Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hulk Jump-offs!!

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Peace Ya’ll! First and foremost I wanna thank all of you who take the time to read/research the things I build about in these Articles. A.S.I.A. Journal is designed to provoke thought, inspire action, educate and of course entertain! -smile- In the process, I know and accept that I am exposing myself to both sides of the perceptual spectrum; those who support what I’m doing 100% and those who get rocks in their jaws every time I write something. Well, if I spark something in you along the way, that’s Peace. If I don’t, then at least you’ll still have something to think about that may prove to be helpful to you or maybe even your child(ren)s future. Anyway, in Today’s Article I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on various sciences of life:

The Jerk & Kanye Westism
If you’ve never ceen this, go here: Jerkin . This is the newest dance sweeping the Nation called “The Jerk”. The Jerk Dance is not some new age ‘Steve Irkel’ shit neither. At first when I saw dudes rockin tight ass pants I wasn’t as critical because in the late 1970’s and early 80’s HipHop Era we were wearing the same kinda breeches. The difference is that back in the day we didn’t go out and specifically look for no tight ass pants; that’s all we really had to wear! Back then we had a name for males who went out and specifically bought some tight pants. Today, dudes are going out to buy tight ass pants and masking it under the classification of so-called “fitted jeans”. Jerkin is considered a Culture and is a combination of various elements such as tight-ass rock/punk rock gear, skate boarding, graffiti, krumpin’, metrosexuality, 80’s HipHop sneakers wit fat laces, etc… This my friends are major components of what I call ‘Kanye Westism’. From the perspective of a Music Producer, I definitely like alot of the music Kanye produces. Like many of us who appreciated his integrity as an Artist, when I saw him beginning to “stray away from HipHopivilization” (7/1-14) I started to look at him sideways. What did it for me is his Egocentric quote in Vibe about how he’s arguably the best rapper of his generation; that big headed Scientist shit really made it clearer to me that he was in the process of “making the Devil” (25/1-40). As Kanye digressed into this quasi-pop icon, he became the band leader to bringing a new wave of ‘black androgyny’ back into style. I compare it to the early 80’s Prince and Rockstar ‘androgynous’ eyeliner look. Sadly, our youth are openly being invited to this freak show through mixed sexual messages. The shit is so bad, they often have a hard time distinguishing what’s naturally male and female! -shakes head- Now there are many of our youth aren’t having this bullshit b.u.t. as the 10% “continue daily to teach” (13/1-40) the youth that these behaviors are alright, they’re eventually going to start looking at these behaviors like they’re not so bad. You ever hear a song on the radio for the first time and though to yourself, “That shit is garbage! I hate that song!”, b.u.t. as you continue to hear the song over and over again you begin to think, “It’s not that bad.”? Well the same thing is going on with our youth. Remember the picture of Lil Wayne kissing Bird Man on the lips?! I showed youth in my Program the actual picture and because “they like” (6/1-36) Lil Wayne they did everything “within their power” (40/1-40) to defend what Lil Wayne was doing! -shakes head- I’ma tell you, it really hurt my heart to cee how misled our youth are! Anyway, a good way to keep a pulse on ‘85 Activity’ and ‘Slave from a Mental Death Initiatives’ is to go to the Website Media Takeout. Media Takeout is a premiere Website for news dealing with Original People (Celebrities in particular) and various National/International trends that effect Original People. Amy motto is: If the 10% “continues daily to teach” (13/1-40) our youth that this confusion is alright, we also got to “continue daily to teach” them that it’s not! If we don’t do our duty, many of our youth will continue being “easily led” (14/1-40) into acultural deathstyles (not lifestyles) by default, simply because we never helped give them any rational options.

Syracuse Orangemen (Johnny Flynn & Paul Harris)
Those of you who keep up with College Hoops may be familiar with the NBA Bound Syracuse Basketball Stars Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris. Well both of them are from Atlantis and I’ve known them since they were children playing in Biddy Basketball Leagues. I have yet to meet someone in my City who aren’t proudly rooting for these young Brothas making “The League” and the spirit of encouragement has been phenomenal! The beauty in all of this is the fact that they both come from completely different households and socioeconomic backgrounds b.u.t. both find themselves at the door of the NBA. This within itself has been very inspiring and is leaving a powerful impression on the minds of the youth who’re witnessing this! I’m incredibly proud of both Johnny and Paul because they’re giving the youth a tangible example of achieving one’s goals; regardless what circumstances you go through to get there! Integrity, staying power and mental toughness are all valuable lessons our youth within my Community are learning through these Brothas!

NGE Hedonism & God/Earthly Etiquette
By all of the responses I’ve been receiving about the NGE Codes of Conduct Article, I think I’m really on to something! Some people have been letting me know how pleased they are to hear this subject articulated and opened up for honest discussion, while others have gotten upset and started to head for the “hills” (4/1-14)! -shrugs- I think that regardless of how we feel about it, whether positive or negative, it’s important that we seriously begin to examine & reexamine how we choose to Culturally Conduct ourselves. Those who agree with me realize that examining our Codes of Conduct is a fundamental part of our growth and development. Those who don’t agree either don’t understand the basic relationship between what they think, what they say and how they behave or they simply don’t want to discuss Codes of Conduct because they know it’ll conflict with what they “feel like” doing; and what they feel like doing isn’t up for any discussion! -smirk- Ultimately, it’s my intention to encourage people to begin looking past the Ego strokes, NGE Regalia, colorful names, name droppin, mathematical tricks, pissin contests and proficient Lesson quotin to cee what we are reaaaaally doing! Our Codes of Conduct become our ‘customs’ and our customs born Social Norms/Mores. The reality is, before any God/Earth is introduced to Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons, we lived according to Social Norms/Mores that have been customary to us our entire life -good, bad or indifferent. Just because we get/have Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons, it doesn’t mean that we have actually developed certain God/Earthlike Social Norms/Mores. This culture isn’t like instant oatmeal either; it’s a life-long growth and development “process” we must dedicate our lives to. Many of us simply brought alittle too much 85er and Ten Percenter baggage with us into this Culture and seriously aren’t “trying to” (9/1-14) get rid of it. Alongside the many Gods and Earths who’re truly dedicated to growing and developing are individuals -and entire colonies- of NGE Hedonists who simply don’t cee Righteousness Principles, live out the Values we learn, and set God-Centered Priorities in their life. These people use Mathematics as a mode of pleasure seeking and adhere to the Acultural Worldview that they can do whatever they “feel like” doing when they “feel like” doing it. Freedom is Peace, b.u.t. the only thing questionable about this sense of Hedonistic ‘Freedom’ is a (s)lacking ‘Cultural’ Integrity that ultimately gives context to and justifies Freedom in the first place.

The other thing that comes to Mind is our “Etiquette”. Unbeknownst to many who claim NGE Citizenship, we do have and are consistently developing a system of “Etiquette”; certain social, professional and official behavioral forms that are prescribed and defined by our customs. Some of this Etiquette is basic and readily identifiable, such as: greeting another God and Earth with “Peace”. Many forms of Etiquette are not as obvious, such as: how a God should relate to a female who another God has been educating. Because many NGE forms of Etiquette aren’t that obvious, many Gods/Earths make them up as we go -and oftentimes don’t seek advice from other Gods/Earths when we’re unsure about a decision! Sometimes, as Gods/Earths, we don’t even care about forms of Etiquette and simply do whatever we want; regardless of the consequences. Ultimately, without developing more clear concise forms of Etiquette, Gods/Earths will continue to behave in ways that undermine the relationships “we say” we truly value. Gods and Earths also need to understand that there are other forms of Etiquette that helps define, preserve and perpetuate our Culture IN ADDITION TO basic customs like: building about Daily Mathematics, reciting Degrees, letting people know what Degrees we have, letting people know who educated us, expounding upon our Attribute, etc... There are also many customs that Gods/Earths have gleaned from Society, carried with us from da hood, borrowed from family members, got off t.v., learned in prison, picked up from a song, etc… that are the complete antithesis to the culture of The NGE or even basic Civilization! Now, I know some Gods/Earths are making objectives right now; assuming that I’m trying to advocate NOI-like Restrictive Laws for The NGE! LOL! Naaaaw ya’ll, what I’m advocating is that we learn to be a lot more culturally conscious and considerate about how we conduct ourselves, treat eachother and live out these “God-centered” Principles -we say we’re striving to represent! Without a sense of Etiquette we’ll continue to cee degenerate behavior IN THE NAME OF Gods and Earths.

The NRM (The Niagara Renaissance Movement)
I’ve been working with a group of approximately 20 Brothas of different ages and from various social, economic, religious backgrounds to found a Not-For-Profit Organization called The Niagara Renaissance Movement here in Atlantis. For those of you who’re unfamiliar with The Niagara Movement, it was founded 100 years ago here in Atlantis by a group of Black Community Organizers, Educators and Business Owners as a means to redefine the Paradigm of Black People -Men in particular- here in this Wilderness. This Group of Black Leaders were expressed the idea of gathering up ‘The Talented Tenth’ amongst the Black Population to manifest the foundation of this Movement. W.E.B. Dubois and William Trotter were a couple of the founding Members. In time, this Organization morphed into The NAACP. Anyway, we decided to build upon “some” of this Legacy and get some Brothas together to collectively take charge of our roles/responsibilities within the Atlantean Community. I’ve always been about this individually, b.u.t. it’s Peace to add on with other Brothas with the same “determined idea” (24/1-40). We’re still in the process of establishing our Executive Board, approving our Bylaws and our Mission Statement b.u.t we have established various Committees such as Green Technology, Economic Development and Tourism, Youth Empowerment, Arts & Culture, etc… I was voted in as the Youth Empowerment Chairman. Since we’ve been organizing, I’ve had the opportunity to secure Sponsors and Volunteers to help start a Spring Basketball League for youth ages 15-18. We had our Official Draft on 4/30 and 65 Youth have registered in our League. To participate in the League, the Players also have to be enrolled in either my ‘Passport to Manhood’ or “Game Plan’ Mentorship Programs. I’m also working on developing a Summer Youth Work Program, have Partnered with the State Parks Dept. to do a Camping Trip this Summer at Allegany State Park, and have been working on various other Projects for our Youth. I’ll continue to keep ya’ll informed about what’s going on!!

My 10th Anniversary
I recently celebrated my 10th Anniversary on April 23rd. A Decade ago I took the initiative of legally changing my Name to ‘Lord Saladin Quanaah Allah’ in accordance with the Civil ‘Name Change’ Laws and Statues of NYS. This is a very, very significant moment in my Koran because it’s a bold way of expressing my open allegiance to The NGE. Cee, the average person doesn’t need to know that I have 120 Lessons. I’ve had associations for the last 13 ½ years who don’t know anything formal about 120 Lessons; all they pretty much know is, “Saladin is good people, he’s not lazy, he’s always willing to help people out and he’s smart like a Teacher”! LMAO Now when it comes to my Name….that’s something that isn’t hidden, humble or remotely discreet; I literally come in the Name of Allah and it sets the foundation for all psycho-socioeconomic exchanges I have with people! Since my Name is different, sometimes it’s funny to cee peoples reactions when they’re confronted with it. Here’s a few reactions I often get when I come in contact with people who hear my Name ‘Sa-la-deeean’ LOL:

* A Christian wants to know am I one ov dem Moslems.
* A Muslim wants to know am I Muslim.
* A York Rite or Scottish Rite Freemason tries to pick my brain.
* An Older Person almost has a heart attack.
* A Female may look at me like a new flavor of ice cream.
* A child thinks it’s cool –especially when I tell them I changed it myself!
* A History Buff wants to talk about The Crusades.
* A Street Dude thinks it’s a “Street Name” until they find out it’s my legal name.
* Some Family Members accept & respect it.
* Some Family Members “uncomfortably” accept it.
* Some Family Members “uncomfortably” avoid it.
* A Person wants to know what my “real” name is.
* A White Person feels intimidated because I don’t have a name like them.
* A Black Person feels intimidated because I don’t have a name like them.
* People try to get away with shortening it because they complain that it’s toooo long to pronounce; it’s more than one or two syllables.

Naw, literally coming “In the Name of Allah” doesn’t make me b.u.t. it does give me a psychological edge in many situations dealing with people who of course “ not try to learn….” Because “They believeon face value.” (13/1-40). On the most basic level, when I got Knowledge of myself, I no longer identified with a birth name that was mentally, emotionally and physically “buried there” (5/1-14). On a physiological level, my body doesn’t even respond to my birth name anymore and that’s some deep shit! Anyway, I’ve been using this proud milestone as a platform to reeducate people about the science of my Name and to draw attention to that Surah in my Koran.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Peace Ya’ll! Sometimes I get alittle cranky with my Math and I’m sure many of you have read this through “some” of my Articles. Although this may be the case, I never talk just to talk; which a lot of Gods/Earths unfortunately do. For shits and giggles I refer to them as Front Porch Philosophers or Street Corner Scientists! LOL As I’ve said time and time again; ‘Light’ (9/Actual Facts) travels a lot faster than ‘Sound’ (8/Actual Facts), so whatever we’re actually doing will always be more visible than what we’re saying. The good thing about this is the fact that once the sound dissipates, there is always evidence (residue) laying around to corroborate or invalidate our word! -grin- That’s “word is bond and bond is life” (11/1-14), and if you don’t cee someone’s ‘word’ active in their ‘life’ then you know for a fact that there is no bond or living commitment to what they’re actually saying -for whatever reason. I added the words ‘for whatever reason’ because it’s also important to understand that sometimes people may not have the available resources, finances or energy to commit (bond) to something they’re talking about at the present time. So simply because someone’s ‘word’ isn’t presently active in their ‘life’ doesn’t mean they’re automatically bullshitting! They might just be dealin wit some bullshit and our assumption(s) may be adding more bullshit to the equation! -shakes head- This “might” actually be the case! -shrugs- Some may protest by saying, “Well don’t give your word then!” Well that’s true in some cases b.u.t. ALL OF US confront situations where we gotta deal with life on life’s terms; especially in a Wilderness! What I mean by ‘life on life’s terms’ is, sometimes other pressing issues come up that demand our immediate attention. Some people may then unreasonably argue, “Well at least let somebody know! Damn!” Well that’s also true in some cases, b.u.t. sometimes you may not even have an opportunity to do that; there is such a thing as Inclement Psychological, Social and/or Financial Weather people! LOL! I’m mentioning all of this to give you an overview of Today’s Article; Understanding.

(9/1-40) Why does the Devil teach the 85% that a Mystery God brings all this?

To conceal the True and Living God who is the Sun of Man, and to make slaves out of 85% by keeping them worshipping that which they cannot see (invisible), and he makes himself rich from their labor. The 85% knows that it rains, hails, snows and also hears thunder above their heads but do not try to learn who is causing all this to happen by letting the 5% teach them. They believe in the 10% on face value.

They believeon face value.” (9/1-40) is an urge we all need to go to war with each and every day! Why? Because it can be a distortion of what we’re actually ceeing. Also, Society itself “continues daily to teach” (13/1-40) us to be surface dwellers; to take things on face value. Sometimes situations are transparent like that and we’re ceeing exactly what we’re getting, b.u.t. sometimes we’re overlooking ‘The Devil in the Details’! -shakes head- Ultimately, taking things on face value never works in the best interest of someone who “doesn’t believe in the teachings of the 10%, who is allwise and knows…” (16/1-40). Don’t misunderstand me now, I’m not encouraging people to have trust issues and surveillance everything that comes outta somebody’s mouth. What I am saying is this: Don’t just take shit to the head; the bullshit you tell yourself or the shit you hear -if you can actually recognize it! Wait until the dust settles and then speak on something because what you say outta your mouth manifests how you cee (understand) it! We often say “Understanding is the Best Part” right? Well ‘Understanding IS the Best Part’ because how a person honestly understands (cees) something expresses ‘The Best Part’ of what we need to actually Know (1) about their words, ways and actions (2); a direct representation of some of their Worldview; their Core Values, Principles and Priorities -or lack thereof!

Take for example a person who’s always drawing shit up like “People always hating on ‘em.” True indeed, some people may be jealous here or there b.u.t. for that person to always fixate on haters tells you a great deal about the lens they’re ceeing this shit out of! Another example is the Conspiracy Theorist who’s always under the impression that someone is out to try to get ‘em. There’s something to be said about that type of schizophrenia and why they ‘believe’ someone always has it in for “them”, personally. What about the people who always has some kinda drama going on around them; friends shuffle around them like a game of scrabble and the only relationship they’ve been able to maintain for “years, months and days” (36/1-40) is the relationship with their own self importance. -smirk- The point I’m making is that the ‘Understanding (3) is indeed the Best Part’ and how a person cees something gives you a pre-view of their way of life (Culture: 4). This also sets the stage for the Power (5) struggles you’ll cee them go through and the power struggles you’ll have to go through when you deal with a person like this. YES, all of this can be deducted from how we honestly draw shit up! So, if a female tells you how she dealt with her Enlightener, Husband or Child(ren’s) Father when “she felt like” he was treating her unfairly, what does that tell you?! Consider what she saw was ‘appropriate’ or ‘what she was willing to do’ in these situations when shit got rough because this will ultimately tell you what she’s made out of; Understanding is the Best Part right?! THIS DOES NOT MEAN she’ll do the same thing(s) to you, b.u.t. at least you’ll know some of her potential; wrong or right! This also goes for females too! If a dude seems to always have a sob story about how the world/people don’t appreciate him, can’t maintain a relationship with people and goes out of his way to prove how great he is while directly/indirectly discrediting others, what is this telling you sweetheart? Consider watching Spiderman 3, and NO THIS DOES NOT MEAN that you’ll have to deal with the ‘Dark Side’ of Peter Parker, b.u.t. it does show you his susceptibility to becoming ‘Venom’ (pun intended)….and eventually spawning Carnage.

Cee, sometimes we talk about -and know- haters so well because we’re a card carrying member of the Club! Sometimes we always have drama going on around us because we’re always “in the middle” of the shit! Sometimes we feel like other people are out to get us because we secretly feel like we deserve it -for whatever reason(s). Sometimes we systematically sabotage relationships, goals and strait up good news because our low/vacant self esteem tells us we don’t deserve it! SOMETIMES what we cee is what we wanna cee because it numbs the sting/stench of what we presently are, SOMETIMES! People, we are our own worst enemies and until we honestly take responsibility for -AND CEE- the worst Devils living inside of us, everything else we cee will be a lame-ass distortion, EVERYTHING! Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not encouraging you to beat yourselves up about things you’re dealing with, I’m encouraging you to stump a mudhole in ya Devils ass! LOL!

Cee, I’m not the kinda God who’ll continuously give you a bullet list build of what I’m doing or have done. I don’t engage in Enlightener Pissing Contests and I have never entered a National Name Dropping Competition. The reason why I choose to carry my Math the way that I do is because I respect a person’s freedom to cee me for themselves; “undiluted, mixed or tampered with” (9/1-14) from what I wanna prove to them! If a person is stupid enough to “assume” (take shit “on face value”: 9/1-40) what I am/or ain’t doing -without doing the actual research themselves, then they don’t deserve to have a relationship with me in the first place; they’ve already botched the “prescribed law(s)” to have that “said ability” (20/1-40). -shrugs- By me having the posture and taking the approach of not making mention of myself, I leave a person to their own devices. Therefore, they “qualify or disqualify” (28/1-40) themselves based upon their own understanding, or lack thereof. If you notice, “…one of our Righteous Brothers by the name of Jesus” (5/1-14) had the same posture and took the same approach towards people. Jesus’ attitude was like, “Those who cee me will cee me. If you don’t cee me, you don’t cee me and I’m not going outta my way to perform miracles to prove to you who I am. Besides, it ain’t about me anyway, it’s all about you!” Another thing to consider is the fact that the main person begging Jesus for a sign to prove himself was the Devil -and his flunkies. Now, this is not always the greatest approach because the downside to not making mention of yourself is that this silence can be used to propagate rumors that can lead to your crucifixion. NOW, I am not saying that the concept of “Show & Prove” is bullshit because it’s important that things are shown and proven to people. What I am saying is that your EGO neva needs to “Show & Prove” shit! LOL! And no, this build is not some EGOLESS EGO shit either. LOL! That EGOLESS EGO shit ain’t nothing b.u.t. a Boca Whopper for a portly Vegetarian.

To conclude Today’s Article I want to remind you to never “believeon face value.” (9/1-40) how you or other people cee shit. Take time to examine how you’re thinking and what you choose to let come outta your mouth! When People communicate with eachother they’re exchanging perspectives; how they view something. When Gods/Earths build with eachother we commonly ask the question, “How do you cee that?”, “How are you drawing this up?” or “How do you cee Today’s Mathematics?” In all of these instances we ask eachother about ‘ceeing’; we’re sharing our Understanding. When we’re articulating how we understand (cee) something: Are we really paying attention? When someone else is articulating how they understand (cee) something: Are we really paying attention? Are we really considering the fact that what we cee is indicative of what we be, and what we be expresses some of our Core Values, Worldview and Principles we hold fast to “regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14)?! Even though this is undeniably the case, KEEP IN MIND that the way we cee something today doesn’t mean that we’ll always cee things that way. That’s what growth and development is all about; striving for perfection through sharpening the Mind’s Eye! As Understanding (3) is the Best Part, it reveals what we need to Know (1) about our own Words, Ways and Actions (2) and those of other people. In the final analysis, it’s as simple as A B C; Ah Be what I Cee; I be what I see! If we aren’t ceeing things “right & exact” (1/1-40) there’s always “a chance to…” (13/1-40) get a better understanding -if of course we’re really committed to striving for perfection.