Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"If we're not driving, we're being driven." -Saladin 

One thing I encourage anyone to do, whose seeking advice about personal empowerment, and maintaining a consistent path, is to master their physical/sexual appetite. It's because of some of our diets, the frequency of our meals, food combination choices, sexual patterns, and lack of activity that most of our energy (life force) is allocated towards our digestive/reproductive systems; the central part of our physical body, and our center of gravity. Our center of gravity is the point of greatest importance, interest, or activity. This is the focal point of our stability, balance, sense of equilibrium, and causation (creation). When we don't possess control of this central part of our being, somebody else will -through appealing to our physical/sexual appetite. When most of our energy is allocated towards our digestive/reproductive systems, other systems in our life get neglected: spiritual systems, economic systems, social systems, educational systems, and etc.. They get neglected because we simply don't have the energy to invest in them.
Fasting and How It Benefits The Human Body

One of the best ways to start gaining control over our physical/sexual appetite is learning how to "fast" (abstain). Fasting helps us master our center of gravity, and gives us an opportunity to redistribute our digestive/reproductive energy to other areas (systems) in our life. Some of the meals we eat, especially 3 in a day, is equivalent to making our digestive system work a 24hr shift. Some of our lives revolve around sex. In conclusion, keep in mind that it's nearly impossible to be personally empowered, and maintain a consistent path in life, when our appetite is driving us. Especially in a society where our appetite is being constantly bombarded with billions of dollars of advertisements of people, places, and things that are designed to appeal to, and control, our life (force). This is not an appeal to become a monk/nun. This is about the benefits of fasting. If we're not driving, we're being driven.


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