Monday, September 24, 2007

"Impeccability is the proper use of energy" -Don Juan Matus


Peace Ya'll, today I wanted to build about the 13/1-40 and the 34/1-40 in our Book of Life (120 Lessons). More specifically, the difference between “Recovery” and “Reformation”. In the 13/1-40, we learn that, “But there is a chance for mental death because the Lost-Found was once mentally dead and many of them RECOVERED from it.. .”, and the 34/1-40 it states, “No, all the Prophets have tried to REFORM him (Devil) and were unable.. .” The reason I wanted to expound upon these Concepts is because we often deal with people where we are called upon to determine if the Principle of RECOVER or REFORM applies to them. Sometimes we extend a supportive grace to a person in order to help them RECOVER from a situation when we should have been looking at their stubbornness to be REFORMED. Sometimes we may be too strict about a person REFORMING their ways when we should have been emphasizing steps of RECOVERY. I’ve been on both sides of this issue and it’s very important to distinguish one from the other. If not, you’ll find yourself “loosing time searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) trying to help someone RECOVER who needs to be REFORMED. Or you’ll be thinking you’re “loosing time searching for that, that does not exist” (10/1-40) trying to REFORM someone who needs to RECOVER. The primary difference between RECOVER and REFORM is;

· RECOVERY is associated with a “Mental Death”. A 85% Trait.
· REFORM is associated with “Devilishment”. A 10% Trait.

This is not to say that the 85% don’t deal with “Devilishment” or the 10% ain’t suffering from a “Mental Death”. I’m simply classifying these “Traits” as Cerebellum like “Condition Reflexes” that pervades each Sociological Demographic. In other words, a “Mental Death” is an instinctual pattern of the 85% and “Devilishment” is an instinctual pattern of the 10%, both representing Cerebellum or “Reptilian Brain” Activity (Motor/Conditioned Reflexes). Once this “Reptilian” brained activity can be analyzed for what it is, then (and only then) can it be determined if this person can RECOVER or be REFORMED. It must be understood that this process of self evaluation is strictly dealing with a person’s past Koran. Before they go through a Traditional 3 Day Fast, get an Attribute or get handed Supreme Mathematics or Student Enrollment THIS WORK NEEDS TO BE DONE. I emphasize this because it is often unacknowledged Conditioned Reflexes, Biochemical Imbalances, Genetics, Socialization, or etc.. that lead to these psychological postures (“Mental Death” and “Devilishment”). Real WISDOM (2) in showing your EQUALITY (6) to someone you want to teach is to cee what established their personal ZIG before you encourage them to ZAG because it’ll all go back to how they ZIG! In the process you’ll discover that “HE or HER without knowledge of self cannot BUILD only DESTROY and take many lives with them.” And when I say “knowledge of self” I’m talking about taking inventory, analyzing and making sense of their past Koran before they met you. This my friend is “a year to every mile” (1/1-40), a long journey for many of them that they must be willing to “walk every step of the way” (4/1-14).

When a person is suffering from a “Mental Death” they can RECOVER from this. Although you can help facilitate this process they must be self motivated, humble, sincere, dedicated and have the capacity to change the condition of themselves. It doesn’t take much to cee if these qualities are present in a person who wants to RECOVER from their condition. They’re similar to an Addict who is suffering from addiction, and their addiction is a drug called “the wrong foods” (10/1-36). The wrong foods literally, economically, psychologically, socially and etc.. . And these wrong foods spans an “Acultural Spectrum” from eating swine to letting their seeds spend more time watching T.V. then they do with them. And like an Addict who eventually takes the step (very important!!) to enroll in a NA Program, it’s important that our (NGE) “12 Step” Program consists of the following Training Units:

1. Civilization -“Civilize means to teach Knowledge and Wisdom (12) to all the Human Families of the Planet Earth” (2/1-14). Emphasize that Civilization begins with self Love, which is something everyone is capable of. That although Self Love is something we naturally seek, sometimes we simply loose our sense of direction and incorrectly define what Self Love truly means.

2. Love (L is the 12th Letter/Supreme Alphabet). The Understanding that you must be patient to encourage them to make decisions that emphasize the Love for what’s Right compared to the Love for the Hell they’re going through.

3. Justice Jewel (Love/12 is the Justice Jewel in our 12 Jewels). You also remind them of the Justice their acts bear and that they in fact place a sword over their own heads by the choices that they make. Although you’re showing them Love, you keep a comfortable distance and “do trading amongst them” (9/1-14) because you know how risky/volatile a person is who is suffering from Addiction.

4. Empathize -“Because the lost found WAS ONCE MENTALLY DEAD and many of them recovered from it” (13/1-40). Show them that you’re not greater than them and that you’re not “holy” (‘not mixed, diluted or tampered with in any form’: 9/1-14). Your strength comes from your acknowledgement of weakness and your success comes from your acknowledgement of failures. This is something that you both have in common, and although it appears to be “a Place” you’ve arrived at where they want to be it’s really about “a Journey” you’re both traveling, not “a Destination” with “a said birth record” (10/1-10).

Considering that this person has the proper attitude (wants to RECOVER!) and you have the proper Training Units, you can begin going through the proper “Prep Work” they need in order to change. This is a period where you need to talk them through their addiction(s). Not “giving them” answers, b.u.t. asking the right questions that help them solve their own problems and dilemmas. Problems and dilemmas that impede their ability to change. In essence, they must arrive at their own Understanding and that is something you are incapable of giving them. Regardless of what you may cee, it’s important that THEY CEE where their own decisions get them. It is from this vantage point can you actually engage them in a dialogue about what they know now! Prior to this it “was buried there” (5/1-14) and Truth unknown to them. Unknown because of honest lack of awareness and unknown because of selective lack of awareness (denial). Any Addiction is like a watch, and it takes a Watchmakers Art to discover/define the intricate mechanisms that go into making the whole watch work. From the Watchmaker’s perspective, you’re equipped with the skills to dismantle a watch piece by piece, and also articulate how it was put together in the first place. Ultimately, it’s important that they first learn what makes them “tick” in order to develop the necessary insight to dismantle their Addiction. In the process, keep in mind that this is a very delicate/tedious process and dealing with a person’s past Koran (especially illnesses) is a “highly explosive” (8/1-40) subject matter for many people. This is why with many people it is “buried there” (5/1-14). Buried through conscious denial or post traumatic stress! I also need to mention that many aspects of a “Mental Death” are gender specific. As a Man you -more often than not- need to be more of a Student to a female who wants to RECOVER because there are many gender specific variables that are unknown to you. In the context of this Gender Oppressive Society, your ability to listen to, analyze and talk her through these variables are an essential key to her full RECOVERY. I repeat, “AN ESSENTIAL KEY”!! Without this key, you’ll just be supplying her with evidence to support a Stereotypical Conclusion she made before she even met you; Men Are All The Same!

Before I get into the Science of REFORM, let me first classify “Devilishment”. Devilishment falls under the category of “Trick-Knowledge” along with “Stealing, Telling Lies and how to Master the Original Man (or Woman)” (4/1-14). Again, these can often be (not always!) unacknowledged Conditioned Reflexes, Biochemical Imbalances, Genetics, Socialization, or etc.. that lead to this form of Mental Illness. When a person has been identified as dealing with “Devilishment” then they must be looked at from a perspective of being REFORMED. As recovery deals with gaining what was once lost or a person metaphorically “coming back” to life, REFORMATION is just that; being RE-FORMED, something new altogether! When it comes to “Devilishment”, it’s a lot deeper than just a “Mental Death”. Recovering a Lost diamond wedding ring is quite different than REFORMING the relationship that established the Marriage once that relationship is made Weak or turns Wicked (33/1-40). In approaching someone with the idea of REFORMING them it’s important to realize what your dealing with as well. This major difference between a person going through recovery you have Out-Patient options when it comes to teaching them. When it comes to REFORMING, a person needs a straight up In-Patient approach! Let me explain why:

1. “All the Prophets have tried to REFORM him (Devil) and were unable. Unless he is grafted back into the Original Man which takes 600 years. So instead of loosing time, they have decided to take him off the Planet who only numbers 1 to every 11 Original Man.” Prophets had a hard time (2/1-14). Frustrated with the amount of time & energy it took to make any progress, they just decided to scrap the whole idea. Folklore tells us that Musa had such a hard time that he put some of them up on a Mountaintop and blew them up!

2. They’re “White, Weak and Wicked” (30/1-40). White doesn’t infer skin color, it denotes mentality more than anything. This “mentality” can be draw-up as Eurocentrism, Global White Supremacy and Racism. This not only means a self defined “White Person”, but also the darkest skin Black Person trying their best to knowingly/unknowingly uphold this Status Quo (mentality)! Weak in the form susceptibility. Susceptible to any mental, emotional, physical and economic ideas that promotes/perpetuates sickness. Wicked in the form of antagonizing Righteousness. All of these characteristics must be confronted with a Sword in order to emphasize that all cipher’s bear their own Justice, and it may get tiring to have your Sword out every time you interact with this person! Because it can be for the next “35-50 years” (9/1-14).

3. “Because they are 100% Weak & Wicked and will not keep and obey the Laws of Islam. Their ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type.. , .. also if allowed to live they would just sting someone else.” (10/1-14). Since these people have a proclivity for not being obedient to Law, they have an Outlaw mentality. Snakes are cold-blooded animals and can be reasoned to mean “heartless”. By associating the idea of being “heartless” with the idea of “stinging some else” it makes perfect sense. Snakes being from the “Reptile Family” also lends credence to the “Reptilian Brain” Concept that I built about in Paragraph #3. These people are very animalistic (or infantile) in their outlook on life which makes them Hedonistic in the way they approach/resolve situations.

In the final analysis, there’s gonna be some work! First and foremost for the person who is trying to RECOVER or be REFORMED, and for you as a Qualified Facilitator (QF) of this process. As a Enlightener (QF) , it’s also important to realize that this is a very, very painful process for many people! There may come times when they look at/treat you as the enemy because you appear to come between them and their closet friend; Their Addiction! In the word’s of my Brother Sha Sha, “Your position as an Enlightener (QF) is not to climb up into someone else’s head and nail Degree’s (Lessons) to they third (Mind)! That’s their job to put these Degree’s on cap! Once they’ve taken the time/effort to Know their Degree’s you help walk/talk them through it so they can get their own Understanding!” Because a person who is trying to RECOVER or be REFORMED is coming out of Addiction, this sense of dependency can be shifted on you. They can essentially trade one “wrong food” (sexual stimulated dependency) for another “wrong food” (emotional/intellectual stimulated dependency)! I know a brother who went through “The Rooms of NA”. After he put the pipe down he started picking Women up! Different Narcotic, b.u.t. same Ole’ Addict! When you engage yourself (as an Enlightener) in the relationship of teaching someone, because of their sense of denial, vulnerability and lack of knowledge they may use “Transference” to try to blame you for their lack of progress! It’s important that you realize that an Addict often views everyone as their enemy trying to “Master” (M is the 13th Letter/Supreme Alphabet) them except for their “ownself” (13/1-36). People often view teaching someone as handing out Lessons. Although getting Lessons is an essential part of “our” (NGE) process, this is after the person has done the necessary “Self Work” of making sense of their past Koran! “… makes his (or her) History or Koran to equal his (or her) home circumference, a year to every mile. Thus every time his (or her) History LASTS for 25,000 years he (or her) RENEWS it for another 25,000 years.” (1/1-40). RENEW is a word that functionally relates to RECOVERY and REFORMATION. How can a person RENEW anything in their life if past History or Koran is still lasting as a functional reality in their life?! For example; “A female can’t RENEW her emotional commitment to a potential relationship until the idea of working it out or resolving her complications with her Baby’s Daddy is past History or Koran (lasts!)!” In order to cee if it’s not lasting, all a Man needs to do is measure the years they were together and cee if it equals her present Home Circumference (head space!). Which is every mile she unknowing/unknowingly walks/talks through that situation! In laymen’s terms, if she’s still dealing with that Surah in her life, this undoubtedly means that she’s not finished with that part of her History or Koran yet! It doesn’t mean that she’s trying to make it work or that she even like’s the dude, it just means “that History or Koran is equivalent to her Home Circumference (head space!)” and until that lasts… , she won’t be in the emotional place to RENEW her commitment to another relationship. As a “Wise Man of the East (Black Man)” (1/1-40) you should simply be a good listener and never impose your desire for a relationship upon her. When (or If!) she’s capable of being emotionally committed to a relationship (by resolving Old Koran), that’s when you should articulate this desire to her. If not, then you end up picking a fruit that isn’t ripe and we all know what a belly ache that will cause. It reminds me of this Bob Dylan verse from his song “Tangled Up In Blue” where he say’s about a Wiz he got with, “She was married when we first met. Soon to be Divorced. I helped her out of a jam I guess, but I used alittle too much force. We rode that car as far as we could. Abandoned it out West. Split up on a dark sad night agreeing it would be best.” As I mentioned in a previous Article, we must insure that things are Right “AND” Exact! Her own resolution comes from within her “ownself” when she severs the emotional attachments to the extent where feelings (entanglements!) of anxiety, anger, joy or etc.. isn’t invoked by the sight, sound or even thought of her Baby’s Daddy. This doesn’t mean that his History or Koran will be RENEWED either, b.u.t. it does mean that she has arrived at a place where it’s an Old Koran to her. Then and only then can she move on emotionally. I emphasize “emotion” because it’s central to her sense of beingness, and it’s of absolute importance that she “feels you”!

In conclusion, take your time to evaluate if a person can RECOVER or be REFORMED. Your urgency to teach them must be equivalent to their urgency to be taught, and please.. , don’t be arrogant about it! Know that any “year, month or day” (36/1-40) you may find yourself in the exact same position.


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