Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Aleister Crowley; As American as Apple Pie!!

Peace Family, everything’s good wit me. The above picture is of Aleister Crowley who dubbed himself “The Great Beast” and who is undeniably the Father of Contemporary Majick, particularly “Sexual Majick”! To understand the essence of many of this Society’s Social Norms/Mores it’s important to gain a functional Knowledge of Aleister Crowley. It’s been said that this SICK BASTARD sacrificed an ejaculating goat while it was penetrating his orgasmic wife during a Sex Majick Ritual!! Anyway, do alittle research on him when you get a chance! Besides that, I also wanted to share with you a few thoughts that I’ve been dealing with lately so check this out:

-On the block I rest on the City of Atlantis (Niagara Falls, NY) is gonna be building a Court House and Public Safety Building. The Management Corp that owns the Property where I live at sent me a Certified Letter stating that they are in negotiations with the Development Co. so “if” the building gets sold I will be receiving another letter stating that I have 90 days to move out. Anyway, they’re offering me some alternative housing & moving cream or also a down payment on a Born Jewel (Shelter). Sounds good right, b.u.t. I know that sound only travels 1,120 ft per second so I’ll see what happens (Light travels 186,000 miles per second!). I’ve already communicated this to my young Queen’s months before this even happened so I wrote this Koran in advance. I was telling them that I’m gonna have to find a bigger Born Jewel cuz they both getting older and they’re gonna need their own room. B.u.t. like I said, light travels a lot faster than sound so right now I’ve been doing some background research on Federal/NYS Law in regards to Tenant Rights and Eminent Domain Procedures. I’ve already found that my Management Corp. is trying to run some 10% shit, I’ll keep ya’ll informed!

-Working at the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel is like a giant laboratory! Endless experiments, Knowledge to gather, Wisdom to experience and Understanding to gain about life. I’ve been here for 3 years and there’s been only one time that I didn’t want to come to work and that’s because I was dealing with my young Queen’s Mother taking them and moving out of State to PA! Other than that, I enjoy being here. One thing that I’ve really learned is how oppressed females really are! Not socially of course, b.u.t. sexually like a muthafucka’! I know that they rule the realm of 6 (six/sex) b.u.t. damn, whenever you havin’ a conversation with them there’s always some underlining sexual innuendo behind what they saying or what that interpret you are saying! Now this ain’t just single chicks, I’m talking about the married one’s especially! It’s a trip. I never realized how blatant, high strung, and sexually orientated many women were until I got here and did the knowledge! It’s funny because there’s nothing really overt that physically distinguishes me from the average guy. Because they take my appearance on face value, I “look” like fair game to them. I laugh to myself sometimes when I think about the 8th Degree (1-40’s) when it says, “This water is never drawn above 6 miles from the Earth’s surface by the Sun & Moon” by usually responding to these situations with either a modest smile, a shake of my head or the common response, “you crazy”!

-I can’t even tell you the last time I heard a brotha/sistah in the NOI even say the word Yacub, Musa, Devil or any of the other common words and/or phrases that are “rooted” in the teachings of Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons). I don’t know about you, b.u.t. to me that is a Sociopolitical “idea” that needs to be thoroughly investigated! If you’ve honesty been looking at what has been chronologically happening in the NOI (particularly within the last 2 ½ decades) you’ll see what I’m saying! Trust me, there’s an undeniable shift in Orientation when you hear brotha’s/sistah’s in the NOI talking more about what the Koran & Prophet Muhammad say then what Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) & The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us! Yeah, I know I’m not in the NOI and your probably saying that it shouldn’t be my concern b.u.t. that’s family and the way that they do things are going to impact all of us, collectively! Not to mention that it personally hurts to see most of our brotha’s/sistah’s in the NOI being conditioned to fill menial “labor class” positions instead of being encouraged to be rooted in & apply the actual Teachings (Supreme Wisdom, 120 Lessons) in order to attain the Higher “Aristocratic” levels of Self Development that about 10% of the NOI are enjoying.

During the 1st Resurrection of the NOI, the brotha’s/sistah’s Worldview was Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) orientated! Do the Knowledge to any old A/V Recordings of the NOI and you’ll hear it. You’ll hear the raw uncut Teachings, not the baking soda cut shit you usually hear today! Many new member’s of the NOI don’t even know what Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) is and many of them go on “laboring” for years not even looking in it! It’s almost like getting a job at a place that doesn’t proactively supply you with the History of the Company, an Employee Handbook & Policies and Procedures prior to assigning and emphasizing your Job Function. That leave’s a whole lot of room for “potential” Monkey Business!! Under these circumstances, people over your head can tell you whatever the fuck they want to and because you really don’t know shit all you can do is “believe” (follow) what they say. This explains the term “Believers” that NOI Member’s use to refer to themselves because many of them don’t even “know” their fundamental Teachings (120 Lessons). Now, if some Monkey Business does go down involving people in the Organization, you really ain’t got no legs to stand on or RECOURSE to address/rectify the situation! To put it plain, you in a fucked-up situation. I’ve seen it happen, and all these “laborers” had to do is be well versed in Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) and they would have been able to defend themselves & go to war when necessary (and unfortunately with they own people)! What many of them still DON’T REALIZE AND WON’T BE TOLD is this; The Hierarchal “Restrictive Laws” that they unquestionably follow DOES NOT supercede the essence from which they were derived; Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons). These restrictions are man-made derivatives of Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons) and a thorough Knowledge of these Teachings doesn’t necessitate someone holding Restrictive Laws over your head like it's a Sword of Justice. Think about it, ain’t nobody checkin Farrakhan, and other’s in his Aristocratic fold like that because they making the Restrictive Law’s. This is Shown & Proven because Farrakhan has changed some things that the 1st Resurrection didn’t do, some good and others not so good! Now if you think Farrakhan will give his son Mustafah 60 days exile for the same minor offense that Local Minister’s give a lower class “laborer”, you are dumber than I thought! When we started to be programmed with the determined ideas of George W. Bush (regardless of what they were!) instead of relying on the basic tenets of The Constitution, some of us were wise enough to see that America was heading in a different direction. We knew because WE KNOW WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I think Farrakhan is excellent at what he does and I love my family, b.u.t. it’s ill to see The Teachings (120 Lessons) that has served as the backbone of our family now not given the respect, value and consideration that our Grandparents fought, bled and died to establish during the 1st Resurrection! Remember the big ass problem people had with Warith Deen Muhammad (Elijah’s son) when he started to Arabianize the NOI back in the mid 1970’s when Elijah departed? People was dropping out like flies and others literally wanted to kill him about so-called “straying away” from Supreme Wisdom (120 Lessons)! Now that Farrakhan is doing the exact same thing 30 years later and with alittle more charisma, I guess it’s alright huh’?! Anyway, when I began to hear NOI Min. Akbar "Muslim Larry" Muhammad on this International Crusade to speak on The NGE (5 Percenters) during his lectures (that many times didn’t have anything to do with us!) in ways to alienate us, my "Spidey Sense's" began to tingle! Don’t be surprised that if America starts talking some so-called Domestic Terrorism shit about extremist groups within they borders that the NOI will stand by like they don’t deal with The Teachings (Supreme Wisdom/120 Lessons) that can be misconstrued as extreme! All they doing is setting the stage to pull some “Peter” shit when it comes down to the final hour! Pay close attention and listen to what I’m saying!!!

-I’ve been doing the Knowledge to some Bob Dylan lately, specifically to a couple of songs, one called “Tangled Up In Blue” and another one called “Shelter From The Storm”. Now, “Shelter From The Storm” is about this Wiz offering him a place of so-called comfort only to flip the script on him when I (Oh’ I mean “HE”) started to deal with her. It’s kinda like drowning in quicksand and seeing a beautiful woman standing on the ledge who offers you what “appears to be” a rope so you can pull yourself to safety. Exhausted from the struggle of pulling yourself to safety you roll over to discover that it was actually a venomous snake that you had blindly mistaken to be a rope! It’s ill, and here’s a verse about what condition he was in when he met the Bitch; “I was burnt out from exhaustion, buried in the hail, poisoned in the bushes, blown out on the trail, hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn,Come in” she said, ‘I’ll give you Shelter From The Storm”. Now mind you, this was before he met her yet the shit he went through with her was worst! It was pure unadulterated hell! I (Damn, I mean Bob Dylan) goes on to build about how “he got his signal’s crossed” and eventually “bargained for salvation” b.u.t. “she gave him a lethal dose” and when he “offered up his innocence” he “got repaid with scorn” even though ‘Come in” she said, ‘I’ll give you Shelter From The Storm”!

-I had to drop my Young Queens off at they Ole Earth house out in Chester, PA to conclude Veteran’s Day Weekend so when I get there I always spend at least an extra day out in North Philly. I rest with my Enlightener’s Enlightener “Life” when I’m there and it’s always Peace to build with him. Anyway, he gave me a movie to take back to Atlantis to do the Knowledge on and it’s some High Science shit called Dangerous Liaisons!! Dangerous Liaison’s came out in 1988 and it’s a Period Film that takes place in French Aristocratic Society during the turn of the Century. All I will tell you about it is that it puts a lot of things in perspective!! For ya’ll that never seen it, I encourage you to get it to own!!
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