Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Supreme Mathematics
The Understanding (Children) is the Best Part

Relationship is like a primordial glue that holds the Universe together. Without a Relationship there’s no Relatively and without Relatively there’s no CONTEXT. CONTEXT manifests substance and infuses a person, place or thing with “Life”! Without CONTEXT, a person, place or thing functionally doesn’t exist and it’s sterile, neutral, non-politicized state is utterly useless. To start entertaining the idea of a new relationship because the muthafucka’ you wit ain’t doing shit is a Universal Principle! Just make sure you implement a right & just (Righteous) plan that will establish closure (key word!) in the situation so you can be free to move on with your “Life”! Yo’, the Alchemical Process of forging that Jewel burnt up my pockets, my time and me (emotionally!) so please don’t squander it, many people died in the process of trying to grasp that “Golden” Rule!

Shifting gears alittle bit, in the NGE we learn very early on that, “Supreme Mathematics is the Key to understanding our RELATIONSHIP to the Universe”. For those of you who don’t know what “Supreme Mathematics” are, a simple definition is; “A System of Alpha-Numerology where Numerical Elements (0-9) are identified/defined as Principled qualities that produce Principled qualitative Compounds”. In laymen’s terms, we don’t simply “look at” numbers as mechanical units or quantitative tools, we “look in” numbers as functional systematized qualities. While the average person see’s 1 + 2= 3, we see it as Knowledge (1) and Wisdom (2) bringing forth an Understanding (3)! Now don’t get it twisted now, we recognize the surface reality too, we simply understand that to “look in” things forensically, we unveil it’s essential nature. Our Supreme Mathematics is a profound system that we use to discover the underlining significance, oneness and interrelationship in all things! It’s simply not enough to say that 2 Apples + 2 Oranges = 4 Fruits. The essence is, what RELATIONSHIP does 2 Apples + 2 Oranges have to you as a “person”, in what “place” and how these “things” (fruits) function in your life. If this RELATIONSHIP is not established or a connection can’t be made of how anything relates to your life then it becomes nothing! But nothing or insignificance in your mind doesn’t negate the effect or impact that something “essentially” has upon your life. I often tell my students, “What you know won’t hurt you, it’s been killing you”. Being ignorant of ignorance is some shit!

The CONTEXT or RELATIONSHIP of how Numbers individually & collectively function is called Mathematics. Mathematics is an entirely mental concept, and represents the Principles & Procedures that give form to all aspects of existence. Form in a physical sense (dimensions & calculation), and Form in an intangible sense (thought & emotion). Mathematics is ultimately the Universal Language of Order/Law that permeates all organic/inorganic intangible/tangible processes.

With all that said, not only is it Supreme how we conceptualize Mathematics in it’s essential form through the use of Alpha-Numerical Oracles, but we have the intellectual dexterity to teach it to children! Regardless of what people have to say about the Gods & Earths, Abu Shahid & The Father where dealing with Ethereal Levels of thought to be able to teach children what I explained to you in the first 3 Paragraphs! To teach an average young adult this Supreme Mathematical Theology would already be difficult in a quiet classroom setting with endless resources. Imagine teaching and getting children to grasp this in the midst of the transitory atmosphere of the Harlem Streets, in the mid 1960’s, with little to no tangible resources, no classroom, teaching credentials or salary?! While Elijah brought basic Arithmetic to illiterate adults in Black Bottom, MI in the early 1930’s, Abu Shahid and The Father brought Geometry to bastardized children hanging in the Harlem Streets in the mid 1960’s! Supreme Mathematics was a “Key” that forged a consciousness in the youth. A consciousness that enabled them to grasp their RELATIONSHIP to the Universe! It’s interesting to note that when the NOI fell in the mid 1970’s, their “Da Vinci Code” guarded Teachings (The Lessons) were already hermetically housed in the genetic script of Inner City youth. Youth who were taught to unlock them using Supreme Mathematical Keys that no one on the Planet Earth could claim to have! While many “adults” fell by the wayside when The Honorable Elijah Muhammad left us, it was the children who were holding the weigh of “The Teachings” (Supreme Wisdom/120 Lessons) upon their shoulders!! That Actual Fact can never be minimized or depreciated!!

To conclude this Article I wanted to emphasize the fact that our target group in the NGE is the youth. Not that we don’t teach other’s in general, it’s just that we specifically focus on the youth. Because of this approach we tap into the proverbial “Fountain of Youth”, remain in tune with the time, and keep our methodologies of conveying the truth relative & innovative! In the NGE you see a brotha’ like Abu Shahid (who is approaching 80 yrs old!) spit a verse off the dome while rockin’ a Rockawear sweatsuit! You see many of our Elder’s rockin’ Tims, speaking the language of today’s youth, aware and “Alive” in the context of today’s time! I always respected that and the youth do too!! In my L.I.F.E. Program my Students love the fact that they can be themselves around me. That’s because I don’t look like I just came from a 1975 Southern Christian Leadership Conference, I ain’t got a “I’m an adult you can’t tell me shit” smirk on my face, and I don’t sit and judge them! Ya probably thinking, “What the hell does Supreme Mathematics got to do wit this”? Well, Supreme Mathematics are the keys we use to unlock the minds of the youth and turn any environment and activity into a classroom! Even the most mundane social activities or circumstances contain profound insights that we can use to grow & develop, and Supreme Mathematics are the forensic tools we use to extract them. While most Religious Rituals, Cultural Traditions, Philosophies and Beliefs become obsolete or die out, you’ll always see God’s and Earth’s speaking the “Mathematical” language of the Universe amongst the youth, lookin’ “fly & fresh to def”! For you grown-up’s who still didn’t get the point please refer back to Paragraph #1!!

Saladin Quanaah’ Allah
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