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Modern Day "Pelon (or Patmos) 'AN ISLAND' situated on the Aegean Sea"


("da propa handlin' a people")

27. What is the name of the place where the Devil was manufactured?
Pelon, the same as Patmos. AN ISLAND situated on the Aegean Sea; Revelation 1:9, “I John, who also am your Brother and Companion, in Tribulation and in the Kingdom of Patience of Jesus Christ was in the Isle which is called Patmos, for the Word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Peace Ya’ll! Knowledge of Self in it’s most fundamental form is expressed through the way we manifest our relationships. On a Metaphysical Level it can be comparable to the essential relationship between Nothingness and Something, Subsistence and Existence, Oneness and The Collective, Microcosm and Macrocosm, Triple Darkness and Light, Mind and Matter! I quoted the 27th Degree (1-40) because the idea of Yacub manufacturing a Devil on “AN ISLAND” of Pelon (Patmos) illustrates the potential psychosis associated with one’s inability to form meaningful relationships, work or go about everyday life in the context of a Social Collective. In Clinical Terms, “AN ISLAND” (Pelon, the same as Patmos), is known as Apathy, Alienation, Anti-Social Behavior, Paranoid Schizophrenia and etc.. . These Terms that describe “AN ISLAND” philosophically function the same as; Everything being taken away from a People (except their language), being Exiled, “Rope (bind in)” to the West Asian Hillsides/Caves and locked away from Civilization (4/1-14). Stop by your local Library’s Reference Section and ask to look at the latest version of The DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Illness). If your not into reading/studying Science, just get you a bootleg copy of the New Halloween Movie by Bob Zombie. Anyway, the DSM (and Halloween!) gives you a great deal of insight into the psycho-sociopolitical “Island-like”conditions that breeds a Devil, “other Rules and Regulations that are unmentioned” (28/1-40) in our Lessons.

“85erphobia” can be classified as a type of Social Phobia. A Social Phobia is when one’s ability to socialize, form meaningful relationships, work or go about everyday life is interfered with or disrupted by a person, place or thing. In the case of a God/Earth, the person is an 85er, the place is any environment where 85er’s socialize and the thing is an 85er Mentality (14/1-40);

14. Who is the 85%?
They are the Uncivilized People, Poisonous Animal Eaters, Slaves from a Mental Death and Power. Those who do not know the True and Living God or their Origin in the World and Worship what they know not. Who are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to be led in the right direction.

Although there are many legitimate concerns one may have about the risks involved in being in an 85er’s Social Equality (Company) or letting them be in ours, there are also many legitimate concerns about a God/Earth’s inability to find healthy ways to resolve this social dilemma. When healthy “Coping Skills/Mechanisms” are not employed, a God/Earth can find themselves living out the negative (unhealthy) aspects of dealing with and/or being in the midst of 85er’s. This Psychological exchange is known as Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is basically the tension one feels and the way one reacts to new information that is (or may appear to be) oppositional to their accepted view. There are 4 basic Cognitive reactions that people have when they are confronted with this new information. For example, when an 85er learns for the first time that you changed your name to Supreme Lord Allah or Queen Tehira Earth here are the 4 basic ways they’ll react:

1. They know that you changed your name but it makes them too uncomfortable, so they’ll completely avoid you instead of accepting this change.

2. They go through denial, act like they don’t know or have to accept it and try to continue addressing you by your birth name in hopes that you won’t make them change.

3. They become combative with you by debating/antagonizing you because they don’t want to accept your name change because they do want to change.

4. They accept/embrace your name, and respectfully make the change to maintain their relationship with you.

Aside from people having individual reactions to stimuli/information, you often cee people have multiple reactions. It’s more than common to cee people initially avoid you, go through denial, become combative and eventually accept/embrace your name change. Usually people don’t want to be taken out of their comfort zone and have a fear (Phobia) of the Unknown, so VERY FEW PEOPLE initially respond like #4, and this includes Gods/Earths. You’ll cee the same basic #1-3 reactions when Gods/Earths are confronted with any new NGE information that opposes their accepted view, especially anything to do with “The Father”. Yes, even when this information is undeniable Actual Facts. So from this vantage point, Cognitive Dissonance serves as a Clinical Model of how a person psychologically functions when they take a trip to “AN ISLAND”.

AN ISLAND” can be also be likened to a Scientific Laboratory, a controlled Environment where Cultures (pun intended) can be examined microcosmically in order to gain insight into the relationships they establish/maintain on a macrocosmic level. Dr. Seuss has a book called “Horton Hears a Who” that builds on this Science ("Horton Hears a Who" is actually a movie being released in 2008 starring the voice of Jim Carrey). As “AN ISLAND” is land surrounded entirely by a body water, the Brain is a muscle surrounded entirely by a body of water. As Pelon (or Patmos) is known as the place where the physical Devil was manufactured, the Brain is the place where the mental Devil was manufactured. The Island of Pelon (or Patmos) is a Physiological, Psychological, Socioeconomic replication of the Individual (I or Ego) in the same way a Solar System replicates a Human Cell. An Island is not bad in it of itself because it can also become a Quiet Paradise in the midst of a Raging Sea! It is only when “AN ISLAND” becomes a isolated state of Apathy, Alienation, Anti-Social Behavior, Paranoid Schizophrenia and other Psychological Disorders does it become a situated place “good and multiplying” (28/1-40) Devils. It is my view that many Gods/Earths (although highly intelligent!) choose (sometimes reluctantly) to live within this isolated state because of their inability to cope with the masses (85%) of people. It is within this “head space” that Gods/Earths find themselves Destroying the very relationships they need to Build with people in order to teach them and live out productive lives. The fact that many Gods/Earths will function as resource limited Closed Societies (Ciphers) and selectively avoid interacting with Societal Elements even to the extend that it severely compromises their ability to secure basic education, food, clothing and shelter indicates a Social Phobia they fail to acknowledge. This 85erphobia is the same Mentality that caused a NOI family (during the First Resurrection) to unknowingly starve their child to death by feeding them “only” navy beans.

As stated earlier, 85erphobia can produce Cognitive Dissonance (AN ISLAND), which in turn, impedes one’s ability to live out their “way of life” (Culture) to the best of their ability. Instead of embracing this confrontation as a challenging means to grow and develop, Gods/Earths overlook the nature of how these dynamic opposites were created (and made) to relate. The ability to successfully live out one’s Culture invokes the interplay of dynamic opposites; Divine/Destroy. These dynamic opposites are the basis of God/Devil. In Principle, it Procedurally functions to “Show & Prove that Allah is God, always has been always will be” because making the Devil shows forth our Power that we are all Wise and Righteous (38/1-40). This is why God “made” Devil and these dynamic opposites had to be manifested. Without this inner/outer challenge (relationship) there is only a Triple Dark Void of Nothingness. Many Gods/Earths are Divine in word yet our words may not correspond to our relationships (Destroy); “Allah is God in the Earth ‘AND’ in the Heavens above” 37/1-40! We get together and build sand castles to the sky during our Parliaments/Rallies yet our Homes and Relationships with others (The Community) often tell a completely different story! I’ve had my share of Hard Times, Hunger, Nakedness and being out of Doors dealing with people myself so I’m speaking from experience. This was not because I set up a Home and waited for a Mystery God to bring me food like our 11/1-40 says, b.u.t. because of my relationship with/to those who did! Whether they are a companion, family, friend, associate, co-worker or etc.., the reality is, our relationships will always be the essential “tell tale signs” of truly living out this Culture. Going through conflicts, break-up’s, Family Court Intervention and etc.. was/is some shit! You go through alot dealing with that 38th Degree in the 1-40’s and those of you who are right now, believe me, I damn sure can understand! In this struggle it’s important that we gather the strength to honestly look at our situation for what it is (“All the above is caused by the Sun of Man”) in light of the overall picture. Meaning, do whatever you can to change the situation while realizing that you are not the only influential force involved. Know when to determine where your influence ends and someone’s else’s begins! Our relationships define our Universe and our inability to positively deal/cope with them may set up AN ISLAND that produces conditions good in multiplying these Devils.

Embrace your Problems because Problems are natural, especially when approached from the perspective of a Scientist. Natural in a sense of presenting meaningful challenges to aide us in our growth and development. Problems are veiled solutions and jewel embroidered Wisdom. Many of us act like we don’t have any problems and the last thing Gods/Earths wanna build about is relationships they’ve collaboratively Destroyed, Devils they manufactured, Hard Times, Hunger, Nakedness and being out of Doors. I read this book about Marvin Gaye’s life called “Divided Soul” by David Ritz and Marvin talks about how his autobiographical album “Here, My Dear” -released in 1978- was completely inspired by embracing his Divorce. An actual part of his settlement with his wife Anna was to give her his advance for the album and the other half from what he earned from his record sales. The Psychology of this is the fact that Marvin was able to use this opportunity to cleanse himself from all the trials & tribulations he went through during this relationship by therapeutically pouring it out into his music instead of “keeping it bottled up inside of him” (ISLAND). Not only did he find a way of resolving his Financial Debt with Anna b.u.t. also his Emotional Debt. One of the Jewels in this is the fact that Marvin overcame his isolation and didn’t make “AN ISLAND” out of his problems. Ultimately, Marvin honestly confronted/dealt with the Cognitive Dissonance he experienced from his Divorce and came to terms with his own alienating, self medicating habits that manufactured feelings about a situation that was Highly Explosive! Although long periods of his life became an incubator that produced bigger Devils than the one quietly inside of himself, Marvin mustered the strength to use his music as a means to take them off the Planet! Unlike Marvin, there are many people who die from the prideful disease of simply not being able to open up about their problems. Because of the grandiose Ego that many Gods/Earths possess, it is especially important that we find effective ways to openly deal with our problems! 120 Lessons can only contribute to proper Mental Health “ONLY” when we’re honest enough to confront our primary conditionings. If we’re compulsively attending NGE Functions or walking around with a facade like everything is all good and our family is falling apart then we’re just as insane as anybody we like to point our figure at! Since my Ole’ Earth had a background in Psychology she worked in the Mental Health Field for years. I mentioned in another Article that she had this one Client who was able to quote all the dialogue in every Star Trek Episode by heart! So like I said before, “Just because someone can quote 120 Lessons it doesn’t mean they’re not Mentally Ill!” The classification of Mental Illnesses is based upon how well we function in our relationships with self, other people and the World around us. I also need to mention that since those people (Colored/White People) who have expressed the most Mentally Ill behavior on the Planet Earth have established themselves as the Model Standard for Normalcy, it’s important to critically analyze what they may define as Mental Illness. Since their definitions do not consider Global White Supremacy as a phenomenon that contributes to behavioral maladjustment, what may be inaccurately classified as an individual’s Mental Illness is actually a psycho-physiological response to the oppressive sociopolitical conditions of this Eurocentric based Society. At the same time, we gotta just use basic common sense. If a nigga is Obsessive Compulsive about attending NGE Events talking about he’s GOD, yet he ain’t being a MAN by spending quality time/supporting his Children/Companion, he may be living under some females roof (who comfortably calls him Marcus or Wayne), may be in/out of jail, and has basic health issues/addictions that he’s in denial about then that’s a sure sign of Mental Illness. Sure he’s still God by nature, b.u.t. first he’s a Man dealing with some Mental Health Issues that transcends just having a few bad breaks in life! Now, I’m not advocating that we completely disassociate ourselves from people like this b.u.t. I’m also not advocating that we just stand there “loosing time searching” for ways to draw up the Martian Science they’re always building about! All I can say is be honest and use basic common sense.

For Gods/Earths, we are not on “AN ISLAND” and most of the time we will find ourselves in a Social environment dealing with people who do not know our Language, adhere to the same Principles or utilize the Procedural applications of this Culture. Therefore, deliberately avoiding any/everybody that doesn’t know our Language, adhere to the same Principles or utilize the Procedural applications of this Culture is not the most effective way to cope with this dilemma. As stated earlier, this can become a breeding ground for Mental Illness. On the other hand, instead of physically making “AN ISLAND” unto themselves, some Gods/Earths begin to overcompensate for what they don’t have. Consequently, they make themselves “AN ISLAND” Narcissistically (Yacub; Big Head Scientist). This difference in approach is symbolic to “Yacub being a 6 year old child 20 miles outside of Mecca”, compared to “Yacub being a 16 year old teen in the heart of Mecca” although the same Father of the Devil. While the former approach represents the Objective Island (20 Miles Outside), the later approach represents the Subjective Island (Heart of Mecca). The fact that some Gods/Earths begin to overcompensate for what they don’t have means that they may become Obsessive Compulsive about teaching people (that 85% of the time “don’t want to learn”; 9/1-40), Egotistical about their own sense of self worth/identity, Overzealous about wearing NGE Paraphernalia, Gregarious about attending NGE Events, Religious about speaking NGE language with/around people who don’t have a clue what their talking about, and Addicted to the Internet NGE Groups/Message Boards.

To conclude today’s Article I just want to stress the importance of “Living Mathematics”. This cannot be done or can any results be manifested when you alienate yourself outwardly/inwardly from the rest of the Human Family by becoming “AN ISLAND” unto yourself. In this case, your Math is all Theoretical and nothing Practical is really happening. Don’t be afraid to go to places, listen/talk to people and try new things! I’m not advocating hanging out with 85er’s yet I am saying that you shouldn’t have “85erphobia” and become Cognitively Dissonant everytime you’re around people! If your ability to socialize with a person is interfered with because “they all into da church” then you need to check yourself. If forming a meaningful relationship with people is disrupted because they don’t adhere to or believe in “Father Allah” then you need to take some time to look at yourself. If you’re letting work or your everyday life be interfered with or disrupted because people personally choose to eat pork, pray to a Mystery God and bump Soldier Boy then you have a problem. If left unresolved you’ll find yourself;

1. Becoming more and more alienated from the rest of the Human Family to the extent where you become an Island, 20 miles outside of reality and manufacturing Devils.

2. Narcissistically enraptured in your own self image to the extent that you express an overcompensating “Island-like” personality (Big Head), Egotistically leading followers in the heart of Mecca who’ll one day manufacture Devils.

It’s important that we learn the proper handling of people and develop the necessary “Coping Skills” to be amongst the masses of People. If not, you can drive your ownself crazy trying to cope by becoming either Anti-Social or Egotistically Addicted to your ownself Image. Either way you look at it, this 85erphobia becomes Self Medicating! A Middle Path of Proper Mental Health must be found amongst these two extremities! In summarizing toady’s Article I want to leave you with a quote from my Capricornian Comrade Denzel Washington, “You have to be as inaccessible to people like a Diamond locked inside a vault, yet as accessible to them as the Air.

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