Friday, May 21, 2010

The Power of the 'Dis'-Respect
By: Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

"Bonasera... Bonasera... What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Had you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they would fear you. ..... "We’ve known each other many years, but this is the first time you came to me for counsel, for help. I can’t remember the last time that you invited me to your house for a cup of coffee, even though my wife is godmother to your only child. But let’s be frank here: you never wanted my friendship. And uh, you were afraid to be in my debt. I understand. You found paradise in America, had a good trade, made a good living. The police protected you; and there were courts of law. And you didn’t need a friend of me. But uh, now you come to me and you say — 'Don Corleone give me justice.' — But you don’t ask with respect. You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me Godfather. Instead, you come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married, and you uh ask me to do murder, for money." -Vito Corleone, The Opening Scene from "The Godfather"

"My beloved is white and ruddy. His skin is as the most fine gold. His cheeks are as a bed of spices." Even though he hasn’t washed since last December. "His eyes are as the eyes of doves. His body is as bright ivory. His legs are as pillars of marble." In pants so dirty they stand by themselves. "He is altogether lovable." But he’ll always be a two-bit punk... he’ll never be my beloved. What a shame." -Deborah, Taken from "Once Upon A Time In America"

I will not engage in discouraging words... Society has provided enough of that for Black people. We have learned from them how to bash each other’s brains out, like the best of them. We have become excellent at telling each other we will never make it. This is anger at it’s finest. We, as Black People have developed hatred to "state of art."

We may speak as derogatory as we like or want, but rest assured, as Gods and Earths we are ignoring the devil’s we are creating, because we can’t look our difficulties straight in the eye. We refuse to refine and develop. We want people to except this as the way we are. Chuck D. said in an interview concerning the album titled, ‘It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back’, "The Nation of Millions is us as a people." When asked about the Ego in Hip-Hop, He said, “Many of these people speak about what they know. I was raised by Parents that know a lot. When they know more, they will speak about more things.

Allah is bigger than my body. Allah is all and all is one. When you curse me, you curse we because you do not respect us. You cannot see we are one or the path that you are going down as you proceed. ["Ihdinasw-swiraatwal mustwaquiim" Show us the right path - Fatiha in the Qur’an] If I am made doomed by you, then humanity is. If you hate me, you hate yourself. If you despise me, you despise yourself. Our math says, "Islam is the culture of peace which make things consider and live in harmony. Malik El Hajj Shabazz (Malcolm) once said, "You cannot hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree itself. You give me a Black Person who has a negative opinion of Black People, and I’ll give you a person who has a negative opinion of themselves."

I represent the hope of us as a People, as do you. When we engage in condescending conversation concerning each other, we sink deeper into a ‘self-imposed pit of purgatory.’ The reason why some of us cannot see that "day for which we have waited" (39/1-40), is because those same persons have not done anything to move us closer. They have not "given all we have and all within their power" (40/1-40). As a person who teaches civilization, I should encourage and help instruct: "Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture, Refinement..." (17/1-40). If I discourage, talk negative, and take things from my student’s home, then I am a negative person and a thief. I am robbing them of their glory and magnificence. I should encourage towards excellence. If I do not, then I am doing the devil’s work. I am robbing others of "their light," while living off of their excellence. I am parasitical and living off of their words, instead of providing them with my light as an Enlightener and/or Educator. I should be a role model in word and deed. Not saying we are perfect, just refined and striving for excellence in everything we do. I embrace the standard, regardless to where I am at, in any given point in the cipher. What our lessons teach comes first. Might I add here that while my persons may quote from the Qur’an and other sources, it is because we are universal and engage in journalistic works. But make no mistake, what Father Allah taught is my foundation. I say this because even though Elijah never revealed what the Ten Percent taught to him before Fard, there has been a concerted effort to remove what Elijah taught on behalf of the powers that be. Rest assured, there are some Ten Percent amongst the Five Percent. Be very leery of subterfuge by anyone who advocates too far from the foundation. We are magnificent as a People. Our resistant towards the Colored Man’s criticism had and has to be great, if we are ever going to rise to prominence. We as a People cannot engage in these subversive types of practices. While disses and ‘yo momma jokes’ are amusing, they are immature and putting us back into the same practices Hip-Hop was created to do: move us away from the tendency towards self destruction that gang warfare and street life provided. I’m sure if Tupac, Biggie, and Easy E could speak, they would concur, “Six feet deep is where the real gangsters dwell.”

Let me say here that I am not behind anyone who engages in these types of egotistical, personal grandiosity, regardless of their relationship to me. If you see or hear that, it is a lie! I do not speak of such things and do not want to be associated with such things. I encourage one on one dialog. Each cipher bears its own justice and I disassociate myself from such things and persons. This is the way I was taught, and was taught that the Father Allah taught this way. I am to be identified as a person who is a freedom fighter for the upliftment of our People. This is what I teach, nothing else. These things -egotistical, personal grandiosity-, are not about Nation building. I will condemn the practice but not the persons. I have too much love for us as a People. I don’t blame others for my short-comings. If the Kingdom of God lies within, then the Kingdom of faults does too. “Earthquakes is caused by the son of man experimenting with high explosives. In fact, all that above is caused by the son of man” (8/1-40). “God made devil” and the adverse conditions he was incarnated into, is “to show forth and prove his powers” (38/1-40). But he will not elevate from these situations, if he does not accept responsibility and agree to humble himself so that he can change.

Live by the Law of your Degrees:
Righteous Ways for Righteous People!
Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The "Green Destiny" Sword

On Plus Degrees & Various Writings

by Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

For those who heard of my person, you know that my persons has been thinking this way for understanding understood years. When speaking on the subject of plus degrees, we can only repeat what the Father said first: "Burn them."

Having said that, you probably want to know why Father Allah said this. Well, he is not here in the flesh to speak directly in the subject, so we must deduce (reasoned out specifics from a logic of generally known facts), induce (a clear general picture obtained from the particular facts) or infer (the implication of such facts). So we have to look at the evidence. One Hundred and Twenty Lessons is part of another collection which includes a compilation called the Supreme Wisdom book called Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees of knowledge. This was in the Temple when the Father experienced the life of a lieutenant within that temple. A temple is where you study, a mosque is where you pray or meditate. There was Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees in the temple and the father only took part. There were lectures, books and related writings present then too, some which later became compiled and offered as books: "Message to the Blackman" (circa 1934) is one of them. The father didn’t take that either (though he did not discourage its reading). The nature of a book represents pools of thought, which sometimes can be like worlds or universes in and of themselves. Though a lot of these related, once again, the Father only took One Hundred and Twenty Lessons.

So what is the nature of these One Hundred and Twenty Lessons?
Questions and Answers; broken into six parts. One set is known to be a speech by W.D. Fard (also known as W.F. Muhammad) circa 1933 and a Lost Found Lesson No. 2 which contain 40 questions and 40 answers by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, one of the lost found in the wilderness of North America, February 20, 1934. It is a subscribed popularly that Fard asked the questions in the Lost Found Lessons No. 2 and Elijah answered them. The Lost Found Lesson No. 1 also exists along with Actual Facts and Solar Facts, but none has full identification markers like The Lost Found Lesson No. 2. If all of this is accurate, then these are things we know Fard either said or approved as proper answers. The Actual Facts and Solar Facts seem to signify the reason behind what the purpose was in only taking these lessons; i.e.. "To only gather knowledge which can be proven as actual fact and traced to Fard, whose highest name is Allah." There are no mothership theories present in our authentic doctrine. Theories like this cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt and can fall mostly under belief. If you subscribe to the theory that Allah, in the persons of W.F Muhammad and returned on His eighty-seventh earthday (incarnate day, for Gods have no birth record) as Clarence (clear vision) 13 X, then you can understand the reasoning. Those who followed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad went with his understanding and thus the rest of the Three Hundred and Sixty. But keep in mind, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad followed Master Fard to learn how to lead, as we did under the Father. When you follow, you must have a clear destination in mind, if not, you could still be following, as the Nation of Islam is still doing under Minister Louis Farakhan.

The Father is quoted as saying, "We do not need leaders, but leadership as a people." And what would a true leader need but the truth? We cannot lead off-of someone else’s understanding, we need to know for ourselves. This seems appropriate for the Father spoke of the facts, truth and knowledge, and so should we. We have to take ourselves out of the equation, using our lives as only examples. If we present our understanding and what we do too much, it could be surmised that we are looking for followers and starting a cult. If you look over your writing and see more than nine "I-s" in it, that’s too much personal [like the "Commander Mc Bragg" segment of the "Tennessee Tuxedo Show"]. It is sort of like an advertisement for someone seeking a role "in" or "on" something; just missing a picture and slogan to make it complete. One Hundred Twenty does not broadcast its authorship, as a matter of fact it appears almost like a footnote. It uses documented events as examples to illustrate points and principles. When my person writes, we hope you do not see us as a braggart or a "ho-li-er -than- thou" being, but rather a person promoting the "standard by which we claim to live by." Promoting One Hundred Twenty. Promoting Civilization.

I am a freedom Fighter through self development. I have no friends, just those advocated for the same common cause; which is Truth and Righteousness. My person is not perfect. We have started a few studies that were not completed. We didn’t finish college. My first God/ Earth and Star Universe ended in a failure caused by my aggressiveness in instituting polygyny (without full social consideration for my first earth) and my person suffered greatly as a result of that. My person has eaten the wrong foods, even when we might have known better. Yes, we are far away from perfect as a being, but we are striving for perfection. Where my being is, at any given point in the cipher of Self Development, is personal. If I were to promote my person as an example, it would be full of flaws --like many of these plus lessons. But if we present the truth; if we present our findings; if we own up to our flaws and promote morality --not only would that be helpful for the next person to know (in terms of right and wrong according to our customs), but it would be helpful to ourselves as well. This is part of being civilized. Newborn need to know what the standards is, but may not be able to identify it; due to the lack of knowledge as well as flaws inherent in growing up and being in human form. Therefore additional elaboration does serve a purpose. Some clarity is in order. An infinite being has an infinitude of forms, some reflecting duality implied as unity, sophistication and simplicity; as well as different manifestations all being born at the same time. But as we say, "Everything goes from Knowledge to Born," so there’s many steps and progressions out there. If the sum of the universe is both negative and positive, and the universe reflects the Creator’s essence, then Allah possesses these also... A concept which runs contrary to many beliefs. Therefore, we can see the need for journalism. But many of the writings we see, reflect more feeling than principle; not enough research but plenty of emotions masquerading as actual fact. It’s not hard to understand why the prerequisite was initially to burn plus degrees and other such writings; for it was hard to separate the fiction from the fact: The real truth from legend and folklore.

In the past we use to pride ourselves on what plus degrees we had (i..e. B.I.A. before Internet Access), speaking to other Gods and Earths who might ask, "Have you read -So-and-so..."(of course New Borns must have 120 first). Then, as I got older in this, I saw the lack of scholarship in some plus degrees: For example, in the plus degree on General Monk Monk, it was not possible for the general to have a high powered 22 rifle. Monk Monk was in charge of marching the devil over the hot Arabian deserts into Europe around 4000 B.C. Around the beginning of this millennium, the Chinese invented a mixture of chemicals loosely known as "gunpowder." Gunpowder and the machines that employ its massive potential for energy have dominated every major military conflict since the 1600's. Guns came into being when the Europeans adopted gunpowder from the Chinese, who had primarily used it as a fuel for fireworks and very crude cannons. The first firearms were bulky, heavy, and slow to load. The earliest guns employed by medieval armies were nothing more than a long cylinder of metal similar to the type described above. The shooter fired the weapon by applying a slowly burning piece of rope, or match, to the touchole at the end of the firearm. Cee here: Rifle History Yet some continued to quote and reference the General Monk Monk plus degree as if it were all an actual fact, an error that seems to be what Allah must have been talking about: not enough scholarship being passed off as authentic. That degree would not get the Pulitzer prize for journalism, nor could it be passed off as a chronological record of events, as of the life of a people. Bottom line: If you are going to write, be responsible, use proper judgment, analysis and do some research! Employ some sense of journalism in your writings. The facts of many events written in 120 degrees can be confirmed from various other sources. As a student or scientist in this culture, you should be very aware of this because you have done the research on the topic in the library or on the Internet. Since our charge is to "take nothing on face value," it should have already been done. And by doing so, it should be no question that Master Fard was a learned man. Therefore, as Gods/ Earths/ scientists, if you are going to write something, it should be substantiated it by references that can be proven and it would hurt if you cite them. This is important to understand, for persons seeking knowledge need to locate material evidence of our past life and culture (archaeology), customs, science and/ or beliefs and we are the ones who are given the responsibility to supply it through our journalism. But we must be responsible. We must be right and exact and leave our persons out of the equation as much as possible. Plus degrees should be approached as researched papers, since you know they will be cited or quoted by others. We must show and prove our evidence and support it with the truth revealed through our culture.

Take this for example, the knowledge to know our cipher teaches that the Blackman is from Asia. The Suez Canal is a man-made canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, otherwise there is no natural separation between Asia and so-called Africa. The God who knows our culture teaches that "The original people calls this continent Asia, but the devil calls it Africa to try and divide us. He wants us to think we are all different." (7/1-14) The customs or culture for those who know their culture teaches that, "The devil started making trouble amongst the righteous people, accusing the righteous people of telling lies, causing them to fight and kill one another." (4/1-14) The knowledge to know your culture states that the reason that the devil is not settled on the best part of the planet earth is that "The earth belongs to the original man and knowing that the devil is weak and wicked, there wouldn’t be any peace among them." (1/1-14) The Knowledge to know your culture’s cipher states, "The Holy Koran (qu’ran) or Bible is made by the original man who is Allah, Supreme being, Blackman from Asia." (1/1-40) The knowledge to know our cipher teaches that the Asiatic Blackman is "The original man, father of civilization, God of the Universe." (1/1-10) Building on the knowledge to the culture cipher, we are told, "All that above is caused by the Son of Man." (8/1-40) Then, so you can really understand build/destroy or divine in your knowledge to your culture cipher, when answering why God created Devil it states, "To show forth and prove his power." (38/1-40) In order to understand the cipher of the knowledge to the culture cipher, we were taught, "The devil is made from the original people by grafting and separating the germs." (30/1-40).

The above example means that our heritage is the culture of God Allah, the Blackman from Asia (1/1-10). We are the original people (1/1-10); righteous people (4/1-14) who wrote the Holy Koran and Bible (1/1-40) who are originators of civilization and being civilized (1/1-10). And from this we learn since the people of those guidance books are the Hebrews and Arabs, they were originally Black. The information contained within them are a part of our culture and heritage. We also learn that ultimately we are responsible for what happens in our lives; "All that above is caused by the son of man" (8/1-40) and that God made Devil to show forth and prove His powers (38/1-40); therefore we cannot blame others. That from God’s point of view all is one and originates from him and the foundation of making devil is grafting and separating (30/1-40), therefore the devil’s power is in lies (4/1-14), separation, suggestion, and making us think we are all different (7/1-14).

Often we see factors in this nation who get the lessons and never seem to grow up past the memorization of them. Accompanying this sort, are the ones who come into this nation with family issues which led to their mental difficulties but they joined us to take on our swag. In both cases, these are persons who joined us for the Power of NGE but not the Refinement and Civilization of the NGE. They are under the impression that they do not have to put in any work to rise from N*gg@ to God. They don’t believe they have to change anything in their character to improve their lot in life. They believe that all you have to do is talk the talk, put on a mask, not let anyone in too close to you and people will believe in your charade. This is, of course, while they’re still feeling the pain inside, just concealing it. They have replaced real refinement for a verbal make over. They have moved to another town, adding onto their character appearance as necessary, like a whore who wants to start all over. The bad thing about this, is that these are some of the same types of characters who go on the Internet to build themselves a web page to represent NGE!

When I scan across the Internet, I see far too much trust in the military’s creation of the government world wide web. Discretion and restraint is greatly advised. I’ve watched shows like "America’s Most Wanted," "60 Minutes," "GangLand," "Forty-Eight Hours," and my person wondered how did they get all those letters and documents compiled against the perpetrators. Remember the phone is "third party." Remember they can triangulate a cell phone. Remember computers have IP addresses... Recognize this is "his-free-nation" not ours --as our freedom fighters can attest. And when I view some of these so-called "national writings," some of these sites resemble gossip columns (the Blackman’s book, the Qu’ran shuns gossip), comedy shows, pulp fictions, and many other kinds of foolishness. These writings reflect us in a horrible light and are done by persons who’s ‘Self-as-group-development’ is greatly in question because they reflect very little social order, responsibility or scholarship. Yes, they have web pages, but you never find one ounce of instruction that illustrate how to overcome any real difficulties, or rising up from adversity, because these are issues they have ran away from their issues all their lives. You can curse, swear and talk tough, but I can see through your masks! Content in your vulgarity and crudeness, you have made things like poverty, slickness, and lawlessness noble, because they are not really going to change. They just wear the same uniform as we do, they are not for the cause. They don’t talk about brotherhood or sisterhood, they just run ‘gossip columns’ where they can "bite the backs" of those who tried to help them. They ride on the representation of righteous people they know, so as to gain entry amongst the righteous. They say things like "I don’t give a freak about this or that," but that’s all for show! No wonder persons like this cite so much actors and fictitious characters!

Here’s a character for your kind to reference: The Godfather III’s Cardinal Lamberto: "Look at this stone. It has been in the water for a very long time, but the water has not penetrated it [Father Lamberto cracks the stone on the side of the fountain]. Look... Perfectly dry. The same thing has happened to men in Europe. For centuries they have been surrounded by Christianity, but Christ has not penetrated. Christ doesn’t live within them... I always have time to save souls... Your sins are terrible. It is just that you suffer. Your life could be redeemed, but I know you don’t believe that. You will not change."

And such is the case with Almighty God Allah. He sacrificed his life to make sure wayward ones could receive the truth concerning life and apply that knowledge and wisdom to their life experiences, and thereby activate the True Self through living by that truth. Yes, these people will tell you about how they have internalized one hundred and twenty lessons, the different ways they quote them, etc. But our 120 lessons are about self development, civilization, refinement, a thing they have been running away from all their lives. "It is easier to hate, than to do something about it." They are just idol worshippers, hiding out in some obscure part of existence, talking tough in their new novel image and likeness they want you to believe they are! They don’t fool me! These are people who have not faced their fears of their childhood; they have glossed-over their character flaws and have tried to pick themselves up by putting others down. And for those of you who are reading this; You have been punks, both as children and as adults, blaming and hating/ or "hating-on" others for your irresoluteness to resolve issues of your own past. So every time someone mention such things, you wind up hating them. Don’t Blame Me for Your Errors. Positive Education Always will Correct your Errors [if you use it].
That’s right, I mean me.

For how can you hate those who are advocated for the same common cause and not hate Me as well? I am because We Are! And I say here, that if you read some of these fraud articles on the Internet, don’t be afraid to comment on their sites expressing to these fools how anti-nationalist these jokers really are! They need to be exiled, if they won’t grow up!!! All for One and One for All! You can try to ruin the image and integrity of others, doubt the goal of this nation, but you can’t face your own family issues... Cowards! I see through your masks! This is not Godliness, this is foolishness, but they insist that they can show others the way. Some of you are real tricksters and deceptakons. You snaked your way in; giving fuel to the fire of the enemy. Anyone who has been out on these streets and has been incarcerated for drug dealing, gang warring, or street activity will tell you that it was our family who took them in and help them get over their issues and learn to love themselves. Help them overcome their addictions. Teach them of the True Self and their origin in this world and rightful place in society. And all of them will tell you that they don’t appreciate phony N*gg@ who come in the name of, or write books about something they themselves have never been through. We as national writers are not here for each other’s amusement, we are here for each other’s social development. If it wasn’t for the same common cause, I wouldn’t have wanted to know you. We are beings with emotions (feelings) but we are scientists (devoted to knowing) by nature first and foremost. Our duty as civilized people and scientists is to write things in a way that promotes our growth, not stagnation. Godliness does not mean to do what the freak you feel, but what is in keeping with our culture and civilization. We are civilized people and nationalists, promoting Self Development in the form of knowledge of Self, teaching freedom, justice and equality. Therefore integrity, objectivity, extrinsic analysis and restraint must be exercised in our journalism.
[Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz]