Monday, December 27, 2010

Keepin it 100” or “Keeping it Real are not Moral Declarations. In fact, “Keepin it 100” or “Keeping it Real” doesn’t mean someone is “Keeping it Right” or that they're even interested in being Right at all. Keeping it “real” can mean a person’s attitude is “real” ugly, they’re talking “real” greasy, they’re being “real” ignorant, and they’re “really” uncivilized. People will say/do the most out of pocket, disrespectful, un-lady like, and clownish things in the name of “I’m just keeping it 100!”, and it’s even worst when People who think, speak, and behave this way are so-called “Conscious” …

One of the problems The NOI had and often still have with The NGE (Five Percenters) is the fact that we have 120 Lessons without their Rules of Instruction or Restrictive Laws. They were concerned that People would get this Knowledge and use it for evil (wrong) without a Moral Code. This was and continues to be a very valid concern on the part of The NOI, because there are so-called Gods/Earths “trying to” use our Lessons for evil (wrong). Based upon their character, attitude, and social activities, there are many so-called Gods/Earths that I would never allow in my Home, ESPECIALLY around my children. The Internet is full of these individual’s Blogs, Blogtalk Shows, Vlogs, FB Pages, etc… who claim to be a God or Earth. This is not and has never been “The Status Quo” nor Social Standard of our Nation. To claim to be a God/Earth meant we dedicated ourselves to positive growth & development in order to improve our quality of life, and the quality of life of our Family, our Community, and our People as a whole. If a person claims to be a God/Earth yet has no sense/concept of “our”, “us”, or “we” (Collective), then there’s a fundamental problem with how they’re using this Knowledge -regardless how intelligent they appear to be. Our Nation was founded upon The Father giving of himself genuinely and completely to his Community, especially the Youth, and all of us who claim to be Members, Affiliated with, or Sympathizers of The NGE would not be here if it wasn’t for his selfless commitment to our People.

Now although there is a segment of so-called Gods/Earths who seem to be unconcerned about demonstrating Civilization (“one having Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture, Refinement, and is not a savage in the pursuit of Happiness17/1-40), there are many Gods/Earths who’s Moral Code (Laws) is derived directly from 120 Lessons and “some” of the other teachings, particularly dietary, of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. So for this segment of our Nation, consciousness, conscientiousness, discipline, ethics, responsibility, and commitment are the hallmarks used to strive for Righteousness. It is this segment who truly uphold the Duty of Civilized People, and lead the People in the right direction, not easily leading them in the wrong direction.

Where is the Moral Code in 120?
Here’s one thing our Lessons (14/1-40) has to say about Morals/Ethics in regards to 85% of the population, “…easily led in ‘the wrong’ direction, and hard to be led in ‘the right’ direction.” This along with other Lessons (4/1-14, 14, 15/1-36, 1, 17-40) informs us that there is a clear concept of a ‘wrong’ and a ‘right’ way to do things.

120 Lessons are learning tools. These tools are in the form of Historical Facts, Allegories, Geography, Science, Psychology, Socioeconomics, Family Dynamics, etc..., constructed to convey ‘wrong’ and/or ‘right’ Principles, Values, and Procedures. These Principles, Values, and Procedures show us the difference between God/Devil, Righteous/Wickedness, and ultimately what these Principles, Values, and Procedures produce. For example, we learn in the 10/1-14 about "Weak and Wicked" in Principle, the Importance (Value) in identifying it, and the proper Procedure how to handle it when it does arise in our cipher. A person walking around with just Supreme Mathematics -which tells you nothing about the above said Lesson-, is missing a great deal when they cannot extract the various different Principles, Values, and Procedures within that Lesson. Another example is the 6th Actual Fact about "Deserts". There are many Principles & Values to be learned about a Desert Landscape and Desert Wildlife/Vegetation. There are also many Procedures that we can use that will ultimately determine if we live/die in that type of “harsh” environment. We all come across this type of terrain in our lives, especially in a Relationship, and it helps to know how to handle that circumstance if/when we do. Many People don’t realize that although Desert heat can top over 100° before 10am, that same Desert can drop below zero at night! So imagine that; it’s possible to freeze to death in a Desert. A Camel is called ‘the ship of the desert’ so imagine being in this type of situation without that kind of support… Since Deserts cover 14 million square miles of the Planet’s 57,255,000 square miles, this informs us that whatever we "grow and make" from the beginning is gonna have alittle Desert in it. (9/1-14) And to expect anything different is nothing b.u.t. a mirage… So there’s a lot to be learned about Principles, Values, and Procedures when it comes to studying 120. I must mention here that producing or making ‘a Devil’ is specifically outlined within our Lessons, so there should never be a misconception as to When, Where, Why, How, Who, and What makes a Devil! It’s all right there in black and white, and there is no way around it. Usually when you hear so-called Gods/Earths advocating ‘That’s just how he/she cee’s it”, 85% of the time they’re lacking in the area of recognizing/adhering to the Moral Codes in 120. Why? Because sometimes how we cee something in Principle, what we Value, and the Procedure we’re using is absolutely wrong. Sometimes Gods/Earths don’t recognize this because they don’t have or study 120. Sometimes they’re relying entirely on Supreme Mathematics, and as I mentioned before, Supreme Mathematics tells you nothing explicit about ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. Now whether these People mature enough to learn the difference between ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ is entirely up to them. Sometimes you’ll have People who do have 120, and are aware of it’s obvious Moral Codes, yet choose not to adhere to them. It is this segment of so-called Gods/Earths who have almost single handedly earned this Nation the negative press and bad reputation we receive in/outside of Correctional Facilities throughout the Country.

The major theme of KOS in general, and 120 specifically, is RESPONSIBILITY. Taking responsibility is one of the biggest challenges to a person’s growth & development. Taking responsibility for improving our lives, helping improve the lives of others, helping improve our Communities, and ultimately the World we all live in. It’s our Duty (RESPONSIBILITY) as Civilized People to “teach he (or she) who is savage Civilization, Righteousness, the Knowledge of Him (or Her) Self, the Science of everything in Life, Love, Peace, and Happiness.” (18/1-40) None of us are on “an Island” and have/are benefitting from the work of others to some degree. The food, clothing, and shelter came from somebody. Our relationships are because of somebody. We wouldn’t even be physically here if it wasn’t for others. Yes some of our experiences have not been good, yet someone, somewhere, at some time has been instrumental in helping us out in a good way. The Universe (Everything) is interdependent and “reciprocal” (A Circle of Life). So imagine the quality of life, lifestyle, and longevity of a person with a selfish mentality like they don’t need to do sh*t for nobody… With a “do me” attitude and an “I’mma get what I want and don’t give a f*ck about what nobody thinks” philosophy on life, how long do you think this person could last in a relationship? In the most basic sense, if we’re not giving anything, then we don’t deserve to receive nothing. Bob Dylan says it in this way, “Today you have the power to take it, but tomorrow you won’t have the power to keep it.”

In closing, I want to remind all of you that if we don’t take responsibility for what we do, what we don’t do, and what we allow/allowed to happen in our life, it’s impossible for us to grow & develop. If it’s everybody else’s fault why we’re at where we’re at in life, then they also have the power over our destiny. They may not care or even have a clue how they effected us. So if we’re waiting for them to do something before we take the initiative to start changing our circumstances for ourselves, then we’re “waiting on a Mystery” (10/1-40). When it comes to Morality/Ethics, there are ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ ways to do everything, and as Gods/Earths we have dedicated our lives to knowing the difference –and aligning ourselves with what’s Right & Exact. The ‘wrongness’ and ‘rightness’ about some situations can be relative, based upon the situation: such as the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ time to speak. There are also ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’ that are completely absolute: such as neglecting our children being absolutely ‘wrong’, and not lying, stealing, or trying master others being absolutely ‘right’. Some People mockingly call Gods and Earths “goody two-shoes” simply because they have a problem doing things ‘right’. I can understand it though because most things in their own life constantly go ‘wrong’ for them for them, from their relationships, to their work, to their health. It’s hard for them to actually cee a place “founded in Peace” (5/1-14) with the mess around them -that they usually haven’t taken responsibility for making. The reality is, true & living Gods/Earth are far from that! We’re good People who’re striving to do the right things to earn, enjoy, and extend our stay here on the Planet Earth.


Friday, December 10, 2010

- Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots-

by: Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

“We cannot go about business of social reform in the typical "American Negro" or "American Black" fashion... we have our own standards...”-Life

Remember when we were young, how we did things and our Parents came in on the catastrophe? The weight of such events were too heavy for us to take on "the weight" (6/1-40), so we conveniently transferred the guilt to our little brother or sister? We thought we were so smart, we didn't have to face the music and we could go on like it never happened... Well we did alter events: an innocent person was hung and we shrugged off the deed as if to say, "Better you than me-- besides I didn't like you anyway… " We were immature. We had a dysfunctional philosophy; more like a mythology -because parts of the system was missing. Partly, because we were trying to discover "A RIGHT WAY TO DO WRONG," and partly because we had not gone through enough experiences to see the folly in our convenient way to get out of trouble or "get out of jail free." We are not so young now and we know that there is no pot of gold at the end of the "rainbow." We have learned "what goes around comes back around again" and we who have Knowledge of Self realize that there is no growth without accepting responsibility. While the eighty-five (85%) still believes that a Mystery God keeps his eyes on us all above the clouds, and man is only human and therefore subject to err-- those who embrace our system solidly, see life very differently...

If you knowledge one hundred and twenty (120) Lessons, you know that "Earthquakes is caused by the Son of Man (sun in man) experimenting with high explosives. In fact, all that above is caused by the son of man." (8/1-40) But I say here that some of you are taking this quite extremely literal (as opposed to allegorical). There are many Women who are walking away from relationship "train wrecks," staggering from the physical and psychological damage-- then going public, talking about "how their Man failed to do what they believe is proper in their relationships." The way they speak is very powerfully antagonistic-- not to mention tactless and not much owning up to their implications in the incident. There are also similar conversations taking place in cyberspace amongst our Men. I guess our proclivity to hip-hop culture has much to do with this. And equally, the assertive classes in the late 70's and 80's -spearheaded by the business minded Feminist-, may have produced overtones amongst the female population which are causative factors as well. You may use the word "misogyny" b.u.t. a lot of this posturing is equally as bad as some of the language in the "rap world." I seriously doubt that either type is going to get favorable behavior from others -when talking so abrasively.

While many may feel it is necessary to "keep it real" and express our feelings, it is important to understand that there is a proper time and place to express those ideas and feelings and other times when you have to stick to what you know to be true. Our Black Prince, Al Hajj Malik Shabazz [Malcolm X], often cautioned us against "airing our dirty laundry out in public" amongst the "enemy's" media. Ironically, it was his statements about John F. Kennedy's Assassination, and his perceived ideas of infidelity claimed to be perpetrated by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that laid him open to the attacks that culminated in his own death. Family, our people have lost a lot of key critical figures within the black population over words permeated throughout the American airwaves, and the skillful manipulation of their words by The Press.... We might not want to look at it this way, but the Internet is a tool of the Government. It was first conceived as the World Wide Web to connect Military ‘High Rank’ Officials throughout the World, then it was "dumb-down" and dressed up for public consumption.... Interestingly enough, these same types of psychically arrested People seldom use the word "we," nor inclusive words like "us", "our", "Family," Nation, etc., while the words constantly appear in our Lessons when referring to the TRUE SELF-- They are constantly indicating to us that they are imperfect, when the word "perfect" does not appear in our Lessons... Only the word "Righteous" [as in "Righteous People" (4/1-14)] appears in our text, when referring to anything near perfection concerning the Asiatic Blackman and Woman. So, which one is it, People? Ironically, amongst these phrases are references which assert that there is "NONE OF US WHO ARE OTHER THAN RIGHTEOUS (15-16/1-36). I can only surmise that some of us who claim that they have Knowledge of Self, must have a slight identity crisis... These effects are produced by a cultural conflict of being in the current Society that we (members of The NGE) are incarnated into, and not indicative of the Culture we are striving to recapture. Some of us feel we are so hip that we can "walk tight-rope style across the bobbed-wire cyclone fences." That we got something for everybody on both sides of the fence. "Niggers talk about the mind-- my mind, your mind, ‘I Got that B@tches mind uptight’... Niggers don't know a damn thing about the mind, or else they'd be right" -- Last Poets.

My People, especially my Black Women, I am not trying to trivialize the dysfunctional mistreatment of Women in relationships. Many of the issues brought up are very real and need to be seriously addressed, b.u.t. the solution to battered Women does not solely rely on trying to reform "the demon" who did that to you! The resolution would be more effective IF THE BATTERED WOMEN WHO WANT CHANGE, WOULD CHANGE THE THINGS THEY DO WHICH CREATES THE CONDITIONS WHICH LEAVES THEM VULNERABLE TO THIS UNWANTED BEHAVIOR. That places the power of change in the hands of the People who want the change. After all, waiting for "someone else to do something else so that you can be happy", places the power to change things in someone else's hands-- making it something that you have no control over. There is nothing you can do about someone else's choice to do something different. You cannot force a person to do Right, be Righteous, or ‘Do the Right Thing’. If you think I'm wrong, all you have to do is take a look at the Prison System in America and you'll see that a Prisoner's rehabilitation lies solely on the Individual wanting to do Right or change their lives, not the Institution's ability to effectively institute proper change in a Prisoners attitude-- a.ka. Prison Houses are not Correctional Facilities! Therefore this type of behavior of trying to "get the World to change so that you can feel better," leaves battered Women powerless to affect the change she wants, because she has empowered the ill-behaved person with the keys to her salvation-- Our Lessons teaches that THE ONLY SAVIOR IS SELF! We can only make knowledge born, it is up to the Individual to want more for themselves and accept the Lesson or the wisdom behind the words...

A while back, after 1973, Hip Hop changed from a party-phrasing Master of Ceremony (MC) with a production sound crew of re-garbled rhythm and blues music, into MC poets who included "battle raps" and "disses" amongst their arsenal of "popular attention getting poetry." Many of these so-called "Rappers" were skilled in the art of story telling and the stories they told had mass appeal because they mimicked situations which happen in real life. And as far as Feminists of the late 70's/early 80's were concerned, a lot of Women's difficulties in the business world and in life were attributed to the idea that most Women were not as assertive as their "male counterparts", therefore, efforts must be made in order to get Women to be more assertive. This led to more aggressive moves being made by Women, while relying on the older societal etiquette and cultural constraints placed upon Men in Society, in order to gain more respect for Women doing less, yet expecting to be "treated like a lady". This too is ironic, since a lot of assertive behavior is less than "lady-like," often spearheaded by Women who many times "love other Women" and are less concerned about the social status of Man-Woman Relationships. They could care less about how heterosexual relationship are fairing out these days..., b.u.t. when you are assertive or aggressive, you can look forward to their being a battle. There is nothing loving about aggression, and imposing your will upon another can only produce resistance.

In a normal setting, Men talk about general difficulties with their male friends in private and females talk about these same difficulties with their "girlfriends" in private but seldom are these ideas expressed to the "opposite" sex in full disclosure and in a public setting (barring momentary "lashings out" and "soap-box" antics)... However, in the current media of music, Hip-Hop and R & B carry-on "knock down, dragged out" conversations concerning problems between Men and Women. Things between a Man and Women in a Relationship, should be kept private between Men and Women (unless you are in counseling or doing self-help artistry).They say that Jazz Music is a True American Classical Art form. America produced the conditions which laid down the foundation for this music to be produced. The same thing goes for Blues in this Country, as well as Hip-Hop, and a lot of "Black" behavior. While there are some common treads, Blacks in America act quite different from Blacks around the world. The West produced the conditions that produced Feminism. The ideas of the ruling class of Western Society towards masculinity is greatly responsible for the Feminist reaction. It is highly unlikely that the struggles for Women's empowerment in China or within Buddhism is called Feminism. The same goes for Women's equality in the religion of Islam. The parameters are different. The roles for Women and Men are different. The responsibility towards the family is different. The taking on of gender responsibility is different. The acceptance of gender-bending or alternate lifestyles are different than in the West... And as The NGE, we are doing something different, so our values are different. We cannot go about business of social reform in the typical "American Negro" or "American Black" fashion... we have our own standards...

The Build or Destroy Lesson within the Knowledge of your Culture's cipher (8/1-40) expressively says, "The Earth is approximately covered under water, approximately three-fourths of its surface." That three-fourths is equivalent to seventy five percent (God-power) water. They say all life started out in the sea. Human beings are made up of about seventy five percent water and are incarnated in a membrane full of brine-like water. Interesting... Water is used to symbolize wisdom. Water is also used to symbolize emotions. Emotions can be feelings and emotions can be viewed as an invocation or motivation (emote is the root of the word emotion). To emote means to stir.

"The Sun and the Moon has an attracting power on our Planet while it is traveling at that terrific speed of 1,037 1/3 miles per hour on its way around the Sun." Now those who are familiar with esoteric writings, Kabalistic Societies such as the Khammau of Khamit (Kemit or so-called "Ancient Egypt"), and just arcane medical terminology, know that the "Sun," or solar part of the brain is the "cerebrum." The "Moon" or lunar part of the brain is called the "cerebellum." Things like volition, or awareness, as well as direct conscious decisions are conducted by the Mind (i.e. Universal Mind) in the "cerebral" part of the brain. Things like survival functions, such as breathing, condition reflexes (also Katas in martial arts) are performed by the Mind in the "cerebellum" part of the brain. "Lunar" functions can also give way to that which is subliminal, subtle forms of stimulations. It can relate to deep seated sentimentalities which compel you into associated feelings, which then affects your biophysical and physical body. In The NGE terminology, the "Sun" is symbolic to the "Black Man" and the "Moon" (which reflects the light of the Sun), is symbolic to the "Black Woman". So when we look at life through human eyes, our awareness and our will (direct ordering vehicle), as well as our conditioned reflexes are symbolized by the term "Sun and Moon." When we view things as ‘gender specific’, Man and Woman are symbolized by the same terms. We also know that another way of looking at the word "attracting," as in "attracting power," is "driving" or "compelling." That is, those things which bring things to you and those things which compel you to act. In the plus degree, "Effects Of Thoughts On Health And Body," it states "The Body is the servant of the Mind and obeys the operations of the Mind, whether deliberately chosen or automatically expressed." B.u.t. the complementary and/or opposite point of view is just as valid. For everything that happens there is a reaction and/or a feeling associated with it. "For every action, there's always an equal and opposite reaction" (the third of Sir Issac Newton's theory on the Laws of Motion). All the Universe was created by a "desire" for Allah to experience his said qualities or powers (38/1-40). Things that happen or CURRENT events may stir you or attempt to compel you into action. We may give into this feeling or we may choose to ignore it. Some things should be ignored... But to institute real change, you have to WANT it bad enough (or WANT MORE FOR YOURSELF) in order to emote, evoke, invoke, the REAL POWER 38/1-40). The choice is yours! It is OUR PREROGATIVE, b.u.t. you do feel me stirring the atmosphere with this type of writing, don't you?

Bear in mind, the question is "What makes rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes? The answer ends with "Earthquakes is caused by the Son of Man (sun of man) experimenting with high explosives. In fact, all that above is caused by the son of man." (8/1-40) Now when we deal with how the degree started out with the statement that "the Sun and the Moon has attracting power on our Planet," the above facts suggest that it could be a Man (Sun) or a Woman (Moon). The word "Son" is a homonym to the word "Sun." If the "Son" of Man is replaced with the "Sun" of Man, then we can say that ALL HAS TO DO WITH THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN AS IN HU-MAN BEINGS; which includes both Male and Female. This means that all that above is caused by what you are aware of, or your need to know/be informed of for your mission in life. The above degree was to point out that those of us who stake claim to being divine are responsible for what happens in our life. "The Sun and Moon having attracting power" upon the water of the earth refers to the ‘direct conscious decisions’ (Sun= awareness or Knowledge) and those ‘indirect subliminal impulses’ or ‘feelings’ (Moon= reflection, sentimentality or need of Wisdom) that effect the emotions (water) within our physical composition (earth)... It is about what you allow and what you don't do. It is about what you know and don't know. It is about how aware you are and how wise. It is about how wise you are and what procedures you have. It is about how prepared are you and what you do with that preparedness [and that servant which knew his Lord's will and prepareth not himself... (19/1-40)]. The degree is telling you to take responsibility for letting the wrong persons or activities into your life, making the wrong decisions, or giving right acts of love to the wrong persons...

This raises a very important issue: "Are you squaring your actions to the truth or are you driven by your feelings?" Are you being a Scientist [one who is devoted to knowing] or a love-sick puppy? They say in drug rehabilitation circles, "People, Places and Things." You cannot keep going around the same people you used to get high with, hanging out in the same places, and doing the same things you used to do getting high and expect to change. Similarly, you cannot try to reform the people at the bar, or urge the bar owners to make their establishment a "vegetarian juice bar," so that you won't drink when you are in those places... As Civilized People, the proper place to express disagreement is amongst the People involved in the disagreement. This means that we start with the People involved; if this does not work, then we express it with the People associated. If the matter is rampant, then it may be necessary to born this knowledge in Parliaments and Street Academies -to evolve a way to address our Nation's issues. When we make our issues pubic within American Society, we peak curiosity in a negative manner. AIRING OUT OUR DISAGREEMENTS IN PUBLIC COMPROMISES OUR IMAGE AS THE NGE AND FIVE PERCENT BY LEANING ON AN OUTSIDER'S PERCEPTION ON WHAT WE ARE DOING AS A GROUP. The tools an outsider uses to attempt to understand our Cultural issues and/or difficulties cannot possibly be proper -because to him we are no more than a mythology; an oddity rooted in things he doesn't understand... All of the Lessons from Build (8) to Knowledge Understanding (13) within the Knowledge to Culture Cipher (8-13/1-40) comments on the God in you versus the Mystery God concept that the Devil teaches about in the Western World. You have to decide what you really BELIEVE or have FAITH in. I'm speaking about what's in your heart, not what you claim: the things you really trust in without doubt.

Earthquakes or violent upheavals in our lives should not be approached from the other persons point of view. That is something that you don't control personally. The "Blame Someone Else Game" is a game played by those who are not accepting full responsibility. Divine Beings should be "God of their Universe," WE (collectively as One) are "Lord of All The Worlds." If you want to control something, learn how to control yourself first, then be more discerning with who you pick to be partners with. It isn't what you give that is the problem, it is who you give it to. "Change your 'Mind' and you change your relationship to time" -George Clinton/ Funkadelic (SONG: Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts). I am not ridiculing anyone, I am giving constructive criticism to those who know how to use such advice. The situation is within your hands. You have the power.

Peace Family: Our True Self

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz