Monday, February 08, 2010

Queen Wisdom Born AKA Ms. Modesty Blaise

Blaise InFitness

“So I inspired you to get nekkid too huh?! LOL” she said, in response to a shirtless Profile Picture I posted on FB. We were jokingly chatting about that, and the type of response she’s been getting from Gods and Earths about the New Fitness Trainer/Fitness Modeling Business she launched; Blaise InFitness!

Within The Nation of Gods and Earths (The NGE; Five Percenters), a traditional part of our Regalia is that our Women (Earths) wear 3/4th’s clothing. A cursory glance at Women all over the Planet Earth, throughout the annals of time, will show you that in any Civilized Society, Women dress and have dressed modestly. The Original Woman, whom herself is composed of 3/4th’s water, is symbolic to The Planet Earth, which is likewise “covered under water approximately 3/4th’s of it’s surface” (8/1-40). Phrases such as Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and even down to the analogy of Africa’s Nile River being the Fallopian Tube of Humanity are just a few of the obvious signs to express the twin-like relationship the Original Woman has to our Planet. Anytime an Earth in this Nation doesn’t adhere to our 3/4th’s Cultural dress code, she looks suspicious. This dress code isn’t like the ninja styled burqa Muslim Women wear, nor is it like a bohemian gypsy garment. This dress code is more along the lines of long skirts, headwraps, loose fitting clothing that’s neither churchy or flighty! LOL If some Earths aren’t wearing a headwrap, they’ll still be covered 3/4th’s of their body and wearing their natural hair. Most Earths understand this tradition, b.u.t. there are females who claim to be Earths in this Nation, who dress and look no different than the average female on the street. These females have perms, weaves, wigs, etc…, and wear form fitting clothing so tight they make Alicia Keys look like she’s wearing jogging pants.

Now…, because this Earth isn’t wearing the traditional 3/4th’s in her New Fitness Trainer/Fitness Modeling Business, she has drawn a lot of National attention! She informed me that while most Gods have been openly supportive and inspired by her, the feedback she’s gotten from some Gods/Earths, Earths in particular, hasn’t been as positive. I thought to myself… From a females perspective, maybe it’s a “game peep game” situation that’s above my microcerphalic head? Maybe it’s just some good ole fashion hatin going on? Maybe people are mad because she’s holding up a proverbial mirror to them and their portly mate? Maybe the Queen is just striving to let Gods know what she’s working wit, she is surprisingly single? Whatever it may or may not be, I want to explore this topic, and hopefully create some positive dialogue around this subject of Professional Earth Attire.

First and foremost, I’ve known Queen Wisdom Born for a long time, at least a decade, and she’s always been synonymous with pro-activeness! She’s been one of the forerunners of our Nation abroad (Canada), and I’ve always respected her for being about this Culture regardless to whom or what. You often don’t find that in an Earth because many of them come into this Nation via a Man or for a Man, and as soon as that situation goes sour they’re back to Lil Kimmin’ it in The Club. From my relationship and experience with the Queen, she ain’t that kinda female. A while ago we were building and she was telling me about different Training Courses she’d been taking such as welding, etc., how her babies were doing, and how her Business ‘Earth Science’ (that specializes in Designer Crowns & Headwraps) is going. When it comes to ‘Earth Science’, I remember yeeeeeers ago when the Queen first started this Business, so she’s been on the grind for a quite some time! Over the years, and with her continued dedication to her craft, ‘Earth Science’ has become THE hallmark to Designer Earth Attire, and a priceless accessory for any Woman that’s striving to create modest clothing ensembles that reflect her inner and outer beauty!

Fast forward to 2009/2010…

The Queen is still doing her Business ‘Earth Science, b.u.t. has added another Plus Degree to her Training Units; Blaise InFitness, a Fitness Training/Fitness Modeling Business! When I first learned about Blaise InFitness, I was taken by surprise. Not because I expected the Queen to be sweating in 3/4th’s throughout her Instructional Videos, b.u.t. because the last time we built, she was doing something completely different. Although welding and working out both start with “w”, they were two different fields of endeavor, at least in my eyes they are. Ceeing the passion, energy, and commitment she was now putting into her Fitness Trainer/Modeling Business was very inspiring to me! I was proud and happy to cee the Queen adding an additional contribution to our Nation and Civilization as a whole. I wasn’t aware of and still am not aware of any Earths who are actually providing this type of Service to People. As a Nation of People, we need Professional Male/Female Fitness Trainers just like anybody else, and I was glad to cee that the Queen has filled this niche. Positive growth and development happens on both a Mental and Physical level, so to invest in the Mind and neglect the Body is never a good thing. No matter how we try to rationalize why we’re not taking care of ourselves, the neglect itself will eventually destroy our Mental/Physical faculties to rationalize this! We cee this in our Communities every day, and it’s never a pretty sight!

Now, there are some Gods/Earths who strongly disagree with what I’m saying, and view Blaise InFitness as a savage departure from our Culture! In their Mind, the Queen is just a Rogue Earth who’s simply showing her ass! They think that if she is the True & Living Earth, she needs to be covered in 3/4th’s, because rocking damn near nothing in them training videos and fitness model pictures, she’s sellin sex and setting a bad example for our Nation, especially for other Earths! Functionally speaking, they do make some valid points. Like with any Professions Gods/Earths have, be it Entertainment, Educational, Legal, Retail, etc.., there may be some Gods/Earths out there who may look at it and get some ideas, both positive and negative. In regards to Blaise InFitness, on the positive side, people will obviously be inspired to start taking better care of themselves, consult with her as a Personal Trainer, develop Businesses in conjunction with Fitness Training, etc... On the negative side, some Gods/Earths may look at this as a Disrobing Test Market to co-sign some bullshit they wanted to do in the first place such as exotic dancing, being a video vixen, and in extreme cases, porn! So like with anything, even the Word of God, people will always find a way to use something to suit their needs and wants, be it positive or negative.

When it comes to Fitness, there is no denying that there are some serious Mental/Physical health issues within this Nation and with People in general; Obesity, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Nicotine Addiction, Poor Diets, Impotence, Lack of Exercise, etc… There is also no denying the fact that a combination of Fitness Training and Natural Health Consciousness have/will correct these issues! My advice to those Gods/Earths who have a personal problem with Blaise InFitness is simple. I challenge those of you who’re directly/indirectly talking shit about how The Earth ain’t wearing 3/4th’s, to do something constructive about it! Help develop a fabric/outfit that would allow the Earth to still provide this much needed Service AND maintain our Cultural Tradition of Earths wearing 3/4th’s! Develop a Fitness Training Clothing Line for Gods/Earths! On another level, Invent some type of all-natural organic health drink, energy bars, etc… the Queen might be able to exclusively promote with her Business! Add on by doing something constructive, and bring something to the table besides your hot breath & opinions. Knowing the Queen, I’m sure she’d be happy to cee what you’re doing, discuss the possibility of networking, or connecting you with someone you can work with. Why not? It’s all about elevation right?! As a Family, whenever we think or feel like our Brother/Sister may be doing something not right and exact, it is our Duty, as Civilized People, to give them or show them a positive alternative! I personally don’t have a problem with Blaise InFitness. I think she’s doing an excellent job Showing & Proving the importance of being “symbolic” to the Sun, Moon (Earth) and Stars, and not literally lookin like ‘em. So if you’re serious about supporting the Queen’s Blaise InFitness Business by developing a God/Earth Centered fabric/outfit or Clothing Line, paleeeeeeaze do your homework. Don’t be bringing her no hot ass Mork & Mindy lookin jumpsuit with a Universal Flag patch over the heart. She might end up having a damn heat stroke in that shit, and we can’t be letting that happen! WE NEED HER, just like we need you, and everybody else in this Nation to add a personal AND collective contribution to Civilization! If your intention is not to add on, you can only take away…


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Supreme Alphabet Soup

Peace Ya’ll! With all the downloadable information about The NGE on the Internet, our Culture “appears” to be right at peoples fingertips. Obviously it’s much much more than reading something off a Website or having some information on paper! Today I want to spend alittle time on our SUPREME ALPHABET, and briefly explain “What?” it is to me and “How?” I use it.

For those of you who don’t know what the SUPREME ALPHABET is or looks like: CLICK HERE! There are various stories about how The Father and/or his Closest Companions came up with The SUPREME ALPHABET. I am not writing about, Who, When, Where, and Why. This Article is strictly about “What?” and “How?” I use this Intellectual Property of The NGE. Whatever these stories may be, what we do know for a fact, is that we’ve been using this system since the birth of this Nation, and no one can claim ownership to that b.u.t. us. For those of you who’re interested in learning the “Who?, When?, Where?, Why?”, or other Information about our Nation that I may not specifically address, I encourage you to please consult with other Gods/Earths. In addition to some Gods/Earths Links I have on my right sidebar, here’s a short list of Books you can also check out:

Knowledge of Self Anthology
The Immortal Birth
In the Name of Allah Vol 1

In the Name of Allah Vol 2
The Naked Truth
The Five Percenters

When I first got Knowledge, my Enlightener never gave me The SUPREME ALPHABET on a piece of paper. So from the very beginning, I never conceptualized it as letters and words on a flat piece of paper! I learned The SUPREME ALPHABET as a system of Conceptual Applications in real time. It wasn’t until some months after I finished knowledging 120 (Lessons) did I take the time to actually write them down. So when I learned a Concept like “Master” (13: Knowledge Understanding), it was through direct experience, not reading a piece of paper and then gazing up a ceiling to imagine what “Master” means.

First of all, let me explain what the SUPREME ALPHABET is not! It is not a coded language to talk about people behind their backs. It is not a Morse Code to plot crimes and avoid The Law. It is not for spicin’ up your lyrics, and it’s not Neo-Ebonics. It’s not Gang Lingo, and most importantly, The SUPREME ALPHABET is not just some words we assign to each letter in the English Alphabet.

When it comes to The SUPREME ALPHABET, the Words that we assign to each letter of our ALPHABET are SUPREME or ‘Higher’ Concepts of Life. As you think, then so are you, and this sets the stage for what you’re inclined to do! So the way Gods/Earths view the Basic Alphabet orientates us in a very unique way. This orientation allows us to tap into profound Psychological, Emotional, and Socioeconomic Properties; Properties evoked from thinking/using a language where Concepts such as Love, Queen, Nation, Born, Power, God, Divine, etc. are integral parts to it! So each letter in the Alphabet serve as triggers that illustrate these ‘Higher’ Concepts. For example, when I cee the 10th letter “J”, I automatically think about Concepts of “Justice” and Knowledge (1) Cipher (0)! Imagine if a child is taught this? Imagine the type of orientation and conviction that would be instilled in our children through associating the Alphabet with SUPREME Concepts? So in addition to them learning that the 13th letter “M” stands for Monkey in Kindergarten, imagine if they also learned to associate “M” with the Concept of “Master” and Knowledge (1) Understanding (3)! In their eyes, a Monkey would never look the same! LOL

The purpose of a language is multifaceted. Essentially, a language is a system of signs & symbols used to define, articulate, convey, and preserve ones Cosmology/Cosmography (Creation Story) and Cultural Worldview! A Cosmology/Cosmography is how we define and articulate Creation and the origin of the Universe. How we cee Creation, and it’s origin, will ultimately determine how we define, articulate, convey and preserve our Cultural Worldview. Why? Because this serves as our basic understanding of The Creator, who is ultimately the author of Creation. A person who’s Cosmology/Cosmography (Creation Story) believes that all things originate from Nordic Gods has a different orientation and Cultural Worldview than someone who believes that all things had a happen-stance origin. Cee, American Culture is a montage of various Cultural Worldviews, and is based upon a Christian Cosmology/Cosmography (Creation Story). These Cultural Perspectives (Worldviews) were transported to America by people through a system of signs & symbols; language. America has Moorish, Iroquois, Spanish, French, German, Roman, and many other Cultural elements that were used to forge it’s Worldview. If you take a quick glance at an English Dictionary you’ll cee that there are very few English words, and most of them are derived from other languages. So, the language or better yet ‘dialect’ called English is a makeshift system of signs & symbols used to define, articulate, convey, and preserve an American Worldview! It’s also important to note that Hip Hop is one of the most contemporary forms of Culture, created by Original People, as a means to stretch, bend, modify, and alchemize this American Worldview to suit the needs of Oppressed People. Because there was very limited or no access to Dance, Art, Music, Fashion, and Media Schools & Industries, we produced our own, and this served as the self empowering basis of HipHop! -smile-

The purpose of The SUPREME ALPHABET is to construct a language that defines, articulates, conveys, and preserves the Cultural Worldview of Gods and Earths. It is a system of signs & symbols that’s Ancient in Principle, b.u.t. Contemporary in Expression. What this means is that our Ideas aren’t new at all! Some of the ways we express these Ideas are new, and that’s based upon the era, geographic location, and social context we’re living in.

The first letter of an Alphabet symbolizes the cornerstone upon which that language is built! This cornerstone must serve as a solid foundation because the weight of how the Cosmology/Cosmography and Culture is defined, articulated, conveyed, and preserved will rest upon it! Fittingly, the cornerstone to our language is “A” which is symbolic to “Allah”. Allah simply means ‘The God’, and this is the nature, functioning role, and responsibility of The Original Man; the foundation (basis) of Creation (Universe) and the Family (Unit). This does not mean that “Allah” is THE ONLY word to describe this nature, functioning role, and responsibility. Now Philosophically speaking, “A, Allah or ‘The God’” being the foundation of our language is no different than a Christian saying, “God is first in my Life”, a Muslim saying, “All praises due to Allah”, etc… As Gods and Earths, the basis of our language that defines, articulates, conveys, and preserves our Worldview is ‘The God’, nothing more and nothing less. We’re not talking about God in the abstract or unseen entity independent and outside of ourselves, b.u.t. God as the essence of the Original Man that is likewise reflected in the Divinity of the Original Woman. This Idea serves as the basis (cornerstone) of our Cosmology/Cosmography and Worldview. It’s no different than a person saying that God, by whatever name they call the Creator, is the source of all things!

The last letter of an Alphabet symbolizes the keystone. The keystone ‘crowns’ the Alphabet and gives context to the proceeding letters. The keystone holds them in their proper order and place. In the building trades, the keystone is the highest point of an arch and locks all the other pieces in place. An arch spans a doorway, and a doorway determines the entrance and exit of a structure. From a Christian Perspective, the ‘keystone’ of Christianity is symbolic to Christ! That is why he’s called “the door” to Salvation. Muslims cee the Koran as a ‘keystone’, so they hold the highest regard for Al-Fatiha (“the opening’) Surah, and view Muhammad as “the seal” (close) of the Prophets. The keystone to our Alphabet is “Z”, the last letter in the Alphabet, which is symbolic to “Zig, Zag, Zig”. Zig, Zag, Zig represents ‘undulation’; the rising & falling, wave like, pendulum behavior of everything in the Universe. As the 26th Letter, this conveys the Wisdom (way) of Equality (balance, reciprocity). As 2 + 6 = 8, the number “8” symbolizes the Mathematical Symbol of the Universes ‘infinity’ or rising & falling, wave like, pendulum process of Building and Destroying. This ‘motion’ spans the doorway of all Creation, and determines the entrance and exit of everything within the Universe. The Concept of ‘motion’, Zig, Zag, Zig, is a keystone because it holds Creation infinity in place. It is also the Concept that holds the proceeding Words in The SUPREME ALPHABET in place, giving them the proper context to the structure of our infinite Culture (reference 9/1-10). In other words, our Cornerstone is our Concept of The Creator; “A”, and our Keystone is our Concept of The Creations movement; “Z”.

Each and every Word assigned to each letter in the SUPREME ALPHABET establishes a Sequence, from “A” to “Z”. “B” follows the letter “A”. The very next motion of the Creator (“A”), is to “Be” or “Born” existence, in order to Cee (See) or be seen! All processes in the Universe follow this motion or sequence. This is what is meant by, ‘The unseen manifests the seen”! Each and every Word assigned to each letter in the SUPREME ALPHABET serves a functional purpose. The 18th Letter is “R” and represents “Rule or Ruler”. 18 is Knowledge (1) Build or Destroy (8). One of the most important things to Know about Building or Destroying is the ‘tools’ and ‘proper approach/attitude’ we need to complete the task. One of the most important tools is a Ruler; an instrument used for measuring and drawing a strait line. Without a Ruler, we’ll be ill-equipped to govern with authority (Rule) any Creative (Build) or Destructive (Destroy) process! Why? Because there’s nothing to draw the line to distinguish the two! This is just one example of how The 18th Letter is “R” (Rule or Ruler) functions. On another level, we use the corresponding Lessons in 120, such as 18/1-40; “What is the Duty of a Civilized Person?” to further elaborate on how The 18th Letter is “R” (Rule or Ruler) functions. The fact that this Lesson mentions “Duty” (responsibility) and “Civilization” (direction/guidelines), this reinforces the importance of having the ‘proper approach/attitude’; “Rule or Ruler”: measuring and drawing a strait line. A Ruler’s (one who governs with authority) inability to recognize Civilization and Duty means they won’t be able to draw the line between Nobility and Tyranny! So even though a person may have the SUPREME ALPHABET…, without a proper understanding of how these Ideas/Words function, and without the Lessons to correspond to these functions, you can cee what’s clearly missing. They’ll have no way of Knowing that in order to Build or Destroy, they must know “What is the Duty of a Civilized Person?”

Any female can know that the 17th Letter is “Q” and is symbolic to Queen, b.u.t. is takes a special Woman to understand how this relates to The Knowledge (1) of God (7), and “What is the meaning of Civilization?” (17/1-40) Any female can call herself Queen, b.u.t. it’s her Knowledge of God, the meaning of Civilization, etc. that ultimately determines if she’s living out that reality! The same thing goes for Gods! We can call ourselves God (7) all day, b.u.t. if we never establish a solid foundation “Y” (Why; 25th letter) we call ourselves this, our shaky belief/feeling won’t be able to hold any weight!

The SUPREME ALPHABET empowers us with an ability to spell out how we’re living. Not spelling out Words like ‘God u now’ for ‘Gun’, but using Letters/Words to define/redefine Ideas that serve our Cultural Interests. This is the proper use of not only our SUPREME ALPHABET, b.u.t. also our Supreme Mathematics, 120 Lessons, and The 12 Jewels. When I cee the letter “F” I automatically think about a “Father” (6th Letter), and how this relates to “Equality” (6). If I want to take it further, I may consider the 6th Lesson in the 1-14’s; “Why does the Devil teach and keep our people illiterate?” This makes me consider the things that add on to or impede my ability to be a Father to my own children, and a Father to the Fatherless. Knowledge of Self is a process of re-orientating our thinking, in order to redefine ourselves, the World, and how we attend this World. This is no different than the Christian Concept of ‘Renewal of the Mind’! We take it a step further, realizing that this ‘Renewal of the Mind’ begins with analyzing, omitting and redefining many of the Ideas/Words in a language we’ve been taught to use. Again, this is done to ensure that this language (Ideas/Words) support our positive growth & development, and Cultural Interests as a People! THIS IS NOT RELIGIOUS and doesn’t mean that all Gods/Earths think about is The SUPREME ALPHABET, Supreme Mathematics, 120 Lessons, and The 12 Jewels to find significance in our lives. Whether I’m watching Icarly or Rope, I’m learning what may/may not correspond to my Cultural Principles, Values, and Priorities. Whether I’m listening to Living Proofe or Ultimate Spinach I’m learning what may/may not correspond to my Cultural Principles, Values, and Priorities. I must also note that this is how I learned to manifest this Culture! Don’t expect all Gods/Earths to be as open minded to learn other things, because some Gods/Earths do practice this Culture as a Religion! To them, they treat The Father Allah (Clarence 13X) just like Christians treat Jesus, Buddhists treat Buddha, and Cavs Fans treat Lebron James.

So in closing, KEEP IN MIND that the language of the Gods/Earths is not some twisted use of the English dialect to sound cool, intelligent, do parlor tricks, or make up words. LOL It’s more than just taking the letters “A.L.L.A.H.” and saying that it’s “Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm and Head”. The SUPREME ALPHABET has profound Psychological, Emotional, and Socioeconomic Properties when we’re able to identify and apply the Concepts behind the letters IN CORRESPONDENCE TO The Supreme Mathematics, our Lessons (120), and basic Life Lessons we’re learning each and every day!