Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Nation is All Wise
Does Everything Right & Exact
Part 2

During the creation process, we borrow tissue from our mother’s body. This means that our matter, or material, is maternal.  This is why in Latin [when they learned it from our civilization] “mother” means “matter” and “father” means “pattern” [or blueprint]: He sparked the pattern. So every time you touch your skin, you’re not only touching your mother, and your grandmother, you are touching the first mother!  This is the reason why we are literally our ancestors; life recycles. This is also the understanding in our science of why we look at God; not because he represents ALL of God, or Allah -but because the potential [infinite potential] of Allah is manifested through the Blackman within the gender of the human kingdom, and the potentiality of our society is realized through that pattern of male leadership to initiate changes within our society. This is the same way the sperm determines the sex of the baby,  or the Subjective Realm coming into the Objective Realm; in reference to the undifferentiated energy/matter being initiated by the will to form the objective or physical realm by a cognizant willing, wanting or desiring.  When it comes down to the undifferentiated energy/matter aspect of the Subjective Realm of Allah forming the physical realm or Objective Realm, when it comes into gender we consider it [having feminine qualities analogous to the] Earth, Substance or Wisdom. That’s why you hear those terms.  Like we say, “God is a group reality seen through individual eyes.” The eyes of the individual that can spark the pattern for more divine aspects will be the “father of civilization” manifested from the potential state into a real live civilization; germinating into children and creation (and those who are woken from the strange sleep) from the Blackman. The Blackwoman represents the vessel to receive the seed and bring it into existence.

This is the creation story told from a Kabbalistic or Eastern perspective. All Asian, Central Asian [African] societies fall under this category. The Five Percent fall under this category in via Triple Stage Darkness. Alright, let’s put this into more practical Eastern scientific terms: The undifferentiated energy/matter that subsists in the subjective realm forms the material realm, the objective realm or the physical realm. From a portion of itself, it takes on a quality that we know in gender as feminine; because the essential qualities of what is done in creation to born or bring things into existence is what is channels down, when we become man and woman, as feminine.

Everything in life within the objective realm (or realm of objects) is either feminine/feminine [XX] or masculine/feminine [YX] because sex cell reproduction or mitosis takes place in the ovaries not the sperm. This is because the material realm itself is feminine.  The pattern part [father] is the “word,” the “want,” the “will,”  the “spark” the “desire to.” This is the infinite potential to make patterns in the subjective real. When it comes down to the material or physical realm—where gender is created, that “pattern” displays more like masculine or potential; the “spark” plug like a seed, the thing that has the blueprint, ingredient list or table of contents for the germination process. Yet, the whole germination process and the finished product takes place or goes on in the feminine part of reality. In other words, knowledge is the foundation and the spark that spurs all creation. The rest, from wisdom to cipher, are derivatives of wisdom.  The man may be the “spark plug” but the engine, the cockpit, the chairs, the wheels, the chassis and the road itself is feminine. Everything created came through the “womb of space.” What we have between knowledge and wisdom is harmony.  That relationship is as simple as the Sun and the Moon; Yang and Ying. The small dots within the Yang and Ying indicates that they understand each other; they love one another—they care, respect and act responsible for one another. The Blackman may represent the knowledge, the will to become true and living and the infinite potential to do so, but wisdom is the way. The Blackwoman is the way that the will and seed or sperm is made manifest. Cee-I-Power Her because Her-Power-I-Cee.

Now interestingly enough, when you talk to a hard core feminist about anything that has to do with the act of making babies, they will relegate these powers to minor significance. When you talk about lesbianism from a biological perspective some will tell you that, “God made them that way.” Some even show much disdain for men, yet dress and posture like men. Is that biological too? Most of that rap revolves around neutering the gender roles in society; indicating certain things can be done by both parties and wedging differences known to split up families. Because spit don’t make babies, the above magnanimous conversation concerning Triple Stage Darkness, the magnanimous power of the Earth, the equality that God Allah gives to the feminine factor of life, is relegated to minor significance by the feminist!  Her conversation is more about money, power and the respect that’s gained by BS independence! Non-cooperation will get us loneliness, isolation and lying on the couch trying to be consoled by another woman, and who knows were that goes. . .

Yes, “All” came from one; as the word “Allah” indicates. In Genesis, man is called into a deep rest so that man could be separated from woman in spiroth (breath/soul) and flesh; as the “rib removed from Adam” indicates. Our science has different terms, God and Earth, because although Allah is All, Allah’s infinite potential and undifferentiated energy/matter has two distinct functions: One function wills and the other function produces. They both understand what needs to be done to make “E Pluribus Enum”: many out of One/One out of many, harmony and peace through love for each other.  Please, misguided Blackwoman, tell me what powers does a Goddess have that an Earth doesn’t? And tell me how that word “Goddess” distinguishes itself from God or incorporates the terms, Wisdom, Culture, Equality, Unknown and Cipher into her mathematics? Or are we rivaling for the use of the seven now? It sounds like a female pimp “snow job” that will bring you nothing but female companionship and loneliness from lack of male company.    

Today, unlike any other time in our chronology, Black reality mimics more of Western society. I thought that having Knowledge of Self is about recapturing our culture but I even hear Black women nowadays saying that they are Black Feminists -even though the Black woman’s benefits were only the byproduct of the White feminists getting their way in American society.  This is the same as the residuals that Black men get from what White men orchestrate in American society. We are not the originators of the chauvinism that America has, we do not make the rules here.  We are subjected to them, just as the Blackwoman is. One of the things we must knowledge, as in Ferguson and other cities throughout these United States, is that our people have been subjected to police brutality and random travesty of justice, every time the economy goes awry. America’s business is business and in a capitalist society its interests are who and what it chooses to capitalizes off of.  Those who need charity are on the bottom rung in a capitalistic system. Our politics of looking for someone to supply jobs and rights must change. What this means for our women is to stop looking at us as the authors of the evils experienced in America. In many ways, we are subjected to the same evils in this White male dominated society called America.

This society is currently under turmoil from a state of ambiguity that started back in 60's from the Sexual Revolution that White America started. As said previously, this is par for the course of America because Europe had alternative lifestyles in their culture for thousands of years, we didn't as a norm. We also didn’t embrace rugged individualism. We teach that “civilized means to teach knowledge and wisdom of the human family of the planet earth” (2/1-14). We are very different from the Whites and their form of civilization and we must always knowledge that. As the Father said, “We are not pro-Black or anti-White”, we are about pro-right-eousness. Standing separate as individuals does not create families nor hold families together. This stuff America is currently going through is not right for us. The principles of our culture does not produce such an outcome. Our issue is that we have to knowledge their culture because we live in America and use that knowledge for survival. Yet we must embrace our culture and leave this trick knowledge that the West possesses, alone. It is leading us astray because it is nothing but devilishment.

What the world needs is love. What that means is everyone is looking for someone to care for them, the way THEY WANT THEM to care. Some want that care as a co-sign, whether they are right or wrong; whether they are doing something wack or experimenting with something they will live to regret.  As parents, guardians and youth advocates, we can’t show love like that. If we see that our child is falling for sexual ambiguity, it is not our position to support something in which our years of experience and observations tell us is a bad choice and levying our precious ones open to abuse.

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz
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