Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Babies Are The Greatest!

If I'm a Parent, teaching my own children is expected, not something I should be looking to get credit for as an accomplishment. In my experience, I've ceen the phrase, "I'm teaching my children" expressed by people for a few basic reasons:
1.) They're new Parents experiencing a Parental role for the first time, so they're proudly sharing what they do.
2.) They're people who've had some Parenting issues in the past, for whatever reason, so they're seeking validation.
3.) They're people trying to use what they're doing for their children as an excuse (shield) to not do anything for others.
Regardless of these or other reasons, saying "I teach my children" is no different than saying, "I feed my children." As their Parent, we're supposed to do that, b.u.t. it does take our collective Parental efforts to teach, and feed, our children consistently. This requires love and consideration beyond our personal household.

Gaining Knowledge of Self naturally expands our perspective of Civilization and our Duty as Civilized People. As this expansion of consciousness happens with us as Parents, we begin to look beyond the creature comforts of our own front door, our personal household, and the limitations of a "Me and Mines" Philosophy; a Philosophy that cannot address the greater needs we're now aware of amongst our children's peers and within our neighborhood/Community. So we start moving away from exclusively saying "My child(ren)" to now inclusively saying "Our children." We begin to recognize that "The babies" are the greatest, not just our own child(ren). We transition from simply being a Father or Mother to our own children to being a Father to the Fatherless, and Mother to the Motherless.

This expansion of consciousness is an important part of our growth and development process and evolution as Parents; it represents the "It takes a village" mentality/approach we need to continually inspire, empower, and educate our children to build a more sustainable future. All of us have benefitted from this mentality/approach in some way, and our children are the beneficiaries, in need of this today.