Thursday, October 13, 2005

Born King M Allah
5th Annual Universal Family Day
Cee Allah's Nation (Canada)

"All the Human Familes of the Planet Earth"

Today I wanted to say PEACE to our Universal Family that reside in Cee Allah's Nation, Canada for all those who were unaware that we are not only Universal in a conceptual sense b.u.t. Universal "literally".

In the Mighty lands of Steel City (Hamilton) and Truth Cipher (Toronto) Ontario Canada we truly have a manifestation of a Human Family. I've had the opportunity of meeting Gods and Earths who are 1st and 2nd generation from China, Mexico, Barbado's, Nigeria, Persia, Pakistan, Jamaica, Trinadad, Ethiopia and I'm sure other brothers and sisters that come from a different cultural backdrop than America. It's a beautiful thing to see the concepts of Universal Flag, Universal Family, Original People, and Human Families in the flesh and lived out to the fullest Equality!

As an Original Man born and reared in American Society, it is quite a different socioeconomic and psychological dynamic than Canada. While the English were primarily responsible for colonizing the land and minds of the people in America, their little brother "France" were primarily reponsible for colonizing Canada. Also consider the fact that a different methodolgy must be used in teaching our lessons to a brother who just came from Nigeria, a sister from Ethiopia or a brother who is second generation from China! The brother Born King M Allah is performing a task that everybody cannot carry out, especially someone who has never been in the midst of such an ethnically diverse place like Canada! Think about it for a second.. .

The reason a posted a picture of our brother Born King M Allah is because he has worked dilligently to make our Nation a strong and visibly presence out in Canada. I give the Lord the upmost respect for doing what he does because if it wasn't for him representing what we teach then many of our brothers and sisters from their respected lands would not have had the opportunity to come into this Knowledge. All the Gods and Earths that rest in the Province of Ontario are connected to the God in some way. He's a humble brother b.u.t. will put you on your square if need be and he doesn't allow anyone to take any shorts. I also want to shout out his A-alike Born Truth Allah because he has been with the brother also as a shining example of who we are as a Nation! For all the years that I've I've known Born Truth he has always progressed and has been as sharp (or sharper) in his expression than last time. In other word's he's the type of God that you always want a new born (someone who just started learning) to meet.

I cannot neglect to mention his Earth "I-Asia" as well because she is definately the "Mother of Civilization" to Cee Allah's Nation. She is one of the few Earths that I have met that is always building and adding on to the Cipher showing and proving who she is! I-Asia is the epitome of what a Queen, Earth, Mother, Sister, and Teacher is. Our young Earths out in Canada who have an opportunity to be in her midst are truly blessed.

The future of our Nation already exists, and our Family in Canada represents a small scale model of what The Father envisioned when he instructed us to teach all the human families of the Planet Earth!

It is imperative that any a member of The Nation of Gods and Earths take the opportunity to visit our family out in Cee Allah's Nation and see for yourself the beautiful things that the God Born King M Allah and I-Asia Earth have done and are doing. In the future I will post other reflections of some of the Gods and Earths out in Canada and give you the opportunity to see how beautiful our Nation continues to grow!

If you are interested in contacting the God or Earth you can email Born King M Allah at:

Friday, October 07, 2005

L.I.F.E. Program in Atlantis!!

Who needs an "Enlightener" Anyway?!!

First I would like to state an actual fact in order to clarify one of the most vital points in our way of life and that is “No one can enter unless allowed by a qualified Enlightener”. I think that it is necessary to make this Knowledge Born (Known) because some people are under the impression that there is some type of “back door” that exists in becoming an active member of The Nation of Gods ands Earths. Here are some of the most common misconceptions that people have about becoming a part of the NGE:
  1. You can “be down” by learning Wu-Tang Clan lyrics/lingo or other Rap Artists who are either members or loosely affiliated with the NGE.
  2. You know how to say the Supreme Mathematics and/or the Supreme Alphabet.
  3. You try or do use common language of the NGE.
  4. You are qualified to talk about who we are because you bought the Wu-Tang Manual.
  5. You have “the lessons” from downloading them off a Nation of Islam affiliated website.
  6. You frequent NGE websites, message boards and talk to Gods and Earths (maybe?) on the internet.
  7. You know someone or are related to someone who is in the NGE.
  8. You were in prison and met Gods or Earths there.
  9. You used to be in the Nation of Islam and received your “Supreme Wisdom” book which contains the lessons.
  10. Your significant other is a member of the NGE so that gives you a free pass.

One of the determined ideas of this way of life is to use knowledge to cultivate ourselves to the extent that our uprightness leads us to God-centeredness. In layman’s terms we are trying to get ourselves “right” or “strait”. We were naturally born a specific way and we try to rid ourselves of the things and obstacles that try to make us other than our natural self. Knowledge provides us with the information and awareness to be Wise enough See what we need to do to obtain and maintain this God-centeredness. You can never achieve this by not being strait up from the door, and the Enlightener is the door!

Here are a few quotes that were taken from the book “The Sufi’s” by Idries Shah. They all emphasize the importance and necessity in having a Teacher:

“Everyone has become a gold seeker, but the ordinary do not know it when they see it. If you cannot recognize it, join a wise man.”

“While a Sufi may attain illumination within a long or short time, he cannot actually teach until he has received the Robe of Permission (to enroll students) from his own mentor;”

“The guide, philosopher and friend who is the Sufi teacher, then performs what may be considered to be many functions. As a guide he shows the Way- but the aspirant must himself do the walking.”

“Everyone, when he gets to a certain stage of mere personal sophistication, thinks that he can find the way to enlightenment by himself. This is denied by Sufis, for they ask how a person can find something when he does not know what it is.”
Martial Art’s movies are some of the greatest visual interpretations of the relationship that occurs between the Master and a Student. Here are some of the basic premises that you’ll find:
  • The Student usually humbly approaches the Master’s Temple from a state of darkness (ignorance) in search of light (knowledge).
  • Even if the Student tries to fool the Master he eventually breaks down and asks to be taught.
  • Before the Master accepts him/her as a Student he puts them through a series of tests to determine if the Student is sincere.
  • Most times they feel that the Master doesn’t want to teach them but in reality he is only testing their sincerity.
  • If the Master finds that the person is sincere he takes him on as a student.
  • The Master is very wise and crafts the Student’s curriculum around his temperance.
  • The Master gives the Student pre-requisites to prepare the Student for what they will learn.
  • The Student usually has the wrong motivation why they want to learn but
  • The Student is usually impatient because they don’t know what to expect.
  • The Student usually gets frustrated because they expect to know all things instantly.
  • The Student sometimes feels that the Master is misleading them and may question his authority.
  • The Student eventually understands the Masters determined idea and that is usually when the Master is no longer present.

You can find some, all or small variations of these basic concepts throughout many Martial Art’s Films and they give you a basic idea of what goes on during the relationship of a Master and a Student. What it ultimately comes down to is the fact that a person becomes a qualified Enlightener through a qualified Enlightener. This may not be the way that it is in other “spheres” but in this way we try to ensure that when a person say’s that they are God or the Earth they can show and prove it. Not through what books they have, rhymes they can quote, how long they did a bid, or who they know. This is based upon who their Enlightener was/is, what tree they come from and what they are doing to corroborate the fact that they are the God or Earth.

Peace to all the TRUE and LIVING!