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Freemasonry & Illuminati: Geopolitical Alchemy

Freemasonry & Illuminati
Geopolitical Alchemy

Recently there's been a video circulating online of KRS-One speaking on Freemasonry, The Illuminati and if he's a member of those secret societies. You can view the video HERE. While the video was very insightful, I was compelled to add-on because there was a lot of territory that wasn't covered in regards to this subject matter. It's difficult to do that in a 12 minute video. On December 11th I hosted a live #Periscope presentation on the subject matter and then followed it up with a youtube video for those who didn't have the app. You can check out that video here: A.S.I.A. TVThe main focus in my video was to show people the correlations in some of the things KRS-One talked about and other things that were not mentioned. It's vital to understanding the network in how their web [net] works.

To begin, a couple of the main points KRS-One talked about was Martime Law, ship craftsmanship [building] and International Banking such as the role of the Rothschild's, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergs. He also talked about the Ancient Kemetic [Egyptian] origins of Freemasonry. In regards to "a part" of the white Freemasons origin this is indeed true. I would add that the Freemasons did not solely get their teachings, constitution, regalia, signs, symbols and working tools from Kemet. There are various other Classical Civilizations, Original [First World] People and Nations whom the Freemasons owe credit to such as the Indus Valley, the Moors, the Iroquois and various others. One of the most critical pieces of information that was not included in KRS-One's video was the role the Knight Templars played in forging Freemasonry, International Banking, Maritime Law and setting the foundation for other appendant secret society bodies. If you've read my article Pike Dreams showing Albert Pike's ties to Freemasonry, the Klu Klux Klan, Freemasonry and Shriners, I am taking the same approach to demonstrate the correlations in my video. Also, I encourage you to please follow-up these chronological points I make by researching further the locations, names and events that connect the dots.

* In the 1100's the Knight Templars are organized and work as a military arm of the Catholic Church to guard travelers from Europe who are going to the holy land [Jerusalem]. These Poor-Fellow Soldiers of Christ establish a secret initiation ritual and utilize secret signs, symbols and regalia to identify each other who belong to their order. This is 400 years after the Moors were already occupying and culturally influencing parts of Europe, including the Knight Templars. The Moors would remain an influence in Europe for another 300 years until the late 1400's. Also, while the Templars are in the holy land they also come under the influence of the Saracens via Saladin and the Assassins via Hassan-i Sabbāh, The Old Man of The Mountains. 

* Through the mathematical/navigational insight and craftsman influence of the Moors, the Knight Templars established a navel fleet. As a protective arm of the church, their fleet were considered church "privateers" and likewise given permission to attack enemy vessels and confiscate their riches. In addition to the traditional white flag bearing the red cross, the other flag flown atop Templar navel fleets was a black flag bearing a white skull and cross bones. That flag came to be known as the Jolly Roger flag and eventually associated with pirates during the Buccaneer Period or Golden Age of piracy in the 1650's to the early 1700's. This is also the symbol used for the Freemasonic appendant body established at Yale University in the 1800's known as the Skull & Bones.


* The Knights Templars established the First International Banking system. When lords and other wealthy Europeans would travel to the holy land they would deposit their wealth with the Templars. When they arrived in the holy land they were able to withdraw gold based upon what they deposited back home. This system helped the Templars, or Poor-Fellow Soldiers of Christ, amass a great deal of wealth. So great was their wealth they were able to lend money to Kingdoms. One such King, Philip IV of France, was in debt to them.

* With the expansion of their International Banking System, and privateering navel fleet, the Templars began to define some of the perimeters and reinforce what came to be defined as Maritime Lawprivate international law governing the relationships between private entities that operate vessels and conduct business on the oceans such as marine commerce, navigation, salvaging and the transportation of goods and passengers by sea. The planet earth being 196,940,000 square miles and water covering 139,685,000 square miles, Maritime Law determines 3/4's or 75% of the rules and regulations that govern our planet and its resources.

* By the 1300's people began to conspire against the Knight Templars to confiscate the wealth and usurp their position of power. On Friday, October 13th, 1307, Philip IV of France and Edward II of England with the use of a Papal Bull issued by Pope Clement V began to arrest Templars throughout Europe on charges of heresy against the Catholic Church. King Philip IV, in debt to the Templars, persuaded Pope Clement to do it. This Friday the 13th became known as Black Friday and the source of #13 being considered unlucky. Upon their arrest came the Templar Heresy Trials where Knights were tortured, burned at the stake and forced to admit that in their secret initiations they worshiped the devil, spat upon crosses and committed other heinous acts against the church. The Templars Grand Master, Jacques de Molay was publicly burned at the stake in France. Some of the Templars wealth was also confiscated and to this day is still part of the Vatican's national treasure.

* Those Templar's who were not caught went underground and used their ships to smuggle their wealth out of certain places in Europe. Now viewed as an enemy of the church, the Templars were no longer seen as privateers. Their navel fleet and black flag bearing a white skull and cross bones became associated with piracy. It is also during this time that elements of the Templar Code of Conduct becomes a Pirate Code of Conduct.

* The first Templar's to publicly reemerge as Knights occurred in Scotland in 1314. Some fought alongside King Robert The Bruce who was at war with England's Edward II, the same King who conspired against them with Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V. In regards to International Banking, their first affiliated bank was opened in Venice in 1397 under the guise of Giovanni Medici. Following this, the Templar's shadowy distribution of wealth via a sophisticated network of institutions and the seemingly disappearance of their navel fleet appeared as though they vanished. 

* From the 1300's to the 1600's Europe began its Renaissance, spearheaded by the Moors with an undercurrent of Templar socioeconomic engineering. During this time we see explorers and thinkers such as Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, De Vinci, Sir Issac Newton and others associated with the Night Templar's begin to publicly shape Europe's destiny. 

* 15th century Scotland, with the building of the structure known as the Rosslyn Chapel, is the first architectural evidence of the transmutation of Knights Templars into an organization that came to be known as Freemasonry. Prior to this point, there is no historical mention of a secret society known as Freemasonry. Rosslyn Chapel contains both Knight Templar and Freemasonic signs, symbols, ritual depictions.

* In the 1500's we see the first European Freemasonic Lodges in Scotland: The Lodge of Edinburgh #1 or Mary's Chapel and the Mother Lodge Kilwinning Lodge #0. It is in the Kilwinning Lodge where we find a record of the first masonic minute book. The Lodge of Edinburgh is where we find the first historical reference of speculative freemason being initiated. This also marks the craftsmanship transition of many Templars from ship/fortress building sea travelers to tradesman [builders]. This worked to solidify a sedentary identity as Freemasons and the establishment of stonemason guilds. Their working tools, signs, symbols, mathematical/navigational insight and Christian worldview was forged into a secret system to identify each other, and their skill level, within these guilds. Over time this operative system of actually building structures began to take on a non-operative or speculative identity and non-working class people among the aristocratic class began to be initiated.

* During this time of the European Renaissance and Exploration, the Protestant Reformation and Buccaneer Period or Golden Age of Piracy is ushered in. Because of the Templars past issues with the Catholic Church, some become a secret aide to the Protestant Movement under the auspices of their new identity, Freemasons.

* 1717 The Mother Lodge of London England is established. Other appendant bodies begin to be established in other parts of Europe that are beholden to this Mother Lodge. American Freemasons such as George Washington and his crew are not given a charter to establish lodges in America from England yet do so anyway. They not only secede from England, they secede from the Mother Lodge of England. Starting in 1738 and several years after the Catholic Church issues papal bulls to banning Catholics from joining Freemasonry.

* 1773 The Boston Tea Party are Freemasons who conspire in a Boston lodge known as the St. Andrews Lodge; the Green Dragon Tavern that was purchased by the lodge in 1764. This set off the events that would birth America on July 4th, 1776.

* In 1776 Bavaria Germany a group of Freemasons led by Adam Weishaupt conspire in secret to found a secret society known as The Illuminati. Their intention was to the rival the church as stewards of the Age of Enlightenment that has begun to catch fire throughout Europe. With the encouragement of the Catholic Church, Charles Theodore -Elector of Bavaria, publicly outlawed The Illuminati through a series of edicts. Like the Knight Templars, this forced them underground and they continued to operate as a shadowy hand to help orchestrate some of the events that brought about the French Revolution.

* On September 29, 1784 the first masonic charter is given to a black man named Prince Hall to set up African Lodge No. 459 in North America via a charter from Fredrick, Duke of Cumberland, Grand Master of the Most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Ancient Masons. In the next century, Anti-Masonic opposition from Catholic Churches continues and the Anti-Masonic Political Party is started in New York as the first third party of the United States.

Throughout this time of the Knight Templars, the Freemasons and the Illuminati we see a consistent pattern throughout Europe to America: changing faces, different places, same station. The common denominator is a veil of secrecy that set into motion the establishment of hundreds of appendant bodies we come to know today. The chronology I summarized points out that the Knight Templars are not totally different or unrelated to the Freemasons or the Illuminati. DeMolay International, founded by Frank S. Land, director of the Masonic Relief and Employment Bureau of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry, is named after Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. It's a junior masonic organization open to boys between the ages of 12 and 21. Once a person becomes a Freemason they enter what is called the Blue House where they earn their first three degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master. From there they have a choice to earn more degrees in the Green House [Scottish Rite] or the Red House [York Rite]. It is in York Rite house that a Freemason can gain access to the Black House where they learn about and earn their Knight Templar degree.

We also see a consistent pattern of International Banking and advocacy of a global economy through the establishment of various multinational initiatives and corporations linked to various secret society members, organizations and families such as: Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, Money Lenders of Amsterdam [Elders of Zion], Warburg, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dupont and etc. Here is a film from 1943 France called Occult Forces that highlights the relationship between secret societies and geopolitics.

Film: Occult Forces, 1943 [France]

Nowadays many people view the Illuminati, Freemasonry and other appendant bodies out of context. Some of these groups are local, perhaps regional. Others are national, perhaps international. All of them are special interest groups established to seek or receive special advantages for its members at the exclusion of non-members. Although the historical society known as the Illuminati that was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 no longer exists, the concept does and remains the determined idea of various special interest groups that seek to control certain industries be it film, advertisement, textile, pharmaceuticals, video games, food and etc. KRS-One was not correct in saying that Freemasonry is Freemasonry and the Illuminati is (or was) the Illuminati. They're linked to a network of veiled secrets, special interests and international banking that goes back to their predecessor, the Knight Templars. They were the ship craftsman privateers whom he spoke of. They are the ones who consistently transmuted themselves, through a form of geopolitical alchemy, to forge the basis of what Europe and America came to know as secret societies.


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The Nation is All Wise
Does Everything Right & Exact
Part 2

During the creation process, we borrow tissue from our mother’s body. This means that our matter, or material, is maternal.  This is why in Latin [when they learned it from our civilization] “mother” means “matter” and “father” means “pattern” [or blueprint]: He sparked the pattern. So every time you touch your skin, you’re not only touching your mother, and your grandmother, you are touching the first mother!  This is the reason why we are literally our ancestors; life recycles. This is also the understanding in our science of why we look at God; not because he represents ALL of God, or Allah -but because the potential [infinite potential] of Allah is manifested through the Blackman within the gender of the human kingdom, and the potentiality of our society is realized through that pattern of male leadership to initiate changes within our society. This is the same way the sperm determines the sex of the baby,  or the Subjective Realm coming into the Objective Realm; in reference to the undifferentiated energy/matter being initiated by the will to form the objective or physical realm by a cognizant willing, wanting or desiring.  When it comes down to the undifferentiated energy/matter aspect of the Subjective Realm of Allah forming the physical realm or Objective Realm, when it comes into gender we consider it [having feminine qualities analogous to the] Earth, Substance or Wisdom. That’s why you hear those terms.  Like we say, “God is a group reality seen through individual eyes.” The eyes of the individual that can spark the pattern for more divine aspects will be the “father of civilization” manifested from the potential state into a real live civilization; germinating into children and creation (and those who are woken from the strange sleep) from the Blackman. The Blackwoman represents the vessel to receive the seed and bring it into existence.

This is the creation story told from a Kabbalistic or Eastern perspective. All Asian, Central Asian [African] societies fall under this category. The Five Percent fall under this category in via Triple Stage Darkness. Alright, let’s put this into more practical Eastern scientific terms: The undifferentiated energy/matter that subsists in the subjective realm forms the material realm, the objective realm or the physical realm. From a portion of itself, it takes on a quality that we know in gender as feminine; because the essential qualities of what is done in creation to born or bring things into existence is what is channels down, when we become man and woman, as feminine.

Everything in life within the objective realm (or realm of objects) is either feminine/feminine [XX] or masculine/feminine [YX] because sex cell reproduction or mitosis takes place in the ovaries not the sperm. This is because the material realm itself is feminine.  The pattern part [father] is the “word,” the “want,” the “will,”  the “spark” the “desire to.” This is the infinite potential to make patterns in the subjective real. When it comes down to the material or physical realm—where gender is created, that “pattern” displays more like masculine or potential; the “spark” plug like a seed, the thing that has the blueprint, ingredient list or table of contents for the germination process. Yet, the whole germination process and the finished product takes place or goes on in the feminine part of reality. In other words, knowledge is the foundation and the spark that spurs all creation. The rest, from wisdom to cipher, are derivatives of wisdom.  The man may be the “spark plug” but the engine, the cockpit, the chairs, the wheels, the chassis and the road itself is feminine. Everything created came through the “womb of space.” What we have between knowledge and wisdom is harmony.  That relationship is as simple as the Sun and the Moon; Yang and Ying. The small dots within the Yang and Ying indicates that they understand each other; they love one another—they care, respect and act responsible for one another. The Blackman may represent the knowledge, the will to become true and living and the infinite potential to do so, but wisdom is the way. The Blackwoman is the way that the will and seed or sperm is made manifest. Cee-I-Power Her because Her-Power-I-Cee.

Now interestingly enough, when you talk to a hard core feminist about anything that has to do with the act of making babies, they will relegate these powers to minor significance. When you talk about lesbianism from a biological perspective some will tell you that, “God made them that way.” Some even show much disdain for men, yet dress and posture like men. Is that biological too? Most of that rap revolves around neutering the gender roles in society; indicating certain things can be done by both parties and wedging differences known to split up families. Because spit don’t make babies, the above magnanimous conversation concerning Triple Stage Darkness, the magnanimous power of the Earth, the equality that God Allah gives to the feminine factor of life, is relegated to minor significance by the feminist!  Her conversation is more about money, power and the respect that’s gained by BS independence! Non-cooperation will get us loneliness, isolation and lying on the couch trying to be consoled by another woman, and who knows were that goes. . .

Yes, “All” came from one; as the word “Allah” indicates. In Genesis, man is called into a deep rest so that man could be separated from woman in spiroth (breath/soul) and flesh; as the “rib removed from Adam” indicates. Our science has different terms, God and Earth, because although Allah is All, Allah’s infinite potential and undifferentiated energy/matter has two distinct functions: One function wills and the other function produces. They both understand what needs to be done to make “E Pluribus Enum”: many out of One/One out of many, harmony and peace through love for each other.  Please, misguided Blackwoman, tell me what powers does a Goddess have that an Earth doesn’t? And tell me how that word “Goddess” distinguishes itself from God or incorporates the terms, Wisdom, Culture, Equality, Unknown and Cipher into her mathematics? Or are we rivaling for the use of the seven now? It sounds like a female pimp “snow job” that will bring you nothing but female companionship and loneliness from lack of male company.    

Today, unlike any other time in our chronology, Black reality mimics more of Western society. I thought that having Knowledge of Self is about recapturing our culture but I even hear Black women nowadays saying that they are Black Feminists -even though the Black woman’s benefits were only the byproduct of the White feminists getting their way in American society.  This is the same as the residuals that Black men get from what White men orchestrate in American society. We are not the originators of the chauvinism that America has, we do not make the rules here.  We are subjected to them, just as the Blackwoman is. One of the things we must knowledge, as in Ferguson and other cities throughout these United States, is that our people have been subjected to police brutality and random travesty of justice, every time the economy goes awry. America’s business is business and in a capitalist society its interests are who and what it chooses to capitalizes off of.  Those who need charity are on the bottom rung in a capitalistic system. Our politics of looking for someone to supply jobs and rights must change. What this means for our women is to stop looking at us as the authors of the evils experienced in America. In many ways, we are subjected to the same evils in this White male dominated society called America.

This society is currently under turmoil from a state of ambiguity that started back in 60's from the Sexual Revolution that White America started. As said previously, this is par for the course of America because Europe had alternative lifestyles in their culture for thousands of years, we didn't as a norm. We also didn’t embrace rugged individualism. We teach that “civilized means to teach knowledge and wisdom of the human family of the planet earth” (2/1-14). We are very different from the Whites and their form of civilization and we must always knowledge that. As the Father said, “We are not pro-Black or anti-White”, we are about pro-right-eousness. Standing separate as individuals does not create families nor hold families together. This stuff America is currently going through is not right for us. The principles of our culture does not produce such an outcome. Our issue is that we have to knowledge their culture because we live in America and use that knowledge for survival. Yet we must embrace our culture and leave this trick knowledge that the West possesses, alone. It is leading us astray because it is nothing but devilishment.

What the world needs is love. What that means is everyone is looking for someone to care for them, the way THEY WANT THEM to care. Some want that care as a co-sign, whether they are right or wrong; whether they are doing something wack or experimenting with something they will live to regret.  As parents, guardians and youth advocates, we can’t show love like that. If we see that our child is falling for sexual ambiguity, it is not our position to support something in which our years of experience and observations tell us is a bad choice and levying our precious ones open to abuse.

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz