Monday, July 23, 2012

The 30th Annual Family Day in Power Hill (Philadelphia)
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The Fossil Phrase Phenomenon

    The idea of "Fossil Phrases" came to me one day when I was commenting on one of FB Friends Status. She mentioned the phrase "Old Heads" and it struck a chord because I'm not used to hearing some of the younger generation using phrases like that. Not to say I'm an "Old Head", b.u.t. many of the younger generation I directly or indirectly come in contact with are more prone to use phrases like "I ain't even trying to hear that" and "I ain't feelin' that" to describe their relationship with the older generation; which are nothing more than 'mute buttons' for the advice an "Old Head" or anyone is striving to share with them. Heck, there are many People my 'physical degree' (age) and older following suit! The fact that this young woman even used this phrase says volumes about her Principles, Values and Family Dynamics as a whole... It was refreshing. Refreshing enough to write a whole Article about the fossilization of phrases.

    When I was coming of age there were various different phrases, lingo, proverbs we used to describe and define where we are at and how we were livin'. Some of these phrases, like "That's cold blooded!" were recognized nationally while there were other cryptic phrases like, "I'm going to the Office", that were locally understood amongst my peers. Regardless if these phrases were national, regional or local they all served the same purpose; Psychologically and Socioeconomically orientating us. For example, "I can't call it" was never a response me and my companions used when someone asked us, "What's going on?" We had an answer, even if it was negative, we at least knew what to call it. A couple generations before me, because of the Socioeconomic Climate, the answer to "What's going on?" would have been a variation of "Revolution". I think that as long as we're continuing to at least ask eachother, "What's going on?" there's always going to be an opportunity to consider where we are at, how we are livin' AND what is actually going on.
    Anytime a People elevated their condition, whether from a primative state to a level of civilization or from a menial position to that of entreprenuer, they had to undergoe a process to reorientate themselves Psychologically and Socioeconomically. Within this reorientation process came a change in the way they communicate; how they define, describe themselves and also process data communicated to them from the World. In otherwords, elevation was made possible on one condition, that a person grow! In the Bible it talks about being as a child and speaking as a child and when we grew to become a Man (or Woman) we put childish things away. Well our commitment towards growth & development is always apparent in the what/how we communicate, whether that's through our words or ways. It is my position that the fossilization of certain phrases that convyed important Principles, Values and reinforced positive Family Dynamics for us as a People is one of the reasons why many of our present generation "can't call it"...
    One of the most interesting things about The Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters) is that since our inception we've taken a direct approach towards reorientating People, particularly the youth, via a Cultural Worldview that codified a unique language, phrases, lingo and proverbal wisdom to transit/receive Principles, Values and reinforce positive Family Dynamics that elevate our condition. We, like many of our Ancestors at various times and in various different geographic locations, recognized a need for People to grow & development and take responsiblity for aiding others in their growth & development. And for these relationships to be resourceful, sustainable, and perpetuated, there had to be a language to hold these bonds together. So within our language we don't say, "What's up?" to one another. We simply say "Peace". It's the way we greet eachother and the way we depart. A common phrase we also use is, "What's the science?" This basically means, "What are you aware of, what do you know or what are you studying/learning about life right now?" This way of communicating with eachother demands not only a level of responsibility/accountability for what we're doing in our lives and for eachother b.u.t. it also communicates that our Worldview is rooted in reinforcing critical analytical thinking skills. If a God/Earth were to ask another God/Earth "What's the science?" and they replied, "Nothing" or didn't have a legitimate explanation for what they're doing in their life that's the first sign that they're "stagnating" <----- as we call it, which means "they're dull, inactive and not growing"; the complete opposite of what our way of life is based upon. Although the concepts we hold fast to and language we use to convey/reinforce them about how we should treat one another, our relationship to nature, dietary/healthcare choices and etc.. is Ancient (Classical), we express many of these concepts in a Contemporary context. For example, the Ancient proverbial wisdom, "If you are a person who judges, listen carefully to the speech of one who pleads." would be communicated in our language as, "When you do the knowledge to the cipher that's Just I cee equality." So in comparison to the Ancient proverbial wisdom we actually take it a step further by informing someone that “getting to know a person, place or thing is the basis for us being able to treat that person, place or thing fairly". Of course this only explains what that means on the surface and there are many deeper meanings to the phrase, "When you do the knowledge to the cipher that's Just I cee equality." If I translated that phrase Numerically (in a Mathematical Equation) all I simply said was, “1 + 0 = 10”. Alphabetically? Justice. It’s pretty sophisticated and isn’t a language and way of living a person can thoroughly grasp by remote viewing it. In my Articles, Videos and Books I strive to translate our Cultural concepts and communicate them in the everyday language of the layperson. Some things I can, many things I can’t; because a person would have to live this Culture, oftentimes for a substantial number of years, before they’re able to understand many things.
    Over the years People have always been intrigued, interested and attracted to the sophisticated way we (Gods/Earths) communicate with one another and how we describe/define the World. What many fail to realize, even those who have personally studied our Culture through an Enlightener, is that the language, phrases, lingo and proverbal wisdom we use aren’t “Fossil Phrases”. They’re not out of date, antiquated nor do they ‘belong’ to the past. I say this because even within our Culture there are certain phrases, lingo and proverbal wisdom that was shared by our “Old Heads” that some of the present date Gods/Earths don’t use anymore. For example, the phrase, “Science it up!” which was commonly used in the 1970’s is rarely used today. With the present day backdrop of Pseudoscience, Ghetto Scholarship and Illuminatiology paraded around on the Internet and through the Media, the phrase “Science it up!” would do alot to help our present generation to stay rooted in and reinforce their critical analytical thinking skills. The fossilization of valuable phrases such as this can only mean one of two things A.) “I can’t call it.” or B.) The younger generation must create Contemporary phrases that reflect Ancient concepts. Regardless if it’s A. or B. both of them point to our responsibility/accountability as Adults to assist them in the process. Even if that means refusing to respond to them in a language that promotes stagnation b.u.t. being wise enough to offer them a fly alternative. I mention that because I know/talk to alot of Adults who cringe and complain when they hear the youth saying ‘Nigga” or other colorful words/phrases yet they don’t even offer them an alternative attractive enough to make then even consider changing their language. This is why many of the youth “aren’t even trying” to hear that...
    In the Nation of Gods and Earths we have a commone phrase that says, “We preserve the Best Part and don’t care about the Poor Part.” When it comes to those various different phrases, lingo and proverbial wisdom that’s a fundamental part of communicating our Principles, Values and reinforcing positive Family Dynamics, it’s important to preserve them. They are the Best Part! It is likewise important to not show interest or desire in perpetuating those things that stagnate us. That is the Poor Part and it only keeps us in a state of moral, intellectual and physiological poverty. There are many phrases that are fossils and should remain as such yet there are many others that should have never been treated like a fad. To better distinguish the Best from the Poor part start consulting with Old Heads. Ask them about phrases we used and what they meant they’ll ‘make knowledge born’ (‘make knowledge born’ is a phrase that basically means “to make it known so a person will be equipped with the proper information to change their situation"). Regardless if they know the difference themselves, they’ll at least be able to give you information so you can do further research and distinguish it for yourself.