Thursday, September 22, 2005

-Yashua and his Brethren-

Do the Knowledge

I've been working 12 hour days four days a week so this is probably the most effective way to communicate. In the morning I work as a Key Office Manager in the Slot Operations Dept. at the Seneca Niagara Casino. The link has a picture of me doing a Promotional Shot for our Poker Room rocking some ole' skool porkchops! I've been working here for understanding (3) years and it's PEACE! I have never gotten up and said to myself "damn I gotta go to work!". Since this is a two million (Native Americans) operated Casino, the infrastructure is very different than other businesses that are founded upon a Euro centered worldview. I feel more at home here and have the support of other Indigenous People who culturally and historically relate to us. It's funny because the same type of people that we call Oreo's they call them Apples!

After I leave the Casino I go home for a moment to change and prepare for my L.I.F.E. Program that I run through the NACC (Niagara Art's and Cultural Center). The NACC used to be Niagara Falls High School but they closed it to open a new High School. All the rooms in the building are rented out to different types of Artist's. The link to this site gives you alittle information about the NACC. I too enjoy this because my L.I.F.E. Program is a Mentorship Program designed to teach vital "Life Skills" to the youth such as self awareness, critical thinking, conflict resolution, environmental preservation, politics, optimum health, entrepreneurialism and other valuable information that often doesn't get taught or emphasized in the public/private school system.

Back when I got knowledge of self in Born Power (95) my Benefactor used to tell me many things about my destiny that I couldn't see for myself at the time. He used to say things like, "Yo' God, your gonna' be working with the children", and "You gotta' gift God dealing with the youth". I think that one of the fundamental things missing today amongst the Original People is "Trust". Let me tell you, it takes a great deal of trust to humble yourself to a person that you call "Enlightener" because essentially you don't know where he or she may lead you! You can only assume that it will be the right direction because you've never been where they are yet! I give my Benefactor, Teacher, Enlightener, Brother the utmost respect for taking the time to show me the way. It's a task that very few people take on because the reward you receive is to simply see your brother or sister improve themselves and be positive productive assets to their family, friends, community and world! This task can never be minimized especially in such a self serving, materialistic centered "Do Me" society such as America. I am forever grateful to have came in tune with my Benefactor and I in turn try to be an asset to others in any way that I can. Until next time.. .

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