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Peace Ya’ll! In response to some of the HOUSE OF KONSCIOUSNESS videos that have been circulating throughout Mecca (Harlem) and on the Internet, I posted a couple videos on A.S.I.A. TV to express our stance on the topic, “Is the Black (Original) Woman a Goddess?” The importance in doing this is to ensure that a clear distinction is consistently made between what we, The NGE Teach, in comparison to this New Group called The RBG Nation. As Gods & Earths, we understand many of the things that Nation are trying to do, yet we do not advocate some of the things they’re teaching AND methods that they’re using. If this distinction isn’t made, we’ll find ourselves catapulted back in a 1960’s Era where people mistook the Gods/Earths for being Muslims, a Gang, a Black Supremist Group, a NOI Offshoot, Splinter Group, Sect, and etc... NONE of which we are! Because there are some past & present NGE Members, NGE Sympathizers, and people with NGE Affiliations who have joined The RBG Nation, it’s that much more important that they’re distinguished from us. Because many of these past & present NGE Members, NGE Sympathizers, and people with NGE Affiliations still speak our Language, use 120 (our Lessons), and carry our Names, it’s easy for an onlooker to assume we advocate the same teachings, WHICH IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE! It’s similar to that “50/50” Half Blood & Half God phenomenon that’s been going on throughout many of these East Coast Prisons!! I’m not saying that The RBG’s are like The Bloods, I’m just pointing out the potential for disaster when a person is unevenly yoked…

Anyway, when I posted my videos on A.S.I.A. TV, I strived to break down, as simple as possible, The NGE’s position on the Woman being a Goddess. I ended up receiving countless comments, messages and emails from people voicing “their feelings” and “opinions” about it. So much for simplicity. LOL! Now if you haven’t checked out the Latest Episode of A.S.I.A. Talk, please take a moment to do so. I have the God ‘Life’ as a Special Guest addressing topics such as the Goddess issue, Nationality, Internet Enlighteners, Black Power!, and etc.. Well in Today’s Article, I want to go more into depth about, “Is the Black (Original) Woman a Goddess?”

Allah is in the Earth and in the Heavens above…Understanding God Degree (37/1-40)

First of all, it’s important to understand that we, as a Nation of Gods and Earths, define God (The Creator) according to our own Worldview. In conjunction with this Worldview, we have our own Theology, Cosmology, and Language to articulate and convey this definition of God. In the same way many Indigenous Societies have no concept or function for words such as ‘maybe’ or ‘might’, within our Society, Gods & Earths have no concept or function for certain words.

God, as a Concept, represents Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence. Although God, as a Concept, is represented by many names, in The NGE we refer to God as Allah meaning, “The All in All”! This doesn’t mean that we don’t acknowledge or are collectively against other names people use to symbolize “The All in All”. From our Cosmological Perspective, “The All in All” is the Supreme Consciousness or Universal Mind which is ALL ENCOMPASSING. There is nothing outside of the perimeters of ALL! This is the whole idea of “One God”, God is indivisible, God is whole/complete, and why the Bible & Koran continuously spells out that “there are no partners/idols beside God/Allah”. Now, if I claim that God is Omnipotent, there exists no power outside of being ‘all-powerful’ (Omnipotence). If I claim that God is Omniscient, there exists no knowledge outside of ‘all-knowing’ (Omniscience). If God is Omnipresent, than no place exists outside of everywhere (Omnipresence). Once you make a claim that something is ALL, it cannot be partitioned off or separated from itself. To acknowledge that God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, and then turn around and try to partition or separate Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence, by adding “dess” to God, is a walking contradiction! If you adopt such a view, God, as a Concept, cannot truly be whole and completely Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. Why? Because something (‘dess’) was add to it. It’s equivalent to saying your Wife is the only one, she means everything to you, and your relationship is whole/complete, then you turn around and have an affair on the side! It’s a contradiction! Your claims about your Wife being the only one, meaning everything to you, and your relationship being whole/complete can’t be true! If it was true, there would be no need to add on to what’s already whole/complete! So as Gods and Earths, we don’t teach or advocate the concept of a ‘Goddess’ because we understand that the concept of God is more than enough (ALL ENCOMPASSING). -smile-

Now some people have been trying to argue why they need to add a “dess” on the end of “God” is because our so-called Kemetic Ancestors taught and advocated that. First of all, there were no “Goddesses” in Ancient Kemet. The concept of Goddesses is a bone headed, Egyptologists (another misnomer) mistranslation of the Kemetic Concept of ‘Neters” or “Neteru’. Ausar, Tehuti, Maat, etc.. were ‘Neteru’, which means ‘forces of nature.’ These ‘forces of nature’ were symbolized as Zoomorphic Archetypes to convey Principles & Universal forces of nature. So-called Egyptologists, fixated on the forms, divided up the Neteru into Male/Female, called them Gods/Goddesses, and labeled our Ancestors Polytheistic. The whole idea of Gods & Goddesses is some Greek Pantheon Math, and is not rooted in what we taught in the Nile Valley. Some of these dudes trying to rep Nile Valley Civilization or Kemetic Culture aren’t even aware that they’re using Eurocentric approaches and methodologies to assess, articulate & define Nile Valley Civilization or Kemetic Culture! It’s important to understand Epistemology; the study of how we know something. Unfortunately, as Original People, especially in the Diaspora, we cee things through the lens of being “made other than ourselves” (12/1-36). This means we must work extra hard to insure that WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW we’re assessing, articulating & defining what we’re ceeing isn’t “mixed, diluted or tampered with” (9/1-40). If we disregard Epistemology, we may end up teaching and advocating ideas & methodologies that don’t work in the best interest of ourselves, eachother and the environment. Worst than that, we may be dressing up or putting a black face on ideas & methodologies that are completely oppositional to us as an Original People! Some will sit there and say, “Well you’re using the word ‘God’ which is Eurocentric?!”. Yeah, that’s why I’ve specifically said/wrote “GOD AS A CONCEPT”. What this means, Einstein, is that I’m using this familiar word, God, to explain OUR Conceptualization, Definition, and Worldview behind this familiar word. The whole discussion of whether THIS CONCEPT should be called Yah, Jah, Allah, The Great Spirit, Yahweh, Jehovah, Ausar, Ra, Dios, etc.. is a different conversation altogether. That’s something you should talk to DRE Allah or Wesley Muhammad about. As for myself, I’d actually prefer the word “Jaga”, and I also wouldn’t have a problem with naming my next daughter ‘Queen Thundera Divine’. -shrugs-

-switches gears-

Dichotomy, Dynamic Opposites or the concept of Ying/Yang was established when Nothingness gave birth to Something; when ‘No-thing’ manifested ‘A-thing’ and consequently ‘All things’. The ‘essence’ of dichotomy is symbolized by an Indivisible glyph known as a Cipher (O). This Cipher represents the ALL ENCOMPASSING nature of Allah; “the All in All” and NO-THING simultaneously. It was from this wholistic state that the dichotomy of all form was born! Although this Cipher gave birth to dichotomy, the Cipher itself is not Dichotomous; it’s above dichotomy. Why? Because Nothingness is undifferentiated, immeasurable matter energy which has no shape, form, speed or vector. There is no variance or difference in such a state. Differences were only manifested when the first particle of matter was willed a purpose, thus forging the first ‘thing’, and establishing the concept of dichotomy! So God is the Author of dichotomy, b.u.t. is not ‘essentially’ dichotomous. Although there exists a dichotomy of ‘forms’ and ‘function’, there is no dichotomous form for God (“The All in All”). To dichotomize God, by making ‘Goddess’, undermines the very nature and ‘essential’ integrity of God!

Now the next logical question is, “Why is God expressed as the Original Man and not the Woman?”

From the Cipher (O) was born Knowledge (MAN=1), and then Wisdom (WOMAN=2); THIS IS A SEQUENTIAL ORDER. The essence (nature) of God is expressed through ALL THINGS (O). Both Male & Female, Man & Woman use this Supreme Consciousness to ‘function’ differently, through different physical vehicles. ONE VEHICLE IS NOT BETTER THAN THE OTHER! It goes back to what I said about ‘Dichotomy’. For Supreme Consciousness to manifest Creation from a formless state of undifferentiated matter energy, the dichotomy of forms, in various states, had to be manifested. Once these various forms were manifested, a sentient form had to be produced to contain this Consciousness to survey it’s own Creation. In otherwords, that which conducts had to create a conductor, the driver had to produce a vehicle, the Mind produced a Brain. So Supreme Consciousness or the Universal Mind had to produce a repository to serve as a transmitter and receiver of it’s “ownself” (13/1-36). It’s a process of the Potential becoming Actual, the Subjective becoming Objective, the Subconscious becoming Conscious, and Subsistence becoming Existence. The PRIMARY (1) host of this Supreme Consciousness is Male/Man. The SECONDARY (2) host of this Supreme Consciousness is Female/Woman. Because of the genotypical/phenotypical differences between Male/Man & Female/Woman, Knowledge (1) & Wisdom (2) “in form”, we carry out complementary, corresponding functions. These functions are congruent, b.u.t. are not the same! Male/Man has the functioning role and responsibility of God (potential), while Female/Woman has the functioning role and responsibility of Earth (actual). If Males were designed to do everything Females do, we wouldn’t need Females. If Women were designed to do everything Men do, they wouldn’t need Men. The Dichotomy of Male & Female is Man & Woman, Knowledge (1) & Wisdom (2), and God & Earth. This is not chauvinistic, gender oppressive or misogynistic, B.U.T. THERE ARE Males/Men who use the SEQUENCE of Knowledge (1) proceeding Wisdom (2) to express chauvinistic, gender oppressive or misogynistic ideologies! THIS IS NOT WHAT WE ADVOCATE!!

As I said, Males/Females, we are both mentally connected to the Supreme Consciousness or Universal Mind, b.u.t. as physical conduits, we transmit and receive this Consciousness/Mind differently for different purposes. The corresponding medium between God & Earth is “LIFE”. In order for God to be God, the Earth produces his Creation (LIFE). In order for the Earth to be Earth, God has Creation (LIFE) to be produced. In otherwords, if we didn’t need eachother as Males & Females, we would either be Androgynous or Asexual. As the head of the Family Unit, it is part of Man’s functioning role and responsibility to protect & provide. Inherent to Man’s ability to protect & provide is unlimited authority/influence (Omnipotence), unlimited awareness/insight (Omniscience), and being present at all times (Omnipresence). This is the functioning role and responsibility of God ‘in form’! As the foundation of the Family Unit, it is part of Woman’s functioning role and responsibility to nurture and sustain. Inherent to Woman’s ability to nurture & sustain is unlimited authority/influence (Omnipotence), unlimited awareness/insight (Omniscience), and being present at all times (Omnipresence). This is the functioning role and responsibility of Earth ‘in form’! Although Males & Females share the same nature “in essence”, we have different functioning roles and responsibilities ‘in form’! Again, in essence, Male/Female are both conduits of Supreme Consciousness or the Universal Mind. Man functions as the primary conduit as God (A Plan), and Woman functions as the secondary conduit as Earth (A Planet). The Central Paradigm in our Culture as well as most Metaphysical, Religious or Spiritual Systems is Creator & Creation, God & Earth.

To conclude Today’s Article, I want to offer my perspective on why people have been advocating a Goddess teaching:

1. People generally lack a basic understanding of Cosmology, Metaphysics, and the meaning of ‘Sequence’. One of the things they may be confused about is the idea of Allah, or whatever they choose to call The Creator, creating self from “a womb” of Triple Darkness. Because they equate “a womb” with a Woman, they reason that a Woman (womb-man) is God because she came before a Man. Well, “a womb” is indeed a feminine aspect, yet the masculine potentiality proceeds this feminine aspect. How? This masculine aspect is “Will”! You know, as in “The Will of Allah”? Therefore, Supreme Consciousness was a potentiality ‘willed’ through ‘a womb’ to actually exist! Keep in Mind that we’re not discussing Men or Women at this point, only Masculine & Feminine. As Ying/Yang both contain alittle of each; Men & Women contain alittle of both Male & Female, Masculine & Feminine aspects. Just because the Masculine is primary doesn’t mean it’s better than the Feminine that’s secondary. It simply means that potential must proceed the actual, the transmission must proceed the reception, God must proceed the Earth, and 1 must proceed 2. This is all about ‘Sequence’! Human Life cannot be created unless a Man’s ‘potential’ to determine the ‘actual’ sex is present first! If a Woman were present first, she would be incapable of producing/reproducing life.

2. Some dudes are promoting a Goddess concept just to appeal to Women. I know some Gods that do the same shit by calling Women “Queen”. When I was at Allah School I watched an Older God saying, “Peace my Queen!” to every Woman that walked by, while looking them up and down like a porter house steak! LOL It’s just a game to holla at some female who’s used to being called everything “other than” (10/1-10) that! It’s no different than a boy telling a girl, “You’re pretty!” A clear sign that it’s bullshit is the fact that these dudes cannot justify a specific, functional, role that a Goddess is supposed to actually play. When you ask them to elaborate, they won’t be able to tell you anything ‘outside’ of what a Women naturally does! You’ll cee that all they’re doing is using the word ‘Goddess’ to make shit sound good! LOL

3. Many Women simply believe they’re smarter than Men. So the idea of a Goddess is a way for them to live out that belief system. They cee the addition of “dess” to the concept/word “God” as an extension, improvement, expansion, or perfection of God. It’s no different than the philosophy that, “When God made Man he was just practicing.” LOL They may claim that the word ‘Goddess’ is to show balance, equality, etc.., blah, blah, blah between Man/Woman, b.u.t. they really don’t mean it. They just have a problem with a Man, having the audacity, to identify himself as the Supreme Being, because in her experience with Males/Men, she’s ALWAYS BEEN more Man AND God than he could ever be! In her Mind, “If these niggas is God, I GOTTA TO BE a Goddess!” LOL

4. Females are discontent with her nature, function & role as The Earth. The same way you have Black People who despise being Black, you have Females who despise being The Earth. To compensate for this, you have many Black People who’ll do everything within their power to not identify with Black People; from bleaching their skin, getting plastic surgery, changing their hair texture, choosing only White Companions, modeling a Eurocentric lifestyle, and worshipping White Iconography. This is the same with Females; many of them do everything within their power to not identify with being The Earth. OF COURSE this is the post-traumatic results of living in a Racist, Gender Oppressive, Misogynistic Society. So their claim as being a Goddess, is simply a overt/covert disdain for being a female (The Earth). One thing you’ll find with many Females with this mentality is repulsiveness towards being Maternal, a lack of Parenting Skills, Feminist/Lesbian Ideologies & Physical Expressions, serial dysfunction in Relationships with Men, and indifference to outright hatred for her Mother & most females in her family.

5. Many dudes are just unsure/insecure about taking the position of being “The Sole Controller” (as my God Brother ‘Precise’ commented to me). Striving to live out the reality of being the True & Living God is scary to them, in the same way being a Man and living on their own is scary. Because some males have a problem with living on their own and taking care of themselves, they latch on to females. Under these circumstances it’s easy for them to rationalize that a Goddess is a counterpart of God! One thing you’ll find in these dudes is an obvious inability to take care of themselves and their child(ren) if they have any! You’ll discover that he hasn’t really lived by himself before, has a sketchy work history, is disorganized, emotionally immature/dependant, and compromising. Ultimately, he advocates that a Woman’s a Goddess because he doesn’t intend on being a God.

6. Some Women are grossly independent, have control issues, and simply want their own, “INDEPENDANT” of Males/Men. They micromanage everything and want their own money, car, home, etc…, and even God! LOL Their philosophy on life is, “No Man is gonna control me or tell me what to do!” So if Man is God, he’s not going to tell her what to do either! In her Mind, if a Man can be a God, she has the right to be a Goddess, not based upon any intellectual discourse, study, building, etc.. b.u.t based upon “her opinion” and “ how she feels”. Instead of acknowledging the Concepts of God & Earth, this type of Woman will chooses three basic categories when it comes to her Worldview:

-Most of these Women accept God strictly in the abstract; as a Spirit, a Holy Ghost, a Mystery, or some Supernatural so-called Man named Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha; Things/Men they don’t have an ‘actual’ relationship with, and Things/Men they don’t/won’t have to ‘actually’ answer to face to face.

-Some of these Women reject Religion and avoid the subject altogether. In turn, they look at other females who advocate it as sell-outs for “The Man”.

-Other Woman claim to be/worship a ‘Goddess’; AKA “God’s Manager”.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Making Money with 120!!!

Peace Ya’ll! Through the course of my day it dawned on me why there are many people who have been introduced to, once studied or are having difficulty being committed to learning their Lessons (120). Sometimes there are other things going on in people’s lives that take priority over studying. Sometime people just simply loose interest. Ultimately, there are a lot of reasons why people come in contact with 120 and never follow through or take it to heart like that. Today I wanted to focus on what I think is one of the major reasons why people just stop striving to learn this Culture.

I think that people often lack the ambition & commitment to learn this Culture, or any Curriculum designed to positively transform their life, because they can’t cee how it pays their bills or actually enriches their lives! So today I wanted to address the question, “How is 120 gonna pay my damn bills?!” and elaborate on Making Money with 120. -grin- Now aside from the fact that such a question is being asked within the midst of an Economic Crisis (Recession), this is a very valid question to ask under any circumstances! As an Enlightener, it’s important that people actually cee, in us, the tangible application and “Peace and Happiness” (40/1-40) that comes along with having Knowledge of Self (KOS). When it comes to the question, “How is 120 gonna pay my bills?!”, I want to cite some of the things that show you how. This Article is designed to help people cee how these ‘intangible’ Cultural Concepts; Principles we live by, Values we hold sacred, and Procedures we use, are converted into a ‘tangible’ existence! This Article is also designed to expose those so-called Gods & Earths who’re lip professing what this Culture is about, yet have no ‘tangible’ evidence to prove it.

First of all, it’s important to understand that NOTHING compensates for Culture. By Culture, I’m referring to your way of life that consists of all of your people activities (i.e. language, diet, family relationships, views on education, sex, labor, etc.), that are governed by various Principles, Values and Procedures. Whether these Principles, Values and Procedures are Divine or Destructive, it will be exposed by our Culture’s ability to sustain itself. In other words, if a part of our Culture is drinking bleach, the bleaches effect on our system’s ability to sustain itself will tell us if it’s Divine or Destroy! So it is with many things... Our free will to put our theories to the test will ultimately reveal Cultural sustainability and the difference between Divine or Destroy. Even if we don’t want to accept the results of our own choices, our choices will always accept us -and we will have to live with these choices until we change them!

One of the great misconceptions 85% of the people within a Capitalistic Society have is that Money, so-called Financial Freedom, an Inheritance, etc. will sustain “life” or solve the problems in our “lives”. A cursory glance at America, the so-called wealthiest Nation on Earth, with all it’s Institutional problems, shows & proves that currency isn’t the universal solvent! The true solution to any/all of our problems exist within the behavior shaping reality of the Cultural Principles we adhere to, the Values we hold sacred, and Procedures we use. Keep in Mind that within America, ‘money’ is a relatively new concept in the History of this Nation. Prior to that, and in most Indigenous/Classical Societies, we utilized the social system of bartering in order to ensure the sustainability of the Culture. In order to barter with someone ‘Trust’ is of the upmost importance. As mentioned in another Article, ‘Trust’ is the ability to confidently rely on Integrity, Honesty, and a sense of Justness. So the social system of bartering was the exchange of goods & services based upon Integrity, Honesty and a sense of Justness. These qualities, that indicate “Word is Bond and Bond is Life” (11/1-14), were the true medium of exchange when we bartered, and this represented the first ‘promissory note’! This was meant to ensure the equal distribution of resources because the highest Value lied in our Relationships and the Stability of our Society! Why did we think like this? Because we understood that we needed eachother, and all of us played a vital role in the maintenance of the Society. Certain aspects of American Culture do not hold the same ideals. These rugged individual and gross materialistic aspects are a phenomenon born from the Axiology of Caucasians, where the highest Value does not lie in the Relationship; The highest Value lies in the object and acquisition of materials. Axiology is the study of ‘Value Systems’. Coming from a harsh environment and geographic location that isn’t tropical, Caucasians lacked resources and developed a rugged individualistic attitude in order to survive. When Gods speak about the idea of ‘Devil’, we’re not talking about people being a Devil because they have White or very fair skin. We’re talking about their collective Axiology; the Value Systems they’ve adopted and adhere to that undermines the Principles, Values and Procedures of Righteousness. Socioeconomically, we define this rugged individualism and gross materialism as “The 10%”; a small population of nepotistic people that control the Worlds resources and the larger population through these resources. We also use the phrase 10% to represent this mentality, as in “Ten Percenter”. In order to answer the question, “How is 120 gonna pay my damn bills?!”, it’s important to understand the concept of the 10%.

(15/1-40) Who are the 10%?
They are the rich slave makers of the poor, who teach the poor lies to believe that the Almighty true and living God is a spook in the sky that can’t be seen by the physical eye. Otherwise known as blood suckers of the poor.

The beauty of the above definition is the fact that there’s corroborating evidence to support it. Examine any history of the Vikings, various Germanic Tribes, Cave Men, the Dark Ages of Europe, America, etc..., and it’s clearly evident! Also check out different Movies/Documentaries that represent period pieces displaying the cave days, the iron age, medieval times, Rome, early Europe, early America, modern America, etc…, and it’s also evident! Sometimes people don’t know that they’re pawns of the 10% by adopting their ideals of an American Dream. To Capitalize within itself is not Unrighteous, b.u.t. American Capitalism is simply because Integrity, Honesty and a sense of Justness are not the guiding Principles, Values and Procedures that govern the exchange of goods and services. American Capitalism, in Principle, as a Value, and as a Procedure, is not synonymous with, “Social means to advocate a Society of Men (people) or Group of Men (people) for one common cause. Equality means TO BE EQUAL IN EVERYTHING.” (8/1-14). Why? Because American Capitalism is a vehicle of the 10%. Regardless of what many of us would like to believe, the 10% only do what will “make themselves rich from your -85%- labor” (9/1-40). Why does the Devil teach that? “Because he desires to make slaves out of all he can so he can rob them and live in luxury” (12/1-40). Now if the 10% TRUE INTENTION was to BE EQUAL IN EVERYTHING, then there would be no separation! Our 30/1-40 asks us, “Tell us what and how the Devil is made?” The first line in that Degree says, “The Devil is made by the Original People by GRAFTING AND SEPERATING…” Our 31/1-40 asks us, “To make Devil what must you first do?” The answer states, “To make Devil you must first begin GRAFTING FROM THE ORIGINAL.” Cee, there’s no philosophical difference between a self serving savage fighting his clan to the death for a scrap of meat, and a business man wearing a suit selling what he knows, so you can sell what he knows, to people who want to buy it! WTF! In the case of the business man, his method is to ration you out portions, probably 10%, of what he knows in order to ensure that you keep buying and buying into these portions of information. IF THEIR INTENTION was to really deal with equality, they would do what’s necessary to put you on ‘the same tier’ as them, and would never charge you for what you’re investing your life into! Anything less would be uncivilized… One of the reasons why Jesus is acknowledged as “our Righteous Brother” (5/1-14), who taught “freedom, justice & equality”, is because he wasn’t selling his teachings or trying to get people to buy into it! ANYTIME you cee a person doing this it’s an obvious sign that what they’re advocating is “mixed, diluted and tampered with” (9/1-14). This is also the reason why true Gods & Earths would never sell our Curriculum (Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons) to somebody!! It’s not Right or Just. Ultimately, the 10% can only be the 10%, and many of you won’t want to accept what I’m saying and here’s the reason why…

(9/1-40) Why does the Devil teach that a Mystery God brings all this?
To conceal the true and living God, who is the Sun of Man, and to make slaves out of 85% by keeping them worshipping that which they cannot see (invisible), and he makes himself rich from their labor. The 85% knows that it rains, hails, snows and also hears thunder above their heads but do not try to learn who is causing all this happen by letting the 5% teach them. They believe in the 10% on face value.

NOW, no doubt money can help us solve some of our problems, b.u.t. without a Culture to institute appropriate Principles, Values , and Procedures, an individual will eventually crash just like the stock market. So here’s a few things I want to say about the subject of “How does 120 pay my bills”:

1. 120 pays your bills because you learn about investing. Far beyond bad spending habits, many people simply support the 10% “rich slave makers of the poor” (15/1-40) because they’re invested in “THIS” Society and chasing an American Dream of wealth and so-called financial freedom. Because I “don’t believe in the teachings of the 10%, and know who the true and living God is” (16/1-40), there are many things I cee right through, things I will not buy/buy in to, Businesses and Organizations I won’t support, and people I won’t invest time into. 120 has numerous Lessons that give a positive profile on various character traits, angles and intentions of the 10% & 85% who support their ideals. When a person has no clue about the Socioeconomic Dynamics in a Society ran by the 10%, they can and will only be of the 85% -who serve as the Maintenance Dept. for the 10% Heaven on Earth. Having KOS has not only allowed me to make better investment choices when it comes to money, b.u.t. better investment choices when it comes to people, places and things. In the 10/1-40, I learned not to “search trillions of years for that-that does not exist”. Therefore, I don’t waste valuable time on people, in places, or with things that don’t contribute to my Cultural Worldview. In the 40/1-40, I learned to “give all I have and all within my power to see the day” in regards to “peace and happiness”. Therefore, I’m very ambitious about doing whatever I can, and finding effective and efficient ways to contribute to Civilization. This means that I’m not wasteful with my -or anybody else’s- time, energy or resources because there’s a serious job that needs to be done with ourselves, amongst our families, in our communities and ultimately in the World! The 13/1-40 teaches us that, “THE 10% KNOWS that when man dies he will never come back to tell the living whether he lied or not because the dead has never been known to return from the grave. In all the history of Islam it’s never revealed anyone coming back from a physical death…” Although we, as Five Percenters (5%; Gods & Earths), and the 10% know this, the difference is the 10% enriches themselves based upon what the masses don’t know! So on a very practical level, the critical, analytical skill sets Gods & Earths learn through 120, equips us with the proper information, attitude and integrity to invest in the right people, places and things. This also means we’re well aware of people striving to prey/pray on us!

2. Alot of the goals we want to accomplish in life hinges not only upon our skill sets, b.u.t. also our self image. If you have vacant/low self esteem, that’s a defeatist attitude that’ll make you fail before you even start! If a person with that attitude does happen to accomplish something, their poor self image will eventually rob it from them, because they don’t have the confidence or skill sets to actually keep it. If it’s something good, they’ll constantly wonder, “Why me?!” instead of realizing “Why not?!” This all goes back to an unhealthy self image. When you’re learning the Curriculum of the Gods & Earths, EVERY PERSON is trained in the basic arts of Study/Research, Debate, Motivational/Public Speaking, Marketing, and Public Relations. Gods & Earths have a certain swag to ‘em! LOL Not some 85% bullshit that people use to try to mimic us, I’m talking about real live confidence that has nothing to do with our income, clothes, car we’re driving, or things that are “other than” (10/1-10) our essential Self! How does this pay your bills? Because you’re learning the true Value of who you are! You’re realizing that who you essentially are is beyond the things you’ve learned to identify/associate with your said person (physicality). Therefore, this new conceptual basis allows you to tap into the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence that increases your self awareness, self esteem and intellectual capacity to achieve your goals. I don’t believe I’m the true and living God, I KNOW I AM, so there is nothing I can’t do within the perimeters of what I’m physically capable of doing! That’s my foundation and beliefs can’t change that! Therefore I don’t even think in terms of “I can’t”, I think in terms of “What’s the purpose?” Many people simply don’t accomplish their goals because they can’t handle the inner/outer Debates they’re going to be confronted with that oppose their goals! Some people get their foundation rocked because they only “believed” who they were, they didn’t know it! As soon as someone questions them about their goals they get their spirits crushed. Some people haven’t learned how to speak about their goals in order to get the support they need to accomplish them. In this case, a closed mouth simply doesn’t get fed. Ultimately, the Curriculum of The NGE, clearly shows you the difference between Knowledge & Belief. Because my Self Concept is rooted in Knowing I am the true & living God, this perspective serves as the basis upon which I approach all my goals. This is completely different than a person who simply ‘believes’ or ‘feels’ like they can be successful in something, or a person who only identifies with their limited ‘person’ (physical) as the basis of who they actually are! So how you REALLY think about yourself is a vital component of what you’ll get AND keep in life. If deep, down, inside you feel ‘unworthy’, you’ll only be able of get AND keep what’s not worth it. 120 is the epitome of self esteem building, not based upon ‘belief’ or ‘feelings’, b.u.t. based upon a solid foundation; Knowledge!

3. 120 are Lessons! Lesson’s are learning experiences designed to transmit Knowledge. Knowledge or what you Know represents Principles or ‘the way something functions’. Once you determine how something functions, you can properly assign it’s Value in your life. This Value will then be ordered or Prioritized based upon your needs. If we don’t know anything, and aren’t trying to know anything, our Value System is a botch job, and our Priorities will be completely out of order! This further compounds our problems. When you learn life Lessons, it better equips you to analyze, define and navigate Society! How? Because you’re actively engaged in learning what to do and what not to do! Learning Lessons gives you an edge when it comes to situations you’ll be confronted with, because you’re now dealing with the science of prediction. I’m not just talking about using basic life experiences as your reference materials to handle these situations, I’m talking about making the conscious effort to learn Lessons that increase your available resources to handle these situations! This doesn’t mean that simply because I know 120 Lessons, all my problems are automatically solved. What this means is that I’ve positioned myself to have access to solving these problems. This allows me to pay my bills because my intellectual resources are unlimited, not simply based upon what I personally know, b.u.t. based upon the fact that Gods & Earths strive to discover what’s known.

4. We deal with Mathematics! Mathematics is the Language of all languages and the System of all systems! Our Cosmology/Cosmography is based upon a Mathematical Theology and we recognize that everything was established -in Principle- according to a specific order -even the Devil! In otherwords, intrinsic to our Worldview is analyzing when shit don’t add up! LOL Truth is the evidence of Mathematics, and when shit ain’t adding up, something is either outright untrue or the Truth was “mixed, diluted and tampered with.” (9/1-14). So Mathematics is the Truth or “Word is Bond and Bond is Life” (11/1-14), and we will all, regardless if you live this Culture or not, “give our lives before this Word shall fail”. Why? Because nothing outlives the Truth! How does this pay your bills? Because your Worldview is based upon what’s True; what does or doesn’t add up! So the Truth that people strive to obtain from people, in places, and about things is really it’s dimensions, properties, operations, etc.. (Mathematics). So when we learn our Lessons and discover such Actual Facts like the Diameter of the Earth is 7,926 miles, which makes the radius 3,963 miles, it couldn’t be a Hell in the center of the Earth that burns 1,000 hotter than the Sun! If the Sun is 93,000,000 miles away and we can feel it’s heat, then how come we can’t feel the heat of something 1,000 hotter than the Sun that’s only 3,963 miles away?! That shit just doesn’t add up! Although this is a very basic example, ceeing what does & doesn’t add up obviously saves you a lot of money, time, and headaches because Mathematics cannot lie.

5. 120 empowers you with the ability to choose positive Careers that are models for Cultural Sustainability. What this means is that you learn about yourself, what you enjoy, and how you can utilize these skills to add your Contribution to Civilization! Because we learn -specifically- in the 17-21/1-40 about Civilization and our Duty as a Civilized Person, we further recognize our responsibility to be a Solution, not a Problem. Therefore, we develop the consideration and capacity to choose Careers that we and other people can not only live with, b.u.t. make life more fulfilling! A true and living God/Earth realizes that we’re responsible for those who do not know, so regardless of what our Career choice may be it’s ultimately going to express a component of human services and youth advocacy. This unselfish outlook pays our bills because we’re investing in the Family Units & Communities that ultimately sustain us. Nurturing and cultivating positive relationships with the Youth ensures your place in the future. It’s been 45 years since the formal founding of The NGE, and the Love and Respect The Father invested in 9 young males still exists to this day! Because I likewise adhere to and apply the same unselfish outlook on life, I too will never be forgotten in the Minds of anyone whom I meet! To know yourself well enough to develop a positive Career that you love, through being able to help others, is worth it’s weight in gold. Now you’re living!! -smile- From this vantage point, bills take on a whole new meaning -ESPECIALLY when you have a Companion who “advocates the same common -Cultural- cause” (8/1-14).

To conclude Today’s Article I want to address those of you who aren’t convinced. Those of you love evvvverything b.u.t. Allah’s Mathematics, and still believe in the teachings of the 10%. All of your hopes and dreams aside, we live in a Society that is governed by the traditions, tactics and teachings of the 10% -rich slave makers of the poor WHO TEACH THE POOR LIES TO BELIEVE. It is not the 10% job to deal fairly with you. “They -the 10%- continue daily to teach the 85%...” (13/1-40) these lies, to enrich & empower themselves. That’s why resources such as this Site, various other Sites by Gods/Earths, and other Civilized People, performing our duty is vital in our struggle to educate & empower the masses! Our condition as a people continues to revolve around the false idea that “they’ll receive more gold for their labor...” (28/1-36), if they stay invested in American Values and Ideals of Success -as taught by the 10%. Am I advocating that we don’t work, create our own jobs, hustle, etc… NOW CIPHER, what I am advocating is that we must only work towards investing in our own interests, not as individuals b.u.t. as a people! B.u.t. to do this, we must have something we call our own. To have our own we must ask ourselves the basic question, “What Nation do we pledge allegiance to, and in what God do we really Trust?” I know all of us would love to believe that we’re truly invested in some Nationalistic Ideals, b.u.t. WHAT we’re actually doing on a daily basis, and WHY we’re doing it, will reveal the truth about our allegiance. There are many Gods & Earths who claim this Nation, b.u.t. nothing in their daily lives reflects any activities invested in actual Nation Building. What their daily life does look like is some individual working everyday, if they do have a job, to pay their pay bills and spend money on simple pleasures -with hopes of being rich one day.

Even though I may not completely agree with some of the Theology/Teachings of The NOI, The Moors, The African Hebrew Israelites, etc.., at least they have an allegiance to a Nation, a Nationality, and a Concept of God that doesn’t advocate or perpetuate American Values and Ideals that don’t serve their people’s interest. If they were designed to work in our best interest, then we would have the financial ‘Freedom’ many of us are still striving for, and ‘Justice’ to reinforce this Socioeconomic ‘Equality’! Across the board, this does not reflect American Society. This is not to say that ALL American Values are wrong. I will go as far as to say that many of the things within it’s Value System that are right & exact, originated with Original People! As Original People in this Society, we find ourselves juggling various Values and Ideals, and trying to decide what Values and Ideals are worthy to invest in. All of these choices will be determined by our allegiance. What we’ve been doing, and how we’ve chosen to invest our time, attention, finances, and resources, reveals what we’ve pledged our allegiance to, and in what God we really trust! As a people, we need to realize that our condition is the direct result of our decisions that support this pledge, which is usually “the teachings of the 10%” (9/1-40).

Making Money or a living with 120 is all about being consistent and committed to living out the Principles & Values of this Culture. Plain and simple. If you cee so-called Gods & Earths who’re aren’t looking, feeling or doing good it’s a clear sign that they’re not being consistent and committed to living out the Principles & Values of this Culture. If you cee so-called Gods & Earths complaining all the time, gossiping, talking negative, committing crimes, arguing or fighting, it’s a clear sign that they’re not being consistent and committed to living out the Principles & Values of this Culture. If you cee a so-called God & Earth just generally unhappy with their life and carry a poor attitude and negative disposition, it’s a clear sign that they’re not being consistent and committed to living out the Principles & Values of this Culture.


Friday, November 20, 2009

The Science of Life

Peace! First and foremost I wanna take a moment to THANK ALL OF YOU for taking the time to visit A.S.I.A... It is my hopes that what I’ve shared and will continue to share with you will contribute to your positive growth and development. Today I wanted to build about a few topics that I’ve been thinking about lately…

“Who are we?!”
Recently I’ve taken the time to do the knowledge on some of the Debates that have been going on in Mecca. For those who are unaware, there’s been ongoing public Debates between Black Men representing their particular Worldview (House of Konsciousness). There’s The NOI vs Moorish Science, Kemet vs Islam, Hebrew vs Kemet, etc.. There’s also been Debates surrounding issues such as, “Are The Lessons true?”, “Is God a Woman?”, “Is Islam white Arab or African?”, etc… It’s been interesting to cee how all of the people in these Debates, in some form or fashion, have been using Phrases, Gestures, Concepts, etc… that are specific to the Gods and Earths WITHOUT bearing witness that we’re The Fathers/Mothers of that. Look, I’m not saying this because I’m begging them for credit, I’m just sharing what I’ve noticed for the purpose of correction. Why? Because when a Hebrew, Moor, Afrikan, Muslim, etc… “mixes, dilutes and tampers with” (9/1-14) what we teach, by adding their beliefs to it, the people they come in contact with will get a distorted perspective of what the Gods and Earths are about. Another thing I recognized is how people want to be us, b.u.t. don’t want to be us! LOL People want the swag, b.u.t. DO NOT want to do what it takes to earn that swag, or adhere to the rules & regulations that codify the swag!

One of the major arguments that these Great Debaters have been wrangling about is, “Who are we?” Some argue that we’re Moors, some say Hebrew, some say Muslim, some say Afrikan, some say Black, some say Kemetic, and the list goes on and on… They’ve also been debating about, “What’s our most ancient tradition?” and “Which track of land on the Planet Earth is our original homeland?” Well people, the Gods and Earths have always had a very simple way to solve these misunderstandings: We’re the Original People, who have no said birth record, and the Planet Earth is our Home, period. If people want to solely identify with certain Names, Eras and Geographic Locations that’s fine. -shrugs- The reality is, we’ve called ourselves many things and have lived many places! By calling ourselves ‘Original’, we just identify with the essence of all of that. There’s a statement in our 7/1-14 (Why does the Devil call our People African?) which says, “He wants us to think that we are all different”. The “He” is referring to ‘The Trader’ (Devil), the one who came to Central Asia (Africa) to enrich himself using divide & conquer tactics on the Original People. The above statement, “He wants us to think that we are all different”, is one of the main reasons why you usually don’t/won’t cee Gods/Earths getting into any of these back & forth Debates about who we are. Also, no Moor, Hebrew, Muslim, Afrikan, or Kemetian is gonna argue with us that we’re Original People; it’s not debatable! LOL Another reason we don’t get caught up in this is because our Lessons teach us that the Devil was made through a grafting process of separation, alienation, antisocialism and isolation -all components derived from ceeing ourselves as different! So as Gods and Earths, we greet eachother and People with the word “Peace!” and leave in “Peace!” for a reason; it expresses our fundamental desire for unity and the absence of all confusion!

Now some of you will say, “Don’t ya’ll advocate that you’re different when you say there’s 85%, 10% and 5% on the Planet Earth?” YES, these “differences” are the psychological and socioeconomic results of thinking we are all different. 85% haven’t benefitted from this perspective, 10% enrich themselves from this nepotism, and 5% come from the “poor”, as “righteous teachers” (16/1-40) who are striving for “equality” through “advocating a Societyor Group for one common cause” (8/1-14); Civilization (17-20/1-40).

I’m not saying all of this to trivialize, minimize or dismiss learning about our Chronology and various Cultural, Geographic and Religious transmutations of us as an Original People! IT’S VERY IMPORTANT to study the science of the Hebrews, Moors, Afrikan Tribal Beliefs, Islamic (Muslims), Christian Denominations, Kemet, Nuwaabians, etc… IT’S VERY IMPORTANT to study what we’ve thought AND where we’ve lived throughout the Planet Earth. What’s more important than that is to not get caught up in petty tribalism or squabbles over whether our original name is ‘Moor’ or ‘Kemetian’, or if we’re indigenous to North America or Alkebulan (Africa). All of this leads us back to the fact that we’re Original People and the Planet Earth is our home, period! And as far as our true and original Nationality is concerned, regardless what we have chosen to call ourselves as a Nation of People, this Nationality has always been based upon our concepts of ‘God’ and ‘Earth’! Again, to simply things, we are a Nation, based upon these concepts of ‘God’ and ‘Earth’. -smile-

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you’d hardly cee us arguing about, “What language is our Original tongue; Metu-Neter, Hebrew, Aramaic or Arabic?” Although we do study languages, some of us more than others, we realize that all languages go back to and must adhere to Mathematics. Therefore, we speak and use Mathematics; the Mental System upon which all language is structurally based. So in other words, we teach that the Black Man’s “proper” Name is Allah. Proper simply means ‘appropriate, satisfactory and fitting’! This doesn’t mean “the first” or “only” Name. Allah: ‘THE ALL IN ALL’ is simply a fitting Name. -shrugs- Now those of you who’re questioning why we use Allah, an Arabic word, as a part of our Nomenclature, PLEASE make sure you’re using your so-called “native tongue”, in it’s entirety, to debate your point! Using English will make you look like you’re relying on a Power Point Presentation to explain how inappropriate and ineffective Microsoft Office is. LOL -shakes head-

Some people like to accuse Gods and Earths of using or not using certain terms! What people don’t realize is that we have a God-Centered ‘Operable’ Worldview! This means that we’re ‘Principally’ concerned about ‘operations’ (function); cause & effect, building and destroying, rewards and penalties. SO, debating somebody about if a ‘Big Headed’, dissatisfied Scientist named ‘Yacub’ actually made a Devil is not our determined idea or reason for having our Lessons. Functionally speaking, we all cee big headed ass, egocentric, dissatisfied people making devils each and every day! LOL THIS DOES NOT MEAN that we don’t study the his/herstorical and geographic significance of our Lessons, we do! From the vantage point of ‘function’, it doesn’t matter if a person believes the science of Yacub or not; it’s clearly ‘Operable’! Because it’s actually operating, a person’s inability to identify how it’s functioning in their life puts them at a gross disadvantage in “taking the Devil off their Planet” (34/1-40). The irony in this is the fact that this is in our 34th Degree; Understanding (3) Culture (4). So this gross disadvantage is always synonymous with lacking a basic Understanding of our Culture -which is ‘God’ (7) Centered. (3 + 4 = 7). -yawn-

Youth Power!
A couple weeks ago at my Mentorship Program, me and my Man Serpico were working with 5 males ages 8-11. We started off building with them about ‘Abstinence’ b.u.t. they ended up sharing stories about what they’ve gone through. I had to hold back my tears. This is the first time, in a long while, that some of these young males shared that kind of pain with us. Some of them couldn’t even finish their stories because they were crying trying to tell it! Most of them knew exactly what it felt like to sit in the back of a police car: from the way they described the seating, to how thick the glass was between the front and back seat. One of the boys talked about being sexually abused by his physical father. A boy that was 9 told us he watched his older brother get stabbed up as they walked to the store. His brother was in the hospital as he spoke. An 11 year old talked about how his older brother tried to molest him and his younger sibling. It was very, very painful to hear this kinda trauma our youth are dealing with, and more painful realizing that there is only so much I’m able, by law, to do! I NEVER feel like I’m spinning my wheels, b.u.t. I always feel like there are too many people that don’t give a fuck about the youth, and oftentimes their own children!

Through all the years I’ve been working with the youth, there has been one common theme that many of them shared; they hate, disown, dislike, and have no contact or relationship with their Father –for various reasons. I cee, first hand, the dilemma that absentee Father’s, or the lack of a positive Man Figure, creates in the lives of our youth! A bigger problem is the fact that many of the Single Women trying to raise these children by themselves, are out here looking to have their personal needs met, not their family needs. Therefore, they have the warped mentality of simply wanting a dude, not needing a Father/Father Figure to help establish and secure a strong family unit. Now the biggest problem is the fact that dudes just ain’t being Father’s and are abandoning their responsibilities! I have a real issue with that, and can’t stand a dead beat ass nigga who chooses to be a stranger to his own child(ren). Roaches even have more integrity than that, and YES, there are “so-called” Gods who are dead beat ass niggas too! -shakes head-

This is why The Father was called “The Father”, he represented a solution to this problem by taking responsibility for these youth and being a Father to the Fatherless. From his consideration was birthed a Nation, founded upon one of the Core Values that, “The children are our link to the future AND MUST BE nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated.” Many of the behavioral problems we cee with our youth is simply because a Father/Father Figure isn’t present. The idea that ‘The Five Percenters are a Gang’ is rooted in behavioral problems that oftentimes stem from an absentee Father/Father Figure. Some of you look at the youth and even your own children, when you’re a Single Parent, and cee these behavioral problems as anger, hate and frustration that’s “buried there” (5/1-14). This anger, hate and frustration comes across like they simply don’t care or give a fuck! Well as a Mother, who’s had a child or children by a dude that doesn’t give a fuck, you must understand that part of your child does not care or give a fuck; the so-called Father’s part! Your child(ren) are going through a lot, trying to cope with the unresolved issue and cold reality of, “Why their Dad isn’t there?”, and you only make it worst by not striving to have a Father/Father Figure in their life or establish a stable family unit. Unfortunately, buying your child a lot of stuff, taking them alot of places, enrolling them in 1,000 activities, etc… won’t compensate for what BOTH OF YOU are truly missing. On the positive side, I PERSONALLY know people who credited their Mothers with why they got their Masters Degree, won an Award, became a successful Business Owner, have a beautiful family. I also PERSONALLY know people who blamed their Mothers for why they’re gay, a drug addict, alcoholic, pregnant, murdered somebody, or committed suicide. In both instances, a Father/Father Figure wasn’t present. The point is this, if it took two people to create a child, it takes more than one person to raise that child properly. You need to have a Father/Father Figure in your child(ren)’s life to help you raise them, period. If not, you’ll become the blame for your child(ren)’s anger, hatred and frustration for this dysfunctional situation. Why? Because you didn’t come through for them by helping to provide what BOTH OF YOU needed, and they’ll always question what kind of Woman/Mother you were because of that. Yeah it’s going to be painful and feel unfair, b.u.t. also realize that it was also unfair to buy your child a WII, take them to Disneyland, or enroll them in activities when all they wanted was the nurturing, respect, love, protection and education of a Father/Father Figure.

So with all that said, I urge all of you Men to start today by making yourself available to the youth. Speak to them! Introduce yourself if you don’t know them! Stop, and, talk, to, them! They might look at you weird because they may not be used to that, b.u.t. that’s the point, GET THEM USED TO THAT! -smile- Ask them how they’re feeling and let them know how important they are. Be a part of the solution by helping our youth grow to become positive, productive members of our Families, Communities and Society as a whole. As for the Single Women/Parents…, stop worrying about the lame who has continuously shown you he’s irresponsible and doesn’t give a fuck about his own child(ren). He’s a lost cause if you got to try to get him to do what he’s supposed to be doing! Instead, get rid of HIS emotional baggage you’re still carrying, so that you can move forward with you AND your child(ren)’s life. Also, get a positive Father Figure in their life as a supplement to their growth and development. If you’re interested in ultimately having a family, then start working on becoming a Companion capable of having a stable family unit.

God being God
Mike is an Original Man who’s a Slot Technician in my Department. He’s in his early thirties, married and an earnest Christian. I pulled Mike aside the other day in the Employee Lounge and posed the following question to him: Suppose someone came to God and said, “God, I need to know what kind of relationship this is because there are a couple idols who’re interested in having a serious relationship with me, and I don’t want to feel like I’m cheating on you. If God were presented with such an ultimatum, what would God do?” From this question was sparked a very insightful build. Here’s a few of the things Mike elaborated on:

-God gives us free will and won’t impose himself upon us. If we want to explore other options or religious faiths, God will not stand in our way.

-God allows us to test things out for ourselves so we can cee if it’s true or not.

-God wants us to be faithful to his word because we choose to be, not because he’s making us be.

-Our way of thinking is not the thinking of God.

-In order to know what God will do, we must learn about his Character through reading his word, and ceeing how he handles situations.

After thinking about my question for a moment, Mike began to tell me how if God were given this ultimatum, God would not react by doing what this person demanded. Instead, God would step back from the situation and allow this person to explore their options. He also jokingly added, “While they explore these options they should pray that they still have enough time to come back to God’s word if they find out they were wrong!” LOL! When I asked Mike, “Why wouldn’t God try to prove or explain how he feels about them, so they won’t decide to worship the idols they set up beside him?”, Mike responded by saying, “Our thoughts aren’t like how God thinks. God tells us from the beginning that there is only one God. If a person isn’t convinced, then God allows them to find out for themselves if it’s true or not. When Judgment Day comes, they will find out what was the truth.” My response was, “Well if God did force a person to do what he desired of them, or even dignified their ultimatum by going out of his way to prove he’s God, God wouldn’t be God right?” “Yes” Mike said, adding on that God tells us from the beginning that there is only one God, so he doesn’t need to try to stop them or stand in their way. They’ll eventually cee that there are no other Gods beside God. I thought that was real Peace and enjoyed the insight Mike shared with me about his Worldview.

In addition to what Mike shared, I think it’s important to think about the Principles and the Dynamic at play. First of all, the Dynamic is ‘God to Person’. If God says he’s one, yet turns around and allows a person’s ultimatum to force him to prove he’s more God than the idols they set up beside him, he is consequently giving life to these idols. By giving credence to such an ultimatum by responding to it, God calls into question his own Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence. This also causes a shift in the Dynamic. The essential nature of God doesn’t allow him to even dignify a person’s ultimatum with a response! If I am truly Omnipotent, then to even consider and acknowledge a power outside of myself would question the integrity of my foundation: Omnipotence. If God allowed a person’s ultimatum to force him to prove himself, then he would be proving that he isn’t. He'll actually be proving that he’s less than God by even allowing someone to set up idols beside him. Philosophically speaking, we cee the same Principle at play when the Devil tempted “our Righteous Brother” (5/1-14) Jesus in the wilderness by trying to get him to prove that he was the Sun of God! This is also why some Emcee’s don’t battle with people talking shit about them, Writers don’t spend a lot of time writing about other Writers, and Barack Obama doesn’t dignify certain questions/comments with a response. We learn in the 38/1-40 that God MADE Devil! The last portion of this Degree says, “Otherwise to SHOW & PROVE that Allah is God, always has been and always will be.” So ultimately, God MAKES Devil to SHOW & PROVE. The Devil, or any person for that matter, doesn’t MAKE God!

Although Mike and I don’t agree on everything or ultimately share the same Worldview, we did agree on God’s Perspective when it came to dealing with that ultimatum. We also agreed that God’s ways are not our ways. What I mean by, “God’s ways are not our ways” is this: The way of God or Godliness transcends what our personal feelings or preference may be, because what’s ‘Right’ (Just and True) is no respecter of persons. This is why people who lack Discipline, a sense of Sobriety, and Emotional Maturity/Stability cannot be Godly or attain a level of Godliness. The reason is because they are unable to “rise above” (8/1-40) their personal feelings, preferences, etc.. about a situation in order to do what is appropriate or what a situation demands of them. In simple terms, they have no self control! Regardless if we want to call our uncivilized actions and emotional instability ‘passion’ or not, it still produces the same result; making yourself, and those who supposedly share your Worldview, look bad because you have no self control! -shakes head- The purpose of being God-Centered is to rise to the occasion; to do what is best because we expect the best of ourselves! Right? If you cee people who claim that they’re God or Earth, yet show no Discipline, a sense of Sobriety, or Emotional Maturity/Stability in how they treat themselves, others, or handle situations, then they lack a true concept of Godliness! WE ALL have to deal with these “different layers” (8/1-40) of emotional currents, b.u.t. without Discipline, a sense of Sobriety, or Emotional Maturity/Stability, these different layers will end up dealing with us AND everyone we deal with!

Many people, especially in this Nation, have the blind misconception that saying we’re God means that we can say/do WHATEVER the fuck we want, have zero accountability to the world around us, and adopt a childish “do me” attitude! Although we can do whatever we choose to do, there are consequences to our choices. As God, there are certain responses that are demanded of us regardless to how fly she is, how good the sex was, how much the job offered us, how far our children live from us, what time I need to get up in the morning, how it tastes, what he said to me, etc.. Because many of us don’t strive to develop the Discipline, Sobriety, and Emotional Maturity/Stability that’s necessary to make the best decisions, we continually fall short of the glory of God. Sometimes when we do fall short, we end up becoming jealous of others who express a degree of mastery over the things we’re obviously struggling with. So instead of consulting them we criticize them by calling them self righteous, arrogant, goody two shoes, etc… because they’re exposing our own ineptness. This separation is the making of a Devil and signifies “the island of Patmos/Pelon” (27/1-40) where these people “manufacture Devils” based upon despising the real wisdom of God! Many of them even take it a step further recruiting people to support their dissatisfaction, and they use their time spreading diabolical “rules & regulations” (28/1-40) that completely contradicts what God stands for; Righteousness. For example, for a person to claim they’re God yet have no relationship with their own child(ren), this is completely illogical and UnGodly. Even the most ignorant amongst us knows that God has a relationship to his own Creation. Now if his Creation chooses to go astray, that’s a different story! I’m talking about a nigga that don’t have shit to do with his child(ren) yet claiming he’s God. Another example is a dude claiming he’s God and he’s advocating you can do WHATEVER you want. That’s the epitome of bullshit logic. If this were true, what distinguishes God from Devil? What’s the dividing line that indicates the difference between God and Devil? What are the guidelines that determine Godliness from Devilishment? It was the ‘do whatever I want’ perspective that got Satan kicked outta Heaven in the Bible, and the ‘do what thine wilt’ perspective that grounded Aleister Crowley’s teachings and founded Anton Levy’s Church of Satanic. It’s deep!

Anyway, there is nothing passionate about or attractive in being a loose cannon; it’s no different than being a child throwing a temper tantrum at the grocery store. Regardless what we call ourselves, in order to establish and maintain a ‘Godly Perspective’, it starts with having a sense of Discipline, a sense of Sobriety, and Emotional Maturity/Stability. If we don’t have or aren’t trying to develop these qualities, we’ll never have the capacity to do/cee what is ‘Right’ (Just and True). I know for a fact many so-called Gods and Earths don’t care about a so-called ‘Godly Perspective’, they simply want to do WHATEVER they want and not be bothered. Why? Because they’re ultimately Hedonists; their personal feelings or preferences is what they value most, and their pleasure seeking is what truly drives them, not concepts of Righteousness or Ethics! So it’s easy for a person with that perspective to buy themselves a plasma T.V. instead of buying their child(ren) school clothes. It’s hard for them to have a decent, civilized conversation because they have no control over their emotions. It’s hard for them to not do things that sabotage their relationships, and it’s easy for them to even think that giving God an ultimatum is somehow alright. God being God…., there are certain things that God simply can’t/won’t strive to do. He wouldn’t/couldn’t be God if he did!


Monday, November 09, 2009

Gold Bricking Building

Peace Ya’ll! Back in the early 19th Century, “Gold Bricking” was a short con game used by Grifters (Con Men/Women) to make money. What they would do is get a lead/regular brick, paint it gold, pose as a Miner who “struck it big” and sell it to people as “real” gold. They would even go so far as to lead a person to an Accomplice who posed as at a Government Assayer at a so-called ‘U.S. Assayer’s Office’! Now by the time the suckers found out that the brick was fake, the Swindlers would have already been long gone, with their cash, and off to the next Town or City to run the same game on more unsuspecting marks. This short con became popular during the California ‘Gold Rush’ Era in the mid 1800’s, and one of the most successful ‘Gold Brickers’ was this dude named Reed Waddell. Waddell was said to had made over $250,000 running this game on people before he got into more lucrative short & long con games… Gold Bricking was considered a short con game because it required a short amount of time to set up, and the Grifter usually settled for what the person had immediate access to. Basically, their idea was to make a person part with their money as soon as possible! The basis of all cons is gaining a person’s confidence. In a short con, gaining a person’s immediate confidence is vital to how successful the game will be. Why? Because the Grifter doesn’t have time! Today I wanted to “take the time” to build about the short con, Gold Bricking approach/attitude people have towards relationships. I also want to reveal how some Gods/Earths, posing as Enlighteners, have been Gold Bricking Allah’s Mathematics!

The Autumn is always a time when I renew my History or Koran through reassessing me relationships. I take the time to evaluate the relationships I’ve invested in AND those relationships that have invested in me. Some people come into our lives for a season, b.u.t. as a God or Earth, we are and should be a Man or Woman for all seasons! Let me explain…

We learn in the 9/1-10 that who we are, why we are here and what we represent, “has no said birth record. It has no beginning nor an ending. It is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars.” This is the essence of I Self Lord And Master (Islam). Since we represent this, there is no limitation to what we bring to any and all relationships. This also tells you a great deal about how we view ‘staying power’ and the ability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships. If Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam -and can be proven in no limit of time-, then WE, as representations of Islam can also be proven in no limit of time. So what can be proven in no limit of time? Truth! In otherwords, time submits to Truth so a person who represents the Truth should naturally express a sense of staying power. Why? Because they AND the Truth are older than the Sun, Moon and Stars! LOL I’m always skeptical of people not taking their time, people always rushing, get rich quick businesses, or anything based upon creating an urgency to buy -whether it’s material goods or a relationship. When a true God/Earth establishes a relationship it’s for a lifetime because “Word is bond and bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail.” (11/1-14) People may get the impression that we’re stand offish, act funny, think we’re better, are arrogant, etc.., b.u.t. the reality is, we take relationships very serious. This is to say that if you happen to establish a relationship with a God/Earth, and they’re being true to our Principles & Values, this will be a relationship for a lifetime! Like I said, as Gods and Earths, we are Men and Women for all seasons! One of my life lessons has been to realize AND accept that many people don’t share this perspective. Why? Because they never developed the ability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships -starting with themselves and ending with you! NOW, not all Gods/Earths share my sentiments. Although there are many of us that come in the name of this Culture, many of us are seasonal too. Why? Because we also haven’t developed the ability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships -starting with ourselves and ending with others.

Throughout 120 there are numerous examples of loyalty, earnestness, steadfastness, consistency, integrity, etc..; all qualities that help sustain lasting, stable, relationships. When coming into Knowledge of Self, the first commitment we make is with what we’re learning, and our second commitment we make is our relationship with the person who’s teaching us; our Enlightener. So from the very door we learn that the highest Value lies in the relationship! It is from this basis that we learn to develop a deeper relationship with ourselves, others and the World around us. Although these qualities (loyalty, earnestness, steadfastness, consistency, integrity, etc..) are paramount to ‘relating’ to this Culture, there are many people who come in the name of Gods/Earths who don’t observe these qualities, for various reasons. Therefore, they may use our names, talk our language, etc.., b.u.t. have no real ‘relationship’ to our Principles & Values.

This Culture teaches us that the highest value lies in the relationship because a relationship is the medium through which we establish a connection/bond with ourselves, eachother and the World around us. A relationship is a conduit for transmitting and receiving Principles, Values and Ideas. A relationship is also the vehicle through which we build Family Units, Communities, Societies and ultimately Civilizations. When the highest value does not lie in the relationship, the relationship will not last. Many people have the inability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships because they were never taught to value a relationship. They were often taught to value the acquisition of things and what a person can do for them, b.u.t. not the person themselves. So it’s often easy for them to say and do things that undermine their relationships, and they often have no clue, “Why?”! Some people say that the rule of thumb is to treat others how you want to be treated, b.u.t. if a person never learned to have a real relationship with themselves then they don’t know how to treat themselves. If they don’t know how to treat themselves then they definitely wouldn’t know how to treat somebody else! So much for that rule huh? Anyway, what I will say to those of you who claim you want a relationship is to take the time to really assess how much you truly value that relationship! If that relationship is as important as you say it is… then you would be conscious AND considerate enough to not say/do things that undermine or destroy it. Basically, you would treat that person at least as good as you treat other things you REALLY value and keep up with such as your money, plasma TV, appetite, DVD collection, sex toys, vehicle, pet, jewelry, wardrobe, etc… Think about it! To say we want a relationship and not take the time to cultivate ourselves to have/maintain this relationship is nothing b.u.t. a short con game we’re playing on ourselves! In this game we’re ‘Gold Bricking’ what we have to offer to somebody in a relationship, while expecting someone to give us something real in return. Some of you already know this because you’re 'trading' right now. Some of ya’ll got married by ‘Gold Bricking’! LOL Anyway, since this is a short con, it’s only a matter of time before people discover that your gold brick was really made out of lead:

"Did they receive more Gold?" (29/1-36)
"NO. The Trader dissappeared and there was no one left to speak their own language." (30/1-36)

Axiology is the study of Value Systems and how people arrive at certain Values. Have you ever ceen someone in the morning and the first words outta their mouth isn’t, “Peace!”, “Good Morning”, “Hello”, “As-salaam Alaikum”, “Shalom”, “Greetings”? Instead, the first thing they say is something like, “Did you finish that project yet?”, “When are you going to go cee Mike?”, “How much did that shirt cost?”, etc..? That is a clear example of a Value System where the highest value doesn’t lie in the relationship. The highest value to them lies in the object or activity. That is why they prioritized the object or activity before the person! It’s the same thing when you meet a person and the first question they ask you is, “What do you do?”, or “What have you been doing?” To this person, the highest value also doesn’t lie in the relationship. They’re more concerned about what you have, not how you’re feeling or what you think! If you’re a person who prioritizes relationships in your Value System, these type of interactions with people will offend you and you’ll feel disrespected! To the other person, they may look at you with astonishment, having no idea why you’re angry or upset. When you take the time to learn about another person’s Values, you have a better opportunity to relate to them. You also learn not to assume that their Axiology is the same as yours. So when you recognize that a person is completely “object” orientated, you learn not to invite them to places where there’s going to be Rap Music, Alcohol and People who care about relationships! LOL

Speaking of Axiology, whenever me, my Father and Siblings speak in person or on the phone we always tell eachother, “I love you”. When I build with my Queens, we always tell eachother, “I love you”. This is a Value I learned as a child because every night before we went to rest me and my twin brothers gave our Ole Earth a kiss on the cheek, shook our Ole Dad’s hand, and told them we loved them -even if we got an ass whuppin that day! Now just because we learned to say, “I love you”, this doesn’t mean that it’s wholehearted or expressed. Shit, I just learned to say it! There are many people that never learned to relate this way with their Parents and Siblings yet they express love, wholeheartedly, without even saying it! There are also many people who can say, “I love you” all day b.u.t. have no clue how to express it. So ultimately, when you meet a person, you both are assessing eachother’s Axiology, and this will shape the outcome of your relationship. IF ONE OF YOU NEVER LEARNED TO VALUE RELATIONSHIPS, you will not relate for long. This is one of the reasons why ‘Crack’ was so destructive! ‘Crack’ is one of the most selfish drugs that exists and will force a person to undermine any/all relationships just to get some; use “Trick-knowledge which is Devilishment, Stealing, Telling Lies and how to Master people” (4/1-14). Couple this with other socioeconomic circumstances, ‘Crack’ almost singlehandedly destroyed our Family Units, Communities, Societies and ultimately Civilizations. How? Because to an addict, the highest value lies in the drug, not in a relationship. I’m sure all of us have stories about Family who’ve lied to us, stole from us and even hurt us just to get some ‘Crack’! Some of us have sold it or still do sell it! ‘Crack’ is the epitome of what happens when the highest value doesn’t lie in the relationship because people addicted to it are willing to do anything, and will hurt you, if you stand in their way of getting it. Ultimately, ‘Crack’ is a substance that exposes and cultivates an ‘Addictive Personality’ that’s “buried there” (5/1-14). An ‘Addictive Personality’ that was forged by America’s Socialization. Although ‘Crack’ is an extreme example of what happens when a relationship isn’t the highest value, I’m sure you can cee how other ‘objects’ produce the same effects. Sometimes the so-called ‘Crack’ that’s the highest value to somebody is the false image they’re trying to project! They may be willing to lie, steal and even hurt you in order to maintain their false image. Sometimes the so-called ‘Crack’ is finances. Sometimes it’s a dude's fame and notoriety. Sometimes it's a female's ‘shitty independance’. Sometimes the so-called ‘Crack’ is the sex in the relationship…

Now, I’m not saying all of this to give you the idea that you must ALWAYS put the relationship first! If you’re trying to put the relationship first with a drug addict, you will end up being an enabler who feeds their habit! Sometimes you just can’t have a relationship with someone who doesn’t have the capacity to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships. YOU’LL BE IN A RELATIONSHIP BY YOURSELF while they take you for every, thing, you, got! So although you may value relationships, you must learn to accept that some people don’t/can’t, and deal with them HOW THEY ARE! On a side note, that’s why I never advocate just handing somebody 120 or even giving somebody 120 over the Internet, Phone or Postal Mail! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU’RE GIVING THIS INFORMATION TO BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THEM, and an actual relationship is not taking place that involves human interaction in realtime. It’s impossible to transmit and receive certain Principles and Values using these Mediums, or build Family Units, Communities, Societies and ultimately Civilizations. this A.S.I.A. Journal, A.S.I.A. TV and A.S.I.A. Talk are nothing b.u.t. routing devices; Literary and A/V Mediums designed to direct you to true & living people, places and things! I simply use these Mediums to help facilitate a living process, not to replace or substitute the living process that involves human interaction in realtime. Some people may not agree with me, b.u.t. I think it’s important (valued) to spend actual time with a person you’ve personally taken on the responsibility and accountability to teach. I get emails, messages, comments all the time from people all over the World seeking to further their education and I ALWAYS put them in contact with a God/Earth in their area. If they’re in my Region, I make myself available b.u.t. it’s truly on them to be proactive in getting with me, in the physical, to study. Although one of my God Brothers ‘I.B.U.’ (I Born Understanding) first contacted me over the Internet and we exchanged Math and built on the phone, he eventually flew across the Country, literally, to build with his Educator! Now that’s a sense of commitment you’ll never be able to cee or examine over an email or 2 hour phone conversation. LOL! This is not to say that people who are getting educated strictly on the Internet/Phone are on some bullshit! What I’m saying is that their so-called Educator is ‘relying on’ a process that is short changing them -for whatever reason.

Cee, one of the reasons why it was so much of a joyous occasion when The Father was released from Mattewan is because his separation, alienation, and isolation from the youth undermined his relationship and ability to teach them! It was during this time that many of the youth “strayed away” (7/1-14), began to adopt the wrong ideas/habits, and follow teachings that weren’t advocated by The Father! A lot of confusion happened and questions came up that The Father was in no position to consider or address. This is also during the time when the charlatan ‘Robert Walker’ began leading many of the young Five Pecenters in the wrong direction…How was this possible? Because The Father wasn’t present to have any active human interaction, in realtime, with the youth. He had no way of specifically checking their growth a development, and the short time they spent coming to visit him wasn’t enough! Although some of the youth were able to depend upon the skill sets they had, there were many more youth who were in the process of learning what these skill sets actually were. Because of this separation, the youth were vulnerable to many things they had no way of knowing and The Father had no way of preparing them for. This all took place because their relationship was undermined.

To even suggest that a person can be accurately taught consistently and completely over the Internet, the Phone or through Postage Mail is setting up the same Mattewan Dynamic! If you ever cee some so-called Educator choosing to ‘rely on’ this type of Mattewan Dynamic to teach 120, that is your first indication that there has to be some diabolical reason why. There’s a reason why they won’t strive to connect you with somebody who’s in your actual State/Region, and there’s a reason why they want to remain basically anonymous to you! First and foremost, it undermines one of our basic Core Values that’s fundamental to our Culture, Not to take anything “on face value”, or to “believe in a Mystery God”! (9,10,11,13/1-40) If you’re just dealing with somebody on the Internet, Phone or Postage Mail, YOU HAVE TO TAKE EACHOTHER ON FACE VALUE. THEY’RE REALLY A MYSTERY TO YOU THAT YOU MUST BELIEVE BECAUSE YOU NEVER SPENT A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TIME AROUND THEM TO GET TO ‘KNOW’ WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE! How ironic huh? Another reason a so-called Educator may resort to having no contact with someone they’re giving 120 to is because this person is just another notch on their belt! They really don’t care about having a relationship with some people because the only thing that matters to them is to be able to egocentrically say, “You’re one of ‘their’ students”. How else can you account for a person never making the effort to really get to know who you are by hanging out with you, meeting your family, meeting your friends and co-workers, sharing a meal with you, watching a movie together, ceeing how you keep your home, watching how you deal with your child(ren), ceeing how you handle life situations as they come, etc..? It’s also important for a Student to experience these things with their so-called Enlightener! Without this kind of vital information, you both have no clue who or what you’re dealing with, or what needs to be “specifically” learned and taught. KEEP IN MIND that there is no substitute for human interaction in realtime, and there are many things you’ll never have an opportunity to cee or experience with a person on the Internet, over the Phone or through Postage Mail. If you find yourself caught up in a clandestine situation like this with someone trying to Educate you, I urge you to make sure you ask this person to connect you with your Universal Family (Gods/Earths) in your State/Region to help supplement your education. If they do connect you that’s Peace! If they don’t have any connections or speak against you connecting with your Universal Family, then you really need to consider what “their” agenda is, because it’s definitely not National…

To conclude Today’s Article I want to reiterate the importance of relationships and not conning ourselves. If you don’t cee relationships as important (valuable), than you won’t strive to learn what’s necessary in order to maintain them. This is paramount to being a stable Parent, Brother, Sister, Relative, Friend, Companion, Co-Worker, Grandparent, etc… One of the most important things you can learn about a person is their Family Dynamics. On the Internet, Phone & Postage Mail, you don’t have the ability to examine a person’s Family Dynamics, and they don’t have the ability to examine yours! You can tell eachother whatever you want them to think and never have an opportunity to cee what you both are really about. You both have no idea how you really interact with your Family, Community, etc.. and “Why?” you interact the way that you do. Without this vital information, you’re both missing one of the most important keys to establishing a relationship with eachother. Although your intentions may not be to con somebody, relying on this dynamic itself, is in fact a confidence game (con). Keep in Mind that this Culture can not be emailed to somebody, explained over the phone or put in your mailbox; THIS CULTURE IS LIVED! These Mediums help supplement our actual education, b.u.t. can never be a substitute for the living, breathing, human interaction that defines the context AND substance of our education.

Now those of you who say you value relationships with people…, you can’t expect to sustain these relationships when you say and do things that are completely outta pocket and inconsiderate! Being emotionally immature by talking reckless, throwing tantrums, trying to be a bully, manipulating people, mudslinging, etc.. didn’t earn you relationships as a child, and it damn sure won’t earn you a relationship as a “childish” adult. HOPEFULLY…, one day you’ll realize that you can’t go through life using and abusing people while expecting to get something positive in return! It’s simple Mathematics. Until you grow up, you’re going to keep getting in your own way.

Local Region 6 NGE Assayer

Friday, October 30, 2009

Power AND Refinement

Peace Ya’ll! This latest Book I felt compelled to release -Love, Hell or Right- is Self Help Manual on relationships. It gives you some insight into how to approach, construct and maintain healthy relationships, also how healthy relationships are undermined. NO this is not the ‘Experiments’ Book I’ve eluded to on occasion, it’s just something to prep ya’ll before I share with you those ‘High Explosives’. -smile- ‘Experiments’ has been done for a quite a while, b.u.t. I’ve just been taking my time refining it. Anyway, “Love, Hell or Right; The Trials, Triumphs and Teachings or Relationships” is now available to those of you striving to build, improve, spice up and/or gain a better understanding of relationships.

Today I wanted to build about Refinement and the transformative Power of 120. When I was an adolescent in this Nation, I’m a Teenie Bopper now, I had some very immature ideas of what this Culture was about, what it meant to be the true & living God and my Duty as a Civilized Person. Immature doesn’t necessarily mean ‘wrong’, it just means ‘lacking complete development’! Because of this lacking, there are many things I had to learn the hard way. I’ve always been a pretty good listener, so there are also many hard ways I never had to learn. When I speak about transformative ‘power’, I’m talking about “Refinement”; self development, improvement, purification, etc.. This is to say that the basis of 120 is for Self Improvement: Refinement. If you cee a person who says they’re dealing with 120 or have had 120 for a considerable amount of time, and they’re not improving, then something’s wrong with that picture. If they’re saying they had 120 for 10 years, yet still have the same cigarette addiction for the last 15-20 years, they haven’t learned the transformative power of 120. This is not to bash people because WE ALL have our own four devils we gotta contend with. I’m strictly speaking about people who have 120 in their possession or know Lessons, yet they aren’t striving to deal with any ‘Refinement’. Again, Self Development is the very basis of 120! So if you cee someone who has not and is not showing signs of progress Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, etc.., they have yet to unlock the real purpose of 120. Any system, whether it’s the 12 Steps of NA, Church, Kemetology, a Mosque/Masjid, Money Making Seminars, Martial Arts, etc.., is designed for the same purpose: Self Improvement. Although many of their concepts differ, NONE OF THEM advocate being a drug addict, an irresponsible Parent, being undisciplined, being dishonest, being emotionally unstable, etc… as effective methods for improving oneself. There are many Gods/Earths that only acknowledge ‘Power’ as the #5 in our Supreme Mathematics. There are also many Gods/Earths that acknowledge ‘Power or Refinement’ as the #5 in our Supreme Mathematics. I am a God that advocates that #5 is ‘Power or Refinement’. Here is why:

My TOP FIVE REASONS why the #5 is ‘Power or Refinement’

5. Power or strength/force without Refinement looks like The Incredible Hulk -and She Hulk.

4. Power is control. Control without Refinement (cultured) is unbridled, crude, tyrannical, oppressive, ruthless and eventually snaggle toothless.

3. Refinement is like diamond cutting equipment. Sure a diamond is still valuable “raw”, b.u.t. it’s real value comes from how it’s cut. Under any other conditions it can be mistaken for any other stone, literally.

2. Refinement means ‘to remove impurities, improve or perfect.’ What kind a person do you know would looove to have some ‘Power’, yet not want to acknowledge it’s use for ‘removing impurities, improving or perfecting? LOL

1. We say that ‘Power is The Truth’. Well, when we’re presented with ‘The Truth’ shouldn’t the next logical -AND Righteous- step be to use the Truth to improve (refine) ourselves?

In the 9th Degree in the 1-14’s when were asked about ‘Why does Muhammad make the Devil study…?”, the first line we learn to recite is, “SO HE CAN CLEAN HIMSELF UP.” It amazes me how many Gods/Earths get 120, learn to recite this Lesson, and various others that corroborate it, yet never think about applying this to themselves. First of all, we obviously must be holding ourselves to a higher standard of cleanliness in order to even place these expectations on somebody else (a Devil). This means that we must be living out that reality ourselves. I mean, it we’re really dedicated to Righteousness, should we expect anything less? This is why we say that the worst Devil is a Black one. Many Gods/Earths will wanna argue me down for saying that, “The worst Devil is a Black one!” They’ll say, “The 37/1-40 says, ‘Allah is God in the Earth and Heavens above. He is just just and he is true and THERE IS NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN HIM,…”, so there’s no such thing as a Black Devil, if they’ve just been made other than themselves. Well that’s all fine and dandy and we can play these semantic games all day b.u.t. this is a question of “function” here. Regardless of what you’d like to call something, it’s name is determined by it’s “function”; how it operates, how it behaves and what it actually does! If a person isn’t striving to be ‘just’ and ‘true’ then there is obviously some unrighteousness in them that they’re not trying to do shit about it! What “they say” they’re doing does not change the reality of what they’re actually doing. So being God/Earth isn’t based upon what you look like, what name you come in, how many Lessons you can quote, etc.. BEING is based upon what you’re doing and if you’re out here doing Devilishment, Stealing, Telling Lies and trying to master YOUR OWN People, that makes you worst than any outsider…

We also learn in this same Degree that, in speaking about the Devil, “after he DEVOTES 35-50 years to try to learn to DO LIKE” The key words being “DEVOTES” and “DO LIKE”. A person must be ceeing something we’re ‘devoted’ to in order to ‘do like’, especially when it comes to cleaning oneself up! Culturally speaking, we are models for sustainability and this model is Righteousness because anything “other than” (10/1-10) what’s just and true will not last! If you do not agree with my last statement, and you think there’s other options or some wrong way to do right, then I challenge you to put your own theories to the test! If you’re smoking a half of pack of Newports a day then I encourage you to start smoking 2 packs a day. If you’re cheating on your girlfriend with one female, then I encourage you to start juggling 2 more. If you steal, then steal more often, and if you’re a liar, lie every chance you get. Now if you’re still alive and breathing at the end of your trip, please make sure you document the consequences of your actions and share them with people. It’s important that people, especially our loved ones, have an opportunity to learn where our choices have gotten us. Why? So they’ll be better equipped to navigate this terrain called Life.

So in learning that 9th (BORN) Degree, I always realized that I had to set a standard and hold myself to a higher Degree of Righteousness, Integrity, Loyalty, etc.. I knew I had to personally represent the Principles, Values and Procedures that I was going to be teaching and demonstrating to somebody who did or didn’t want to learn about this Culture. It’s just unfortunate that it never crosses some Gods/Earths Minds that in order to even talk about somebody ‘cleaning themselves up’, they need to be dedicated to cleanliness themselves. -shakes head- Also, how in the hell can we even discuss Civilization, if we’re content with wallowing in lowly, muddy, emotional states; being selfish, jealous, hateful, prideful, envious, manipulative, lustful, irrational, illogical, dishonest, etc…? These things don’t even coincide with higher order thinking and are not becoming of a God, Earth, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Business Owner, etc..

When it comes to 120, in order to ‘Refine’ oneself, a person must become the subject of these Lessons. We must be able to apply it ourselves. Some Gods pick up the Lessons and only cee themselves as Allah. They don’t identify with Musa, Yacub, an angel baby or any other character in 120. This is not to say we’re supposed to adhere to the Principles, carry the Values and use the Procedures of Yacub (The Father of the Devil). This means that we must continually examine ourselves to ensure that we are not adhering to the Principles, carrying the Values and using the Procedures of Yacub. Then and only then can we actually disassociate ourselves from what this ‘Character’, Yacub, represents. It’s just like AA or NA, the first thing a person needs to do is acknowledge the problem in order to begin the path towards healing and reconciliation. Some Gods/Earths think that once they learn to memorize and recite Lessons that they don’t have problems anymore. That’s no different than a person joining a Church and now shit can’t touch ‘em cuz they saved, or a Muslim taking Shahada and now Allah is their protection. This mentality couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth! The reality is, once you “make your word as bond” (11/1-14) to strive to learn something that’s designed to improve your life, you activate universal forces to corroborate your word! NOOOOOW my friend, you have embarked upon a journey called ‘Civilization’ that you gotta ride out into the sunset, and if you wrote a check your ass couldn’t cash, the universe will take it outta your ass (19/1-40, “If a Civilized Person DOES NOT PERFORM his duty what must be done? If a Civilized Person does not perform his duty which is teaching civilization to others HE SHALL BE PUNISHED WITH A SEVERE PUNISHMENT”) Cee, the bond or commitment you made is the life you just spoke into existence. Once you make a decision to say/do something it really doesn’t matter if you renege or not, your invocation will manifest the circumstances that will force you to answer for what you said/did. This is the Principle and function of Justice.

Justice is the 10th letter in our Supreme Alphabet. So among other things, Justice makes us acKnowledge (1) the Cipher (0) or watch how what goes around comes around! It’s the ‘checks & balances’ of two scales: Life and Death. Right-just-ness shows us that ‘Rightness’ or ‘the state of being Right’ hinges upon the function of Justice. Justice is the bonding substance that holds ‘Right’ and ‘ness’ together. Without Justice, there is no such thing as accountability and without accountability the whole Universe would be out of order! Accountability, checks & balances, etc.. is all language inherent to the Deposits and Withdraws we make in our lives through what we say/do! So, the Biblical phrase, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God, and the word became flesh” is real! Again, if you do not agree with what I’m saying then I challenge you to put your own theories to the test. If you think there’s a right way to do wrong, then do wrong and cee what goes right for you, consistently! If you think there’s a civilized way to be uncivilized, then be uncivilized and cee how civil your life will be.

To conclude today’s Article, realize that the concepts of Righteousness and Justice are very simple Principles, we learn, as a child, often on our own! We learn not to touch fire when we get burnt or cee somebody get burned. We also learn that fire keeps us warm in the winter when we come in from the cold. This is very simple. As we get older, the same simple concepts began to look more complex because we’re obviously socialized in the Devils Society; where right appears wrong and wrong appears right! Now the same fire that’ll burn us is disguised as the sanctified chick in Church or the charismatic dude calling himself God. Now the same fire that’ll keep us warm in the winter is disguised as the metaphysical conversation you thought was unimportant or the family support and loyalty you took for granted. There are rules to Life (and Death) and we don’t make them up as we go. Not only are we rewarded or penalized for upholding or undermining these rules, b.u.t. there are even consequences for not even recognizing these rules: (Who are the 85%? 14/1-40)! As a person who has embarked upon a path of Self Improvement, Refinement or Righteousness, the rewards and punishments for us are greater! We are held to a higher standard of accountability because we have given our word to be the Students, Stewards and Ambassadors of these rules out of “all the human families of the Planet Earth.” (2/1-14). The Church says it this way, “You have a calling on your life!” So do not take your words, “calling”, or the path you called lightly. If you’re going to be the true and living God/Earth, then be that to the best of your ability. If you’re going to be a Christian, then be Christ-like! If you’re claiming to be a Muslim, then be sincere about it and be the best Muslim you can be! In the final analysis, the purpose of 120 is to transform your life and make you a better person. 120 is a Curriculum that Refines us with the Power to positively contribute to civilization, not negatively take away from it by being uncivilized. As Gods/Earths, we aren’t what we are because of our Names, Titles and how good/fast we can quote 120. We are what we are because of the way that we live!