Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Clarence 13X was Suspended twice for beating his Wife!!"
-Min. Akbar Muhammad, International Rep. of the NOI (7/16/2006)-

Peace Fam! How you? Yo’ on Sunday July 16th I was invited to come out to Mosque 23 in Bethlehem (Buffalo, NY) because Minister Louis Farrakhan’s International Representative, Akbar Muhammad was going to be giving a lecture particularly about a free land acquisition taking place in Ghana that is offered to Original People throughout the Diaspora. It’s a project being spearheaded by a Philadelphia Based Company called “The 2020 Group”.

Now I did alittle research prior to this and I was anticipating getting the specifics of what this was about from his perspective knowing that he had more of an in-depth view of Ghana since he lived there for some years. Anyway, very little was mentioned about the actual Project and Akbar Muhammad focused primarily on a 6 Day Youth Retreat Camp he was Advertising as a Tour Guide. The Camp was basically a Project he put together where he takes groups of youth to either Ghana or Egypt. He spoke very little about the land acquisition project and people who were interested had to actually ask for the name and contact information of the Company who’s promoting it. Besides promoting his Youth Retreat Camp, Akbar Muhammad also promoted different magazines and books he encouraged people to buy, and tapes of some of his lectures. Now here is the most interesting part of his lecture.

Akbar Muhammad said he came into the Nation during the first resurrection in the early 1960’s and Registered as a Muslim in the Historical Mosque #7 in Harlem, New York. This puts him (named “Larry” at this time) smack dab in the middle of one of the most controversial times of our History here in North America. This was a time when Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X. was going through their disagreement, Louis Farrakhan (then “Louis X”) was starting to come up, Muhammad Ali was blowing up, and of course The Father (then Clarence 13X) was coming into his own. There were others during these turbulent times, particularly a brother named Abu Shahid (then “John X.”) who is still alive and well living in Power Born (Pittsburg, PA). The most interesting part of Akbar Muhammad’s lecture was when he went into talking about a DVD he was selling entitled “The History of Mosque #7” (Video Link), which goes into the History of the 5 Percenter’s and Clarence 13X (The Father)!

Because Akbar Muhammad was in Mosque #7 at this time when everything was going down in the 1960’s as far as Malcom X. leaving, The Father starting the Nation of Gods and Earths (then “The 5 Pecenters”) and other historical situations, he had a lot to say, particularly about “The Father” and how the 5 Percenter’s got started.

One of the most controversial issues and questions that people often ask about the Nation of Gods and Earths is “Why did Clarence 13X or The Father leave the Mosque?”. During Akbar Muhammad’s lecture he stated (without reservation) that “Clarence 13X was suspended from the Mosque for 30 days because he beat his wife Doris. When Clarence returned from his suspension he beat Doris again and this time he got suspended for 90 days. During this 90 day suspension he never came back”. Akbar Muhammad also stated that, “After a while Clarence began to get confused about the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and started teaching lessons to kids in the streets. This gave birth to groups of youth who had a distorted view of the teachings and eventually they began to refer to themselves as 5 Percenters”. Akbar Muhammad went on to state that he lectures on the whole history of where the 5 Percenter’s came from on his tape “The History of Mosque #7” and that, "I would debate with any 5 Percenter who thinks they know this history any better than me because I was there"! Akbar Muhammad eventually ended his statements by saying, “I knew Clarence very well, he was a confused man”!

Now that’s the first time I even heard some shit like this. Immediately after the lecture I went outside and called my brother Abu Shahid who was actually in the Mosque at the same time and I asked him about this. Abu Shahid is almost 80 years old and is a brother who’s down to earth, practical and tells it like it is. For some years now he’s been doing a 5 different public access Programs and he’s the CEO of The Universal Street Academy and is actively involved in the Community out in Power Born (Pittsburg). He’s definitely well known and when I meet people from Pittsburg and ask them about him they definitely know him!

Well when I asked Abu Shahid did he know Akbar Muhammad he sarcastically said “Yeah I know Larry, what the @%*! was he saying about The Father this time? Did he tell the story about how he walked through a cipher of 5 Percenter’s while wearing his uniform and they split like the red sea?”. I said no and when I told him what Akbar Muhammad said about The Father being Suspended he simply said, “The Father left because he wanted to leave, we both wasn’t making no money in there plus when Malcom and Elijah fell out it was many of us that didn’t want to take sides because we loved both of them brothers.” Abu Shahid also went on to say, “The Father ain’t talk bad against the Nation, why nigga’s always want to try and throw dirt on his name like that?”. We talked for awhile and he built with me alittle about his story, about how he came up with the conceptualization of Supreme Mathematics while studying the 13th Problem in the Problem Book, how he caught a gun charge after he left the Mosque and some other Actual Facts about his life. Is interesting how we have an Elder like this in our midst and people take him for granted like that. He jokingly talked about how when he goes back to the essence, people going to make him into a Christ Figure just like the rest of them and be walking around saying “Abu Shahid said this, Abu Shahid said that!”. He has an incredible sense of humor, a young daughter (Princess Jhonazyia) who hasn’t even reached her early teens yet (Yeah he’s almost 80!), and be rocking sweat suits and gear like the youth! He’s definitely a jewel amongst us!

Now some people will argue that, “If we don’t have the actual facts about why The Father left we can’t make an accurate assessment of what we have?”, then I encourage you to get this information and even if you can find some type of Nation of Islam documentation that would verify this Suspension then go ahead. Since this is about being just and true (Righteous) then that is information we should have. As a matter of fact, if you hear that Akbar Muhammad will be coming to your local Mosque or area to lecture go out and see him. He usually has a question and answer period at the end of his lecture and you’ll have a chance to ask him some questions. I’ve personally come to the conclusion that regardless of what the circumstances were regarding him leaving I’m glad he did! If not, my Family Tree wouldn’t exist nor would I. As I’ve stated time and time again, our perfection exists in our humanness! That humanness is precisely what gave The Father the ability to personally connect with the frailties he saw in our youth in the streets. Regardless of what he did, I’m sure he did some things that he could have done better just like all of us. Simply put, he was a man who simply recognized his Godliness and did what he could to express it, and encourage others to recognize the same thing in themselves. Unlike the Mysteries surrounding the lives of Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad and soon to be Louis Farrakhan, The Father should remain as a reminder of our human quest to express our Divinity.

Now if is an Actual Fact that The Father was beating on Doris like a Jimbe Drum, hey, that will definitely add on to our history (to say the least!)! In Elementary I mushed this girl in the face who then stabbed me in the chest (it just broke the skin) with a dull #3 Pencil (not #2!) and in Junior High I Karate kicked this girl who kept harassing me but I haven’t laid the smack down on any woman as an adult! If I feel like I’m about to get Rick Flair on a female, then I’m gonna leave that muthafucka’ alone!

I know (personally) that many Gods and Earths have idolized “The Father” to the point of worship. We need to realize that his struggles either true or rumored (in a society that seeks to oppose and suppress it) is a Lesson within itself! A Lesson that teaches about “function” and “impression” more than anything else! So instead of going back and forth about the validity of “The Father beating on Doris like Mr. beat Ceily on The Color Purple”, think about how this idea is designed to “function” and the “impression” it’s going to make upon non-critical thinkers! Akbar Muhammad is Louis Farrakhan’s “International Representative” and he’s promoting this agenda everywhere he goes. The 5 Percenter’s or Nation of Gods and Earths wasn’t even the topic of his lecture, he simply went into talking about it to promote his DVD’s. Whether true or false, he has a platform to promote this idea, so think about what this idea is determined to do! Think about it!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Bizzaro" the Grafted Super Man
PTSS (Post-Traumatic Superhero Syndrome)

If you’ve ever done the Knowledge on any Spiderman episodes you’ll definitely be able to see a striking similarity in our personalities! Spiderman is excellent at what he does but never gets caught up in the so-called Superhero thing. As a matter of fact he’s quite cynical about the whole idea. He has an incredible sense of humor, and treats the most villainous people and situations with a confident sense of sarcastic wit. And when Spiderman gets knocked on his ass, he’s not afraid to say it because he recognizes that he’s a man first! In studying Spiderman’s battles, you’ll see that this “humaneness” is precisely what gives him an advantage over other Superhero’s. “Post-Traumatic Superhero Syndrome” is my theory that grandiose attitudes of Invincibility, Narcissism, Overcompensation, Cognitive Dissonance and Prideful Arrogance are psychological disorders that can be negatively attributed to a person’s association with Knowledge of Self. In layman’s terms, instead of this Culture helping people, it has unfortunately been construed in way which hinders them. When people be saying “The 5 Percenter’s are a Gang” where do you think they get that shit from?! There are some “nigga’s” who give the Nation of Gods and Earths a bad ass name. It’s a fucked up generalization, b.u.t. hey, all we can do is show and prove the opposite! In today’s article I’ll go into the diagnosis and treatment of some of the disorders associated with this Syndrome.

Now I know the last couple of articles I’ve written were definitely cynical of some of the things we find ourselves dealing with as a Nation of People. First of all I’m not doing it for the shock value or to be controversial. This is how I see it. Ultimately I think that many of us haven’t learned to really appreciate the beauty of this way of life as much as we should! I’m not overlooking the transitional times when we need to be serious, the times when we cry and the times that we get angry. I think that many of us beat ourselves up to much, are too anal retentive and carry this way of life with too much of tension. As brothers we need to lighten up (yes, pun intended!) and then we will eventually begin to see our woman and children reflecting the joy they see in us. I mean I literally changed my name to “Saladin Quanaah’ Allah” back in 99 so yes, no matter how laid back and friendly my angle may appear to be, I am definitely serious about this God-Centered Cultural Worldview! Not many people are bold enough to take a step like this, especially in their own backyard amongst people who “swear they know you”! It hasn’t been a day at the park either, and you can’t fathom the psycho-socioeconomic warfare that occurs on a daily basis because I “literally” come in the name of Allah! This is something I’ll write about and share with you in the future and just for the record, I’ve paid and continue to pay dues to say the shit I say!

Now, going back to our original conversation, If you can’t laugh at yourself then you are like a waterless tree! The slightest breeze can break you, shattering your fragile Ego like a mirror dropped off a building (pun intended). I’ve learned through experience that my Perfection is not that nothing can touch me. My Perfection is in my ability to Master the things that have touched me! And by being able to “talk this language” to my own people, I give them access to many “Golden Rules” that I’ve learned along the way.

In all my years I’ve yet to meet a brother who has experimented with high explosives without blowing his lab coat up a few times! Whether that high explosive be a relationship, finances, or whatever it was, we all have looked like chimney sweepers at one time or another. Some more than other’s b.u.t. even then that’s nothing to be ashamed about! That is the reason that we build. Shit, your holding valuable information for the next brother to help him avoid blowing his laboratory up too! Not only that, b.u.t. you are also helping him avoid putting his Assistant (Women) and Beneficiaries (Children) at risk too! Now I understand that this has to be done with tact too, and I don’t suggest that in order to start humanizing yourself that you start putting your personal business out there with every God and Earth you meet. It ain’t nothing like hearing some Supreme Math Gossip and a lot of these Willie Lynch nigga’s can’t wait to try and destroy eachother by masking the shit as building! So definitely do the Knowledge before you Wisdom! When I put certain stuff out there that I’m sure makes some people uncomfortable it’s for a purpose. It’s designed to identify ways in which we can do things more effectively. I always offer solutions because that’s what Mathematics is about, and yes, in the process I do season this food with alittle dry humor!

See, you don’t really want to be remembered as “The God who deal with that Masturbation Science”, or “That’s the Earth that was dealing with Cee rule allah cee king”! All I’m saying is that burying things doesn’t make them go away and it’s quite therapeutic to be able to confide in someone who is supportive of your growth & development as a person. Personally, I don’t want to push myself to an early grave because the things I’ve been holding inside killed me!

The things that I’ve been through, the embarrassment, the struggles, the challenges, the losses and the gains have forged me into a person who appreciates life. I remember times I ate 1 meal every two days for 3 months and that was not because I was reading How to Eat to Live by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. One year I slept in 15 different places and it wasn’t simply “Because the Earth belongs to the Original Man”! I’ve been dealing with Custody/Child Support Court plus degree’s since 1999 and I’ve also tried to make Venus into the Earth on quite a few occasions, with her sexy ass! These are just some of the Surah’s in my Koran.

So when I come off the way that I do don’t get offended, it’s the truth and the way that I see it. This Way of Life is ultimately about self observation which proceeds self improvement. I encourage all of you to be more open in sharing with others who you are, who you really are and stop acting like your body don’t remove waste! If people see you uptight and unappreciative about living a Culture that you say is Free, then why should they want to learn about it? Shit, they could be somewhere else enjoying themselves! So smile and wipe that frown off your face, get a massage to relieve some of your tension and really build with your brothers and sisters, it’s a wonderful day and time to be God and Earth!

Disorders such as Invincibility, Narcissism, Overcompensation, Cognitive Dissonance and Prideful Arrogance are dilemmas that many of us find ourselves suffering from simply because we lack the openness to express our humanity. The simple more holistic remedy for these disorders is a sense of humor! Without it, the more mainstream alternative that is used to treat patients with Post-Traumatic Superhero Syndrome is done through specialized Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and eventually a Cremator. Not only are these methods not designed to serve our best interests, but they keep us entrapped in a system of rules that regulate our collective destiny as a Nation! If you ever watched the Superfriends and saw the Legion of Doom, Bizzaro was a stiff, clumsy, doofus muthafucka’ who caused all kinds of damage just off the strength of that! Let’s not let our “Superpowers” morph us into something that backwards and ugly! Word is Bond, or we will continue to find ourselves explaining to a muthafucka' how we ain't a Gang!