Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is there Such a thing
as Disposable People?

By Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

We are who we are and that's it. We are not going to become something, we're not-- that is, without good reason. We will never revert back to the dregs of society where they once put us! A lot of us were on the path to 'self destruction and had to change or die... We just could not believe this, because we know better than that... yet some of us believed it... We could not accept the religious themes taught to us in our innocence and youth, either. Yet some of our own people, seemly, do not have a problem with it, stating that, "It doesn't really matter" --with the 10% of their respective congregations offering no redress whatsoever. The Emancipation Proclamation happened in 1865, Segregation was challenged by the Civil Rights movement circa 1965. So a hundred years had passed and the action that was taken was against something called Segregation. Segregation means that the persons in question sentiments are that they really don't want to share. The Civil Rights Movement implies that you don't have the same rights. The push was towards Justice, Equality; a.k.a. "fairness." Issues towards repatriations were brought up. The Japanese got repatriations from the United States for holding Japanese Americans in holding (concentration) camps against their will, in fear they may be spies amongst them who were loyal to Japan only. The Black Central Asian or so-called African in America thought he should be repatriated land and/or money for the years his ancestors worked American soil as slaves against their will and received no GOLD FOR HIS LABOR. We received no repatriations (30/1-36) and the illusion of an equal society, if you could afford it and lived in their communities the way they had established it. Of course there was resistance, usually some what complied with in reluctance. In many cases you still worked for the same kind you used to slave for. The same people are usually in majority for the group who shows or sells you the house, or the ones who are the judges. It's still fairness in someone else's eyes... you are asking to share THEIR PIE... The town of Deadwood was a part of land already given to Native Americans as reservation land-- that is, until they found out their was gold in the river and stream areas... As you look throughout most Black Churches, you see a picture of a White Jesus hanging up as the savior of these black people. In the Philippines, whose ancestors are the Negritoes, they worship the Black baby Jesus... It has been said, that before the riots in late 60's (after Martin Luther King was shot), pale Jews owned most of the stores along our neighborhood commerce street. Are we, as a people saying, subconsciously, that we can only accept a white skin as being worthy enough to have god live within? Have we not learned that the oldest Hebrews on the planet live in Kush (so-called Ethiopia) today and are called the Falasha? Are we accepting a form of white superiority? Are we saying that Whites should get preferential treatment over Blacks in America? We helped build this great country, shouldn't we have the same human and civil rights? What color should Jesus and the chosen people be for the black man in America?My parents, parents were incarnated circa 1902, but my parents great grandparents were actually slaves! Just think, slavery being that close that it was right beyond my parent's grandmother! As a group of people, we were introduced to these North American group of Whites as its slave labor force; a reality that would never have us rise above menial labor in the eyes of most whites. Many problems Whites have with President Obama stem from the fact that this outlook of "class assigned to color," is an institutionalized American outlook that is racist in nature and is subliminally placed within the minds of most Whites and Blacks in this country. A lot of us accept the racists undertones in this country, in the same way people usually avoid run-ins with the law or doing battle with City Hall. Many of our self-defeating ways also originate from the same undeniable fact! Which brings up an interesting muse, for in the case of indentured servitude, most European countries were dealing with a class struggle between rich and poor, long before slavery and founded according to race. During the time of Christian Reformation (the birth of Protestantism and other Non-Catholic religions) in Europe, while the newly born bourgeoisie class was coming of age, those who decided to take such a trip to the New World (America), did so in hopes to escape social and religious persecution back in Europe... Many tried to escape the serf-servant class they were in. Most refugees could not afford the trip to America on the income they were making, so they sold themselves INTO a number of years of servitude, to have an opportunity to deliver themselves FROM a class of servitude: Picture that!

Most ships of this nature set dock in the Virginia area. A lot of this type of servitude took place in the New World occurred here initially. These servants were both Black and White (Native Americans did not make good slaves probably because this was their land). In America, an indentured servant was to be offered 40 acres and a mule after his tenure, along with a weapon to protect said property, In Bermuda, their solution to the 40 acre and a mule issue was simple-- overwork the servants to death! American history records one Blackman becoming quite successful in this endeavor. Of course, thoughts went into how to keep this type of Black Enterprise from spreading. And it was in this area, to my recollection, that a rebellion took place between a group of indentured servants and their employer/ masters. This incident made its way before a local judge. Now even though there were several white indentured servants involved in this rebellion, it would seem this particular judge took exception to Black Men rising up to whites, period, and with a stroke of a pen put in effect the end to the need to supply forty acres and a mule at the end of service by assigning him to slavery for the rest of his life for his part in the deed. This being the case, the act put into effect, the notion that Whites no longer had to offer the same servitude conditions to Blacks as they did to European Whites attempting to escape the menial class or religious persecution. They could own them. One Hundred Twenty documents: "Yes, the trader made an interpretation that we would receive more gold for our labor which was more than we were earning in our own country. Did we receive more gold? No, the trader disappeared and there was no one there to speak our language (28,29,30/1-36)." Here our ancestors are-- as it were, "on the outside looking in." Working to one day be free and able to join in being citizens of a new land or becoming Americans, perhaps to send money back to their love ones back home (as so many Africans, Jamaicans and foreigners do today), and finding themselves imprisoned into a life of slavery! It was a judgment call done by someone who was not your color but in the seat of power to determine your ancestor's destiny.

"Is There Such A Thing As Disposable People?"

One of the things my persons notices about our people is our aversion to studying slavery and the central Asian continent that the colored man re-labeled "Africa." It is almost as though Blacks in America only want to live in the present and worry only about today. MANY OF US DON'T CARE ABOUT OUR PAST, THEY JUST WANT TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES. Many of our people who had been bitten by drug addictions frequently state that they "LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME." This means, there's been a lot of disappointment. Maybe its the disappointment of trying to fit in. Maybe its the frustration of needing and wanting things that one just cannot have. Or knowing that you were not one of the free, privileged, or accepted. How does that One go: "Free and _____ Masons?" It is as though Blacks in America are trying to avoid a troubled past, and by avoiding that troubling past, they will keep the past behind them. Very little is mentioned about it (but we do have a two tier Black Society because of it), and the only reference made may be through a series of "Nigger jokes" (run like a n--, like a slave n--, run down like a pair of slave boots, etc.), that we use ON and TO ourselves. But it is more like when two parents don't get along and the children wound up blaming each other: YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH UNTIL YOU INVESTIGATE. Some of our folks go to other cities and re-invent ourselves, on behalf of this UNSETTLED FEELING: Like the infamous, notorious whore in New York City, who comes to Philly, or Lewis, Delaware, to live her life as "Gertude Huxtable." But you need to know the truth. It's the reason why you take that ump-teenth drink that you know you shouldn't have. It's the reason why you shoot up. The reason why you "take that hit" from the glass tip... It's the reason why you trip.... It is as though some of our folks are running away from some terrible truth about themselves-- or at least something they'd just rather not deal with-- and it has left us not feeling good about ourselves as a people. BUT THE NATURE OF THE MIND IS TO SOLVE DIFFICULTIES. DIFFICULTIES WHICH ARE NOT RESOLVED, WILL ONLY RESURFACE LIKE THE TRUTH DOES WHEN IT IS HIDDEN. We, as persons with Knowledge of Self, cannot engage in such foolishness because that will be a part of ourSelf that WE JUST WONT KNOW, or a part of ourSelf that we just cannot properly handle; both of which are contradictory to the very notion to having Knowledge of who you are. THERE MUST BE CLOSURE. This is only fear and Self-loathing; which is the opposite of knowledge of Self; contradictory to confidence and a highly emotional and irrational state. The sun is the symbol of knowledge and reason; and if you are a said person of that ability, so should you be and the only reason one wouldn't be is BECAUSE THE DEVIL PLANTED FEAR IN HIM WHEN HE WAS A LITTLE BOY (8/1-36)]! But I'm here to say that, "NONE OF THIS HAS TO DO WITH WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF. Those are two different things." But it could be called "SELF-HATRED" and "VOLUNTEERED SLAVERY" because YOU ARE AVOIDING SELF AWARENESS. Sly Stone says of this: "Pretty, pretty, pretty as a picture/Witty, witty, witty as you can be; Blind cause your eyes see only glitter/Closed to the things that make you free..." [Somebodies Watching You- Sly & The Family Stone].

This is a state of mind that you have taken on for the time being: It is A BELIEF and not KNOWLEDGE. As I-Freedom once said, "You can be a bum out on a park bench, and that God force will still be in your being. In other words, "You will still be God, even though you would not be acting like it." In the bible, Jonah was sent by God to minister to the people of Nineveh. His fears overtook him and he tried to escape his job by fleeing to Tarish. On his way, he was swallowed up by a whale and remained within it for several days; after which he was spewed-out upon land. When he lifted his eyes, he realized he was in Nineveh. Moral of the story: IF YOU ARE THE SAID PERSON, YOU CAN'T ESCAPE YOUR DESTINY.When I look back at the past, IT SEEMS AS THOUGH OUR ANCESTORS WERE ALWAYS FACING THEIR PAST AND DEALING WITH THEIR SITUATION SQUARELY. IT SEEMED AS THOUGH THEY KNEW JUST WHAT THEY WERE FACING AND STRIVING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. THEY DEPENDED ON THEMSELVES. THIS ONLY MADE THEM STRONGER. I might also add, the intention of the colonist was very straight forward as well. They might have shuffled their feet a little, to get a little footing from the Native Americans (about 1492-1554), but by the time indentured servitude and slavery (1555 is our date of arrival) occurred, their posture was quite obvious and un-hidden. I guess there was no way to avoid the approach that our ancestors had, because short of dying or surrendering totally, there were little alternatives. THEY KNEW THEY WERE CAPTIVES SOLD INTO A SLAVERY UNLIKE ANYTHING PRACTICED ON THEIR CONTINENT. THEY WERE OBVIOUSLY BEING TREATED SUBHUMAN, AS PROPERTY, AND WOULD BE EXTINGUISHED IF THEY FAILED TO OBEY THE COMMANDS OF THESE SLAVE DRIVERS. Nothing would be done to a slave master who killed his slave. They had less rights than an animal today. If you killed an animal today, the SPCA can press charges against you, but in America Blacks were considered disposable people.

THE FIRST INDENTURED SERVANTS AND SLAVES WERE AWARE OF THEIR HOMELAND. THEY HAD ANOTHER CULTURE. REBELLIONS WERE PLENTY BECAUSE THEY HAD THEIR CULTURE, THEIR PRIDE, THEIR DIGNITY. THIS MEANT THAT MOST OF THEM KNEW THEY HAD ANOTHER LIFESTYLE BEFORE ENTERING INTO THIS HELL THAT THE WHITE SLAVE MASTER MADE FOR BLACK PEOPLE; HIS SO-CALLED AMERICA. THEY WERE ABLE TO MAKE COMPARISONS AND THEREBY KNEW BETTER. IF THEY DIDN'T, THEY KNEW THEY WANTED ANOTHER LIFE OTHER THAN THE ONE THESE WHITES WERE GIVING THEM. THEY SAW WHAT HAD BECOME OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN AND THEY SAW THE WAY THE COLONIST HAD FOR NON-WHITE PEOPLE. But in the future, their Black children, on a whole, would not be as wise because they would not know of this past... [Well they were made blind, deaf, and dumb when they were babies (24/1-36)]. A lot of the stories you may have heard about slaves in Elementary and High School were more like an overview with very little details. IF YOU READ SLAVE NARRATIVES like Olaudato Aquiano or Frederick Douglas, THE DETAILS YOU ARE GETTING IS FROM THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED IT. If not, you are getting an interpretation, regardless of whether they are presenting some or many facts. Remember that. One of the things you will learn from such first hand accounts by the people themselves is that we were not unskilled people going into slavery. We were carpenters, craftsmen, artists, musicians, everything you would find in a regular society. This view makes much sense since in most cases with slave owners, there were language barriers and we are sure you couldn't get a high degree of skilled education taught strictly "ala bull-whip" method (strictly through fear of punishment). The subjugated people had to have a good base of cultural skills, outside of being vanquished warriors. We were prisoners of war, sold into slavery many times by the hands of our own people in feuds or wars between tribes. WE WERE CAPTIVES SOLD INTO SERVITUDE, STRICTLY TO WORK FOR ANOTHER TYPE OF MAN WHOM WE HAD NEVER ENCOUNTERED IN OUR HOMELAND. We were not familiar to all the White man's ways. Our lessons teaches us that our people were tricked by a trader giving impressions through his interpretations into our language or "tricknowledge" (28,29,30/1-36).

As a slave, you worked for the rich (those who could outlay such money for the purchase of several people). You were either a skilled, semi-skilled or menial worker. If you were good at a craft, the slave master would rent you out to his neighbors (like a plow-horse or a tool) for a fee (but you wouldn't get paid). Imagine what type of person would do that... At the end of a hard week nowadays, you have the comfort of knowing you are getting paid: These people were told they would get more gold for their labor... now they see the master taking the gold he or she should have had! Imagine the feelings running through the slave... Imagine the type of person who could "bull" pass the obvious sentiments he knows the other persons must have and steal the gold from those whose labor he stole. The captive was taken to a foreign land and had no way of returning to where they came from (32/1-36). If you were the child of a captive, you probably didn't know which land you came from, because the babies were sold for additional monies (like a basket of eggs, the farmer would sell his livestock to other farmers). Imagine the fear of a child, existing in this type of world with no family or relatives: no father, no mother, nor sister or brother... Emotional rape is the best way to describe this. No wonder so many of our families are so dysfunctional. Blacks don't have a long history of family in this country because of this policy. The demands western society places on the working class borns a lot of stress and tension. As they say, "It is not 'Whistle-Stop-Job-Pay' that gets to you, it's the 'Whistle-Stop-Mentality." On the journey to America, no fellow countrymen or country women from Central Asia or A-ke-bu-lan were shipped upon the same ship. The slave traders were afraid that if the captives could communicate with eachother, it could lead to conspiracies. So to avoid mutinies, they made sure no one could speak the same language or dialect besides the traders. You can see how this would effect future trust and bonding with Black community members... After the captives were sold at the auction block, the prisoner would have to get acclimated to how things were going to be done: a.k.a. slave conditions. Once this was established, you had a choice: You either got on the path to destruction or in some way you had to accept the concept that your body was the property of another man. In this ownership, not even your children would be protected from his propriety. And it is this subconscious feeling of powerlessness against the western society -at large-, that plagues Blacks to this very same day! The colored man, not the parents, owned the Black Man's and Women's children! Today, the TV, Video games, and TV programming (if not incarceration) owns our children but the conditions are the same because it is the white man's culture and civilization, not ours. A lot of our children's concepts, values and assessments concerning life, originate from here: The average Black child remembers the strength and weaknesses of their favorite video game characters, cartoon heroes and/or sitcom personas like some Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses of a complex religion of Western polytheism (which badly imitates Kabalistic, "so-called African" Secret Societies). And mind you, these character analysis are very complex (I know, my person has had several conversation with children and witness the many layers)! Most slave owners then, treated the black family like a litter of highly used "beasts of burden;" selling children whenever money was needed, to whomever they pleased. There seemed to be little regard for how the Black parents felt concerning the selling of children in slavery. As previously stated, "One would sell a Black child as simply as one would sell a puppy from one of several litters. There is no surprise to my person, why today we have so many difficulties associated with family. Psychologically, that had to damage both parents deeply, destroying most sense of our past within the children. Today, many choose not to investigate the past. Mind you, this is not all our past, just the reason why things are this way in America...

OUR ANCESTORS WANTED TO BREAK FREE AND START THEIR OWN SOCIETY, DEDICATING A LOT OF TIME AND ENERGY TO IT. They knew of life outside of what the plantation provided. They wanted to repair their families and their family values. They wanted their music and cultural activities. At first, many knew of architecture beyond what whites built. They had values beyond what whites could appreciate. They knew they were on this planet longer than the whites who owned them as slaves, they knew they were put on this earth to be much more than that, but a few years of having their babies sold to various slave owners, this would have later generations know less of their homeland and more of the hellish nightmare these children were incarnated into. They know less of our cultural ways which were different American lifestyle, architecture, religion, etc., due to this practice. THIS IS AN INTERESTING POINT TO NOTE, BECAUSE TODAY, DUE TO A GENERAL DISINTEREST IN THE WAY THE SO-CALLED "OLD HEADS" LIVE AND DO THINGS, BOTH IN THE ORDINARY WORLD AND WITHIN THE REALM OF THOSE WHO TEACH KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, BLACK PEOPLE ARE LOSING CUSTOMARY WAYS. Therefore many of our descendants are reverting back to savage ways or ways which originate from the Devil's Civilization, mainly because they are not cultivating the ways of those who came before! Proper transmittance is not taking place! Our children and younger people who are soliciting for Knowledge of Self from the outside world, are incorporating the prejudice of "Old School" and "New School" (evident philosophies that exist in Hip Hop Culture) into their way of thinking about life; therefore blocking out of a lot of the ways we transmit wisdom and truth from the Old to the young. In other words, a lot of our ancient wisdom is becoming buried, in the same way that they use Jesus name for Christianity, but the customs Jesus tried to deliver to his disciples was buried. In other words, the practice is anything but (5/1-14). Concepts concerning What is God, How God should act, What is Civilization, Righteousness, Knowledge of Self, and the science of everything in life (18/1-40) has become bastardized into a Hip-Hoppish, thugged out, "new school" way of looking at life. The understanding of the Twelve Jewels, the way of building, the incorporation of Lessons, Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet, etc., into the perception of the days degrees are being lost to many younger people. In a few minutes of talking to a few younger students, you can see that a lot of the older proverbial wisdom and basic concepts concerning "said people of this ability" is not only failed to be comprehended but the 'aire of godliness' is not carried or properly incorporated. Many are saying "the words," but aren’t grasping them nor feeling them in their hearts and minds. Therefore, they are living contradictory, because our true concepts are bastardized by current day thoughts.

From 1555 to 1865, the divisions in American society were clear. You were not allowed into their society. This is not only true for The Slavery period in American History, there is a period in America before the Civil Rights Era of the 60's called Segregation [I suggest you Google the topic] and this is not so distant past. Whites during the period from 1555-1865 were either masters, or descendants of the people who took the land from the native Americans. This deed was done after, of course, being helped by the same Native Americans to survive the harsh American winters. Whites had become defined as the ruling class in America. The decisions concerning letting Blacks into American society was left squarely in the White man's hands. It was THEIR government and THEIR rules and they did not do it right after the Emancipation Proclamation of 1865. If they did, the Civil Right Movement of the 1960's would not have been necessary. We did not have part in it's legislation and customs but we did have part in its construction: we provided FREE LABOR in the form of slavery! If you were free Blackman in North America, you were not represented in legislation. If you conducted business according to their rules of trade, obeyed its civic laws, there would probably be no problem or room for incident. Unless the incident was concerning fair treatment, then a Black Man or Women would realize by law, their lives were considerably less: "about three fifths of a white person, to be considered along with livestock." What that meant was that you were recognized as somewhat human (3/5ths, for the purpose of determining how many delegates shall be appointed in the house of representatives in states where slaves resided), but as far as rights were concerned, you had the rights of livestock and other such property. In other words, you had no civil rights. There were no laws against discrimination. So, as a Black person, if you were treated unfair, you could not take your case to court because you were not given any rights in America [Google the Dred Scott Case or The Scottsboro Boys Case for more information concerning this]. Therefore the judge would not hear your case. In America, your life was not equal to that of whites, in the eyes of whites, so Black people knew better than to try to become part of their society at that time. The only thing blacks seemed to bank on is compassion and humanity when looking for work... and maybe not compassion down south. We often had to rely on whites for employment in those days, wherein we would be humiliated many times, doing clownish gestures to appeal to their need to believe we thought they were superior, often helping Black Women before they would assist the Black Man at holding his family together... unless we chanced across another Black, who'd size us up first and if we seem ok, they'd assist (but even with some of our own, they thought they were better because they were in a better position)! Please research the Bulter vs. Perry case of 1916-- So called 3/5's Compromise and Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. In one of the three treatises, we spoke of a judge, who with one stroke of a pen, turned servitude in this country from indentured to slavery based upon the color of the skin. That was his judgment call, but isn't all life a judgment call? We make decisions on the basis of the information available to us, reasoning, and sometimes according to our sentimentalities (feelings). Sometimes sentimentalities may be based upon current trends. Sometimes, they may be facts and sometimes what is based for the overall good of the country.

A lot of what happened in Nazi Germany occurred, not because of evil people but because of a collective feeling in the air; a sign of the times; feelings of resentment, etc. The similar thing occurred in Bosnia and Serbia; concerning the Muslim community within their Slavic population. I think that it is particularly dangerous for Black people in America with their vicarious semi-symbiotic relationship with White America to rely on the relationship given the types of sentimentalities we know exists between us. I myself, do not consider myself a MARK or BUSTER... WE MUST DO FOR SELF. WHAT AMAZES ME IS THE RETRIEVAL OF ONLY CERTAIN ELEMENTS OF THE SEVENTIES FOR USE IN THE LIFESTYLES OF THE EIGHTIES, NINETIES, THE TWO THOUSANDS TO THE PRESENT. My persons is not naive. Every generation romanticizes the decade they were incarnated in because the most of what we form our adult lives out of is the impressions we retrieve from our childhood. Everyone does this. Those who were "war-babies (1941-1948)" (post WWII) reached and grabbed elements from 1951 to 1958 and effectively utilized it for some of the themes they created for the 60's. Those incarnated in 1958 romanticize the 1961 up unto 1968; utilizing those themes for the 1970's. THE ISSUE HERE IS, WHAT WAS RETRIEVED FROM THE 1970'S. The themes of players, pimps and prostitutes get scooped by the group from around 1968, to utilize for their themes of the 1980's. WE HAVE A LOT OF ELEMENTS AVAILABLE WHICH WERE HARDER TO OBTAIN, YET MANY OF OUR FACTORS ARE FACILITATING FOOLISHNESS. Though they were fun to watch, they were parades, stereotypes and exploitation on film. The only reason they did well is because we were dying to see Black people on film and the raw outrageous drama was exciting and real-looking. Today people speak about "Keeping it real." But in both generations, it should have been about KEEPING IT RIGHT. The problem in both cases the audience making the decisions to support it was our children who are still in our homes and full of "hormone disturbances" spurring a rebellious nature before their true age of social consciousness. If half of you were to put out hip-hop hits at your current age of 30+, it would not have the same lyrical content that you would have spat at 18! That's because you know more, but what you might have said at 18, set a prerequisite for the younger generations to come. That's how stereotypes bite us in the butt. You might know better but now you are considered the "corny one."The whole pimp, prostitute, player-drug dealer image says that its ok to look at some of our own people as usable, exploitative, disposable, discarded people. This is buying into the venom the devil stung us with from slavery: broken homes, dysfunctional families, feelings of worthlessness. Some of us have brought into the devil's snare! We believe such rubbish that ownership has taught. Now the disposal/exploitative/usury concept might be ok to you, until somebody labels you as such:

"The economy's in an uproar/the whole damn system's in the red; Taxi-fare went up a dollar--you mean to tell me that ‘Billy Green is Dead’? The government can't decide on busing/or at least that's what they said; Yeah, I heard you/when you told me, you said that ‘Billy Green is Dead’. But let me tell you about these hot pants that this big leg sister wore/ went out partying with the Alphas-- what? Billy took an overdose? Well... junkies will be junkies... but did you see GUN SMOKE last night? Yeah, they had themselves a shoot out/folks was dying left and right... When Marshall Dillion was in the corner/I had damn-nuff gave up hope... Why you keep on interrupting/ you said, ‘My son is taking dope?’ Well, call the doctor/ call the law! What you mean/I shouldn't scream? My only son is taking dope/ should I sit here like I'm pleased?" -"Billy Green is Dead" by Gil Scott Heron. Can you feel that?

This poem depicts the apathetic condition this society has nurtured in us. This lack of love for us as a people is what has to change before real nationhood will develop. We have to care for our own, we should not look for no one else to. There are no throw away people, but there are people you can't rescue. ONLY SELF IS SAVIOR! One only learns what one teaches self: Until the person is ready, until the person is receptive to what you advocate, NO AMOUNT OF WORDS WILL REACH THEM. REGARDLESS OF WHAT OR HOW YOU TEACH, THERE WILL BE NO PROGRESS. Experience is the best teacher. SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO GET THEIR MEAT (HEADS) LUMPED BEFORE THEY UNDERSTAND. I don't like self abuse, so I give these people ample space and I don't call. Help should be approached like addiction: you are either an enable-er or an assistant: either you are enabling them to continue with their madness or you are assisting them to do their work of clean up. Ultimately in all cases, they have to do the work. If you are doing all the work, you are an enable-er: you help facilitate their foolishness. Remember that. I don't disqualify anyone, they disqualify themselves by their ways and actions: they prove whether they are ready or not. IT'S DEEDS NOT WORDS--ALRIGHT?!

We know the truth through the knowledge in 120. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH. THE ONLY THING IS: THE MOST SOLID SUBSTANCE IS THE TRUTH, THE BEST SURFACE IS REALITY, AND KNOWLEDGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL THINGS IN EXISTENCE. We cannot live a pseudo-life trying to be cool with all fashions. We must advocate our own Society and Nation. We are who we are. Yes we angle the truth in a square of pure righteousness, to the direction in which a person is developing, we do not distort the truth. We are not going to fit in because we are righteous people in an unjust society that masquerades as civilized. But we must have composure and etiquette. We must not put ourselves under fire for things we know the mathematics to. We must live out our culture and the principles it represents and we can't treat people inferior. We must be the nobility we are and we can't go back to our lost ways... alright Kings and Queens?! Please use Wikipedia in looking up baby boom--cultural identity for a better understanding of culture identity.

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz