Wednesday, December 18, 2013

“The nature of our relationships with others, and the environment, characterizes the kind of person we choose to be. Oftentimes, these relationships consist of Games; where we choose to be players, and/or get played.” -GAMES

Games are unhealthy behavior patterns designed to take advantage of others, and manipulate the environment. Within these Games, we are either the player, or the participant.

While some Games "dazzle you with kindness, and baffle you with bullsh*t", others will make you reasonably doubt your own name. This book is a humorous guide introducing you to Games such as:

-Monster in the Village
-LSWBT (Lets See Who Blows Their Top!)
-B.S.E. (Blame Somebody Else)
-Mind Reader (AKA: You Should Have Known, Veruca Salt)
-I.R.S. (I'm Really Sorry)
-Piper's Pit, Switch and Bait, and many more!!

As you become more familiar with these Games, you will be able to successfully:

1.) Recognize, analyze, and define various Games you may be playing, or participating in.

2.) Dismantle Games.

3.) Replace Games with behavior patterns that promote healthy relationships.


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