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Gold Bricking Building

Peace Ya’ll! Back in the early 19th Century, “Gold Bricking” was a short con game used by Grifters (Con Men/Women) to make money. What they would do is get a lead/regular brick, paint it gold, pose as a Miner who “struck it big” and sell it to people as “real” gold. They would even go so far as to lead a person to an Accomplice who posed as at a Government Assayer at a so-called ‘U.S. Assayer’s Office’! Now by the time the suckers found out that the brick was fake, the Swindlers would have already been long gone, with their cash, and off to the next Town or City to run the same game on more unsuspecting marks. This short con became popular during the California ‘Gold Rush’ Era in the mid 1800’s, and one of the most successful ‘Gold Brickers’ was this dude named Reed Waddell. Waddell was said to had made over $250,000 running this game on people before he got into more lucrative short & long con games… Gold Bricking was considered a short con game because it required a short amount of time to set up, and the Grifter usually settled for what the person had immediate access to. Basically, their idea was to make a person part with their money as soon as possible! The basis of all cons is gaining a person’s confidence. In a short con, gaining a person’s immediate confidence is vital to how successful the game will be. Why? Because the Grifter doesn’t have time! Today I wanted to “take the time” to build about the short con, Gold Bricking approach/attitude people have towards relationships. I also want to reveal how some Gods/Earths, posing as Enlighteners, have been Gold Bricking Allah’s Mathematics!

The Autumn is always a time when I renew my History or Koran through reassessing me relationships. I take the time to evaluate the relationships I’ve invested in AND those relationships that have invested in me. Some people come into our lives for a season, b.u.t. as a God or Earth, we are and should be a Man or Woman for all seasons! Let me explain…

We learn in the 9/1-10 that who we are, why we are here and what we represent, “has no said birth record. It has no beginning nor an ending. It is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars.” This is the essence of I Self Lord And Master (Islam). Since we represent this, there is no limitation to what we bring to any and all relationships. This also tells you a great deal about how we view ‘staying power’ and the ability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships. If Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam -and can be proven in no limit of time-, then WE, as representations of Islam can also be proven in no limit of time. So what can be proven in no limit of time? Truth! In otherwords, time submits to Truth so a person who represents the Truth should naturally express a sense of staying power. Why? Because they AND the Truth are older than the Sun, Moon and Stars! LOL I’m always skeptical of people not taking their time, people always rushing, get rich quick businesses, or anything based upon creating an urgency to buy -whether it’s material goods or a relationship. When a true God/Earth establishes a relationship it’s for a lifetime because “Word is bond and bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail.” (11/1-14) People may get the impression that we’re stand offish, act funny, think we’re better, are arrogant, etc.., b.u.t. the reality is, we take relationships very serious. This is to say that if you happen to establish a relationship with a God/Earth, and they’re being true to our Principles & Values, this will be a relationship for a lifetime! Like I said, as Gods and Earths, we are Men and Women for all seasons! One of my life lessons has been to realize AND accept that many people don’t share this perspective. Why? Because they never developed the ability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships -starting with themselves and ending with you! NOW, not all Gods/Earths share my sentiments. Although there are many of us that come in the name of this Culture, many of us are seasonal too. Why? Because we also haven’t developed the ability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships -starting with ourselves and ending with others.

Throughout 120 there are numerous examples of loyalty, earnestness, steadfastness, consistency, integrity, etc..; all qualities that help sustain lasting, stable, relationships. When coming into Knowledge of Self, the first commitment we make is with what we’re learning, and our second commitment we make is our relationship with the person who’s teaching us; our Enlightener. So from the very door we learn that the highest Value lies in the relationship! It is from this basis that we learn to develop a deeper relationship with ourselves, others and the World around us. Although these qualities (loyalty, earnestness, steadfastness, consistency, integrity, etc..) are paramount to ‘relating’ to this Culture, there are many people who come in the name of Gods/Earths who don’t observe these qualities, for various reasons. Therefore, they may use our names, talk our language, etc.., b.u.t. have no real ‘relationship’ to our Principles & Values.

This Culture teaches us that the highest value lies in the relationship because a relationship is the medium through which we establish a connection/bond with ourselves, eachother and the World around us. A relationship is a conduit for transmitting and receiving Principles, Values and Ideas. A relationship is also the vehicle through which we build Family Units, Communities, Societies and ultimately Civilizations. When the highest value does not lie in the relationship, the relationship will not last. Many people have the inability to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships because they were never taught to value a relationship. They were often taught to value the acquisition of things and what a person can do for them, b.u.t. not the person themselves. So it’s often easy for them to say and do things that undermine their relationships, and they often have no clue, “Why?”! Some people say that the rule of thumb is to treat others how you want to be treated, b.u.t. if a person never learned to have a real relationship with themselves then they don’t know how to treat themselves. If they don’t know how to treat themselves then they definitely wouldn’t know how to treat somebody else! So much for that rule huh? Anyway, what I will say to those of you who claim you want a relationship is to take the time to really assess how much you truly value that relationship! If that relationship is as important as you say it is… then you would be conscious AND considerate enough to not say/do things that undermine or destroy it. Basically, you would treat that person at least as good as you treat other things you REALLY value and keep up with such as your money, plasma TV, appetite, DVD collection, sex toys, vehicle, pet, jewelry, wardrobe, etc… Think about it! To say we want a relationship and not take the time to cultivate ourselves to have/maintain this relationship is nothing b.u.t. a short con game we’re playing on ourselves! In this game we’re ‘Gold Bricking’ what we have to offer to somebody in a relationship, while expecting someone to give us something real in return. Some of you already know this because you’re 'trading' right now. Some of ya’ll got married by ‘Gold Bricking’! LOL Anyway, since this is a short con, it’s only a matter of time before people discover that your gold brick was really made out of lead:

"Did they receive more Gold?" (29/1-36)
"NO. The Trader dissappeared and there was no one left to speak their own language." (30/1-36)

Axiology is the study of Value Systems and how people arrive at certain Values. Have you ever ceen someone in the morning and the first words outta their mouth isn’t, “Peace!”, “Good Morning”, “Hello”, “As-salaam Alaikum”, “Shalom”, “Greetings”? Instead, the first thing they say is something like, “Did you finish that project yet?”, “When are you going to go cee Mike?”, “How much did that shirt cost?”, etc..? That is a clear example of a Value System where the highest value doesn’t lie in the relationship. The highest value to them lies in the object or activity. That is why they prioritized the object or activity before the person! It’s the same thing when you meet a person and the first question they ask you is, “What do you do?”, or “What have you been doing?” To this person, the highest value also doesn’t lie in the relationship. They’re more concerned about what you have, not how you’re feeling or what you think! If you’re a person who prioritizes relationships in your Value System, these type of interactions with people will offend you and you’ll feel disrespected! To the other person, they may look at you with astonishment, having no idea why you’re angry or upset. When you take the time to learn about another person’s Values, you have a better opportunity to relate to them. You also learn not to assume that their Axiology is the same as yours. So when you recognize that a person is completely “object” orientated, you learn not to invite them to places where there’s going to be Rap Music, Alcohol and People who care about relationships! LOL

Speaking of Axiology, whenever me, my Father and Siblings speak in person or on the phone we always tell eachother, “I love you”. When I build with my Queens, we always tell eachother, “I love you”. This is a Value I learned as a child because every night before we went to rest me and my twin brothers gave our Ole Earth a kiss on the cheek, shook our Ole Dad’s hand, and told them we loved them -even if we got an ass whuppin that day! Now just because we learned to say, “I love you”, this doesn’t mean that it’s wholehearted or expressed. Shit, I just learned to say it! There are many people that never learned to relate this way with their Parents and Siblings yet they express love, wholeheartedly, without even saying it! There are also many people who can say, “I love you” all day b.u.t. have no clue how to express it. So ultimately, when you meet a person, you both are assessing eachother’s Axiology, and this will shape the outcome of your relationship. IF ONE OF YOU NEVER LEARNED TO VALUE RELATIONSHIPS, you will not relate for long. This is one of the reasons why ‘Crack’ was so destructive! ‘Crack’ is one of the most selfish drugs that exists and will force a person to undermine any/all relationships just to get some; use “Trick-knowledge which is Devilishment, Stealing, Telling Lies and how to Master people” (4/1-14). Couple this with other socioeconomic circumstances, ‘Crack’ almost singlehandedly destroyed our Family Units, Communities, Societies and ultimately Civilizations. How? Because to an addict, the highest value lies in the drug, not in a relationship. I’m sure all of us have stories about Family who’ve lied to us, stole from us and even hurt us just to get some ‘Crack’! Some of us have sold it or still do sell it! ‘Crack’ is the epitome of what happens when the highest value doesn’t lie in the relationship because people addicted to it are willing to do anything, and will hurt you, if you stand in their way of getting it. Ultimately, ‘Crack’ is a substance that exposes and cultivates an ‘Addictive Personality’ that’s “buried there” (5/1-14). An ‘Addictive Personality’ that was forged by America’s Socialization. Although ‘Crack’ is an extreme example of what happens when a relationship isn’t the highest value, I’m sure you can cee how other ‘objects’ produce the same effects. Sometimes the so-called ‘Crack’ that’s the highest value to somebody is the false image they’re trying to project! They may be willing to lie, steal and even hurt you in order to maintain their false image. Sometimes the so-called ‘Crack’ is finances. Sometimes it’s a dude's fame and notoriety. Sometimes it's a female's ‘shitty independance’. Sometimes the so-called ‘Crack’ is the sex in the relationship…

Now, I’m not saying all of this to give you the idea that you must ALWAYS put the relationship first! If you’re trying to put the relationship first with a drug addict, you will end up being an enabler who feeds their habit! Sometimes you just can’t have a relationship with someone who doesn’t have the capacity to sustain lasting, stable, and consistent relationships. YOU’LL BE IN A RELATIONSHIP BY YOURSELF while they take you for every, thing, you, got! So although you may value relationships, you must learn to accept that some people don’t/can’t, and deal with them HOW THEY ARE! On a side note, that’s why I never advocate just handing somebody 120 or even giving somebody 120 over the Internet, Phone or Postal Mail! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU’RE GIVING THIS INFORMATION TO BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THEM, and an actual relationship is not taking place that involves human interaction in realtime. It’s impossible to transmit and receive certain Principles and Values using these Mediums, or build Family Units, Communities, Societies and ultimately Civilizations. this A.S.I.A. Journal, A.S.I.A. TV and A.S.I.A. Talk are nothing b.u.t. routing devices; Literary and A/V Mediums designed to direct you to true & living people, places and things! I simply use these Mediums to help facilitate a living process, not to replace or substitute the living process that involves human interaction in realtime. Some people may not agree with me, b.u.t. I think it’s important (valued) to spend actual time with a person you’ve personally taken on the responsibility and accountability to teach. I get emails, messages, comments all the time from people all over the World seeking to further their education and I ALWAYS put them in contact with a God/Earth in their area. If they’re in my Region, I make myself available b.u.t. it’s truly on them to be proactive in getting with me, in the physical, to study. Although one of my God Brothers ‘I.B.U.’ (I Born Understanding) first contacted me over the Internet and we exchanged Math and built on the phone, he eventually flew across the Country, literally, to build with his Educator! Now that’s a sense of commitment you’ll never be able to cee or examine over an email or 2 hour phone conversation. LOL! This is not to say that people who are getting educated strictly on the Internet/Phone are on some bullshit! What I’m saying is that their so-called Educator is ‘relying on’ a process that is short changing them -for whatever reason.

Cee, one of the reasons why it was so much of a joyous occasion when The Father was released from Mattewan is because his separation, alienation, and isolation from the youth undermined his relationship and ability to teach them! It was during this time that many of the youth “strayed away” (7/1-14), began to adopt the wrong ideas/habits, and follow teachings that weren’t advocated by The Father! A lot of confusion happened and questions came up that The Father was in no position to consider or address. This is also during the time when the charlatan ‘Robert Walker’ began leading many of the young Five Pecenters in the wrong direction…How was this possible? Because The Father wasn’t present to have any active human interaction, in realtime, with the youth. He had no way of specifically checking their growth a development, and the short time they spent coming to visit him wasn’t enough! Although some of the youth were able to depend upon the skill sets they had, there were many more youth who were in the process of learning what these skill sets actually were. Because of this separation, the youth were vulnerable to many things they had no way of knowing and The Father had no way of preparing them for. This all took place because their relationship was undermined.

To even suggest that a person can be accurately taught consistently and completely over the Internet, the Phone or through Postage Mail is setting up the same Mattewan Dynamic! If you ever cee some so-called Educator choosing to ‘rely on’ this type of Mattewan Dynamic to teach 120, that is your first indication that there has to be some diabolical reason why. There’s a reason why they won’t strive to connect you with somebody who’s in your actual State/Region, and there’s a reason why they want to remain basically anonymous to you! First and foremost, it undermines one of our basic Core Values that’s fundamental to our Culture, Not to take anything “on face value”, or to “believe in a Mystery God”! (9,10,11,13/1-40) If you’re just dealing with somebody on the Internet, Phone or Postage Mail, YOU HAVE TO TAKE EACHOTHER ON FACE VALUE. THEY’RE REALLY A MYSTERY TO YOU THAT YOU MUST BELIEVE BECAUSE YOU NEVER SPENT A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TIME AROUND THEM TO GET TO ‘KNOW’ WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE! How ironic huh? Another reason a so-called Educator may resort to having no contact with someone they’re giving 120 to is because this person is just another notch on their belt! They really don’t care about having a relationship with some people because the only thing that matters to them is to be able to egocentrically say, “You’re one of ‘their’ students”. How else can you account for a person never making the effort to really get to know who you are by hanging out with you, meeting your family, meeting your friends and co-workers, sharing a meal with you, watching a movie together, ceeing how you keep your home, watching how you deal with your child(ren), ceeing how you handle life situations as they come, etc..? It’s also important for a Student to experience these things with their so-called Enlightener! Without this kind of vital information, you both have no clue who or what you’re dealing with, or what needs to be “specifically” learned and taught. KEEP IN MIND that there is no substitute for human interaction in realtime, and there are many things you’ll never have an opportunity to cee or experience with a person on the Internet, over the Phone or through Postage Mail. If you find yourself caught up in a clandestine situation like this with someone trying to Educate you, I urge you to make sure you ask this person to connect you with your Universal Family (Gods/Earths) in your State/Region to help supplement your education. If they do connect you that’s Peace! If they don’t have any connections or speak against you connecting with your Universal Family, then you really need to consider what “their” agenda is, because it’s definitely not National…

To conclude Today’s Article I want to reiterate the importance of relationships and not conning ourselves. If you don’t cee relationships as important (valuable), than you won’t strive to learn what’s necessary in order to maintain them. This is paramount to being a stable Parent, Brother, Sister, Relative, Friend, Companion, Co-Worker, Grandparent, etc… One of the most important things you can learn about a person is their Family Dynamics. On the Internet, Phone & Postage Mail, you don’t have the ability to examine a person’s Family Dynamics, and they don’t have the ability to examine yours! You can tell eachother whatever you want them to think and never have an opportunity to cee what you both are really about. You both have no idea how you really interact with your Family, Community, etc.. and “Why?” you interact the way that you do. Without this vital information, you’re both missing one of the most important keys to establishing a relationship with eachother. Although your intentions may not be to con somebody, relying on this dynamic itself, is in fact a confidence game (con). Keep in Mind that this Culture can not be emailed to somebody, explained over the phone or put in your mailbox; THIS CULTURE IS LIVED! These Mediums help supplement our actual education, b.u.t. can never be a substitute for the living, breathing, human interaction that defines the context AND substance of our education.

Now those of you who say you value relationships with people…, you can’t expect to sustain these relationships when you say and do things that are completely outta pocket and inconsiderate! Being emotionally immature by talking reckless, throwing tantrums, trying to be a bully, manipulating people, mudslinging, etc.. didn’t earn you relationships as a child, and it damn sure won’t earn you a relationship as a “childish” adult. HOPEFULLY…, one day you’ll realize that you can’t go through life using and abusing people while expecting to get something positive in return! It’s simple Mathematics. Until you grow up, you’re going to keep getting in your own way.

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