Friday, December 29, 2006

Culture Freedom
-Saladin Quanaah' Allah; Night-hiking along the Falls-

Peace family. This year as with many years before this I have been an active participant in Kwanzaa. A beautiful Celebration of some of the Universal Laws that we all knowingly or unknowingly observe and apply to our lives. To me, I cee Kwanzaa as something along the same lines as NA, a Seven Step Program designed to target Original People who are Recovering Christmas Addicts! My Parent’s used Christmas as more of a Social Drug and never had me and my brother’s and sisters strung out. I was building with Sha (my Enlightener) and he jokingly said Kwanzaa is some Black Santa Claus shit and “Kujichagulia” means “Ho, Ho, Ho” in Swahili. To me I see it as something that can be productively used to wean Original People off a diet that’s heavy in starchy Assimilation. More than anything it’s about celebrating the First Fruits of our Harvest (Children), meditating upon the productive or unproductive methods (labor) we did to reap our results, and renew our history to improve next years Harvest. There is a flip side to this though, because you start ceeing all kinds of fanatical nigga’s crawling out of the woodworks rockin’ mudcloth outfits, smellin’ like a bottle of Egyptian Musk and sayin’ Hotep! To me that’s as wack as not acknowledging the idea of Kwanzaa at all. If interpreted in a way to preserve The Best Part of these Principles for ourselves, Kwanzaa (like Christmas or any Observance) can be used to maximize our God-Centered Cultural Perspective and minimize ideas that are systematically designed to undermine our ability to be ourselves. I must re-emphasize the fact that we aren’t religious, at least we aren’t supposed to be (for those Nationalistic Gods and Earths who overzealously rep this Culture like die hard Denver Nuggets fans!). The fact that we are dealing with 85% of the people who are deaf, dumb and blind and another 10% who are rich slave makers of the poor, a whopping “95%” of the time we are playing away games!! This interprets into being like Rocky when he had to train with no equipment in the Cold and fight a steroid pumpin’ Ivan Drago in a Soviet Union arena full of Communist fans! Fighting to preserve and perpetuate our God-Centered Culture is symbolic to fighting the same battle, and if our Home ain’t Jerusalem (founded in PEACE), shiiiiiiiiittttttttt that even further hinders our ability to live a respectful way of life. I say all that to say this, Living Mathematics is nothing more than “Alchemy”, the ability to produce Gold out of any and all Midus Touched mundane situations. Allah is Lord of “All Worlds” and every environment is our classroom! With all that said, today I wanted to revisit the Science of my Culture.

In regards to Culture, I’ve grown to understand that if my worldview is not indicative of the Love, Peace and Happiness that forges the best of what Civilization has to offer than whatever I say I’m about ain’t really worth a damn! In otherwords, if my Culture ain’t solving the problems in my life then it’s strait up bullshit! I’ve seen and heard brothers in the NGE and NOI walking around screw facing people, stiff, unhappy, antisocial, unemployed, upset with their relationship and outright unstable. They may “say” PEACE or As-salaam Alaikum b.u.t. their life in no way expressed this! One reason that people on the outside may associate these illustrious Cultures with being Gangs, Hate Groups, Occults or any other negative definitions is because of the characteristics that I just mentioned above (i.e., screw facing people, stiff, unhappy, antisocial, unemployed, upset with their relationship and outright unstable)! If people can’t see your happiness then why should they even want to know shit about what your dealing with! They can seriously be more happy doing something else and unfortunately it’s usually something that’s gonna hurt them in the long run. As far as the NGE is concerned, I’m not a big fan of Ego Sessions (so-called Rallies) where we all get together and see what lessons we can quote, how much more we know than someone else or how beautiful we look in our refinement (clothing)! Not all “Cipher’s” are this shallow b.u.t. I will go as far as to say that 85% of them are! Only about 5% of the time is something really constructive going on. This is from my experience and perspective of course. Now here’s a few lesson’s that I’ve learned from living my Culture (The NGE) for a little over a decade;

1. “Be” what you are about. Since this world is Wisdom Knowledge (aka: 21 = backwards!) then it serves your best teaching interest to let your reputation proceed you. Focus more on how you can express God or Earth compared to how you can literally explain it. When a person is walking down the street their “sight” is the primary sense that orientates them in the environment, not their sense of hearing! Again, Light travels 186,000 miles per second while Sound “only” travels 1,120 feet per second. Do the math!

2. “Being in” or “A Member of” the NGE is nothing more than proclaiming a specific type of functioning mentality. A mentality rooted in our language of Supreme Mathematics/Alphabet and expressed through 120 Degree’s of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding (360 Degree’s). This expression manifests itself in all aspects of our people activities and serves as the summation of our Way of Life; Culture. So the idea of “Being in” or “A Member of” is actually a misnomer. There’s really no place to actually be, meet or be a part of. It’s really just a consciousness that’s shared by a collective body of people.

3. A 5 Percenter (according to our 16th Degree, 1-40’s) is “all wise and know who the true and living God is and teach that the true and living God is the Son of Man, Supreme Being, Black Man from Asia. Teaching Freedom, Justice and Equality to all the Human Families of the Planet Earth”. We became a Nation of Gods and Earths when we transcended simply knowing and teaching who the true and living God is as 5 Percenter’s. After the Father returned to the essence we formally “became” the true and living God that we knew and taught about and our women “became” our Eco-friendly “Heavenly” Home (Earth)! I only use the term “5 Percenter” for chronological purposes and in the context of a specific conversation. Other than that, I’m God, period!

4. This is not an “add water” sea monkey type method of Growth and Development. Like with anything, it takes time, patience, dedication and perseverance to become a greater person. The most important key is being true to yourself and openly honest with yourself about your frailties in order to access the strength to become better. Our 13th Degree in the 1-40’s tells us that “the Lost-Found was once mentally dead and many of them recovered from it”. In any system of recovery the First Step is for a person to acknowledge their own vices, and this Culture is no different. The most ignorant 85% and 10% blood sucker of the poor that you’ll ever see is in the mirror! Why? Because “you” (and your shortcomings) ultimately have the greatest impact upon “your” life. This is not a destination that plateaus at a place called “Holy”, it’s a journey called “Righteousness”.

5. A “Nation” infers a National Identity and a National Identity is always linked to a specific landmass. Because our National Identity is God-centered with the Planet Earth being our home, we belong wherever we go! The Best Part is based upon our preference and home is truly “where the heart is”! Because our conceptualization of Self is so Universal and without a said birth record, wherever I stand I’m in the center of all things! While American’s find it difficult to “be an American” on so-called foreign (especially Islamic) soil, I’m God regardless if I’m in Antarctica, New Zealand, Mudlick Kentucy or Ransomville New York! Allah is Lord of all worlds indeed. While some people measure their home by square feet, we measure ours by square miles, all 196,940,000 of them!

6. The Earth (Original Woman) doesn’t need to wear a Headwrap every time she steps out of the house. Hair needs to breathe and get sunlight to remain healthy! If she didn’t wear a Headwrap that doesn’t make her any less of an Earth if she did. The main thing that is important is wearing her hair natural. Some Original Women only wear Headwraps religiously because they are still covering up the lack of love for their natural hair. Instead of coming to terms with this they simply replace a perm/weave with clothe! I think that it is important for the Earth to find a harmonious middle ground. An Earth shouldn’t wear a Headwrap so “religiously” that if a person saw her without it they think that she’s other than herself, or not wearing it to the extent that when she does wear it people think she’s just having a “bad hair day”! I think the “Headwrap” should be worn to the extent that people clearly recognize that it is an aspect of her Culture yet something that doesn’t take
away from her when “she chooses” to wear her natural hair! As I said in a previous Article, Our women are not some cool ass Sunni Muslims!

7. There are Family Tree, Tribal-like distinctions in the way that Gods and Earths carry their Knowledge, and this depends upon who and where they got it from. It’s just as distinct as the various Rap Artists that represent different boroughs. If I come across a God who constantly says, “The Father said this or The Father said that” there’s a strong chance that his Historical Orientation is because his immediate Family Tree is in Harlem (Mecca). If a God is more pro-active and Community Orientated then his Family Tree may be from Brooklyn (Medina), the land of the Warriors. My Family Tree is rooted in the Desert (Queens) where Gods begin to not extend automatic credit to someone simply because they may have been with or knew The Father. We were more concerned about the living application of this Knowledge. Because of these Tribal-like distinctions, Gods will sometimes have inter-tribal disputes the same way that our brothers have inter-tribal disputes in Central Asia (Africa). The difference is that our disputes are more psychological than physical. The downside to this is the fact that people can unreasonably criticize these distinctions to the point of alienation. The upside to this is the fact that we can learn to appreciate the uniqueness that we each bring to our Cultural table.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

- The Greastest MC of All Time-
Young MC; Stone Cold Rhymin'

Peace! As we find ourselves in the beginning stages of this Winter Season it’s a good time to deal with a conservationist attitude in order to preserve the nutrients that we hope to invest in the Springtime. Sounds all flowery and shit, b.u.t. it’s really a time to deal with a lot of “Inner Work”. This is one of the best times of the year for me. Maybe it’s a January baby thing or something, b.u.t. anyhow, I really enjoy the properties that Winter brings out in me.

First I wanted to say PEACE to all those who take a moment to read my Blog. I appreciate your interest and ability to open your mind, especially when I’m dealing with many of the controversial topics that I tackle. My goal is to share my thoughts with you in a way that is both educational, entertaining and ultimately un-tampered with. If you notice at the top of my Blog I took a moment to “re-define” the angle that I’m coming from! This is basically to let people know what to expect. With all that said, today I wanted to build about what I call Polar Perspectives.

Polar Perspectives means to take an opportunity and stretch ya mind a bit. To look at things from the Polar Opposite side of the spectrum and consider things that other’s undoubtedly do. Your ability to see things from another person’s perspective may one day cost you your life, or better yet, your ability to not cee things from another person’s perspective has already cost you your life! I go back and think about the many people I alienated, exiled or outright dissed because I couldn’t “cee” where they were coming from! In our Knowledge (1st) Degree in the 1-14’s we learn that, “and there wouldn’t be any PEACE amongst them so we chose the BEST PART for ourselves. We didn’t care about the poor part”. Sometimes (Yes, I said “Sometimes”!) our ability to establish PEACE amongst people is to simply deal with the BEST PART and not care about the poor part! In other words, if you know da’ nigga be on some shit when he drink, only deal with him when he’s sober! Anyway, you’ll be surprised how much more PEACE you gain access to when your more concerned about engaging the BEST PART of person as a method of leveraging that poor side of them (that both they and you can do better without)! I also gotta mention that it does take a good amount of available energy and patience to “sit amongst some shit while having a positive conversation about the fragrant smell of Lilacs”! It takes strength indeed and none of us have it all the time! Sometimes you just want to and need to say “Damn that shit stank”! Well, here’s a few Polar Perspectives I wanted to share with ya'll;

George “Dubya” Bush
You gotta give him credit. He’s a routin’, toutin’, kick ass & ask questions later, Yosemite Sam! I like his arrogance and his “I don’t give a fuck” John Wayne attitude! Say what you want about him, he ain’t backing down from shit! He’s no Cincinnatus but he’s damn sure an American Hero. When I think of the word “American”, I envision George Dubya’ and everything he represents.

Minister Louis Farrakhan
“The Leader” is only a shadow of the man he used to be. Can you imagine beating your head against a brick wall for 40 something years? His followers probably don’t want to accept it but the man is fuckin’ tired! Tired of bullshittin ass followers who still haven’t “gotten the point”, even though he’s consistently shown them that they have the exact same tools and access to the same information that he has! It must be frustrating and I would never want a post like his because you can clearly see how it effected The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (THEM) and Khan’s health! Yeah I said it, his "life-force drainin'" followers are the one's who are indirectly responsible for his health! To say that THEM was like unto Moses and that Khan is a self-proclaimed “Aaron” is to simultaneously say that “their followers are CHILDREN”! Hard headed ass “CHILDREN” that they both had to constantly lecture because they really ain't listening! One of Khan’s greatest letdowns is the fact that “his Children” have not been able to reproduce an economic base like the 1st Resurrection did under THEM. When he was traveling doing lectures all over the country it was designed to be an economic mobilizing effort more than anything! With the blind, deaf and dumb negroes (particularly in the NOI) who were flocking out to see him, it became no different then a Rock the Bells Tour! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Khan would love to cee the things he espouses at “his shows” come into fruition in his physical lifetime, b.u.t. he has unfortunately realized that after 40 something years, 85% of “his CHILDREN” just don’t get it. He ain’t givin’ up ya’ll, he’s just preserving the BEST PART for himself, and about to sit back and enjoy being an Elder! Watch him and remember where you heard it first! And good luck with Ishmael “all hail Elijah’s son” Muhammad because he damn sure ain’t got no magnetic like that. It comes a time when “CHILDREN” gotta grow the fuck up and be responsible adults, so maybe Khan’s sickness will make his kids WAKE UP!

Gay Marriage
A long time ago I accepted the fact that people are going to do what they want, just not in my home.

Mainstream Rap Music
The new generation love to dance! They ain’t really listening to no lyrics like that and even though I cherish the “lyrical” aspect of this genre I also appreciate this cardiovascular movement that the youth got going on right now! It’s healthy for us when it comes down to it. So complain as you may about all these cheezy ass, b-side gimmicks, saturated in gross materialism, sexism and violence! They indirectly keepin’ our youth physically fit, active and in tune with “The Drum”!

Yeah that’s PEACE, b.u.t. unbeknownst to you, some of ya’ll are really suffering from an acute form of Obsessive Compulsion! You doubt it? Grab the latest addition of the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) at ya local library and you’ll see the symptoms! With all your Jack Lelane fanaticism about organic, whole foods and non-dairy products, you may die from being hit by a Meat Truck! Chill the fuck out, and if you really passionate about nigga’s eating the right foods, buy or make some shit for them that taste better!

The Black Church
Sunday Dinners and Bake Sales are the best!! Oh yeah, them fly as “sistah’s” that be wearing them skimpy ass dresses and playin’ the Sunday saint role is tight too! It’s funny to watch them talk about the bible when they’re body language is saying that they wanna get fucked! I also get a kick out of ceeing them 400 lb. faggots playin’ the shit out them tambourines and listening to the Elder’s get up and testify about what Massa’ did for them lately. The best part is always watching the children find creative ways to minimize the pain and torture of sitting through that bullshit! Through them we can learn a lot!

Black Men
We need to really get ourselves together! No one fuckin’ believes in us, not our women or even eachother and many of ya’ll act like you ain’t gotta Show & Prove shit to change how “we” are generally perceived! We’re being driven towards extinction like Moroccan Elephants and many of ya’ll niggas sitting back playing Smackdown vs. Raw on PS2, chasin’ bitches at the club, neglecting “your” children, complaining about the lack of jobs, worried about the Football score, quotin’ Jay Z lyrics you ain’t gonna use, eatin’ McDonald’s and smokin’ some hydro! To say that my job is to “Civilize the Uncivilized” or “Resurrect the Dead from a Mental Death” are understatements! When I started to hear the use of the phrase “he’s a Beast” by the youth to express admiration for what a person does I knew that the world was now “scraping the bottom of the barrel” to define the Black Man’s identity. Thank the Lord for Will Smith because as long as he’s alive we still have at least a Jamaican Bobsleddin’ chance to refine our image as Black Men!

A lot of dudes support it because they want to be on some freak shit, ya know, have threesomes and all that! There’s also females that want to be down with that freak shit too! That’s personally not a fantasy of mine, I’d be just fine with a Beyonce lookin’, Geisha style, Wise Woman that’ll bust her guns for me! Yeah b.u.t. anyway, in the context of this Society that’s definitely a Science! For you Gods that are basically still fuckin’ ya baby mamma and ya’ new Wiz that ain’t true Polygamy. Them females just got low self esteem and have accepted the “impressionable” pins you stuck in they head that tell them “no one will possibly want them” and “they’ll never find someone like you”! Polygamy was the first form of Social Security and if you can’t “legally” provide for more than one woman better than Section 8 and Social Services then what you callin’ Polygamy is really some slick Misguided King (i.e. Pimp!) shit that you maskin’ in so-called Mathematics! Considering the emotional investment in such an endeavor.., I’m good, I’d rather live 85 good years than die bald and stressed the fuck out at 55! Now I know some of ya’ll brotha’s probably saying, “God you just can’t hold the weight?!”. That ain’t it you dumb muthafucka’s! I just got sense enough to not spread myself too thin! Fool, having two women “really” translates into doing 48 hrs. worth of work in one day. “Anything less would be Uncivilized” –Sir Charles Barkley

Monday, December 04, 2006

"Making LOVE to our Icons"

Peace Family, today I’m dealin with “Making LOVE to our Icons” and I’m referencing our 14th Degree in the 1-14’s. The reason I highlighted the 14th Degree is because it serves as a good functional template to evaluate suitable qualities of a female. This is very, very important because sometimes we (males) have the tendency to see what we want to see in a female. Anyway, we find ourselves Making LOVE to our Icon; a “Quean” instead of a Queen! (Peace to my Brotha Ken Ra Allah for putting me on to the term “Quean”!)

The 14th Degree in the 1-14’s asks us, What is the meaning of MGT and GCC? The answer says, “Muslim Girl Training and General Civilization Class. These are the names given to the Girls and Women that belong to Islam in North America teaching them How to Keep a Home, How to Raise their Children, How to Keep a Husband, Sew and Cook and in General How to Act at Home and Abroad. These Training Units were set up by our Prophet by the name W.D. Fard."

First and foremost I wanted to say that as brother’s we need to stop trying to make love to our Icons! In other words, not every women that wears a hijab or wraps her head is a Queen and you can’t make some hoe into a housewife! Females are born into a gender oppressive Society so that warrant’s a sense of craftiness that females must employ in order to just survive the bullshit that males “WILL” put them through! Sometimes this craftiness becomes grafted into a sense of cunning that only rabid foxes employ! Anyhow, there’s a line in the movie Dangerous Liaison’s where Glenn Close say’s, “When I was born I instinctively knew that I needed to avenge my gender.” She also mentions that from her assigned status in French Aristocratic Society, she learned to “modestly smile at the table while stabbing the back of her hand with a fork!”. This my friend, reflects an indifferent, Ninjitsu (Urban Orientalistic) type of anarchist mentality that many of these females are in, strait up! Don’t be fooled by the fact that this creature can quote lessons, she is a Registered MGT or because she call’s you God in a text message. Given the time and opportunity, she’ll show her true “colors” (pun intended for those who understand!). Of course alot of this can be traced to ignorant ass "males" who have put females through so much bullshit that they became "grafted" devils. In this Article, I'm specifically dealing with those females who "choose" to do devilishment, steal, tell lies and Master Men!!

It’s funny because many of these females have such low expectations for our intelligence (as males) that they often flaunt what they “really” are right in front of our faces while telling us sweet lies that they expect us to believe! It’s like a female “telling” you she ain’t like that as she’s ridin’ you in ya whip right outside the club you just met her in! Only a fool would get into a full blow relationship with this female expecting her to be something other than what she is, a harlot. My point is, as males there are always some Tall-Tale signs that we often overlook in females in lieu of us trying to Make LOVE to our Icons! We often take that “made in our image and likeness” shit alittle bit too far! I also want to mention that just because I’m sharing this perspective with you (particularly females who are reading this!) that it’s not gonna equip you with an arsenal of WMD to mount an “Aires” attack on males. At least not the one’s who’s worth anything. Yeah you’ll be able to snag you some cat and make that weak muthafucka fall victim but not the Alpha Male, Piece with the Magnetic, Blackman of Asia that you genetically desire! Anyway, here’s my understanding of some of the prerequisites that I look for in females as outlined in our 14th Degree.

General Civilization vs. Training Units
All females that I generally relate with in any/all social circles are privy to just General Civilization. This means that you ain’t getting close! I’ve even been naked with a female who is getting General Civilization, shared body fluids with and even allowed them access to my Kingdom. Now your probably asking, why weren’t these close and intimate situations classified as Training Units? First of all because these females didn’t want Training Units! How do I know? Because when given the opportunity they chose one thing over another! If I gave a Wiz my remote control and let her channel surf and noticed that 85% of the time she watched Lifetime Network and VH1 I would be a damn fool to expect her to be into The History Channel (A Channel that she has to ask me what number it is!). I would be an even bigger ass to let her con me into believing that she’s actually enjoying this Documentary about Vlad the Impaler that I’m forcing her to watch! Anyway, If you clearly see that a female is not really interested in the ingredients of the cake don’t force her to learn the recipe! She ain’t gonna make the shit and your wasting her time and your’s! Just share your cake and non-verbally let her know that you don’t have any expectations of her enrolling in your Pastry Chef Class! Keep it General and only get specifically into Training Units if/when you see that she’s interested in learning the mechanics of what makes you tick! You’ll know because “A Student” always asks the right questions and approaches the Temple Gate with a sense of openness, humility and sincerity. If she’s “saying” she wants to learn while giving you every excuse in the book why she isn’t learning, she’s bullshittin’! She obviously wants something other what’s important and she’s trying to buy an X-box 360 with a nice, crisp $20 Bill! If that’s what you believe it’s worth, then that’s your lost if you let her get it that cheap! And that’s exactly how she’s gonna treat it, like some cheap shit "without a warranty" my nigga’!

How to Keep a Home
How to Keep a Home includes how they keep themselves, their child(ren), their car, their office space, their food tray and everything that can be remotely associated with them! If a female keeps her car dirty and junky then you can tell how she “keeps” her home, fuckin’ filthy! Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that this is a “Refined Earth” or “Good Muslim Sistah” because she appears to be “Cultured” or her hijab looks unblemished. She don’t know how to keep a home and you gotta consider if you want your Kingdom homely and unsanitary, because it will be! And if it ain’t, your damn sure gonna have to dedicate a lot of time and energy cleaning up after, organizing and talking to this female that don’t know how to keep a home! I speak like this because I’ve dealt with a Wiz who was a “Professional” Housecleaner (cleaning mansions) so through her I learned to develop higher expectations (I was already clean & organized before I met her!) of what “How to Keep a Home” is. Compared to her, a lot of these women I’ve met are strait up pigs! Now “How to Keep a Home” also means Household Management! If a Wiz is always buying what she wants and scrounging for what she needs then this is a clear sign that ya’ll home will be jeopardized!

How to raise her Children
I won’t go into how a women should raise a child, b.u.t. I will speak on obvious things that tell you a women needs to “really” learn how to raise a child. If a women has a child that tells her “NO, I’m not gonna do this or that”, she don’t know how to raise that child! The child is raising her! If a woman has a child (especially under 6 yrs. old!) that doesn’t have a specified time when they go to bed (in other words, that child be going to bed at 10, 11 & 12am!), then she don’t know how to raise that child! If that child is telling that mother what the fuck she’s not gonna eat, then that woman ain’t raising that child! I’ve met many females who had some bad ass children that as soon as I met them I had the urge to beat they ass! These females had no real sense of discipline so they children basically walked all over them! Nowaday’s many females think that involving their children in extracurricular activities and shit like that is the so-called “staple foods” of a healthy intellectual, emotional and physical diet! Naw mami, that’s a supplement! If your child is talking back, throwing tantrums and outright being disrespectful (especially in public!), you need to really think about what type of discipline or structure your giving your child because they are obviously outta’ control! As a man, I ain’t dealing with no bad ass children, fuck that! That “mis-management” effects How to KEEP a Home! If a person can visualize you and your child(ren) on a future Maury Povich Show for “Outta Control Teens” then you really need to work on How to raise your child(ren).

How to Keep a Husband
Since a lot of these females ain’t married I’ll build about How to Keep a Man! First of all if you trying to get the average “male” who ain’t got no Knowledge of Self then some good head, a tight pussy, being able to cook a descent meal, and a good job is basically sufficient! I’m tired of these females thinking that this shit is enough for me or any of the other Gods! In light of all the Mandingo, Buck-Breedin’ stereotypes females been fed about the Original Man, not all of us are savages in the pursuit of happiness! When your dealing with a “Man” with Knowledge of Self, some good head, a tight pussy, being able to cook a descent meal, and a good job AIN’T GONNA KEEP US! Some of ya’ll females got it in ya head that all you need to do is get us in a sexual arena and bring us some breakfast in bed after you “Little Kim’d” us and it’s all over! Next thing you know, you expect us to be speaking courtship language or making plans for a wedding! More than anything, a true “Man” seeks a woman who reflects his Culture in the form of speaking his language and sharing his values. Knowing that a relationship isn’t orientated from a bedroom, there must be qualitative substance to a woman that transcends the quantity of sexual ciphers she can take us into! All I can say is that there is always some other female who can give better head than you, who’s pussy is tighter than yours, who cooks like a chef and who has a 6 figure income! You really need to honestly ask yourself what sets you apart? What’s really gonna help you KEEP A MAN, not a “male” b.u.t. a Man?! I’ll tell you this, a Man is the one who makes you consider those questions without him even asking you! He makes you think about how you truly value yourself and makes you re-evaluate everything you’ve been taught about your pussy being the Best Part! When it comes down to it, many females ain’t really looking for a Man because when they find him they realize that it’s too much work! Too much work to figure out what they really have to bring to the relationship. Too much work to unlearn the lies they have been taught about a women’s worth, and too much work to learn from this Man what his nature requires of her. To my real Men with Knowledge of Self out there, don’t waste your time on a female who ain’t trying to sincerely learn how to keep you (peaceful & satisfied!). You on some letting “The Devil settle on the Best Part”, “caring about the Poor Part” shit, and there are many other women out there who welcome your instructions on how to please you! Don’t even try to reform them, take them off your Planet because for every 1 of you there’s upwards to 11 different women ready to fit that Cinderella shoe!

Sew and Cook
More than anything, Sewing and Cooking functions as a creative economical science! It cuts back on spending unnecessary money on clothing as well as eating/ordering out. It also shows you that a female is dealing with the related Science of Homemaking (Going back to How to Keep a Home!). This also highlights the Earths Rotation (Self Perpetuating) upon “it’s own” axis as it revolves around the Sun. Shit, these are also potential business venture skills that can add on the da Cipher!

I’ve known females who couldn’t sew up a hole in a sock or who made bean soup look like vomit! If you can’t sew that’s cool because that shit has become a lost art! Learn how to at least make minor repairs to your families clothes because companies obviously make clothing to last for a certain amount of time for a reason. Instead of constantly going out and making other’s rich from your labor, sewing is a means to be more economical and save money that you don’t need to be spending. That shit can be put towards a trip to Hawaii, now I know you thinking about it! In regards to cooking, don’t claim you on some Vegan or Vegetarian shit to try and hide the fact that you can’t cook! Come on now, ya’ man wanna be healthy b.u.t. it should taste and be prepared good too! At least think about your children. You can’t expect your child to accept a Vegan or Vegetarian diet if the shit you makin them is strait up nasty! They may grow up and eat the complete opposite just to spite you, or overdose on the wrong foods as soon as you turn your back! Why? Because you don’t know how to cook, plain and simple! If the meals you make a man just brings a smile to his face then you know you can cook. I can cook myself and yes my daughters eat what I make. And if they don’t, I have sense enough to try things different, ask them questions about it and make sure that I one day get it down to science where they askin’ for seconds! I real Man is able to go line for line preparing dishes with a suitable female like two battle rappers on a Smack DVD. Not that it’s a competition, b.u.t. if the only thing you can do in the kitchen is prop ya ass up on a countertop for sex, you got a lot of work ahead of you baby! A Man ain’t gonna waste his time on that!

In General How to Act at Home and Abroad
Here we are, How to fuckin’ “ACT”, at Home as well as Abroad. This doesn’t mean “ACT’ in the sense of Hollywood and we ain’t talking about “a Broad” neither! When we say How to Act at Home and Abroad we are talking about “Cultural Etiquette” in the form of Social Norms/Mores! In general terms, there are some things that are obviously not right and exact for a Civilized Man. We don’t like gender competitive females wearing pants (especially with a zipper for a penis!). Ya’ll secretly (and often blatantly!) want to be us! More than anything, We don’t like females “ACTING”! If you don’t want to be about our Culture then don’t front! Your acting is fuckin’ terrible and you expect us to believe “the role your playing” is that of a true Earth or MGT?! That bullshit is an insult to our intelligence and a waste of time. I tell a female strait up that if she wants to be with me then she must Know what I know, which means learn 120 lessons. This builds a proper foundation, makes communication more effective because she knows my language and ultimately minimizes conflict. She may try to come off like she want to be about it b.u.t. sooner than later she starts with the bullshit excuses why she’s not getting what she never really wanted in the first place! When I see that these females are really just “Acting” home and “A broad” I quickly put them in the “Time Out” corner. I’m still open to deal with them as far as “General Civilization” is concerned (which everyone has access to on the surface), b.u.t. they loose complete access to any “Training Units”! The way I teach a female “How to Act at Home and Abroad” is to show them that this ain’t no Act and they ain’t no broad! I teach them expectations about my Cultures Social Norms/Mores and that’s basically it. A female should simply be your second self. As a Man, a real woman is like having 48hrs. in one day! She helps you compress the time in a sense where she’s able to accomplish 24 extra hrs. worth of work to add on to your one day! As a Man we also do the same for her! If a females day is her 24hrs. and your day is your 24hrs., ya’ll ain’t addin’ on! Whenever a woman is at Home or Abroad, her time is always acting in the best interest of you because your time is in the best interest of her. If a female ain’t trying to be an International Ambassador for the Universal Government that you’re the Chief of Staff of, she’s only qualified to obtain a clerical position if anything. Don’t be harsh about it, just let her know that for an International Ambassador Position she’s under qualified. Tell her that if she would like to apply for it in the future, she needs to obtain certain degree’s and working experience in that field of study first!

These Training Units were set up by our Prophet by the name W.D. Fard
Like I said, I ain’t setting up no Training Units for some female that “Generally” want to fuck around with me. I can’t speak for other’s b.u.t. my Training Units are set up by my “Profit”! The time, energy and etc.. that I spend is an investment. It’s gotta be “Profitable” to me, not no feel good, prophetic talkin’, pie in the sky bullshit! My Training Units are set up to serve a functional purpose of adding on intellectually, emotionally and ultimately physically (ECONOMICALLY)! I teach from a perspective of practical application. Yeah you the Earth or MGT, rockin’ ¾’s clothing, looking all fly b.u.t. lets deal with your useful land. I’m interested to see if the Training Units your learning has enabled you to convert your natural resources (talents) into an economic reality; something that “sets up” a “Profit” for you. Don’t get it twisted, Poor Righteous Teacher don’t mean broke! In Old English “Poor” simply means to be frugal so that’s how I’m drawing it up, simply being practical with what you got and not living above your means. So regardless how Civilized a female looks, how much NGE History or NOI information she can regurgitate, if they haven’t learned how to apply Training Units set up by my Profit (investment), then they ain’t worthy to be in my Cipher! They wasting time and sitting on useful land that can be converted into a Profit/Prophet!

To conclude, I just wanted to say that I was inspired to write this Article in a very big way. To my brothers, don’t settle for less. Many of these females want to do a part time ass job and demand a fuckin’ full paid salary! They think that because they say that they are an Earth or MGT that your automatically supposed to roll out a red carpet! Whatever, as long as you stand on your Square and make them Show & Prove who they are and what they really want you’ll see them for what they are. There will be three things that will actually happen. 1.) They will stop fuckin’ with you altogether. 2.) They’ll just settle with dealing with you generally/platonically (even physically). 3.) They’ll actually build with you the way a student is supposed to. Many females will choose number 1 and make up some bullshit excuse why they ain’t dealing with you. The reality is that they are just frustrated because they can’t master you and have you on their terms. Your bound to see females make a number 1 choice especially if you turn down the pussy! Some females will appear to humbly choose number 2. Don’t be deceived by their feigned injury, This is playing Possum Tactic because in the back of their mind they think that they can “make you a believer” by turning you out with the pussy! They’re banking on the fact that once they get you on your back that they can ride da dick right off into the sunset and have you talking about marriage by the time the sun rises! Now the 3rd choice is always the rarest! Shiiiitttttt, it’s rarer than a Maltese Tiger! Now lets get this strait, no matter how swift you are, how much building your doing, how long you had Knowledge or how long you been laboring in the NOI. If a female ain’t trying to be right don’t beat yourself up about it, “She” don’t want to be right! That ain’t your fault and you “can’t reform the Devil, because all the Prophets/Profit’s (investments) have tried and have agreed that it cannot be done” (34 Degree, 1-40’s)! Gon’ brush ya shoulder’s off, accept the fact that she on some shit, and help her move on by encouraging her to find some Bama Nigga that she can con to fulfill her needs! PEACE (Please Evaluate All Ciphers Entirely)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Aleister Crowley; As American as Apple Pie!!

Peace Family, everything’s good wit me. The above picture is of Aleister Crowley who dubbed himself “The Great Beast” and who is undeniably the Father of Contemporary Majick, particularly “Sexual Majick”! To understand the essence of many of this Society’s Social Norms/Mores it’s important to gain a functional Knowledge of Aleister Crowley. It’s been said that this SICK BASTARD sacrificed an ejaculating goat while it was penetrating his orgasmic wife during a Sex Majick Ritual!! Anyway, do alittle research on him when you get a chance! Besides that, I also wanted to share with you a few thoughts that I’ve been dealing with lately so check this out:

-On the block I rest on the City of Atlantis (Niagara Falls, NY) is gonna be building a Court House and Public Safety Building. The Management Corp that owns the Property where I live at sent me a Certified Letter stating that they are in negotiations with the Development Co. so “if” the building gets sold I will be receiving another letter stating that I have 90 days to move out. Anyway, they’re offering me some alternative housing & moving cream or also a down payment on a Born Jewel (Shelter). Sounds good right, b.u.t. I know that sound only travels 1,120 ft per second so I’ll see what happens (Light travels 186,000 miles per second!). I’ve already communicated this to my young Queen’s months before this even happened so I wrote this Koran in advance. I was telling them that I’m gonna have to find a bigger Born Jewel cuz they both getting older and they’re gonna need their own room. B.u.t. like I said, light travels a lot faster than sound so right now I’ve been doing some background research on Federal/NYS Law in regards to Tenant Rights and Eminent Domain Procedures. I’ve already found that my Management Corp. is trying to run some 10% shit, I’ll keep ya’ll informed!

-Working at the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel is like a giant laboratory! Endless experiments, Knowledge to gather, Wisdom to experience and Understanding to gain about life. I’ve been here for 3 years and there’s been only one time that I didn’t want to come to work and that’s because I was dealing with my young Queen’s Mother taking them and moving out of State to PA! Other than that, I enjoy being here. One thing that I’ve really learned is how oppressed females really are! Not socially of course, b.u.t. sexually like a muthafucka’! I know that they rule the realm of 6 (six/sex) b.u.t. damn, whenever you havin’ a conversation with them there’s always some underlining sexual innuendo behind what they saying or what that interpret you are saying! Now this ain’t just single chicks, I’m talking about the married one’s especially! It’s a trip. I never realized how blatant, high strung, and sexually orientated many women were until I got here and did the knowledge! It’s funny because there’s nothing really overt that physically distinguishes me from the average guy. Because they take my appearance on face value, I “look” like fair game to them. I laugh to myself sometimes when I think about the 8th Degree (1-40’s) when it says, “This water is never drawn above 6 miles from the Earth’s surface by the Sun & Moon” by usually responding to these situations with either a modest smile, a shake of my head or the common response, “you crazy”!

-I can’t even tell you the last time I heard a brotha/sistah in the NOI even say the word Yacub, Musa, Devil or any of the other common words and/or phrases that are “rooted” in the teachings of Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons). I don’t know about you, b.u.t. to me that is a Sociopolitical “idea” that needs to be thoroughly investigated! If you’ve honesty been looking at what has been chronologically happening in the NOI (particularly within the last 2 ½ decades) you’ll see what I’m saying! Trust me, there’s an undeniable shift in Orientation when you hear brotha’s/sistah’s in the NOI talking more about what the Koran & Prophet Muhammad say then what Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) & The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us! Yeah, I know I’m not in the NOI and your probably saying that it shouldn’t be my concern b.u.t. that’s family and the way that they do things are going to impact all of us, collectively! Not to mention that it personally hurts to see most of our brotha’s/sistah’s in the NOI being conditioned to fill menial “labor class” positions instead of being encouraged to be rooted in & apply the actual Teachings (Supreme Wisdom, 120 Lessons) in order to attain the Higher “Aristocratic” levels of Self Development that about 10% of the NOI are enjoying.

During the 1st Resurrection of the NOI, the brotha’s/sistah’s Worldview was Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) orientated! Do the Knowledge to any old A/V Recordings of the NOI and you’ll hear it. You’ll hear the raw uncut Teachings, not the baking soda cut shit you usually hear today! Many new member’s of the NOI don’t even know what Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) is and many of them go on “laboring” for years not even looking in it! It’s almost like getting a job at a place that doesn’t proactively supply you with the History of the Company, an Employee Handbook & Policies and Procedures prior to assigning and emphasizing your Job Function. That leave’s a whole lot of room for “potential” Monkey Business!! Under these circumstances, people over your head can tell you whatever the fuck they want to and because you really don’t know shit all you can do is “believe” (follow) what they say. This explains the term “Believers” that NOI Member’s use to refer to themselves because many of them don’t even “know” their fundamental Teachings (120 Lessons). Now, if some Monkey Business does go down involving people in the Organization, you really ain’t got no legs to stand on or RECOURSE to address/rectify the situation! To put it plain, you in a fucked-up situation. I’ve seen it happen, and all these “laborers” had to do is be well versed in Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) and they would have been able to defend themselves & go to war when necessary (and unfortunately with they own people)! What many of them still DON’T REALIZE AND WON’T BE TOLD is this; The Hierarchal “Restrictive Laws” that they unquestionably follow DOES NOT supercede the essence from which they were derived; Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons). These restrictions are man-made derivatives of Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) and a thorough Knowledge of these Teachings doesn’t necessitate someone holding Restrictive Laws over your head like it's a Sword of Justice. Think about it, ain’t nobody checkin Farrakhan, and other’s in his Aristocratic fold like that because they making the Restrictive Law’s. This is Shown & Proven because Farrakhan has changed some things that the 1st Resurrection didn’t do, some good and others not so good! Now if you think Farrakhan will give his son Mustafah 60 days exile for the same minor offense that Local Minister’s give a lower class “laborer”, you are dumber than I thought! When we started to be programmed with the determined ideas of George W. Bush (regardless of what they were!) instead of relying on the basic tenets of The Constitution, some of us were wise enough to see that America was heading in a different direction. We knew because WE KNOW WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I think Farrakhan is excellent at what he does and I love my family, b.u.t. it’s ill to see The Teachings (120 Lessons) that has served as the backbone of our family now not given the respect, value and consideration that our Grandparents fought, bled and died to establish during the 1st Resurrection! Remember the big ass problem people had with Warith Deen Muhammad (Elijah’s son) when he started to Arabianize the NOI back in the mid 1970’s when Elijah departed? People was dropping out like flies and others literally wanted to kill him about so-called “straying away” from Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons)! Now that Farrakhan is doing the exact same thing 30 years later and with alittle more charisma, I guess it’s alright huh’?! Anyway, when I began to hear NOI Min. Akbar "Muslim Larry" Muhammad on this International Crusade to speak on The NGE (5 Percenters) during his lectures (that many times didn’t have anything to do with us!) in ways to alienate us, my "Spidey Sense's" began to tingle! Don’t be surprised that if America starts talking some so-called Domestic Terrorism shit about extremist groups within they borders that the NOI will stand by like they don’t deal with The Teachings (Supreme Wisdom/120 Lessons) that can be misconstrued as extreme! All they doing is setting the stage to pull some “Peter” shit when it comes down to the final hour! Pay close attention and listen to what I’m saying!!!

-I’ve been doing the Knowledge to some Bob Dylan lately, specifically to a couple of songs, one called “Tangled Up In Blue” and another one called “Shelter From The Storm”. Now, “Shelter From The Storm” is about this Wiz offering him a place of so-called comfort only to flip the script on him when I (Oh’ I mean “HE”) started to deal with her. It’s kinda like drowning in quicksand and seeing a beautiful woman standing on the ledge who offers you what “appears to be” a rope so you can pull yourself to safety. Exhausted from the struggle of pulling yourself to safety you roll over to discover that it was actually a venomous snake that you had blindly mistaken to be a rope! It’s ill, and here’s a verse about what condition he was in when he met the Bitch; “I was burnt out from exhaustion, buried in the hail, poisoned in the bushes, blown out on the trail, hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn,Come in” she said, ‘I’ll give you Shelter From The Storm”. Now mind you, this was before he met her yet the shit he went through with her was worst! It was pure unadulterated hell! I (Damn, I mean Bob Dylan) goes on to build about how “he got his signal’s crossed” and eventually “bargained for salvation” b.u.t. “she gave him a lethal dose” and when he “offered up his innocence” he “got repaid with scorn” even though ‘Come in” she said, ‘I’ll give you Shelter From The Storm”!

-I had to drop my Young Queens off at they Ole Earth house out in Chester, PA to conclude Veteran’s Day Weekend so when I get there I always spend at least an extra day out in North Philly. I rest with my Enlightener’s Enlightener “Life” when I’m there and it’s always Peace to build with him. Anyway, he gave me a movie to take back to Atlantis to do the Knowledge on and it’s some High Science shit called Dangerous Liaisons!! Dangerous Liaison’s came out in 1988 and it’s a Period Film that takes place in French Aristocratic Society during the turn of the Century. All I will tell you about it is that it puts a lot of things in perspective!! For ya’ll that never seen it, I encourage you to get it to own!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Supreme Mathematics
The Understanding (Children) is the Best Part

Relationship is like a primordial glue that holds the Universe together. Without a Relationship there’s no Relatively and without Relatively there’s no CONTEXT. CONTEXT manifests substance and infuses a person, place or thing with “Life”! Without CONTEXT, a person, place or thing functionally doesn’t exist and it’s sterile, neutral, non-politicized state is utterly useless. To start entertaining the idea of a new relationship because the muthafucka’ you wit ain’t doing shit is a Universal Principle! Just make sure you implement a right & just (Righteous) plan that will establish closure (key word!) in the situation so you can be free to move on with your “Life”! Yo’, the Alchemical Process of forging that Jewel burnt up my pockets, my time and me (emotionally!) so please don’t squander it, many people died in the process of trying to grasp that “Golden” Rule!

Shifting gears alittle bit, in the NGE we learn very early on that, “Supreme Mathematics is the Key to understanding our RELATIONSHIP to the Universe”. For those of you who don’t know what “Supreme Mathematics” are, a simple definition is; “A System of Alpha-Numerology where Numerical Elements (0-9) are identified/defined as Principled qualities that produce Principled qualitative Compounds”. In laymen’s terms, we don’t simply “look at” numbers as mechanical units or quantitative tools, we “look in” numbers as functional systematized qualities. While the average person see’s 1 + 2= 3, we see it as Knowledge (1) and Wisdom (2) bringing forth an Understanding (3)! Now don’t get it twisted now, we recognize the surface reality too, we simply understand that to “look in” things forensically, we unveil it’s essential nature. Our Supreme Mathematics is a profound system that we use to discover the underlining significance, oneness and interrelationship in all things! It’s simply not enough to say that 2 Apples + 2 Oranges = 4 Fruits. The essence is, what RELATIONSHIP does 2 Apples + 2 Oranges have to you as a “person”, in what “place” and how these “things” (fruits) function in your life. If this RELATIONSHIP is not established or a connection can’t be made of how anything relates to your life then it becomes nothing! But nothing or insignificance in your mind doesn’t negate the effect or impact that something “essentially” has upon your life. I often tell my students, “What you know won’t hurt you, it’s been killing you”. Being ignorant of ignorance is some shit!

The CONTEXT or RELATIONSHIP of how Numbers individually & collectively function is called Mathematics. Mathematics is an entirely mental concept, and represents the Principles & Procedures that give form to all aspects of existence. Form in a physical sense (dimensions & calculation), and Form in an intangible sense (thought & emotion). Mathematics is ultimately the Universal Language of Order/Law that permeates all organic/inorganic intangible/tangible processes.

With all that said, not only is it Supreme how we conceptualize Mathematics in it’s essential form through the use of Alpha-Numerical Oracles, but we have the intellectual dexterity to teach it to children! Regardless of what people have to say about the Gods & Earths, Abu Shahid & The Father where dealing with Ethereal Levels of thought to be able to teach children what I explained to you in the first 3 Paragraphs! To teach an average young adult this Supreme Mathematical Theology would already be difficult in a quiet classroom setting with endless resources. Imagine teaching and getting children to grasp this in the midst of the transitory atmosphere of the Harlem Streets, in the mid 1960’s, with little to no tangible resources, no classroom, teaching credentials or salary?! While Elijah brought basic Arithmetic to illiterate adults in Black Bottom, MI in the early 1930’s, Abu Shahid and The Father brought Geometry to bastardized children hanging in the Harlem Streets in the mid 1960’s! Supreme Mathematics was a “Key” that forged a consciousness in the youth. A consciousness that enabled them to grasp their RELATIONSHIP to the Universe! It’s interesting to note that when the NOI fell in the mid 1970’s, their “Da Vinci Code” guarded Teachings (The Lessons) were already hermetically housed in the genetic script of Inner City youth. Youth who were taught to unlock them using Supreme Mathematical Keys that no one on the Planet Earth could claim to have! While many “adults” fell by the wayside when The Honorable Elijah Muhammad left us, it was the children who were holding the weigh of “The Teachings” (Supreme Wisdom/120 Lessons) upon their shoulders!! That Actual Fact can never be minimized or depreciated!!

To conclude this Article I wanted to emphasize the fact that our target group in the NGE is the youth. Not that we don’t teach other’s in general, it’s just that we specifically focus on the youth. Because of this approach we tap into the proverbial “Fountain of Youth”, remain in tune with the time, and keep our methodologies of conveying the truth relative & innovative! In the NGE you see a brotha’ like Abu Shahid (who is approaching 80 yrs old!) spit a verse off the dome while rockin’ a Rockawear sweatsuit! You see many of our Elder’s rockin’ Tims, speaking the language of today’s youth, aware and “Alive” in the context of today’s time! I always respected that and the youth do too!! In my L.I.F.E. Program my Students love the fact that they can be themselves around me. That’s because I don’t look like I just came from a 1975 Southern Christian Leadership Conference, I ain’t got a “I’m an adult you can’t tell me shit” smirk on my face, and I don’t sit and judge them! Ya probably thinking, “What the hell does Supreme Mathematics got to do wit this”? Well, Supreme Mathematics are the keys we use to unlock the minds of the youth and turn any environment and activity into a classroom! Even the most mundane social activities or circumstances contain profound insights that we can use to grow & develop, and Supreme Mathematics are the forensic tools we use to extract them. While most Religious Rituals, Cultural Traditions, Philosophies and Beliefs become obsolete or die out, you’ll always see God’s and Earth’s speaking the “Mathematical” language of the Universe amongst the youth, lookin’ “fly & fresh to def”! For you grown-up’s who still didn’t get the point please refer back to Paragraph #1!!

Saladin Quanaah’ Allah

Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Our 'PROPHET' W.D. Fard" -Hon. Elijah Muhammad
(14th Lesson, 1-14's/Lost Found Muslim Lesson #1)

Fard: The Man, the Myth, the Majik

Peace Fam! This subject has been in my Third (Mind) for a while so I thought is was a perfect time to manifest it. I will warn those of you who “Worship” Fard to discontinue reading this Article right from the gate! I know how much stock you place in “the belief” that Fard is 129 years old & studying on the Mothership so you may be alittle too sensitive to put beliefs such as this under a critical, analytical microscope. Those of you who are true seekers of Knowledge I welcome you to look at Fard, as he was; a Man shrouded in Myth and Majik. This Article is about being a follower only to the extent of learning how to Lead!! I want to clarify that I’m gonna approach this Article as if I’m speaking to people who already have a basic idea of who Fard is, primarily Registered “Believers” in the NOI. For those of you who don’t have a clue who Master Fard Muhammad is take a second to click on this NOI link dealing with "Fard" and NOI Chronology. Now here we go.. .

When I first learned about Fard (as a child, literally and intellectually!) he was larger than life to me! I never became a Registered “Believer” in the NOI but I did view the Man in Mythological terms. Kinda like the same way kids glorify Chris Brown today! Anyway, almost every story I heard about this Man would make David Blaine look like an Amateur! “Elijah Muhammad never saw him sleep”, “Fard is on the Mothership studying”, “Fard moved a star with his finger”, “Fard controls the weather” and the tall tales and legends go on and on! In light of Actual Facts, none of these (and other) instances have been Show & Proven to be true. For all practical purposes, these carefully constructed “Beliefs” simply serve the purpose of strengthening the faith of oftentimes faithless followers. I look at it like this, regardless how comforting and euphoric it feels to “believe” our child ate today, it can’t be compared to knowing for a fact that they had a nutritious halal meal. Like one of my Elder’s Abu Shahid say’s, “Belief never supersedes Knowledge”!

In the movie Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee spoke these famous words, “It’s like a finger pointing to the Moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you’ll miss the Moon and all it’s heavenly glory”. To me, I see these “tales” about Fard as just a finger, something designed to point you somewhere else! Many members (not all!) of the NOI that I know seem to always be engrossed in staring at the finger and consequently, they miss the “heavenly glory”. In otherwords, instead of simply co-signing the story that “Elijah Muhammad never saw Fard sleep”, analyze how that practical information (regardless of it’s validity!) can function in your life! The idea of “someone never seeing you sleep” is Peace if you really think about it practically! If many Muslims got the point they wouldn’t “sleep” on the Lesson’s (Supreme Wisdom) that Master Fard & Elijah Muhammad compiled as the FOUNDATION of The Teachings! It’s very, very rare to come across a Muslim (including Ministers!) who study The Lessons enough to know them by heart. I’m saying this because some brotha’s/sistah’s in the NOI try to discredit members of the NGE (Nation of Gods and Earths) because we “supposedly” don’t follow Restrictive Laws. It never occurs to them that it takes a tremendous amount of commitment, endurance, discipline and restrictive focus to memorize all 120 Lessons (the bulk of Supreme Wisdom!) and be able to recite them by heart! I ain’t even talking about breaking them down, I’m just talkin’ about spittin’ them off the dome! So don’t get it twisted fam, the flyest, most spectacular Ball Player’s usually aren’t in the NBA (NOI), it’s the cat’s that rep the streets and we (The NGE) hold this Knowledge like Street Balla’s! We “handle” (dribble) The Lesson’s with a sense of insight, self confidence, flair & finesse that would make the Harlem Globetrotter’s take notes! How else do you think The Father was able to grab the attention of the youth? He was swift, educated, entertaining and socially in tune with the youth, something that many adults find impossible to do!

Nowadays when some brotha’s in the NOI hear that you’re a member of the NGE there’s usually a quiet sense of respect (at least in your face it is!). The type of respect that was shown to the Master of the Green Destiny Sword in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”! I understand from some of my Elders that it never used to be like that back in the day. Now all brotha’s don’t have that sense of respect and for the few who have had the unfortunate experience (but blessing in disguise!) of trying to duel with the Lightening Tap, Self-Styled Wisdom of the Gods they learned very quickly never to assume that because we may appear to look like regular people that we are like them! One of the “other Rules and Regulations that are not mentioned in this lesson” (28 Lesson, 1-40) is as follows; “Don’t even step in the Arena if you BULLSHITTIN’ WITH The Lessons, because it’s Mentricide”! Let’s be real about it, because many (not all!) NOI brothers be stiff like Herman Munster, pitifully try to clone themselves into Farrakhan and keep Supreme Wisdom (The Lessons) on they shelf collecting dust they just ain’t ready to test our swift swordplay! It’s like Walker Texas Ranger vs. Tony Jaa! Now the blessing in all this is the fact that we show them how to flexibly express Islam as a living, breathing reality, not as a sterile ritualistic practice. And as painfully as many of them would like to admit it, we show them how it’s done!

Now alot of this stagnated, unworthy servant attitude that many (not all!) Muslims in the NOI have is because of their star-struck “Massah” Fard Muhammad belief that he is above them! This Religiosity is no different than how many Christians sweat Jesus, Buddhists deify Buddha and "New York" praised Flava Flav! To visualize Fard as a Man who got up with an erection in the morning, a human being who urinated/defected, brushed his teeth/hair and hung out with his boy Elijah is damn near impossible for many of them. Even now some of them cringed by reading that last sentence! He was a Man damn it!

Let me humor you for a moment, when it’s said that Fard was invited to dinner over a family’s house and he ate everything they served and then taught them about how to eat to live this is how I see it going down; Knowing that most people in Black Bottom MI migrated from the South, that’s probably the first time Fard had some Sweet Potato Pie, he probably had the shits all night from eating chitterlings & collard greens wit hog mauls, and his blood pressure probably spiked like Billy “White Shoes” Johnson! You know women was definitely trying to holla’ at him, and his pheromones probably made them hoes accost him like Jubelo, Jubela & Jubelum harassed Hiram Abiff! Make no mistake about it, Elijah and Fard rolled together! Elijah put Fard down on the street shit like Bubbles did 5-0 on The Wire. They hung out, they laughed together, shared tears together, and got upset with eachother at times! Yeah Fard is the 24th Scientist who was taught by 23 other Scientists (who happened to be his Father & Uncles), but he came to the Wilderness of North America to search for his long lost Uncle (The 25th Scientist)! The Uncle who his family wasn’t fuckin’ wit like that! Remember, we are of the Tribe of Shabazz right? “Rebellious” ass Black Sheep’s of the family who went into the Central Asia Jungle and thugged it out 50,000 years ago! Study your Lessons.. .

Anyway, when the NOI particularly chooses to focus on “the person of Master Fard Muhammad” instead of grasping “Allah” in his person, they misunderstand the reason that he came! Consequently, you begin see people gazing off in the Universe waiting for a person to return on the Mothership while neglecting their “person-al” responsibility on Earth! Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s perfectly healthy to investigate the paranormal, Ufo’s, Bigfoot, Orb’s and all of that unknown shit, I just think that it is hypocritical for some members of the NOI to criticize a Christian for their “beliefs” when alot of what they be saying is belief’s too! A Christian has the right to believe that Noah put all the animals in the world in one Ark just like the NOI has a right to believe that Fard can beat Michael Jordan in a one on one game of Basketball (That dumb shit was told to me by a NOI brother before)!

I’d like to conclude by saying that although Allah was “in the person” of Master Fard Muhammad, the Black Man “is Allah”. There’s a difference. Fard didn’t come over here to have people performing salat with his image in our mind! Nowhere in our Lessons (Supreme Wisdom) does is say that Master Fard Muhammad “is” God or Allah. A cursory glace at the lesson’s would bear witness to this fact! The Lessons clearly mentions Fard as “OUR PROPHET” on two separate occasions yet the Black Man is referred to as Allah, God, the Supreme Being, the Original Man, and Son of Man countless times! Allah was said to be “in the person” of Master Fard Muhammad because World History even tells you that it’s rare to see Higher Consciousness righteously dwelling in a physical form that’s dealing with the physiological, psychological, social and economic issues associated with albinism! A good illustration of the sense of alienation, aggression, overcompensation, gross assimilation, inadequacy, uncivilization, apathy and pathology that a person with albinism goes through is in Walt Disney’s Tarzan! It’s a lot of weight to carry knowing that you are genetically an endangered species and that anywhere on the Planet Earth you go, your a stranger!! Fard was indeed an exception just like it was an exception for his Father Alphonzo to “go up in the Caucasus Mts.” (pun intended!) to get him a White Girl that he had to civilize and have a son with! I’m sure his brother’s had jokes!

So the next time you find yourself drifting off and fantasizing about the Hereafter when Fard & his Legion of Superhuman’s comes back to slay the fire-breathing Dragonfaced White Man, save “The Believers” and make a pork free Universe, get a grip! You have the right to believe that, but as the 18th Lesson in the 1-40’s states, “The duty of a Civilized Person is to teach he who is savage Civilization, Righteousness, the Knowledge of Himself, the Science of Everything in Life, Love, Peace and Happiness”. As a “said person of that ability” (20th Lesson, 1-40’s) it’s our proactive responsibility to make things happen right now and be clear that “There is no Mystery God” (10th Lesson, 1-40’s) that’s gonna do it, not Fard, Elijah, my Momma or my child, ME! While it is respectfully critical to acknowledge Allah (Universal Mind/Consciousness) that “came in the person” of Master Fard Muhammad, it is essential that we grow in the understanding that the Black Man “is” Allah (Universal Mind/Consciousness)! It’s all in your Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) just take a moment to look! And oh yeah, True Master’s produce Grand Masters!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

-Mike Tyson's Greatest Opponent-

Build -THE EGO- Destroy

I’ve had Knowledge of Self (or 120 Lessons) for alittle over a decade and I’ve grown with this as this has definitely grown with me. One of the things that has helped my truly grow and develop as a man is “Checking my Ego”! Coming into the Knowledge of your own God-centeredness can really give you overzealous ideas of grandeur. I remember the times I was always “saying” the Blackman is God, outta context like a muthafucka’! It was an EGO thing. I remember building until nigga’s would pass the fuck out! Man, the EGO is something else and if not put in it’s proper place you become like a time bomb, waiting to blow yourself up and everything around you. Yacub didn’t necessarily have a Big Head literally! Yacub had a Big Ass EGO, and he had that shit down to a Science! Because of that (among other things) he’s credited with being the Father of the Devil and it’s definitely a lesson to be learned from that! Let me elaborate.. .

Anyway, the reason I come off so cynical, controversial and practically down to Earth is because through maturity I’ve learned to check my EGO. I’ve done this systematically (through Shamanistic techniques used to de-structure the EGO) and when I had to deal with life on life’s terms! I’m not saying that those who don’t come off like I do don’t have their EGO in check, I’m just saying that this is the way that I express it. My unique experiences have forged my identity and I’m grateful that I’ve kept two feet on the ground in the process! Identifying yourself as The Creator can become a form of Intellectual Masturbation (of which I’ve done quite a bit!!) and this self stimulation can always be ascribed to an unchecked EGO!

Now, for those of you who are not active members of the NGE (Nation of Gods and Earths). Don’t think that you have the right to regurgitate what I say as if it’s “the way it is” in regards to my Nation. I have the right to say what I say because I am a qualified “said person of that ability”. I am on the inside often speaking about what’s going on in “different places” in the inside. There is always another perspective or side to the story, this is just my perspective. There are many so-called God’s that are strait up asshole’s, niggas that be on some shit and using the name of God to shield they dirty ass ways and actions. There are also many true & living Gods who actually live principled lives and are exemplary in their expression of this Culture! There are also bitches wit they heads wrapped-up saying they the Earth but be really just taking advantage of brothers who look at them as Queen’s. You also got true Queens who are truthful and sincere, who modestly bring out the best in themselves and their family!

Sometimes I take the more “controversial” perspective because our people (NGE) don’t always speak on these things openly. I actually see it as not only therapeutic but also as a breath of fresh air. Part of my duty as a Civilized person is to help people see that just because I’m God-centered doesn’t mean that I ain’t got problems! Shit, the only difference is that I use mathematical formulas to solve my problems. My Articles are plain, digestible and never above the people’s head! At the end of the day I want people to be comfortable enough to be amongst me as they are, not feeling like I’m the muthafuckin’ Thought Police or that I’m judging them like they being weighed on the Scales of Maat! I mean sometimes we as “God” can really come off real anal like that! I try to destroy this idol, icon or archetypical model of The Creator every chance I get!

Why do I take this approach? I’ve learned from experience not to build myself up or allow people to build me up because it often opens up the opportunity to establish false expectations of who I am, especially when people are coming from a Mythological Perspective of what God is. People will begin to expect you not to enjoy sex, not take a shit, play Xbox 360 or work in a factory! I personally don’t get a hard-on if people look at me all starry eyed, the shit actually turns me off and I use “Normalcy” as a method of humbling myself so that others don’t have to humble me. Hey, my Ole’ Earth was a Psychologist so there are many cognitive tactics I’ve learned that has given me the flexibility to functionally exist in this Society without falling victim to it! Because of it I also see a lot of tools that people are missing in their tool chest.

As I mentioned earlier, when I was going through my Shaman Apprenticeship I used systemized techniques to de-structure the EGO. Basically this means “learning to fall on your face” to accustom yourself to the EGO shattering falls we go through in life or when people try to trip you! The idea is to use these techniques as a sober entrance into the unknown to minimize and psychologically prepare yourself for situations when your catapulted into the unknown. Some of the techniques I used were; living homeless (both willingly & unwillingly), playing Mute for 3 months on a job until I left, playing deaf for a year on a College Campus, having my daughters push me around in a wheelchair at the mall, wearing only all black for a year, eating 1 meal every other day for 3 months, and never showing my hair for 1 ½ years. In Shamanism these EGO de-structuring techniques are used as a method called “Stalking”. Stalking can be interpreted in the context of “The prey stalking the predator”. Hunting is a system of stalking the routines of potential prey, but in the process, the Hunter him/herself is establishing their own routines. It’s like a proud Hunter waiting in the bush for the Jaguar to appear at the waterhole while the Jaguar sits quietly crouched in the tree above him! A good analogy of this is the movie “Predator”. Shamans say that these psychologically elusive EGO de-structuring techniques allows one to shapeshift into a Mystical Animal. Mystical Animals are classified as animals undetected by the naked eye such as unicorns, dragons, griffins or any other types of animals who have “untraceable routines”, too elusive for any hunter to trap! The key phrase is “untraceable routines too elusive for any hunter to trap”!

Through the use of certain EGO de-structuring techniques, a person strengthens themselves to become almost infallible to the mind games, button pushing, and bullshit that people often try to “trap” you up in! Traps that are always based upon your “routines” they observed! Now stop for a second and think about this, some of the things we do and hold fast to are actuality just EGO-centered forms of the predatory vulnerability, that’s why a person can “routinely” fuck with you! Pay attention to those around you! If some people get the impression that you are zealously serious about your “Attribute” they will deliberately and consistently but so-called mistakenly call you Johnny or Michele! If you walking around like you got a “DON’T EAT PORK” shirt on, people will make you a chittlin’ pie for your birthday! I knew a Wiz that I got a good paying job at the Casino but she didn’t know how to talk to white people. She was always agitated and these muthafucka’s knew it too. Needless to say, she didn’t last a year there. There was an incident where she blew up on this white girl, walked off the job and didn’t come back. This was two years ago and she still hasn’t bounced back financially, which consequently means supporting her three children! I showed her the tools but she didn’t want to use them (9th Degree/1-40’s) so these Devils set it up to look like a case of Self Sabotage! That’s the type of predatory vulnerability I’m talking about!

I say all this to say what? The EGO can be a tool that allows us to Build or it can be turned into a weapon that Destroys us! Along my path I have gone through the systematic process of putting my EGO in check. I’ve tried to laugh at myself before I’ve given people the privilege of doing so. I’ve embarrassed myself before people can embarrass me, and I’ve pushed my own buttons before someone had the pleasure of pushing them for me! Now don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t always been the case. I’ve learned a lot of these things through direct experience (bumps & bruises!) and I’m not where I would like to be yet! There’s still things that really pisses me off and I’m sure you can tell by my Articles, b.u.t. I’m working through it. It’s a Journey not a destination.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

-Mad Jack "The Mountain Man" & Grizzly "Bear(d)" Adams-
The Quest for "Authentic" Islam

The 9th Degree in our Student Enrollment states in it's answer, “The Lost Found Nation of Islam has no said birth record, it has no beginning nor an ending, it’s older than the Sun, Moon and Stars”. This statement alone tells us that Islam didn’t originate in the Koran, Prophet Muhammad or Arabic Culture. Islam (PEACE) is beyond all of this, therefore, Islam is not simply about how much Koran you can recite or Arabian you can look. Knowing the Koran is a plus but you damn sure don’t gotta be Arabian! I’m saying this because many people throughout the world think they are living Islamic Principles when all they’re doing is copying Arabic Culture. The concept of Islam (PEACE) always existed. Prophet Muhammad of 1400 years ago only recited this concept of “Peace” to Arabian Tribes, in Arabia using Arabian Culture/Customs and Arabic Language as the vehicle. Sometimes people confuse this vehicle with the destination! Prophet Muhammad used a methodology to reach the people from the specific language, customs, sociopolitical status, and geography familiar to them. It was already hard for Muhammad and those was his people, imagine the type of response he would have received if he came as a strait up foreigner? It never was a Mystery to me why Master Fard Muhammad “raised-up” one from amongst us and then bounced without a trace! Shit, Elijah spoke the language of many of our people! He had a “moonshine drinking” lead belly, swore by the blues, ate swine like it was going outta style, and probably couldn’t spell the word Islam. When Fard was asking Elijah Muhammad them questions that comprise our Lessons (Supreme Wisdom), he was definitely learning in the process! Elijah put him down about a lot of things and in the process, he learned what Fard saw from the outside looking in! Fard may have moved undetected amongst White People but in Black Bottom, Mi he stood out like a sore thumb! And you know women was feelin’ him like Michael Jackson when his Thriller album dropped! Yo’ let me stop, I’ll build about Fard “The Man, the Myth, the Magik” another time!!

Now, back to what I was dealing with originally. Many Arabian People try to claim Islam as if they created it. As if because you don’t speak fluent Arabic, you don’t have a Grizzly Adams beard, or your woman ain’t cloaked like a ninja that it’s not “authentic” Islam! That is just as ignorant and ass backwards as the belief that “muslim’s are terrorists!”. Arabian Culture/Customs is not Islam! Islam can however be expressed through Arabian Culture, just like in any Culture. But I must mention that there may be some Cultural Traditions that are not compatible with Islamic Principles. For example, American Culture teaches that homosexuality is simply an “Alternative lifestyle” while Islamic Principles teach that this defies the Natural Law of Gender. In cases such as this, the question always arises, “How can this situation be rectified, individually and collectively”?

Culture not only establishes identity but Culture serves the purpose of solving problems, solidifying principles, protecting/preserving interests and ascertaining individual/collective goals. Therefore, regardless of the Principles (Islamic or etc..), Culture serves as the synthesizing driving force to implement them. The problem tht many Arabian Muslims had and have with Muslims in the NOI during the early 1930’s up to the present date is not a question of “Principality”, it’s really a question about the politics of Cultural Assimilation!

Still don’t get it? Well check this out, people were only feelin’ East Coast Rap until West Coast Rap came out. We ain’t except that shit at first because the rhythm, cadence, slag, clothing and subject matter was so different, even though it was “still rap”! Eventually we understood and the same shit happened when Cat’s started rappin’ in the South. We was like “hell naw, that shit is really wack, nigga’s is on some clown shit”! Eventually we learned (some of us!) to embrace their “style” too. The key word is “style”. I think that when you look a brothers like Common, Rakim, Ras Kass, and Speech, they all may have different “styles” and reside in different geographic locations but it’s safe to say that they all represent a common spiritual centeredness and conscious perspective of the world! I’m just saying that they all are at least saying something no matter where they from! Is it fair to say that since this oral tradition called “Rap” resurfaced in New York during the early 1970’s that everybody who wants to “Rap” need to do exactly what cats in New York do? That sound’s real stupid! Of course their should be a sense of recognizing the formal chronology of how Rap evolved from both it’s ancient oral tradition and it’s more contemporary form but to say that it ain’t “authentic” if niggas don’t sound like Melle Mel or dress like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five is some bullshit! That’s just how ignorant people sound and look when they trying to accuse people of being on some “Haraam” shit because they would rather rock Tims instead of leather shoes, a hoodie and jeans instead of a sheet and a fresh line-up instead of a Grizzly Adam’s beard! On the flip side I also don’t think people in the NOI should insinuate that a brother isn’t “Civilized” because they not rockin' a Romanesque styled bald face! To me, both idea’s are too generalized and extreme.

One of the reasons that Elijah Muhammad is Most Honorable is because he taught strait up “Nigga’s” Islam in Black Bottom Detroit, MI, during the Great Depression with a 3rd grade eja-macation! Not Arabic Culture, but Islamic Principles that existed before there was even a place called Arabia!! So my Muslim brothers and sisters here in the Wilderness of North America, don’t let muthafuckas’ try to make you feel guilty because you breakin’ fast with a pot of Collard Greens & Turkey Tails! At least your Principles would never allow you to warehouse a Corner Store with “Pork” and “Alcohol” and distribute that shit to the families in ya’ Community! And to you Holier than thou Orthodox Muslims from the East, ya’ll family too but please season ya’ Koran & Hadith quotin’ with alittle common sense. Just because your home grown Arabian children have learned to express Islam in a North American context from pant saggin’ Urban Sufi’s doesn’t mean that it ain’t “authentic”! Don’t let this White Supremist Society and your Caucasian Ancestry deceive you because it was the Prophet Muhammad who said that when he ascended to Heaven Ali’s black ass was already there!
As-salaam Alaikum

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Beast Within (click here to order!!)

I’ve presently embarked on a Fast. Right now I am getting through my 4th day of just drinking Spring Water. I haven’t had any strong food cravings as of yet but two days ago I was irritated quite a bit later on in the afternoon. All I can say is the Universal Mind has an incredible sense of humor. I felt like a Medium who was able to detect “asshole” orb’s! People was really getting’ on my damn nerves! Right now I’m strait, toxin’s just flooding my system so I’m alittle lethargic, other than that I’m Peace and starting to get the clarity that Fasting brings.

My Benefactor (Enlightener) said that Fasting is like lockin’ a Ravenous Ass Beast in the muthafuckin’ basement! The first few day’s it’s savagely clawing at the door, snarling and barking for food but as time passes your able to tame it! For the past year I’ve been primarily eating one meal a day, so I’m sure this has helped me tame (Civilize) “The Beast”. So it ain’t like I eat a big ass breakfast, a small sub & chicken wings for lunch and then buat down some steak & potatoes for dinner before punishing my body with Fasting! I’m used to eating a small meal at the Knowledge (1) Hour so it’s not really extreme. The main reason for this Fast is not necessarily physical even though I’ll get the physiological benefits. This was more on some Metaphysical, Renew my Koran, Make changes type of current.

Now here’s the “meat” of this article (pun intended!). Change is always difficult when the timing isn’t proper. Each thought we think, words we speak and move we make takes energy! All of us have our own energy or like my Benefactor calls it “Metaphysical Economy”. Based upon our inventory of energy, this will determine what we will and won’t do. Time Management is essentially Energy Management. Sometimes we find ourselves “spreading ourselves too thin” and this only means that we misappropriated our energy! Right now wherever you may be, if faced with the immediate challenge of jogging 5 miles non stop, realize that it’s not a question of “if” you can do it! This generally is a question of “if you have the available energy”! I mean even if you have one leg it still can’t be reasoned as “I can’t” because Terry Fox hobbled 3,339 miles across Canada and into our little hearts in 1980! There are some exceptions but for the most part, most people actually can but instead of perceiving it as a question of available energy they simply say “I can’t”! Most of us learned this jewel in Kindergarten that saying “I can’t” puts a limitation of your latent, unperceived ability. To reminisce for as moment, When I was in first grade I wrote a love letter to this Wiz and took it to her by the pencil sharpener and she stood there, read it and ripped that shit up right in front of my face (and in front of other kids!). That had me fucked up for a while but she became my girlfriend in 6 grade (yeah, I know “No all the prophets have tried and have agreed.. .”!), and later in life I went on to successfully have two beautiful daughters by a dime piece (yeah, I know too, “they believe in the 10% on face value”!). The point is, because I was instinctively aware of my infinite potential, I didn’t let the idea of “I can’t” stop me!

Sometimes instinct (or will) is not enough. Sometimes we simply need the energy to make it happen. To maximize our ability to transcend the mental challenge of “I can’t” whether it exists inside of our own mind or outside of us, we need to have the available energy, and Fasting is a good way to re-up! If you want to cut that nigga off, Fast on his muthafukin’ ass! If you want to save some cream ($) to invest in something, Fast from spending your cream on shit you don’t really need! You’ll have an abundance of energy to make something happen! In Shamanism (my Major Science), it’s called severing the chains of personal attachment and reorganizing your field of energy. One way you do this is by performing “not-doings”, basically using a systematic method of not investing your time & energy into the everyday routines that consume most of your energy. In laymen’s terms, people say they want change but continue to think, talk and walk the same way! In order to do this you must first take an inventory of your energy. Find out what you spend most of your energy doing and then you can devise a proper method to break yourself. For example, if you can honestly see that you spend a lot of time running off at the mouth (you say your “building”) but wonder why you aren’t having the effective change upon your life or those around you focus more of your energy and time in non-verbally communicated what you want to see happen! "Just do it" and make sure that the energy you usually used to run ya' mouth with is redirected into doing something. In our way of life we symbolically say that Light (186,000 miles per sec.) travels faster than Sound (1,120 ft. per sec.)! You’ll be amazed at how many “hours” you free up just from shuttin’ the hell up sometimes! See, Shaman’s are Metaphysical Alchemist’s who consistently assess their inventory of energy in order to achieve different levels of consciousness and livelihood. Fasting is often a very big part of this because your storing the energy that was previously used for the digestive process and rerouting it into other areas. Oh yeah, I’m just building primarily about a basic Fast when you abstain from food. Fasts like Liver Cleanse Fasts, Sex Fasts and anything other than that is a whole different “Beast”!

To conclude, I want to encourage ya’ll to use Fasting as a method to bring forth Transfiguration! Fasting gives you the energy to do it so it’s a perfect opportunity to manifest change in ya' life. And oh’ yeah, make sure you keep a tight lock on the door for that muthafuckin’ Beast in ya’ Basement!