Monday, December 27, 2010

Keepin it 100” or “Keeping it Real are not Moral Declarations. In fact, “Keepin it 100” or “Keeping it Real” doesn’t mean someone is “Keeping it Right” or that they're even interested in being Right at all. Keeping it “real” can mean a person’s attitude is “real” ugly, they’re talking “real” greasy, they’re being “real” ignorant, and they’re “really” uncivilized. People will say/do the most out of pocket, disrespectful, un-lady like, and clownish things in the name of “I’m just keeping it 100!”, and it’s even worst when People who think, speak, and behave this way are so-called “Conscious” …

One of the problems The NOI had and often still have with The NGE (Five Percenters) is the fact that we have 120 Lessons without their Rules of Instruction or Restrictive Laws. They were concerned that People would get this Knowledge and use it for evil (wrong) without a Moral Code. This was and continues to be a very valid concern on the part of The NOI, because there are so-called Gods/Earths “trying to” use our Lessons for evil (wrong). Based upon their character, attitude, and social activities, there are many so-called Gods/Earths that I would never allow in my Home, ESPECIALLY around my children. The Internet is full of these individual’s Blogs, Blogtalk Shows, Vlogs, FB Pages, etc… who claim to be a God or Earth. This is not and has never been “The Status Quo” nor Social Standard of our Nation. To claim to be a God/Earth meant we dedicated ourselves to positive growth & development in order to improve our quality of life, and the quality of life of our Family, our Community, and our People as a whole. If a person claims to be a God/Earth yet has no sense/concept of “our”, “us”, or “we” (Collective), then there’s a fundamental problem with how they’re using this Knowledge -regardless how intelligent they appear to be. Our Nation was founded upon The Father giving of himself genuinely and completely to his Community, especially the Youth, and all of us who claim to be Members, Affiliated with, or Sympathizers of The NGE would not be here if it wasn’t for his selfless commitment to our People.

Now although there is a segment of so-called Gods/Earths who seem to be unconcerned about demonstrating Civilization (“one having Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture, Refinement, and is not a savage in the pursuit of Happiness17/1-40), there are many Gods/Earths who’s Moral Code (Laws) is derived directly from 120 Lessons and “some” of the other teachings, particularly dietary, of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. So for this segment of our Nation, consciousness, conscientiousness, discipline, ethics, responsibility, and commitment are the hallmarks used to strive for Righteousness. It is this segment who truly uphold the Duty of Civilized People, and lead the People in the right direction, not easily leading them in the wrong direction.

Where is the Moral Code in 120?
Here’s one thing our Lessons (14/1-40) has to say about Morals/Ethics in regards to 85% of the population, “…easily led in ‘the wrong’ direction, and hard to be led in ‘the right’ direction.” This along with other Lessons (4/1-14, 14, 15/1-36, 1, 17-40) informs us that there is a clear concept of a ‘wrong’ and a ‘right’ way to do things.

120 Lessons are learning tools. These tools are in the form of Historical Facts, Allegories, Geography, Science, Psychology, Socioeconomics, Family Dynamics, etc..., constructed to convey ‘wrong’ and/or ‘right’ Principles, Values, and Procedures. These Principles, Values, and Procedures show us the difference between God/Devil, Righteous/Wickedness, and ultimately what these Principles, Values, and Procedures produce. For example, we learn in the 10/1-14 about "Weak and Wicked" in Principle, the Importance (Value) in identifying it, and the proper Procedure how to handle it when it does arise in our cipher. A person walking around with just Supreme Mathematics -which tells you nothing about the above said Lesson-, is missing a great deal when they cannot extract the various different Principles, Values, and Procedures within that Lesson. Another example is the 6th Actual Fact about "Deserts". There are many Principles & Values to be learned about a Desert Landscape and Desert Wildlife/Vegetation. There are also many Procedures that we can use that will ultimately determine if we live/die in that type of “harsh” environment. We all come across this type of terrain in our lives, especially in a Relationship, and it helps to know how to handle that circumstance if/when we do. Many People don’t realize that although Desert heat can top over 100° before 10am, that same Desert can drop below zero at night! So imagine that; it’s possible to freeze to death in a Desert. A Camel is called ‘the ship of the desert’ so imagine being in this type of situation without that kind of support… Since Deserts cover 14 million square miles of the Planet’s 57,255,000 square miles, this informs us that whatever we "grow and make" from the beginning is gonna have alittle Desert in it. (9/1-14) And to expect anything different is nothing b.u.t. a mirage… So there’s a lot to be learned about Principles, Values, and Procedures when it comes to studying 120. I must mention here that producing or making ‘a Devil’ is specifically outlined within our Lessons, so there should never be a misconception as to When, Where, Why, How, Who, and What makes a Devil! It’s all right there in black and white, and there is no way around it. Usually when you hear so-called Gods/Earths advocating ‘That’s just how he/she cee’s it”, 85% of the time they’re lacking in the area of recognizing/adhering to the Moral Codes in 120. Why? Because sometimes how we cee something in Principle, what we Value, and the Procedure we’re using is absolutely wrong. Sometimes Gods/Earths don’t recognize this because they don’t have or study 120. Sometimes they’re relying entirely on Supreme Mathematics, and as I mentioned before, Supreme Mathematics tells you nothing explicit about ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. Now whether these People mature enough to learn the difference between ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ is entirely up to them. Sometimes you’ll have People who do have 120, and are aware of it’s obvious Moral Codes, yet choose not to adhere to them. It is this segment of so-called Gods/Earths who have almost single handedly earned this Nation the negative press and bad reputation we receive in/outside of Correctional Facilities throughout the Country.

The major theme of KOS in general, and 120 specifically, is RESPONSIBILITY. Taking responsibility is one of the biggest challenges to a person’s growth & development. Taking responsibility for improving our lives, helping improve the lives of others, helping improve our Communities, and ultimately the World we all live in. It’s our Duty (RESPONSIBILITY) as Civilized People to “teach he (or she) who is savage Civilization, Righteousness, the Knowledge of Him (or Her) Self, the Science of everything in Life, Love, Peace, and Happiness.” (18/1-40) None of us are on “an Island” and have/are benefitting from the work of others to some degree. The food, clothing, and shelter came from somebody. Our relationships are because of somebody. We wouldn’t even be physically here if it wasn’t for others. Yes some of our experiences have not been good, yet someone, somewhere, at some time has been instrumental in helping us out in a good way. The Universe (Everything) is interdependent and “reciprocal” (A Circle of Life). So imagine the quality of life, lifestyle, and longevity of a person with a selfish mentality like they don’t need to do sh*t for nobody… With a “do me” attitude and an “I’mma get what I want and don’t give a f*ck about what nobody thinks” philosophy on life, how long do you think this person could last in a relationship? In the most basic sense, if we’re not giving anything, then we don’t deserve to receive nothing. Bob Dylan says it in this way, “Today you have the power to take it, but tomorrow you won’t have the power to keep it.”

In closing, I want to remind all of you that if we don’t take responsibility for what we do, what we don’t do, and what we allow/allowed to happen in our life, it’s impossible for us to grow & develop. If it’s everybody else’s fault why we’re at where we’re at in life, then they also have the power over our destiny. They may not care or even have a clue how they effected us. So if we’re waiting for them to do something before we take the initiative to start changing our circumstances for ourselves, then we’re “waiting on a Mystery” (10/1-40). When it comes to Morality/Ethics, there are ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ ways to do everything, and as Gods/Earths we have dedicated our lives to knowing the difference –and aligning ourselves with what’s Right & Exact. The ‘wrongness’ and ‘rightness’ about some situations can be relative, based upon the situation: such as the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ time to speak. There are also ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’ that are completely absolute: such as neglecting our children being absolutely ‘wrong’, and not lying, stealing, or trying master others being absolutely ‘right’. Some People mockingly call Gods and Earths “goody two-shoes” simply because they have a problem doing things ‘right’. I can understand it though because most things in their own life constantly go ‘wrong’ for them for them, from their relationships, to their work, to their health. It’s hard for them to actually cee a place “founded in Peace” (5/1-14) with the mess around them -that they usually haven’t taken responsibility for making. The reality is, true & living Gods/Earth are far from that! We’re good People who’re striving to do the right things to earn, enjoy, and extend our stay here on the Planet Earth.

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