Thursday, September 29, 2005

-First Born Prince Allah-

Back in Born Build I had the opportunity of sharing some time with First Born Prince Allah. The picture you see was taken at about the Knowledge Knowledge Hour (11pm) in front of the Allah School.

The first time I met Prince I had already heard quite a bit about him. He was well-known for bombing (setting people strait) people and calling things like he seen it. On the first occasion I was sitting in the Allah School on the day of our Annual Show and Prove with about four other Gods, a couple young and a couple older. While sitting there a tall thin figure walked in through the room strait to the back of the school. Those who knew who he was seemed to sit up alittle more strait as if they were waiting for something to happen. I looked around at those in the front room and it was an eerie silence. One of the older Gods said in a silence voice to one of the younger Gods, “That was First Born Prince Allah!”. With his eye’s widening, the younger God seemed to feel alittle apprehensive about being there. I didn’t know what was really going on until Prince returned from the back and on his way out he stopped to question one of the Gods who was sitting in a chair. In a convicted voice he said, “Yo’ God where is my tape at!” Apparently the God borrowed a tape from Prince of him going through his lessons. The God being to stumble into excuses why he hadn’t gotten it back to him yet and finally stated that he was doing the knowledge to it. Prince sarcastically shot back, “God, you had my muthaf*#!in’ tape for 10 years now God and you still drawing it up? How much drawing up you gotta’ do God? God I want my tape back!” Now mind you this God that was getting bombed was at least 40 years old. A few Gods snickered a bit because it was hilarious how Prince handled the situation. The God didn’t respond he just told the God “I’ll get your tape back”, and Prince responded by saying, “And don’t tell me when your gonna’ bring the mutha f*#a’ either, just bring it”!

A few minutes later me and one of the Gods was standing outside of the school and Prince was in the front sweeping when a young PR boy (so-called Puerto Rican) walked by wearing a long necklace with a large Dragon pendant dangling from it. Prince stopped him for a minute and said “What kind of symbol is that?”. Puzzled, the youth looked down and held it up and said proudly, “It’s a Dragon”. With a smile on his face and wave of his hand Prince said, “Well drag on then”. It was amazing to see how he put knowledge to practical use. He was an Arabic Scholar, and Elder, a Brother and at times he often spit Mathematics sounding like a Sailor! When it’s said that “The truth hurts”, Prince knew how to break you down if you wasn’t right and exact and I noticed that he usually attacked those who acted like they were better. Prince didn’t carry himself with a “I’m better than you attitude” b.u.t. he did demand respect regardless of who you say you are and that went for everybody!

On the occasion where I tool this picture of Prince I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with him. Actually this is the weekend I bought a roundtrip bus ticket to Now Why (NY) and stayed over night in the school. My intention was to visit the school, build with some of the Gods and Earths, view some sights, get something to eat and get back on the bus later early the next morning and come back to Atlantis. When I got to Mecca and it started to get late the Older Gods decided to let me stay at the School because Prince was gonna’ rest there for the night. We built or should I say he built because I basically listened and only asked for clarity on some things he said. The God was hilarious the way he put things because many “God’s” often try to dress up what they are saying by shrouding their words in deep mathematical concepts. Prince was raw and anyone that knew him will bear witness to that! He built about everything from this young wiz (woman) he was dealing with in the Projects to Freemasonry, the history of the Nation to why he hated rats, relationships and of course stupid ass nigga’s. We were up to about the wisdom hour and it was one of the most memorable experiences that I have ever had.

When I awoke in the morning we built for a while longer before I left to do alittle sight-seeing until it was time for me to come back to Atlantis. I tell this story for one reason only, to reflect upon how valuable that our Elders are. We must preserve the best part of everything they say while they are here with us. May Peace and Blessing be upon The God.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Bateleur Eagle

"Bonified Snake Eater"

Build and S.O.S.
-(Share Our School)-

Fundamentally and realistically, the true teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths take place in all places. What we teach is never geographically, historically, socially or economically out of context because our teachings are the synthesis of universal law which is "Mathematics". Mathematics are the symbolic representation and function of what is, what was and what will be. Principles, if you will, in the most essential form. Therefore there is not a "specific" place that we need to meet in order to teach, but there are in environments that may serve as a more effective backdrop for someone to grasp a certain concept. You find us (Gods and Earths) in all places, teaching in the boardroom, the courtroom, the classroom, on the corner, at a church, at the club, playing baseball, at the zoo, in Iraq or wherever! The best of us are able to turn any circumstance, situation or environment into a classroom at any time. First Born Prince Allah (PBUH) was one of many of our Elders that was able to do this!

I received knowledge while I was in college at Central State University in Wilberforce, OH so I was already in a so-called study environment. For me this was very convenient and strengthening to my education. When I left in Born Power (95) and brought the knowledge to Atlantis the people that wanted to learn had a very different backdrop and it took me time to learn that they weren’t going to get the knowledge the same way I got it. I had to take a different approach because to most of them it was really a task to get up and walk four blocks to the library in the winter to do some research. What it comes down to is the fact that each person goes through their own personal challenges (hell) for things to come out right. As an Enlightener, it is our responsibility to see this and formulate a curriculum that takes into consideration all factors that will help or hinder them from growing.

To go back to my original statement, you will see actual Allah Youth Centers throughout America and these "Centers" act as laylines or magnetic poles that serve as gathering places for us and outreach centers for the community. It’s important that we support these structures and maintain them especially our root of civilization. Our National Headquarters is literally in Mecca (Harlem, NY)!

The reasoning behind this site maximizes our ability to communicate, share information and network with eachother wherever we may be. I also hope that it will inspire others to use the net as a medium to start an online/offline "school" because in the not so distant future we will be able to offer a variety of self improvement courses in specialized areas of interest that are relative to our teachings. Stay in-tune for "Supreme Mathematics" (The Key)

"The essence of education doesn’t take place inside of a building, it takes place
inside of your building." -
Saladin Allah


Thursday, September 22, 2005

-Yashua and his Brethren-

Do the Knowledge

I've been working 12 hour days four days a week so this is probably the most effective way to communicate. In the morning I work as a Key Office Manager in the Slot Operations Dept. at the Seneca Niagara Casino. The link has a picture of me doing a Promotional Shot for our Poker Room rocking some ole' skool porkchops! I've been working here for understanding (3) years and it's PEACE! I have never gotten up and said to myself "damn I gotta go to work!". Since this is a two million (Native Americans) operated Casino, the infrastructure is very different than other businesses that are founded upon a Euro centered worldview. I feel more at home here and have the support of other Indigenous People who culturally and historically relate to us. It's funny because the same type of people that we call Oreo's they call them Apples!

After I leave the Casino I go home for a moment to change and prepare for my L.I.F.E. Program that I run through the NACC (Niagara Art's and Cultural Center). The NACC used to be Niagara Falls High School but they closed it to open a new High School. All the rooms in the building are rented out to different types of Artist's. The link to this site gives you alittle information about the NACC. I too enjoy this because my L.I.F.E. Program is a Mentorship Program designed to teach vital "Life Skills" to the youth such as self awareness, critical thinking, conflict resolution, environmental preservation, politics, optimum health, entrepreneurialism and other valuable information that often doesn't get taught or emphasized in the public/private school system.

Back when I got knowledge of self in Born Power (95) my Benefactor used to tell me many things about my destiny that I couldn't see for myself at the time. He used to say things like, "Yo' God, your gonna' be working with the children", and "You gotta' gift God dealing with the youth". I think that one of the fundamental things missing today amongst the Original People is "Trust". Let me tell you, it takes a great deal of trust to humble yourself to a person that you call "Enlightener" because essentially you don't know where he or she may lead you! You can only assume that it will be the right direction because you've never been where they are yet! I give my Benefactor, Teacher, Enlightener, Brother the utmost respect for taking the time to show me the way. It's a task that very few people take on because the reward you receive is to simply see your brother or sister improve themselves and be positive productive assets to their family, friends, community and world! This task can never be minimized especially in such a self serving, materialistic centered "Do Me" society such as America. I am forever grateful to have came in tune with my Benefactor and I in turn try to be an asset to others in any way that I can. Until next time.. .