Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Empress; Queen Aziza Fari
Cultural Coordination

Peace Family, today I wanted to build about our National Life Cycle. When I say National Life Cycle I am speaking about the process we Nationally (Collectively) undergo from Birth (Knowledge of Self) until we return back to the Essence (Physical Death), and some of the important elements that allow our National Transition to be as positive and productive as possible.
28th Degree 1-40: (Yacub’s first rule was to cee that all "HIS FOLLOWERS" were healthy, strong and good breeders. If not he sent them back, all not good in multiplying had to marry at the age of 16. Next he gave "HIS PEOPLE" Laws on birth control which was to be enforced.. .)
When looking into the 28th Degree in the 1-40’s (Lost Found Muslim Lesson #2) you will notice that there is a difference between who Yacub defined as "his followers" compared to "his people". One thing that I think many of us overlook in our Wisdom Build or Destroy Degree is how Yacub utilized his people as Gatekeepers that governed/monitored the National Life Cycle’s of his followers. His people are the ones who were actually given the laws on birth control that was to be enforced on his followers. His people were his Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators! Their Profession (like today!) demanded an Oath of Confidentiality ("Yacub put under the death penalty if they failed to carry out this Law, also death to anyone who revealed these secrets") and their Position functioned as a political tool to insure that Yacub’s Determined Idea was successfully carried out from the womb to the tomb (or Cremation room!).

The Profession/Position of Yacub’s Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators served as Psychological Coordinates that orientated the Worldview, Health, and Socioeconomic circumstances of his followers, and simultaneously guided them along their Life Cycle. Prison Houses were not built for his people (Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators) yet his followers were born and died in the prison house of a Law enforced through the systematic use of Rules that Regulated their behavior; a Determined Idea! Ceeing the success in Yacub’s order, it made me begin to think a lot about our own Determined Idea, not just individually, b.u.t. from a National perspective.

As Yacub had his people serve as Psychological Coordinates to orientate their Worldview, Health, and Socioeconomic circumstances that guide them along their Life Cycle I considered what type of Professional Procedures "our people" had that functions the same way. For the most part our children are taught to learn to speak mathematics, maintain a certain diet, quote lessons and engage in basic social norms that we define as our Nations Culture, yet we have yet to create the Psychological Coordinates that serve as Cultural Development "Rest Stops" to guide them along their Life Cycle journey. Let me break it down.

Generally speaking, before a child is even conceived the Parents cee Doctors and Ministers, so the Doctors and Ministers Profession/Position is influential prior to the conception of the child. Doctors and often Ministers stay influential throughout the child’s 9 month development. When the child is born the Doctor (often the Minister) and the Nurse is present to bring them in this world. Through the child’s entire Life Cycle, Doctors, Ministers (Religion) and Nurses play a critical/key role in their development. Psychological Coordinates are established through systematic visits by/to these Professionals. Upon death this developing human being eventually meets the Cremator (Undertaker) who handles their physical remains.

Now all of this began to come to me as my own young Queens began to develop! I began to think about how I wanted to address certain aspects of their development like when they reach their menstrual cycle, when they should start receiving specific Training Units, what happens when they turn Sweet "17", graduate from any level of school, the procedures for courting young men (with knowledge of self), enter into a Divine Union and have children of their own. I often asked the question, "What do we as a Nation have in place to serve the same function from a Cultural Perspective?" As Christians are Baptized at a certain age in their development, Ashkenazi Jews circumcise their sons, Yaqui’s send their youth in the wilderness to cee their spirit guide, Muslims take shahada and etc.. , what are some of the things the NGE has in place to cultivate our youths development? I think that speaking the language, maintaining the diet and living out the principles are Peace b.u.t. where are our Cultural "Rest Stops" along the journey? Individually I am sure that many of us have put together a model of grow & development together for our own Universe yet what about the Galaxy or Collective Universes that make up our National Body?

As a Nation, I think that it is vitally important to develop Cultural "Rest Stops" for our youth in order to add on to their/our National journey and destination. Without them we will continue to deal with the dilemma that occurs because we don’t have something in place to supplement our non participation in other people’s Religious, Cultural or Philosophical "coordinated" events. In other words, if you can’t provide your child with 100% juice to drink how can you successfully teach them to not drink Sunny D, or if they can’t celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa at school what can you do to resolve the psychological/social/economic backlash that people will impress upon your child? Aside from a "Divine Union Rite" that I designed to resolve the National Complications with how we define marriage in the mind and procedurally enter into a union, here are some other things I would like to cee -and hopefully be a part in developing- that relate to defining specific points of Cultural Reference along our National Life Cycle;

1. A Baby Naming Rite- for all newborn children.
2. An Earth Rite- for young females who reach their Menstrual Cycle.
"Nationally" recognized Honor Days in addition to NGE & The Father’s degree days and Show & Prove.
3. Earth Day- for women.
4. Star Day- for the youth.
5. Our own Degree Day considered a day that we Nationally recognize as individuals!
6. Universal Flag Day.
7. Divine Union Rite- for marriage in the mind.
8. Memorial Rite- for those that return to the Essence.

These are just a few examples I could think of right now. I know some of ya’ll nigga’s talking that "Now Cipher God, we ain’t no religion!" shit so I don’t expect ya’ll to have the foresight to cee the science I’m dealing with. It ain’t religious, it’s designed to insure that our "Collective" legacy maintains it’s course and stop becoming reabsorbed back into Build Power Cultural assimilation! The reason why a lot of so-called Gods/Earths have made decisions to participate in Cultural/Religious/Philosophical affairs that they wouldn’t have under other circumstances is because they had no positive alternative! That’s one reason why it’s vitally important to have brother’s like Allah Jihad, Wakeel Allah, C’BS ALife Allah writing books in our native tongue because they’re providing the best alternative, compared to reading shit written by people who are not members of our National Body and don’t have a clue about livin’ out this way of life! They are serving a Political need that is galvanizing our Nation towards a National Consensus beyond just "What degree’s you dealing wit God/Earth?" and "How you cee today’s Mathematics God/Earth?". They are establishing Life Cycle Coordinates or points of Cultural Reference (Like Lord Jamar’s 5% Album, and also the Digital Production work that Rasheem and Khalik Allah are doing) along our National journey of growth and development. Along with their work some years back we’ve had some brothers/sisters from Power Born (Pittsburgh) spearhead a National Movement that produced what we now have as 9 Regions!! This was/is a MONUMENTAL THING to do!! The impact of this I think is still yet to be felt and realized!! Through that brilliant creation alone I can cee us Politically maturing to the point where we cast a National Vote in a National Election! Talk about Power being the Truth.. , shit that’s a Political Force I definitely cee in our children’s future!

Now, when we look at the different Rites that I suggested don’t make a "religious" interpretation of what I am proposing. I think that the success in all our "National" undertakings hinges upon our ability organize so we can arrive at a National Consensus on certain topics that can be forged into functional models (standards) that support our "Collective" -not just individual- growth & development. It’s definitely not any "Prison House" shit! When our young Queen turns 17 they should know that a special celebration awaits them regardless what region they live in! Our young Gods should know that there are specific Codes of Conduct in regards to courting an Earth for a Divine Union! One of the main reasons we have ceen people come and go is not simple because they weren’t built for it! Sometimes people come and go because there may not be any Communal Support that establishes a sense of accountability that seasons our personal responsibility! Sometimes our ability to access perfection is having the sound advice and support of other Scientist’s within and outside of our own cipher.

This is not no "thunder above my head" either! If you look at the functioning nature of many of the words that we use such as; Build, Parliament, Rally, Power and etc.. , I think that we will continue to politically evolve where these terms (and others) will began to take on a more mature meaning. We are still a very, very young Nation and the best is yet to come. Some other things that I would like to cee in the future that I think would be positive towards organizing our National Body are:

1. A National Census taken based upon established criteria for being a Registered Member of the NGE.
2. Status Cards created to establish Attribute, Registration Number, Lineage (Family Tree), Address and other specifics about who we are in a National Context.
3. A Council of Elders (Gods/Earths) elected by the NGE Body to serve as a National Support System in Culturally related affairs as they relate within the sphere of our Nation as well as engaging those Cultural/Religious Philosophical Bodies outside of our Nation.
4. Land purchased in a specific location were Gods and Earths can built a Community, literally.
5. A Black/Gold Phonebook and Skills Database of the NGE.

I hope that some of these thoughts sparked you to consider how we can continue preparing our children for "our" future! If we have no functioning National Agenda/Interests what other Interests and who’s Interests are we conditioning them to serve? If they are not stirred in a direction to use their individual intelligence, spending power and our collective unity to serve our National Agenda/Interests then who’s Determined Idea are they helping manifest? Just some things to think about as we’re preparing our children to become real world leaders, positively effecting public policy and amending What We Will Achieve to read "What We Maintain"! PEACE
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