Wednesday, December 18, 2013

“The nature of our relationships with others, and the environment, characterizes the kind of person we choose to be. Oftentimes, these relationships consist of Games; where we choose to be players, and/or get played.” -GAMES

Games are unhealthy behavior patterns designed to take advantage of others, and manipulate the environment. Within these Games, we are either the player, or the participant.

While some Games "dazzle you with kindness, and baffle you with bullsh*t", others will make you reasonably doubt your own name. This book is a humorous guide introducing you to Games such as:

-Monster in the Village
-LSWBT (Lets See Who Blows Their Top!)
-B.S.E. (Blame Somebody Else)
-Mind Reader (AKA: You Should Have Known, Veruca Salt)
-I.R.S. (I'm Really Sorry)
-Piper's Pit, Switch and Bait, and many more!!

As you become more familiar with these Games, you will be able to successfully:

1.) Recognize, analyze, and define various Games you may be playing, or participating in.

2.) Dismantle Games.

3.) Replace Games with behavior patterns that promote healthy relationships.


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Monday, December 16, 2013

Jung Money Cash Money Billionaires 

When it comes to being “Conscious” and ultimately “Consciousness”, one thing I’ve begun to realize is that many of the ideas we have are set upon Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung foundations. Much of our language, analysis, and descriptions of the phenomenon called Consciousness, are directly from the books of these 19th Century theorists. Even much of our pedagogy, or method we use to teach about Consciousness, is based solely upon Freudian and Jungian Psychology. The error in this is not because they’re cited. Some of what they taught I agree with. The error lies in the fact that although first world people have been successfully analyzing, articulating, and defining Consciousness for thousands of years before both of these men existed, some of us have not taken the initiative to investigate these classical perspectives before drawing a conclusion on what Consciousness is, isn’t, or even if the word itself is accurate enough to use in order to define this phenomenon.

How we view Consciousness sets the stage for our Cosmology; our creation story and how we perceive the universe came to exist. This is the basis of our Ontology; our sense of beingness, or what it means to be/exist in this universe. Our Ontology paves the way for our Epistemology, how we come to know things, and our Axiology, how we establish our value system. Yet central to all of this ‘ology’, is our fundamental idea of a/the Creator, our relationship to that Creator, and our relationship to the Earth. If we view Consciousness as our brain, this perspective plays a key role in influencing how we process our life experiences. If we view Consciousness as having a Subconscious and equate this with gender (male and/or female), this will likewise influence our values, and how we interact with others. If we view Consciousness as having several different levels, this will likewise influence how we attend this world. How we think influences our way of life.

Carl Jung’s definition of Consciousness is “bringing parts of the collective unconscious into ego awareness. Becoming more aware of the workings of the psyche and the meaning of individuation.” The collective unconscious, according to Jung, is “the realm of the archetypes including the Self. Ancestral memories and religious instinct reside here as well.” In layman’s terms, Jung viewed Consciousness as a process of becoming more aware of the total conscious mind -which consists of discriminating its individual parts. These parts of the conscious mind, according to Jung, are archetypes (inborn pre-formed structures), ideas, memories, instincts, and the Self (guiding center of the psyche or God-image).

You probably have to re-read the above paragraph a couple times if you didn't get it. I wasn't getting it the first time I studied Jung either because it's just plan complicated. Well the key points to keep in mind about Jung's theory are:

1.)  Consciousness is not a state, but a process.
2.) That process is a method to discriminate components of the conscious mind in order to develop as an individual.

Now that you know this, you can see where many people get some of their ideas about components of the conscious mind (i.e. Unconscious, Subconscious, Super Conscious, Magnetic Conscious, and etc.) from, and their quest for individualism (discrimination). It's textbook Jung -with very few, if any, references to first world people's perspective on Consciousness. Again, my concern is not with referencing Jung, it's with using Jung as the authoritarian on Consciousness. Lets take a moment to analyze a few of his quotes to give you a better idea of what I mean.

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain."
     Really? So those of us who buy this believe that unless it's painful, it's not an individual growth and development process. Sounds alittle masochistic to me.

"Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious."
     Here is one of the biggest departures from how first world people generally define Consciousness in comparison to what Jung suggests here. Since the times of Ancient Khemet/Kemet (Egypt) this is what we've taught: ALL is consciousness; undifferentiated matter energy with no variation, vector, or distinction. The term Subconscious or Unconscious is really a misnomer because ESSENTIALLY there is no below (sub), above, or around the ALL. Subconscious is a phrase that only applies in the context of the physical realm, where duality, and the denseness of Consciousness exists. Consciousness, as an essential state, is all encompassing; omnipresent and omniscient. Our physical vehicle, as a three dimensional conduit and lens of Consciousness, only "perceives" and interprets Consciousness as various streams. So ultimately, what people call Subconscious, Unconscious, Super Conscious, Magnetic Conscious, or etc. is actually just ALL Consciousness. Our physical form, as well as time and space, are filters (conduits) of Consciousness. The same way there is relative truth to the denseness and dimensions of the objects around us, in essence, they're ALL one materially (atomically). Consciousness is the same way essentially.

In regards to the term Unconscious the only state that could be considered a dynamic opposite of Consciousness is 'Nothingness' (No-thingness). The negative prefix "un" meaning 'not', as in Unconscious (not Conscious), cannot be the source of, or proceed, Consciousness. Essentially, the only state that is 'not' Consciousness is Nothingness (No-thingness). Since the creation of this universe, everything that was, is, and will be is an aspect of the ALL -there is no undoing that. Regardless what we choose to believe, there is no 366 degrees, or something outside of the ALL (360 degrees). The ALL was first symbolized as a black dot: "O", a cipher/circle. That glyph/concept of completion represents no-thingness, and everything, simultaneously. A cipher/circle is 360 degrees. 3+6+0 = 9, and everything that was, is, and will be goes through a gestation phase,  from no-thingness (O) to something (O), in order to be born complete. That phase is no different than the 9 month process it takes to birth a child. This is also the reasoning behind the glyph/concept "9" being shaped like a spiral, shown to wind around a fixed center point at a continuously increasing or decreasing distance from that point. Therefore, "9" is shaped like a coil circling around that point (black dot; O), or demonstrates the phase from no-thingness (O) to something (O).

Can you see the number "9" within this circular (O) coil?

Again, the error arises when people only critique Consciousness from the vantage point (lens) of their physical form. So because the body serves as a liaison between the intangible (Consciousness) and the tangible (Material World), people only perceive what they call Unconscious (not Conscious). So I would argue that man's task is not about becoming conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious. Our task is to first realize that Consciousness, as an ALL encompassing state, has no below (sub), above, around, or "upward from" it. And everything that our physical form experiences in this material dimension, within these perimeters of time and space, is Consciousness -the ALL- being filtered.
     Now what does this have to do with money? How we view Consciousness directs how we ultimately live, and how we live includes our basic spending habits. Money is what it is and does not equate to an economy. An Economy is the systematic, organized utilization of shared resources that can include money, yet money isn't necessary to have a well functioning Economy. As a matter of fact, Economies have functioned, and still function in some societies, where money didn't/doesn't exist. So the true basis of any Economy is how we relate to each other. It's about relating in a systematic, organized way to share resources in order to sustain each other. This means the people who are working to establish, and maintain, an Economy must share a Collective Consciousness, that Collective Consciousness can be distilled into one practical word: Culture.
     Culture is the sum total of all of our people activities, and these activities are based upon the principles we adhere to, and values we carry. Our Culture is our diet, how we define gender roles, our style of dress, our views on education, the way we rear children and define family units, and etc. Culture either reinforces or undermines the Collective Consciousness we need in order to establish an Economy. One of the main reasons a local Economy is generally absent within black/brown and poor white communities as a whole, across the United States, and in areas abroad, is because we lack a Collective Consciousness, based upon cultural cohesiveness. There are countless examples of people working as a group to empower themselves economically, and this is because they share a cultural basis. They have a common language, heritage, principles, similar experiences, and shared values. These people activities form the cohesiveness necessary to trust, depend upon, and work with one another to preserve, protect, and advance the group. Without this, there is no group reality, sense of community, unified families, or relationships breed division/dysfunction. While many of us are personally looking for money to change our circumstances, we're squandering our cultural capital that will transform our collective condition.
     One of the challenges with black/brown people is the fact that many of us live within societies as a subculture, where our point of view isn't primary, nor the consensus of the dominant society. What this means is that what we're taught about life, including Consciousness, is filtered through the lens of that dominant society. And that dominant society either reflects an American perspective that's only 237 years old, or it's primarily derived from Greco-Roman perspectives that don't exceed 2,650 years. Although there were many positive observations and contributions made during this segment of time, you'd be hard pressed to find them more in abundance then the observations and contributions that first world people shared over the last 200,000 years, When the World Was Black. We must not limit ourselves to 237 years, 2,650 years, or even 200,000 years of observations and contributions. We also must not limit ourselves to the theories, and language of 19th Century Psychologists when Consciousness was well thought out for thousands of years before them, in various geographic locations, by first world people.
     We think how we spend, and this thought process is the basis of our Economy. When we view Consciousness as our ancestors did, as ALL, than we relate to each other collectively -as various manifestations of the ALL. Therefore, we strive to identify with and be sensitive to the common language, heritage, similar experiences, and values we share as one people. As I stated, these people activities form the cohesiveness necessary to trust, depend upon, and work with each other. Wealth is not, and has never been, an individual accomplishment we're led to believe in (i.e. Oprah, Jay Z, Diddy, Tyler Perry, and etc.). It's collective work and responsibility. To believe otherwise only serves to enrich those who know they didn't get wealthy on their own. Oftentimes that wealth is old blood blue money, that's been passed down from family generations. So while we're steady trying to make it on our own, as a solo artist for example, we're being used for a tool, and also as a slave, to make money for family businesses, and corporations, we're not a part of. As far as Consciousness is concerned, YMCMB is really young money. The driving force behind it is really JMCMB: [Carl] Jung Money Cash Money Billionaires. At the end of the day, Carl Jung's ideas about "ego awareness" and "individuation" are some of the central themes that keep the dominant society's well oiled machine called Capitalism going -because many of us buy into it, in more ways than one.


Monday, December 02, 2013

Are you LGBT or Feminized?

This video is about the LGBT Community and the effeminization of the black male. I offer three points to consider when addressing these subject matters, how to frame them in the proper context, and how to discuss them in the right forum.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Top 9 Political Lessons

First and foremost, I would like to THANK all of you for your love/support during my run for political office here in the City of Niagara Falls, NY. Now that a couple weeks have gone by since our General Election, and I’ve had alittle time to process some of my thoughts about my experiences, I wanted to share with you my Top 9 Political Lessons I've learned. Before I do this, I want to give you a summarized idea of what I was able to successfully accomplish as a political candidate, and what this means on our local geopolitical landscape. Willfully this encourages some of you to also take this step to serve your City in this capacity.

Let me begin with my July 4th, 2013 Press Release announcing that I’m running for public office to represent our 4th legislative district; the highest minority population, and poorest areas in the county, according to U.S. Census data. I had already begun my research and assessed my potential support months in advance, and was convinced that I stood an excellent chance of being chosen to represent our district; given my educational background, and experience serving this community, and other communities, on a grassroots level. From working within various local youth programs to creating my own mentorship programs, publishing several books, lecturing nationally, writing over 200 articles for various national/international publications, being a program consultant for Gangland, working as a media consultant for an Artist/Actor from the series OZ, and operating a national prison correspondence and book donation program, my goal was to inform my community members about what I’ve actually done, and what I do. Because I saw how Politicians usually sold people on the idea of what they wish to do, will try to do, and plan to do once they get into office, my approach was to simply bring people up to date on what I’ve actually done, what I currently do, and encourage them to research it for themselves. Thus, they can decide for themselves if I’m qualified enough to represent the needs of our community in a legislative capacity. I did this because I am 100% confident that the more knowledge a person acquires, the wiser choices they will make.

When I stepped into the political arena, I was a wild card from the start; neither an elephant, or a donkey, I was a strait up earthflower. Registered Green Party, I was one of about 7 other party members in a district of well over 6,000 registered voters. My core campaign team consisted of three people, no campaign manager, great advice, and a war chest of about $1,000. Because of my background as a youth mentor, and community activist, I then sought out to make the political process more accessible to everyday people who wanted nothing to do with the petty politricks, politicians, and political rhetoric ruining out city. Thus the Niagara Youth Party was created to emphasize unity in our family and communities, with our four pillars being Youth Outreach, Crime Prevention, Localism, and Health and Wellness.

The fact that I unofficially got about 25% of the voters in our Primary Election to write-in my name on the Democratic ballot was unheard of! I won the Working Families Primary via people writing my name in too. This successfully happened even though I have an uncommon/ethnic name, and I had no political mailers, no media coverage, no endorsements of a major political party, associations, or unions. In the General Election I doubled the number of votes I received during the Primary Election, and again received over 20% of the votes; almost the same amount of votes received by a major political party. This kind of voter turn-out has never happened before in the history of our City, which for years, and even during this past election, usually votes according to a party affiliation, not for people. This was one of the most significant examples to date, that demonstrates a paradigm shift of a party liner era. This marked a sign of things to come... for our next generation;  a growing segment of our population who actually vote across party lines for people who they know are the most qualified to represent them, regardless of their party affiliation, their name, or ethnicity.

That being said, now let me share My Top 9 Political Lessons:
  1. Politics are a Team Game. Even though I had such a phenomenal turn-out, and received a lot of public/private support from people affiliated with the Republican and Democratic party, I was still looked at as an uncommitted, unsigned, free agent because I wasn't signed with the Democrats or Republicans on paper. I've had people literally tell me, "I wish you were a Democrat!" and others say they voted for me because I'm really a Republican. Now the most frequent questions people ask me are; "Are you going to run again?", and "Are you going to affiliate yourself with, and help build, one of our major parties?"
  2. Certain things don't change, and won't change, because some people are in paid positions to uphold a status quo, and keep things the same. These gate keepers are people, black and white, who have rationalized that the scraps they're personally given, are alot better than the crumbs everybody else is getting -and the people giving them these scraps are eating a five course meal.
  3. Fundraising. Although I did alot with the little money I raised, I know the importance of a real budget now. Something as simple as a political mailer with my unique Dos Equis lawn sign on it, would have definately gotten more votes.
  4. When you run for political office, whether you're elected or not, you've still brought issues to the table that people will continue to consider, after that election year. In other words, whether you're elected or not, you're still front stage and center. If one of your main platform points was 'Health and Wellness', you better believe people are going to watch what you eat, the health initiatives you're now supporting, and if you're packing on pounds. In my case, the message I consistently shared with our voters is my Bio; I'm a successful youth mentor, published author, community activist, and public speaker. This is what I actually do for a living, not something I wished, hoped, and would try to do once I got elected to a local political office. Because people are starting to become more aware of this, various opportunities have opened up to me to continue doing just that. This only becomes more of an asset, if I'm considering running for a political office in the future.
  5. Things people say about you become old news quick when you ignore it. Feeding into "some" things only allows it to live, and sting somebody else. Sometimes, the only statement you need to make is how inappropriate, inconsiderate, or even racist something is, and how you refuse to even dignify that question/accusation with a response.
  6. Politicians buy votes, and people bet on political elections like the OTB.
  7. Your enemy's enemy is your friend.
  8. When people say, "I support you", it doesn't mean, "I'll vote for you." When people say "I'll vote for you", that doesn't mean, "I voted for you", or "I vote" at all. As a political candidate, aside from all the doors you knock on, hands you shake, donations you get, and etc., it all comes down to basic political science; how many votes were cast for you within a 15 hour period in one day. This is what thousands of hours of campaigning, and money, ultimately comes down to.
  9. As I've stated, the consistent message throughout my campaign was, "This is what I've done, this is what I do, here is where you can verify it, and then you decide for yourself what my qualifications/potential is to represent our legislative district." In otherwords, I came to the local political table like a rapper meeting with a record label, who was already selling half a million albums out of the trunk of my car;  a business acumen Rapper E-40 coined 'independent hustle'). Therefore, I was looking for a distribution deal to help expand what the label (legislative district) was currently offering. I wasn't a starving artist begging for record deal. So instead of agreeing to these mutually beneficial terms, the artist that's currently on the label got their 360 Deal renewed for another two years.
In conclusion, my overall experience was excellent, and there are still many things I'm learning each day. I appreciate having this opportunity to learn, grow, and I can't thank those of you enough who helped support our local Movement. Because of this experience, I'm becoming more equipped to continue positively impacting the lives of people globally, and locally. As for what's next for me politically, we will see.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"If we're not driving, we're being driven." -Saladin 

One thing I encourage anyone to do, whose seeking advice about personal empowerment, and maintaining a consistent path, is to master their physical/sexual appetite. It's because of some of our diets, the frequency of our meals, food combination choices, sexual patterns, and lack of activity that most of our energy (life force) is allocated towards our digestive/reproductive systems; the central part of our physical body, and our center of gravity. Our center of gravity is the point of greatest importance, interest, or activity. This is the focal point of our stability, balance, sense of equilibrium, and causation (creation). When we don't possess control of this central part of our being, somebody else will -through appealing to our physical/sexual appetite. When most of our energy is allocated towards our digestive/reproductive systems, other systems in our life get neglected: spiritual systems, economic systems, social systems, educational systems, and etc.. They get neglected because we simply don't have the energy to invest in them.
Fasting and How It Benefits The Human Body

One of the best ways to start gaining control over our physical/sexual appetite is learning how to "fast" (abstain). Fasting helps us master our center of gravity, and gives us an opportunity to redistribute our digestive/reproductive energy to other areas (systems) in our life. Some of the meals we eat, especially 3 in a day, is equivalent to making our digestive system work a 24hr shift. Some of our lives revolve around sex. In conclusion, keep in mind that it's nearly impossible to be personally empowered, and maintain a consistent path in life, when our appetite is driving us. Especially in a society where our appetite is being constantly bombarded with billions of dollars of advertisements of people, places, and things that are designed to appeal to, and control, our life (force). This is not an appeal to become a monk/nun. This is about the benefits of fasting. If we're not driving, we're being driven.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Support The Movement Ad
Support The Movement: Saladin for Niagara County Legislature. As a Niagara County Legislature 4th Dist. Candidate, I am the Official Endorsement of the Niagara Youth Party, Working Families Party, and Green Party.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

“I’m Not Into Politics”

Them: "I'm not into politics."
Me: "Oh that's alright, politics are in you."
Running for public office has been one of the most educational experiences in my life. Not just on the 'Politician' side, but also what I’m learning about the politics of people, places, and things. Since announcing my candidacy for Niagara County Legislature on July 4th, 2013, I am now about three months into this Election Year. That’s three months of campaigning, learning, and gaining valuable experience about a terrain that’s not reflected on a map.

On Tuesday September 10th we had our Primary Election, and the unofficial results show that I won the Working Families party line endorsement. This means that in our November 5th General Election, I will be on the ballot representing 3 party lines; our Niagara Youth Party that I created, the Working Families, and the Green Party. The unofficial results for the Democratic Primary show that I got about 25% of the vote with a write-in campaign; a voter turn-out that has never happened in our district before. People were being told by poll workers that they could only mark the bubble for the candidate on the ballot because the ballots are jamming the machines, others didn’t know how to spell my name correctly, some simply marked an “X” in the write-in spot, and still others just voted for the other candidate simply because they were confused about how to do a write-in vote. I was speaking to a woman at a polling site and after she voted she came right outside and told me that she didn’t vote for me because she wasn’t sure about who I was and what I’ve been doing in our community. After a few moments of talking she realized that I was a Guest Speaker at her church Christ Redemption Tabernacle for a Black History Month Program a couple of years ago. She also reminded me that I had given her the framed picture of Jesus and his Disciples found in the catacombs of Domitilla Rome, that she proudly has on her wall and she sees every day. All of these challenges I saw and heard personally, or voters shared with me about their experience at the polls. And despite these challenges, without one lawn sign, house mailers, media coverage, or etc. our voter turn-out was a great success.

As I mentioned, one of the most educational parts of this whole experience is what I’ve been learning about the politics of people, places, and things. See, people are often under the impression that “politics” is an isolated world that people called “politicians” are associated with. The reality is, everything is political. Politics, by one definition, simply means “the science of power or influence.” Science comes from the latin root ‘scire’ which means “to know”, so everyone, on some level, even a baby crying for milk, knows how to use power to influence their environment. The clothes you chose to wear today are influential. The music you like has the power to persuade (influence). Every advertisement we see has a political aim, whether it’s influencing us to buy food, get a flu shot, or watch a new sitcom. The reason celebrities do or don’t speak about certain current events is political; they may not want to lose endorsements, they may been looking for endorsements, or there may be some other reason. Whether we know it or not, every person, place, or thing in this Interdependent Universe has a fundamental influence, a matrix, and that power was forged through a political process. What does this mean locally? What this means is that the less aware we are of our personal/collective power to influence our environment, our community, and our families, the more power we relinquish, by default; thus allowing others to influence our environment, community, and families for us. More times than not, those who we allow to influence the needs of our environment, community, and families, in a public official capacity, end up using this power to advance only themselves, or use this influence to only help their family. Hence why we have the common phrase, “politics are dirty”, which I don't agree with. The way people use politics can be dirty and our City has seen a lot of that over the years. 

In closing, I want to reiterate that “politics” are not an isolated world that people called “politicians” are associated with. Everything is political and was forged through a political process. The same politics some Politicians use to enrich themselves in office, are the same politics some Pastors use to enrich themselves in the pulpit. The same power of persuasion some Politicians use to get voters to accept a resolution, is the same power of persuasion some Employers use to get employees to accept a policy. The same influence a Politician has to positively or negatively impact the district they serve, is the same influence a Teacher has to positively or negatively impact the students they serve. For those of you who claim you don’t get involved in politics, that idea of neutrality doesn’t change the fact that you already are involved, and living on a local political landscape where the decisions of others impact your life each and every day. You mind as well find out more about the people making these decisions, their reasoning for doing it, and if these decisions are helping serve the needs of the community you live in. If not, then you do have the power to personally/collectively change that. Vote Tuesday November 5th.
Website: Saladin for Niagara County Legislature

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Primary Election Results
September 10th, 2013
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: As planned, the unofficial Primary Election results show that we WON the Working Families party line!! This means that in our November 5th General Election, I will be on the ballot representing 3 party lines; our Niagara Youth Party, the Working Families, and the Green Party!!

The unofficial election results for the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY show that I got about 25% of the vote WITH A WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN!! This is virtually unheard of, especially when people were being told at the polls that they could only mark the bubble for the candidate on the ballot, and got confused about how a write-in vote works. People who understand these challenges of a write-in campaign of this magnitude, with hundreds of voters, no lawn signs, house mailers, or etc. have been stopping me in the streets telling me how impressed they were to see that kind of turn out!! Thank You again for your support, especially those of you who came out to make the conscious effort to vote for me. Our voice was heard loud and clear now, and we're going to make an even bigger statement about change for our community in the GENERAL ELECTION November 5th!!
'Meet The Candidate' Interview on the Soapbox Show
To stay informed and connected to our campaign every step of the day, go to our Facebook Page. Also, to donate to our campaign go to our Saladin 2013 Campaign Fund.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Everyday People

As we approach the Primary Election for Niagara County Legislator and City Council on Tuesday September 10th, there are a couple of things I wanted to share with all of you, our local voters.
Is it just me or have you also noticed that most County Legislator and City Council candidates only speak about their contributions and accomplishments to our county, and city, within the context of their job duties or affiliations? Rarely do I hear someone speak about anything they've done as an everyday citizen. Rarely do I hear of anything some candidates have done that they're not getting paid for, or that's not affiliated with a club/organization they belong to. In other words, if it wasn't their job, or expected of them as a club/organization member, you'll see almost no contributions or sacrifices being made to benefit anyone outside of their own family. We are all citizens first, and what we are willing and able to do first, as everyday citizens, regardless of our job, or the club/organization we belong to, is worth considering. This is especially important to consider when these everyday citizens, choose to run for public office, and serve our everyday people as elected officials.

Recently a citizen reached out to me about a public safety concern in his neighborhood. This person is not a politician, they are not a member of a club/organization, they are not getting paid, and their concern had nothing to do with their job, or affiliations. This was an everyday citizen being proactive and taking the responsibility to coordinate other concerned citizens to resolve a situation in one of our communities. That proactive approach towards the growth and development of our communities, as an everyday citizen first, is a quality we rarely see in public officials today. It is my assessment that many of the things we would like to see happen in our communities, and city, aren't getting done, or won’t get done, because we choose people to represent everyday citizens that have done very little to nothing as everyday citizens themselves. Imagine if the citizen who reached out to me also had this mentality "it's not my job, and I'm not getting paid for it" philosophy. Can you see how this increases the danger, and lack of growth and development, of a community?

I am currently running for Niagara County Legislature to represent the fourth district. The majority of the contributions I have made to our community, and other communities around the country, have been as an everyday citizen. I had the opportunity to work as a program consultant for the History Channel Show 'Gangland', and work as a media consultant for an actor from the T.V. Series OZ. I've created Mentor Programs including a free 8-Week Young Writers Program that empowered our youth to successfully publish a book. I operate a Prison Correspondence Program where I donate literature to correctional facilities around the country. I've done fundraisers to send two local youth on a College Tour out of state, and support a Reconstruction Project for an academy in Philadelphia, PA. I've hosted various educational forums, and taught life skills classes, at our Niagara Falls Public Library. I've volunteered with various community organizations, and have done workshops, radio programs, and speaking engagements about community outreach, economic development, and personal empowerment globally. I've authored 10 books, have helped publish other authors, and have written for various publications globally. These are just a fraction of the things I've done, and currently do, as a 38 year old everyday citizen whose concerned about the growth and development of our communities, especially our youth. These are contributions and accomplishments that have nothing to do with a job I'm getting paid for, a title, or a club/organization I belong to.
Citizens of Niagara Falls, if your goal is to elect people who are going to anticipate your needs as citizens, and exceed the expectations of our community and city, there are two things we must do. Number one is: assess candidates based upon what we've proactively done, and what we currently do, as everyday citizens. To be more accurate, begin your assessment of us prior to this election year because all of the dog petting, baby kissing, and festival photos can create an image of activism and community outreach that may have never existed. Secondly, public office is a job, and just like with any job, you have people who sit around and watch the clock, people that milk the clock, people that hide until it's time to punch out, and people that give you a hard day’s work. You also have people who don't treat their position like it's just a job, and will do everything in their power to help resolve your concerns of our community. Before you vote for any of us, find out who we are. Look for evidence that supports what we have been willing and able to do, as an everyday citizen; because this is who we really are. And this is who we will continue to be, after you have elected us to represent you.
Saladin Q. Allah,
Candidate; Niagara County Legislature, 4th district
Official Bio

Monday, August 26, 2013

~Voter Message~
Tuesday September 10, 2013 is the PRIMARY ELECTION for Niagara County Legislature, 4th District!! This is an Election Ad I created that contains Voter Instructions for Registered Democrats and Working Families!!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

This video is about the importance of being Informed Voters by asking the right questions, and making sure you assess people who desire to represent the needs of your families and community. I call it "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" as a play on the promotional slogan of the Unilever Company that sold this popular product 'as a substitute' for real butter.

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Monday, August 05, 2013

Saladin 2013 Red Carpet Event
Formal ~ Social ~ Elegant
I invite all of you to our Official Campaign Fundraiser at the historic Echo Club Mansion (341 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14303) on Saturday August 17th, 2013 from 7pm-11pm. This is a Red Carpet, Black & White Event.

Tickets $30 each, $50 per couple. You can make your Donation at the door or RSVP in advance at our Eventbrite page here: Saladin 2013 Red Carpet Event
*Hot and Cold hors d'oeuvres/Catered Menu
*Wine Tasting and Cash Bar
*Red Carpet Pictures
*Guided Tour of Mansion
Dress Code: Elegant/Formal Attire

Questions: Email 'The Friends of Saladin' at You can also stay informed/connected with our campaign at our Facebook Page Saladin Q. Allah for Niagara County Legislature

All proceeds from this Event support the candidacy of Saladin Q. Allah for Niagara County Legislature (4th District).

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Local Politics and Lobby Groups
This video is about Local Politics, Lobbying Groups, and the importance of getting involved in our local political scene because it offers a greater degree of Accountability, Accessibility, and Transparency you don't see on a regional or national level.
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

We Are On The Ballot!!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We are Officially in the Primary Election (September 10th) to win the Democratic and Working Families Party endorsement, and we are on the ballot for the General Election (November 5th) in our run for Niagara County Legislature!! I want to THANK our Campaign Team for their hard work, sacrifice, and commitment to making sure I got on the ballot, and their confidence in me to represent the VISION, and PLAN for our community!! ‪#‎NiagaraYouthParty‬ ‪#‎Saladin2013
If you would like to help us purchase lawn signs, you can donate at this link: Lawn Sign Fund
The Challenger Newspaper (Buffalo, NY) July 24th, 2013
Thank You in advance for all of your support in helping make this a successful campaign!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Niagara Youth Party
Making History!!

I am excited and proud to announce that for this year's 2013 Local Election, we're creating a new party line that I will be running on called the Niagara Youth Party!! That's right, as an alternative to the every day party politics many of us have grown dissatisfied with, we now have an opportunity to create and VOTE for a Party that best reflects the needs of our families and community!!

The Niagara Youth Party emphasizes unity in our family and communities. Our "four pillars", which serve as guiding principles, are as follows:

YOUTH OUTREACH: increasing activities, opportunities, and community alliances that support the growth and development of our youth. We believe our youth are the ambassadors of our future and must be encouraged, educated, and empowered to be the future leaders of our society.

CRIME PREVENTION: promoting initiatives that address juvenile delinquency, neighborhood safety, and community deterioration. We believe in taking responsibility for the community we live in, and protecting our most vulnerable members; children, women, seniors, and the handicapped.

LOCALISM: investing in local businesses, co-ops, trade programs, home ownership, and education that supports our local economy and maximizes the circulation of each dollar before it leaves our community. We believe in "local first" and that our economy begins with us through: increasing our social capital, lowering taxes, and pooling our ideas, skills, and resources to support each other locally.

HEALTH and WELLNESS: supporting projects, programs, and collaborations that increase the health of our families, and promote wellness in our communities. We believe that healthy families are the vital building blocks of strong communities, and to maintain wellness we must invest in activities that support our spiritual, mental, and physical health.
To get you all involved, I am having an Art Contest for youth ages 17 and under to come up with an emblem to represent the Niagara Youth Party!!

What are the Rules?
1. Youth must be 17 and under. One art submission per youth.
2. Art submission must be an original design that does not include any symbols of the present Political Parties (ex. Democratic, Republican, and etc.)

3. Art submission, whether graphic design or scanned drawing, must be a JPEG format with 300 dpi resolution.

4. To submit Art, the image must be posted to our FB Page Saladin Q. Allah for Niagara County Legislature. All submissions must include the youth's NAME, AGE, LOCATION (City, State, and Country if not the U.S.). Submissions also must include the hashtags: #NiagaraYouthParty #Saladin2013

5. The last date of submission is Friday, August 2nd at 12:00am (EST).

How do we VOTE?
• Go to our FB Page Saladin Q. Allah for Niagara County Legislature.
• Go to our photos and click on the album “Facebook Youth Art Contest”
• "LIKE" which photo you think best represents our Niagara Youth Party.

After the closing date for all submissions, ALL OF YOU will decide which emblem will represent our Niagara Youth Party by going to our Facebook Page and "LIKING" which photo you think best represents our youth!! The TOP THREE images that receive the most "LIKES" by Monday, August 5th at 12:00am will then be voted on, and the image with the most “LIKES” will be the winner of our contest!!