Friday, October 30, 2009

Power AND Refinement

Peace Ya’ll! This latest Book I felt compelled to release -Love, Hell or Right- is Self Help Manual on relationships. It gives you some insight into how to approach, construct and maintain healthy relationships, also how healthy relationships are undermined. NO this is not the ‘Experiments’ Book I’ve eluded to on occasion, it’s just something to prep ya’ll before I share with you those ‘High Explosives’. -smile- ‘Experiments’ has been done for a quite a while, b.u.t. I’ve just been taking my time refining it. Anyway, “Love, Hell or Right; The Trials, Triumphs and Teachings or Relationships” is now available to those of you striving to build, improve, spice up and/or gain a better understanding of relationships.

Today I wanted to build about Refinement and the transformative Power of 120. When I was an adolescent in this Nation, I’m a Teenie Bopper now, I had some very immature ideas of what this Culture was about, what it meant to be the true & living God and my Duty as a Civilized Person. Immature doesn’t necessarily mean ‘wrong’, it just means ‘lacking complete development’! Because of this lacking, there are many things I had to learn the hard way. I’ve always been a pretty good listener, so there are also many hard ways I never had to learn. When I speak about transformative ‘power’, I’m talking about “Refinement”; self development, improvement, purification, etc.. This is to say that the basis of 120 is for Self Improvement: Refinement. If you cee a person who says they’re dealing with 120 or have had 120 for a considerable amount of time, and they’re not improving, then something’s wrong with that picture. If they’re saying they had 120 for 10 years, yet still have the same cigarette addiction for the last 15-20 years, they haven’t learned the transformative power of 120. This is not to bash people because WE ALL have our own four devils we gotta contend with. I’m strictly speaking about people who have 120 in their possession or know Lessons, yet they aren’t striving to deal with any ‘Refinement’. Again, Self Development is the very basis of 120! So if you cee someone who has not and is not showing signs of progress Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, etc.., they have yet to unlock the real purpose of 120. Any system, whether it’s the 12 Steps of NA, Church, Kemetology, a Mosque/Masjid, Money Making Seminars, Martial Arts, etc.., is designed for the same purpose: Self Improvement. Although many of their concepts differ, NONE OF THEM advocate being a drug addict, an irresponsible Parent, being undisciplined, being dishonest, being emotionally unstable, etc… as effective methods for improving oneself. There are many Gods/Earths that only acknowledge ‘Power’ as the #5 in our Supreme Mathematics. There are also many Gods/Earths that acknowledge ‘Power or Refinement’ as the #5 in our Supreme Mathematics. I am a God that advocates that #5 is ‘Power or Refinement’. Here is why:

My TOP FIVE REASONS why the #5 is ‘Power or Refinement’

5. Power or strength/force without Refinement looks like The Incredible Hulk -and She Hulk.

4. Power is control. Control without Refinement (cultured) is unbridled, crude, tyrannical, oppressive, ruthless and eventually snaggle toothless.

3. Refinement is like diamond cutting equipment. Sure a diamond is still valuable “raw”, b.u.t. it’s real value comes from how it’s cut. Under any other conditions it can be mistaken for any other stone, literally.

2. Refinement means ‘to remove impurities, improve or perfect.’ What kind a person do you know would looove to have some ‘Power’, yet not want to acknowledge it’s use for ‘removing impurities, improving or perfecting? LOL

1. We say that ‘Power is The Truth’. Well, when we’re presented with ‘The Truth’ shouldn’t the next logical -AND Righteous- step be to use the Truth to improve (refine) ourselves?

In the 9th Degree in the 1-14’s when were asked about ‘Why does Muhammad make the Devil study…?”, the first line we learn to recite is, “SO HE CAN CLEAN HIMSELF UP.” It amazes me how many Gods/Earths get 120, learn to recite this Lesson, and various others that corroborate it, yet never think about applying this to themselves. First of all, we obviously must be holding ourselves to a higher standard of cleanliness in order to even place these expectations on somebody else (a Devil). This means that we must be living out that reality ourselves. I mean, it we’re really dedicated to Righteousness, should we expect anything less? This is why we say that the worst Devil is a Black one. Many Gods/Earths will wanna argue me down for saying that, “The worst Devil is a Black one!” They’ll say, “The 37/1-40 says, ‘Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens above. He is just just and he is true and THERE IS NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN HIM,…”, so there’s no such thing as a Black Devil, if they’ve just been made other than themselves. Well that’s all fine and dandy and we can play these semantic games all day b.u.t. this is a question of “function” here. Regardless of what you’d like to call something, it’s name is determined by it’s “function”; how it operates, how it behaves and what it actually does! If a person isn’t striving to be ‘just’ and ‘true’ then there is obviously some unrighteousness in them that they’re not trying to do shit about it! What “they say” they’re doing does not change the reality of what they’re actually doing. So being God/Earth isn’t based upon what you look like, what name you come in, how many Lessons you can quote, etc.. BEING is based upon what you’re doing and if you’re out here doing Devilishment, Stealing, Telling Lies and trying to master YOUR OWN People, that makes you worst than any outsider…

We also learn in this same Degree that, in speaking about the Devil, “after he DEVOTES 35-50 years to try to learn to DO LIKE” The key words being “DEVOTES” and “DO LIKE”. A person must be ceeing something we’re ‘devoted’ to in order to ‘do like’, especially when it comes to cleaning oneself up! Culturally speaking, we are models for sustainability and this model is Righteousness because anything “other than” (10/1-10) what’s just and true will not last! If you do not agree with my last statement, and you think there’s other options or some wrong way to do right, then I challenge you to put your own theories to the test! If you’re smoking a half of pack of Newports a day then I encourage you to start smoking 2 packs a day. If you’re cheating on your girlfriend with one female, then I encourage you to start juggling 2 more. If you steal, then steal more often, and if you’re a liar, lie every chance you get. Now if you’re still alive and breathing at the end of your trip, please make sure you document the consequences of your actions and share them with people. It’s important that people, especially our loved ones, have an opportunity to learn where our choices have gotten us. Why? So they’ll be better equipped to navigate this terrain called Life.

So in learning that 9th (BORN) Degree, I always realized that I had to set a standard and hold myself to a higher Degree of Righteousness, Integrity, Loyalty, etc.. I knew I had to personally represent the Principles, Values and Procedures that I was going to be teaching and demonstrating to somebody who did or didn’t want to learn about this Culture. It’s just unfortunate that it never crosses some Gods/Earths Minds that in order to even talk about somebody ‘cleaning themselves up’, they need to be dedicated to cleanliness themselves. -shakes head- Also, how in the hell can we even discuss Civilization, if we’re content with wallowing in lowly, muddy, emotional states; being selfish, jealous, hateful, prideful, envious, manipulative, lustful, irrational, illogical, dishonest, etc…? These things don’t even coincide with higher order thinking and are not becoming of a God, Earth, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Business Owner, etc..

When it comes to 120, in order to ‘Refine’ oneself, a person must become the subject of these Lessons. We must be able to apply it ourselves. Some Gods pick up the Lessons and only cee themselves as Allah. They don’t identify with Musa, Yacub, an angel baby or any other character in 120. This is not to say we’re supposed to adhere to the Principles, carry the Values and use the Procedures of Yacub (The Father of the Devil). This means that we must continually examine ourselves to ensure that we are not adhering to the Principles, carrying the Values and using the Procedures of Yacub. Then and only then can we actually disassociate ourselves from what this ‘Character’, Yacub, represents. It’s just like AA or NA, the first thing a person needs to do is acknowledge the problem in order to begin the path towards healing and reconciliation. Some Gods/Earths think that once they learn to memorize and recite Lessons that they don’t have problems anymore. That’s no different than a person joining a Church and now shit can’t touch ‘em cuz they saved, or a Muslim taking Shahada and now Allah is their protection. This mentality couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth! The reality is, once you “make your word as bond” (11/1-14) to strive to learn something that’s designed to improve your life, you activate universal forces to corroborate your word! NOOOOOW my friend, you have embarked upon a journey called ‘Civilization’ that you gotta ride out into the sunset, and if you wrote a check your ass couldn’t cash, the universe will take it outta your ass (19/1-40, “If a Civilized Person DOES NOT PERFORM his duty what must be done? If a Civilized Person does not perform his duty which is teaching civilization to others HE SHALL BE PUNISHED WITH A SEVERE PUNISHMENT”) Cee, the bond or commitment you made is the life you just spoke into existence. Once you make a decision to say/do something it really doesn’t matter if you renege or not, your invocation will manifest the circumstances that will force you to answer for what you said/did. This is the Principle and function of Justice.

Justice is the 10th letter in our Supreme Alphabet. So among other things, Justice makes us acKnowledge (1) the Cipher (0) or watch how what goes around comes around! It’s the ‘checks & balances’ of two scales: Life and Death. Right-just-ness shows us that ‘Rightness’ or ‘the state of being Right’ hinges upon the function of Justice. Justice is the bonding substance that holds ‘Right’ and ‘ness’ together. Without Justice, there is no such thing as accountability and without accountability the whole Universe would be out of order! Accountability, checks & balances, etc.. is all language inherent to the Deposits and Withdraws we make in our lives through what we say/do! So, the Biblical phrase, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God, and the word became flesh” is real! Again, if you do not agree with what I’m saying then I challenge you to put your own theories to the test. If you think there’s a right way to do wrong, then do wrong and cee what goes right for you, consistently! If you think there’s a civilized way to be uncivilized, then be uncivilized and cee how civil your life will be.

To conclude today’s Article, realize that the concepts of Righteousness and Justice are very simple Principles, we learn, as a child, often on our own! We learn not to touch fire when we get burnt or cee somebody get burned. We also learn that fire keeps us warm in the winter when we come in from the cold. This is very simple. As we get older, the same simple concepts began to look more complex because we’re obviously socialized in the Devils Society; where right appears wrong and wrong appears right! Now the same fire that’ll burn us is disguised as the sanctified chick in Church or the charismatic dude calling himself God. Now the same fire that’ll keep us warm in the winter is disguised as the metaphysical conversation you thought was unimportant or the family support and loyalty you took for granted. There are rules to Life (and Death) and we don’t make them up as we go. Not only are we rewarded or penalized for upholding or undermining these rules, b.u.t. there are even consequences for not even recognizing these rules: (Who are the 85%? 14/1-40)! As a person who has embarked upon a path of Self Improvement, Refinement or Righteousness, the rewards and punishments for us are greater! We are held to a higher standard of accountability because we have given our word to be the Students, Stewards and Ambassadors of these rules out of “all the human families of the Planet Earth.” (2/1-14). The Church says it this way, “You have a calling on your life!” So do not take your words, “calling”, or the path you called lightly. If you’re going to be the true and living God/Earth, then be that to the best of your ability. If you’re going to be a Christian, then be Christ-like! If you’re claiming to be a Muslim, then be sincere about it and be the best Muslim you can be! In the final analysis, the purpose of 120 is to transform your life and make you a better person. 120 is a Curriculum that Refines us with the Power to positively contribute to civilization, not negatively take away from it by being uncivilized. As Gods/Earths, we aren’t what we are because of our Names, Titles and how good/fast we can quote 120. We are what we are because of the way that we live!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Lupa suckling Romulus & Remus

The Romulus Syndrome

Peace Ya’ll! If you look to your right you’ll now cee a New FREE DOWNLOADABLE LINK to my ‘Three Wise Men’ DVD on my sidebar!! A while ago I created the DVD as a Project for my L.I.F.E. Program. It chronicles some of the daily struggles a few of my Students deal with being young black males in the Wilderness of North America. I called it ‘The Three Wise Men’ because I wanted to take a historical theme and put it in an urban contemporary context. I wanted to give people a glimpse of what the possible back story would be like when these Men were children -born and raised in a hostile environment while on their quest to obtain Wisdom. It features Music from my Brother ‘Golden Sun’ and also Classic 1824 Artist 'Living Proofe' (Aru Self)!!

Anyway, in my last couple Articles I’ve been building about some very important sciences in regards to healthy relationships. When I dealt with ‘Love, Hell or Right’, alot of that focused on issues that were specific to Women. Today I wanted to deal with the males, Men and Gods and the dysfunctional relationship with the first Woman in our life; our Ole Earth (Mother).

First and foremost, males are immature Men and all Men are males -to some Degree. What this means is that we all have areas in our lives that we need to mature in, some of us more than others. When I speak of maturity I’m talking about mental, physical, emotional and psychological growth and development. As Men, some of us may be highly mature when it comes to physicality yet very immature mentally. Some Men may be highly mature mentally yet underdeveloped psychologically. Most of us have never been taught that we have these different “layers” (8/1-40) to our Collective Consciousness. So as a whole person, we often go through life as underdeveloped, imbalanced beings. The reality of being God is the synthesis and transcendence of these “layers” (8/1-40). Meaning, when a situation demands a psychological approach, we deal with it in that manner -regardless to how we feel about it. If a situation demands that we “rope and bind” (4/1-14) our emotions in, then we do it -regardless to how we feel about it. This is our ability to synchronize ‘our people activities’ (Culture/way of life) with the higher order Operating System -designed by our Collective Consciousness. This higher order is called ‘Righteousness’; a Universal Corrective Force! Realize that there are many males, Men and also Gods not even thinking about ‘Righteousness’, and their people activities are solely based upon how they feel, believe or think things should/shouldn’t be. It doesn’t mean that these feelings, beliefs or thoughts are absolutely wrong. What this does mean is that their feelings, beliefs or thoughts don’t hinge upon a concept of a higher order Operating System (Righteousness). Consequently, their ideas, behavior, etc. will basically be a hit or miss situation; sometimes they do things appropriately, sometimes they’ll do things inappropriately and THERE ARE NO GUIDELINES to help them determine the difference. In otherwords, the only Rule/Ruler they use to measure things is their personal ideas, feelings, behavior, etc... I’m mentioning all of this to give you the premise of males, Men and Gods so you’ll be able to track our dysfunction.

The higher Operating System called ‘Righteousness’ is the glue that holds our Principles, Values and Priorities together. Right is that which is True and the Truth (Mathematics) always shows things to be Right & Exact. That’s why it’s important to respect that people have a right to be wrong -by putting their own theories to the test! The Truth will be the determining factor. If both of you have an allegiance to the Truth, then the results will always work in both of your best interest anyway! It’s a Win/Win situation, provided that you both really value what’s true! -smile- Many males, Men and Gods aren’t concerned about what’s actually Right, Just or True, they’re concerned about what they want to do, period. Now that we’ve gotten all that outta the way, let’s deal with how this lack of ‘Righteousness’ caused/causes us to “stray away from civilization” so we are “now living a beast life” (2/1-14).

As Original People living in this wilderness of North America, we’ve been “made other than ourselves” (12/1-36) through “eating the wrong foods” (10/1-36). These foods are negative self concepts we’ve adopted that have arrested our mental, physical, emotional and psychological growth and development. As young male children, we have also developed ‘Trust’ issues because we have often been abandoned when we were in our most vulnerable and insecure state! We learned, by impression, the relationship we should have with Women through our Mother. Based upon this relationship -or lack thereof- with our Mother, this sets primary template and first initial guidelines for our future relationships with Women. If there has been any issues with our Mother that has not been resolved, WE WILL bring these issues into every relationship. Our ‘Trust’ issues with Women are based upon some form of mental, physical, emotional and psychological abandonment we may have felt on the part of our Mother. We become the proverbial ‘Romulus’ (of the Romulus & Remus Mythology); one of two feral children who was abandoned by it’s human Mother and suckled by 'Lupa' or 'Lupercalia' (she-wolf) who consequently raised (socialized) the children in a cave. In time, Romulus murdered his brother (Remus) and founded the Hedonistic City called Rome. This Mythology, along with ‘Tarzan’ serve as major Psychodramatic Themes in the lives of us males, Men and Gods who have unresolved issues with our Mother. With Tarzan, because of his abandonment, his sense of isolation, alienation, and insecurity became the driving force behind his "King of the Jungle" (Jungle: entangled growth.) overcompensating, beat my chest mentality. It's also interesting to note that NO WHERE in the story of Yacub (Father of the Devil) does it mention his Mother. However, Yacub's sense of overcompensation (Big Head), being born 'outside' of Mecca, manufacturing the Devil on 'an island' called Pelon/Patmos, etc.. does infer abandonment. As I said, as males, Men and Gods we bring these unresolved issues with our Mother into our relationships with a Woman. Here's a few profiles for you:

The Emotional Train wreck
Because of these issues, sometimes we strive to find the Mother we never had in every Woman we meet! Therefore, we long for her to take care of us, even baby us. Some of us have become ‘Momma Boys’ because our Mother wasn’t there! Although our inner child is longing for this, our outer appearance and growth & development is often in conflict with this longing. Therefore, we may develop a Love/Hate relationship with the Woman we’re in a relationship with. On one hand, we Love her caring and maternal nature we never had, b.u.t. we also Hate the fact that we never really had it from our real Mother. So although we want our Woman to take our Mother’s place, we despise her for trying to take our Mother’s place. It’s a vicious cycle we go through that can be likened to being bi-polar. As a Woman dealing with a male, Man and God like this you’ll find yourself thinking, “He doesn’t know what he really wants!” Why? Because he’s panning back and forth through various emotional states; deep impressions from his Mother that has left an indelible mark upon his young, delicate psyche as a child.

Michael -muthaf*ckin- Myers
Sometimes you’ll find males, Men and Gods who have a conscious/subconscious hatred for females because of his unresolved issues with his Mother. He’s mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive, needs to micromanage his Woman and suffers from vacant/low self esteem. He’s often very competitive with people, very defensive and has the incapacity to Love because there was no ‘Trust’ in his first relationship -with his Mother. He is misogynistic, views Women as objects and has intimacy issues because his vacant/low self esteem makes him feel inadequate. Being in a relationship with a male, Man or God like this is like being in a prison house. He uses transference to project his fears on you and controls you through these fears and guilt. You find yourself knowing that you don’t deserve this abuse b.u.t. also feeling attached to his struggle because you don’t want to ‘abandon’ him. Your unwillingness to so-called ‘abandon’ him is the same abandonment he’s experienced with his Mother that he’s projected at you! In other words, your relationship is nothing more than him expecting you to right his Mother’s wrongs while he’s punishing you for her wrongs at the same time! Since the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, the role he assigns you will invert the same negative concepts he has about himself. Therefore, not only will you began to exhibit the same insecurities, vacant/low self esteem, etc. as him, you’ll be mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically abused when he cee’s this reflected in you. Why? Because you’re a constant reminder of his unresolved issues. If you have a child/children with such a man, the reflection of these unresolved issues grows exponentially. You don’t like what he does b.u.t. you stay because you feel sorry for him.

Goldie (Max Julian)
Another type of male, Man and God that’s born out of situation like this is the one with the Pimp mentality. If his Mother was promiscuous, unstable, a hustler or any other things that has no Integrity, Honesty or sense of Justness, he’ll either not ‘Trust’ females at all or have a very hard time being able to ‘Trust’ them. Ultimately, he’ll have deep seeded issues with intimacy and will only represent half a person in any relationship that he involves himself in. His main objective will be usury -whether it’s financial, sexual, etc. because that’s all he knows; he hasn’t learned how to give. His Mindset is, “I only need a Woman based upon what she can do for me.” He may also appear to have a very close relationship with his Mother which may serve as his psychological confession box. He’ll be willing to take everything he can from a Woman who’s shown him nothing b.u.t. Love, and give the shirt off his back to his Mother who was never there. In his Mind, he feels somewhat responsible for why his Mother abandoned him and still seeks to appease her. This is the type of male, Men and God who believes that, “All Women are bitches and bitches ain’t shit EXCEPT his Mother” -even though his Mother is the model who taught him this impressionable cliche as a child.

"P*ssy ain't got a face!" -The Man Whore
Next we have the ultra-sexual, ‘I’ll stick anything with a hole in it’ type of male, Man and God. This nymphomaniac may have been sexually abused as a child and holds his Mother responsible for what happened to him. Because he lacked the mental, physical, emotional and psychological support from his Mother, he strives to resolve this abandonment by alchemizing these issues into sexual experiences. He also believes that “All Women are bitches and bitches ain’t shit” so his phallus becomes a pleasurable tool of punishment or proverbial flag to stick in the Moon. To him, Women are objects that needs to be conquered and the only way he feels he can conquer them is in the bedroom. The more Women he has sexual encounters with, the greater his Ego becomes, and the closer he feels he becomes to being a Man. Why? Because he is constantly reminded of being a fragile, weak, defenseless child at the whim of a Woman -his Mother- who had the power of life or death over him. Each time he goes inside of a Woman he is symbolically returning to the womb from which he came. He feels the constant need to return to this place because this -he feels- is the origin of his mental, physical, emotional and psychological abandonment. When he realizes that the answer to his inadequacies, insecurities and other negative self concepts are not contained in the sexual act, he seeks out the answer some place else -in another hole. It’s not rare to cee a male, Man and God like this having multiple children all over the place. Women in a relationship with males, Men and Gods like this often wonder why he’s so sexually orientated and why he cheats! The reality is, he feels like he was cheated as a child and his hedonistic outlook on life is, “I don’t give a fuck!” -pun intended.

He wore a Rasberry Baret...
Last we have the abandoned male, Man and God who worships his Mother in his own image and likeness. He may either be metro-sexual, a closet homosexual, bisexual, gay, a cross dresser, transgendered or anything else in order to ‘be the feminine archetype he was deprived as a child’. He may either have a terrible relationship with his Mother or a Worshipful relationship with his Mother. Sometimes his Mother may have abandoned him in order to pursuit a metro-sexual, a closet homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, a cross dressing, transgendered life herself. Whatever the reason for his Mother’s abandonment, what he didn’t get from her is what he tries to become, therefore he’ll never be deprived of this again!

Keep in Mind that all of these profiles hinge upon a primary theme; males, Men and Gods who have unresolved issues of abandonment with their Mother. This abandonment can range in spectrum from his Mother not paying him any attention because she works 2 jobs all the way to her negligent decisions that subjected him to forms of abuse. Whatever the reason for her not being there to nurture, protect and provide for him, this presents him with serious issues on how to deal with Women and maintain a healthy relationship. A lot of these unresolved issues may not be visible to a Woman upon first glance. Some of these issues are often “buried there” (5/1-14) in these males, Men and Gods and they themselves may honestly have no clue why they interpret, attend and behave in the World like they do! Regardless if it’s conscious or unconscious, we bring this dysfunction into our relationship and Women, and she becomes the inheritor, scapegoat and target of these unresolved issues.

Theses unresolved abandonment issues establish the mistrust many males, Men and Gods have for Women. These issues may be compounded when such males, Men and Gods get into a relationship with a female who may/may not have unresolved issues herself -thus not being a help to us b.u.t. a hindrance. Sometimes the only contribution a Woman can make to this dysfunctional relationship is the fact that she’s in it! She can be completely blameless, yet because she can never be what he never got, she’s automatically a problem. Males, Men and Gods who have these unresolved issues will have the incapacity to Love, be Loved or produce the Love that forges a Loving family unit. He has ‘Trust’ issues with himself and others, and since he’s not open to trust it’s impossible to expose himself enough to care and be considerate. If you’re unable to care about somebody and be considerate, it’s impossible to Love, be Loved or produce the Love that forges a Loving family unit. YES, many males, Men and Gods may be able to mimic ‘Trust’ and even Love b.u.t. it has no staying power. In time, you’ll cee that they really have the incapacity to ‘Trust’ and Love authentically and deeply. When will this been clearly visible? The more serious you get in a relationship, because the deeper it gets and the realer it becomes. Some males, Men and Gods know they’re Sprinters. They know they’re not in it for the long haul and really won’t be able to sustain a lasting relationship. So they come out the blocks fast and strong and give all they got for only a 50-100 meter stretch. If he wants to get more outta the relationship without putting in any work he might fake a pulled hamstring or hurt himself on purpose in order to invoke a Woman’s maternal nature. This ‘playing the victim’ ploy is done so she can take care of him. He usually knows his days are numbered b.u.t. it wouldn’t show any Integrity, Honesty or sense of Justness on your part to put a handicap out on the street! LOL I’ve known males, Men and Gods who’ve been able to milk Women for years using this bullshit tactic.

Ultimately, Original People in this wilderness as a whole have some degree of dysfunction or another. When these issues are unresolved, we often enter into relationships based upon mutual insecurities, inadequacies, fear or various other negative self concepts we have adopted AND identify with. Our relationships become nothing more than victims being victimized so we victimize eachother, playing gotcha games and feeding off our insecurities that’s one and the same! The greatest tragedy in such situations are the children who suffer because of this. I deal with and teach youth every day who have no clue how to relate with themselves and definitely not the other gender. These are the future Fathers and Mothers of Civilization and it’s up to us to show them a better way to live. None of us, as Adults, had no “personal” control over the circumstances we were physically born into or much of the socialization impressed upon our young Minds. Many of the ‘Trust’ issues we deal with were “personally” not our fault, yet part of our maturity as beings containing Infinite Collective Consciousness, is to discover positive ways to resolve these issues we still ‘choose’ to carry! In order to even strive for ‘Righteousness’ it’s demanded of us they we “clean ourselves up” (9/1-14) in order to even be amongst the ‘Righteous’ and express our Collective Consciousness that’s not “mixed, diluted or tampered with in any form” (9/1-14). This is of course the map and obviously there’s going to be things in the terrain that pose certain challenges to our mental, physical, emotional and psychological growth and development. This is to say that we strive for perfection yet there will be times when we do things imperfectly! When we do, we must not beat ourselves up -too bad! LOL Yeah we must acknowledge our errors and feel some sense of remorse, shame, admonishment about our actions b.u.t. they’re there so we can learn something. Through these experiences we learn how to strive for perfection from that day forward. Should you be expecting anything less from your Self?! -smile-

To conclude Today’s Article I want to remind these males and Men that when your first relationship -with your Mother- ain’t worked out, you won’t be able to use relationships with other Women to work it out! It’s like having a leaky faucet at your house and believing that fixing ya friends leaky toilet is gonna stop yours from drippin. As for the Gods…, quoting Lessons and calling yourself God so & so will not patch up your unresolved issues you brought into this Culture. More times than not, you’ve just learned a more sophisticated, cunning and beguiling way to mask these unresolved issues with Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet , and 120. We are charged with the responsibility of “teaching the uncivilized” (18-21/1-40) and the first uncivilized person we need to be building with is ourselves! Regardless of a Woman’s intentions about why she’s striving to build with us and come into this Nation, we’ve got to be an example and show and prove that indeed the Black Man is the true & living God. “Regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14), she has to cee that we have Integrity, are Honest and have a sense of Justness about what we’re saying and how we walk! WE ARE NOT LIKE 95% (85% + 10%) of the males and Men our Women are used to dealing with, and we set the standard of what these male and Men need to become. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and that standard is a higher order called ‘Righteousness’. Not Self Righteousness, b.u.t Righteousness because NO ONE IS EXEMPT from the justice meted out by this Universal Corrective Force.

So with that said, I want to continue encouraging you males, Men and Gods to work on resolving the issues you can recognize and be open to learning about those unresolved issues you may not identify. Some things people may tell us about ourselves may be bullshit -because they’re using transference to project their unresolved issues onto us, b.u.t. some of the observations people have about us are valid, especially if it’s coming from our Woman -who probably knows us on an intimate level better than anyone else! In the final analysis, always keep in Mind that the conditioning process and trans-generational trauma we’ve gone through as a People in this Society has “made us other than ourselves” (12/1-36). Changing our mental, physical, emotional and psychological profile is equivalent to changing our diet and striving to cleanse ourselves from being “taught to eat these wrong foods” (10/1-36); the wrong foods being the negative self concepts we’ve adopted AND ‘choose’ to identify with! As Original Men and Original Women we both bring dysfunctional issues to the table. How well we recognize these issues and strive to resolve them will ultimately define the Integrity and Longevity of our relationships.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Reflections on Lessons in Love

Peace Ya'll! Because I've been getting an overwhelming response to my last Article 'Love, Hell or Right, I decided to spend alittle more time on the subject. -smile- First and foremost, the title itself gave you the theme of what I wrote about, “You can Love Hell or what’s Right.” Oftentimes, our baggage or negative self image sentences us AND our choices to a Love life of Hell and we never seem to get things Right! These negative self images are often the direct result of our ‘Trust’ issues. Issues that were usually impressed upon us at a very young age AND consistently reinforced along our lifecycle.

When we’re dealing with these issues ourselves or striving to build with someone who has these issues, it can feel like an uphill battle. It reminds me of this Documentary I saw about this guy trying to climb Mt. Everest with prosthetic legs. Anyway, I’ve had my share of dealing with myself and people with these issues. When it comes to dealing with a female “specifically”, it can look like the final scene in 'X-Men The Last Stand' when Wolverine was striving to save Dr. Jean Grey -from herself; The Phoenix, and he almost destroyed himself in the process… Wolverine had a deep Love for Jean to the point that he was willing to “give his life before his word shall fail” (11/1-14), b.u.t. her alter ego -The Phoenix- “kept them apart from their own social equality.” (8/1-14) It takes a lot of strength and resolve to accept the reality of such a situation and like Wolverine, you may end up holding only memories of Jean.

Anyway, here’s a few things I wanted to add on about that I think is important to consider in relationships:

Cee, whenever two people agree to get to know eachother THERE ALWAYS ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE OPTIONS; options to be with somebody else! There is nothing in the book saying you both HAVE TO do anything about these options, b.u.t. it should always be respected that they exist. Why? Because as soon as you stop considering the fact that the other person “chooses to” be with you, in light of other options, you start taking them for granted! When you start taking someone for granted with an attitude like “they ain’t got no other options”, the value of the relationship and respect for that person starts to depreciate. Now keep in Mind that males and females have a different market value and options within this Society. This difference is based upon both Society’s “double standard” for Men & Women and also gender demographics -females outnumber males all over the Planet Earth. What this unfortunately translates into is the fact that Men are afforded more options. Because of this, a Man is more likely to find a partner than a Woman finding a partner. Like I said, whenever two people agree to get to know eachother THERE ALWAYS ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE OPTIONS and because of Society’s “double standard” and gender demographics, a male has a lot more options than a female! This harsh reality also accounts for alot of the ‘partnerless’ tension, frustration, backstabbing and conniving games females play with eachother, all in a quest to compete for this rare human resource; a Man. Now regardless of this, what two people choose to do with these options is equal to how much they truly value the relationship AND eachother. If you truly value a relationship then options are insignificant; you have what you need so there’s nothing else to consider! -shrugs- So you won’t even mention options because the person you’ve chosen to be with is what’s most important to you -not who you could be with! Cee, if “your word is bond and bond is life” to that relationship, informing people about options you’re entertaining breeds the mistrust and disloyalty that’ll eventually “make your word fail” (11/1-14). Follow my rationale? -smile- Now, if you’re keeping your options open and informing a person about other people interested in getting with you, you have devalued this person and any relationship you desire to have with that person. Your intentions may have been to cee how they feel about you when you informed them about “the other” (10/1-10) competition, b.u.t. that method only applies to people who actually perceive competition. Also, if a person tells you about these options then they’ve already been invested in them -in some capacity- or they are notifying you because they’re obviously interested in exploring these options -even if it means just keeping someone waiting in the wings. Whatever their reasoning is for informing you about their options, respect their freedom to explore their interests! If they want to cee -or already know- the grass is greener on the other side then let ‘em; it’s “their” choice! Now some people may think that if you don’t step up to tell this person how much you really care about them that you must not care about ‘em! They believe that because you don’t respond to them or may even encourage them to explore their interests that you’re really saying,"So. I don’t really give fuck’ about you anyway!" This may be true in some cases. Some people won’t respond or will encourage you to pursue your interests because they want you to hang yourself. -shakes head- In their Mind, they didn’t really care about you and were waiting for you to make a fucked up decision so they could gracefully bow out! So in reality, you really did them a GREAT BIG favor!

Now for some people their non response or encouragement for you to pursue your interests has nothing to do with how much they really care about you! HOW? Because in their Mind this saying applies, “If you love someone then set them free. If they don’t return then they were never yours to begin with!” Cee, they care enough about you to “allow you” to Love them, not try to make you Love them by trying to convince you that the grass isn’t greener on the other side! To a person like this, the greatest Love they can receive from you is the Love you’re freely willing to give them -without any prompting, fear or intimidation on their part. I always refer to this Episode of Spider Man I saw when the Black Cat -who was madly in love with him- ended up knocking Spider Man out with this sleeping gas on the top of a building. (WATCH HERE @ 2:30 mark) As she stood over him about to pull his mask off to reveal his true identity she stopped herself! Before she could cee his face she pulled half of his mask back down and walked away saying, “It would be more fulfilling when Spider Man takes his mask off for me!” I view a relationship in the same way, it’s more fulfilling when a person freely chooses me! -smile- Now of course the Black Cat went through some feelings about her decision b.u.t. she was wise enough to cee that to get a relationship on those terms would undermine the very integrity that a true relationship needs to stand on! Whether she got Spider Man or not, she got the Principle of ‘integrity’ and integrity is one of the components of ‘Trust’ -one of the building blocks of all relationships. Hypothetically speaking, suppose the Black Cat did follow through with her trick-knowledge, revealed Spider Man’s identity and ended up ‘getting him’ as her Man, do you think Spider Man would have any ‘Trust’ for her when he finds out what tactics she used to get him?! Anyway, the only relationship you should be willing to accept is one that a person has the Freedom, sense of Justice and Equality to have with you -because THEY CHOOSE to share life with you! No relationship involving scare tactics, intimidation, muscle, trick-knowledge, or any other petty games to solicit knee-jerk reactions from the other person to cee how they feel about you is worth having or investing in -ESPECIALLY if you value Righteousness. I am one of those people with the integrity I speak of, who care’s about a person that much that I won’t ever try to ‘make them’ Love me. To me, the only heart worth having is the heart freely given and anything less would be uncivilized… So with all the options in the World, they mean nothing to a person who chooses to build a relationship with “you”! If these options do mean something to a person, respect their freedom to explore their options. If you stand in their way OR stand around and accept it… you, will, get, hurt. And for those of you who like to 'sell' yourself based upon the idea of promoting your options…you’ll get exactly what people are willing to 'buy'!

I mentioned in my last Article about getting to know people in order to build ‘Trust’. Everybody has a Culture (way of life). The way they live is evident in their words, ways and actions. Their way of life is often more evident in their unspoken words, ways and actions! ALL of these things give you a positive profile on their Principles, Values and how they set their Priorities. There is no need to play games, scheme, etc.. in order to cee what a person is going to do! Life naturally puts people in situations where they’ll have to make decisions based upon their Principles, Values and Priorities. Just spend time with a person and do the knowledge! When I was young, my Ole Earth always used to tell me to do things with a female that’s interactive’ going to the park, museum, out to lunch, etc.. She would say that the movies are fine b.u.t. what are you learning about the other person, you’re both sitting there staring at a screen for about 2 hours?! LOL Anyway, I unconsciously took her advice and have always enjoyed the ‘one on one’ arena where me and a female could get to know eachother better. In such a situation that doesn’t rely on props, stage hands, entertainment, smoke & mirrors, etc… you and that person must rely on eachother! Some people avoid such encounters -for various reasons. Maybe it’s not that kinda party to them and they’re not really trying to get that deep with you. Maybe they’re just nervous and don’t want to put themselves out there like that. Why? Because they feel like they may make a mistake and say/do something that’ll ruin their chances of being with you! If they keep your encounters in a staged location, they can always turn the conversation into something ‘staged’ if they feel like they’re beginning to loose their audience’s -your- attention. When you take the approach of removing all non-essentials, you have a better way of ascertaining what a person’s Principles, Values and Priorities are -at least “theoretically”. Yeah, they can tell you anything, b.u.t. what they do will either corroborate or contradict this! If you do not spend time getting to know a person, you will never become familiar with them enough to confidently rely on what they will or won’t do; you don’t really know them like that! The beautiful thing about my Culture (The NGE), is the fact that we view Knowledge -in ‘Principle’- as the Foundation, so we have to get to know people, places and things before we even get involved in them! This is a ‘Value’ (of importance) because when you don’t do the knowledge on people, places or things first, you run the risk of being “roped and bound in” (4/1-14) to rules and regulations you know nothing about! Basically, we strive to make it our ‘Priority’ to read the fine print. By assuming this position, we often avoid putting ourselves in situations where we gotta learn things AFTER the fact. So you can either invest the time to really get to know somebody or not invest this time and get taught about who they are. These are two very different things.

I mentioned alittle bit about getting to know a person in order to cee what kinda Principles they adhere to, Values that have and how their Priorities are set. I also mentioned that this identifies their Culture (way of life). The reason it’s important to cee these things is because you need to determine what you can or can’t live with! From my Cultural Worldview, there are certain things that I’ve made a decision that I can’t live with! On the top of that list is a female who doesn’t know OR have an allegiance to the same Cultural Worldview. If a Woman doesn’t have it in her heart to sincerely love Allah’s Mathematics, she love’s something else and it’s impossible for her to have the will or capacity to Love me! We are not congruent, which means our plans do not, will not and cannot coincide. So if we’re “not advocating for the same common cause” and striving “to be equal in everything” (8/1-14), we’re destroying our ability to do so. Under these conditions we have two separate Cultural Agendas and Principles, Values and Priorities that reinforce this. When Gods cee a female, although he may recognize some qualities he’s willing to live with, he’s ultimately looking at her as someone he needs to teach. Why? Because 85% of the time she’s to some degree an “uncivilized person, poisonous animal eater slave from a mental death and power. Those who do not know the true and living God or their origin in this World and worship what they know not. Who are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to be led in the right direction.” (14/1-40) This is not name calling. As you can cee, this is one of our ‘14th’ Degrees symbolizing Knowledge (1) Culture (4). So our observation is based on the actual fact that most (85%) of the females we encounter ‘know’ damn near nothing about our ‘culture’ OR how to deal with a Man who’s self image is the true & living God! If she wants to learn, fine. “I give all I have and all within my power” (40/1-40) to aide her, while realizing that at times she may get very frustrated, confused and insecure about “her place” and the power dynamics of such a relationship. There are many reasons for this. One reason is because she never dealt with the true & living God before. Another reason is because the 85er Manual she’s taken years construct doesn’t apply to me! Another reason is because she may be used to being in the drivers seat; controlling and schooling males who usually had no control or discipline over themselves. When she meets God it’s a whole different story and she’ll try everything to prove that it isn’t. Why? To gain a power and control over the situation that she doesn’t have. Not because she actually believes in it’s equal distribution, b.u.t. because she’s used to having things on her terms! The nature of such a new & strange relationship for her automatically exposes the insecurities, power struggles, and trust issues a Woman is dealing with and it unfortunately comes with the territory. So aside from other reasons verified in our Degrees, true & living Gods aren’t out looking for females. He realizes the seriousness of his duty as a Civilized Person and the enormous task of helping her unlearn things in order to learn. As Gods we have very high expectations for the Woman who’ll bear our child, be a Mother Figure to our children and continue the legacy of our Culture and THIS WILL BE NO WALK IN THE PARK! Regardless of what your Cultural Worldview or Religion is, it’s important to make sure that your partner is committed to the same Principles, Values and Priorities. It’s important that you both have the same Agenda -ESPECIALLY when there is or will be children involved. If this issue is not reconciled from the door, and you accept things in a person you can’t live with, you AND the relationship will end up dying from it.

To conclude Today’s Article I want to encourage those of you striving to build/re-build positive, healthy relationships to keep the faith! Weigh your options and make good decisions. Learn about a person and look to cee if you’re congruent. You’ll save yourself a lot of energy when you’re not “searching for that-that does not exist” (10/1-40). Also, be patient. It takes time and if a person isn’t willing to put the time in then they’re showing you they aren’t worth it. Why? Because if the ultimate goal is to find a consort for life, what’s damn rush?! -that was a rhetorical question- Anyway, at the end of the day we either make choices to be where we’re at in our relationships or we allow people to make these decisions for us. So take responsibility for your Love life and determine if it’s Hell or Right. If another person doesn’t have the will, capacity or commitment to Love you: that’s their Hell! YES it may hurt. YES it may be painful. B.u.t. when it’s all said and done, you’ll be alRight! -smile-


Monday, October 05, 2009

In loving memory of...

Love, Hell or Right

Peace Ya’ll! For a while now I’ve been somewhat immersed in the subject matter of Love; ceeing that it's one of the themes in my latest manuscript. The above image is of my Ole Earth's headstone. It's been more than 14 years now since she's been physically gone. I had a beautiful relationship with her and was on good terms with her when she left this Planet. I cannot say the same for all of my siblings and some of them carry the psychological/emotional weight of these unresolved issues to this day. Today I want to present to you the science of Love, Hell or Right and the importance of not carrying or allowing others to carry our unresolved issues to the grave...

One of the most important components of Love is ‘Trust’. Trust is a reliable confidence in the Integrity, Honesty and Justness of another person. To even have the capacity to Love someone we must have a reliable confidence in their Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness. Oftentimes, we approach relationships with basic trust issues. Many of these trust issues began when we were children and we carry these unresolved issues into our relationships as adults. The origin of this distrust begins when -as a child- we relied on and put confidence in the Integrity, Honesty and Justness of people who took advantage of our vulnerable state. As a coping mechanism for this trauma we learned to protect, hide and even deny our vulnerabilities in hopes that we’ll never be taken advantage of again! As we carry this “promise” into our adulthood, it becomes difficult for us to Love simply because the ‘Trust’ isn’t there. Not only are we not confident about the Integrity, Honesty and Justness of another person, b.u.t. we also lack the confidence in our own Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness. Our own sense of feeling inadequate goes aaaaaaall the back to the ‘promise’ we made when we relied on someone (usually family) to care for us when we were too insecure, helpless and young to defend ourselves. So as adults carrying this trauma, we find ourselves without the capacity to ‘Trust’ because we made a choice (we keep as a promise) very early on to NEVER have to rely on or put any confidence in someone’s Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness.

Many people -especially adult females- with these ‘Trust’ issues have often gone through a slew of unreliable relationships with people who had no Integrity, weren’t Honest and had no sense of being Just. This only corroborates their ‘promise’ or serves as evidence to support a conclusion they already made as a child. These issues are further compounded when such a Woman chooses to bear life for such a male and her child(ren) leave an indelible impression on her Mind that you cannot ‘Trust’ Men, which undermines her capacity to Love, be Loved and supply the Love that maintains a Loving Family unit. On a very basic level, this is why many Women have a problem even saying “I Love You” to a Man and even her own child(ren). She doesn’t trust a Man because of her bad experience with males, and her child(ren) are often ceen as an undeniable reflection/reminder of this untrustworthy male/males!

Now that I’ve articulated some of the issues, let me break down how you build ‘Trust’ in order to develop the capacity to Love! Since ‘Trust’ is a reliable confidence in the Integrity, Honesty and Justness of another person, you develop ‘Trust’ by learning about the Principles, Values and Priorities of that person –or lack thereof. A person’s Principles, Values and Priorities is the basis of their Cultural Worldview (way of life). A person’s Principles, Values and Priorities tells you all about their Integrity, Honesty and if they have a sense of being Just. If a male doesn’t have a relationship with his own child, regardless of his relationship with his babies Mother, you can cee where is Principles, Values and Priorities are in regards to his children. If you do choose to have a child with a male like this, you will be unable to confidently rely on his Integrity, Honesty and Justness to be Father -regardless of how supportive he appears in the beginning.

The more you know about a person’s Principles, Values and Priorities, you gain more trust in what they’ll potentially do when they’re confronted with a situation that questions their Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness. When a Woman meets me she immediately develops the trust that I won’t eat pork under any circumstances, b.u.t. she won’t immediately trust that I won’t fuck around with another chick -who 95% of the time is worst than the pork itself! LOL Because such a Woman has not taken the time to really evaluate the basis of my Culture (Principles, Values and Priorities), it’s impossible for her to be confident about and rely on my Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness when a Wiz like this is in the midst. This is ultimately why I’m a huge proponent of Gods not having a relationship with a female who doesn’t have or isn’t striving to learn our 8-Point Curriculum (Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120). Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 is the basis of a Gods Cultural Worldview and identifies the Principles, Values and Priorities that supports his Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness. If a God enters into a relationship with a female who does not know or have an allegiance to this Cultural Worldview, he compromises “their” ability to forge a relationship of Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness; all vital aspects of Love. In such a dysfunctional situation, a Man and Woman find themselves constantly assuming what the other will do, wasting time/energy to surveillance eachother, babysitting their mutual insecurities and ultimately giving part of themselves while expecting a whole situation. Gods realize from the door that “we’ve been made other than ourselves” (12/1-36) from being “taught how to eat the wrong foods” (10/1-36), so in order to regain the confidence in us as Men, we strive to teach them everything that we know. Some Men are under the false assumption that “he makes her” insecure or untrusting by not calling like clockwork, turning his phone off, not explaining where he was, etc… The reality is, 50 phone calls a day won’t make her feel any more secure or trusting than the insecurity and mistrust she brought to the table BEFORE she met you. The fact that she has some ‘preconceived’ notion about what you’re 'supposedly' doing because she can’t get a hold of you shows & proves this! It’s an assumption that’s based upon some deep seeded insecurity or distrustfulness she either experienced personally, saw her Parents go through, heard her girlfriend(s) talking about, watched on Lifetime Channel or heard in a Mary J. Song. Although her assumption of infidelity may be true, she has no actual facts to prove it, and to suggest that a Man NEEDS to remain on an invisible leash to relive the stress of her assumptions does not resolve her ‘Trust’ issues. Any Man up under a female like that who believes he’s helping her resolve these issues is actually making it worst -especially for him. Trust me, any Man trying to be all up under some female, following her around and blowing her phone up will eventually become either her child or a cornball. Also, you Fellas who think that this is going to make her more secure and trusting of you, demand that she follow the same protocols she demads of you. Demand that 'she' consistently call, 'she' keep her phone on, 'she' explainin EVERYWHERE she's been, etc.. You’ll learn something VERY valuable... You’ll learn that she really just wants to know where “you’re” at, and that's a one-way street, plain and simple. It’s not a mutually respected thing and if you don’t think so, put my theory to the test! You’ll find out if she’s willing to “deal with equality” (8/1-14) when it comes to that. What you haven’t considered is that fact that as a Woman she’s already under the yoke of a gender oppressive, misogynistic, Patriarchal Status Quo. Under these conditions, she’ll rationalize her unwillingness to conform to what she demands of you as ‘an open attack on her sense of freedom and autonomy she’s been deprived of as a Woman in this Society’ -which obviously valid! But here’s the translation that invalidates her non-transparent position: She simply has one set of rules for you and another set of rules, for you. LOL Again, concepts like this go back to ‘Trust’ issues that come from a male or collection of males in her life going all the back to her childhood, who had no Integrity, were Dishonest and had no sense of Justness. As Men meeting these females in their adulthood, we become the inheritors of these unresolved issues b.u.t. hopefully the silver lining to this dark cloud of misconceptions hovering over their head. As a Black Man striving to repair the damage that some of our Brothers/Fathers have knowingly/unknowingly done to our Woman it sometime becomes a daunting task. Many of us have given up on our Women entirely by getting a Woman who's "other than" (10/1-10) her. Some of us have given up on Women period and have turned to other males. I myself have not and will never give up on my Woman! WE WERE MADE FOR EACHOTHER IN THESE CONDITIONS AND WE WILL WORK IT OUT! PLUS NO ONE IS CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING (12) ME LIKE HER; WE COME FROM THE SAME PLACE! -smile- To abandon her is to abandon my daughters, the young females I Mentor, my Ole Earth, my Sisters and all the other Original Women who deserve the Love I have the capacity to give them!

Now, when a God agrees to build with a Woman and teach her, it’s not a control thing. Even if that’s his determined idea, Righteousness disables his ability to do so! If he wanted to have control he wouldn’t take the time to teach her anything and that’s the role of the 10% who are “the rich slave makers of the poor who teach the poor lies ‘to believe’... (not know!)” (15/1-40) Because many Women have had relationships with -and children- with males who took advantage of them, it puts a God in a very unique position when he meets her. First of all, she comes to the door looking for all the exists, closets and fire escapes. Secondly, she carries a chip on her shoulder that ‘a Man is only necessary based upon what you need him for’, and thirdly she wants Love b.u.t hasn’t learned how to Love herself and/or others. Let me repeat what I said initially; If you have unresolved ‘Trust’ issues, you will not have the capacity to Love, be Loved or supply the Love that maintains a Loving Family unit. When building with a Woman like this a God must be very careful to always respect her options and not be so quick to tell her what she should/shouldn't do. This means that he does more listening that speaking and he's often silent on issues she may be seeking confirmation about -that may be derived from her 'Trust' issues. Sometimes a Woman may use a God’s/Man’s silence as confirmation that he doesn’t care about her, thus enabling her to hold fast to her ‘promise’ that she had before she met him; ‘Don't Trust him’! She may also be trying to get a pulse on his feelings because she's seeking justification to engage in behavior that doesn’t have the Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness she demands in him. "Why should I have any Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness anyway? He don't!", so she believes. Yes, I’m often silent or won’t tell a Woman what she should/shouldn’t do to respect her options. Sometimes she has a desire to put her theories to the test -especially if she presents me with options, so I move out of her way. I often already cee the outcome, yet it’s important to ‘Trust’ that one day she’ll learn for herself the Principles, Values & Priorities that govern her choice -even if it hurts me. If I ascertain that her choice is diabolical/wicked or will bring about those types of results, then “I speaketh to warn” (19/1-40) her. So when it comes to me being silent or not saying yes or no to consistently corroborate a Woman’s ‘Trust’ issues, I'm actually expressing more ‘Trust’ and care for her than she can cee!!! How? Because I’m confidently relying on her ability to use her Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness to handle situations. Sometimes it may not work out that way and she may be asking you because she feels like her Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness isn’t strong enough to handle situations -especially in places that are established upon the premise of Hedonism not what's Right OR exact. She may be crying out for you to save her from herself! She may end up putting her theories to the test and end up being satisfied with them. Ultimately, it’s always a chance a God/Man must always be willing to take in order to have a Woman who -given the options- chooses to reflect him, not because she should or shouldn't! This also helps him build the ‘Trust’ in her that she often never had in herself! KEEP IN MIND that if you don’t respect a Woman’s options, and the fact that she chooses to be with you, she’ll make options and these options will always be diametrically opposed to your will (of Allah).

One of the first things a Woman must understand is that she cannot and will not be able to 'Trust' a Man if she doesn’t know his Culture (way of life). 95% (85% + 10%) of the males she usually dealt/deals with had/have no sense of Culture, so they function like a Freelancer (Hedonist) with no Integrity, Honesty or sense of Justness about what he does. Is one of his Principles ‘plagiarizing’? What kind of Values does he have; is investing in business opportunities more important to him then investing in real human relationships? How does he set his Priorities; if given the choice, will drive to a football game 3 hours away before he takes his Grandmother to the grocery store across town? I am not saying whether these choices are right or wrong, b.u.t. I am giving you glimpse of the nuts & bolts that make them who and what they’ve learned to be. When a Woman or Man enters into a relationship with a person who they don’t know, there is no telling what they will or won’t do and you have no sense of knowing! Grasping a person’s Culture equips you with the science of ‘prediction’ (“writing history in advance1/1-40). So when a Woman knows what type of Principles guide a Man’s life, his Values, and how he sets his Priorities, she’ll know what to expect and can confidently rely on his Integrity, Honesty or sense of Justness that uphold his Culture. When a God is teaching a Woman or has a relationship with a Woman who shares his Cultural Worldview, he is presenting himself to her as an open book; allowing her to know everything she needs to know about what he will and will not do. Ultimately, he’s engaged in a process of complete transparency; showing her his Principles, Values and Priorities that ultimately define his Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness. Because this process also involves her, he is simultaneously learning about her and what to expect and not expect from her. This is how you build trust, regardless if you’re striving to be an Earth, becoming a Christian, Muslim, etc… It’s the learning process that cultivates the ‘Trust’ between two people that equip them with the capacity to Love, and Love unconditionally! Many times people -especially Original People who have been Culturally Disenfranchised- ignore this learning process and enter into relationships based solely on feelings of mutual attraction; with hopes that these feelings of mutual attraction will sustain them. Because a Woman may interpret a God ‘enlightening’ her as some kind of post traumatic gender oppressive power relationship she experienced as a child, in past relationships and within Society, she may not have the courage, humility and wisdom to give this relationship a chance; ‘feeling’ as though he’s a trader/traitor “making an interpretation that she will receive more gold for her labor which was more than she was earning in her own country (dysfunction).” (28/1-36). The reason so much weight is placed upon her ‘feelings’ is not simply because a Woman is emotional by nature and the Moon symbolizes the sentimentality and governance of her sympathetic nervous system, it’s because as a child, emotional impressions represent the primary way we attend and interpret the world around us! If, as a child, we experience traumatic impressions, these events leave an indelible mark upon a fragile psyche we have yet or may never develop the psychology to understand. At one point or another we’ve all experienced such trauma as Original People living in this wilderness, b.u.t. Knowledge of Self is the means through which we gain access to resolving these issues. If we don’t resolve them we will never develop the ability to ‘Trust’ ourselves or another person enough to have the ‘Love’ we desire to give and receive.

Love, Hell or Right is a journey through our Trust issues. The feelings of inadequacy, insecurities, low/vacant self esteem or other debilitating self concepts all go back to these ‘Trust’ issues -often impressed upon us in our childhood and reinforced throughout our lives. No amount of financial stability, drug/alcohol use, sex, academic achievement, entertainment, etc… will resolve these issues because in the solitude of our own Heart we’ll always feel an emptiness due to the lack of Love in our life -even when someone has the capacity, clarity and will Loves us! We simply won’t identify, feel or appreciate it because we have the incapacity to give it back. The ‘Hell” we face in order to deal with these negative self concepts will range in a spectrum from Temperance (as in refining gold or fashioning a brilliant sword) to Torture (as in hellfire). It’s a process we’ll all go through to discover the Right way to Love and live with ourselves and other people! As God, I love even when people have not developed the ‘Trust’ to reciprocate this Love. Among other Righteous Principles, Values and Priorities that I adhere to, this is a Principle and Value inherent to the 11/1-14;Yes my word is bond and bond is life and I will give my Life before my Word shall fail” and one of the protocols of a “King” (11/Supreme Alphabet).

So in conclusion, I have personally gone through a situation where the closeness I once held as sacred with a person has disintegrated to point of strangers. The basis of this is the ‘Trust’ that were always present, yet expanded over time. Trust issues that were brought to the table. This separation estranged us from a sense of familiarity, so it’s impossible to pick up where we left off; we don't know eachother anymore. We both have no way of knowing what to expect from eachother because the ‘Trust’ is gone. We've both made decisions -without the other person's knowledge- that we will now bring back with us to the table, and these decisions may have changed us drastically! We both have no idea where we will now stand. and it’s a disheartening feeling to know that someone who was so close to you is no longer even a friend to you. Not because of hate, anger or any of these emotions that often “keep people apart” (8/1-14), b.u.t. because the ‘Trust’ we strived to build for years has been destroyed. To get to know and ‘Trust’ eachother again is equivalent to getting to know eachother for the first time. It’s easy to walk away from a situation like this, knowing that to re-engage we’ll both be more vulnerable than we’ve ever been, and must work extra hard to rebuild the ‘Trust’ factor. The question is, “Is it worth it and what will you be getting out of the situation when it’s all said and done?” They may never learn to ‘Trust’ and I will never receive the Love and Respect I deserve. It’s a stalemate of sorts, locked in a state of limbo, longing to repair a relationship that we allowed our unresolved negative self concepts to destroy. For those of you who find yourselves in this situation, who have a desire to learn how to ‘Trust’ and develop the capacity to Love yourself and others, here’s my advice:

1. Get to honestly know yourself better and come to terms with the negative self concepts you have adopted and unresolved issues that are "buried there" (5/1-14); YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO THINK THESE THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE WHO DO/DON'T SUPPORT THEM! These are beliefs that don’t work in your favor and have continually destroyed your ability to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Although money, academic achievement other things “can” help you, they will not resolve your ‘Trust’ issues. You deserve the right to Love be Loved and supply the Love that maintains a Loving Family unit like everybody else. Discovering the things we need to work on does not make you less or weaker than anybody else either! It actually empowers you with a Truth that allows you to positive transform your life and aide others in doing the same! So hold your head up; you are Infinite Intelligence dwelling in a form, and is much, much greater than the form, the negative self conceps and the unresolved issues we identify as us!

2. Forgive yourself! Once you recognize these negative self concepts, work towards correcting them. Don’t own them, hug them or associate with them any longer or they’ll continue to be “the piece with the magnetic” (22/1-40) that attracts your emotional, mental and financial dysfunction. Knowledge of Self is a process of self examination and inoculation against these psychological viruses. Once you’ve forgiven yourself, forgive others who you may have wronged with these negative self concepts -especially those who have placed their ‘Trust’ in/and Love you. Once you apologize, engage in activities and share knowledge with that helps regain their ‘Trust’ (confidence & reliability in your Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness). This also works as sweat equity in the relationship you’re striving to rebuild. If the person chooses to no longer engage you in a relationship because of your choice(s) to undermine that relationship it’s their choice. At least you’ve done “everything within your power” (40/1-40) to resolve “your” issues. If they still have resentment, that’s a cross they’ve chosen to bear.

3. Use your Knowledge and Wisdom to teach other people -especially the youth & young couples- how to navigate situations like this so they don't have to go through as much Hell as we did to get our Love life Right. They may go through worst, b.u.t. at least you “performed your duty as a Civilized Person” (18/1-40) by making sure that you helped them deal with the negative self concepts and ‘Trust’ issues you may have impressed upon them -especially if they’re your own children.

4. Realize that a mate is nothing more than a collection of Principles, Values and their Priorities. This is what we call ‘Character’ and each character has a Cultural Worldview. The less you know about this Cultural Worldview, the less you’ll be able to predict about their Character (Principles, Values and their Priorities ). And the less you know about a person’s Character, the less expectations you’ll be able to have about their Integrity, Honesty and sense of Justness. In this case, you’re feeling around in the dark and hoping to find the light switch and you -and your child(ren)s life- is too valuable to put at rick like that. If you think it’s alright then that’s something you need to really examine about your own Principles, Values and their Priorities that define your Cultural Worldview –that you are teaching your child(ren).

As for my own situation… Hopefully they have taken the time to read this build and have been inspired by the things I have written. Although I still hold the strength, capacity and will to Love them I realize that they must develop the capacity to ‘Trust’ themselves and me enough to reciprocate this Love. Will they ever find their way? Maybe, yet I may not be by their side when they do. B.u.t. if it’s really in my heart to want the best for them, then the best for them may mean we may never speak or cee eachother again. Do I desire that we become distant memories to eachother? NO. Do they desire this? We will cee…


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mathcentricity & The Father's Holy Grail

Peace Ya’ll! Yesterday, 9/30/09 was my Born Day into this Nation and I’ve Officially had 120 for 14 years strong! Words cannot truly express how grateful I am to have met a Brother willing to walk with me and pass on this Information, Integrity and Responsibility of this Culture. The best gratitude I can show him is to likewise do the same for those committed enough to walk with me! In addition to taking the time to do some introspection and journal about my 14 years in Knowledging (1) this Culture (4) and how I’ve been emPowered (5) to refine myself, I’ve also planned some Peace Activities to celebrate this glorious day! -smile-

Today I wanted to deal with the science of being ‘Mathcentric’ and our Cultural approach to attending the World. First and foremost, our concept of God and God Centeredness is not equivalent to taking a Religious Concept of God and simply applying it to ourselves. In otherwords, me and my Brothers are not the Mythical “Hebrew” God of the Bible in the flesh that we’ve been introduced to as toddlers and ALL of the folklores, legends, supernaturalness and paranormal activity can not be “literally” ascribed to us. Can it be ascribed to who we “literally” are? YES, sometimes. Metaphorically and Allegorically? YES, sometimes. I say this because when people are first introduced to Knowledge of Self they usually bring along misconceptions of what God is and what God is not. Prior to a person even getting their Supreme Mathematics, this has to be reconciled. Reconciled in way where there has to be a lot of conversation/time spent on the subject of God, Cosmology/Cosmogony (Triple Stage Darkness), Quantum Physics, etc… Not all Gods/Earths agree with this and find that it’s a more palatable approach to spend a lot of time on The Father’s History, etc…, b.u.t. that’s been the Tradition of my Family Tree and I cee the value in that. Anyway..., when the idea of God ain’t worked out from the door, you can run the risk of knowing Lessons yet believing in a ‘Mystery’ God (10/1-40). Mystery is ‘My-story” and anytime we don’t know or can’t articulate our story -Cosmology/Cosmogony-, “we do not know THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD OR OUR ORIGIN” (14/1-40) This 14th Degree asks us the question, “Who is the 85%?”, and this just shows and proves our inclination towards functioning and attending the World as such -simply because we didn’t spend enough time reconciling the idea of God.

In order to be ‘Mathcentric’, the foundation or premise has to be Right & Exact. When you come across people who “used to” deal with Math or “were” a part of his Nation it’s because they either 1.) never put in the work to reconcile their relationship with God, or 2.) were never "a said person of that ability" (20/1-40) to begin with. I specifically say ‘put in the work’ because it’s Knowledge of Self, not Knowledge of their Enlightener, Knowledge of The Father, the First 9 Born, Elijah, Fard and anybody else outside of “their ownself.” (13/1-36) Yeah some “Enlightener’s” can be difficult, not know how to teach or just strait up ignorant, b.u.t. that’s not an excuse for you NOT getting what you “so-called” want! Did the Cashier with the shitty attitude stop you from buying your groceries? Did that Teacher you hated in High School stop you from graduating? Did the fact that he had a Woman stop any of you females from getting with ‘em? Does a cough stop you from keeping a roof over ya head? NO! When you want something, you find a way to get it, and some of us will use less than noble tactics to ensure that it happens -even if it’s temporary! LOL So here are a few pointers I wanted to give ya’ll in regards to being ‘Mathcentric’, and this science of life we effectionately call 'The Culture of I-God':

1. God is essentially Collective Consciousness; Intangible Intelligence or a Universal Mind permeating all things and is channeled through these physical vehicles -that serve as the conduit of this ONE, ULTIMATE, reality. Man being a sentient being and capable of pondering his own existence is the highest of these forms that exist, therefore he serves as the Host of this Consciousness. Collectively, Men are it’s group reality ceen and expressed through individual eyes. Hence, we are ‘Gods’; various software programs running off the same Operating System! In essence, there is no separation of any/all things because all things are composed of the same undifferentiated matter energy. Since this is the essence of all things, various planes must exist to express the differentiation between matter and energy (i.e. gases, liquids and solids) Why? Because something can’t subsist or be in a state of subsistence without manifesting what exists or existence. In otherwords, for one to be ‘one’, two has to be manifested. For dark to be ‘dark’, light has to be manifested. For a state of nothingness prior to time, form, vector, dimension and differentiation to ‘subsist’, something has to exist! It’s like being ‘outside’ of your house. You can’t even have a concept of ‘outside’ unless you were inside first! LOL Anyway, I won’t go all through the concepts of ‘fission’, ‘double-bonded atom’, etc… to explain our Self Creation (Cosmology/Cosmogony: Triple Stage Darkness); this is something we should all spend time researching and studying! Also keep in Mind that NOTHING can compensate for our inability to ‘know’ this stuff. Sure we may have the ability to quote/practically apply Lessons, get money in this Society and have a moderate to high level of Self Esteem, b.u.t. in the solitude of our own Mind, the Universal Mind, a deep seeded insecurity & doubt about our essential reality will always ‘exist’ -simply because the concept of our ‘subsistence’ doesn’t ‘inist’.

2. Mathematics is a Mental System and represents the Operating System of The Universe. It is essentially ‘The System of all Systems’. Nothing exists or can exist without the agency of Mathematics. I often explain to the youth that, “Everything in you and around you is Mathematics with a costume on!” Even a thought is Mathematical because it follows a biochemical ‘sequence’ of synaptic connections to be transmitted! Is that not Mathematical? Mathematics is the infrastructural framework of all Cognition, Properties, Operations, Substances, Forms, Dimensions and Relationships of all ideas, forces and objects that comprise this Universe. God or Collective Consciousness is the ‘Intel’ (Intangible Intelligence/I.T.) that proceeds this infrastructural framework. The brain of the Original Man is of course the living repository, transmitter and receiver of this ‘Intel’. Supreme Mathematics is a “Contemporary” reintroduction to this Ancient (Classical) Worldview of the Original Man who utilized this ‘Intel’ as a ‘Mathematical Theology’ to Father Civilization. The Original Woman, her procreative abilities and her identification as the substantive aspect of all Creation represents the Primordial Womb of Dark Space through which all/any Creation has been AND will be born! A Woman being symbolic to ‘Wisdom’, it’s easy to cee why we learn that ‘Wisdom is the Way’! Elijah often said “3/4th’s or 75% of Islam (I Self Lord And Master) is dealing with the Woman” and we also teach that “Water” is symbolic to Wisdom. This is the relationship between how/why “the Earth is approximately covered under ‘Water (H20: Hydrogen + 2 Oxygen; ‘120’) approximately 3/4th’s of it’s surface” (8/1-40) and why we use ‘120’ (AKA Supreme ‘Wisdom’ Lessons) to help her become more refined (dress her Mind/Body in modest apparel: wear 3/4th’s) and unveil her true nature as Earth in the midst of a Patriarchal, Misogynistic, Gender Oppressive Society! The System of Mathematics utilizes Numbers & Letters to serve as symbolic units or glyphs to convey all of the Quantitative and Quantitative Operations of this System. These small ‘units’ (Numbers & Letters) were drafted by the Original People in order to simplify, define and effectively convey the complex Quantitative and Quantitative Operations within our own Cognitions and throughout the Universe. This became the birth of language. As Gods and Earths, Supreme Mathematics is our identification with this Supreme or ‘Higher’ Mental Operating System that governs any/all things -regardless if we recognize it or not.

3. When you’re introduced to 120 (The Lessons) keep in Mind that they’re Lessons; AKA ‘LEARNING MATERIALS’. We apply these Learning Materials to our life to improve how some things function and to repair shit that’s broken. There are essentially two categories that determine what type of job we’ve done, are doing and can do in the future; Good or Bad, God or Devil. Our Lessons are a file of Work Orders, showing us how a job was, could be and/or should be done! When we build with eachother using the Lessons, we are actually going over these Work Orders and bringing to eachothers attention how a job was, could be and/or should be done! The questioning about The Lessons we know (which some people fear), is actually the other person striving to find out what we’re working with. What we’re actually working with are ‘Tools” (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet); Principles that shed light on the Procedures being used in the Work Order. So although our Lessons serve as Learning Materials or Work Order ‘Blue Prints’ to what we’re striving to build, YOU NEED the ‘Tools’ (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet) or else you’ll never be able to identify the proper Procedures that governs the quality of your work! And like I said, this quality is either Good or Bad, God or Devil. I must also must mention that 120 (The Lessons) isn’t the only Learning Materials or ‘Blue Prints’ that exist to Gods/Earths! Some people -even Gods/Earths- are under the false impression that once they get 120 that they don’t need to learn, study or apply anything else to their life! Like I said, 120 is our ‘Blue Print’. Actually it’s a ‘Blue Print’ (120), with a set of ‘Tools’ (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet) that trains/enables us to read all other Blueprints -whether it’s an HBO Episode of ‘The Carnival’, the science behind Gucci Mane’s Lyrics he’s probably unaware of, the symbolism in Liturgy Ceremonies, or Marketing Scheme and Power Relationship between two UFC Fighters. LOL! ALSO, let me also clarify that the set of ‘Tools’ (Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabet) we use are not ONLY compatible with 120. 120 also serves as a Training Manual for how to effectively build or destroy with these Tools.

So to conclude Today’s Article I want to reemphasize that The Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters) is a Culture that is God Centered. Meaning, we 'strive' for the most Righteous or Divine way to exist and use the most Righteous or Divine Principles/Procedures to corroborate this existence! I use the word 'strive' because we may not always hit the mark, although our intention or will is to do so! Mathematics is the Operating System that determines not only the structure and sequence of these Principles/Procedures, b.u.t. it determines if they’re are right and exact. 120 is our ‘Blue Print’ we use to identify the past, present and potential future function of these Principles/Procedures within a spectrum between Good and Bad; God and Devil. Upon Knowing 120, we gain access to the Wisdom of 120 and began to properly Understand the true Value of 120 (120 X 3 + 360 COMPLETE). Being Mathcentric is more than sounding intelligent and doing card tricks with Lessons, Supreme Mathematics and The Supreme Alphabet. It’s about utilizing a specific God Centered Worldview and upholding it’s Value System that adheres to AND develops Righteous Models for Cultural Sustainability. This is not a Gang, Fad or a Social Club. It’s not something you join, it’s something you became an upstanding Global Citizen of. It’s not an Organization, it is Organization! And NO, THIS IS NOT a Religion or Belief System. The Gods and Earths are a Nation of People from various different ethnic, gender, age, educational and social backgrounds. People charged with an innate responsibility of looking out for our fellow man and adding our contribution to World Civilization!