Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Primary Election Results
September 10th, 2013
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: As planned, the unofficial Primary Election results show that we WON the Working Families party line!! This means that in our November 5th General Election, I will be on the ballot representing 3 party lines; our Niagara Youth Party, the Working Families, and the Green Party!!

The unofficial election results for the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY show that I got about 25% of the vote WITH A WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN!! This is virtually unheard of, especially when people were being told at the polls that they could only mark the bubble for the candidate on the ballot, and got confused about how a write-in vote works. People who understand these challenges of a write-in campaign of this magnitude, with hundreds of voters, no lawn signs, house mailers, or etc. have been stopping me in the streets telling me how impressed they were to see that kind of turn out!! Thank You again for your support, especially those of you who came out to make the conscious effort to vote for me. Our voice was heard loud and clear now, and we're going to make an even bigger statement about change for our community in the GENERAL ELECTION November 5th!!
'Meet The Candidate' Interview on the Soapbox Show
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