbalists and many other Professions. There are Gods that drink wine and other Gods who drink water. There are Gods who smoke blunts and Gods that never smoked in their life. Some Gods are into tantric sex and other Gods choose to be celibate. They are many degree’s to our National Spectrum yet the common thing we all agree upon is 120 Lessons. We all know that this is what we must fundamentally have yet our Understanding of our Lessons is the reason why there is such a wide variety of Gods. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not so good. To me I often got a kick out of ceeing a sober, Southern Christian Leadership suit wearin’, courteous, clean cut God and a high as hell, thugged out, toothless, cursin’ every other word, raggy cornroll wearing God buildin’ in Cipher!

Aside from this, I stirred up a few EGO's with my "Idol Worship and Urban Iconography Article" so I'm gonna use that as a foundational stone to build upon today's Article about how brotha's allow their EGO to Edge God Out of the equation!

Feb. 22nd (The Father’s Born Day) Unofficially kicked off the “Gregarious Season” for Gods and Earths! The second weekend (Sunday) in June is the Annual Show & Prove Rally where Gods and Earths throughout the World make an Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca (Harlem, NY) to celebrate Family -especially our children- and our Individual/Collective Accomplishments. This is the largest Collective gathering of Gods and Earths that takes place so it’s a good opportunity to get out, meet people and enjoy the edutainment! Although the vitality and buoyancy of our youth is sweet to cee, there is a always a little bitter stuff that is always present, particularly amongst the adults; The EGO! EGO’s will be definitely be representin’ on this day and many people (male/female) look forward to Show & Prove as an Ego “fix” to help them make it until the next time they can get a boost. Yes ya’ll, it’s like a drug to some people and be careful who you say this around because you’ll probably fuck they high up! At Show & Prove you cee alooooooot of people (particularly adults!) on a reaaaaaaal Nationalistic, Pseudo-Religious Kick! That’s cool though, if you plan to attend you’ll get a chance to cee the wide spectrum range of Gods (particularly) that I built about in my opening paragraph. In considering this, you’ll notice that there’s a very thin line between what some Gods deem Religious and what other Gods deem Culture. My Articles simply walk you along this fine line of ambiguity, and show you the soft underbelly of what the average so-called Gods and Earths don’t really build about.

I think one of our greatest assets as a Nation is our ability to laugh at ourselves and be tolerant of our own humanity! This, I do understand, is something that comes with maturity. Ultimately, many of us lack the Understanding on how to manifest (Born) the reality of Allah in the context of his own "Good Time" (39th degree 1-40’s) simply because we haven’t learned to enjoy this Math yet! To me, that is one of the determining factors that defines the quality of life of an Elder! They are funnier than a muthafucka’ with this math and have an awesome sense of humor! They may not even be trying to be funny when they say certain things b.u.t. they are! One time I was in a Cipher where God Freedom (Poppa Wu!) was building about the 33rd Degree in the 1-40 (What is a real Devil?) and he humorously said, “Certain niggas give me the creeps God”! LMAO! Those who had a chance to spend some quality time around 1st Born Prince Allah also can attest to the sense of humor he had! My man Abu Shahid is also hilarious!! Ultimately, our Love (12) for this Culture (not Lust or Obsession!) should ripen to a point of expressing the Jewel of Happiness that radiates in such a way that people are naturally drawn to us without compulsively trying to “advocate” a muthafucken’ thing (a Society)! The “hard time” that many Gods have with this concept is the fact that it directly confronts the rigid Self Importance they’ve attached to their Ego! A Self Importance they think is God b.u.t. really E.dges G.od O.ut of the equation. All Ego’s aside, it’s usually these Older God’s sense of humanity, bumps, bruises and struggles as a Man that has seasoned them with the sense of humor to truly understand the context of being God Centered! There’s something very special, unique and allwise about any person who naturally conveys the humor and irony in 120!

As God, there’s supposed to come a time in our maturity where we understand the true necessity b.u.t. place for our Ego. That the Ego is used as a navigational tool not as a vehicle that rules our destination! When the Ego is in check you perceive how internal this Culture really is. Building becomes a quiet conversation of not saying too much of shit compared to running off at the mouth all the damn time. Wisdom becomes a concept of quietly being Wise not trying to find words (clich├ęs’) to talk Wise. The Science of Behavior Modification, Egocentrism, outright Devilishment and a host of other topics are some of the concerns that I valiantly address/tackle in my Articles. Unfortunately, the truth about these issues expose people for what they are -psychologically and socially- and it makes them alittle uncomfortable! Many people are just not as candid as I am because the idea of being “God” to them is completely disassociated with truly being a human (Man). Yeah they may say The Black “Man” is God yet they systematically front like everything is sweet! They could be going through all kinds of hell (baby mamma drama they created, they living wit a Wiz that don’t give a fuck about Math, lost they job, they going through a Custody Case and etc.. .) and when you build with them they talking about some ole’ other peripheral shit besides what they really dealing with! Because of a Man’s Ego, we are often under the ignorant impression that certain things make us look weak. Take a so-called God’s Ego and it’s multiplied 1,000 times than that of an average Man! And the little clause in the 8th Degree (1-40) that states that, “All the above is caused by the Son of Man” is often not enough to make a God put their Ego aside and honesty say and cee how we are our own worst enemy. I’m sure some recognize their faults in private b.u.t as soon as they get out in public they acting like shit is sweet and it ain’t like that! It amazes me how much High Science a dude will say he has yet he doesn’t cee how his “act” Abroad is undermining whatever progress he just made at Home in private. When it comes to the Ego, your more concerned about looking a certain way then truly being a certain way. Some Gods want all the prestige for building b.u.t. no responsibility for what they destroying. Here’s just a few examples of how to identify nigga’s on some Ego shit:

1. They’ll overtly/covertly bomb the shit out of a muthafucka’ about The Father’s History b.u.t. won’t mention shit about they nicotine addiction or etc.. ! If you bring it to their attention they’ll use Houdini Mathematics to finagle their way out of explaining why their clear addiction is not right & exact.

2. They recruit students like the Army Reserve, and they love to use the words “My Student”, especially when it’s another grown ass Man!

3. They have an insatiable desire to be noticed. If they had to they would probably crawl to a Parliament/Rally just to stand around to have people say “Yo’ that’s da God so and so right there!”.

4. They really get animated when females come around, and engage in petty “one-up man-ship” games with other brothers for a female’s psychological territory.

5. Instead of sincerely asking or being concerned about your quality of life they ask you trivialized arbitrary questions. They’ll ask you “Where was The Father’s birth mark?” before they’ll ask you “How you enjoy where you live at?”.

6. They build a prison house for they woman. -no need for explanation-

7. They’ll teach you regardless if you want to be taught! They believe their job as a Civilized Person is to force feed the Uncivilized.

As I stated, these are just a few examples. The only reason I can identify some of these expressions is because I saw “some” of them in myself. Because of my own honesty to assess and define how my Ego was functioning in my life, I was able to clearly cee this in other’s. God-Centeredness essentially means coming to terms with the actual fact that you can’t fool yourself, plain and simple! The fact that so-called Gods still try to fool themselves really reveals how insincere they truly are about being God-Centered. God-Centered in an internal, not saying shit, making no mention of yourself, Ego in check, respect for humility type of way! In time, our natural maturity dictates that we learn to “Preserve the Best Part for ourselves” by ceasing to waste time, breath, resources & sweat “searching for that, that does not exist”! Your Ego has many of ya’ll on some Big Head Scientist shit that keeps you 20 miles outside of the Truth of what you’re supposed to be. From that “20 Mile Perspective” it’s impossible to view ourselves on the forensic level we need to, in order to truly identify the Alike and Unalike aspects within ourselves! I know, I know, some of ya’ll aren’t interested in doing this! You’re more concerned about maintaining that “20 mile Perspective” because it allows you the comfort of speaking objectively about everything that “appears” to only go on outside of you. That’s Peace, that’s ya’ll angle and I respect it as one of the various degree’s of our National Spectrum. The useful thing about it is you all give me a great deal to consider while I’m living and excellent data when I’m writing (both positive & negative). My Determined Idea in this Article is to encourage Gods to rise above the gravitational pull of their Ego! This realm of “6” is a “Big Headed” State of self aggrandizement and playful immaturity, b.u.t. it comes a time when we all need to grow up in this Math. Not on some “Big Man” shit either (9/1-36), cuz that can “Born” another Ego, the precursor to eating some more of the wrong fuckin’ foods! Cringe the way I say it b.u.t. it’s the truth!

To conclude today’s Article, I also wanted to encourage those Gods on the fringes of this National Body to keep being candid about Quality of Life Issues and continue to “Man of the Year” this new breed of young Republicanisque Gods/Earths. Keep ya Tony Jaa swag wit this Math amongst these Walker Texas Rangers, and never loose sight of the fact that Culture Freedom in our Cipher comes with Allah in his own “Good Time”! Have a “Good Time” with this Math and smile every opportunity you get. The babies don’t wanna be around no corny, rigid, unhappy ass, 20-40 year old urban intellectuals on a Spring Day talkin’ bout muthafucken' tofu! You’ll have more of an “IMPRESSIONABLE” (key word!!) impact upon them by joining them in their treasure hunt for bugs.. , of course if your having a “Good Time” doing it!

P.E.A.C.E. (Proper Ego Assessment Creates Elevation)