Monday, September 24, 2007

"Impeccability is the proper use of energy" -Don Juan Matus


Peace Ya'll, today I wanted to build about the 13/1-40 and the 34/1-40 in our Book of Life (120 Lessons). More specifically, the difference between “Recovery” and “Reformation”. In the 13/1-40, we learn that, “But there is a chance for mental death because the Lost-Found was once mentally dead and many of them RECOVERED from it.. .”, and the 34/1-40 it states, “No, all the Prophets have tried to REFORM him (Devil) and were unable.. .” The reason I wanted to expound upon these Concepts is because we often deal with people where we are called upon to determine if the Principle of RECOVER or REFORM applies to them. Sometimes we extend a supportive grace to a person in order to help them RECOVER from a situation when we should have been looking at their stubbornness to be REFORMED. Sometimes we may be too strict about a person REFORMING their ways when we should have been emphasizing steps of RECOVERY. I’ve been on both sides of this issue and it’s very important to distinguish one from the other. If not, you’ll find yourself “loosing time searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) trying to help someone RECOVER who needs to be REFORMED. Or you’ll be thinking you’re “loosing time searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) trying to REFORM someone who needs to RECOVER. The primary difference between RECOVER and REFORM is;

· RECOVERY is associated with a “Mental Death”. A 85% Trait.
· REFORM is associated with “Devilishment”. A 10% Trait.

This is not to say that the 85% don’t deal with “Devilishment” or the 10% ain’t suffering from a “Mental Death”. I’m simply classifying these “Traits” as Cerebellum like “Condition Reflexes” that pervades each Sociological Demographic. In other words, a “Mental Death” is an instinctual pattern of the 85% and “Devilishment” is an instinctual pattern of the 10%, both representing Cerebellum or “Reptilian Brain” Activity (Motor/Conditioned Reflexes). Once this “Reptilian” brained activity can be analyzed for what it is, then (and only then) can it be determined if this person can RECOVER or be REFORMED. It must be understood that this process of self evaluation is strictly dealing with a person’s past Koran. Before they go through a Traditional 3 Day Fast, get an Attribute or get handed Supreme Mathematics or Student Enrollment THIS WORK NEEDS TO BE DONE. I emphasize this because it is often unacknowledged Conditioned Reflexes, Biochemical Imbalances, Genetics, Socialization, or etc.. that lead to these psychological postures (“Mental Death” and “Devilishment”). Real WISDOM (2) in showing your EQUALITY (6) to someone you want to teach is to cee what established their personal ZIG before you encourage them to ZAG because it’ll all go back to how they ZIG! In the process you’ll discover that “HE or HER without knowledge of self cannot BUILD only DESTROY and take many lives with them.” And when I say “knowledge of self” I’m talking about taking inventory, analyzing and making sense of their past Koran before they met you. This my friend is “a year to every mile” (1/1-40), a long journey for many of them that they must be willing to “walk every step of the way” (4/1-14).

When a person is suffering from a “Mental Death” they can RECOVER from this. Although you can help facilitate this process they must be self motivated, humble, sincere, dedicated and have the capacity to change the condition of themselves. It doesn’t take much to cee if these qualities are present in a person who wants to RECOVER from their condition. They’re similar to an Addict who is suffering from addiction, and their addiction is a drug called “the wrong foods” (10/1-36). The wrong foods literally, economically, psychologically, socially and etc.. . And these wrong foods spans an “Acultural Spectrum” from eating swine to letting their seeds spend more time watching T.V. then they do with them. And like an Addict who eventually takes the step (very important!!) to enroll in a NA Program, it’s important that our (NGE) “12 Step” Program consists of the following Training Units:

1. Civilization -“Civilize means to teach Knowledge and Wisdom (12) to all the Human Families of the Planet Earth” (2/1-14). Emphasize that Civilization begins with self Love, which is something everyone is capable of. That although Self Love is something we naturally seek, sometimes we simply loose our sense of direction and incorrectly define what Self Love truly means.

2. Love (L is the 12th Letter/Supreme Alphabet). The Understanding that you must be patient to encourage them to make decisions that emphasize the Love for what’s Right compared to the Love for the Hell they’re going through.

3. Justice Jewel (Love/12 is the Justice Jewel in our 12 Jewels). You also remind them of the Justice their acts bear and that they in fact place a sword over their own heads by the choices that they make. Although you’re showing them Love, you keep a comfortable distance and “do trading amongst them” (9/1-14) because you know how risky/volatile a person is who is suffering from Addiction.

4. Empathize -“Because the lost found WAS ONCE MENTALLY DEAD and many of them recovered from it” (13/1-40). Show them that you’re not greater than them and that you’re not “holy” (‘not mixed, diluted or tampered with in any form’: 9/1-14). Your strength comes from your acknowledgement of weakness and your success comes from your acknowledgement of failures. This is something that you both have in common, and although it appears to be “a Place” you’ve arrived at where they want to be it’s really about “a Journey” you’re both traveling, not “a Destination” with “a said birth record” (10/1-10).

Considering that this person has the proper attitude (wants to RECOVER!) and you have the proper Training Units, you can begin going through the proper “Prep Work” they need in order to change. This is a period where you need to talk them through their addiction(s). Not “giving them” answers, b.u.t. asking the right questions that help them solve their own problems and dilemmas. Problems and dilemmas that impede their ability to change. In essence, they must arrive at their own Understanding and that is something you are incapable of giving them. Regardless of what you may cee, it’s important that THEY CEE where their own decisions get them. It is from this vantage point can you actually engage them in a dialogue about what they know now! Prior to this it “was buried there” (5/1-14) and Truth unknown to them. Unknown because of honest lack of awareness and unknown because of selective lack of awareness (denial). Any Addiction is like a watch, and it takes a Watchmakers Art to discover/define the intricate mechanisms that go into making the whole watch work. From the Watchmaker’s perspective, you’re equipped with the skills to dismantle a watch piece by piece, and also articulate how it was put together in the first place. Ultimately, it’s important that they first learn what makes them “tick” in order to develop the necessary insight to dismantle their Addiction. In the process, keep in mind that this is a very delicate/tedious process and dealing with a person’s past Koran (especially illnesses) is a “highly explosive” (8/1-40) subject matter for many people. This is why with many people it is “buried there” (5/1-14). Buried through conscious denial or post traumatic stress! I also need to mention that many aspects of a “Mental Death” are gender specific. As a Man you -more often than not- need to be more of a Student to a female who wants to RECOVER because there are many gender specific variables that are unknown to you. In the context of this Gender Oppressive Society, your ability to listen to, analyze and talk her through these variables are an essential key to her full RECOVERY. I repeat, “AN ESSENTIAL KEY”!! Without this key, you’ll just be supplying her with evidence to support a Stereotypical Conclusion she made before she even met you; Men Are All The Same!

Before I get into the Science of REFORM, let me first classify “Devilishment”. Devilishment falls under the category of “Trick-Knowledge” along with “Stealing, Telling Lies and how to Master the Original Man (or Woman)” (4/1-14). Again, these can often be (not always!) unacknowledged Conditioned Reflexes, Biochemical Imbalances, Genetics, Socialization, or etc.. that lead to this form of Mental Illness. When a person has been identified as dealing with “Devilishment” then they must be looked at from a perspective of being REFORMED. As recovery deals with gaining what was once lost or a person metaphorically “coming back” to life, REFORMATION is just that; being RE-FORMED, something new altogether! When it comes to “Devilishment”, it’s a lot deeper than just a “Mental Death”. Recovering a Lost diamond wedding ring is quite different than REFORMING the relationship that established the Marriage once that relationship is made Weak or turns Wicked (33/1-40). In approaching someone with the idea of REFORMING them it’s important to realize what your dealing with as well. This major difference between a person going through recovery you have Out-Patient options when it comes to teaching them. When it comes to REFORMING, a person needs a straight up In-Patient approach! Let me explain why:

1. “All the Prophets have tried to REFORM him (Devil) and were unable. Unless he is grafted back into the Original Man which takes 600 years. So instead of loosing time, they have decided to take him off the Planet who only numbers 1 to every 11 Original Man.” Prophets had a hard time (2/1-14). Frustrated with the amount of time & energy it took to make any progress, they just decided to scrap the whole idea. Folklore tells us that Musa had such a hard time that he put some of them up on a Mountaintop and blew them up!

2. They’re “White, Weak and Wicked” (30/1-40). White doesn’t infer skin color, it denotes mentality more than anything. This “mentality” can be draw-up as Eurocentrism, Global White Supremacy and Racism. This not only means a self defined “White Person”, but also the darkest skin Black Person trying their best to knowingly/unknowingly uphold this Status Quo (mentality)! Weak in the form susceptibility. Susceptible to any mental, emotional, physical and economic ideas that promotes/perpetuates sickness. Wicked in the form of antagonizing Righteousness. All of these characteristics must be confronted with a Sword in order to emphasize that all cipher’s bear their own Justice, and it may get tiring to have your Sword out every time you interact with this person! Because it can be for the next “35-50 years” (9/1-14).

3. “Because they are 100% Weak & Wicked and will not keep and obey the Laws of Islam. Their ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type.. , .. also if allowed to live they would just sting someone else.” (10/1-14). Since these people have a proclivity for not being obedient to Law, they have an Outlaw mentality. Snakes are cold-blooded animals and can be reasoned to mean “heartless”. By associating the idea of being “heartless” with the idea of “stinging some else” it makes perfect sense. Snakes being from the “Reptile Family” also lends credence to the “Reptilian Brain” Concept that I built about in Paragraph #3. These people are very animalistic (or infantile) in their outlook on life which makes them Hedonistic in the way they approach/resolve situations.

In the final analysis, there’s gonna be some work! First and foremost for the person who is trying to RECOVER or be REFORMED, and for you as a Qualified Facilitator (QF) of this process. As a Enlightener (QF) , it’s also important to realize that this is a very, very painful process for many people! There may come times when they look at/treat you as the enemy because you appear to come between them and their closet friend; Their Addiction! In the word’s of my Brother Sha Sha, “Your position as an Enlightener (QF) is not to climb up into someone else’s head and nail Degree’s (Lessons) to they third (Mind)! That’s their job to put these Degree’s on cap! Once they’ve taken the time/effort to Know their Degree’s you help walk/talk them through it so they can get their own Understanding!” Because a person who is trying to RECOVER or be REFORMED is coming out of Addiction, this sense of dependency can be shifted on you. They can essentially trade one “wrong food” (sexual stimulated dependency) for another “wrong food” (emotional/intellectual stimulated dependency)! I know a brother who went through “The Rooms of NA”. After he put the pipe down he started picking Women up! Different Narcotic, b.u.t. same Ole’ Addict! When you engage yourself (as an Enlightener) in the relationship of teaching someone, because of their sense of denial, vulnerability and lack of knowledge they may use “Transference” to try to blame you for their lack of progress! It’s important that you realize that an Addict often views everyone as their enemy trying to “Master” (M is the 13th Letter/Supreme Alphabet) them except for their “ownself” (13/1-36). People often view teaching someone as handing out Lessons. Although getting Lessons is an essential part of “our” (NGE) process, this is after the person has done the necessary “Self Work” of making sense of their past Koran! “… makes his (or her) History or Koran to equal his (or her) home circumference, a year to every mile. Thus every time his (or her) History LASTS for 25,000 years he (or her) RENEWS it for another 25,000 years.” (1/1-40). RENEW is a word that functionally relates to RECOVERY and REFORMATION. How can a person RENEW anything in their life if past History or Koran is still lasting as a functional reality in their life?! For example; “A female can’t RENEW her emotional commitment to a potential relationship until the idea of working it out or resolving her complications with her Baby’s Daddy is past History or Koran (lasts!)!” In order to cee if it’s not lasting, all a Man needs to do is measure the years they were together and cee if it equals her present Home Circumference (head space!). Which is every mile she unknowing/unknowingly walks/talks through that situation! In laymen’s terms, if she’s still dealing with that Surah in her life, this undoubtedly means that she’s not finished with that part of her History or Koran yet! It doesn’t mean that she’s trying to make it work or that she even like’s the dude, it just means “that History or Koran is equivalent to her Home Circumference (head space!)” and until that lasts… , she won’t be in the emotional place to RENEW her commitment to another relationship. As a “Wise Man of the East (Black Man)” (1/1-40) you should simply be a good listener and never impose your desire for a relationship upon her. When (or If!) she’s capable of being emotionally committed to a relationship (by resolving Old Koran), that’s when you should articulate this desire to her. If not, then you end up picking a fruit that isn’t ripe and we all know what a belly ache that will cause. It reminds me of this Bob Dylan verse from his song “Tangled Up In Blue” where he say’s about a Wiz he got with, “She was married when we first met. Soon to be Divorced. I helped her out of a jam I guess, but I used alittle too much force. We rode that car as far as we could. Abandoned it out West. Split up on a dark sad night agreeing it would be best.” As I mentioned in a previous Article, we must insure that things are Right “AND” Exact! Her own resolution comes from within her “ownself” when she severs the emotional attachments to the extent where feelings (entanglements!) of anxiety, anger, joy or etc.. isn’t invoked by the sight, sound or even thought of her Baby’s Daddy. This doesn’t mean that his History or Koran will be RENEWED either, b.u.t. it does mean that she has arrived at a place where it’s an Old Koran to her. Then and only then can she move on emotionally. I emphasize “emotion” because it’s central to her sense of beingness, and it’s of absolute importance that she “feels you”!

In conclusion, take your time to evaluate if a person can RECOVER or be REFORMED. Your urgency to teach them must be equivalent to their urgency to be taught, and please.. , don’t be arrogant about it! Know that any “year, month or day” (36/1-40) you may find yourself in the exact same position.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Modern Day "Pelon (or Patmos) 'AN ISLAND' situated on the Aegean Sea"


("da propa handlin' a people")

27. What is the name of the place where the Devil was manufactured?
Pelon, the same as Patmos. AN ISLAND situated on the Aegean Sea; Revelation 1:9, “I John, who also am your Brother and Companion, in Tribulation and in the Kingdom of Patience of Jesus Christ was in the Isle which is called Patmos, for the Word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Peace Ya’ll! Knowledge of Self in it’s most fundamental form is expressed through the way we manifest our relationships. On a Metaphysical Level it can be comparable to the essential relationship between Nothingness and Something, Subsistence and Existence, Oneness and The Collective, Microcosm and Macrocosm, Triple Darkness and Light, Mind and Matter! I quoted the 27th Degree (1-40) because the idea of Yacub manufacturing a Devil on “AN ISLAND” of Pelon (Patmos) illustrates the potential psychosis associated with one’s inability to form meaningful relationships, work or go about everyday life in the context of a Social Collective. In Clinical Terms, “AN ISLAND” (Pelon, the same as Patmos), is known as Apathy, Alienation, Anti-Social Behavior, Paranoid Schizophrenia and etc.. . These Terms that describe “AN ISLAND” philosophically function the same as; Everything being taken away from a People (except their language), being Exiled, “Rope (bind in)” to the West Asian Hillsides/Caves and locked away from Civilization (4/1-14). Stop by your local Library’s Reference Section and ask to look at the latest version of The DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Illness). If your not into reading/studying Science, just get you a bootleg copy of the New Halloween Movie by Bob Zombie. Anyway, the DSM (and Halloween!) gives you a great deal of insight into the psycho-sociopolitical “Island-like”conditions that breeds a Devil, “other Rules and Regulations that are unmentioned” (28/1-40) in our Lessons.

“85erphobia” can be classified as a type of Social Phobia. A Social Phobia is when one’s ability to socialize, form meaningful relationships, work or go about everyday life is interfered with or disrupted by a person, place or thing. In the case of a God/Earth, the person is an 85er, the place is any environment where 85er’s socialize and the thing is an 85er Mentality (14/1-40);

14. Who is the 85%?
They are the Uncivilized People, Poisonous Animal Eaters, Slaves from a Mental Death and Power. Those who do not know the True and Living God or their Origin in the World and Worship what they know not. Who are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to be led in the right direction.

Although there are many legitimate concerns one may have about the risks involved in being in an 85er’s Social Equality (Company) or letting them be in ours, there are also many legitimate concerns about a God/Earth’s inability to find healthy ways to resolve this social dilemma. When healthy “Coping Skills/Mechanisms” are not employed, a God/Earth can find themselves living out the negative (unhealthy) aspects of dealing with and/or being in the midst of 85er’s. This Psychological exchange is known as Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is basically the tension one feels and the way one reacts to new information that is (or may appear to be) oppositional to their accepted view. There are 4 basic Cognitive reactions that people have when they are confronted with this new information. For example, when an 85er learns for the first time that you changed your name to Supreme Lord Allah or Queen Tehira Earth here are the 4 basic ways they’ll react:

1. They know that you changed your name but it makes them too uncomfortable, so they’ll completely avoid you instead of accepting this change.

2. They go through denial, act like they don’t know or have to accept it and try to continue addressing you by your birth name in hopes that you won’t make them change.

3. They become combative with you by debating/antagonizing you because they don’t want to accept your name change because they do want to change.

4. They accept/embrace your name, and respectfully make the change to maintain their relationship with you.

Aside from people having individual reactions to stimuli/information, you often cee people have multiple reactions. It’s more than common to cee people initially avoid you, go through denial, become combative and eventually accept/embrace your name change. Usually people don’t want to be taken out of their comfort zone and have a fear (Phobia) of the Unknown, so VERY FEW PEOPLE initially respond like #4, and this includes Gods/Earths. You’ll cee the same basic #1-3 reactions when Gods/Earths are confronted with any new NGE information that opposes their accepted view, especially anything to do with “The Father”. Yes, even when this information is undeniable Actual Facts. So from this vantage point, Cognitive Dissonance serves as a Clinical Model of how a person psychologically functions when they take a trip to “AN ISLAND”.

AN ISLAND” can be also be likened to a Scientific Laboratory, a controlled Environment where Cultures (pun intended) can be examined microcosmically in order to gain insight into the relationships they establish/maintain on a macrocosmic level. Dr. Seuss has a book called “Horton Hears a Who” that builds on this Science ("Horton Hears a Who" is actually a movie being released in 2008 starring the voice of Jim Carrey). As “AN ISLAND” is land surrounded entirely by a body water, the Brain is a muscle surrounded entirely by a body of water. As Pelon (or Patmos) is known as the place where the physical Devil was manufactured, the Brain is the place where the mental Devil was manufactured. The Island of Pelon (or Patmos) is a Physiological, Psychological, Socioeconomic replication of the Individual (I or Ego) in the same way a Solar System replicates a Human Cell. An Island is not bad in it of itself because it can also become a Quiet Paradise in the midst of a Raging Sea! It is only when “AN ISLAND” becomes a isolated state of Apathy, Alienation, Anti-Social Behavior, Paranoid Schizophrenia and other Psychological Disorders does it become a situated place “good and multiplying” (28/1-40) Devils. It is my view that many Gods/Earths (although highly intelligent!) choose (sometimes reluctantly) to live within this isolated state because of their inability to cope with the masses (85%) of people. It is within this “head space” that Gods/Earths find themselves Destroying the very relationships they need to Build with people in order to teach them and live out productive lives. The fact that many Gods/Earths will function as resource limited Closed Societies (Ciphers) and selectively avoid interacting with Societal Elements even to the extend that it severely compromises their ability to secure basic education, food, clothing and shelter indicates a Social Phobia they fail to acknowledge. This 85erphobia is the same Mentality that caused a NOI family (during the First Resurrection) to unknowingly starve their child to death by feeding them “only” navy beans.

As stated earlier, 85erphobia can produce Cognitive Dissonance (AN ISLAND), which in turn, impedes one’s ability to live out their “way of life” (Culture) to the best of their ability. Instead of embracing this confrontation as a challenging means to grow and develop, Gods/Earths overlook the nature of how these dynamic opposites were created (and made) to relate. The ability to successfully live out one’s Culture invokes the interplay of dynamic opposites; Divine/Destroy. These dynamic opposites are the basis of God/Devil. In Principle, it Procedurally functions to “Show & Prove that Allah is God, always has been always will be” because making the Devil shows forth our Power that we are all Wise and Righteous (38/1-40). This is why God “made” Devil and these dynamic opposites had to be manifested. Without this inner/outer challenge (relationship) there is only a Triple Dark Void of Nothingness. Many Gods/Earths are Divine in word yet our words may not correspond to our relationships (Destroy); “Allah is God in the Earth ‘AND’ in the Heavens above” 37/1-40! We get together and build sand castles to the sky during our Parliaments/Rallies yet our Homes and Relationships with others (The Community) often tell a completely different story! I’ve had my share of Hard Times, Hunger, Nakedness and being out of Doors dealing with people myself so I’m speaking from experience. This was not because I set up a Home and waited for a Mystery God to bring me food like our 11/1-40 says, b.u.t. because of my relationship with/to those who did! Whether they are a companion, family, friend, associate, co-worker or etc.., the reality is, our relationships will always be the essential “tell tale signs” of truly living out this Culture. Going through conflicts, break-up’s, Family Court Intervention and etc.. was/is some shit! You go through alot dealing with that 38th Degree in the 1-40’s and those of you who are right now, believe me, I damn sure can understand! In this struggle it’s important that we gather the strength to honestly look at our situation for what it is (“All the above is caused by the Sun of Man”) in light of the overall picture. Meaning, do whatever you can to change the situation while realizing that you are not the only influential force involved. Know when to determine where your influence ends and someone’s else’s begins! Our relationships define our Universe and our inability to positively deal/cope with them may set up AN ISLAND that produces conditions good in multiplying these Devils.

Embrace your Problems because Problems are natural, especially when approached from the perspective of a Scientist. Natural in a sense of presenting meaningful challenges to aide us in our growth and development. Problems are veiled solutions and jewel embroidered Wisdom. Many of us act like we don’t have any problems and the last thing Gods/Earths wanna build about is relationships they’ve collaboratively Destroyed, Devils they manufactured, Hard Times, Hunger, Nakedness and being out of Doors. I read this book about Marvin Gaye’s life called “Divided Soul” by David Ritz and Marvin talks about how his autobiographical album “Here, My Dear” -released in 1978- was completely inspired by embracing his Divorce. An actual part of his settlement with his wife Anna was to give her his advance for the album and the other half from what he earned from his record sales. The Psychology of this is the fact that Marvin was able to use this opportunity to cleanse himself from all the trials & tribulations he went through during this relationship by therapeutically pouring it out into his music instead of “keeping it bottled up inside of him” (ISLAND). Not only did he find a way of resolving his Financial Debt with Anna b.u.t. also his Emotional Debt. One of the Jewels in this is the fact that Marvin overcame his isolation and didn’t make “AN ISLAND” out of his problems. Ultimately, Marvin honestly confronted/dealt with the Cognitive Dissonance he experienced from his Divorce and came to terms with his own alienating, self medicating habits that manufactured feelings about a situation that was Highly Explosive! Although long periods of his life became an incubator that produced bigger Devils than the one quietly inside of himself, Marvin mustered the strength to use his music as a means to take them off the Planet! Unlike Marvin, there are many people who die from the prideful disease of simply not being able to open up about their problems. Because of the grandiose Ego that many Gods/Earths possess, it is especially important that we find effective ways to openly deal with our problems! 120 Lessons can only contribute to proper Mental Health “ONLY” when we’re honest enough to confront our primary conditionings. If we’re compulsively attending NGE Functions or walking around with a facade like everything is all good and our family is falling apart then we’re just as insane as anybody we like to point our figure at! Since my Ole’ Earth had a background in Psychology she worked in the Mental Health Field for years. I mentioned in another Article that she had this one Client who was able to quote all the dialogue in every Star Trek Episode by heart! So like I said before, “Just because someone can quote 120 Lessons it doesn’t mean they’re not Mentally Ill!” The classification of Mental Illnesses is based upon how well we function in our relationships with self, other people and the World around us. I also need to mention that since those people (Colored/White People) who have expressed the most Mentally Ill behavior on the Planet Earth have established themselves as the Model Standard for Normalcy, it’s important to critically analyze what they may define as Mental Illness. Since their definitions do not consider Global White Supremacy as a phenomenon that contributes to behavioral maladjustment, what may be inaccurately classified as an individual’s Mental Illness is actually a psycho-physiological response to the oppressive sociopolitical conditions of this Eurocentric based Society. At the same time, we gotta just use basic common sense. If a nigga is Obsessive Compulsive about attending NGE Events talking about he’s GOD, yet he ain’t being a MAN by spending quality time/supporting his Children/Companion, he may be living under some females roof (who comfortably calls him Marcus or Wayne), may be in/out of jail, and has basic health issues/addictions that he’s in denial about then that’s a sure sign of Mental Illness. Sure he’s still God by nature, b.u.t. first he’s a Man dealing with some Mental Health Issues that transcends just having a few bad breaks in life! Now, I’m not advocating that we completely disassociate ourselves from people like this b.u.t. I’m also not advocating that we just stand there “loosing time searching” for ways to draw up the Martian Science they’re always building about! All I can say is be honest and use basic common sense.

For Gods/Earths, we are not on “AN ISLAND” and most of the time we will find ourselves in a Social environment dealing with people who do not know our Language, adhere to the same Principles or utilize the Procedural applications of this Culture. Therefore, deliberately avoiding any/everybody that doesn’t know our Language, adhere to the same Principles or utilize the Procedural applications of this Culture is not the most effective way to cope with this dilemma. As stated earlier, this can become a breeding ground for Mental Illness. On the other hand, instead of physically making “AN ISLAND” unto themselves, some Gods/Earths begin to overcompensate for what they don’t have. Consequently, they make themselves “AN ISLAND” Narcissistically (Yacub; Big Head Scientist). This difference in approach is symbolic to “Yacub being a 6 year old child 20 miles outside of Mecca”, compared to “Yacub being a 16 year old teen in the heart of Mecca” although the same Father of the Devil. While the former approach represents the Objective Island (20 Miles Outside), the later approach represents the Subjective Island (Heart of Mecca). The fact that some Gods/Earths begin to overcompensate for what they don’t have means that they may become Obsessive Compulsive about teaching people (that 85% of the time “don’t want to learn”; 9/1-40), Egotistical about their own sense of self worth/identity, Overzealous about wearing NGE Paraphernalia, Gregarious about attending NGE Events, Religious about speaking NGE language with/around people who don’t have a clue what their talking about, and Addicted to the Internet NGE Groups/Message Boards.

To conclude today’s Article I just want to stress the importance of “Living Mathematics”. This cannot be done or can any results be manifested when you alienate yourself outwardly/inwardly from the rest of the Human Family by becoming “AN ISLAND” unto yourself. In this case, your Math is all Theoretical and nothing Practical is really happening. Don’t be afraid to go to places, listen/talk to people and try new things! I’m not advocating hanging out with 85er’s yet I am saying that you shouldn’t have “85erphobia” and become Cognitively Dissonant everytime you’re around people! If your ability to socialize with a person is interfered with because “they all into da church” then you need to check yourself. If forming a meaningful relationship with people is disrupted because they don’t adhere to or believe in “Father Allah” then you need to take some time to look at yourself. If you’re letting work or your everyday life be interfered with or disrupted because people personally choose to eat pork, pray to a Mystery God and bump Soldier Boy then you have a problem. If left unresolved you’ll find yourself;

1. Becoming more and more alienated from the rest of the Human Family to the extent where you become an Island, 20 miles outside of reality and manufacturing Devils.

2. Narcissistically enraptured in your own self image to the extent that you express an overcompensating “Island-like” personality (Big Head), Egotistically leading followers in the heart of Mecca who’ll one day manufacture Devils.

It’s important that we learn the proper handling of people and develop the necessary “Coping Skills” to be amongst the masses of People. If not, you can drive your ownself crazy trying to cope by becoming either Anti-Social or Egotistically Addicted to your ownself Image. Either way you look at it, this 85erphobia becomes Self Medicating! A Middle Path of Proper Mental Health must be found amongst these two extremities! In summarizing toady’s Article I want to leave you with a quote from my Capricornian Comrade Denzel Washington, “You have to be as inaccessible to people like a Diamond locked inside a vault, yet as accessible to them as the Air.

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- The Harvest Season-

Autumn Thoughts

Peace! One things for sure I’ve had a very beautiful Summer! Although my Idealistic ass would have liked to cee some things happen more progressively.. , it is what it is. The Best Part about this Summer was undoubtedly “my own good time” with my Young Queens. As we enter into my favorite Season (Autumn!) here’s a few things I’ve learned over the Summer;

“When this mist strikes.. , it becomes.. in form.. .” (8/1-40)
The “heat” really brings out a lot in people because its’ never too cold for them to show they ass! The Tale about "The Ant and the Grasshopper" also comes to light. While partying like there is no tomorrow, people forget that the cold is right around the corner and heating bills will once again be outta control (at least here in WNY they are)! Aside from getting more Vitamin D from the sunrays, I treat the Summer (and every Season) “Seasonless”, meaning “I control the Weather, the Weather don’t control me”! This humble perspective insures that I don’t arrogantly (and ignorantly!) write a check in the Summer my ass can’t cash in the Winter. The cold current usually brings with it a Seasonal Depression that people experience and they find themselves seeking a sense of Renewal in order to Revive their Sense of Spirituality. This Grasshopper Syndrome is a Psychological Ebb and Flow that people without a foundation naturally go through. What these Hedonists don’t realize is that pleasure seeking adheres to the same Organic Law that every living thing adheres to because all of it involves Consciousness (Creative Force). In nature there always comes a time when something isn’t ripe and one’s overwhelming desire to taste a certain fruit cannot change that! Without this realistic view, a Hedonist will find themselves becoming “A Savage in their pursuit of Happiness” (17/1-40), and often settling for the Poor and Worst Parts (un-ripened fruit) because they don’t have the patience to naturally await the Best (Ripe) Part! Don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with pleasure, just make sure it’s evenly distributed throughout the year regardless of the Season your in. Because like the Grasshopper, you may be starving when the Fall (pun intended) comes.

“.. didn’t build ‘Prison Houses’ for his people.” (29/1-40)
Watching my Young Queens get Knowledge of Self “FOR THEMSELVES” (not because their Ole’ Dad is gonna whup they ass!) has always been absolutely Peace! It shows that they cee value in the results, not necessarily in what they feel is expected of them. Of course they do try to appease me sometimes yet I always remind them that it’s Peace b.u.t. it’s their life they’re living. I’ve ceen different Gods/Earths rearing their children (particularly females) in this Culture like the same ‘Prison House’ Joe Jackson put his children in. The only difference is that Joe beat them in the head with Music Lessons! Gods/Earths drilling their seeds in Lessons is a “Military Training of MEN” (12/1-14) that I don’t particularly subscribe to. I can it more applicable if you got suns yet I don't cee that as the best approach for a young moon (daughter). I “continue daily” (13/1-40) to teach them Discipline no doubt, yet that Zealous Religiosity and Fanaticism Gods/Earths be on is some other shit! As they approach their Pre-teens, now I can build with them about “Training Units” that are less broad and more specific than “General Civilization” subject matters. The phrase “The Understanding (Seeds) are the Best Part” alludes to the fact that they definately bring out the best in you! No more Student Enrollment questions like, “Daddy why is the Moon following us when we drive?”, now they spittin’ Actual Facts like, “That was Trick-Knowledge because he handed me some batteries and told me they’re for me. He was acting like he was just giving me those batteries for my Gameboy Advance and waited later on before he asked if he can he play it! When Fred asked can he play it after him he took the batteries out, put them in his pocket and then handed the game to Fred and told him that those were his batteries. So he don’t know how to deal wit Equality either!” My response was, “Yeah, because he used that lie saying ‘those batteries are yours’ as a shield for his real Determined Idea of wanting to play ya’ game. He should of just did trading amongst you by saying up front that he had some batteries and if you share your game with him he’ll share his batteries with you. But he ain’t go through with it that way so now you know how to deal with him. He knew what he really wanted but tried to trick you into getting it, plus he caused trouble amongst you and Fred by having him think you don’t want him to play with ya Gameboy! Only trade with him if he deals with you strait up or cut him off and don’t deal with him like that at all.” For the Mathematically inclined you can cee that we just had a whole conversation dealing with insights found in the 4th, 5th, 8th & 9th Degrees in the 1-14’s and the 24th Degree in the 1-40’s.

“Who are easily led in.. .” (14/1-40)
The Right Direction makes the Wrong Direction look reaaaaalllll clumsy! It’s amazing how infantile people’s decision making process can be. I can cee this clumsiness in people because I cee myself when I made some of the same decisions in my Old Koran. Even though you may clearly cee what’s Right or what’s best for a person, you cannot force it on them. The Bible calls this “trespassing against them”! So you can’t trespass against a person even for Righteousness sake! You can only speak on it (warn them!) when given the opportunity (18 & 19/1-40). Who’s to say that this is not a Hell they need to go through that tempers them to cee things Right for themselves?! By interfering in this process you may be thinking your doing the Right thing but in reality you may be prolonging their Hell. 85% of the time it’s best to simply leave a person with their own beliefs and not be disruptive to the Way of Life they’ve chosen for themselves. But if their belief is, “I have faith that God will bless this 32oz bottle of bleach I’m about to drink” then it’s wrong to leave them with the bottle because they might die! Then you’ll have their “blood on ya hands”(19/1-40; Ez. 3:18)! Also keep in mind that when a person is easily led in, they’re hard to lead out. Sometimes they gotta feel the heat, cee the flames and smell the smoke before they get the fuck outta the building!

“.. educate him because one day he’s gonna grow to be a Great Man” (28/1-40)
Many Gods confuse the above phrase of being a “Great Man” with being a “Big Man” (9/1-36). Educate comes from the latin root word educere meaning “to draw out”. Being a Mr. Know It All does not mean your Educated. Nor does talking Big with a Big Attribute make you Great. As the 9th Degree asks, “Why does he FEAR the Devil now that he’s a Big Man?”, FEAR is what distinguishes a Great Man from a Big Man. The movie “Apocalypto” illustrates perfectly how FEAR (as a sickness!) is a force that differentiates a Great Man from a Big Man. The reason I mentioned Educate is because although many Men may appear to be God externally, they’ve never taken the time “to draw out”, confront and learn from their own FEARS. When many Gods say, “God don’t deal with emotions” it’s a slick way of saying they got fears that are “buried there” (5/1-14) that they don’t want to acknowledge. When Gods are confronted with the possibility of “hard times, hunger, nakedness, being out of doors also being a killed by the ones who even advocate this Science” (11/1-40) that’s when you cee the difference between a Great Man and a Big Man. As I stated, one of the Best Illustrations of this can be found in the movie “Apocalypto”, the symbolism is multilayered! Also, the fact that Prophetess Juanita Bynum got beat down and hospitalized by her husband “Bishop” Thomas Meeks, it definitely wasn’t “Great” PR for Black Men in general! This ripple effect will definitely be felt in the Black Church and Black Community at large so prepare yourself to cee & hear the Gospel of Sophia 2:1 being quoted; “Men thou aren’th shit. Thy Lord thus practiced when he madeth Man from the beasts of thy field, yet perfected his Creation when he fashioned a Woman from the voice of angelic virtues.”!

“Civilize means to teach Knowledge and Wisdom.. .” (2/1-14)
Teaching Love “Knowledge Wisdom” is often a Hell of a job because the person can’t cee that there’s a Right way you need to go about doing it, especially a female. Since Society “continues daily” (13/1-40) to give us a Romanesque Idea of what Love’s supposed to be, people fail to put it in the context of Civilization and adopt a Hedonistic Perspective of Love. Love must be looked at through Civil-Eyes (Civilize) and this may (or may not!) include feelings, although in it’s highest form it transcends feelings altogether in the form of Understanding. This doesn’t mean you’re a Dr. Spock and I’m not invalidating this “attractive power” (feelings), I’m just saying that however “high this mist ascends and regardless of what other forms of mist it increases with it eventually becomes heavier than this gravitation and DISTILLS BACK IN THE FORM” (8/1-40). So in other words, no matter how heavy your feelings may be, you will always come back to the form or structure you “made and grown” these feelings from “in the beginning” (9/1-14). There’s a time a place for these “many layers of currents real cold and warm, other very swift and changeable” (8/1-40) b.u.t. you damn sure can’t expect to “build a Home for yourself” (4/1-14) on them! When it comes to dealing with a Wiz’s Cipher, Teaching her Civilization is TRUE Love while Knowledgen’ Wisdom is a SQUARE’S Love. While both of them eventually lead to Understanding, you take two very different paths to get there. LOL! A perfect illustration of this can be found in the Classic Movie “Carmen Jones”. In the beginning of the movie there’s a part when Joe (Harry Belafonte) is taking Carmen (Dorothy Dandridge) to Masonville and finds himself at a fork in the road (TRUTH or SQUARE). I won’t spoil it b.u.t. I encourage you to get this Classic Movie and check out which route Joe chose and the results that came along with it. On a side note, for those of you who haven’t gotten into “Old Movies”, keep in mind that back in the day there wasn’t all that CGI and Special Effects you’ve learned to enjoy in all the “Big” Movies you cee today! Although there are many Great Movies made today, what made these “Old Movies” Great was bare bone Actoring, ill ass Dialogue and bangin’ Plots, nothing more and nothing less!

“They are the Poor Righteous Teachers.. .” (16/1-40)
That’s right, “They Are”! Although I am a Righteous Teacher I ain’t Poor nor do I embrace Poverty as a part of my Environment or my Socioeconomic destiny! The fact that the 16th Degree asks us “Who is the 5% of THIS POOR PART of the Planet Earth?” it insinuates that there must be RICH PART of the Planet Earth upon which the 5% also resides. And correspondingly, “THAT 5%” would be considered “Rich Righteous Teachers”. Being Rich does not mean you have to be 10%, a Slave Maker of the Poor or Bloodsucker of the Poor like our 15th Degree (1-40) states! Nor does being Poor mean you’re a Righteous Teacher! People often equate getting money with Greed and take a vow of Poverty because they think it’s the Righteous thing to do, and Teach others to do the same bullshit! It never occurs to them that they may have become Greedy about looking/being Poor! The Poor Part, Worst Part and Best (Rich) Part of the Planet Earth mentioned in our 1st & 3rd Degrees (1-14) represent States of Mind first and foremost. It is this “Mentality” that will breathe life into your Environment and Socioeconomic Circumstances. It’s all the way you cee it and how you cultivate the “useful land” you’re standing on. For instance, the difference in Poor, Worst and Best (Rich) Parts may be based upon your chosen Career, chosen Companion, or City you live in. I also must mention that whatever you define something as, whether it’s Poor, Worst or Best (Rich), your definition will always adhere to the Universal Law that naturally governs it. What this means is that these definitions bear it’s corresponding Justice and sometimes that Justice may manifest something the complete opposite of what you thought! For example, have you ever befriended a person and considered them the Best Part b.u.t. they eventually Show and Prove themselves to be the Poor Part? What about a nice Indian Restaurant you went to that had the Worst food you’ve ever ate, only to try a different Indian Restaurant and find out that it’s one of the Best Restaurants you’ve ever been to? Sometimes it takes time to reveal the Poor, Worst or Best (Rich) b.u.t. sometimes it may be manifested from the gate. All in all, the nature of what it is and how it functions will adhere to the Law which governs it, regardless of what we choose to call it. So in a nutshell, North America is not a Wilderness or the Poor Part of the Planet Earth to everybody and all Righteous Teachers are not Poor.

“Also free transportation to the Holy City of Mecca to see their Brother Muhammad.” (9/1-14)
If you’ve ever studied the 10th Degree (1-14) it’s dealing with murdering 4 Devils (symbolically of course!). The reward one is said to receive is “a pin to wear on the lapel of one’s coat” and also “free transportation to the Holy City of Mecca to see their Brother Muhammad”. Don’t it get it twisted! Murder is Murder and it’s no small thing! That free trip to me is the Science of catching the first thing smoking in order to get the fuck outta town! That’s definitely “rewarding” because who wants to hang around like that after murdering muthafucka’s? Let this be a lesson, if you’re gonna kill a certain habit you need to insure that you’re not sitting in the same place or doing the same thing where that habit died! Not only does death carry an awful stench but it can also haunt you! Aside from that, you can also find yourself relapsing! That’s why Employers warn against dating in the workplace. If you’re working with someone you get into a relationship with and have a bad fall out it will effect your job performance, even if it’s as “so-called” innocuous as deliberately not speaking. When your supposedly trying to write a New Koran in your life you cannot leave Old Surah’s wide open. The “pin to wear on the lapel of your coat” (the lapel upon which the pin is positioned is on the left breast which is over one’s “heart”. The heart symbolizes the seat of one’s emotions) symbolizes service, status & accomplishment. A Pin on one’s lapel also serves as a Socioeconomic Passport! In other words, people can identify the dues you paid and the circle of influence you now belong to by a simple pin you’ve earned and adorn on your lapel. An example of this is the science behind the “Rising Phoenix” Pin Hillary R. Clinton faithfully rocks on her lapel. In this sense, the Pin and Transportation is similar to the Masonic Coin a Master Mason is instructed to travel with on his journeys. Ultimately, it’s one’s ability to be emotionally resolute (Pin) in order to move on freely (Free Transportation) after dealing with death (Murder) in their life! It’s as simple as just “getting a break” from dealing with some things going on in your life! So take a trip whether it’s a literally outside of your City or Introspectively within your ownself! Not simply because you’ve earned it, b.u.t. because YOU MAY NEED IT!